Oct 12th, 2012

Nintendo will offer the Wii U in two flavors: the Wii U Basic model with everything you need, plus 8 GB of internal storage, and the Deluxe model, which includes 32 GB of storage, some accessories, and a copy of Nintendo Land.

However, players in Europe will have a choice between two Deluxe bundles: one that includes Nintendo Land, and one that includes ZombiU, Ubisoft’s survival horror shooter.

Nintendo of Europe has now released the official box art and bundle details, which you can see below. It appears to be the German version, which will be called “ZombiU Premium Pack”. It includes everything the regular Deluxe pack has, but adds in a Wii U Pro controller as well. The price of this bundle is yet to be unveiled.

Wii U zombiu bundle

If you’re in Japan, you’ll get a completely different set of options. Instead of a game, the Deluxe bundle in Japan will include accessories and a two-year “Nintendo Network Premium” feature.

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  • Nko Sekirei

    wow we got robbed on a good bundle

    • Jeffery02

      Could be worse, you could get the Basic model instead. Also who knows, with an added pro-controller, this bundle might be slightly more expensive. Then again, maybe not.

      • AwesomeNES

        I want that bundle.
        Oh wait, I’m not European…

        *crys* : (

        • TheWholeTruth

          I want that bundle too.

          Meh, oh well, nothing you can do about it, I guess.

          I guess I’ll just wait. Oh, and yes, it will cost more than the 350$ US bundle.

    • Matthewmc685

      It’s not all good because in Europe as the shops set their own prices and this is the most costly pack. $100 = around £66 but we have the console at £250 for this pack. I’m getting the black Nintendo Land pack with no pro controller so if I want Zombie U I will get it separately. I guess it’s bad for places like USA that want a black Wii U and Zombie U without Nintendo Land.

    • TNT

      I think there will be a second zombiu pack.
      In Europe are 2 active rating systems. The first one id theUSK. They are allowed to cut games. The second is PEGI which only rates the game. German people often buy their games in Austria because “non USK games are always uncut. Austria for the win!!!!! yay!

      • nameless

        Meh. The USK is just rating, too. Due to the fact that they’re a little bit stricter than the PEGI, publishers cut games theirselves in order to even get a “USK 18” sticker.

        • TheWholeTruth

          The bad thing about Nintendo is that even if you were to order that Nintendo bundle, it will not work with US games because it’s continental restrictions of Nintendo..

  • SteampunkJedi

    Nintendo in German. Nice.
    I’m sure this bundle will be very convenient for European ZombiU enthusiasts.

    • nintendoododo

      Nintendo in german? Are you kidding me? Every country in europe gets this bundle not only your lame country. Finland for live!

      • nucima

        Think he said this because the add is in German ;). Why so aggressive?

      • Cugno the Swiss

        Which leads us to the reason why StampunkJedi wrote “European ZombiU enthusiasts”, and not “German ZombiU enthusiasts”.

      • JumpMan

        @nintendoododo hey, i don’t care if you’re patriotic, that’s actually a good thing, but don’t be a douche to everyone else who says something about how they love where they live, or even mentioning another country. and also, the reason he said Nintendo in German is that the little picture thingy is in German. you know, the language they use in Germany?

      • SteampunkJedi

        I’m not German. I just like the way the language sounds. I was talking about the fact that the bundle details are in German; that there’s a Nintendo product advertised in the interesting language of German, not that Nintendo is only selling the bundle in Germany (which they aren’t, as you know.)

        • TNT

          Be happy not to have German as first language! I am Austrian, I speak German and I hate it! Everybody with English as his first language should be proud!

          • nintendoododo

            Actually everyone with english as a second language and finnish as first language should be proud. Others just go away from the earth.

          • nameless

            There are Austrians who speak German?

      • German Gramar Nazi

        *German *Europe

        Heil grammar!

        • TNT

          Bist du jetzt cool weil du “Nazi” im Namen hast?

          • German Grammar Nazi

            Weißt du, was eine Grammatik Nazi ist?

  • Kahhhhyle

    Speaking of zombie u guess who got to play it at comic con today:)

    • Nintedward

      I’m playing a variety of wiiu games tomorow!!! HYPED!!!

      • Kahhhhyle

        Are you going to comic con too? I got to play zombie u, tank tank, and Nintendo land the metroid mini game.

        • Nintenlord

          You did not played mh3u? Go back to comic com and dont get out till you do

          • Kahhhhyle

            Uhhhh I actually didn’t see it there now that you mention it… I wasn’t really looking for it though. Lol

          • Master Awesomeness

            what’s mh3u in English?

          • Kahhhhyle

            I’m assuming it’s monster hunter 3

      • Kahhhhyle

        Nevermind I just scrolled down and read your other comment haha

      • Wii U at it’s best

        you will like zombiu it’s awesome

    • Asiancake

      Wow lucky they get a pro controller

    • eli

      sucks to live in canada

      • Nintendoro

        Don’t worry. I’m sure you can get Pro controllers separately on day one. Don’t forget, we pay extra money for this bundle, so it doesn’t make any differense price wise

    • Kahhhhyle

      Ok so kinda dumb you can’t aim down the sight… Which is kind of a big deal when the game stresses accuracy and bullet conservation…

  • Armani

    Wow… I wish New Super Mario Bros U was a bundle 🙁 oh well, still buying it anyways x)

  • Nintedward

    Just thought I would let you guys know that tomorow I will be playing wiiu ALL DAY . Play Expo in Manchester yaaaaaaaaay!!!!

    Everything you could dream of in gaming is there , ”Now play , pro play , re-play , cos play” everything from upcoming games , tournament’s , Retro games and machines and Girls in Zero suits Hopefully .

    It’s awesome!!! The UK’s Biggest gaming expo !!!

    There is 16 Wiiu games there in all , and I am going to spend as much time as possible playing every wiiu game!!! and revengance rising too and the 3ds games from konami , capcom , level 5 etc etc .

    Will leave some feedback tomorow evening for you guys !!!

    *goes to sleep with x-mas eve feeling* *caln’t sleep , switched on black version 2 catches a growlithe*

    • iLikeWeYOU

      nintedward add me on facebook (prince kuchler) or write me an email : kuchlerprince@yahoo.com

      im in manchester too and im going there too… might wanna play wii u togther 😀

      • Nintedward

        will do !

        • Nintedward


      • Nintedward

        No way , do you go to Wright Robinson Sports college , I used to live in Abbey Hey right near there XD.

    • Name

      Hey Nintedward let me guess you had fun blah blah blah and ZombiU was awesome and New super mario bros U was awesome. I wish it would just come out

      • Nintedward

        Step back everybody!!! 😛 (yeh it’s gunna be awesome)

        Wiiu + cos play = Enlightenment.

        • El CaRaS1

          Edward better see those 3d pics if the games and girls on the 3ds notes 🙂

        • JumpMan

          sometimes, cosplay disturbs me…

  • NoPUNintendo

    Darn. You lucky Europeans.

    • XDLugia

      Lucky? We have to wait 12 days more than America to get our consoles!

      • NoPUNintendo

        Worth it for zombiu

  • CheckItNow12

    How come we north americans don’t get a cool bundle like that? If this was released in North america, it would lure more gamers into buying a Wii U!

    • Nintenlord

      I blame the economie

    • revolution5268

      well this game is made in Europe and this fits perfect for that area.
      Now look at it from another point of view, imagined sony makes a fps game and bundles it for JP, yes JP. How mess up is that. I don’t think it will do will in u.s.a due to many good American games will come at launch day.

  • Name

    Hey European’s lets change the bundles i think nintendo land will fit you better

    • Grove Street N****

      never every mr. homophobe

    • Nintedward

      Butt hurt American much ?? at least you guys technicaly get it for like %30 cheaper than we do . You know I got that boom boom pow zombiu bundle pre ordered.

      • sergiosms

        And you guys got an extra controller

      • Lord Carlisle

        Hey, don’t pick on specific nationalities.

        • Nintedward

          Name started it 😛

      • MinowaEli

        Are you the “troll patrol”? You guys seem to talk alike.

        • Lord Carlisle

          Are you referring to me, MinowaEli? Because I’m not.

        • Grove Street N****

          i never saw a comment from the troll patrol when nintedward already posted a comment, its either troll patrol or edward posting on a topic. yeah, they are the same person i think. Nintedward will be hunted down by trolls if it’s true.

      • Lusunup

        I am offended by your comment sir and if you wana go there with the “cheaper” than you guys i say its actually normal your currency change every year. Demand and supply of domestic currencies with respect to other foreign currency causes currency rates to change possibly daily so its hard to price stuff but it is called the land of the free for reasons you know(UNITED STATES)? its cheaper because america and japan work together as one with imports,spices,and technology thank you very much Nintedward

        • Name

          it was a joke whatever

          • Lusunup

            I was saying it to nintedward not you

    • revolution5268

      why? Americans only care about fps and blood Europeans are different.

      • Name

        @Lusunup Sry bro
        and i just think zombie u is better game then nintendo land

  • sergiosms

    Wow that is so much better than the North America bundle

  • 30yearsofnintendogaming

    THEY GET A PRO CONTROLLER?!?!?!?? wow america just got trolled. D:/ (angry face)

    • The Detonator

      or just by it separately…….just too simple i guess.

  • Elite

    Shit i would wait till november 30th in the US if i could get this package

  • The Wolfen

    Darn you Europeans are lucky, wish we have this in America too.

  • Cugno the Swiss

    I don’t like ZombiU. I like my horror games when they have good psychologic stories, such as Silent Hill, or even Project Zero. This is just a mindless zombie shooter à la Resident Evil, or Dead Space, if you really want a game that hasn’t become like battlefield in its last installment. I’d rather play Nintendoland than ZombiU. Call me names, but Nintendoland is actually the most interesting casual game I’ve seen in a while. What have we got with the Wii? Wii Sport. Did you seriously like it? 5 below average minigames that became boring after less than ten minutes? Nintendoland looks pretty appealing to a solo player and to a group of people who look for fun without needing engrossing gameplay and an intriguing storyline. For me, it’s the best casual launch title Nintendo could have come up with. And speaking about third party exclusives, I wouldn’t have minded a W10 bundle.

    • Cugno the Swiss

      *W101, Wonderful 101 I mean. This will be the last time I post something without reading it first, I swear!

      • sergiosms

        Wonderful 101 bundle sounds like a great idea. I wonder if they might that after the game comes out

      • Castamere

        Have you ever played Resident Evil? It is most definitely not a mindless zombie shooter.

        • Nintenlord

          i agree if you are talking about from 4 back

      • Grodus

        Now I can stop thinking of a prequel called the “Wonderful 10.” Geez, I’m stupid. Anyway, that sound like a great idea. “I’d buy that!”

    • Mylochek

      The story behind Zombie U is comes from history, about John Dee and his black prophecy. John Dee was Queen Elizabeth I right hand science adviser and was one of the most well known scholar at that time. During his years he thought he could talk to angels and later came up with the black prophecy where he saw the world being overrun by the undead. Flash forward until present day and the black prophecy has started and you have to work with others to try and bring an end to it. It’s not just a mindless run around killing zombies trype of game.

      • Xblade13

        Dang, that sounds Epic!

        I’m also curious about the way the Zombies spread. In a lot of the trailers, it seems to be like a vine or parasite that transforms the person. Plus all this stuff about John Dee hearing stuff from angels (possibly using that bit of history is a hint as to what we’ll deal with later on in the game? o_O’). Wouldn’t be surprised if this starts a franchise, that gets deeper and deeper in story as it goes.

        And all exclusively for Wii U!

      • JumpMan

        so, wait a minute. you’re telling me that i could learn something about Britain, kill zombies, play my Wii U AND be placed IN London?! I’M FREAKING SOLD! now i just gotta get another $60… :/

    • revolution5268

      why you got so much hate, you were not trolling at all. bunch of Americans got so offensive by you comment even though you can buy the console and the game separate and pretend that’s our bundle.

    • Mac

      so people cant post opinions now? you guys just booed him because he said somethings you didnt agree with. just because you like zombiu dont mean everyone has to

    • eli

      i liked wii sports for abou ten *days

  • Dan

    Nintendo want to push nintendo land to gamers for possibilties of asymetric gameplay,,, i hope its good enough,

  • Lusunup

    i was looking at this not that long ago in a article hopefully this comes with “that” Box art of the game 🙂

  • Trev

    Wow Europe gets fata frame pandoras tower an now this, come on Nintendo of America get it together !!!

    • revolution5268

      not really if you are american you know these games will do ok to bad due to many american gamer only like “hardcore games” and by that i mean , blood, graphics, fps, and swear words in it.

  • Madmagican

    Damn, I wish I was back in Great Britain right now… nope, I’m still living here in the states… ZombiU package would’ve been so great

  • Ledreppe

    Can someone clarify whether the Nintendo Network Premium is included in the premium packs outside Japan. The report made it sound like it wasn’t and I’ve been led to think it was. I really would like the 2 year network Premium pass, as it has a 10% discount on downloads and I’m going digital distribution on Wii U.

    • JumpMan

      i remember some lady who worked at Gamestop was telling someone that the premium bundle (in NA) had the NNP, but also she said NintendoLand only had 4 games. it took every part of me to not scream “12! THERE’S 12 GAMES!” hahaha

    • elbossmx

      Yes, Nintendo Network Premium will be included with the Premiun WiiU worldwide. WiiUDaily is just writing things in a way strange way.
      Also this is old news, the European Nintendo Direct from September (the same day the WiiU price was ulveiled) already told this, the only news here is the box art.
      Also, it is also old news that Japan will get a set much like this one but with a copy of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (known as 3G HD version in Japan), and yes, it’ll have a Pro controller as well.

  • samuDC

    In my country the wiiU with zombiu bundle only costs €365, nintendo land bundle costs €326 and the white version costs €280.
    btw my country is Belgium.

  • Jetty

    This bundle looks great! Unfortunately, that release date doesn’t. Thanks Nintendo and Japan.

  • Starfoxguy

    I really hope Nintendo changes their mind and give it to the US too. This game is at the top of my list of wii u games to buy.

    • prettypinkpanacea

      Yeah, I wish this was a global release. I would consider upgrading my deluxe pre-order if I knew it was going to be an APAC release.

  • Wii U Gamer#19

    Dang it! this has to be the 3rd or 4th time Nintendo has trolled us 🙁 cuz here are the things europe has got that are so good we will never get in Americia.

    1) Queen Elizabith gets Personal Gold Wii & Nunchuks.
    2) Europe gets Ice White 3DS.
    3) Europe got the Awesome Pearl White Nintendo Gamecube.
    4) Europe gets Peach & Toad themed 3DS Consoles.

    and now the Awesome ZombiU Bundle/Box makes number 5!

    man will we get anything good as europe?

    Also im a big Doctor Who fan 😉

    • revolution5268

      keep in mind who are they targeting at.

    • Crapcake

      the states are worth it man, we get earlier releases(usually) and cheaper prices. in fact america is the cheapest place to get viveo games. so USA!!! other countries are good too

    • JumpMan

      HOLY CRAP SAUCE! ANOTHER WHOVIAN! hahaha, sorry i just friking love. that. show!

    • elbossmx

      This is old news, the European Nintendo Direct from September (the same day the WiiU price was ulveiled) already said this, the only news here is the box art.
      Also, it is also old news that Japan will get a set much like this one but with a copy of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (known as 3G HD version in Japan), and yes, it’ll have a Pro controller as well.
      Still hoping for any of those two sets here in the americas by around March.

    • theBALLANCEDonion

      If you all want it so bad why not order a uk wii u?

  • Wii U Gamer#19

    sorry Queen Elizabith the 2nd……..or 3rd dang can’t remember. :/

    • Lewis

      It’s the second.

  • Joesatmoes

    i think if the usa had this id still buy the nintyland one. i really want ZombiU, and a Pro controller, but idk y but when it comes to ninty consoles, i always like to hav a ninty game first. plus idk wjy, butit feels more like a “bundelly” game. yeah know what i mean?

  • Nintendo Power (Chuck Norris)

    Sorry this is off topic but Sony copied something from Nintendo…..Ever heard of the Sony 3D headset? What does that remind of hmmmmmmmmm Virtual Boy?

    • Xblade13

      Sony has copied more than just that. Nintendo has been first to the party a LOT. For instance:
      -Nintendo made Wii Remote/Nunchuk. Sony made Move Controllers.
      -Nintendo made a second screen experience between a handheld and console: Gamecube/Gameboy Advance Connection. Sony made PSP(orVita)/PS3 connection.
      -Nintendo made touch-screen gaming popular with DS. Sony made Vita have touchscreen.
      -Nintendo made Super Smash Bros. series. Sony made PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal.
      -Nintendo was first to use diamond-shaped face button layout. (SNES)
      -Nintendo was first with D-pad. (NES)
      -Nintendo was first (out of big 3) in Handheld Gaming (Game and Watch, Game Boy)
      -Nintendo was first with analog stick. (N64)
      -Nintendo was first with pressure-sensitive triggers (Gamecube)
      -Nintendo was first in game-console-making. (out of big 3)
      -Nintendo is now first with dual-screen built-in home console setup. (Wii U)
      SONY’s achievements:
      -Sony was first with Dual Analog Sticks. (PS1 Dualshock)
      -Sony was first (out of big 3) with online gaming on consoles (I think). (PS2)
      -Sony was first in HD gaming (or was it Microsoft?). (PS3)
      -Sony’s face buttons are not A,B,X, and Y, but X,□,△, and ○.
      -they “stole” Final Fantasy from Nintendo, all because PS1 had a disk drive. :/
      -I don’t know what else.

      • NoPUNintendo

        and nintendo did rumble pack

      • D’Angelo

        Slight correction, Dreamcast had online support for a few games. The genesis has motion control and a Netflix video game (Sega channel) ability. Also the memory card on the Dreamcast allowed for slight interaction with the game. Sega was ahead of her time on some issues. She just made some bad mistakes. All and all, I agree, Nintendo does what it does best.

      • theBALLANCEDonion

        Think it was sega who did online first with dreamcast

    • QTF

      That’s old news buddy

  • 30yearsofnintendogaming

    nintendo will probably make more bundles in da future. but for now, dis is wat we got. :/

  • Vigo the Carpathian

    This bundle is £329 on Amazon UK, been on there since Sept 13th, still available. This ain’t news. Best thing about it is the box.

  • grandlx2

    I feel like Nintendo robbed me now.. They give these people a pro controller in the deluxe bundle, but not us? WTF? Very unfair. I had to purchase a pro controller separately…. Not only do they get a much better game than the bundled american version, they got a pro controller too!

    • Zero

      You do know you CAN buy the controller separatedly for and the deluxe bundle for a cheaper/equal price, right? (assuming you’r in USA, maybe Canada)

  • Dan

    Will the Deluxe in the US come with Nintendo network premium??

    • Nintenlord


  • Zero

    I believe its nice. Europeans are always getting worse deals than thos in America. Its just fair. I still believe that Austraila/New Zealand always get the worst.

    BTW: I’m from South America so don’t judge. We also get horrible and overpriced deals here.

    • Zero

      Best Wishes people of Australia/NZ and South America!

      • fenberry

        Appreciation from New Zealand here.
        Going to get me the zombie u bundle this week. Also looking forward to the armageddon expo in Auckland on 20th Oct. Going to see Charles martinet and some of the cheap eb games sales booths. Hope the wii u will be on display or playable there.

  • Infinite_Rubix_Cube

    Nintendo. Bring. This. to. North. America.

  • Fuzunga


  • wtf

    this was already available at a online webshop a few weeks ago

  • Johny

    yup awsome 😀 i feel bad for other regions not getting this bundle…well ton of people will get the deluxe pack… but i bet alot of them would MUCH rather get ZombiU for their money rather than Nintendo land… well Nintendoland isnt a bad game.. but lets face it… it a casual game, with alot of casual minigames, for casual people… and becouse Nintendo wants to appeal to core gamers this time around, adding a ZombiU pack that comes with WiiU pro controller is a VERY nice and smart thing to do 😀 gj nintendo

  • Volcano

    That is ace. So Europe now have three SKUs. What happened to the USA. Love to play zombiu

  • nucima

    I wonder, why there are no Wii-Motes in the bundles. Pretty hard: Need to buy 4 remotes for playing Nintendoland & 3 Pro Controllers for Hardcore-Games.

  • Grodus

    I’m not planning on getting the Pro controller, or ZombiU, but this till bothers me it is Europe only. It’s a bad sales choice! Nintendo could have easily gotten a lot more customers in NA and even Japan with this thing! Whatever. I’ve already placed my pre-order anyway, it’s not like I have a choice to change my mind about ZombiU and the Pro anyway.

  • ssb4 FC3007 8585 6950

    make dat bundle coem to USA!

  • podge79

    I pre ordered this bundle from gamestation on 13th september from gamestation in uk for £350. Hope they drop the price the closer it gets to launch day like they did with the 3ds. Cant wait for the wiiu now tho. Seeing that box art just made it all very real. Woohoooooo!!!!

  • shadowman

    just pre-ordered ZombiU bundle £279.99 does that seem a good price?


    It’s all good. I created my own bundle. Sans the sexy box art.

  • Smitty

    I am pretty sure we also get the deal on purchases over the ninty network, it was in the EU preview event anyway…

  • relo

    the price is in most places 400 euros (Europe doesn’t have fixed prices)

  • mkdhdh

    i’m getting this one JUST FOR THE pro controller… i didnt really want nintendoland in the first place… and i have 3 maybe 4 people picking up a wiiU one of’m is bound to pick up nintendoland at some point so i’ll just go to their house 😀

  • Scarface407

    I wish we had this bundle in the US.

  • Tobbe

    Dont cry about it. This bundle will cost 572$ in Sweden


    I think the sega Saturn was the first with online console gaming with duke nukem 3D and Daytona.

  • Wii U at it’s best

    Why do people complain the wii u will be the greatest console since snes and you will always have haters and to them i say get over it and really ZombiU is awesome ive played it before here in the states so people who say wii u is lame did not get the memo that it is next gen and so i laugh everytime people cry and moan about how they hate wii u well then don’t buy it plain and simple

  • Neko

    As a European who preordered this bundle long ago, I can tell you it costs about 390€, some stores selling it for a couple euros less.

  • srpg2ishere

    I would but this if it were in america definately for the pro controller but I hope it’s an actual deal insted of just adding 50 bucks to cover the cost of the pro controller. If it does then there would be no point in getting this. Unless of course if you wanted zombie U instead nintendo land and a pro controller along with it hen yea.

  • srpg2ishere

    Sorry about my other comment. I meant “I would BUY this”.

  • podge79

    Shadowman. £279.99.. Really. I seriously doubt that.

    • shadowman

      seriously..hmv shop..duty free lounge T3 heathrow..pays to work at an airport

      • Tobbe

        Coming to hethrow 25 april. Going to some good shops and football Arsenal vs man u on the 27. Any 1 care to show me and the wife some good spots? Been to the uk 3 times. Will be the 4

  • steven12153

    and I ordered the deluxe system with zombie U and a pro controller

  • dishonor

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  • Psychomalone

    If I was 10 years younger, and not the father of 2 young children, I would probably go for the ZombiU pack too, but as it is, NintendoLand makes the more obvious choice. My only gripe is I wanted a white Wii U, but the premium version is way too appealing to pass up. Also, I do have one issue with the ZombiU pack, because you are mostly going to be using the gamepad to play, why bother including the pro controller? Also you aren’t saving anything by getting the pro controller in this pack (it costs 40 more for than the Nintendoland pack, and I’ve seen the pro controller for that price)

  • Huseyin Veli

    £329.99 for this bundle with Amazon.

    £329.99 in dollars is $530.42 are you guys in he states still convinced you are getting a raw deal? I know they are different economic climates etc, but we in the UK do generally pay a lot more for electronics.

    The only explanation I can think of is market research. Nintendo must believe that this bundle will sell better in Europe as opposed to the states. Clearly they got this one wrong, judging by the demand on this forum.

  • Dannie

    I don’t think you can really compare the prices that way. It’s not as if the us dollar is strong as it used to be currency wise.

    I’d like that combo more than having nintendo land sucks for us lol

    • Huseyin Veli

      I know dude, I am just saying we tend to pay more for our electronics. Even when the currencies were closer in strength.

      Still we shall all buy Zombie U regardless and love it 🙂

  • Nintendoro

    This is the one I’m getting. God give me strength to wait another 1,5 months

    • Huseyin Veli

      Tell me about it, I’m counting days here!!

  • HappyCamper

    I’ve just read about multiplayer in zombiu and it sounds awesome.

    One player plays with pro controler controling the survivor and the other one plays as zombie commander on gamepad controling different types of zombies.

    It sounds great to me.

  • WarioForever

    Now everyone is happy, First and Third Party.
    First got Nintendo Land and third got Zombie U!