May 17th, 2012

Peter Molyneux Wii U
According to Fable creator Peter Molyneux, the Wii U is “slightly lackluster”. Molyneux, in an email exchange with gaming site Kotaku, said “Nintendo’s slightly lack lustre Wii U is going to have to blow us away with better specs and great 1st party line up.” Molyneux has been working on the Xbox 360 franchise Fable over the past few years, and his previous studio, Lionhead, is owned by Microsoft. Molyneux was never expected to create a Wii U game, he’s not a Nintendo developer per se, and his words are more an estimate than his own opinion — we doubt Molyneux and his current studio have access to any Wii U dev kits or hardware. It’s also interesting that such a comment would come from Molyneux, since he famously stated that “today’s controllers are obsolete”. Perhaps he should familiarize himself with the Wii U controller a bit better.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard developers complain about the Wii U and its specs. Last month “unnamed” developers claimed the new Nintendo console was less powerful than current gen systems, an absurd statement. Earlier this month it was revealed that Nintendo has shipped the final Wii U dev kits and hardware to developers, and that the Wii U system specs have been set.

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  • david6

    Well this will make the puppets mad :[ .but eithor nintendo has no bragging rights or their keeping them secret to not be 1uped. Im starting to wonder leaks are true, i hear more advertisement on multi cor pc, then power7, (big difference. Lastnight nintendo attempt launch advertisement, but mysteriously disapeared, and in advert. the puppets were talking so fast couldnt decipher specs. I wish they would just confirm “exact specs” at least @ e3

    • david6

      Look i made a new mark for puppets, >:I (mean puppets, bad)

  • nathant16

    Im giving up my wii u live feed, nintendos just getting boring. And the controller a, b, 3 right side looks uncomfortable to push. Ill just wait to see if any news after e3.

  • Molyneux is lackluster! Anyway, why should I trust anything he says? He’s famous for his exaggerating. And wtf is he talking about “a great 1st party lineup”? Nintendo ALWAYS has this.

    • david6

      Why is it that people cant have an opinion. Do you see 1000 people on this forum raving with excitement? Do you see bad news on xbox or ps on every other news buliten. No. So suck it up, and go hang out with mr. Snugglebottoms, and cry.

    • Arrow!3

      Nintendo always have a great 1st party lineup?! umm…. 3DS yeah .___.

  • swic11

    well the fun thing about his comments, are that he acts as if he is a badass himself. Sure he created Fable, but since the first they have gone downhill with each addition to the franchise. Fable 1:great Fable II: ok Fable III: why did I even bother playing. Fable IV: set to release with kinect only controls on a rail type system.

    So to me, this is a non Nintendo developer trying to hate on the Wii U. Sure he is entitled to his opinion, but he has a strict bias for Microsoft, so of course he is going to bash the newest Nintendo system.

    • Samuel

      Just to correct you, Fable IV is going to be an entirely different game that will play like the older fables. Fable: The Journey is the kinect game you’re talking about and that it is not on rails like Molyneux said. It is not part of the main branch of the Fable series but a spin off. Either way, the Fable series have gone down, I agree. Fable 1: Amazing when first played, Fable 2: Good, Fable 3: Dafuq?

  • david6

    I liked fable, heard lionhead is making new game(not fable), its alot people not lovin it. Japan votes, ign votes, analyst after analyst. Nintendo has no good coach, and just few puppet fans. Saying same thing” there not better” yes they are, “nintendo won last time”, but this is a new game. And who Ares says wins, wins. Oh and that new game ‘dishonor’ looks killer, but xbox pc might only one gets it. Nintendo needs an awsome exclusive, not alien killer freaks, but somethin more like fallout, or dishonor comin.

    • david6

      Ares said Xbox will win next console war, but he wanted nintendo to try and compete.

      • swic11

        the original fable was great, but then it went downhill from there. Sure they tried to implement new things, but sometimes when you have something that is as unique as fable was at the time, you should stick with it, so it continues to stand out. I could care less if Nintendo wins each console generation. I am interested in Nintendo’s games, that’s all any Nintendo fan wants, as well as their gaming originality.

        • Dan7el(WiiU day one purchase)

          Yeah who cares who “Wins”. I just want some hd nintendo awesomeness with great 1st party games and some great 3rd party games. And the controller looks like so much fun to use. I can’t wait!

          • amatboy4010

            When will there be a preview of graphics? Maybe that will sway people. And also, if console box is only launched in white color, then the possibility of lost consumers can reach above 50% according to random surveys favoring black color.

          • alienfish


            I totally agree, they need a black box right along with the inevitable white one. Nintendo won’t be allowed to eff anything up this time, people are watching good and close.

        • alienfish

          Retro rumored to be creating the next Star Fox game. If this is true, then Nintendo and all of its fans win.

  • dvdxploitr

    This guy has no room to be talking, has he done anything besides Fable? If not, he really can’t say anything at all…..Nintendo has been making consoles for far longer than Microsoft and has a huge fanbase….by the way, Mario, Star Fox and Zelda always have and always be better than Fable….at least they make progress as the series goes on, Fable just gets worse and worse!

    • amatboy4010

      The possibility of public knowledge of forced technical down play, may be a burner in peoples artieral cortex. Past success does not secure future exposition.

      • Medium

        Is it not the same today with youth. It is wise to follow the shoes of Elvis, it is very unwise to desecrate the shrine of Elvis boy.

        • Medium

          @ SWIC 11 BELOW, i wish not my handel be near his, very bad forces.

          • swic11

            ok? so I’m a bad force

  • Medium

    Elvis is bored.

    • swic11

      Elvis was only popular because the baby boomers were teenagers, and teenagers like to rebel, but since these baby boomers were in such a large number, it made him wildly popular. He was always known for his wild and “inappropriate” mannerisms. Ok done with history. Point being, his voice is terrible.

  • christopher robin

    Maybe We should close our eyes, Make A Wish! And wait to see what We’ll get for Our Bithday! 😀

    • Medium

      Elvis wants cake.

  • silentbates

    this guy is realy agrivating. i swear he talks and acts like hes the all knower of videogame logic i mean you can have an oppinion be when your strutting around like you just made water into whine its just stupid. And now time to type the comment i originaly intended. E3 HURRY THE F*** UP!!!!!!!!!

  • david6

    Why do puppets get so mad, just admit the sky is falling. And i cant wait till e3 eithor i got to know what final specs and design are, but i know their employees have a strict gag order. I bet they wouldnt tell for money, probly upped security on servers. We just wont know.

    • ugh

      its fricken annoying the way you call people puppets just because they like nintendo

      • david6

        Thats not a handel name, go back to your hole. The only thing that is a buzz killer is forced retards.

      • christopher robin

        Puppets?! I like Puppets! Can I play with them?! 😀 Oh, but it is my bedtime, perhaps tommorow, goodnight. Zzzzzzz………..

        • david6

          Hey, why dont you go play with Captain Snugglebottoms in Davie Jones locker.

    • david6

      But if Reginal fil aime has anything to do with it, investors, analysts, and fans alike, dont expect much.

  • evanescentHero

    Okay, wow, so a guy who routinely overstates the quality of the games he creates, which have gone nowhere but downhill since the first one, who has almost certainly never used a Wii U at all, who has only created for Microsoft (one of two major game companies who make their money stealing ideas from Nintendo, albeit to a lesser extent than Sony), and whose idea of innovation is taking away cutscenes and making the player hold the A button for five seconds to open a door, is insulting the new Nintendo console?

    …I’m shocked. That’s a shocker. Peter Molyneux has done nothing to impress me (besides managing to make Fable III worse than Fable II, and Fable IV probably even worse than Fable III) or give me any reason to trust a thing he says. Molyneux says the Wii U is gonna be bad? I’m really scared for its future. *rolls my eyes*

    • swic11

      Fable IV according to last years E3 IS going to be worse. I loved fable I, liked Fable II, and hated Fable III, but last E3 Microsoft said that Fable IV is going to u8se kinect exclusively, and players will be on a rail system. So yes, Fable IV will blow.

      • david6

        Blah blah boring, i liked fable

        • david6

          Ooh, wii u police,bye.

  • (>”)>Kirby

    What’s lackluster?

    • david6

      Oh whew, i think hes gone, uh, lack luster means the machine has no testasterone. But kirby ikachoo cute things of course wouldnt know anything about that. Bit##…..

    • alienfish

      First, luster is like that sexy sheen you see on a brand new car or the reason you pick up a shiny rock instead of the crappy looking one next to it. Lackluster means it doesn’t have any of that, much like david6.

      • david6

        Mmmmm girlfriend, ive got luster if thats what it means, but you just taught little gizmo wackys what nintendo doesnt have. Talk to the hand, mm hmm

        • david6

          Gosh gamit, didnt i tell you, lurkin in the dark? nother matha puppet bite. Its time to bring out the harpoon, its puppet hunting time.

  • Dan7el(WiiU day one purchase)

    That would be sick! I might be one of the only ones but I really want StarfoxAdventures 2(I really miss Rare) or something similar to what that game was. Oh and also… Dear Retro… I would love you to death if you gave us a sidescrolling metroid game like Super Metroid but one that actually furthers the story line(Metroid 5 😀 ). This would work perfect for either the 3ds or the Wii U. That is all.

    • david6

      Please dont arrest me, im leaving

    • Swic11

      As much as I like side scrollers, I like the prime trilogy, and I like the first person view for the series. So I want retro to make metroid, but do it in first person!!!

  • david6

    I see puppets, theyre hiding, spying on us all, mean as the devils pawns i tell you, shhh or they might wakeup and give you a good puppet bite, ive got scars to prove it……sshhhhhhh…….

    • se7enfold

      I very much doubt you would say any of the rubbish you type to anyone in real life you sad little orangutan, in a the normal flow of a conversation where you dont have unlimited time to think of a reply I think you would be quite humbled by most.

      I would very much like to take a cheesegrator to your face, good-day to you.

    • TheMaddMan

      Yesssssssssss… and we’re going to go for your *beep* next…

  • kjp

    This Peter Molyneux is out of his senses

  • Lem

    Another misleading article head line.

    Molyneux’s opinion has no weight with me, his games are big on ideas and short on delivery.

    I’m surprised he managed to finish that quote without rushing off to announce how the next fable game will finally deliver everything the first game promised.

  • Captain snugglebottom

    In my opinion Nintendo has a lot of tricks up its leaves and will come out whit greater specs then we all expect and this my friends makes the strength of Nintendo and thats why I really like nintedo

  • Captain snugglebottom

    Oh isn’t it sad I got david 6 mad and he’s hating on me poor little baby is crying you should go see your mom and complain about the bad internet connexion in your basement you nerd

  • david6

    Uh you just gave my handel cooties dont type next mine: p

  • RockD79

    I wouldn’t lose too much sleep over the opinion of someone labeled “The Hype Master”. Lol!

  • Captain Olimar

    Microsoft must be paying this guy to talk this sh!t.

    • kjp

      even i thought so

  • User With No Name

    That Man created the attrocity known as Fable 3, why should i give a flying fuck for what he has to say?

  • Miks

    Wii U lackluster. Says the guy who created *Fable.

    Fable – A once good game, continuously made worse with it’s sequels. Can be described as lackluster.

  • Billy Bob Norris

    I liek de wii u dna i em nu poopet >:)

  • hhehe

    Molyneux who works on a new game with the kinect features (copied from Nintendo’s Wii!) moaning about them… hmm, i think what he means is “Next innovative idea (insert “Fable” here) is seeing what Nintendo succeed with, copy it & then bash the original, people follow”

  • Butts

    Lackluster? Really? Listen douchebag. You make Fable. FABLE! Fable is shit. that’s Lackluster. You’ve made the same game three times. Wii gets a new system and it’s similar to the first Wii so it’s bad? Go make Fable 4 like I know your homo ass is going to. The Nintendo games that are actually fun (unlike Fable) have never seen HD graphics before. This is a HUGE fucking step forward!

  • jandkas

    Says Wii U is lackluster, uses the kinect.