Jul 11th, 2013


We’ve known about the Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem crossover that’s coming to the Wii U sometime next year, but fans have begun asking about a standalone Fire Emblem game for the Wii U, considering the success of Fire Emblem: Awakening earlier this year.  According to Nintendo’s Hitoshi Yamagami, a Wii U version of Fire Emblem would need to sell 700,000 in order to be considered a success.

A quick look at VGChartz for the Wii U shows that currently only two games hold that success rate, both of them Nintendo published. They are Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros. U. In comparison, Fire Emblem: Awakening for the 3DS needed 250,000 sales to be considered a success, which it not only reached but well exceeded at nearly 900,000 units sold. That’s an amazing victory for Nintendo and says something about Western development.

Recently Electronic Arts considered Dead Space 3 a failure because it did not meet a sales goal of 5 million copies. Square Enix said the same of both Tomb Raider and Hitman: Absolution, which it expected to get 5 million sales. This says something about Nintendo’s development process if under a million is needed to be considered a success when most Western publishers would consider that a massive failure.

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  • TULFich

    First!!!! jaaja yeah I think nintendo does smart numbers without being as greeedy as other Devs. I ´d buy the Fire emblem!!!

  • Archiq09

    it’s fire emblem, sure they will have 700,000 sale or near. 😉
    and if they sale wii u with fire emblem… wii u sale x)


    • Kaihaku

      That was my first thought….but looking at the numbers Radiant Dawn only sold 460k.

    • Waluigi Emblem

    • XiC

      I think the article means to say if there is Fire Emblem for the Wii U it will not be a success.

      I’ll explain. I doubt there’s four million Wii U consoles sold to this point but say that’s true. Would Fire Emblem Wii U be able to reach 700,000 sales? The answer based on logic is no.

      Radiant Dawn could not sell 500,000 despite there being 100 million Wii consoles.

      At only 4% of the Wii sales, how could the Wii U possibly sell 200,000 more copies of Fire Emblem Wii U than Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn?

      If a success for Fire Emblem Wii U means 700,000 sales then there will be no success.

      • Your money

        The only chance is to first sell the games announced at E3 (and the secret games that Iwata announced.) If these games encourage people to buy a Wii u, then there maybe hope that a Fire Emblem wii u may come out. But right now its sort of a gamble.

      • Haize

        I’m going to have to disagree with you. First of all, the Wii’s success is in large part due to the appeal the console had on the casual market. Fire Emblem is somewhat of a niche game and in the past was reserved for the hard core gamer. Awakening addressed that issue to a degree and the game was very successful. It’s managed to gain a larger fan base which will lead to larger sales in the future.

        It should be, and likely is, Nintendo’s goal to push their development teams to create very unique and exciting software, which leads to more hardware sales and then again, more software. Nintendo is looking to recapture some of that hardcore audience so I think its only a matter of time before a standalone fire Emblem games hits the Wii u.

        • XiC

          Haize you actually think Fire Emblem Wii U is going to have an adoption rate of say 10%? The Wii U sales rate is actually dropping but say it keeps its pace up to 2014 which would be how long it would take for a new Fire Emblem game.

          There’d be around 7 million consoles. How could a niche game possibly sell to that large of a percentage? Even if throughout the life span of the Wii U there happens to be say 22 million consoles, it’s still unlikely for Fire Emblem Wii U to sell 700,000.

          Awakening was popular internationally but that only meant about a million sales. Consider the nearly 33 million 3DS out there. That’s an adoption rate of around 3%.

          The numbers say it’s not possible but let’s go a bit further.

          You say Awakening is considered very successful with about a million sales. Do you know which other Fire Emblem was considered successful?

          The first Fire Emblem to come to North America. It had a million sales as well. The second game was just as popular with around 900,000 sales. The fan base in fact was just as large in the past. The million sales on Awakening should have been expected because the fan base remained largely the same.

          That never did translate into a boon for the console Fire Emblem sales however. There will be a standalone Fire Emblem for Wii U but it won’t reach 700,000 sales. There’s simply no indication towards that rather there’s more against that.

      • reinhold23

        You’re ignoring that Raiant Dawn came out when you still couldn’t find a Wii on the store shelves after just a year of release. There most definitely not 100-million Wiis in customer hands when it came out. It was a launch window title in Japan and was released around the console’s one-year anniversary in NA.

        • XiC

          That may be true but you’re ignoring how long Radiant Dawn stayed on the shelves for. It had more of a chance to sell than far more Wii games as it was well promoted. Not only that but there were many other games released in the same year that sold far better.

          In the Best Buy in my area it was a featured game with it being at the front of the Wii lane with the opening cut scene being showed constantly.

          I’ll even pull up some data for you to prove the launch did not affect sales. Path of Radiance during the launch year sold 155,790 in Japan with millions of Gamecubes available. Radiant Dawn sold 164,319 in Japan with just about a million Wiis. If what you said was true the figures would have been far far lower for Radiant Dawn instead of higher.

          This data is off of VgChartz.

          But say you are right and that because it was launched during a time where Wii’s were still difficult to buy its sales suffered.

          Explain how Path of Radiance only had around 80,000 more sales by launching at the optimum sales period at just past the middle of a console’s life period.

          What’s even more interesting is that before Awakening the past three Fire Emblem games each had around the same number of sales.

          This points towards the franchise having just about the same sized fanbase going towards decline in this period. Though being launched near the start of the Wii life cycle could have hurt sales, there’s nothing in the data that points towards that.

  • thedeciderU

    the triple A industry could well be on its way out. if not, studios are going to implode this next gen. sucks, but something needs to change.

    to nintendo’s credit, they have thought ahead on these fronts and still release stellar games (even if several do not appeal to me – which is fine!).

  • The Clockwork Being

    SMT x Fire Emblem + a stand alone Fire Emblem Wii U. HOLY FREAKIN SHIT NINTENDO WHAT ARE YOU DOING. Is this what you call good customer care. Robbing people of their money with your great games!

    • Ducked

      Yeah, Xbox fans never have to spend there money!

      • Petri

        Yes they do, on Live service.

        • Ducked

          True, I forget they pay for online. Such a horrible thing!

          • XroyD

            Yeah, and Wii U is the only next gen console where online is total FREE!

          • Pikachief

            Eehh, you get what you pay for 😉

          • Cloud W Omega

            ripped off? did you know that online services are relatively cheap nowadays?

          • Pikachief

            Wii U’s online is terrible aside from miiverse. Its missing basic functions like inviting people to your game if they’re not playing that same game at the moment and normal voice chat aside from video. Maybe even cross-game chat. Mario Bros U isnt online? Or Zombi U? Mario 3D World? Pikmin 3? Donkey Kong probably isnt either.

            I like party chat and the ease of use of XBL like how smoothly i can check my friends list and messages without having to load an app just to send someone a message. I like how the online gaming is run through tje system and servers instead of on a game-to-game basis. Its just nice.

            PS+ is pretty nice with their sales and free games and what not, but that’ll be required soon too.

            I like the Wii shop and Miiverse, they’re great!! But the online gaming part of the wii u is severely lacking.

          • XroyD

            LOL, free games on PS+? You’re still paying and if you end your membership the games will be gone too. and not every game has to have online features. Donkey Kong is not Halo!

          • Pikachief

            Sorry “Free” games. Theyre obviously not free, if they were i’d be playing them, but i dont have PS+.

            Online gaming on consoles have been around since 2001. Just because a game isnt an FPS doesnt mean you shouldnt be able to play its co-operative and competitive modes online. They definitely shouldnt shoe-horn multiplayer, but these games already have multiplayer. It’s almost expected now-a-days that *most*, not all, big name titles that already contain multiplayer compenents should have an online variation of that multiplayer component.

          • XroyD

            Yeah, but how many of those have local multiplayer?

          • Pikachief

            Most of them. Sadly not 4-player though. Only 2 player. I’m also very reluctant to buy a game that is online only multiplayer for consoles. I dont like anything i cant play splitscreen online either. But most games dont have that problem. I wish more games were 4-player couch co-op though.

          • XroyD

            Could you name a few, please?

          • Pikachief

            Halo, Gears, Left 4 Dead, Rockband, Gran Turismo, black ops, the tales series, little big planet, borderlands, and street fighter (lol duh) are just a few i personally own on my console. Then you got downloadable titles like the pixel junk series, fat princess, battle block theater, alien hominid, castle crashers, minecraft, and small arms to name a few.

            Its harder for me to think of online games that dont have split screen really.

          • lonewolf88

            why are all the disc titles almost all fps?

          • Pikachief

            Its half and im not gonna list more fighting games, thats a given. Also 90% of all RPGs are offline only or they were made for PC in the first place. Most popular games are FPS and that makes up anout half of my disc based non-nintendo games also. What difference does it make if its FPS? Are you going to argue and say most racing games arent splitscreen? Lol

          • lonewolf88

            dragon quest x is online, monster hunter is online, and games like zombiu still have some interesting ingame online features. games like cod and bf are the same theres nothing every different and what gets me is people are always like oh black ops 2 sucks if the last 2 games sucked why do you think the next wont??? i also think the same about final fantasy.

          • XroyD

            I could name a few: Tatsunoko vs Capcom, All CODs, Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros Brawl, Monster Hunter 3,

          • Potemkin

            Well…if you compare what you get for what you pay for…it’s damn cheap!

          • XroyD

            Yeah but still it’s not FREE!

          • Cloud W Omega

            why would peer to peer functions cost them any money? Why should anyone pay for that? Let nintendo build their os, its not quite done.

          • Pikachief

            I hope they improve over time. I really like wii u, but it feels like their online is playing catch up with 6-7 year old systems and they havent expressed any interest in improving it besides miiverse. And the thought of them releasing a console with such an incomplete OS doesnt sound very good, but oh well. I’m sure i’ll love playing online nintendo games on my wii u when that finally arrives in 2014

          • companyoflosers

            wii u is perfectly capable of doing online. mass effect 3 proved that. i never have to wait long to find a game and the matches run as smoothly as it does on any other console. same for assassin’s creed 3, works the same as other versions. its not the wii u’s online thats terrible, its nintendo’s lack of first party games that actually have online play which they are starting to take their first steps int doing like with wind waker hd with the online hints you can leave other people in game sort of like dark souls. and pikmin 3 isnt out yet and they havnt said anything about online yet so you cant say for certain it isnt online. nintendo has said more user friendly features will become available as they are made ready so the wii u is in no way done making changes. nintendo usually takes a while implementing things but once they do they work great and keep working. granted nintendo is late to the online party so they are getting a feel for things. just be patient and we will all get what we want.

          • Pikachief

            Im sure Monster Hunter 3 runs great on the Wii U online too. I’m not saying their servers are bad, im saying that when you compare the online features and ease of use of the big 3, xbox has the most, followed by playstation, then Nintendo. Im just annoyed that there’s no standard audio chat or cross-game chat or even being able to invite people to your game while theyre playing another. In a paid-system it would be an outrage if we didnt have those things, for free is passable cuz well, its free. Hence why i said you get what you pay for. Didnt mean to offend the whole wii u community lol

            Also nintendo did address pikmin 3 online and they said they wont be doing it. Something about too many objects moving in-game at once and they cant handle that lol.

          • Andreas Sunde

            Yeah, you pay for a subscription. What do you get? Dorito ads.

          • DragonSilths

            Wii U will be the only “Current Gen” [8th Gen] that has free online.

          • Ducked

            True DAT!

  • John Andalora

    With having to constantly lower expectations for how many consoles they’ll sell, it seems only fair to lower their expectations for the games.

  • Tannealle Merryman

    I think we can do that…

  • If only two games made a success,Fire Emblem: Awakening will maybe have a low chance to pass.Waiting for Pikmin 3 (hopefully,and other titles,too) to improve Wii U sales.

    • D Moness

      Well the wii U userbase is very small compared to the userbase of the 3ds. The bigger the userbase the more games you might be able to sell. Give it 2 years release it in 2015 and the wii U should have a big enough userbase to make the game get into profits.

      • Kaihaku

        Fire Emblem Awakening was the game that made me decide that I “needed” a 3DS. There were plenty of other good games on the system when I bought it but this was the system seller for me. I’m not saying that Fire Emblem Wii U would be a system seller…but it would be a big contributor towards Nintendo turning the Wii U into an RPG powerhouse.

  • Srpg2ishere

    I would love a Wii U Fire Emblem… 🙂

    • Aenifer

      I would like that too! I think it’s possible to sell more than 700.000 copies on the Wii U right now, but maybe the next year could be a better period, thanks to an increased user base.

  • Nintedward

    Give it 1 year from now after the storm from Smash bros and Mario Kart has settled and release a FE then on Wiiu… you would sell close to a Million i’d say. Fire emblems image has like Quadrupled in the west due to Awakening.

    • YogiGRB

      yup that’s true

    • The Clockwork Being

      I really agree. Awakening has hyped up Fire Emblem here in the West. Get this even Shin Megami Tensei is getting popular. I was at Wal-Mart and was having a discussion with a bunch of teens talking about SMT. One of they guys I was talking with also had a little brother who had play games like SMT: Soul Hackers. The guys brother wanted to get Shin Megami Tensei 4 not knowing it was M rated. But his brother said hewould get the game for him anyways since him and his brother were eager to get SMT x FE. Plus with the Nintendo club Fire Emblem+SMT 4 special offer people have become well aware of the two franchises.

      On a side note I really hope Fire Emblem get soem sort of online system

  • CEObrainz

    The Fire Emblem franchise makes 0.59 Million sales per game on average. With the most popular being 0.97 and the least popular being 0.26, it’s well within Nintendo’s reach to gain 0.7 million sales from the Wii U Fire Emblem, especially if it comes out after some of the bigger Nintendo titles such as Mario Kart or Smash Bros.

  • Ony

    700k is almost ~30% of Wii U owners yet, I don’t really know if it’s okay or not, considering most of Wii U owner are gamers and may have a 3DS with Fire emblem.

    (Well, if they release it right now. A Wii U Fire Emblem would need some 2-3 years to be made so my numbers aren’t irrelevant)

    • audi lover

      No where near 30 percent, more like 20 percent if you go on basis of 6 month sales of 3.5 mill units sold

  • I_I

    release the game before E3 2014 and I can see it cross the 1M sale figure. Gamers will buy it because there are no good RPG around and if you think of it this maybe the only strategy RPG on all tree consoles

  • Elem187

    I don’t think it has anything to do with Western vs. Eastern development… last I checked Square is a japanese based publisher.
    This is just Nintendo remaining realistic and grounded by trying to keep development costs under control… the biggest threat for the industry is implosion of games having high budgets but not able to recoup the losses….. Nintendo’s philosphy keeps them poised to come out on the other side of this industry wide collapse almost unscathed.

    • Square is Japanese based, but the games they expected to sell 5 million are Western games they acquired when they bought Eidos. That makes them have Western expectations.

      • Elem187

        Then I have no sympathy for Square for not reeling the terrible business practices of the company they purchased.
        I really do not have any sympathy for any publisher that intentionally balloons a game budget and then gets upset because it only sold 5 million copies…. i think we should point and snicker at their stupidity. And Square should be on the ball with a whip forcing them to keep costs down.

        I do not buy the notion that games in the west require more funding to be successful. Nintendo does a pretty good job with minimal investment in their titles when they release them in America. In fact they had some of the highest selling titles of last gen that literally costs almost nothing to make (Wii Sports, Wii Fit, Wii Resort)
        Maybe publishers just need to make games fun again instead of flashy graphic whoring contests.. it would save lots of money and make games profitable again…. AAA gaming will be the sole reason for the contraction of the video game industry (already in motion)

    • Nintedward

      Strategy RPG’s are probably quite cheap to make as well compared to other genres. Its just a simple grid that you move around…

      • Elem187

        But do you notice how much dialogue is in fire emblem awakening? the writing would easily dwarf the modeling/art creation… and to translate that to two seperate regions is surely to be expensive, no?
        There is a lot more to consider about Fire Emblem than moving on a grid. You also have to build how each class/weapon has on each battle.. and to keep it all in balance is quite difficult that would take a lot of trial and error. (you don’t want a game that ends up too easy.)

  • raiden777

    Question is, should I buy a 3ds first, or a Wii U first?

    • Elem187

      I have both, honestly I would say 3DS as of today, but I would change that opinion on the day Pikmin 3 releases (only a few weeks away)

    • Jack5221

      Well, I already have a Wii U and I love it. I have been waiting to get a 3DS, and with all the 3DS games already out, and MANY more to come, I’ll have to pick one up. Im waiting for Pokemon X / Y, I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope they bring those awesome bundles to the states.

  • Thomas Fitzgibbon

    Is anyone surprised that a company like EA would find 5 million sales (regardless of the franchise) a ‘FAILURE’ and not a MAMMOTH SUCCESS? Greedy, stupid fools.

    • Jack5221

      Not only that, but these companies are considering the Wii Us outstanding 3.5 million units during their first 6 months sold a failure too. Sony and Microsoft have NEVER sold that many units during their first 6 months.

    • XiC

      Greedy? Foolish? You must be utterly clueless to make a comment like that.

      Are you aware of how much money was required to make a game like Dead Space 3? How about how much money was required to make Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn?

      Unsurprisingly the answer is no. If you knew the astronomical difference in costs that it took for Dead Space 3 to be released compared to Radiant Dawn you’d realize this isn’t about greed, this is about trying to make any sort of profit, even as little as a penny.

      You’d be surprised by how many games out there that have millions of sales but haven’t even been able earn back development costs.

      The writers here have to do a better job. They can’t go and fuel ignorance.

  • Ducked

    Look how many sales Fire Emblem Awakening had in the US and Europe!

    Fire Emblem on the Wii U?!?! I’ll pre-order it right now! Come on announce it! Just take my money already! My body is ready!

  • Michael DeVore

    And this is why all the doom about Nintendo is always wrong. They now how to budget, and run a business. I guess you have to to be over a hundred years old as a company, but still. It’s good to see how they plan these things out.

  • 和夫

    I thought 700 000 sales was for the crossover game. I think I’ll end up getting it,but I’m not much of a fan of the way SMT plays.

    • 和夫

      Never mind, I think I just misread something a while back.

  • wober2

    So if nintendo is being cautious with wiiu development, why would any third party devs take the risk. At this point nintendo should be ok to take losses to subside the negative PR: “wiiu has no games”. Fire embelm would added more variety to the fall/winter line up for those who are not super excited for mario and kid focused entertainment.

  • Andrew Gonzalez

    That would be bad ass!!!

  • Geoff Hammer

    Sign me up!

  • XroyD
  • fireemblem

    yeah fire emblem please come to the wiiu! this game is great and perfect for the touchscreen!

    (also advance wars or a port of advance wars ds would be great!)

  • Madmagican

    I think this really shows how small the Nintendo dev teams are since the success goal of their games are typically much smaller than that of other developers (in fact, under a fifth of your typical AAA titles’ goals)

  • everyone

    I think it would be a good future title that would sell especially after SMTxFE gets released. Japanese sales would justify it.

  • Johny

    “This says something about Nintendo’s development process if under a million is needed to be considered a success when most Western publishers would consider that a massive failure.”

    what ? this is as idiotic statement as it can get.
    at one side, you have consoles with 60+ million units sold… and they expect like 5 million sales with a game…
    how can you expect 5 million game units sold on a Wii U that has …what… 3+ million wii u’s sold???
    its called relativity. there are 3+mil wii u’s sold. they want like 700 000 game units to sell. its understandable.

    • InsaneZucchini

      No, it’s not. Because for a game to be considered a “success” it just has to turn a profit, not sell millions. Selling a big enough number of millions makes a game a “system seller”. With 3 million sales of Tomb Raider they still had not had a return on their investment and that’s why it was considered a failure. Not because it didn’t sell to a 20th of the current user base.

      • Johny

        well one thing is when you consider a game a selling success, and when you consider a game profitable.
        when you talk that you want a game to sell a specific number to be profitable, that is that. (and sure… when its profitable, it is , by itself, a success).
        but to call a game a selling success, is by how much it sold relative to the console install base (for the most part).
        because well, as a gaming development company, you’re not just developing a game with a goal to not lose money with it right? you want to move as many units as possible.
        thats my take on it:)

  • Satoru Iwata

    We are confident that it will sell more than 700k. Any Nintendo fan will want this in their collection. Please support Nintendo and its products.

  • ItzameyaToad

    Really it is no secret that Western devs like EA spend Millions and expect to get that back in return. This is the reason for layoffs in western studios, studios being shut down, Publishers going bankrupt etc. is because they think in order to make great games millions are required thus they have outrageous sales expectations. The studio that made Metro Last Light did so with a budget 10 percent of other game studios! 10 percent! Really I am glad Nintendo does there own thing and as some industry critics would say “are out of touch” because really if them being out of touch means they make smart decisions/profit while not needing to sell millions to do so all while satisfying fans with great games then I want them to remain “out of touch”.

  • Man

    Oh my god, I love Fire Emblem. Awakening was great for me; I would love to have a Wii U Fire Emblem.

  • XiC

    Though not directly about Fire Emblem, I want to point out this article drew the wrong conclusion about western publishers.

    Games such as Dead Space 3, Tomb Raider, and Hitman: Absolution require far higher budgets than Fire Emblem. That’s exactly why sales for them have to be so high to actually be considered a success. Game development isn’t cheap at all and for a reasonable profit to be made off of these games millions of sales will be required.

    On the other hand Fire Emblem series have far lower development costs. This series is based on repetition. For example once a base model for every class is created, slight editing is required to create all the characters. These characters then use same attack sequences, movement sequences, critical attacks, etc. There are variations but too few to justify that much higher of a cost.

    Radiant Dawn for example costed relatively little, all that was truly involved was updating Path of Radiance character models, sequences, new backgrounds and writing a new story.

    Success in financial terms is based on profit. When you have relatively few expenses in a game like Fire Emblem fewer sales are required for a profit. That’s why it’s unfair to say for “Western publishers would consider that a massive failure” when you’re ignoring all other aspects involved in game development.

    • Maraccuda

      I am afraid you are missing the point.

      I will not argue the fact that Dead Space 3 cost more than Fire Emblem to develop, but why would any company invest in a project that has unreasonable goals to turn a profit?

      EA wanted to reach 5 million sales to justify its creation, but honestly how many games sell close to 5 million these days? Apart from some Mario titles or… *sigh* COD..
      Especially considering that Dead Space 1 and Dead Space 2 sold about 2 million each, with the second game selling less.

      What gave EA the notion that a third installment in a series would sell double the amount that the previous entries did?

      • XiC

        I don’t think it was utterly unreasonable. The Dead Space franchise is immensely popular (most gamers have at least heard of it) and the amount of sales made through all the mediums it’s on did give an indication that such goals may be obtainable.

        But EA is smarter than that. What was more likely was that by the time they realized the development costs, the progress of the game was too far that they couldn’t walk away from it. Investors will force companies into situations they’d rather not be in.

        Now Dead Space is dead. A great franchise with excellent quality games is dead.

        Fire Emblem is going to go through that exact same run.

        Fire Emblem Wii U’s 700,000 sales is just as an unreasonable goal as Dead Space’s. I explained this in a prior post where I pointed out that despite there being 100 million Wii consoles, Radiant Dawn could not manage even 500,000 sales. Seeing as there isn’t even four million Wii U console sales it means such a sale goal is likely impossible.

        Still I am positive that Wii U Fire Emblem will be released despite it being all but guaranteed a failure.

        My only point was that the writer of this article is ignorant. To be so blind as to only view sales as success or failure is wrong. Worse of all it’s fueling ignorance.

        • Spike Ashford

          One thing I feel like I want to add is that Dead Space failed because it fell apart as a franchise. It’s sad, but after the first game they ceased to be survival-horror and just became mindless action games with a lot of gore.

          Fans criticized Dead Space 2 for being a departure from the horror of the first title and naturally demanded the third game to return to the roots so to speak.

          To this, EA responded with forcing co-op into it because the last two games were apparently too scary to play alone. When you outright refuse to listen to fan demand and try and market a horror title as a shooter, you can’t seriously expect five million copies to sell. When you alienate your fanbase, you hurt your product. EA did that to Dead Space in the worst possible way.

          Two million would of been a more realistic number, maybe three million. But five million was way to high after what EA tried to pull. It that kind of business practice that caused Resident Evil 6 to bomb, twice. And if Publishers keep doing this then it’s only going to get worse. You can’t expect huge sales numbers if you keep giving people what they don’t want. EA should of known this before they set the Dead Space 3 sales expectations. They aren’t as smart as you think.

          • XiC

            Giving up creative rights to the fans is tough. Of the likely thousands of ideas that EA gets it’s fairly difficult to separate the good one’s from the bad one’s. As you’ve mentioned something like co-op while it seems like a great idea did make the experience of the game lackluster.

            EA didn’t want to give up Dead Space quite clearly but they were desperate to pull sales up. It led to features that initially looked great and a direction that was more appealing to a larger customer base. However in desperation they clearly tried far too much.

            It was just a gamble. Risk alienating the core fans and let the franchise die slowly or try and appeal to a larger crowd to make it truly profitable.

            EA is a smart company. They have the track record to prove it. They just didn’t handle Dead Space well enough.

            However I’d still prefer how they handled Dead Space than to what Intelligent System and by extension Nintendo has done with Fire Emblem.

            Before Awakening the past three Fire Emblem games followed the same formula to the T. As a result each of the past three games had fewer sales than the last.

            Only out of desperation did they finally decide to listen to what fans have been asking for since Sacred Stone (eight years ago). Still they gambled right and Awakening and the series supposedly has grown.

            They did alienate some fans however and did what EA did only later and that they were successful.

            As for EA’s sales expectations that’s high due to development costs. I highly doubt they expected a monstrous jump in sales but rather set a number where an acceptable profit could be made.

  • Your money

    Launching Fire Emblem on the Wii u is sort of a gamble. With the wii u failing to sell, there might not be enough to fulfill nintendos goal. Hopefully this will encourage wii u sales even more. (Also considering that Mario kart 8 and ssb4 will jump up wii u sales during the holiday.)

  • Maraccuda

    I would really like a Fire Emblem on the Wii U, but its very reasonable to say they just can’t justify making it…. yet.

    I do hope that in a few years when the Wii U has picked up steam they will reconsider making it even thought console versions sell less than handheld versions…

  • Arthur Jarret

    Wait, so you’re talking about ‘that says something about western development’ and ‘western publisher’- and then you give Square Enix as one of the two examples?

    This says something about the development process of Nintendo, specifically. It has nothing to do with Western or Eastern developers – as your examples clearly show.

  • makkan

    i want a “mortal kombat x tekken” game, that would be fun.

  • Pebbicle

    My GOD Nintendo, let IS make this a reality… I would love to see a buffed up version of Radiant Dawn, complete with an interactable map such as the one in Gaiden and Sacred Stones and a nice postgame like Tower of Valni and Lagdou Ruins! I loved unlocking boss characters xD oh, and get us a nice, sophisticated support system! Also bring the Link Arena back! My god I loved grinding characters up to level 20, equipping them with badass weapons and then letting them brawl it out against each other in teams of 5 😀 shit I’m so excited for this unannounced game hahaha

  • Kaihaku

    To build up Nintendo could always localize Genealogy of the Holy War* and release it on the Virtual Console! Better yet would be a remake that combined Genealogy of the Holy War with Thracia 776…but I’d be happy with a straight Virtual Console release.

    *My favorite entry in the Fire Emblem series.

  • Spike Ashford

    Fire Emblem on Wii U!? Shut up and take my body fluids! ….Or money….whatever will pay for it…

    Seriously though Fire Emblem Wii U would be HUGE. Day one purchase for me. And if they make a bundle that only guarantees more sales!

  • Justis Bistawros

    Hey Nintendo is just great. We can sell aloat less than 5 million copies of fire emblem and still have the game be a success as long as the game sells at least seven hundred thousand or more. Omg what if Mario cart 8 sells 6-7 million copies that wouldnt just be amazing that would be a fantastic accomplishment for nintendo.