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While pretty much all the Wii U-related announcements in the most recent Nintendo Direct apply to both US and European regions, some of the 3DS information was significantly different between the two.

There was the usual nonsensical name-changes – this time the game released in the US as Kersploosh will be renamed Splash or Crash in Europe – but also some long-awaited released dates and clarifications.

Note that as far as Nintendo’s concerned ‘Europe’ generally refers to all PAL territories, so Australian and New Zealand gamers can tentatively bank on this info as well.

    • Code of Princess, the Atlus-published beat-em-up / RPG / half-naked lady warrior simulator was given a vague ‘spring’ release in Europe, but unlike its release elswhere it will be coming exclusively to the eShop.
    • Fire Emblem Awakening, after simply failing to show up in the world outside Japan and the US, has been given a release date of April 19. There will also be a special edition Fire Emblem 3DS XL that comes preloaded with the game.
    • Level 5’s Inazuma Eleven 3, apparently a port of the 2010 DS game released in Japan, was announced for this year. So good news if you like your football set in a colourful fantasy land and in English.
    • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D will be on sale on the eShop for €29.99 from now until February 21.

Project X Zone, Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan were also specifically mentioned as games that had confirme US released dates but are now confirmed to be coming to Europe as well. They were given vague launch windows that imply they will likely be releasing at the same time or a little after the United States.

It’s also worth noticing that HarmoKnight, DRW – The Last Ranger, Lego City: The Chase Begins and new Virtual Console games were not mentioned at all in the European Nintendo Direct. Let’s hope they were simply overlooked.

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  • D Moness

    Also not mentioned in the eu nintendo direct but at the eu e-shop : Wii street U

  • Nintedward

    Luigi’s Mansion 2
    Animal Crossing new leaf
    Castlevania MoF
    Monster Hunter Ultimate
    Fire emblem Awakening
    Pokemon X and Y
    Pokemon Mystery dungeon
    Project X zone
    Donkey kong country returns 3D
    Mario and Luigi RPG 4
    Mario Golf World tour
    Mario and Donkey kong Mini’s 3D
    Lego City : Chase begins
    Code of Princess
    Etrian Odyssey 4
    Shin megami tensei devil survivor Overclocked
    Harmo Knight 
    Inazuma 11 3D

    And much much more. Boy oh boy , RIP wallet.  3DS is a train that cannot be stopped. Wish the Wiiu had as many good cames coming ! It will do eventually though , to be fair the 3DS had barely ANY good games for about 6 months untill Ocarina 3D , Starfox 3D , Mario 3D land and Mario kart 7 hit the shelves.

    • Death47

      Woah. That is a lot. But Nintendo themselves said they haven’t announced some titles slated for 2013, so we could possibly see a lot more games.

      Besides, MH3U (Wii U) will tide me over with its infinite replayability. 

  • Laud

    I know this is completely irrelevant but…. 6 more days until F-Zero on virtual console.


    • Srpg2ishere

      I can’t take it anymore. I HAVE to follow you now. You are just too awesome.

      • Genesect4ssb4

        stalker lol

  • Srpg2ishere

    HOLY CRAP. I leave for one day and then come back to Wii U Daily only to see ultimate awesome news! o_0

  • No need to worry anymore on my 3DS purchase. It’s pretty clear I made the right decision at the right time for it.

    Bought it December 2012 with Kid Icarus – Love it.
    January: Got the free download of Super Mario 3D land – Casual Fun for me.
    February: Bought Resident Evil Revelations (sadly about a week after the purchase I learned it’ll be ported to Wiiu as well and to other systems, O well shit happens) – Love it anyway. And downloaded Metroid II yesterday.
    March: getting Castlevania LoS2 MoF – allready love it, even though I only saw some trailers 😛
    April: Will get Kingdom Hearts 3D – Love it from the demo alone allready.
    May: Either Tales of the Abyss (allreay released) or Monster Hunter 3 ultimate, but I think tales and probably save MH3U for the WiiU, easier to play longer gaming sessions on a WiiU then on a 3DS as I don’t travel by public transport very often, so can’t play 3DS while driving the car myself.
    June: WiiU perhaps (ZombiU bundle, but might be sooner)

    So the upcoming 4 months I’ll be settled 😉

    Then there is Donkey Kong Country returns later this year, will most likely be a 3DS purchase as well. As for September allready settles Pokemon X or Y with a few friends.

    Sometimes I just hope that I had more to spent so I could get games twice maybe 3 times a month 3DS can furfill that need rather easily now, to bad I need to pay rent and all that stuff aswell, so not really a viable option to buy 2-3 games a month in these harsh times. And the previous N direct about the WiiU showed me definitely some worthwhile stuff aswell, so no matter how things will end up, it’s a good year for gamers in 2013. Even though WiiU Only has a few games for me at the time to make it worthwhile (Bayonetta 2, Darsksiders 2, Monster Hunter 3U, Aliens Colonial marines, SSBU, and maybe I might consider Windwaker HD and Rayman)

  • WiiUltra

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • AkaLink77