Dec 13th, 2015

Fast Racing Neo was recently released on the Wii U, giving gamers a much needed sci-fi racing game (because Nintendo refuses to give us a new F-Zero game). And so far reception has been great — the game is fun to play, and runs really well on the Wii U.

Eurogamer just did an analysis that confirms that Fast Racing Neo holds a steady 60 frames per second the vast majority of times, only dipping occasionally on a few of the tracks.

However, that 60 fps comes at a price: while the game is outputted at 720p, it’s actually rendered at 640p — that’s 640 x 720. According to Eurogamer, this results in a somewhat pixelated look, even at high speed with motion blur present.

There are also a lot of visual artifacts in the game, due to the low resolution. The video above shows some of those artifacts, they’re especially obvious if you are standing still in the game.

The conclusion to the technical analysis is that while the game has some visual issues due to low resolution, it still manages to look good, especially when in motion with the motion blur.

It’s also quite impressive that the game is just 590 MB, at at time when games can have patches that are several GBs in size.

Fast Racing Neo is now available on the Wii U eShop, and retails for 15 USD in the US, 15 Euro in Europe, and 11 GBP in the UK.

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