Nov 28th, 2012

Lovefilm Wii UWhile Wii U owners in North America are able to enjoy movies and TV shows on Netflix, the streaming service isn’t as widespread in Europe. But Amazon-owned LoveFilm is, and the company confirmed that it will be available on the Wii U in Europe when it launches.

LoveFilm is available in a lot of European countries, but because of the complex issue of streaming rights, not everyone has access to it. It works just like Netflix — a monthly subscription allows you to stream movies and TV shows, and get them by mail as well.

Nintendo said a few days ago that the new Wii U media feature, Nintendo TVii, will be available in select European territories in 2013.

The Wii U launches in Europe in just a few days, on November 30. It’ll retail for €299 for the Basic set and €349 for the Deluxe set. In the UK, the Basic set will retail for £249 and Deluxe for £299.


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  • I am so stoked to see this feature added, I got a 1 year free subscription to the service when I signed up for my broadband, and i finally have a device other than my pc to use it with!

  • Edgars Treimanis

    i bought my wii u from only for 315 euros and plus lightning delivery to Latvia 
    At the end it costs only 359.67 EUR. (TO LATVIA!!!!) 

  • Mickey Mouse

    This is great news even though I don’t subscribe to LoveFilm (yet). I tried Netflix on the Wii and just about every film I searched for wasn’t on the service, but LoveFilm has a much better choice. Being able to stream to my Wii U might just tempt me to watch LoveFilm on it. I think I’m right in saying that Lovefilm will be compatible with Nintendo TVii, I don’t see myself subscribing to any other streaming service compatible with Nintendo TVii so this is good. I hope it has pay per view, as I don’t watch enough movies and tv shows to justify a subscription.

    • Michael Wakeman

      Will love film be one of the options in the US? your right about netflix though, every good movie on their takes 3 days to ship which is very annoying.

  • Dat Guy

    Netflix finally exist in Sweden now so I hope we’ll get that service too 🙂

    • xdlugia

      If that means whole Scandinavia, then I support that.

  • Yerted

    Also european only box what americans wont have is the Zombiu Bundle what includes one pro controller, price varies from 420-450€ 🙂 Almost as deluxe but:

    – No Nintendo Land
    + ZombiU Included
    + Nintendo Pro Controller


    • Nintedward-3DS-WiiU

      420-450 Euros ? Hycarumba!  That’s way more than UK. My ZombiU bundle is £329 tax and VAT all included.  

      £329 = 407 Euros         £329= $525    

      Bring on tomorow!

    • Michael Wakeman

      You can’t preorder the wii u now because it has already launched. You can either get on a list for the next shipment from nintendo or order it.

    • nekocchi

      Uh, not really sure about that. I preordered the ZombiU bundle for 390€ here in Spain.

  • So it seems we actually might get TVii afterall (starting at a select number of countries in Europe), for us in Holland it’ll probably become available through atleast when I order something from it almost always get’s delivered from and sometimes from

    Anyways not sure yet whether or not I’ll add a subscription for that (if we dutchies get it), depends on the price I think.

    As far as the WiiU launch comes in a few days we also have a super deluxe zombiu version it retails for €399,- comes with both ZombiU and Nintendo Land aswell as the standard deluxe stuff and as additional extra a WiiU Pro controller.

    yet the price seems to vary a lot in Holland, most stores sell it for 299/349/399 but bigger stores stunt with the prices selling it for 269/335/369 so if you want to buy one atleast for Holland, you might want to check several sites as the prices varies a lot depending at which store you pre-order/buy it, is this for other European Countries too? Maybe someone from another European country can verify this?

  • Dáibhí wotshissurname

    I personally think that the UK will get both Netflix and LoveFilm. Because injustice is part of society.

  • Bosmur

    I can’t read the articles! Ever since wii u daily got this new comment system a big white square covers the text on my phone and tablet, please fix!!!

    • Zelda Fan

      omg I had the same problem on my galaxy s3!!!! I know how to fix it! go to browser settings… and click “desktop view” ! hope I helped 🙂

      • Thanks for the tip, I just tried it also by setting it to desktop, and now the white screen is gone for me.

        • Zelda Fan

          your welcome ^-^ I suffered a lot trying to figure it out. . and I wouldnt want anyone else going tbrough the trouble

      • LukeBlackburn


  • Lew3107

    I hope we get 4oD and BBC iPlayer in England too, maybe ITV Player to watch Champions League highlights and Demand 5 for The Gadget Show.

  • Robert Papageorge

    Love Film?
    Sounds like porn. Thats not good. Not good at all.

    • Dominic Coradazzi

      But you can already watch porn on the Wii U…

    • RyuNoHadouken

      i was gonna say the same thing…lol

  • Jonas

    good to hear. It also got confirmed for my contry so im perfectly fine with it (Austria).

  • Guest

    Yup it works for me aswell now (Lumia) seems to be working fine again. Thx for the tip

    • Zelda Fan

      your welcome c:

  • Erwin

    Yeah in Belgium the price’s seem to be different too in the different shops, I’m buying my zombiu     bundle for 364 euro at game mania, the cheapest I could find, some shops sell that bundle for up to 400 euro. Apparently I was the first to reserve (early august) my wiiu at the antwerp game mania, I hope that gets me some kind of reward …..but still happy if it doesn’t

  • spinksynick

    uk will get lovefilm and netflix and maybe bbc iplayer 

  • Non_Specific_Action_Figure

    Well that is nice

  • lumpy182

    Just like the PS3, it’ll get BBC iPlayer, LoveFilm (which is the exact same thing as “Amazon Instant Video”, US fans 😉 ) and Netflix eventually. Also Youtube.

  • SYates

    YES! I live in the UK and was curious to know if LoveFilm would be available on the Wii U since I already have a subscription to them and I’m tired of using the PS3’s awful LoveFilm app. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m pretty sure Nintendo have probably done a better job of this than Sony.

  • Marioravestozelda

    Glad were getting love film,might have them instead of netflix.