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Wii U GamePad fakeThere’s no shortage of fake video game consoles in China that look and feel like their real counterparts, but are very fake. The Wii U isn’t even out yet, and its iconic GamePad controller has already been copied by a Chinese company. With a dose of 3DS features thrown in, for good measures. The console, called JXD S5100, features a very GamePad “inspired” design, with a screen, circle pad, ABXY buttons, D-pad, and more. The console has a touchscreen with the same resolution as the Wii U GamePad, and is powered by Android and costs $110. It even appears to have a VGA camera as well. Or maybe it’s just a fake hole. On second thought, it probably is a fake hole.

Once the Wii U launches, there will most certainly be an onslaught of fake Wii U consoles coming out of China. Just take a look at these fine specimen they managed to create, based on the original Wii:

Fake Wii 1

Fake Wii 2

Fake Wii 3

Fake Wii 4

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  • Mikey

    Not really surprised, the Chinese are great at copying things but are bad with creative thinking, but you can’t really blame em when their government discourages creative thinking to protect their own power.

    • liberalagenda

      Racist much?

      • Christopher

        How is that being racist? Its true.

        China hardly gets any consoles that people in the USA, Japan and Europe that get their hands on. So China does what they do best and thats copying… even though 90% of the time it turns out to be a pile of crap.

      • Mac

        and how exactly is he being racist?

      • Yamiryuu

        That’s not racism, he’s just pointing out that their government discourages their own market. How you related that with racism I’ll never understand…

        • Joe

          He’s putting everyone in a category people find that racist, he literally just said they are bad with creative thinking and are great at copying things, doesn’t matter if it’s true or not, negative or otherwise it’s still racist. Let’s say Muslims feel the need to blow things up because their religion is being threatened. You see what I did there I put everyone in a group and used them to represent the entire group. Not all Chinese are copiers and there is creative thinking just not in the open……………..

          Also they have nuclear weapons……

      • liberalagenda

        Just because a group of people (no matter how big or small) are great at copying other people’s work, does not mean that an entire ethnic group is like that.

        Remember UCLA girl?

        Does this racist girl represent all whites? No, because one person’s actions does not implicate an entire race.

        Please practice cultural competency and humility. These people are just looking for a quick buck. It has little to do with creativity and more to do with the fact that R&D is expensive….thus it is just easier to copy.

        And the Chinese have been known for other creative things.
        Chinese Opera
        Free Ai Weiwei guerrilla art campaign

        You probably just haven’t done the research.

        And this creative argument came from an American of Chinese descent who happens to have a degree in the arts. So yes, I take offense when others say that the Chinese are great at copying ideas and bad at creative thinking.

        • Draco Breach

          Believing in ‘race’ is in fact racist as there is no ‘race’ among humanity.

          Speaking truth to power is not racist. It is saying that the GOVERNMENT is oppressive to its people. The act of social engineering has drained the spirit and creativity out of the people.

          The argument of ‘race’ is flawed to begin with. It relies on making people believe that melanin is a dividing factor, and it needs people to believe there are actual, real differences.

          Now. Get politics off of this board. Especially failed and failing lies.

          • liberalagenda

            You are technically right in a sense that there is only one human race. But if acknowledging race/ethnicity is racist, then technically the United States government is racist when using your logic.

            You would be a fool to ignore the entire social construct of race, especially when dealing certain groups within the US who face health disparities.

            And just to be clear, this isn’t a political debate. This is a debate about race/sociology.

            And I am not the one singling out a particular ethnic group. That honor goes to Mikey. I only mention the Chinese because others are using outdated canards to describe my ability to think creatively. I am merely standing up and saying no to those who make ignorant comments.

            “Lawyered” from HIMYM (I may be copying, but it is still a creative use ;P)

          • Draco Breach

            I did say the government is racist. I also said get politics off this board.

          • liberalagenda

            No you didn’t. You said that “GOVERNMENT is oppressive to its people” by censoring their citizen’s creative endeavors.

            Lol, you can’t even keep what you said straight in your own head. SMH. You should stop talking about politics because you just got LAWYERED! 😀

          • Draco Breach

            Read my comment. Read your comment. Do the math.

            Maybe I should have just said I’m surprised you can follow logic.

          • BluChuChu

            Sorry, that is incorrect. Race is defined as, “a classification system used to categorize humans into large and distinct populations or groups by heritable phenotypic characteristics, geographic ancestry, physical appearance, ethnicity, and social status.”

            Race is the system by which people have been grouped due to MAJOR observable differences such as heredity, genes and other physical characteristics.

            You can choose to believe what you want, but there are differences in people.

        • Opticize

          If the Chinese wanted a quick buck, why can’t they make their own stuff. They have no right to rip off others and deserve to be treated this way.

          • 007 1/2

            It is racist against communism. Communism sucks.

        • Norm

          He’s not saying that the Chinese race isn’t creative, he’s saying that the Chinese people (as in, the people living in China) are discouraged from being creative by their government in an attempt to keep power.

      • NintendoGamer

        You should learn the definition of racism, son. Mikey only said the truth. Their government it’s the reason why they keep making sub-standard bad rip-offs that kill the though of being creative in the Chinese society.

      • Peter

        Not racist at all, it is 100% true and is referring to the way the government there works. The whole point of china being in the world market is to make cheap copies of expensive products that western and european countries make. People love having china around. But what’s gonna happen if child slavery gets demolished there? Say goodbye to the chinese economy.

      • Ahchoo

        Trololololololol! Actually they pretty much banned creativity. It’s not racist, it’s a fact. A contributor is the fact that they are still communist. They are so outdated.

      • The Plague

        I didn’t see anything in that statement about race. He merely stated facts about an oppressively massive government that keeps it’s people under it’s thumb. Like in America nowadays, you can’t criticize it’s government without being called a racist. Chris Matthews, is that you?

    • Garic

      I agree this is over the line racist, and your talking politics on Nintendo site. Not cool dude.

      The thing that suprises me, how did your comment get past moderation.

      • Draco Breach

        How is it racist when it points out the fault is in the government – social engineering – and not the people? Isn’t claiming it’s a racist argument the same as admitting the Chinese are a different race which is in itself racist?

        Think about it people. The Chinese are humans, too. What does melanin have to do with this fabled race, anyway?

      • joshua

        Not racist when its the truth unfortunately. If I were to say white people are now a minority; is it racist? I’m only talking facts. But B.S. aside they’re right though. This site isn’t the time or the place to bring this topic up.

      • Lord Carlisle

        Speaking the truth of their government is not racist. But still, the political stuff doesn’t NEED to be on here, but this isn’t the first time I’ve seen politics brought onto this site.

      • Mikey

        I will concede that maybe I shouldn’t have brought up politics on this sight. Even though I think the whole topic of them copying stuff has everything to do with politics.

        • liberalagenda

          This is not about politics. This is about racism and suggesting that a certain ethnic group is not good at something (thinking creatively as you put it).

          You should apologize. I would appreciate it.

          • Mikey

            You would like that wouldn’t, you?

          • Mikey

            Despite what you so desperately believe, I was making a statement about the government. I’m sorry if you took my comment the wrong way and got offended, but that’s not my problem.

          • Mikey

            If you understood what I really said, you would know that this is a statement about communism in general and not just the Chinese people. The only reason the Chinese people were brought into this is because the article is about Chinese knockoffs. So for the last time, emphasis on last time because I am officially leaving this discussion and moving on to actual game related topics, I am not racist and will not apologize for what I said. Nor, will I allow myself to be offended by ridiculous accusations. Thank you to everybody who supported me, I’ll make sure not to bring up politics again.

          • liberalagenda

            I understand what you said, but you don’t understand the implications of what you are saying. You are putting down an entire race and say that they cannot do something simply because of their ethnicity or their surroundings. If you don’t understand that you have racist views, then you just don’t understand (and are closed minded).

            As I have said
            “And the Chinese have been known for other creative things.
            Chinese Opera
            Free Ai Weiwei guerrilla art campaign”

            These are all artistic endeavors that have sprung up under communism. Art blossoms everywhere no matter what anyone can do to suppress it.

            And I don’t buy your arguments about communism or a government limiting creative thought. The French monarchy at one point limited what could have produced. What did we get out of this “oppression” from the French government? French neoclassicism. Look it up.

            I am just going to flat you say it. You don’t know what you are talking about and you are racist.

            You should apologize.

          • liberalagenda

            Oh, and one more thing.


          • Mikey

            I lied, I’m not done. I didn’t say it was because of their race. It’s because of their government. Communism. and how many of those creative things existed before communism? chinese opera and gymnastics date way back. Ai WeiWei is special, he goes against the government. Communism can’t destroy old long lasting traditions. they can stop new ones. and you don’t have to be creative to do things that have existed for hundreds of years. as long as there are records on how to do things they can be done. so your argument is invalid.

            so again, I’m not racist and I refuse to aplogize.

          • Mikey

            you may not believe that communism inhibits creativity, but I have heard first hand accounts of people who lived in communist countries and it is true. so i say that YOU are close minded and refuse to see the truth about a flawed and evil government.

          • arp

            Yo buddy you are an idiot , quit your politics

          • 007 1/2

            Racist means talking about race. Mikey made a comment about the government of China. That is not racist.
            Now DROP THE SUBJECT!!

    • 007 1/2

      He is right.

    • Mikey

      Wow, you guys are pulling the racist card, really? How immature are you? I love the Chinese people. I wasn’t hating on them, I was saying that their government is corrupt.

    • Shankovich

      What, you mean the Chinese don’t copy things??? How about the fake Apple stores, McDonalds, KFC, pretty much anything American or Japanese, etc. How about the J-20 fighter jet that is suuuccchhh a rip off of the F-22, of which they had to take a shot down F-117 from Serbia during the Bosnian war to copy stealth characteristics.

      I think Mikey, when he says “the Chinese”, is not referring to the people, but the Communist government. And this is what Communists do; they discourage creativity and steal. I’m the first generation of my family not to be born into a communist country, so don’t say I’m just giving out crap.

      • Shankovich

        There’s nothing racist in there, it’s true. Hell, they even make counterfeit aircraft parts. China copies everything possible. But that doesn’t mean Chinese people do mind you, I’m making all references to the Government.

      • goginho

        Well actually, not all Communist governments discourage creativity. Former Yugoslavia’s communist government discouraged nationalistic thoughts in order to keep six nations of three (two major religions) together, therefore making it one of the most prosperous countries of its time and a great example of a country where different cultures live together, until the Western Powers destroyed that. Pretty ironic how during Ex-Yugoslavia’s time, there were no borders and passport controls amongst the Republics and throughout the rest of Europe there was, whereas today it’s the other way around, even though in most of the Yugoslav countries the same language is spoken, the same food is eaten…etc, and Europe forms the EU to abolish passport controls amongst their memebers.

        I see where you’re coming from though, unfortunately this is the bitter truth of many, if not, all of today’s communist states. But let’s not get too political on a Nintendo site xD ..if the Chinese copy products, and in this case the Wii U, let them copy ..Imma still get me the real deal LoL

    • LazerK

      Looks more like the bottom half of a 3DS to me…

  • AO1JMM

    “WiNi Sports”? Sounds like Weeny

    Damn Chinese always making knock offs.

  • Braulio500

    Don’t forget about the Nintendo Nii…
    Well, at least it supports Super Nintendo games… =I

    ¿Hay alguien que hable español por aquí?
    Siendo así, los chicos de La Guarida Secreta (Discovery Kids) usan un MiWi.
    En un episodio se puede ver como utilizan el control con el accesorio de la raqueta de tennis insertado =C

    • Ricardo

      Hola, la verdad no veo discovery kids pero voy a estar pendiente de ese programa que dices a ver si me lo pillo…

    • Carlos Hugo

      EN serio? no lo había notado, que curioso jeje.

      • Haza

        Si? lo tengo que ver. No me había dado cuenta :/

    • alex

      Si yo hablo español de donde eres? yo soy fe puerto rico pero vivo en virginia y estoy loco porque dalga ya el wii u

      • Braulio500

        Soy de México, lo cual significa algunas cosas:
        1) Soy mexicano.
        2) Los niños de la Guarida Secreta tal vez no sean los mismos que en sus países (si es que difieren) y por ende posiblemente no aparezca el MiWi (aunque lo dudo, de seguro sí sale).
        Estoy 99% seguro de que sale en el episodio en que los chicos hacen una página de Internet, al principio del capítulo.
        3) ¡Yo también me muero de ganas por tener un Wii U en mis manos! =D

  • Non-Specific ActionFigure


  • Adam

    WiNi is a Winnie

  • Mida

    This was known for quite some time actually. It just wasn’t well known

    • Matthewmc685

      Same hear, its not a very powerful Android device and was just made for emulating old games such as the first Smash Bros. I don’t know why Wii U Daily is makeing such a big deal out of it when they said “there will most certainly be an onslaught of fake Wii U consoles” not that this is a bad site because the main Wii U news is awesome like the Wii U.

  • Lord Carlisle

    Are these idiots serious?! Who would buy that fake crap?! Man, I’d make it illegal to pull all of those fakes. None of those copies shown even TRIED to make themselves look like non-copies.

    • Draco Breach

      I run across fake iPhones and iPads all the time. This is a conversation I seriously had.

      Person X: “Hey! Look at my iPhone! Only cost me eighty bucks without a contract!”
      Me: *bored* “No it’s not.”
      Person X: “Of course it is. See.”
      Me: “It’s a fake.”
      Person X: “No it isn’t. It looks just like one. It even has the Apple logo.”
      Me: “Let me see it.”
      Person X: “Told ya. Here, you’ll see.”
      Me: *pointing out the flaws* “It has the wrong connector port. It feels cheep, made of plastic. The headphone jack is the wrong size. It’s not as finished. The screen resolution is awful, and the glass is poorly treated.”
      Person X: “But you can’t really tell.”
      Me: “Yes. You can.”

      People will buy knockoffs just to say they have something…that they don’t actually have. They are a lot less expensive, usually to the order of one-sixth the cost.

      • fedster

        is that how beezid scams people?

        • Draco Breach

          Sorry, dun know.

          I do know that a surprisingly large number of those people actually know they are buying a knockoff.

          I’ve played with a lot of these knockoffs. They are… What’s a nice way to put this? …overpriced?

      • Ahmed360

        Hahahaha, true true, I had something similar! XD

    • Lord Carlisle

      Seriously had that conversation, eh? …Wow. People are just weird.

      • Draco Breach

        Sadly, more often than I care to admit.

  • lick1nob

    Looks more like if someone took a 3ds and ripped it in half..

    • ck1x

      that’s exactly what I was thinking as well! Definitely resembles the 3ds more-so than the WiiU gamepad…

  • Bacon

    the wii u one looks like a 3ds bottom and a wii u gamepad mixed up together lol

  • Shankovich

    So shameless, but who could be surprised? These copies are so sad Nintendo probably doesn’t even care about legal action

  • TurtlePowa

    I wouldn’t hate on the Jxd thing…I mean it’s nothing you would expect it is…It’s actually quite the interesting device besides its few flaws…for that model I’m guessing no shoulder buttons but I’m not going to lie they’re pretty interesting…(the portable one) If they would make their own designs I don’t see a problem to complain…They also make fake looking psp’s and stuff . They’re just android based devices that are used to emulate old games. But it’s obviously full of crap quality wise and use these designs to gain attention…Which is stupid but meh who cares they wont sell like the actual devices…or get even 1/6000 of what nintendo is selling.

  • Mac

    well china is just mad that japan can make anything they set their mind to and they cant. maybe if they went democratic, then their creative thinking can finally be released. im sure the chinese have great ideas of their own but since they are communist they aren;’t allowed to express themselves -_-

    • jcb411abuser

      you mean “capitalist”

    • Mikey

      Someone who understands! I said the same thing but was called racist by two different people.

  • test

    even the names… wow that is just sad

  • AKA-Link77

    I see lots of these at Sawp Meets! Theres so much fake stuff–some of them make me LOL myself.

  • Isaac_Triplex


  • SuperShyGuy

    Bentendo Qwee U!! 😀 – I wonder how many will get the reference 🙂

    • Mac

      i get it but i thought it was Bentendo OwEe on there

  • AKA-Link77

    Looks like they cut the TOP off of a DSi moved the dpad down for the circle pad, left the Start, Select & ABXY buttons as the DSi looks, they put the 3 light indicators from DSi below the D-Pad, the camera on top of the CP and put the 3DS power button below the Select button. Then they slapped a touch screen like the WiiU.
    -__- Wow . . . I couldve done that myself.

  • Carlos Hugo

    Soooo…. is a Ipad with a Gamepad design? What exactly that thing can do?

    • TheBoldman67

      Stunning 480p – 😛

  • leo

    copy from the best.

  • gPadWatcher

    When will the Chinese ever learn? They need to stop mimicking Nintendo before Iwata opens up a 48 oz. can of won-ton whoop-a**!!!!!!!!

    • LyingTuna

      That wouldn’t do much given chinas population…

  • Lew3107

    I guess that just means that Nintendo have made an excellent product worth copying! Not that a Chinese knock-off is anything prestigious, but still!

    • NoPUNintendo

      We’ve seen Nintendo like products made by other companies, even in Japan and in USA. Looking at you, Sony, Microsoft. Kinect, PSmove.

  • Herterdert

    Old news is old.

  • wii u fan

    China really knows how to copy thing.

  • ChaoSHer0

    It even appears to have a VGA camera as well. Or maybe it’s just a fake hole. On second thought, it probably is a fake hole.< lol i laughed so hard.

  • Melk

    “Chinese copycats already have a Wii U GamePad rip off”

    Sony is chinese…?

    • Superobed

      Are you f**cking retarded or something sony is a japanese company i’m not asian and it still bothers me when people mistake the japanese and the chinese. Japan is a high tech country where people have ORIGINAL ideas unlike communist china where they are jealous of the japanese because the japanese are too smart. That is why they make these ridiculous knockoff products. If you still don’t believe me look it up. Sony is japanese

      • NoPUNintendo

        notsureiftroll.. He meant how Sony copys Nintendo.

      • Melk

        Yes, sir, I’m retarded. I’m so retarded I made a comment you can’t even understand…

        • Norm

          DOUBLE BUUURN!!!!

      • Norm


  • Maverick-Hunter

    I’m still waiting for the Sony and Microsoft version lol

  • chowflap

    Shoot and people called wiiu pro controller a río off

  • SteampunkJedi

    I think I saw one of those fake Wii controllers at a store once. I didn’t give it much thought, it just looked weird. Now I realize it was probably one of those.

  • Nintend☆Fan

    wow didn’t know this crap was legal lol! might as well slap a pear sticker over the back of an iphone and call it a Pearphone 😛

    • LyingTuna

      Nick reference?

    • Your Mom

      They did on iCarly not that I watch that

  • Nintendude789

    Thats even worse than the Smart Glass! XD-p

  • Christian

    WiNi, Wee, Vii. Dang those rip-offs.

  • ³²¹Aaron¹²³

    I was lookin at this article from my 3ds browser but to me it looks more like half of a 3ds with 2 small buttons above the power…

  • Your Mom

    One word for the fakes is all I have here it is: DUMB. And I have one word for the actual wii u: AWESOME. And finally I have two words for Nintendo: THE BOSS.
    And in extra I have a few words for this site: Thank you for all the information and the fact it brings the amazing info everyday (hence the name Wii U daily).

  • Enigmatic

    Oh China. Why doesn’t this surprise me?

  • 7Down

    I noticed that some blood dropped on my computer desk, now I’m afraid to look at the mirror, I think that my eyes are bleeding…

  • Ekayode7

    There some thing wrong with this report, the fake Wii u game pad


    but it can be used to play old video games with lag eg Mario 64
    and i promise u taking pictures with it is even worse

  • lobo

    10-10 for quick marketing though

  • tom

    Why do they make them when consoles are illegal in china?

  • Christopher

    Oh Boy. I can’t wait to get the Vii U!!

  • Baconator

    “Well, they’re China’s problem now” -Chief Wiggum; The Simpsons.

  • The Beeshnu

    Why can’t they get sued for this

  • maybe your mother

    I like that word “copycat”

  • Nintendo

    as you can see on the first picture, you can see they copied almost everything from the Nintendo DSI. The lights on the left corner at the bottom ARE exactly the same on the Nintendo DSI

  • Nintendo

    as you can see on the first picture, you can see they copied almost everything from the Nintendo DSI. The lights on the left corner at the bottom ARE exactly the same on the Nintendo DSI

  • Superobed

    Stupid chinese copycats oh well. i guess they can use their crappy gay knockoffs while we play our quality original consoles that have great original games

  • harley dawber

    all i can say is “ashens review of the chintendo vii ripoff review………”

  • Goggy

    It looks like a Gamepad, but the similarity ends there. I have one of these, Well sort of. I’ve got the JXD s5110 ( basically the psp rip off version plus it has the shoulder buttons.).

    Have to say it’s a pretty cool bit of kit.

    It runs android, so that means Megadrive, GBA, snes, MAME, NeoGeo, all available on it.

    Happily been playing Metal Slug, Chrono Trigger, Samurai Showdown, Ghouls n’ Ghosts and all the other retro classics.

    Haveabout 3000 games on it atm. If you want a handheld retro gaming console, look no further, its quite awesome.

    • 16-bit

      Emulation is bad.

  • Giggity Giggity Goo

    i bet the wini is more powerful then the ps3 and xbox 360……..wii u FTW!!!!

  • snes snes ahhsnessooo!


  • Quad

    i wonder if the Chinese tried to rip off the virtual boy imagine what that would be like.

  • Colton

    Runs on Android you say?

    … I’m actually tempted to buy it to see if it’s any good. I can see an Android-powered console like that being pretty decent.

    • TurtlePowa

      Yeah I read once that something called the yinlips was on spar with the Vita and just plays old shit through android and that caught my attention lol. the whole thing about portable emulators kind of started on the psp so that’s why these things were made…to just be a hacked psp that does it better on android…

      • Colton

        The issue here is that I doubt they’re getting good game support.

        The… what’s it callled.. Oovoo? Ouya, that’s what it’s called. I think the Ouya is a great idea, and it’s an Android console. The open-source format allows for a lot of change, and Android is great for that.

        The thing is, unless developers start designing full-fledged games for Android OS too, it’s pointless. Know what I mean?

        • TurtlePowa

          Yeah I suppose it’s pointless but not pointless then again…Since android is mostly used for emulation which is illegal and I’m sure people don’t want to work with it for that reason. But then again Android devices are by far the cheapest of the other devices…Like the apple products are full of crap (Opinion) and yeah…

    • Norm

      Ouya. That is all.

  • person

    Hey, where’s the Vii?

  • Dalton

    this happened to apple products, in an arcade you could win an ipad mock called the tokio tab and the macbook air mock was called the notebook wind

  • GirlGamer

    HaHa such CopyCats. And it doesn’t surprise me at all. What I think about China And Chinese people isn’t that much different from what other people think.
    So guys this is what I think

    China Beautiful and gorgeous. And chinease people are also beautiful and gorgeous like there country BUT have a bad habit of copying famous Companies like Nintendo And Apple. Check this out guys, Some people from China even made an ipad copy. They named it Iped.


  • ncv144

    3dsXL cut in half, seems legit. also, Wintendo Nii

  • Awesomerguy

    They are ripping off their own kind that is sick they could have made it work, couldn’t they? I’m not being racist cause the majority of Chinese people are nice but those people are bastards cause they are black (not really black people are epic) I mean I know china and Japan are rivals and all, but copying is just not nice I mean the wini? Pile of dog crap they should have ORIGINAL ideas and put some effort so it would actually work

  • Butt

    WiNi seems legit




    i hope they take this down

  • Mannyjt17


  • LibertyZero

    Rumor has it the only game it supports is Putt Putt Visits the Zoo.

  • Nintendogamerguy9

    Meh bet it will suck

  • Christopher

    Looks like they tired to rip-off the Wii U gamepad AND the lower screen of the 3DS

  • The_fuzz_buzz

    Don’t pay ANY of your time to “liberalagenda”, he/she are just a sad lib trying to pick a fight.

    Btw, yeah, it’s NOT right that they copie such great things, you know what it’s called??? A RIP-OFF!!!! A SCAM!!!!! DIS-HONEST!!!!!

    How bout that for some truth slapped in your face??? Feels good doesn’t it….

  • LyingTuna

    Hehehehe… Chintendo Vii is the most popular wii knockoff… What does Nintendo call their tv service? Nintendo TVii… Can’t be a coincidence.