Apr 16th, 2013

FIFA fans should be excited, as EA has tweeted the above in preparation for the big FIFA 14 reveal tomorrow. Lead Producer David Rutter recently suggested that the game would be more than just a roster update that fans have seen in the past, mentioning that new connected online features would be available but that the single player game would remain unchanged.

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  • Wayne Beck

    Only $1.00/kick.

    • Kyle Berger

      good one wayne

  • Nintendofreak

    omg im gonna get a game that is exactly the same n has been the same for the last 14 years…no wait its different numbers n sock colors ohhh n the names…im on a bad mood…fight with girl….probably splitting its sad

    • Nintendofreak

      but fifa its always the same shit

    • zerooooo

      …. no one cares

    • AAAkabob

      The internet comments section isn’t the place to baww and get virtual hugs bro.

    • kevin nun—-

      is it cuz ur playing too much Wii U?

    • why does no one realize he’s being sarcastic?

      • Nintendofreak

        cuz they are to busy trolling

        • zerooooo

          No one cares….

  • [000]

    I hope it’s actually somewhat DIFFERENT from the last one.

  • Johny

    1. Another cash in EA Sports game that is THE SAME as previous in terms of gameplay and graphics ? (yes. graphics are pretty much the same as previous. not as big leap that it would matter) ? NO THANKS.
    2. I think theres a really huge chance that it even wont be coming to wii u. Seeing the current Nintendo and EA relationship. not that I or others should care. EA has really turned into some group of egocentric cash-in money-grabbing corporate douchebags… sadly :/

  • Peter Rogers

    The fact remains here tho that fifa is the best football game available. I personally cant wait and will be picking it up on playstation as im used to the button layout .

    • Bob Brochee

      Best Football Game Is Madden, Son…

      • greengecko007

        Either sarcasm, or cultural barrier.

      • Peter Rogers

        no no no….dad. i meant real football. maybe u call it soccer. u know… its the biggest sport in the world

        • bizzy gie

          There’s a reason it’s called soccer (the name derives from AsSOCiation Football). It doesn’t make you a die-hard fan to call ‘soccer’ ‘football’. I’m tired of people thinking that. We already have a football in America so it’d be confusing to have two footballs in one country. And I know soccer is played amongst different countries as opposed to the NFL or NBA which is exclusive to the U.S.A (not the sports in general because I’m sure somebody thinks I mean that). I’m positive that’s the real reason why it’s the biggest sport in the world.

          Oh and why did you call Bob ‘dad’?

  • uPadWatcher

    If it’s not for the U, I’ll pass and protest EA altogether.

    • Nintedward

      The demo for fifa 13 on Wiiu showed some promise at least. Sure a couple of features were missing , but also some pretty major features were added also.

      No reason for fifa 14 not to come to Wiiu unless EA are complete and utter FORESKINS. I am expecting a Tiger Woods Wiiu version to be announced sometime soon.

      • Bob Brochee

        EA has already stated there will be no Tiger Woods for Nintendo systems this year.

        • Levi Johansen

          Didn’t they also state that SimCity was gonna be awesome… :/

          • Bob Brochee

            SimCity is awesome, just not the online aspect. The game itself is on point though…

          • Levi Johansen

            I feel like it is a step in the wrong direction, not the online thing, but just the whole idea of making areas into industrial zones and stuff instead of actually building every single piece.
            Every game has offered more stuff to build, not less…

            I haven’t played it though, but I don’t like the idea.
            I would check it out, but we don’t have internett at the moment 😛

      • greengecko007

        EA said no to a Tiger Woods Wii U version for 2013 back in February… But hey, I wouldn’t think that we’re missing out on anything. It’s an EA sports game. Woop dee doo… “/

        • Nintedward

          Those mother fuckers. Tiger woods was awesome on the Wii , what were they thinking ? assholes.

          • Levi Johansen

            It was awesome even without the Motion Plus – I’ve got Tiger Woods Parental Guidance Affirmation Tour 2008

  • bizzy gie

    Don’t care for sports video games in general as they are boring to play (especially soccer), but is this game actually coming to the Wii U?

    • Arthur Jarret

      Mario Strikers is fun, though…

    • Plz for the love if god call our sport its proper name FOOTBALL.

      • bizzy gie

        Well before making that statement, you need to understand where the term “soccer” comes from. It originated in Britain. The country ends many words in ‘er’. They took the ‘soc’ from AsSOCiation Football and added ‘er’ to the end . Soccer was the result.

        • I guess you would have to live in england to understand how hated that word is to britains football fans.

          • Mochlum

            Dude, it’s a name. (puts on sunglasses) Deal with it.

  • Matt Lambourne

    Same garbage every year. I don’t understand why people continue to fall for it.

  • DragonSilths

    Wont come to Wii U and will be the top seller in the UK…Thats about all that needs to be said about it…

  • Ducked

    I know Madden 25 skipped Wii U, but please release NHL 14 on Wii U.

  • Zombie_Andrew

    Let me guess not on Wii U?

  • Gabe Hoffman

    Not coming to Wii U I am calling it

  • The Clockwork Being

    This game is supposed to be on the Wii U, no exceptions to it. If EA doesn’t put it on Wii U but puts it on last generation consoles like the PS3 and Xbox360 that would only make them look bad. Now if they do that with all their sports game they are on the road to win the worst companies awards again. IF the gamepad is the problem they are being ridiculous. Just put simple features like the subs, changing the player positions and much more. These controls would be accessible for a player playing with the pro controller and using the screen instead of the gamepad. I mean its not that hard.

    • Levi Johansen

      Haven’t they allready done that?

      They’re putting BF4 on PS3 and Xbox360 I think… :O

  • MujuraNoKamen

    Yeah that’ll be real different to 13, and 12 and all the other games based on the same sport. Who’d have thought EA would rehash a franchise like that?
    hmmm…. Gotta wonder if when the ball gets kicked out you have to pay EA for a new one 🙂

  • Others said so already the big announcement for tomorrow about Fifa14 is that it’ll come to PS3/4, Xbox360/Nextbox, PSP Vita but NOT to WiiU/Wii or 3DS. It’s EA so it’s predictable. Not gonna say I know it won’t be coming but I’m expecting that will be the case. For me CBA though, I never play any sports games at all except Mario Kart/Sonic All Stars Racing.

  • Møhåmmęd Jårmøn

    Is the sports branch of EA still supporting Wiiu? I can only hope. FIFA13 WiiU was a remake of 12. 14 will be the actual new stuff… IF it comes to WiiU

  • alphanoize

    i’m gonna defend fifa. its not the same shit every year, this is a franchise that genuinely does get better a lot with each new release that being said other than better servers and minor glitch fixes i don’t know what else they could add.

    • discuss

      Your post has so many contradictions it’s silly.

      • alphanoize

        i meant as an improvement to fifa 13 ever year before there have been changes made that impact the game. I just find it annoying to see so many hate comments from people who have probably never played the game

        • discuss

          I’ve played it. Every years it’s the same except for some new soccer player skins. But hej if you are a soccer fan and think that’s worth your money don’t let me stop you.

          • Footbal fans not soccer

          • bizzy gie

            Copy and pasted from a reply I typed to another person defending the term ‘football’ over ‘soccer’: Well before making that statement, you need to understand where the term “soccer” comes from. It originated in Britain. The country ends many words in ‘er’. They took the ‘soc’ from AsSOCiation Football and added ‘er’ to the end . Soccer was the result.

          • That may be so. But no one in england ever uses the word soccer. Its like me callin american football rugby.

          • discuss

            Did it ever occur to you not everyone is from england?
            Footbal, soccer, american football, rugby … who cares … we are all talking about the same thing.

  • Mario

    Dude, you do know that EA might not release this game on WiiU due to their conflict with Nintendo. Right?

  • klenko

    PES>FIFA nuff said

    • Levi Johansen


    • ICHI

      Yay another one! Theres not many of us left!

  • Thomas Fitzgibbon

    Guys kick ball round green fields yet again…what is there to reveal EA? What’s that? Oh! This time each footballer player has be downloaded for a small fee. What an excellent and well thought out idea EA, kudos to you!

  • Xavier Lopez Chabelo

    Great, this will be my first FIFA in years LOL

  • Super Buu


  • dylanbob121

    who cares?

  • uPadWatcher

    2K Sports needs to bring back the NFL 2K series. Screw EA’s exclusivity with the NFL!

  • Why are we excited about ANOTHER FIFA?

  • If the Wii U version has Ultimate Team then I’ll get it. If not, I’ll be playing FIFA 13 for another year.

  • Destiny64

    fifa 13-1/2 🙂