Aug 8th, 2012

EA Sports is bringing Madden NFL 13 and FIFA 13 to the Wii U this Fall. While Madden 13 won’t feature some of the new technology found in other versions, this won’t be the case with FIFA. According to producer Matt Proir, the FIFA 13 Wii U version will be the best looking one. Prior gives two examples of how the game will look better on the Wii U: crowds will have double the resolution compared to the PS3 and Xbox 360. On top of that, the pitch (i.e. field) will have much higher resolution textures with greater quality. He mentioned that just like the Madden team, the developers had limited time and resources this time around, and they wanted to see where they could “get the biggest bang for the buck”, and that turned out to be the crowd and the pitch — something players are looking at more than anything else on the screen.

Wii U gamepadThis is exactly what we heard from EA last month, where developers promised that the FIFA 13 Wii U edition will have “key graphical improvements“. FIFA 13, alongside other EA games such as Madden 13 and Mass Effect 3, will be a Wii U launch title when the console is released later this Fall, most likely in November.

Via Nintendo World Report

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  • SuperShyGuy

    See it’s not all gloom coming from EA.

    • zam

      the online better work on this but of course it will because nintendo has already given us connection whoo!

    • zam

      the online better work on this but of course it will because nintendo has already given us connection whoo!

  • No Ryu Shippuden

    yes!!!! i love FIFA!!!!

    • Macarony64

      i love internatinal super start soccer 64 (isss 64) but this will have to do.that was the last soccer (is realy football) but i havent pick a game since the 1 mentioned

  • 3dsguy

    nice 1 ea

  • Nintendonoob

    The good thing with the Wii U is it will have all these good games for the gamers and it will satisfy hardcore gamers who care alot bout graphics.

    • Kirbo99

      Don’t confuse hardcore gamers for graphic whores.

      • Owen

        dont pretend like those two, for better or worse, arent synonymous currently. Even the game companies use it as a blanket term for graphics over gameplay snobs.

      • iHATEpachter

        + 10

      • Macarony64

        i dont mind my game looking preety in fact i prefered

  • safcalibur

    ‘Something players are looking at more than anything else on the screen’……Erm what about the actual player models themselves!!! Could have invested some time upping the player textures or polys EA but nooo what do we get…. better grass….Awesome. I can beat my Xbox and PS3 owning friends over the head with that!

  • Alienfish

    I should think that some graphical improvements were a given, otherwise I might as well just buy the 360 version, well done EA *sarcastic claps* the brand new, supposed next gen console has better graphics than ancient tech.

    • loko34

      wii-U is low..
      wii-U is economic console.
      wii-U is baby console.
      fifa 13 wii-U is fifa12-1/2

  • TheBoldman67

    I couldn’t care less about FIFA, but at least this proves Wii U has better stuff than it’s competitors.

  • Alienfish

    If they want more realism they should have the man city stadium start to empty out before the match is done lol

    • Neonridr

      didn’t Manchester City win the league this past year?

      • Eddy120876

        Neoridr sssssh don’t tell that poor chap that, his suffering from MAnUnitie is a diseases that blinds you and makes you deaf when you city rivals steal the cup right under their noses. LOL….oh and GO GUNNERS!!!!

  • KuMo

    I’m glad everything is going to be intact with the Wii U version with upgraded visuals as it should be. I’m sure next years will have better improvements in that department since they still fiddling with it.

  • G6

    So is the producer’s name Matt Proir or Matt Prior?

  • PK Thunder

    Great now all i need is Need for Speed.

    • Kirbo99


    • gearchin

      imo, the game looks more like burnout, than an actual need for speed.

      • Pokemon Master#1

        The new Need for Speed Most Wanted does look like Burnout. I hope you can customize your car like in the original.

        • Macarony64

          hope it have crash mode

  • bob

    il await PES wii U at least they embraced the wii remote and nunchuck last gen and will do new things with wiiu

    to this day i still feel pes wii is the best use of a wii remote by a 3rd party to this day and COD most haven’t got a clue….

    slightly enhancing the pitch and crowd EA seriously just go away

    • Kirbo99

      Yep. CoD was definitely good with controls on the Wii.

  • Eddy120876

    Im saw the conference and I like what I saw from EA specially the ability to pass using the touch screen. More precise curls and sweeps of the ball compare to action presses that might not get the price angle or speed. Also the ability to change formation,substitutions,change of play without having to pause the game. This is going to be huge with all the Sports game(can’t wait to see the NFL,MLB,NHL,NBA and Olympic games)

  • Dmonkeyman

    They should of Worked on increasing the player models First than try to work on increasing the crowd and or field

  • Hi8us

    This only says one thing. The team at EA, that did fifa, were able to work with the Wii U hardware and get fifa not only looking better but playing better while the team that did madden couldn’t get the infinity engine to work on it. EA wouldn’t put more money or time into it and the team was forced work with the older engine that ran madden 12. Don’t thank EA if fifa is good, thank the gifted developers that put time into it.