Sep 22nd, 2012

European gaming publication GameReactor got up close and personal with the final Wii U hardware and snapped a series of photos from every angle. The closeup photos are of the black Wii U (the Deluxe version), and we finally get to see just how big the Wii U console is. Which isn’t that big — it’s barely longer than the GamePad itself. In fact, we’re surprised at just how small the console really is.

Wii U hardware photos

Despite all the modern hardware and technology, the new console isn’t that much larger than the original Wii, only a bit longer. Recently, Nintendo revealed that the Wii U is also rather power efficient, using only 75 W under full load, and just 40 W when doing anything non-gaming related. Check out the photos below.

Wii U final hardware photos


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  • Jetty

    Isn’t it beautiful? F#$K YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!


      Not really impressed. Mr patcher was right its just to expensive for a old 6 year old junk pieaces. Nintendo will probabaly lose this gen becuase the system is to expensive considering its an add on system thats adds every thing the sony and the microsdt has in a desperate attempt to play catch up after lying and backstabbing the hardcore gamers. I have my vita and smartglass on my ps3 like graphics retina display ipad. Nintendos ipad tablet just feels kind of like riding on the apple success. I think the nintendo should price it cheaper if not theyll lose again to microsoft. The nintendo has been dropping the ball with this outdated machine

      • Lusunup

        wtf are you here, seriously all you’ve been getting in this site are dislikes that ive seen so far and you must be stupid if you think its “to expensive” it only at a range of $300-350 for a console and ps60 sells at a range of $500-700 how much do you want a home console to be? $1?they care enough to know how americas doing on unemployment problems so its reasonable

        • ZombieGuns


      • Jetty

        You’re not impressed? That’s a shock…

      • James

        Aha funny because the new slim ps3 is the same price as Wii U. Idiot

      • Lusunup

        btw nintendo never lost especially to microsoft! your funny because it made only like 2/6 the profit of what the nintendo wii itself made please kick him outa here wii u daily -_- im just so mad right now and its just a a stupid comment that doesnt know anything about nintendo.

        • sethowar

          You said 2/6. Although I agree with your comment in principle the mathematical oversight of simplifying it to 1/3 is, odd.

      • TheUNation

        U mad… or U Bayo, bro?

      • Nintendo Power of Canada/USA

        What are you talking about. The Wii U is 2011-2012 Specs. Hell I can analyse specs better then U. Look I know that your a pathetic fanboy who can’t find a girlfriend and lives in your mom’s closet but seriously get a LIFE!!!!! Don’t troll like SONY LOVER BOY and Stupid Pachter

        • Maverick-Hunter

          Dude your so full of it Sony suffered a huge lost thanks to the ps3 I doubt they’ll dunk even more money into a ps4 and even if they did the jump will never be like ps2 to ps3 simply because it’s best engine is unreal engine 3 that being said unreal engine 4 is the new one but as of now only computers can handle it in order for gaming systems to handle it would have to be made special for that system. Now can ps3 play unreal engine 4 no it can’t but the wii u can. FYI if they wanted to make a ps4 that could use unreal engine 4 to its fullest they would need to pretty much make it into a PC and that sir can cost 1000$ easy.

          While microsoft is building the kniect into durango which is kinda like a big lol because motion gaming is so last gen. even if these two fierce competitors did push graphics to a new level that would make it to where the system is too expensive.

          Nintendo played it smart they teased us a year ago and prertty much forced Microsoft and sony to play their hand and just like the wii they made their knock off. Only this time they had no clue what the wii u is capable of. So now Sony wasted Tech and money on the vita sales prove I’m right. Same goes for Microsofts smart glass like I’m not going to bash it I’m just going to point out that you can’t play games on it simple because you can’t hold it while playing with the remote. Not to mention the YEAR TO YEAR 1/2 before they even dish out their next consoles.

      • NesToWiiU

        Sir,it’s not about the specs,it’s not about the price,it’s not about the console,IT’S ABOUT THE GAMES!HOW CAN WE NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT PEOPLE IN THE 80’S UNDERSTAND!

        • LazerK

          I remember when people played games for the fun,not to fight over which console/game they believed is better than the other
          Anyone can talk about specs,but at the end of the day,the only thing that matters are the games,how you play and how much fun you have with each game and/or console
          Unless more people realize this,the only gaming community we’ll have are stupid fanboy trolls that spend their time arguing about games instead of actually playing them

          • Old School

            I dont remember these days you talk of. This console war rubbish has been going since the beginning. From the Atari days to sega vs Nintendo and so on. They all come and go but one common trend is Nintendo has always been the innovator and thats why they’re still on top.

      • OP is stupid

        “I have my vita and smartglass on my ps3 like graphics retina display ipad”

        You officially have NO CLUE what you’re talking about.. You must be real dumb!


      • xzxAndrosxzx

        to bad, its for groups to have fun, not for you lonely 6 year old that you would not even play it with. since you say your kids not worth it.

      • Super Paper Rye

        Nice try bro, the Wii outsold Microshit and Phony by about 75 million units.
        Do the math dipshit.

      • AO1JMM

        Get a life!

      • Ninjafish

        I’m pretty sure you’re lacking in the intelligent department.

      • Elite

        I do laugh when a ps3 slim was highlighted at tgs 2012 with a price day on par with the wii u. GET MAD SON!!!

      • Death47

        Wtf are you smoking?
        Nintendo won this gen when the wii came out. The wii u is NOT competing directly with the 360 and ps3. The wii u will have a 2 year head start, getting many third party and first party exclusives. Heck, monster hunter ultimate alone could sell the wii u, it’s that awesome.

        • Death47

          Btw that was directed @ Lucifer.

          Get a life bro

      • indoctrination

        seriously stop with this carp you keep posting

      • MujuraNoKamen

        OH NO YOU DIDN’T! Nintendo “backstabbed the hardcore gamers” MY ARSE!!! There is an element of truth in there (we’ve missed out on several good FPS games and stuff like GTA) but half the 360 and PS3 games are not hardcore! (I can’t believe I’m saying all this again) how are all the supposedly hardcore FPS rehashes – games that take a few hours to complete, with no storyline, and entirely consist of aiming & shooting – any more hardcore than things like Zelda and Metroid, games that take time and skill with long fully fleshed out story modes? they just aren’t OK. The only reason those games are called hardcore is because they’re violent and have better graphics but those of us who utilize our brains know that violent doesn’t mean mature).
        It’s a shame Nintendo have focused a little too much on casual games recently, but when most of what else is on offer is milked, simplistic mediocrity that caters for an audience of 12 year olds and idiotic teenagers – who only play to hurl abuse at people they will never actually meet – I know what’s better, I know what’s more hardcore and I know what I’d rather play.

      • ninty1

        someone ban this fag

      • TheWholeTruth

        Fail Troll.

        This is a Microsoft Xbox Fanboy maskerating as a PlayStation Fan boy.

        Just Look at what he just said: ” I have my Vita and Smartglass on my PS3 like graphics retina display ipad.”
        That’s a bunch of bull****. First of all, you can’t play a PS3 on an iPad, you can only access your PS3 with an iPhone and it’s called “Remote Play”. Smartglass is the name that’s used only on the Xbox 360 console.

        And then he goes on to say: ” They’ll loose again to Microsoft. ”
        Seriously? What a joke!
        He just mask his Xbox so that you would hate PS3 instead of Xbox 360.
        And this isn’t the first time this happened, maskerating their Xbox for PS3s.

        I have a PlayStation 3 and a Vita, and I absolutely love Nintendo as well and the Wii U is a great console that I’m looking foward to.

        So don’t get caugth in their useless trolling garbage. Both PS3 and Wii U are awesome. PS3 can play Blu-Ray movies while the Wii U can record live TV.

        Smartglass is just a gimmick because Microsoft is scared that they’ll loose more fans to the Wii U. The Wii U and Vita Cross-Play PS3 have something essential that Smartglass that doesn’t have, Dual Analog Sticks and buttons.

        Ever tryed playing a shooter on a tablet? It’s crap!

        They give u a fake analog stick and you must rotate the other way, if you want to shoot, u have to leave your aiming side to press a fake button, instead of pressing a shoulder button to shoot, making your shots inaccurate and utterly unplayable.

        Undoubtedly Wii U will be wayyyy better than what Smartglass will be able to offer. And for the record, The Vita’s OLED screen has 16.7 million colors and 100million:1 contrast ratio and it’s far better than retina display of 1.5x 1080p.
        A higher resolution will not make the games graphics better in any way. Just compare Halo 3 with The Last of Us………

        PS3 and Wii U forever. Peace and Love.

      • theBALLANCEDopinion

        HEY EVERYBODY. New policy. If you see one of lucifer’s comments, DONT read it. DONT respond. Just thumb it down so eventually it will become hidden. Once you run into one of his comments hidden, DONT ‘click here to see”. just thumb it down and move on. DO not make conversation with this pathetic waste of human flesh. All in favor, say aye.

      • Novum Magus

        When you learn how to spell you can start having your own opinions. Then, and only then trollface

      • Ganonkiller274

        This guy is a idiot The xbox like month ago was $350 (The black one) no one complained then. I don’t know why people are complaining now . Not to mention when the ps3 came out it was about $700. The stupid thing is when Sony or Microsoft come out with a expensive console no one cares. But when Nintendo makes a console that is over $250 the nintendo haters have to say it is going to fail Because the console is too expensive!!!!! Last time I checked The Ps3 and Xbox 360 costed more at release the The Wii U. Plus The Wii U deluxe comes with 32GB of storage and a free game for only $50 more. If that is not a good deal I don’t know what is. So whoever wrote this stop trolling.

    • Ninjafish

      This is going to be so awesome!!! So pumped for November!!! πŸ˜€

      • Wii u please take my money

        Does anyone know if the Wii U Pro controller has a headphone port? I know the Gamepad has one. XD Can somebody help me please?

        • Ninjafish

          I was definitely going to post that :O lol

        • Ganonkiller274

          Sadly not but if you have the afterglow headset then you can chat or just listen to the game. without the headphone jack. Just go to your local gamestop and ask for the afterglow headset. They are $90. They are worth every penny.

    • *.*

      I love you all!

    • unmannedrobot

      yes it is.

  • 7upland

    wow that controller is bigger than console

    • Nintenlord

      Same has the original xbox controller

      • Nintedward.

        Best comment of all time . no joke .

    • Yodin

      not quite bigger then the console look at the 6th picture…

      • Shock

        WTF also means what the frick. So it isn’t neccassarily a curse word.

        • nintenfan


        • Nintendude

          Why are you on that subject?

    • Kahhhhyle

      And the a and B buttons a switched for some bizzare reason

      • josh s

        the buttons aren’t switched. nintendo has made their four button arrays like this since the snes. gets your facts straight.

        • Kahhhhyle

          Facts straight? Calm down bro lol. The Xbox and ps3 have them in the other spots so now anytime I play one of them then come to the wii u ill be hitting the wrong buttons. Hence switched.

          • josh s

            however it is not some bizarre reason

          • Kahhhhyle

            I would say bizarre. You would think Nintendo would want to make it a seamless transition from one console to the other

          • Nintendude

            I doubt you will be pushing the wrong buttons. Call of Duty on Xbox has you press A to respawn when showing a killcam.
            If you saw the September Live event on the 13th, you would see that it says “press B to respawn”.
            In other words, you will not press the wrong buttons.

    • Bobsingh

      thats cause the console is so small



    • Nintendude

      Wii U Daily, why do you allow comments like this to go through?

      • Nintendude

        NVM, the comment was deleted.

        • Nintendude


        • BLACK OPS 2?

          how did u put a pic next to ur name?

          • Wii U Daily

            Sign up on, where you can upload an avatar. Then use the same email when commenting here.

        • MinowaEli

          What it say? :S

        • 111jackful

          What did it say?

    • Jetty


      • Yodin

        i hate people that swear

        • Jetty

          I hate people that use bad grammar. Let’s work out our kinks together.

        • *.*

          I hate people that dont swear

    • Nintenlord

      Hope than wen you moving your ps3 around it falls on your foot

      • Jetty

        New favorite comment lol!

      • LUCIFER

        Your such a fanboy why are you jelouse of microsofts accomplishments. The kinect is the future jst ask valve whi said kinect was inspiration for their virtual reality machine.Nintendo almost sold their company to bill gates. When mr bill gates offered the money they thought very long and hard lol. Your so biased you always attack mr patcher even when he decends SAMETENDO cheaptendo whatever its called. I agree with mr patcher the only system showing that future progression is the xbox soon kinect will be like a virtual reality like in movie minority report

        • sidistic0N3

          Don’t feed the trolls πŸ˜€

        • TheUNation

          Lucy… just go! Do not post your hypocritical comment here! You’re just a freaking joke!

        • Jetty

          I’m not a 100% fanboy, I do own a PS3. In 2005 I did own a xbox/doom3 bundle for one day, then I brought it back to buy more Gamecube games. Did you notice on this website I don’t use any CAPS for “microsoft” or “xbox”? Typing on my Mac(lol) microsoft has NO respect from me.
          They are a money grubbing, Rare-ruining, hideous green using, Sony and Nintendo patent stealing company with a console. SAMETENDO sounds like halo. Mr. Lucifer, I just wanted you to know why I check on my pre order daily. You have every right to defend your console as we do here. I have no ill feelings towards ANY fan of ANY console. If it’s not your thing, it’s not your thing. I still enjoy your opinions, much love and God bless.

        • Nintendo is da best

          …selling the company? are you retarded of 4 years old? there was never any idea OR an OFFER from microsoft to even BUY the company you fag!

          • Nintenlord

            There was talk during the gamecube age but nintendo give them rare for the low sum of 2 billions

        • paperchao

          lucifer its pretty sad that your trolling on a nintendo website

        • tronic307

          We NEED a “block user” button!

        • NesToWiiU

          It’s sony fanboy to microsoft(lol to the name :})fanboy.How cute,babies are calling us babies in our own territory.

        • Madmagican

          Nintendo has been here since the beginning and has dominated ever since… except for the virtual boy *shudder* Microsoft has been copying Nintendo since it’s debut with the original Xbox. Nintendo has eigth generations worth of experience, but sony and microsoft? 2-3 generations I think the debate’s over

        • Maverick-Hunter

          You obviously don’t have a knietic everyone who has one uses it to turn on their xbox simply because its not responsive kniectic 2.0 should have been the first model and as for thinking about virtual riality you sir must be rich because that doesn’t sound affordable not to mention all the bugs

        • ei8bitNinty

          Hmmm… Is Bill Gates is the #1 richest man in the US? #2 spot in the world? Yeah, right. He can buy out any company he wants. He can buy FACEBOOK, he can buy SONY and even he can buy NINTENDO. Businessman like Bill Gates wanted to buy out companies, especially their competitors so that he can manipulate and monopolize the business. Get my point?

      • Nko Sekirei

        or head

      • revolution5268

        lol oh my i would die of lol on that.

    • SteampunkJedi

      So did he put deleted or did the Wii U Daily staff delete it? If he put [DELETED] then he just reached a new level of weird.

      • Jetty


    • Nintendo Power of Canada/USA

      Deleted SONY LOVER BOY

  • DMoney

    beautiful ^_^

  • Nintendude

    Cool, I don’t have that much space to put it, so this should be good.

  • Nintenlord

    This is so sexy looking ,is this tec porn?

    • revolution5268


      • GoNintendoWheee


  • SteampunkJedi

    It is quite small. But completely epic-looking in black! I love the designs of both the console and the GamePad.

    • SteampunkJedi

      I can see someone’s arm in a few of the photos.

  • nintendoododo


  • Nintedward.

    You guys should just rename the article *pornography* XD .

    • Yodin

      *pornography* sounds bad i disagree with you there.

      • Nintedward.

        It was intended to sound bad . Micheal jackson bad .

        • revolution5268

          like the power glove πŸ˜€

  • Shankovich

    That’s….so small, especially considering there’s a 3 or 4 core CPU in there running around 3 GHz AND an HD GPU??? Kudo’s to Nintendo’s engineers for their thermal management, which is honestly the biggest bi*** in design -_-.

    • Nintedward.

      It makes Lucifers 2.0ghz 1.0GB RAM pc tower look like something a caveman would be familiar with .

  • Silencer



      Ive been playing with my wii a lot too. This one ull be even more fun to play with.

  • theBALLANCEDopinion

    Maybe its just me but the console looks a little slimmer than in earlier photos. either way its a very sleek and modern design.

  • BLACK OPS 2?

    the console looks great and all but can i know all the specs and if black ops2 will do a damage to the console?!

    • Nintedward.

      Black ops 2 runs in Full HD 60fps whilst displaying on 2 different screens at the same time for a launch title .

      The wiiu is damageing black ops 2 not the other way round .

      • mooka865

        well put…

  • James

    Looks super nice!

    My only concern is, and maybe you guys know more than me, but isn’t black glossy surfaces be easy to scratch (fine on white, but with black you see these strongly), show, dust, and finger prints?

    I never experienced Nintendo Wiimote colored black to know. So I don’t know if Nintendo uses some-kind of fancy plastic that reduces or avoids that, or if its even any issue to be concerned about. Obviously, this is not a purchase block think. I am getting a WiiU, but just want to know if I should be careful storing it, or not, and what to expect.

    • Neonridr

      Fingerprints are unavoidable. Invest in a screen protector immediately so the screen doesn’t get damaged. As for scratches on the gamepad, I guess if you are dropping the controller it could happen. Just be careful with it.

      • James

        Sounds like a plan.

  • Sham

    Fresh Nintendo just Fresh

  • Major Beauner

    I wouldnt have minded double the size for double the power! But I am still happy!

  • Zhenya

    soon… we’ll be together <3


    the console looks like Elton John’s pink purse but in Black


    • Nko Sekirei

      gtfo sonys b itch no ones interested in ur stupid comment and trollish behavior go back under ur bridge and play with ur barbie dolls and kens

      • NavyBlueYoshi

        On his ps3 LOL

    • SortableShelf19

      Get outta here, Sony Lover Boy.

    • SortableShelf19

      Get outta here, Sony Lover Boy. Oops I meant Sony Sucker boy.

      • Nko Sekirei

        or sonys whore

        • revolution5268

          or sony drone.

    • ZombieGuns

      I don’t think 80% of the commenters on this site understand how trolling works. Sony Lover Boy and Lucifer are the most obvious trolls yet so many reply thus guaranteeing they will keep doing it. Don’t you get it? Whenever you act outraged by something the troll says you only encourage them to keep doing it.

    • Jhacker111

      Sony lover boy:
      You are making an ass out of yourself. Please GTFO and let the educated people discuss the deeper aspects of the Wii U. K, thanks.

  • ssb4

    i want that BLACK ONE!

  • link 5

    Looks cool nice and small

  • Wanijobo

    Why isn’t it matte… Glossy will be a sweat magnet…

    • ninty1

      *fingerprint magnet

  • ninty1

    looks sexy

  • zonda777

    What?!! No rear shots?

    • ninty1

      what are you, a pervert?

      • Nintenlord

        But who dosnt like a booty shot?

  • TheUNation

    The Nintendo Wii U is the sexiest, yet extremely dangerous, video gaming console for a new generation!



  • Kevin White

    That is not every angle. We still have yet to see the rear of the machine, nor the inside of the front door.

  • 3dsguy

    Vita is boring i have it from launch and ur xbox and ps3 got beat by the wii with only half the power and same will happen again end of deal wih it. big laugh 1 more thing xbox and ps are good at 1 thing copying nintendo.

  • rob lucci

    very nice looking console!

  • 3dsguy

    And yep looking sick 9 weeks to go.

    • revolution5268

      what ever you don’t try to freeze yourself.

      • revolution5268

        *what ever you do, don’t try to freeze yourself.
        (stupid keyboard of mine)

  • SortableShelf19

    Sorry about the comment appearing 2 times.

  • Derp

    Um, wow. I was expecting it to be compact, but not that compact! Heck, the gamepad controller is almost (if not is) as big as the console itself!

    Well now I know that it will fit in places that the PS3 or Xbox 360 couldn’t.

  • ax-el

    Every angle? and the back part of the console? i want to see the conections included.

  • SortableShelf19

    Hey Wii U Daily I found another accessory box:

    • [CMD] DEATH

      Yeah I saw that on Turtle Beaches’ website, totally gonna get the N11 headset with my Wii U! πŸ˜€

  • Mylochek

    That’s a beautiful system

  • Benjaminkno


  • Garzard

    Better than porn.

  • Madmagican

    “…the new console isn’t that much larger than the original Wii…” *runs over to wii* …huh, if this picture’s to scale then the gamepad’s a little bigger than I thought it was; I’ll get used to, I’m sure of it

  • LyingTuna

    Uh, not to troll, but you said “only a big longer”. I assume you meant “bit longer”. Overall, the system looks great! It’s the exact size I had hoped!

  • Xblade13

    Perfect description of Wii U:

    Shigeru Myamoto wearing a full body black armor like a modern black knight, with the Triforce in one hand, and a transforming weapon in the other. The weapon could change from the Γ—blade to the Master Sword to Samus’ blaster at will, with no lag;) Around his waist is a magical belt with several bottomless pouches, containing the Elder Wand, all the Dragonballs, grenades, Giant Mushrooms, Super Acorns, those King Dedede badges from SSBB, a banana, Kingdom Hearts itself, the Ocarina of Time, and Pit’s bow. Literally unstoppable. He commands an army made of the characters we love (Mario, Link, etc.).

    Sony and Microsoft are a goomba and Jar-Jar Binks, respectively. They have no chance of surviving.

  • JumpMan

    gosh Nintendo, just shut up and take my money.

    • JumpMan

      *my parents’ money.

      • [CMD] DEATH

        Haha! Yeah, I just want too get a Wii U finally!

  • Maverick-Hunter

    Totally pwns the ps3 slim lol

    • sergiosms

      and super slim

  • ZelDarksiders

    its gorgeous beyond this world πŸ˜€


    I really like the looks of this! Nice sleek size kind of like the Wii but I think it’s a nicer design, can’t wait too get my hands on my very own! :D. WHOS READY FOR THE WII U?!?!?!? Haha.

    … I think we all are lol.

  • GirlGamer

    Great! Does this meen that the console is okay to travel with?

  • Drawin

    This baby looks gorgeous, can’t wait to get my hands on one. c:

  • Paul

    got any white versions

    • GoNintendoWheee

      (In baby voice)

      I don’t knooooow…

  • nayeli

    i know which store or what ever has it!

  • niggaimnayeli

    by tha way imm the gurl on top ov me nd yee

  • niggaimnayeli


  • GoNintendoWheee

    OMG I love these pics!!!
    BTW I like Mario despite my pic.

  • Marla

    It’s very nice and sleek and doesn’t take up much room. I also like how this Wii’s made to lay flat mostly….maybe I won’t have to worry so much about the “Ring of Death,” when my kids are trying to play it. When it sits up in an upright position, it has more of a risk of getting laser burned.

  • Tramp962

    It’s nice, but I’m concerned about it overheating πŸ™

  • Thatguywhoslappedyou

    Hey im not trying to be racist or anything but is this a europe (sorry for my grammer) Wii U website? because i thought this was a international wii u website well i live in North america and all i hear is Europe its cool if you guys live there i personally would want to live there or canada back to the subject, the members are all in europe? No other country? Please answer this *here comes the lame joke* OR DIE TRYING!?/1

  • aß

    i like pie

  • KalebTaylorX

    Wow, Look’s sleek.

  • wii u fan 4ever

    if i ever accidently drop my wii u, just go ahead and drop me in a cliff, ilo be dead anyways

  • DrAgOnZaReCoOl

    Look at that cute little console :3 I’m gonna be so happy when i get it πŸ˜€

  • Rex

    Look’s awesome but impractical.