Jul 9th, 2015


Fast Racing Neo has been in development for a few years now, but as we get closer to release, developer Shin’en has been a bit more open to discussing various aspects of the game. In a recent interview with We Are Just Gamers, CEO Manfred Linzner sat down to discuss the upcoming game.

Perhaps the most interesting thing to arise out of the interview is that Shin’en doesn’t want to divide up the experience of playing the game by releasing DLC. When asked if any DLC was planned for the game, Linzner stated that his team wanted to release all of the content they’ve been working on in the past few years at launch, rather than piece it out similarly to what Nintendo has done for Mario Kart 8.

When asked if the team planned on branching out from the Wii U, Linzner confirmed that Fast Racing Neo would remain a Wii U only title, but that he’d love to see a fast racer on a handheld.

We currently have no plans to bring FRN to another system. However, I think a futuristic racer on a new handheld would be great.

No release date information or track information was shared in the interview, but given the E3 demo of the game and the fact that the developers have been more focused on promoting it, it’s likely we’ll see it available soon. Will you be picking it up once it’s available?

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