Aug 5th, 2012

FIFA 13 on the Wii U will of course feature full GamePad integration, and we get a first glimpse of how that will work in a new video. EA released a 10 minute video walkthrough of the FIFA 13 Wii U version, showing how the tablet controller will be used in the game. For example, players can swipe and tap on the touchscreen to pass and shoot the ball, and there’s an advanced free kick mode where the GamePad provides a first person view of the scene. More gameplay features are likely to be revealed at a later date. Check out the full video below.

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  • Kirbo99

    i still dont get it??? if the additionaal functoinalities r optional… then wat’s the point?? -____-

    • Dat Guy

      The point is: If you want to use them, in this new and a bit more advanced way, then you use them. If you don’t want to use them and play as it would be on Xbox 360 and PS3, then you do that!

      Good, right?

    • ConCity Soldier

      Some people want to with traditional gameplay, so they give out options to those who may not want to use the touchscreen.

      • ConCity Soldier


    • deSSy2724

      More choices are always better.. play like u wish to play.

      Same goes for tactical defending, u can disable it…. i have FIFA 11 on PC, and FIFA 12 on PS3, why 13 for PS3? because of less hackers/cheaters. And about Wii U…. Wii U will be superior to PC too because of the new controller and i can still play with the “old way”… so, i see no problem in FIFA 13 Wii U version.

      • deSSy2724

        “typo”… 12 for PS3, damn numbers -_-

    • Owen

      because it enhances the eperience, if you so chose. Fifa is the best selling sports game in the world, and if it isnt broke, dont fix it. What they’re doing with the Wii U version is moving all the menu options into a live option mode through the use of the tablet. Unless you actually play Fifa regularly, you wont realize how cool it will be not to have to pause to change tactics. Especially for online play it will make everything 100 times smoother in terms of game flow.

      This is a godsend really. And honestly it isnt about having new innovations on the Fifa 13 version of Wii U, its more about having the standard, if not best, version of Fifa on the Wii U. Fifa has been forced to dumb down for Wii the past 6 years, not anymore.

    • Andrew

      You’re asking, ‘What’s the point of options?’ ??


    • Shankovich

      To bring in new players, read the slides -____-

  • planetmobius

    Even though EA is acting foolish “more than usual” I will still be getting this game.but if it pulls another dumb stunt like it tried with Nintendo online stuff,it’ll be the last game I get and ill just switch to that other soccer franchise,pro evolutuion.

    • ConCity Soldier

      I heard PES was good! But unfortunately I haven’t gotten to play their soccer games yet.

      • Planetmobius

        I know it does look good i just never gave it a chance,ive been scared to,but it wont hurt to try something new,who knows,might even be better 😉

      • deSSy2724

        FIFA 12 is overall better than PES 12

  • goginho


  • Ledreppe

    I don’t buy sports games, but the 4 player co-op mode sounded cool.

  • ninjabake

    He lost me when he said Nintendo gamers have the opportunity to have a ‘next Gen’ experience that is the same as the one you get on 360 and PS3.

    Not sure if each has been living in the past but its been a while since Xbox 360 and PS3 have been considered “next Gen”

    • ninjabake

      *ea (dag on autofill for android LOL)

    • Owen

      Unnecessary EA dig is unnecessary. No longer will i have to keep my PS3 (which just yellow lighted btw…) around to play sports games, which werent up to par on the Wii. So it is next gen on the Wii U.

    • Yun

      Its all marketing…the best advice, don’t sway your opinion because companies will say anything to make you think “its” the best. Nintendo has promised to do things their way like every console release, but idk how they do it but “it” gets our attention… My holidays gift to myself will = Wii u + a couple of games

      • ninjabake

        In no way am I swayed by a company I just find that statement silly considering its very contradictory I wasn’t bashing the wii u either I am still excited for the console and it’s a day 1 purchase for me but to say “the same engine as the 360/PS3 version” right after he said “were delivering a next-gen experience for Nintendo gamers” just seemed like EA was trying nice-nasty a bit Idk its just my opinion on it.

        I wont be supporting EA’s products this Gen anyway unless Crysis comes to Wii U other than that the other franchises I’m interested in have taken a turn for the worse(IMO) such as dead space(went from survival horror to all-out shooter/bad movie game in the upcoming DS3) & Madden(need I say more? LOL)

        I’m a pretty knowledgeable consumer tho and don’t feed into the hype I look past it to see what the product actually has to offer and I wanna be clear here, Fifa looks pretty dope I just wont be buying it.

  • TurtlePowa

    The game is going to be good but my only worry is that EA would purposely make the game rushed..EA’s known for being money hungry, and so far they’ve bashed on the Wii U quite a bit :/ …

  • Maverick-Hunter

    EA you lost me as a customer all thanks to that online bs you tried to pull off and the watered down madden … EA sucks 😛

  • AKA-Link77

    The 2 screens made me call the system a:
    Nintendo Wii-DS XD

    • Jack

      why not Nintendo Wii Game & Watch?

  • ninjabake

    My comment wasn’t a slight at Nintendo people so there’s no need to thumb down in fanboy hatred I was simply saying that EA is misleading pol if they think PS3/360 are next Gen. The true next Gen is Wii U/PS4/720 (Ouya too if you wanna include them)

  • SuperShyGuy

    The multiple use of the word “casual” scares me.

    • ninjabake

      YES! He said it at least a dozen times lol

  • head in hands gamer 101,,,

    HE KEEPS REGARDING ADVANCED CONTROLS AS CASUAL!!… EA IM NOT BUYING YOUR GAMES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! idiot man ADVANCED ISN’T CASUAL ffs these retards will be the death of gaming….

    it pales against pes wii i can control all 11 players in real time in very advanced ways via a wii remote and nunchuck anything under that i dont consider next gen SORRY

    all im seeing EA is a hub on a screen pes went many times past that with wii but gimped the graphics to below gamecube standard

    i want amazing graphics and real next gen football gameplay not HAY IMWATCHING TV THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE GIMMICKS

    wii pes takes the act of playing football to another level not the OH IM WATCHING TV crap that sport gaming from EA is doing

    i want a great video game not a poor game that looks like tv WHY WOULD I WANT THAT

    and stop calling advanced CASUAL idiot northern bloke sounds like Lancashire accent

    • ConCity Soldier

      Your missing out! Fifa 13 Wii U is going to be sick!! It’s for both core & causual gamers!

  • Arsssersrxrxd

    is it also going to be like that on original wii

    • ConCity Soldier

      U actually think this real Fifa physics gameplay engine, better graphics, & gameplay will play like the Wii version hahaha. Good one!! The Gamepad adds elements to an already good game. Core gamers will love this game when it drops, the ones who get to play it anyways. I can see it already & I believe the Wii U version will be the best.

  • Arsssersrxrxd


  • Hi8us

    I don’t see the reason for this guy to continually use the word “casual” for these more ADVANCED upgrades to gameplay.

  • Hi8us

    Especially the penalty kick camera. This is one feature the 360 and ps3 won’t be able to replicate even with their smartglass and ps vita/ps3 combination.

  • Bravyoura

    I can see the point of displaying stats on the gamepad, fps free kicks sounds interesting too but whats the point of touch screen passes, touch complex moves would be great I always found that tough but simple moves whats the point.

  • Bravyoura

    Just watched the video he explains that everything can be done on the go which is all very clever but if your playing and you want to make a sub, check stats or precision shoot/pass you’d have to have one eye on the tv and one on the gamepad I couldn’t do it I hope theirs an option to play with the pro controller.

  • Daemonrunner

    Not a big soccer fan, but the FIFA games rock. Looks like a winner for fans!

  • Alienfish

    I will never take seriously anyone wearing a man city shirt, scumbags

    • trashz

      Finally, someone that notices that he was wearing a Man City jersey. I agree, Man City are scumbags. Man Utd. FTW!

    • I000000Shock)))))

      I wonder if this will be playable with 2 gamepads(splitscreen)… just saying it would be nice but if not it still is nice to see all this features

      • I000000Shock)))))

        *I know this wont be at launch since Iwata said at E3 no games will support 2 wii u game pads at launch… but down the line

  • I000000Shock)))))

    Can’t wait to see how this game works out… and others too


    so according to this EA idiot when i control 10 more players in real time than ps3 or x360 im CASUAL !!!!!!!!!!!! what – the -f**K

    when i play PES Wii im controlling 11 guys not 1 so whos casual LOL at ps3 fanboys and x360 fanboys and this retarded industry

    wii pes is core football STOP WITH THE LIES SERIOUSLY

  • iqsamaniego

    it looks awesome! good graphics, it looks kinda real, and the gameplay is interesting, can’t hardly wait, let’s se if PES is sorta like that

  • Adam

    This is the #1 game on the Wii U that I am looking forward to!!