Jan 29th, 2014

Late last year the team at SnowCastle games launched their Festival of Magic Kickstarter in an attempt to raise more funds for the turn-based RPG. The first Kickstarter didn’t do as well as the team hoped due to launching a week before Thanksgiving, so they decided to cancel it and wait until the holidays were over in order relaunch the Kickstarter.

The new Kickstarter will go live on February 20, so if you’re looking forward to backing the game you have just under another month to wait. We’ve been in touch with the developers to provide an exclusive look at Wii U features for the game, so stay tuned.

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  • Shy Guy

    This looks very promising, can’t wait. πŸ™‚

  • Wayne Beck

    Good Luck to them. I really want this Kickstarter to Succeed,.

  • Aliaric Seido

    Western Rune Factory?

  • John Stevens

    Seems pretty cool. I’m a big fan of Strategy/RPGs and this seems to be influenced by some of my favorites.

  • RichM

    I think I might support this in that I love turn-based RPGs and it’s only coming to the Wii U and PCs.

  • ~OMEGA~

    :/ do they have a mailing address where i can send cash?

  • Entropyguy

    Hm. I might actually contribute to this, and I never back kickstarters. But I’d really like this game to exist.

  • RyuNoHadouken

    bring out the shovels

  • TULFich

    The Wii U needs an MMORPG!! Lots of wonders could be done on the platform for the genre.

    • Shy Guy

      Oh for sure, the gamepad’s touchscreen almost seems made for the sort of controls you see in a game like World of Warcraft or Rift (assuming you use the on screen icons and not keyboard shortcuts).

      • TULFich

        Can you imagine Macros made by one simple touch or one touch button config like the windwaker HD? man it would be a millionaire idea

      • TULFich

        Remember when I said MMORPG? well monster hunter frontier G is coming this year for ps3 and Wii U, so damn excited πŸ˜€ (is not the MMO I expected, but still looks great)

        • Shy Guy

          Having played a bunch of PC based MMOs and feeling like the genre has become a bit stale lately I think I’ll be watching this new Monster Hunter closely.

    • Kyle

      too bad they couldnt even handle pokemon bank πŸ™

      • Booboabao

        I saw it happen to the PS and Xbox networks in the past(network congestion and structure issues). To be expected and easily remedied.

  • juancamiloarq

    I backed this project when it was launched on Kickstarter a few month back. I guess the timing wasn’t right for it, but I wasn’t hoping they would relaunch it this soon… God, I’m already backing to many projects. What am I gonna do at this pace?

  • Daniel

    Only pokemon can pull off these sorta of “wait, then attack” games.. This looks dreadfully boring.

    • Tim van Broekhoven

      You mean turnbased games? Lol

  • nf_zeta

    FINALLY, its really wierd that going back actually seems like going forward for RPGs, things like stat altering mechanics (other than the obvious armor and weapons), iteration between different spells and attacks, the home base idea as shown in some BOF to help to feeling of progress.

    All of these things are missing in most current day RPGs in favor of high graphic 1st or 3rd person plain gameplay games.

  • Dell Goodman

    I instantly backed this when it first came onto KickStarter, and I will instantly back it when it re-releases it’s Kickstart project. I can’t wait for a turn based RPG to come to the Wii U!

  • Dell Goodman
  • Kenshin0011

    Nintendo DS games announced for Wii U

    Mario Kart 8 to release in May

    Iwata admits Gamepad is Wii U’s current weakness

    On demand service to come across Nintendo devices and be linked to your Nintendo Network ID

    Nintendo to license it’s first party franchises to other devs to make games (on Nintendo hardware)

  • YayGs

    Off topic, but I hope everyone get’s a chance to take a look at this: http://www.nintendo.co.jp/ir/en/library/events/140130/index.html

    • GmailIsDown

      so they are looking to diversify into areas other than gaming.

      as for wii u, they want to focus on utilizing the gamepad more instead of doing aggressive price cuts.

      they will continue to push for unified account, which is good.

      they also talk about expanding to “new markets” (China being the notable one), and hint about selling their hardware and software at a much lower prices in those markets.

      not sure if i like where they are going but good luck.

  • Zuxs13

    Oh boy i hope Wii U daily gets on this stuff soon.
    DS on Wii U
    Quick Boot games
    Smartphone integration
    unified account system
    Mario Kart 8 release in May 2014!!
    and more…


    • Shota

      enough! people already posted it. wiiudaily is gonna put the news later today about the briefing.

      • Zuxs13

        Why is it “enough”? People on here have been crying about all the negative news, and here is some positive news, they should be excited to read it. Spread the word so others may enjoy.

        Typical, they will post it a day afterwards or more.

        • Shota

          i’m sorry if i sounded mean but 2 other people posted here. 3 was to much

  • Donaald

    I love the art-style, I think nintendo will use this art-style.