Jun 16th, 2014


EA’s annual release cycle for its sports properties is underway, with the publishing giant confirming that FIFA 15 is heading to every home platform except the Wii U. The upcoming title’s lead platforms are the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, while versions of the game will still be produced for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii and the Nintendo 3DS and Vita.

It’s disappointing to see the Wii U being left out of the mix, but given the poor sales of FIFA 13 on the Wii U, EA’s decision is understandable, if not laudable.

[via EA Press]

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  • Brandon Gardner

    What’s the point of releasing a game on the Wii?! This makes no sense!

    • Googs

      Large install base, so they hope people will buy it, although I’m certain more people would buy it on Wii U instead of on the Wii tbh.

    • Scott Duperree

      From what I hear they just have been rereleasing the same game with roster updates on Wii the last few years, that makes it worth their time.

    • Curtis Hofer


    • Archiq09


    • That guy who hates Spike

      Families still own Wiis.

    • Random

      Wii does not have online support anymore for multiplayer!

  • dude

    ” but given the poor sales of FIFA 13 on the Wii U, EA’s decision is understandable, if not laudable.”

    Well that WOULD be true, however if you don’t recall, the ONLY version they gave us was gimped to hell, and even the touch controlls for the gamepad made parts of it seem unplayable. Couple that with the fact that the U was not selling very well at the time, andd…. What does EA expect? C’mon man.. Don’t give them any credit.

  • matthew garcia

    The most popular sport in the world. Wii u should have this game but I understand that it’s a business and sales matter

    • lonewolf

      Yeah the most popular sport in the world but not the most popular and neither the best game that represents that sport.

      • Officer Raichu

        pes ok but fifa is better imo

      • matthew garcia

        Fifa is the most popular soccer game out there.

        • Officer Raichu

          agree but then again i would have bought those games on my wii u
          heck if i have to ill buy 5 copies and give them to friends

          • matthew garcia

            U can give me a copy lol

          • Officer Raichu

            sure all i need is your postal address and i could set you up
            jk all jokes aside i wished they released it on wii u because i wouldve pre ordered it

        • lonewolf

          Nope there is footbal manager from Sega and Winning eleven known as PES from Konami. So although everybody knows about fifa the most played right now is footbal manager and pes.

    • Officer Raichu

      EA is weird πŸ˜›
      itll most likely be a bigger flop on wii and 3ds than wii u
      vita version will bomb as well most likely
      so yeah it could help them get more sales when its most likely going to bomb on half the platforms its coming to

  • Adam Porter

    you know it’s bad when they make a game for the old console but not the new one :S

    • Yen

      Like the Vita? PS3 is still getting games too and often. This is one of the few games announced for Wii and not for Wii U.

      • Adam Porter

        one of the few?? i’m not a huge football fan but Fifa is one of the biggest games series around. they sell on anything they can and they are skipping wiiU, tbh it doesn’t bother me but it does show how small the user base must be for wiiU right now.

        • Yen

          I think you misunderstood what “one of the few” means. I’m saying there aren’t many games that are on the Wii but not the Wii U, compared to games that are on PSP and not VIta or PS3 and not PS4. I’m not saying FIFA isn’t a big game series I’m saying it’s one of the few games that’s on the Wii but not on Wii U.

          The user base for Wii U is on par with Xbox One and PS4 actually, the only problem is that Wii U had a year head start. Pure install base wise the three consoles are pretty similar.

  • jjbredesen

    Wow just wow, they are making a game for Wii, but not Wii U? i guess it makes sense when it comes to install base, but this does not help the situation.

    And that brings us to the perhaps only negative side of Nintedo’s E3 presence this year, none of the major 3rd party games are coming to Wii U, and none where announced, only games we already knew about, only thing i can think of is Devils Third and all the indie eshop games, although i will be perfectly happy with the fantastic 1st party games, and there are some fantastic 3rd party exclusives such as Bayonetta, Xhenoblade and Hyrule Warriors i still think they need to worker a little harder on this area.

    I want to be able to play Assassins Creed on Wii U, and now that i can’t i am angry :/

    When EA makes games for a 8 year old console there needs to ring a bell, but i don’t really care about FIFA at all, but this could mean it will happen to other games, and if that is the case, well then Nintendo must step up there game on this side of stuff.

    And that is the only negative thing i can say about E3 this year.

    • lonewolf

      Xenoblade is not third party

      • jjbredesen

        Eh yes it is developed by Monolith Soft and published by Nintendo πŸ˜›

        • Gameonfool

          Monolith is owned by Nintendo.

          • jjbredesen

            Ow according to wikipedia your right.. thanks πŸ™‚

        • lonewolf

          Its ok we make mistakes its not ok if somebody makes a mistakes and is wrong but doesnt admit it. Well I think ea wants to rub it into nintendo face like look we will make this game for a 8 years old hardware but we wont make it for your new console because you refused our online stealing money service as your own online service. Imagine if they did wii u would have gotten every ea game up till now and we could have seen some exclusive too. But I am glad they didnt accepted it now we got the excelent e-shop online service.

    • Charlieblizz

      Strong support for Devil’s Third and Bayonetta 2 (as well as the various eshop games) could go a long way towards getting more third party support.
      At some point, Nintendo users need to show they will support third party developers a bit better than they have in the recent past.

      • jjbredesen

        Yeah i agree that if Wii U owners want 3rd party games, then they need to buy them, but only if they are good.

        Don’t support shitty ports etc. but if a company has put some decent work in to the title, and it sells well it will continue, the assassins creed ports where really good, yet they did not sell well, so i guess there is a part blame with the consumer, but its the 3rd parties job to sell the game, so i have a bit mixed feelings on the subject.

        • Officer Raichu

          i would have bought madden 15 and fifa 15 (love them)
          if they came to the Wii U

        • Charlieblizz

          Most of the ports to the U have been pretty well done, especially the ones from last gen such as Arkham City and Darksiders 2. I was thinking back to the Wii, though, where games like Madworld, No More Heroes 1&2, Zack & Wiki, and Muramasa didn’t get the support they deserved. I think Dead Space: Extraction was very well done, also, and deserved to move more units.

          Were these games perfect or on the level of a game like Galaxy or Skyward Sword? No, admittedly they weren’t. But making a good game for a Nintendo console is risky business at this point, and those were good games.

          At this point, I think we have to be willing to meet these guys in the middle a bit, and just let them know that while we won’t buy every junk title they offer, we will support honest efforts.

          • jjbredesen

            /This is perhaps one of the best comments i have read on this matter, and i agree 100% on everything you say.

            You have gained my respect πŸ™‚

    • Officer Raichu

      well imo opinion i think they need to buy sega(atlus, platinum so sonic and persona and bayonetta)
      capcom(megaman street fighter dead rising)
      and buy ubisoft(if they have another 7th gen repeat(hadheld and home console beat em up) that would get them all the ips ubisoft have like rayman splinter cell just dance and assasins creed
      get enough money buy these guys have them make games and your good to go

      • jjbredesen

        They have the money and it would help a lot, but i am not sure Ubisoft would allow them to buy them..

        • Officer Raichu

          you know what i got something even better buy ubiart and all the ips they work with so
          rayman,child of light, valiant hearts, etc.

      • Brandon

        I dont think they would get dead rising. Mircosoft would definitely keep it. As for ubisoft, sony wouldnt let that happen. Agree with everything else though.

    • Rinslowe

      I know I’m being a dork. But technically Xenoblade is first party/ second party title. As Monolith Soft is a Nintendo owned company. And the “Xenoblade” IP is owned by Nintendo as well afaik…

      • jjbredesen

        Yeah, i forgot about that..

        • Rinslowe

          It’s not a big deal actually lol…
          Just the internet being the internet. Haha.

          • jjbredesen

            Well i guess not, but i thought Monolith was owned by Namco? So when did Nintendo buy them?

          • Rinslowe

            A while back…
            Sometime in 2007 if memory serves me correctly.

          • jjbredesen

            Yup, according to Wikipedia:

            “As of May 6, 2007, Nintendo owned controlling interest in the company after Bandai Namco Holdings sold 80% of its 96% stake in Monolith Soft to Nintendo. This went into effect May 1, 2007.[3] Later Namco sold the remaining 16%, making Monolith Soft a first-party developer for Nintendo.”

          • Rinslowe

            The magic of Wikipedia…

    • nexxus6

      Don’t use install base as your argument, because the last time I looked, the Xbone had a smaller install base than the WiiU.

      • jjbredesen


  • Poop


  • Petri

    I don’t care about sports games.
    But if they are going to give us half assed efforts, they are shooting themselves in a foot.
    Judging performance on late and gimped ports is just sad.
    I will see how Mirror’s Edge 2 turns out, and then I’m officially done with EA.

  • lonewolf

    They just hate nintendo thats all and want the wii u to fail. And do you know why fifa 2013 sold poorly? Because everybody else got fifa 2013 wii u got fifa 2012 just with the name changed they think people are stupid and can sell whatever they want.

  • Kuromad

    EA still hates the Wii U for not using Origin as the store instead of eShop. Thats the reason EA doesn’t release games, not the numer of sales of their previous games.

    • Hugh Quinn

      So EA Won’t release shit on WII U because EA are greedy Cunts?

      • MarkyWiiU


        • Hugh Quinn

          Fucking wankers

    • gamingpalooza

      EA sucks…

    • John Andalora

      As we’ve all seen, the Xbox One and PS4 both use only the Origin store in their digital stores.
      By this time next year they’ll finally get rid of those other pesky games and only sell the good EA ones.

      If you’re gonna hate on EA, at least hate them for something that makes sense; gimped games on the platform, abandoning it after talking about commitment, wanting micro-transactions when Nintendo said no. All great reasons to dislike EA.
      But this Origin thing: Crazy.

  • Johny

    hahahahahahah this is hilarious.

  • blindtiger

    more wii us sold than xbox1s… and so i’m skipping all ea games on pc

    • Officer Raichu

      well microsoft does have the money to bribe anyone even with a poor console sales and get the games(it would have been in 2013 wii u conditions without titanfall)

    • John Andalora

      Wii U also came out a year earlier…

      • D.M.T

        Doesn’t matter, point is the Xbox One is doing worse than Wii U and yet those pieces of shit at EA aren’t bringing the game to Wii U.

        • John Andalora


          1) Titanfall, one of EA’s most premiere shooters for XBO, sold 1.84 million units. That’s more than the combined total of sales for all EA Wii U games, and beats the software sales of most Wii U games overall (The only competition being MK8, SM3DW, NintendoLand, and NSMBU). FIFA 14 on XBO sold 910,000 units. Games like this are doing very well on XBO, while so much of the 3rd party games (gimped or not) sell at a loss more often than not.
          So, it stands to reason that EA would gladly put their games into a demographic that wants it. Just because Wii U currently has more consoles sold doesn’t mean that more people will buy these games.

          2) What is your “doing worse than Wii U” based on? Is it based on 19 months of sales for one and 7 months of sales for another? That’s both unfair and unreasonable. While PS4 has sold approximately 1.6 million more consoles than Wii U in its first 6 months, we should try to hold consoles to the fair standard of their release 7 months.
          That being said, in its first 7 months, XBO has sold 4,539,150 units. In its first 7 months, Wii U sold 3,104,846.
          So, it would stand to reason that the Wii U did much worse than XBO at this point in its life cycle, and yet that wasn’t a “failure” in your eyes.
          Why is that?

          • D.M.T

            The install base of Xbox One is smaller than Wii U’s install base. I don’t care if Wii U was released a year earlier. That was my point. You wasted your time writing a bunch of things that are irrelevant to what I was saying. And it’s funny how people like you continue to defend pieces of shit 3rd party publishers like EA.

          • John Andalora

            And I retorted and proved your point invalid.

            Lower install base doesn’t equal lower software sales. Xbox One owners, while less people owned an Xbox One, have better sales of 3rd party games than the Wii U, and particularly EA games.

            EAs games don’t sell on Wii U. They do on Xbox One and PS4. That’s why they aren’t making games for Wii U.

            By doing nothing more than insulting my position, you’re showing how little you actually understand about the subject.

  • Peter Rogers

    I think this article is referring to fifa 15 not 14….oops

  • Charlieblizz

    The only thing about this that really bugs me is that it flies in the face of the all of the talk about how it’s too expensive to scale games “down” for the U compared to its PS4/Xbone counterparts, when they are making versions for the old consoles instead. If these games can play on a PS3 (let alone a Wii) they should easily be playable on a U.

    • Officer Raichu

      EA is weird πŸ˜›
      itll most likely flop on wii 3ds and vita
      barley do well on xbox one
      and do good on ps4
      3ds 150k
      vita 120k
      wii 50k
      ps4 3.3 million
      xbox one 1.5 million
      my predictions

      • fireheartis1

        Actually FIFA sell really well on Wii, so I suspect at least a million copies sold because people love the Wii version.

    • greengecko007

      This game is going to be available on the PS3 and 360, so it’s likely those were the platforms they were initially developed for, then ported to the PS4 or Xbox One. It’s not the same thing as a native PS4 or Xbox One game like Batman Arkham Knight skipping the Wii U because of obvious hardware restrictions.

      Should this game be coming to the Wii U though? Absolutely. But this IS EA so…

      • Charlieblizz

        It’s not the same, but it is, because all we heard for a year is about how companies couldn’t scale their games easily to a less powerful system. Unless that system is a PS3 or 360, then it seems to be very possible.

        I know Ubisoft took some flack for admitting they are holding back a game until there’s a larger install base, but at least they’re honest about it.

        • greengecko007

          As I said, this game likely is not being scaled down to the PS3 or 360, as those are likely the original versions which are also going to be available on the PS4 and Xbox One.

          And it’s true that it’s not always easy to scale down games without making significant compromises. In this case, even though the game is coming to the Wii, it will be vastly inferior.

      • JoshuaMariguez197

        The Arkham Knight thing is bull any fool with a brain can see that by comparing Xenoblade Chronicles X to Arkham Knight Xenoblade isn’t fully polished but the Batmobile still pales in comparison of the the sheer scale of the mechs

        • greengecko007

          “Any fool with a brain” would know that we don’t have a lot of information on the capabilities of the mechs in Xenoblade or the Batmobile. From a purely graphical standpoint, Xenoblade looks like a PS3 game, and does nothing to support that Arkham Knight would run well on the Wii U without being scaled down to such an inferior game that nobody in their right mind would buy.

          • JoshuaMariguez197

            As if man the Xenoblade wouldn’t look nowhere near as good on the PS3 I bet you’re one of those people who believe the Wii at best can only produce PS2 visuals at best and that’s why so many PS2 games were ported to it, the fact is the Wii can do PS2 visuals in it’s sleep look at games like Mario Galaxy they reach 360 level easy in that game Arkham Knight would look just as good on Wii U if they put in the work it’s laughable you think you have any clue what you’re talking about here’s how bad EA is, They are making the PS4 and XB1 versions with their “new engine” that they showed off at E3 this year then turning around and making the PS3, 360, 3DS, and Vita versions with their old one even if the Wii U is as “weak” as you claim realistically they would use the old engine for the Wii U and not gimp it to hell like they did with FIFA 14 on Wii U EA is just throwing a hissy fit because Nintendo won’t let them use Origin on their console which a bottom feeder drone like you probably doesn’t even know what EA’s Origin is

          • greengecko007

            FIFA 14 is perfectly capable of being on the Wii U. EA just isn’t supporting the Wii U.

            Arkham Knight would not run on the Wii U, nor the PS3 or 360, without being severely downgraded. For that reason, it’s not coming to those systems. Most gamers can accept that the Wii U is closer to the PS3 and 360 than the PS4 or Xbox One. If a multiplatform game isn’t coming to last generation consoles too, it’s most likely not coming to the Wii U.

            I encourage you to really go full force with the name calling in your next reply. It really does make you look more intelligent and makes your points a lot more credible.

          • JoshuaMariguez197

            The Wii U is closer to the PS4 and XB1 than the media leads the public to believe and Sony and Microsoft fans want to believe don’t take it from me just ask Slightly Mad Studios Project Cars on Wii U is visually worlds better than even Forza on XB1 even at 30fps and 720p since the PS4 and XB1 struggle to do 30fps and if you’re lucky 900p, Rocksteady needs to stop riding that “The Wii U can’t run the Arkham Knight engine” bs Arkham Knight runs the Unreal engine 3 the same engine that’s been used since Arkham Asylum all the PS4 and XB1 are nowhere near as powerful as Sony and Microsoft lead the fans to believe all they are are two laptops that have been mass produced since 2008 in an oversized box with a little bit more RAM the Wii U’s tech has only been produced since 2012 Sony and Microsoft fans need to learn to except that truth another game that Xenoblade matches in visuals is Phantasy Star Online 2 for PC


  • tronic307

    Good. Keep the shovelware off the Wii U!

  • Rinslowe

    Wii U needs sports games. I don’t care for them in general myself. But it’s an important genre.
    All the big publishers are going this way with the platform and shying away. Nintendo has shown they can face the music with titles like Bayo 2 and Devils Third. Plus developing more games in-house which cater to specific game experiences like splatoon in their own unique style.
    We know they have their own IP’s for sports games. But perhaps it’s time to look for a exclusive opportunity somewhere other than the larger companies to develop a realistic styled sports game for the platform.
    You know Rugby is huge in common wealth countries. It’s niche. It could be a point of difference that could help sway interest in their direction in the UK/ Ireland/ Scotland/ Wales/ South Africa/ Australia/ New Zealand and in Europe and so on etc… etc…
    I know it’s not a big deal in the states and it’s certainly not FIFA…
    But it could be a thing.

  • GaryTBarnes

    The upcoming title’s lead platforms are the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, while versions of the game will still be produced for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii and the Nintendo 3DS and Vita. http://chilp.it/11ddd5

  • Steven Scott

    Well I bet the development for wii and 3ds might be similar so that makes it easier to make a game for instead of making a separate Wii U version

  • Ducked

    EA will support Wii U again after Smash Bros

    • bistricky

      But will Wii U users support EA again? Making a game for the Wii and not the Wii U really doesn’t generate support in the hearts of the Wii U community.

      • Daniel Carvalho

        I agree. They’ve shown their lack of concern when released Mass Effect 3 alone 6 months after the other consoles received the complete trilogy in one disc. Then they want to decide if their games are going to sell or not after the sales of a horrible port, with lack of DLC, multiplayer, horrible response to commands and horrible textures fail to skyrocket!

        We will never forget how EA have been treating gamers (not only Nintendo gamers, all gamers in general). And to tell the truth, the only reason EA only sells on other consoles is because Nintendo fans only get games that have a high quality and zeal on its creation while gamers from other platforms get most games because of hype more than because they truly want the game.

        • bistricky

          Yeah I hear ya …. so true.
          Although, I really was looking forward to a new Fifa game. And wish someone else out there would make sports games (other then EA). I really would like to buy one baseball game for the Wii U, one day.
          I purchased EA games since I was a boy. EA made games back when the Commodore 64 existed (Adventure Construction Set for example). I use to love their games. But the continued Wii U snub and how disappointed I was with their latest release of SimCity for PC, I have had it.

        • bistricky

          Here is my favorite title for a similar report on another website:

          “Farewell PS2 and Wii U says FIFA”

          Supposedly, EA finally decided to end making Fifa for PS2? And the Wii U is in the same boat as the PS2 …….. Someone remind me again, why there is such fallout in this EA – Nintendo Wii U war?

      • Ducked

        Your Wii U owners who don’t follow EA online wouldn’t know about there relationship with Nintendo.

  • jhell

    EA scared of the wii u gamepad

  • Daniel Carvalho

    I can easily see people getting the Wii title to play on their Wii U’s, but EA will use that as an excuse to say there is no installed base on the Wii U, and therefore will not develop games for it.

    • bistricky

      I never thought of that …. good point.

  • El Ortega

    Hey EA, maybe if you stopped making shitty games for nintendo and putting the least effort on them, we could start buying a lot more. I mean, it’s all a loop. U gotta make good games to have good sales. You can’t expect nintendo users to buy something which is merely a port and wasn’t intended in the first place to be played using a touch screen. C’mon dudes! Give us quality stuff and we’ll give you quality money!

  • FutureFox

    “Skipping the Wii U” can be made into a song at this point.

  • David Harris

    Yea they don’t even need to use the game pad. Could use pro controller and would easily be the same as ps3/xbox360.

  • Rich Garriques

    yeah and the reason the sales are poor is because they gave us fifa 12 and named it fifa 13. EA CAN GO F THEMSELVES.

  • nexxus6

    If they are basing this on install base numbers, then why is it coming out for Xbone and not WiiU???

  • PS4WiiURocks

    I’ll pass..EA is crap!

  • companyoflosers

    they will of course blame this on wii u not playing well with the frostbite 3 engine again. wasnt there a former EA employee that pretty much debunked that entire excuse?

  • Will W

    EA: Duuuuh… “Wii would like to play”
    Once they get bad sales on the Wii, they will claim it was the Wii U’s fault for not being able to run Frostbite engine 3.
    It’s like making a game for the Master System in 1994.

  • George Taramigkos

    fifa and PES have been the same games since 1996…

  • George Taramigkos

    large studios skip wiiu because they CAN NOT make better games than N……doesn’t have to do with sales numbers.An average console player will buy 4-6 titles/year.Nintendo covers that need………limitless game titles on consoles is like limitless apps on your smartphone.people only use few on a daily basis……but crap has to exist…

  • Arthur Jarret

    So, all they have for WII U is a broken, gimped version.
    They have working versions for Wii, PS3, XBOX360, 3DS and VITA – so just slap a roster update on there and RERELEASE! ‘No, no – it’s not the same crap as last year… it’s a LEGACY edition!’

    PS4 and XBOX ONE are the only console that are actually getting a new Fifa…

    EA sports, it’s in the lame

  • Capt. Smoker

    I wouldn’t buy Fifa again on any Nintendo console, or just in general, 13 for the Wii U was toilet, and bugged out in terms of gameplay, it wasn’t next gen at all, it looked poor compared to ps3’s version, sorry to say but I don’t understand their reasoning at all, getting a little tired of always hearing about the install base and the Wii U’s power and all that crap, unless devs put a foot forward to help out, not many consoles will make it on their own, and if this is the way EA wanna act, then I’m glad to see the back of them, as it would appear it’s only about money to them, rather than creating a great game out of love and passion, hats off to those who still support the Vita with quality jrpg games, I can only hope Nintendo maintains good partnerships like that with the likes of Platinum and continues to drop grade A Kakarot spirit bombs!.

  • Donaald

    They do realize that the user base has increased since FIFA 13, right? Also how much could they end up spending in development for the Wii U since they’ve been reusing assets since 2011? Oh and were they expecting decent sales from a gimped game? LMAO. So it’s not understandable, it’s a dick move.

  • Ben English

    They’re still releasing it on the Wii?

    I mean I guess they’ll just make it a high res, poor shadows port of the 3DS version but it surprises me they’d even bother at this point.

  • janco tianno

    I think EA’s move is stupid. Why ? Because they’ve done FIFA 13 for Wii U.

    They are releasing “Legacy Edition” for other systems.

    They could use the source code of FIFA 13 for Wii U, make really small adjustments (update grass textures, new menus, and add recent teams with those generic players… these are things that wouldn’t cost too much, REALLY).
    It would be Fifa 15 for Wii U (without Legacy Edition), they could sell it on eshop, they would make money, some people would complain that the game is full of bugs or is just like Fifa 13, but in the end, it would be selling just like any other Fifa game, since there is no PES for Wii U as well. It’s annoying to read that minimal changes like this would cost millions and millions of dollars. (I do have basic knowledge of a regular development process).

    The problem of EA with Nintendo seems to be something personal.

    Which option is less ofensive:
    To release a legacy edition, make money with it, receiving negative comments from few users…
    Saying in public that you won’t release a version to a system because the system is underpowered, because 2 years ago you’ve released a game that didn’t sell well, and there is not enough owners of this system ?

    Eg:. The new UFC game is being released only for X1 and PS4…So it is a plausible excuse to say “We are not releasing this game for other systems because they don’t have enough power and it would be too expensive the whole development…”

  • leo


  • CydeFxt

    I’ll be honest, anyone who buys this product on Wii is just losing. EA stays true to form by being utter shit yet again.

  • FlashFan207

    Hahahaha hahahahaha!!!!! LOL!!!! EA must be run by quite literally the stupidest, most idiotic self-sabatoging fools on the planet. Hahaha… Well, who will really miss them when they’re gone, anyway? Many other developers make equivalent sports games. EA just seems to always shell out for the licences. I’m sure someone else will step in and fill that role.

    • TaintedXGamer

      I’m nominating EA for worst game company again, I want them to get a trophy saying EA flipping suxs 2014

  • Christian Schoff

    “Man, that ain’t sensible!” -Chris Kirkman to his future self upon being titty twistered.

  • Noah

    EA makes new game for Xbone, X360, PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, Wii, Gamecube, N64, and CD-I. Skipping Wii U.

  • MarkyWiiU

    What the heck EA? I understand that the Wii U version will get poor sales, mostly because more then a half of Wii U owners are hardcore gamers and probably won’t play the game but… PS Vita probably won’t do a lot of sales either!

  • wiimenonowiiu

    The way i see it im still not playing EA games lol

  • Yousif Alromaithi

    The hell with EA.

  • TaintedXGamer

    They have no excuses, we got pro controller they don’t need to add touch controls anyway. They’ve pretty much gimped us wii u owners by having it on wii/3DS.

  • Brian Bridenbecker

    Nintendo will have the last laugh with EA. When EA begins developing Star Wars games (they have the rights) for Disney (own Star Wars) ; they will be forced to make them for Wii U. Disney has gone on record on saying they love the Wii U and 3DS systems. It’s amazing going to Walt Disney World and seeing the number of 3DS’s you see there and people using Street Pass. Mickey is very powerful……..

    • bistricky

      Wow. That sounds great. I hope you are right. I would really like a new Star Wars game for the Wii U ……. I hate EA but Star Wars would trump that. Cheers πŸ˜€

  • Logan Waltz

    Considering backward compatibility, I think the world could give a fuck.

  • oontz

    This is actually smart considering wiiu and wii owners can buy and play the wii version. Saves them development and manufacturing costs while still releasing on two separate platforms. Pretty smart business decision considering how poorly the previous FIFA sold on wiiu.

    • chris

      Smart for them, sucks for fans..

      And the Wii U Fifa was pretty much the Wii Fifa with a new menu and updated roster, no new physics

      • oontz

        Ha ha, since when did EA care about anything other than themselves?

  • gamingpalooza

    man… EA are assholes.

  • Adrian Byrne

    FFS EA think of a new game already, milked much!!!!

  • Vlad_S

    Electronic Ass…

  • David John Gifford

    because they hope wii u owners will buy as they play wii games it ea playing it save

  • Allvalve

    I’m not into Sports games so it doesn’t matter to me, but I think at this point in time a new Fifa would probably sell in bigger numbers on the Wii U.
    I doubt many people buy new Wii games anymore, but there’s a bigger issue here:

    EA have made a couple of bets this gen that they now have to stick to.
    1. Xbox One was the correct horse to back.
    2. Wii U would flop.

    It looked for a while like they could be right on point 2, however I think they have lost far more on the Xbox One under performing than they ever would by actually pulling their fingers out and converting their engines to run on the Wii U, and (yet again) have seriously under estimated Nintendo’s ability to turn things around.
    It’s now too late for them to change, they’ve spent too much money on XBox dev kits so they’re stuck, and they were so public with their criticism of the Wii U that they have alienated 80% of Wii U owners, so there is no going back. These could be 2 mistakes that severely effect their bottom line, which is ultimately what it comes down to.

  • Daniel Velez

    Wow and when Nintendo first announced their Wii in E3 2011, EA was there saying they were excited about the wiki and making games for it. Check it out on YouTube.

  • sd

    Maybe Nintendo should put a clause in to say they need to do multi platform releases ( 3ds, Wii and Wii U) or nothing at all. It would certainly hurt EA more than it would Nintendo if they were banned from releasing games for Nintendo’s systems.

  • Rodger_Ramjet

    Hahahaha what a fucking joke. Wii gets a fifa15 version which means no one will buy it anyway. 3DS makes sense and not having a WiiU version is just utter bullshit. It’s like not having awesome golf games on WiiU. It would be the ultimate platform for sports games

  • JoshuaMariguez197

    Well when you put less than half a effort into a game it tends to not sell well on that platform

  • Joel Cruz

    ill be buying the 3ds version

  • Kiefer Wickham

    Seriously what the fuck, but in the end this doesn’t matter to me because I hate sport games

  • Bobby Bouche

    Does anyone like these games anyway?

  • Ultra Wii U Gold

    U can buy the wii vision and still play it on your wii u. But it got nothing to do with the install base cause the wii u has sold more than the xbone! It’s just ea being brainless again.