Aug 22nd, 2014

SteamWorld Dig is releasing next week, August 28 on the Wii U. It’s a fantastic game that was originally released last year on the Nintendo 3DS. If you already own the Nintendo 3DS version and you’re from Europe, you can receive 25% off the price of the Wii U version, thanks to Nintendo of Europe. Here is Image & Form’s statement on the discount:

It’s been quite a bit of back and forth regarding the cross-buy for SteamWorld Dig, that is, getting a discount for the Wii U version if you already own the 3DS version. We’re pleased to reveal that NOE has been able to implement this today. Everyone in the EU, AUS and NZ who owns SteamWorld Dig for 3DS will get a 25% discount when getting SteamWorld Dig for Wii U.

So why isn’t America getting the same promotion? It seems the system set up for providing the discount to those who already own the game on Nintendo 3DS hasn’t been implemented by Nintendo of America.

Unfortunately, NOA (Nintendo of America) does not have this mechanism in place – a cross-buy like this isn’t possible yet for our American customers, and we don’t know when they will have it. Sorry, nothing we can do.

That’s a shame, since I’m sure the Image & Form guys would love to offer this discount worldwide to anyone who purchased the game originally on Nintendo 3DS and wants to play the HD version on their Wii U. Perhaps fans can petition Nintendo of America to get this system implemented so cross-buy promotions like this work across all regions in the future.

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  • Daniel Gonzalez

    I’m surprised I over looked this game on 3DS. Looks like I have something to try out over the weekend.

    • Aqeel Jenkins

      It’s a great game! Prepare for 2 days of addiction!

  • wober2

    was great for two days! Probably will not buy again. Crappy that NoA is behind the ball.

  • It’s always amusing when they act as if this would be a GREAT DEAL. instead of saying SAVE 25% they could just admit you need to pay 75% for a game you already bought once. I really, really hope these business models will be a thing of the past in 5 or 6 yrs. Mobile Devices and Steam already understood what I’m talking about (not in every case, but most of the time)