Dec 11th, 2013


The Kickstarter campaign for Festival of Magic, a JRPG that tightly combines combat, farming, and character progression, has been temporarily canceled. Snowcastle Games explained on their Kickstarter page why the project has been put on hold.

With a PS4 Launch, an Xbox One Launch, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Christmas Shopping, we launched the KS at a really bad time and given the time constraint we had we did not get to prepare the campaign as well as we wanted to.

The pros for cancelling now outweigh the cons in our eyes. We have recently acquired a small financial injection which will keep us going until the relaunch in February. We want to use the time in between now and the relaunch to continue with development, as well as to prepare for the new kickstarter campaign.

Snowcastle Games will revamp their reward and update structure, all while continuing development of the game for the next two months. Backers may keep their current reward tiers, but anyone wanting to provide funding for the game will have to wait until the Kickstarter relaunch on February 20, 2014. It’s unfortunate to hear this about Festival of Magic, as the game was shaping up to be a compelling Japanese-inspired RPG.

Do you plan on backing Festival of Magic when it relaunches? If you previously backed it, are you keeping your current reward tier? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Jon

    I really hope this makes it through, I really want a turn based RPG to come to the Wii U.

    • It’d give the system a chance to really shine graphically

      • Jon

        Not just graphically, what bugs me is people claim RPGs don’t do well on Nintendo system yet most RPGs I see that do make it on the system, do quite well but developers still hesitate to put them on.

        • Madmagican

          I’ve always found that strange since all the great RPGs used to come to Nintendo’s consoles exclusively and even now the big JRPGs are typically Wii U or 3DS bound
          Although I do see your point in regards to Western RPGS (personally I prefer JRPGs since that’s what I grew up with)

          • Jon

            Well the biggest one was Final Fantasy but that was lost when Nintendo didn’t go to using CDs. instead Square took it to Sony which was a sad day 🙁

            maybe one day it’ll come back….though Final Fantasy has been going downhill…..

          • Madmagican

            Yeah, but we get all of Atlus’s titles except for the Persona games and we have Pokemon and I guess Nintendo still owns the Mother series technically…

          • Jon

            in the handheld market maybe… but the Home Console market could do better

          • Madmagican

            Agreed, I’m dying for some solid RPGs on consoles

    • Rich Garriques

      i absolutely love j rpgs and i hope this game sees the light so i can play it one day! GOOD LUCK SNOWCASTLE GAMES!!!.

      • harelsen

        even though it’s made by Norwegians? 😛

    • Cyberus

      What about Fire Emblem X Shin Megami Tensei

      • Jon

        I though those were more Strategy based than RPG based… maybe I’ll do some reading up on it.

    • PaulyG

      Wii U can stick to Mario lmao

      • Jon

        and yet… it doesn’t.. what a fail troll you are.

  • Simon Stevens

    Wow….. I guess beggers can be choosers, I hope this game makes it, it looks great but c’mon now developers, don’t mess the backers around.

  • Deadpool U

    Can you really call it cancelling? I mean it’s more or less put on hold.

    • Derek Anderson

      The relaunch will feature different rewards, financial goals, and update structure that will be different from it’s original inception. The game project isn’t cancelled, just the current Kickstarter campaign.

  • RyuNoHadouken


    • Jon

      Is this a company you are trying to start?

    • Germany

      why do you have the idea that Indie games are just shovelware?

      • RyuNoHadouken

        95% of them are

  • Germany

    Germany wants this game!

  • Entropyguy

    It looks really interesting. I’ve never backed a KS before, but I’m kind of tempted to back this one.

  • Random12multi

    I’m I the only one tired of Kickstarters? It seems to be happening more and more often

    • Jon

      it is an easy way to get money to develop a game without needing initial funds to get started and then they usually offer rewards to those who donate such as the game when it is done or such.

      • Random12multi

        I get that but it feels like there is an over saturation of people going to kick starter

        • Jon

          probably because people want to make games and don’t want to invest their own funds into it and then profit…. yeah, it is pretty greedy when you think about it. lol

          • Random12multi

            My point EXACTLY. Some of theese people have made big AAA games on Kick Starter.. I don’t get how they can’t insert some of there own funds.

  • Einar

    Someone seriously downvoted every single comment on this article…….