Feb 29th, 2016

Ex-Retro Studios developer bringing indie shooter Star Ghost to Wii U

New developer Squarehead Studios has announced its latest game: a side-scrolling shooter called Star Ghost, which will be coming to the Wii U. And the company has some interesting ties to Nintendo: the head of Squarehead Studios used to be the lead A.I. developer at Retro Studios, makers of the recent Metroid games.

The developer describes the game as:

“Star Ghost challenges the player to patrol 12 beautifully rendered star systems, navigating the fragments of exploding planets, surviving intense asteroid fields and dogfighting deadly Sentinel ships in a desperate bid to save the galaxy from the Metagon empire.”

The game will feature music from David Wise, who composed music for several Rare games.

Star Ghost will launch on the Wii U exclusively, and will be available on March 10th on the eShop.

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