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Xander Davis, a former Darksiders 2 developer may have just ended his career in the video game business. And not for bashing the Wii U, but for flat out lying about the working conditions at his former employer, Vigil Games. But first, on his Wii U comments: in an interview with Not Enough Shaders, Davis called the Wii U an “Xbox 360 that’s 7 years too late”, and flat out said that the console was “idiotic”. Davis’ comments:

“Anybody buying any Wii U game that’s a port is probably buying it almost exclusively and specifically for how it can play differently through the Wii U’s alleged innovated UI. I’m already a known skeptic on whether the interface paradigm is at all anything but idiotic”

Xander Davis Wii UThere’s just one thing: Davis states that “I’ve not worked on any Wii U version of anything”. He hasn’t worked on the Wii U version of Darksiders 2 or anything else, yet he makes such idiotic statements about the platform. Not only that, he bashed his former employer, complaining that he didn’t get credited for his work on Darksiders 2.

But there’s always another side of the story. THQ and developer Vigil Games released a statement saying that Davis was only employed for 90 days, on a game that took over 2 years to develop. Not only that, Vigil said that all developers who worked on the game were properly credited, unless they were laid off for, as Vigil puts it, “documented poor performance”. Vigil also added:

“We find it alarming that a former employee would personally attack and lie about other team members while falsely inflating his contribution to the game.”

The way it looks to us, Xander Davis is nothing but a disgruntled employee who was fired for not being able to do his job. Then goes on and bashes his former employer, and for good measure, throws in a few punches at the Wii U, just to make sure everyone hears him. Which make sense considering he just started his own indie game studio. We won’t say the name of the studio here. This guy doesn’t deserve it.

Via Not Enough Shaders

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  • Shankovich

    What a loser lol

    • swic11

      too true. This guys just wanted his 15 minutes of fame since he wasn’t credited in Darksiders II

      • Mac

        yep you got it correct. he mad that he couldn’t do his job well enough so he has to bash the people who actually did their job then bash the wii u since he wasn’t able to develop for it. note how he wasn’t even relevant until he started bashing people and by tomarrow he will be just as irrelevant.

      • Wii Uoops!

        WE GOT A *Micheal Pachter* OVER HERE
        Not you, the guy. I mean seriously. How much of an idiot can these people be? First hating on Nintendo fans while most likely intentionally stacking a pile of Xbox games in the background, and now there’s someone hating a game he has not even developed. And then he wants huge credit for being employed for three months out of twenty-four.
        *Rolls Eyes*

        • Britton

          I know this does not matter a whole lot but I went and watched the Pach Attack video on YouTube. It is not just a stack of X-Box games behind him. It just looks like it in that screenshot. You can see a stack of Wii games and DS games as well. The screenshot is a little misleading. However, Pachter is still a D-Bag from time to time, and this guy is asking to be punched.

    • Enigmatic

      The only problem that I see here is his hair. 🙂

    • liberalagenda

      Lol, we are getting all this lip from a guy named Xander? I cannot take anything that kid says because he was a loser since day one when his parents named him.

      • goginho

        damn yo ..dats a little harsh lol

        The dude needs to get his life together now that he fucked his opportunity up where he could have nicely worked his way up in the business of video game design.

    • The Beeshnu

      It Pachter’s son in law!

      • u mad bro

        man! this guy’s haircut is gay

        • JumpMan

          um… what’s wrong with gay? i mean, i’m not gay. but don’t hate someone just because of who they love.

  • swic11

    I’m sick of idiotic people bashing a system they haven’t even tapped into yet. Whether its developers of “disgruntled” employees, its getting annoying. The U will kick ass, and will sells millions on top of millions.

    • AKA-Link77

      Yah! : ) But at least this guy is not as bad as that ANNOYING patcher guy… -__-

    • tman

      Finally I met someone who says the U just like me

      • vge

        That’ll be the nickname for the system. I been calling it that for a little while as well, hopefully it sticks. Its much easier and “cooler” than the ‘Wii U’ name LOL just my opinion of course

        • JumpMan

          i’m gonna name mine Jennifer… (daydreams about Jennifer Laurence) :3

  • Laud

    I don’t really have an opinion on this matter – I mean, why should we care right? He basically lost 6 years of his life studying as soon as he did this so why talk about him anymore? Giving him attention is only going to make this a big deal when it’s really nothing.

  • dubYA

    Sounds like a real professional… /sarcasm

    Seriously though, this guy’s a douche.

  • ken

    this guy and michael pachter are beanheads, i feel like taking a poo in a shopping bag and throwing it at there front door and when it hits it splashes everywhere smelling of poo for days.these 2 people get my lifetime achievment award for worlds biggest plebs thankyou and goodnight.

  • Moon-Doggie

    jesus christ, why is everyone bashing on nintendo for finally giving us the gamers what we want?? (nintendo with 1080p)

  • SuperShyGuy

    Too bad the fact that he is an a$$ won’t be heard through the vacuum of the internet. Now the Nintendo haters have “Wii U is Xbox 360 that’s 7 years too late”

  • Non-Specific ActionFigure

    Hi Mrs.Pachter!

  • Hi8us

    Considering he was fired, his bashing of Wii U simply points to his lack of programming prowess and imagination.

  • King of Red Lions

    Wow… I only read a quarter of this and I already know why this guy got fired.

  • Gabe Hoffman

    What a loser! He talks trash on Vigil simply cause he was kicked out for not doing his job properly and then he thinks he has to go and bash Wii U. I certainly won’t be buying any games that come out of his so called Indie game studio!

  • deSSy2724

    he is a Game Designer, Writter and UI artist and he owns a Xbox 360 and thats why he said: “Xbox 360 that’s 7 years too late”……

    So, nothing new, tipically fanboy….

  • Garzard

    If anybody was wondering, is studio is called “Astro Gun” or something like that. Go hack it or something, I don’t care.



  • LordiMcKill

    I can’t tell if this guy is more disgruntled or drunk out of his head or both?

  • Frankensavior

    Darksiders being my second favorite gaming franchise. I’m glad they fired this jack ass. It’s funny to see grown adults, with an actual degree acting like such big spolied children. His statements on the Wii U after haven’t even touching it are baffling. It’s like a new flavor of ice cream coming out, and you telling everyone it tastes like shit without even tasting it yourself. His new studio will probably fall flat on its face with an attitude like that. He’ll be stuck developing crappy mobile phone games for the rest of his life.

  • Bravyoura

    Who care’s IGN just gave the PS3/360 version of Darksiders 2 a 7.5 describing it as large but empty, full of bugs and so ugly in parts it looks Standard def.

    Their are half a dozen decent titles ready for launch this isn’t one of them it’s got filler title writen all over it (£300 = Wii U, Mass Effect 3 + Darksiders 2 or Zombi U)

    • Frankensavior

      Lmao oh look. Someone who takes IGN’s reviews seriously! Crazy how everyone else is giving it 8’s and 9’s which is pretty damn good. I’m sure the Wii U version will be even greater.

    • deSSy2724

      Once again :S…. press CTRL + F, type “deSSy2724” and search my posts here. PC and PS3 = same graphics, no graphics settings on PC. Wii U = Wii U gamepad/tablet/touch + Wii U Pro controller. Its definitely a +1 for Wii U, graphics are the same and Wii U supports more controllers, this game is not good for mouse and keyboard…… add to this ZombieU exclusive, Aliens Colonial Marines (confirmed better looking on Wii U compared to PS3/xbox360) and other 3rd party games….. they said no good 3rd party support/games for Wii U? think again!

      Add to this 1st and 2nd party games… i will not buy the Wii U at launch (money etc), but this doesnt mean its out of the question after some time.

      • JumpMan

        i just wanna see Mario, Link, and Kirby in HD :3 and i can’t FREAKING WAIT FOR THE NEXT 3D MARIO GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope it isn’t SMG3 though… kinda sick of the whole space thing…

  • Mr. Saturn

    I am not skeptical on the fact that that guy’s hair looks particularly idiotic.

  • Kirbo99

    lol’d at the last few sentences of the article.

  • gPadWatcher

    I’m glad that Vigil Games have fired Xander’s hypocritical ass. That Nintendo hater is gonna be extremely sorry when the Wii U version is released at launch.


  • Marq

    I was hoping to get the name of the studio so I could know what to avoid. This immature loser doesn’t deserve my money.

    • LordiMcKill

      Somebody above commented that was call ‘Astro Gun’ or something or another.

      He’ll probably end up making crappy mobile games anyway if his attitude is as good as his developer skills.

      • JumpMan

        THANK YOU! I’m sick of the only games people playing being crap like “hair salon LITE” instead of Zelda.

  • Lugo


  • D2K

    People hate change. People resist innovation. People detest creativity. Anything that doesn’t immediately bring gratification and satisfaction to their fleshly, carnal desires they bash it. Of course, everything that THEY like is okay. They are free to have their own palette of entertainment desires, but let someone dare to have a difference of opinion. Let someone have the audacity to suggest “let’s try something little different.” Let someone have the temerity to say, “I just want to have fun playing video games. That’s all.”

    People like this goof with start a campaign to have them drawn and quartered. What makes stuff like this so endlessly hilarious as that the vast majority of the people bashing the Wii U have not even played it, or even seen it in person. Developers that bash it don’t even have a dev kit for it. People whom have bashed Nintendo for years like Epic Games have raved about the Wii U. VP of Epic Games Mark Rein talked about how the Wii U is more than capable of running Unreal Engine 4 and how the Zelda HD demo we saw last year (which displayed next-gen graphics by the way along with the Japanese Garden Demo) they could make look even better with Unreal Engine 3 yet, let alone 4.

    So the Wii U is a beast in terms of power despite what anyone wants to say or think. The only bashing that carries any weight against Nintendo is the fact that they are a little too-quiet about the Wii U and should have given us more information by now. However, there could be a reason why Nintendo is holding the cat-in-the-bag.

    I’m insulted that this guy thinks we are as dumb as he is to take what he has said seriously. It’s painfully obvious why Vigil Games let him go, and they should be applauded for it.

    • Enigmatic


      Excuse me sir.

      I think that you have mistakenly said the word “innovation” instead of “gimmicks”.

      Just thought i’d let ya know. 😉

      • D2K

        No need to excuse yourself. No mistake was made.

        • Christopher

          Yes there was…. Enigmatic is a mistake, and his parents are depressed because of him.

      • fedster

        lol y r u here. we all kno u dont like the wiiU much, and ur argument is the same everytime (well so is ours’). just y bother?

        • Britton

          Because he secretly likes the WiiU and is too scared to let it show in front of his big “hardcore” gaming buddies. Enigmatic will buy a WiiU and he will love it.

          • Enigmatic


            WHAT?? xD

          • JumpMan

            he just wants to be a hipster… not that hipsters are bad. hipsters a fricking awesome in my opinion. but you know all of the “wanna-be hipsters” that say they hate anything that’s popular instead of being a real hipster. *ugh*

      • NoPUNintendo

        Here’s a “gimmick” by Nintendo. Rumble Pack. LOL Who wants their controller to shake when they get shot, or something like that? IT R JUST GIMMICK NO BODY WILL USE IT……. Check it out. Your Xbox360 controller, and your PS3 controller, both have vibrations in them. Thanks to Nintendo. Motion gaming? Mostly Nintendo. Yes there was Eyetoy for PS2, but before that, Duck Hunt for NES, and the Power Glove. I’m sure there is way more “gimmicks” by Nintendo, that have become the standard in gaming.

      • NoPUNintendo

        Oh and I forgot to add. Just like what one commentor said. People hate change. But change can be good. If we all stayed on one track one mind, electronics would be bland. Gaming would be bland(CoD), TV shows would be bland. You would be bland. Better to accept change, than rather accept the norms.

  • Bravyoura


    • ninjabake

      Don’t take IGN reviews seriously. Half the time they don’t even finish games they review.

      • Macarony64

        true how can they give kingdom hearts ddd a 7.5 bastards

    • deSSy2724

      I play it on PC now… yeah, its a PC port but well optimized. No contriol configuration for keyboard in settings lol… the settings are in inventory xD, and i must restart the game after changing resolution and there is no more graphics settings (only vsync and resolution), shadows arent sharp even on high end PC. So, this game will probably look the same on all platforms and i dont care really, im not playing for graphics and i think that the Wii U controller will be good for inventory etc…. maybe i should play this with xbox360 controller for windows on my PC, mouse/keyboard nah not good in this game.

      But hey, why should i care about IGN and reviews in general? this game is good and this is really important to me….

      • deSSy2724

        This game is not for keyb/mouse…. this game is more for controllers, but the Wii U gamepad has more potential.

  • fill me up

    *Breaking NEWS*
    My Sega game gear is double the power of the Wii U, confirmed by trusted sources!!!

    • TheBoldman67

      I figured we’d hear from a fanboy sooner or later^

    • Lugo

      Troll harder, son.

    • deSSy2724

      I play it on PC now… yeah, its a PC port but well optimized. No contriol configuration for keyboard in settings lol… the settings are in inventory xD, and i must restart the game after changing resolution and there is no more graphics settings (only vsync and resolution), shadows arent sharp even on high end PC. So, this game will probably look the same on all platforms and i dont care really, im not playing for graphics and i think that the Wii U controller will be good for inventory etc…. maybe i should play this with xbox360 controller for windows on my PC, mouse/keyboard nah not good in this game.

      But hey, why should i care about IGN and reviews in general? this game is good and this is really important to me….

      • deSSy2724

        sorry.. wrong section xD (delete)

    • Non-Specific ActionFigure

      You are the one who said that you farted in a box f donut, and it was more powerful than the Wii U!

      • I swallow

        A fanboy of what exactly?

        • JumpMan

          oh right. you’re not a Fanboy. you’re a troll. *boomroasted*

  • Grodus


    Oh my gosh! Its all clear now!!! hes right! heez tootalyy right! it maks sense cuz if he hanst seenz it hee mst no alllll!!!!11!eleven1! The wii U is gonna sux!…! And thiz gii is tootalyy not a returdz!!!11eleven!


    But seriously, i have good gramer, and this guy’s a returd(combination of a retard and a turd.

    • NoPUNintendo

      liek 0mg u make so much since i dont want a wii u now bcuz i hate fun and i want to pray game for anger and guns liek call of d000tttyy.

      Heh. That was fun.

    • JumpMan


  • AO1JMM



  • Yoshi33

    This guy played himself, lol get a life!

  • Your Mom

    No it’s the future of gaming 7 years early! OOOOHHH!

  • SehxualPanda

    This guy and Patcher should get married, he would make an excellent housewife.

  • Dawnofmorning

    I’m sure his Facebook page will be blown up with negativity very soon =]

  • Enigmatic

    “There’s just one thing: Davis states that “I’ve not worked on any Wii U version of anything”. He hasn’t worked on the Wii U version of Darksiders 2 or anything else, yet he makes such idiotic statements about the platform.”

    That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t know enough about the platform to make such statements, obviously. He said that he hasn’t worked on any Wii U game specifically, but that doesn’t that he hasn’t seen anything about how Darksiders Wii U worked. He is a developer, he probably knows more about the hardware and exactly how they Wii U works more than any of us. Come now, Allison. Think.

    The only way that he has made a fool of himself was by having that horrid hair. I mean what the hell? Did his hair get attacked by some sorta monkey, and he just left it like that?

    • Christopher

      Your forgetting something… he is a UI designer, so he’d be more focused on the other consoles and the PC’s version of the game’s UI than the Wii U so no, he might NOT know much about the Wii U.

      • Enigmatic

        Lol! I love how much attention I get for making posts on this site, and trolling you guys! I’m going to get a Wii U for sure. That’s why I visit this site so often and leave comments. I can’t believe you guys keep replying to me. When its so obvious I’m just trying to get attention lol!

        • Enigmatic

          Well look at that. A lil’ fake enema. 🙂

        • Christopher

          That’s nice, but you do know that now you made yourself look like a prate infront of everyone, don’t you?

          So you failed pretty much.

  • Sethlaw225

    LMFAO!!!!They get dummer each day we get closer to the U launch

  • Ibiexplorer4

    Is it just me or does this article feel incredibly biased against this guy?

    • myrnaminkoff

      As opposed to the other 10 or so that are floating out there that are completely and unabashedly biased for him?

      • Ibiexplorer4

        What do you mean? All I see is hate for this guy for simply opening his mouth and expressing an opinion. I haven’t seen any article that supports this guy.

  • Fuzunga

    He’s a UI designer, of course he’s going to hate anything that makes his job harder by changing the norm.

    • D2K

      Good point.

  • alex

    I donr know guys I understand he is mad about the fire and he talk shiet about vigil.but why the Wii u??? Maybe he is right I want a Wii u but untill today nintendo is not showing something that blow my mind just zombiu and tha is not nintendo

  • Come at me bro

    I wonder who’s next in line to beat up the wii u?

  • Herbs

    This assclown is currently the most hated man on the interwebs and that hair ;p

  • Christopher

    Well what ever company this guy is in, I’m not buying his games.
    Because I can imagine that his game will be shit because of his lack of working skills.

  • AwayToHit

    What a tard D:

  • me so smart

    the fact someone making games calls the wiiu a gaming innovation wonder names is beyond stupid i bet he went home and picked up a dualshock and started playing after he made that statement I-D-I-O-T

    clearly showing that a lot of so called devs are nothing but morons

    there bashing wiiu because they know whats comming TOTYAL WINAGE OF THE CONSOLE WAR THESE PEOPLE ARE SAD ACT SONY FANS

    dualshock is out dated and wrong A GAMER HAS SPOKEN!!!!

    • Enigmatic

      What. Explain to me what your problem with Dual Shock is. Dual Shock is a true innovation, it allows you to feel the kick of the gun, roar of the dragon, rumble of the earth, and so on. I can’t imagine playing without it.

      BTW, the Wii U will hae Dual Shock in it.

      • Enigmatic

        Ugh no edit feature.

        *the Wii U tablet controller and pro controller with have Dual Shock in them.

        • JumpMan

          not DualShock, Rumble Feature. DualShock=Sony. Rumble=Nintendo. crap=Microsoft.

      • Christopher


  • Obvious78

    Fuck the Wii U. That console will be shit compared to the next PlayStation / XBOX.

    • Christopher

      And yet we wonder why you are called a Gamer and that you’re comment got through.

      if you call yourself such a gamer then you would know that all consoles are equal until proven otherwise.

    • NoPUNintendo

      ORLY? Companies don’t compete to make graphics. IT’s about the sells. If you make a lot of money from console A. You can make a much better console called console B. But let’s say Console A was to strong, to much power, then your next console, called console B will have to be weaker. We can use the Gamecube and Wii as an example. Gamecube was to strong, therefore they needed a weaker system than what Sony/M$ would bring. Thus the Wii was born. However, they made so much moneys, they can make a way better console, called Wii U. Sony/M$ arn’t doing their best with PS3 and 360. So their next systems, Sonys PSO(playstation orbis) and directxbox720, will not be stronger than the Wii U. I believe that the next systems will either be as stronger as Wii U, weaker than Wii U so they can get a lot of sells like the original Wii did, or at least 25% stronger than Wii U. Now everybody don’t hate me for that 25% stronger part. I’m only looking at this as real as possible. But by the end of the day, it’s about fun. Nintendo delivers that.

    • Wildman

      Probably not.

      • NoPUNintendo

        I’m sorry, were you replying to me or Obvious78? I have a hard time telling sometimes.

        • JumpMan

          it’s lined up with your comment so it’s a reply to Obvious… lol i make that mistake all the time 🙂

  • a dude

    From what i have seen so far of the wii u and nintendos lack of showing us more has me worried. I hope i am wrong but i think nintendo are scared to show more.
    P.S. Nobody knows about wii u where i’m from

    • Britton

      Inform them.

    • Wildman

      Nintendo’s just holding back to reveal their secrets. They like to surprise people. I think they’re going to blow our socks off pretty soon.

      • JumpMan

        D: but i just bought these socks! *fake sobs*

  • 7Down

    Guy who looks like that can’t be taken seriously…

  • Megaman

    This is the biggest gathering of retarded Nintendo fan-boys I’ve ever witnessed.

  • Aj

    Well. Xander Davis 1, Allison Wallace 0. A relatively inconsequential electronics entertainment worker with a spotty employment record and a flair for absurd sensationalism who has absolutely no experience working on the Wii U managed to get a story and a picture of himself up on numerous sites dedicated to Wii U news. How on earth this doesn’t reflect so poorly on any ‘video game journalist’ picking up the story is beyond me. Allison, it would serve you well to not let your emotions motivate your writing when you’re putting together a video game news site. There are so many hard working informed individuals working on Wii U related projects that it baffles me why you would decide to print anything this guy says. If you’re going to work in media publishing why don’t you figure out how to write stories of consequence that interest your readers instead of writing inconsequential sensationalistic stories that insult them. You can do one of two things with my advice. You can become defensive and not change because it hurts your ego and you don’t want to admit your faults or you can move forward and stop writing about the likes of this guy and others similar to him.

    • Enigmatic

      It’s a Wii U site. It’s their job to post any and all news relating to the Wii U. This is such news.

      My only problem is how the article was written. I have stated my reasons above.

      • Aj


        Their job is not to post any and all news relating to the Wii U. If I show up at E3 shouting out stupid things about the Wii U to the media whilst dressed up as Princess Peach it does not mean my words should be picked up as a “news” story and put into print. Allison is just clearly pissed off at this idiot because, well, he’s being an idiot and idiots can be annoying. That part I get. But really, there is no need to give this guy attention just because he is saying something sensational. That just fuels a fire. It’s a distraction from more important things. The whole story and the emotion it evokes is a waste of energy. Why would you do a story for a Wii U news site where your major source of information is some random electronics industry employee who recently got canned for crappy job performance, has never worked on a Wii U, and sounds like he has minor anger issues? The answer is you DON’T. You don’t do that story because it’s stupid. The only use this story has is to serve as an example of stories you should not do on a video game news website. If Hideo Kojima made the same comments, that could be a story. But when when random disgruntled guy who has not worked a day in his life on Wii U hardware and has done nothing of significance in the video game industry starts spewing out his vitriol about the Wii U, do what any reasonable person would do, IGNORE HIM. Maybe some day this guy will grow up and become an interesting person who says interesting things, but right now he is just some angry kid who likes to trash talk…don’t give angry trash talking kid media attention…that’s stupid.

        • Ibiexplorer4

          Wait, how would it be any different if Hideo Kojima said what this guy said? Just because he’s more popular? That’s a bit of a double standard. Also, it’s not like this is some random guy saying these things. This guy has plenty of experience in the industry. While his attitude might be somewhat mean-spirited, he has every right to say what he says.

          One other thing, we live in a world where anything can become newsworthy. A celebrity can go outside and barf on a street and that would make the news. It’s a sad fact, but this is the kind of world we live in. This kind of article is nothing new.


    THIS IS NEW CAUSE….???? Everyone just freakin get a Wii U to make all these guys look so bad XD NO REALLY IM DOING IT

  • Shamash9

    I don’t care what Skrillex thinks!


    a guy who thinks thick black framed glasses is erba cool loves sony and hates nintendo WHO WOULD HAVE GUESSED…

    we had a guy like this at the wii midnight release in ASDA leicester uk in 2006 he kept pushing emulated gba games on his handheld into peoples faces as if to prove some HARDLY EVER BEEN CORE POINT

    so i simply replyed why is it you fake cores always play nintendos wares on your emulators

    OWNED all the Q of people waiting burst out giggling and pointing at him

  • Macarony64

    now who will contract him he dosnt have corporated etics not even microsoft or sony will give him job

    • Ibiexplorer4

      How come? He seems like a respectable person to work with.

      • JumpMan

        i’m really hoping you were saying that sarcastically…

        • Ibiexplorer4

          Why would I be sarcastic about a guy that got fired and then got his name taken off the credits just for the heck of it?

          In any case, this is old news now so let’s leave it be.

          • Mshenay

            He doesn’t have coprate Ethics… DUDES he can work at Apple 😀

            Still though, poor kid will have to start at the bottom of the Video Game Food chain now… oh well!

  • bearmon2010

    I hate the word “bashes” because its like racist and cold heart. He works there and he decided to bashes Wii U ? Sick people like that. Its not very honest things to do. I feel sorry for his lose the job but he should be humble and respect the company. What’s wrong with 2nd console if he can buy one ? He is being silly. His lose, sorry. He need to changed his attitude by then. I never understand people like him. Oh boy.

  • erdani

    Thanks for another fantastic post. Where else may anyone get that type of information in such a perfect way of writing? I have a presentation subsequent week, and I am at the search for such information.

  • 30yearsofnintendogaming

    what a douche.

  • Pearson

    He has just spit his own resume. His referee will easily make a -ve comment about him. What a fool.

  • the wii u is an xbox360 thats 7 years too late? im sorry but last i checked the wii u’s graphics are slightly superior, it has its own freakin social network, video chat, and lets not forget the gamepad. jesus christ xbox/ ps3 fanboys are fucking retarded

    •  oh and WiiU daily, shame on you! you better tell us what indie company he started so we know which games to stay away from!

  • audi lover

    Was gona get darksiders 2 but not if this tosser worked on it