Sep 25th, 2013


Norweigan developer SnowCastle Games is working on one of my most anticipated titles for Wii U, though the game is scheduled for a Q4 2014 release date. In a recent interview, studio co-founder Bendik Stang has stated that he and his team are hoping to pursue a number of options that currently aren’t possible within the Nintendo eShop.

“At PAX Prime a few weeks ago, we met with Mr. Adelman again, and talked about our need for some extended eShop features. We would like a lot of stuff that the eShop currently does not support; like public beta testing and an in-game shop for the DLCs. He told me that they wanted to accommodate our needs, but it would take some time to get all the features in. So hopefully by the time we are ready with FoM, those features will be added to the eShop.

The idea of public beta for the game is an interesting one, as the developers are currently offering a sign up for beta for the PC/Mac/Linux versions of the game. Betas have been conducted before on Microsoft and Sony consoles, so seeing this included as a possibility for Wii U games in the future is a good one.

If you’re unfamiliar with Festival of Magic, it is an eastern-style RPG with decidedly Western-based art designs, which is something the Nordic studio wants to achieve. Players take on the role of Amon along with his side-kick Gnart and travel the land of Umbra discovering new things along the way. The game has an interesting aspect where you grow your ammo and catch and train your own monsters similar to Pokemon or Ni No Kuni. You can check out some of the early shots of the game below.

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  • Archiq09

    this game look good. 🙂

    • I’m super excited about it! It reminds me a lot of Ni No Kuni on PS3, which I loved.

  • Elitepwnsface

    So is this on the lines of a jrpg. If so hook me up.

  • Lil J Moore

    I like the look and feel of this game. WiiU needs more RPG’s

  • FoxMulder900

    This looks very promising. Any idea if it is supposed to be a lengthy full-fledged retail title, or a shorter adventure that is more common in the eShop? (I know those lines are blurring these days)

    • From my understanding it’s going to be pretty lengthy, but the developer would like to do episodic content, as well. I’m setting up an interview with them specifically so we know more, so if you have any questions you’d like to ask I’ll toss them in. This is one of them.

  • Madmagican

    Looks pretty nice but perhaps a little on the empty side right now

  • NextChannelGames

    What does the eshop need? Like more easy ways to look for games, DLC content?

  • Landesca

    Cute! I wish it was arriving sooner! But hopefully it’ll be worth the wait. I’m glad to see someone support the Wii U with this kind of content.

  • Mark

    The game is looking pretty good; not only does the gameplay look fabulous, the visuals are just stunning!

  • Mark

    This game is looking pretty good so far; the gameplay looks nice and visuals are clean.

  • ICHI

    I am looking forward to this game and hope they can twist Nintendos arm to offer the outlined features as currently (Zen pinball being the only example I can think of at the min) adding dlc is a little laborious and public beta can only help indie devs deliver the best possible game at actual launch

  • Michael Ocampo

    The whole beta test thing sounds awesome as it helps the developers make the game a whole lot better!