Nov 25th, 2013


A few months ago we told you about Festival of Magic, a brand new turn-based Japanese-inspired RPG from the developers at Snowcastle Games. The above trailer is from the Kickstarter introduces you to the main characters of the game as well as some of the environments, including the farming mechanic that makes the game so unique. Currently the team is looking to gather $250k in funding from Kickstarter, though it says that amount is not enough to complete the game.

We have currently spent over $1M and will need a little short of $900k to complete the game. $250k we hope to get from all of you through Kickstarter, another $50k will come from the Norwegian Film Fund provided the Kickstarter is successful. Finally, the remaining $600k will have to come from stretch goals, pre-orders on Steam and finally, if we have to, from investors.

The farming aspect of the game is unique in that you can use it to enhance your gameplay with new features such as potion brewing and weapon upgrades, while growing new things takes care of your companions called barnacles.


These barnacles and the items that you produce on your farm are key to your surival in the game, as their products are ammunition and consumables you’ll be using in combat. Above you can see a few of the different types of barnacles in the game. The game is planned for several platforms including the Wii U, so if you want to see an original Japanese-inspired RPG on the Wii U, consider backing the project today. Currently the team has raised $25k of the $250k goal, with 26 days to go.

We’ll have more on Festival of Magic in the coming days, so stay tuned!

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  • Elitepwnsface

    rip headphone users or sound system users

  • Elitepwnsface

    Looks really good. The wii u needs an a RPG.

    • Magnus Eriksson

      Selvsagt ser det bra ut. Spillet er jo norsk for faen! Ekte kvalitet. 🙂

      • Adam

        Det synes bra. Jeg ønsker at man kan spiler det på norsk!

        • BendikStang

          Det kommer på norsk. 🙂

          • Adam

            Yay, Jeg er ikke norsk, men jeg liker dette språk 🙂 ønsker at det kommer på norsk for den Wii U

      • henriko500

        serr. vi må få spillet til wii u. NORGE!!

      • iamkjelle

        Fan vad gött Norge, ser riktigt schysst ut!

        • Magnus Eriksson

          Görgött till och med;)

  • The Clockwork Being

    This looks pretty promising,. Well I might back this out. Anyone have any info on the 3D plateformer a Hat in Time. That Indie game reached above their primary and secondary goal by alot and the creator had good news for Wii U owners but I haven’t heard anything since.

    • Simon Stevens

      That game looks so good 😀 I remember back when I first saw it and it really sort of reminded me of the town from paper mario a thousand year door, really hoping it’s a game that plucks my heart strings

  • Tim van Broekhoven

    Will this be an E-shop title?

    • juancamiloarq

      Well, you got me thinking on that. But yeah, I don’t think this is making it to retail since the Wii U version is just 20 bucks on Kickstarter.

  • Simon Stevens

    The battle music sold me, I’ma go back it up 😀

    • juancamiloarq

      Hadn’t noticed it but the battle theme has got a lot of inspiration from FFIX’s battle theme. Check it out!

      • Simon Stevens

        it does sound very familiar 😀 best Final Fantasy this btw

        • juancamiloarq

          Yeah, that’s the one I like the most, and clearly, is was the last good FF. Every Final Fantasy since X has been very disapointing, IMO.

          • Simon Stevens

            Final Fantasy X was the last Final Fantasy with Squaresoft on the box, that’s probably why, it’s confusing to me as they never do a bad Dragon Quest games, I think Enix took it out of a very nice jrpg old time era and went sci f channel on the series

          • juancamiloarq

            I had never thought about it in that way. But now that you mention it, as I recall, it all went wrong since Squaresoft fused with Enix. Hmmm… Makes me wonder.

  • Zeal of Antiquity

    Might want to link the kickstarter

    • Ah thanks for catching that. I had the link copied and forgot to link it. 🙂

      • Zeal of Antiquity

        No probsies

  • harelsen

    this game is made by an allround norwegian team 😛

  • Cheroth

    Oh oh my………this looks great, time to spread the word on Miiverse. 🙂

    • Guest

      Together we can make this happen through Miiverse

  • juancamiloarq

    Backed already! Wow, now I’ve backed a bunch of games on Kickstarter, and they are all coming to Wii U!! Yeepeee! 😀

  • Adam

    I’m backing. I put $20 down to get my free wii U copy. 🙂

  • Madmagican

    Ooo, I’ve been itching for a good ol’ RPG on Wii U
    3DS has been supplied with games like Etrian Odyssey, SMT4, and Pokemon X&Y but I really just want something old school on my TV and this looks pretty good to fit it

    • Simon Stevens

      Persona Q announced too for 3ds^^

      • The Clockwork Being

        The PS fanboys over at IGN are pretty mad about it.

        • Simon Stevens

          To be fair, the Vita had Persona 4 golden, the ps3 gets Persona 5, them Ponys have had enough Atlus goodness ^^ I wonder if IGN made a big deal about it, their articles seem to spar most of these fan boys on and pit em against eachother, really not a fan of Gregg in particular, talks down about consoles and games like his opinion is the be all and end all.

          • The Clockwork Being

            Im sure they do it purpose. Look at the level of bias on there. Gregg(Sony fanboy) did an interview with the CEO of Sony And he asked him what he thought about the Wii U. Before the CEO could even answer he started laying out a few of the problems the Wii U had but are now resolved, hoping that Kizai would jump in on that and say the Wii U sucks. But Kizai said that Sony needed Nintendo to survive in the gaming industry. He even stated he has 2 Wii U. Of course that is blasphemy for Gregg so it wasn’t even posted in the Nintendo section. If the CEO has said the Wii U sucked then it would have been everywhere on IGN.

          • Simon Stevens

            I saw that interview, he made himself look like an ignorant ass infront of the big man of Sony lol, then he tried to do a complete uturn when he mentioned playing Wii U with his daughters, he has always had my respect but he took it to a new level on that video, he is a prime example of how somebody privileged enough to be in the gaming industry should act, humble, respectful and dignified.

            Back to IGN, the level of bias is through the roof, just a bunch of jumped up snobby nobody’s looking down their nose at games just because it doesn’t appeal to them or it isn’t on their platform of choice, Reggie says MEH and it’s everywhere, EA talk smack about the Wii U hardware and go as far as to degrade the performance of possibly the most decorated developer the industry has ever seen, comparable only to somebody of Walt Disney’s stature and again it’s everywhere, they hop on the fanboy band wagon.

            IGN are a disgrace and a clear image of what is wrong with the gaming industry, they are supposed to teach people the values of gaming and how it should be appreciated and respected regardless of what kind of games you like, they have failed at that, shame on them.

      • Madmagican

        …in Japan

  • discuss

    Seems extremely boring.

  • majora :D

    Those lil fellas remind me of Golden Sun’s djinni

  • Ryushi

    Ooh! I love turn-based RPGs, count me in!

  • Justagamer

    I’ll pass on this because im not a fan of turn based games but hope this comes to wii u for those who do

  • Dell Goodman

    Thanks the article Ashley, I tried to post this on the iPad but had issues logging in.
    I’ve backed the kick starter instantly with 20 bucks, the Wii U needs more RPGs. I’ve backed on 3 other gamed for the Wii U, can’t wait for them to release.
    Soul Saga, Road Redemption (both beat their budgets) and Paradise Lost (still on the kick starter program).

  • Kameron Grayson

    I am very excited!