Jan 5th, 2014

Wii U saleWhile the Wii U has been selling great over the past few months thanks to high-profile games from Nintendo, there are still some who don’t believe in the console (such as game industry analysts whose initials are M.P.).

We can now definitely add German mega retailer Media Markt to that list. They are in the process of dumping all of their Wii U inventory in Belgium, selling off the console at just 99 Euros — or $135 bucks (image via NeoGAF).

This isn’t the first time this is happening — last year Australian retailer Dick Smith was selling off its Wii U inventory (including accessories) at a 50% discount.

While Media Markt apparently doesn’t believe in the Wii U, many other retailers do. The Wii U sales have increased steadily since August and the launch of Pikmin 3, and sold over 100,000 units in Japan during the last week of 2013. There are even rumors that the Wii U outsold the Xbox One the week before Christmas.

Either way, if you’re in Belgium, now is the time to get a Wii U. In fact, buy a couple of them and sell them once we get Mario Kart 8, the new Zelda and other Wii U exclusives. Make a quick buck for yourself.

UPDATE: We’re receiving conflicting reports on this — it might have been a quick sale of the Wii U instead of a regular clearance sale. We’ll update this article as more information becomes available.

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  • jamiedhouse

    A commenter on another site pointed out that this is only a one day sale… Kind of like a Black Friday deal over there.

    • erich80

      Exactly. I was here to say the same.

      • jamiedhouse

        It’s sad, because headlines like these stir up bad press that is unnecessary.

        • erich80

          I’ve seen decent blogs losing reputation and audience due to troll bait articles. Crossing my fingers not to see the same happening here at WiiU Daily.

          • D.M.T

            Ashley King does a good job here, she doesn´t troll and doeesn´t bash but she´s never here in the weekends so this website is a joke when John Kinsley is here, he´s terrible.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            You are worse. Much worse.

          • D.M.T

            Oh really? Your opinion is completely irrelevant to me Magnus. I don´t care about what trolls like you think of me. All I know and care about is that John Kinsley is terrible

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Lol, why do you care about that? Did he hurt your feelings?

          • D.M.T

            I care because Wii U Daily is actually a great website but John Kinsley ruins it in the weekends.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            and you ruins it everyday with your hate.

          • D.M.T

            Lol what hate? You´re the one hating on me Magnus. Seems like I hurt your feelings lol.

          • Majora’s Mask

            the only thing great about wii u daily is john zacarri

          • erich80

            I hope things keep going well here. I like this place and I don’t want it turning a nonsense site to which people come only for nonsense strifes.

          • e_rocket

            That is true

          • Doctors Tardis

            Everyone I know thinks of this website as a a bit of a joke. If I send them a story from here it has 0 credibility with them.

    • Magnus Eriksson

      $99 Euros???

      • bd-lt-dnkr

        Whats wrong? You must be bored with your $400-500 brick already. Pretty pathetic when you automatically jump on an article (like a foamed mouth wolf) on a site about a competitor console to talk trash.

        Well, go wave your hands in front of your cheaply made $400-500 doorstop, and play some shitty rehashed unimaginative buggy 3rd party games from last gen (right after you get the days 1-16 patches). Might want to enjoy it as much as you can, cause you know that cheap trash is gonna break right after the warranty is over.

        I’ve played with the PSXbone, and they just feel cheap. I would say they feel like they are made in the same Chinese factory as the Ouya, but I don’t want to offend the Chinese or the Ouya.

        • Igor

          Every videogame is cheap to it’s core. For “raw” power, computer is the only way to go. So when you talk about a console, it’s just the software that really matters.

        • Assassinated23

          I think what he was pointing out was the use of the dollar sign $ with euros instead of € as it ought to be. No need to start jumping down his throat.

          • bd-lt-dnkr

            Scroll down and read his other posts, or posts on other articles. He’s a parasitic basher. I just replied to this post to call him out on the top of the comments.

        • Magnus Eriksson


        • Forbsz

          Woah calm down you massive fan boy you sound like a jack ass.

          • bd-lt-dnkr

            Nice retort. I like how you used the knuckle dragger ‘fanboy’ insult, and also threw in another name for good measure. Keep up the good work, chief.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            But you are a fanboy. Thats why you get upset.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            People on here are amazing.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            “Whats wrong? You must be bored with your $400-500 brick already. Pretty pathetic when you automatically jump on an article (like a foamed mouth wolf) on a site about a competitor console to talk trash.”

            Speaking of knuckle dragger fanboy insults lol. Isn’t that what you did in your first comment? Don’t contradict yourself.Forbsz is right, you do sound like a fanboy. 😛

    • CMB

      Well, another clickbait article taken from mynintendonews, way to go wiiudaily -_-

      • erich80

        MNN is exactly the example no one should follow. They do nothing but terrible journalism over there.

        If I can call that journalism.

        • DragonSilths

          I honestly see no difference between the two. I use both MNN and Wii U Daily. They share similar stories but some have ones the other doesn’t. MNN is more up to date. Both have trolls and such to. So meh. Then I also post the more interesting stories from both on my blog lol.

          • erich80

            Hum… Of course, there are similarities, but I see sharp differences between the two.

            They are alike since both are Nintendo-centric blogs. Naturally they will share the same news, and harbor the same focus on Nintendo-related stuff. But the community here is pretty much better; also, the comments section here is way superior the than MNN one. For example, here I know when someone replied me; MNN does not have this feature, since they are host by WordPress. Moreover, the idea of upvote and downvote is very interesting, ranking the comments due to their relevance and such.

            Finally, I feel that Ashley has a good heart, and she cares interacting with readers, not so often, but she does that here and there.

            There are several – several – good places to go and get fed by Nintendo news. I could mention at least 5 good sites I’ve been stuck to, but I think that’s not the case here.

            I wish you good luck with your own blog!

    • Nintedward

      In the UK we have ”January sales” . Things go for like 40% of their original price quite often in January.

      Anyway, this is one of those panic articles that gets blown out of proportion (no offence to this site or any other 😛 )

      • Magnus Eriksson

        True. We should be happy for those 100 people who made a great deal this day instead of interpreting everything in the worst sense. 100 bucks is like winning, and I hope all of those lucky bastards will get a good taste of Wii U.

        • Nintedward

          I would of bought 10 of them, because i could sell them for about £150 each with my eyes closed!

          • erich80

            What a deal, man!

      • garethWill

        i love the January sales but this year new tablet yay

    • Martijn Plasmans

      The shop only sold 30 consoles for this price. After that the price was the normal price.

    • Nintendoplaystation

      Ha ha not only that he used the dollar sign for euros, come dude john kinsley get your act together.

  • Guest

    LOL, $99 €.Ninety nine dollar euros!

  • LOL, $99 €!Ninety nine Dollar Euros!!!

  • Cahone

    thank god i sold my wii u last week before it dropped ANOTHER $100.

    • D.M.T

      I´m sorry but you´re an idiot. This is not an official price cut and this doesn´t mean that Wii U is doomed. This is also no indication that retailers don´t believe in Wii U. It just means that 1 store in this entire world decided to sell the Wii U for 99 uros for 1 day only. The Media Markt in my country is still selling the Wii U for 290 euros http://www.mediamarkt.nl/mcs/product/NINTENDO-Wii-U-Premium-Pack-Zwart,10259,488151,464179.html?langId=-11

      • Magnus Eriksson

        Wii U is “doomed”. But this article got nothing to do with it.

        • Michael Pullar

          Y so many downvotes?

  • D Moness

    Like i said on the forum. This is a 1 day sale for 1 store in 1 town (Hasselt belgium). If people took 10 seconds to verify the story and not just blindly copy past it they would know it is just one of those twisted clickbait stories that isn’t true at all.

    edit : it is for a belgium store NOT german

    • erich80

      Couldn’t agree more on people taking conclusions so fast and so recklessly.

    • Noteak

      Well it was written by John Kinsley…

    • rp17

      The retailer is based in Germany but the store with the sale is in Belgium.

    • Dutchperson

      It could be from the netherlands because i got this folder.

      • Joe Jack

        No i’ts says HASSELT. that is a town from Belgium.

  • D.M.T

    As someone who used to live in The Netherlands and as someone who bought his Wii U and games at Media Markt I can say that this is only in Belgium. Media Markt in The Netherlands doesn´t do things like this, the Wii U there is 299 euros.

  • Carl Fin


    • Carl Fin

      It’s a fact. The sale was a special doorbuster of 30 consoles to actually attract people which is the complete opposite of dumping it. If it were worthless, why would they use it to attract people? Dumb idiot writer and people believeing his drivel.

  • David Trail

    I love my Wii U. I really wish people would give it a chance. I am 25 and enjoy it very much. I am not a child or a soccer mum. I don’t get the negative press that it receives!

    • Martijn Plasmans

      Same here. And by missing out on the original Wii, there’s plenty of games for me to play. Just bought Smash Bros Brawl to warm up for the new one and bought Deus Ex for 20 €. Great games!

  • Kuromad

    MediaMarkt might be German in origin, the store that had the sale was Belgian. And it was reported that the store had a line of about 300 people when it opened while they only had about 30 Wii U’s in stock. This was clearly done in order to impress the media and not to actually dump their stock.

    • readypembroke

      Good point. They probably did that to advertise the Wii U.

  • Dylan Groot

    Why don’t you just delete this article. I’m from Holland and Media Markt is just a huge store who has crazy stunts now and then. Thats it.

    • jrob23

      Because he wants clicks. It’s a bait click article typical of this site. Everyone knows it is a store gimmick and they probably had like one or two. But these “Nintendo’ sites and their lazy writers just go around copying each other’s non stories. It’s sad actually

      • Zorlac79

        I hope you don’t really think for one minute even that it is just “these Nintendo sites” that utilize the bait click scenario. . .

        • jrob23

          but my problem is that it’s supposed to be a Nintendo centric site. A site to celebrate that which is the Wii U. There are so many positives about this system right now and articles about them that should be written, rather than attempts at negative spin. And that is what it is…an attempt. We all know the system isn’t selling as well as Nintendo would like. There are already numerous ‘analysts’ and gaming sites that go out of their way to point this out. Why does that need to happen here? Can’t they write more reviews, or walkthroughs, or talk about wii games you might have not been able to try but since you have a Wii U..here are some for you to enjoy?
          You can click bait with positive stories. Or when you do report numbers about sales, you don’t need to have a negative slant to it or a negative title. This story is a prime example.
          It is a one time promotion that is aimed at getting people in the door of the store. It’s similar to black Friday. It really didn’t need to be addressed at all. But since it was, why say they are selling out of their stock? Also, 99 Euros is actually quite a bit more than 99 dollars.
          We are starving for Nintendo news that isn’t negative. I frequent about 5 gaming sites daily. Each for a different reason. I get the timeliest albeit very negative news from MyNintendonews because of their writer SICKR..who deletes messages when people complain about him. But the site is more active than this one. When Ashley puts up a post I genuinely like this site. NintenoEnthusiast is okay for news and they never seem negative. IGN has some Nintendo supporters like Jose Otero.
          Point is, this isn’t WiiUhatedaily and that is what it seems like, especially with this author

  • Guest

    It is a inventory sale which last till the systems are out of stock. It namely says: op=op which in Dutch roughly translated means gone=gone

  • uptownsoul

    “There are even rumors that the Wii U outsold the Xbox One the week before Christmas.” This is incorrect

    • erich80

      Who stated that? And who said otherwise?

      • uptownsoul

        I’m quoting the last sentence of the 4th paragraph of this article. so the writer of the article said referenced the incorrect rumors of the week before Christmas sales

        • erich80

          Thanks! Checking that out now.

      • peeer

        Just look at vgchartz website, they modified their chartz like 1 day after this article was writen in wii u daily. Now Xbox One is outselling Wii U for that same week.

        • erich80

          Strange, too strange. Funny thing is, I’ve always liked VGChartz, but lately I’ve been seeing so many people complaining about them…

          • peeer

            Actually, its not for this kind of error its a bad site… Its just that they only calculate estimation just like NPD does but they don’t have access to as many data that NPD has. Also like you see, they update their chartz as soon they get new updates. So, its reliable enough for peoples like us but not enough to jump to conclusions too fast. Its only a good reference when you want to have an idea of whats happening. But they do correct their erronous datas to get closer to what NPD numbers are when they get released. So, in that matter they are reliable.

          • Rinslowe

            Exactly, that is why as you say better to not jump to conclusions too fast either way. At this point in time those NPD figures are not available. And Nintendo should be releasing their figures in the coming weeks…

            “But they do correct their erronous datas to get closer to what NPD numbers are when they get released. So, in that matter they are reliable.”

          • erich80

            I see. Thanks for the clarification. In fact, I usually go to VGChartz to have an idea on how good a particular system or game is doing/ has done, and make some comparisons. I think their job is fair enough.

  • Bob Singh
  • Googs

    I’m from Belgium myself and I heard (from a friend through facebook) that they only had a couple 100 or so Wii U’s going at this price. There was a massive surge towards it though, they all sold out within mere minutes.

    Here is an image of the store: https://scontent-a-ams.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn2/1530524_10203116730707430_1949643565_n.jpg

    Today was also the last day of the major sales weekend (before school starts again), so they may have done this because of that.

    • Donaald

      Are all those people there just for the Wii U or did they have other things in op=op?

      • Googs

        There where probably a couple of people there for other things although a lot of people probably came for the Wii U considering the massive drop in price.

      • Googs

        Here’s a video at the exact spot where they sold the Wii U’s: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5peOi6fHEto

        At which point they where all sold out (I heard in the video that there where never 70 systems to start with)

        They also put them in the same bin as the PS3, which is a dick move.

        • erich80

          That’s pretty much worse than Black Friday at Target, Walmart and Best Buy! XD

  • Thomas Vienna

    I’m putting the validity of this article aside John Kinsley: you need to start using more professional language if you want to sound like a reporter. Stop slyly referring to an analyst no one cares about, say USD or US dollars instead of “bucks” when translating foreign currency, and quit filling 80% of the article with reviews of what’s happened in the past and what we’re all obviously expecting. Most of us on this site already know what’s been happening. A quick one-paragraph summary is fine, and then fill the rest with analyzing both the validity of the information and/or a new look at interpreting it. I’m sorry to be so honest, but I do not care for your articles at all.

    P.S. Say “Once Nintendo releases Mario Kart 8,” instead of “Once we get Mario Kart 8.” Regardless, I find this “just wait til” attitude is starting to sound tiresome from Nintendo fans.

    P.P.S. “high-profile” is not how I would describe Nintendo games, and to me it sounds like Xbox/Playstation/PC talk. The Nintendo fans I know like their games for the sheer fun, not for the highest quality experience, graphics, or hardware specs.

    Okay, I’m done.

    • Zorlac79

      Very well put comment my friend.
      After wading through the comments of uneducated trolls and senseless ignorance, your remark shined with an intellectual criticism / argument / opinion.
      Much better than the common “you suck” most people muster up.

  • HSN1



  • Magnus Eriksson

    99 Euros is a reasonable price for a console that takes up valueble spots on the shelves. Its very likely they want to use that spot for other consoles now that the two 8th generation consoles are here. Cant blame them.

    • Donaald

      Except that more Wii Us will be in shelves as this was never a clearance, dumbass.

  • So let me get this straight. This was a one day sale correct? So how is that dumping inventory. Sounds like a black Friday type deal like we would have in the US. How many things were on sale for 40% or more for that one day just to get people in? Doesn’t mean they were dumping inventory or that the product is doomed. It simply means it was a one day sale. Typical John Kingsley writing the doom headline on something that is clearly one store having a sale.

  • ScrewAttack

    Clickbait with Kinsley? Standard weekend then!

  • tom

    What a great deal!

  • Leo

    Epic fail article lol

  • zoohero

    a downvote button on the article it self should be put in so that people can show the writer that this doom article should be in the past

  • peeer

    “There are even rumors that the Wii U outsold the Xbox One the week before Christmas. ”

    By the way, vgchartz has modified their chartz like a day after that article was writen. Now the Xbox One is outselling the Wii U on vgchartz for that same week.

    EDIT: Whoever downvoting this comment obviously did not verified if what I was saying was actually fact or not. Go to the article in question and check the image Ashley King posted on her article http://wiiudaily.com/2014/01/rumor-wii-u-xbox/ and goto http://www.vgchartz.com to check what the chartz says now.

    • peeer

      For those fanboys unwilling to check the facts I’ll put the image here for you to see.

      • Carl Fin

        Still looks like the Wii U is keeping up to me. Not exactly the walk over that was expected now that the xbone honeymoon period has ended. See this weeks chart 28th Dec on the same site.

        • peeer

          While I do agree with your comment, the point for my comment was to say that the rumor this article based its statements on had changed. Thats all.

  • Ralph Ortiz

    This is the beginning of the end of the Wii U. Retailers are dumping their inventories of the console. This is not looking good.

    • Donaald

      And people like this are why I hate being Hispanic myself…

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        Care to explain? Lol.

    • TalesOfBS

      Its was only a Store Opening sale limited to 30 units you dumb fuck.
      Also, the Wii U units were gone in seconds. Here, have some PS3 Slim leftovers.

  • wober2

    Please stop jumping to “WiiU is Dead” statements please! This is getting old…

  • Simon Stevens

    Don’t panic, probably just a wacky short term sale, everybody has em, I got my 2ds with pokemon x for 99 quid in sainsburys, no danger on the 3ds front so just a great deal 🙂 Vita isn’t being abandoned just yet, once that goes, I MIGHT worry about the Wii U but until then no worries no worries ^^ shame most gamers are pure movie graphic hogs these days, wii u n vita have some great games and anybody overlooking ys celceta right now……. for shame 🙁

  • Sega

    It was only one day. On the bottom says
    Alleen geldig op zondag 5 januari

    It means. Only valid on sunday 5th januari.
    So it is not a clearance sale.

    In belgium it is the discount day of basically everything. To put this on wii u daily is trolling

  • Igor

    In Brazil, as always, the official price is incredibly high. Not only taxes, Nintendo and other companies are just dickheads. Were not for it I’d buy one for me. What I really want I’m sure they wont release. A “TRUE” Wii U Zelda edition, everything inside customized and PHYSICAL, not that dirty move of a digital copy of Hystoria, digital game, nothing but a couple golden scratches on the gamepad. They’re dumb, they could had made it great, but as always lately, they like to sit on their poop and bow.

  • Geekman

    It’s most likely that it was just a day one sale, but 70% of the press just read the headlines and immediantly start dissing the console.

  • Squid

    Hey. Wii Mini must be 15 bucks. But on the other side Xbox o- Eh.. I won’t cause argument.

  • kenny Johnson

    Its a 1 day sale at one store in 1 city.

  • Booboabao

    Just remove this article or at least change the title it’s been proven as a false account. Or are you guys just trying to get clicks? Lame.

    • Syaka

      It’s happened before with their Pikmin 3 sales article. The professionalism is still lacking here.

  • Syaka

    €99 (euros) ≠ $99 (dollars)

    Talk about being culturally ignorant.

  • Einar

    I’d change the title from $99 Euros to 99 Euros

  • Flintinator

    It says that it’s only on sunday january 5th

  • Christopher 並天道虫

    Seriously, how hard is it for a news place like here to just punch in the ad into Google translate!? (THE CRAZIEST SALE / GONE = GONE / ONLY ON SUNDAY) Are you going to report every single Black Friday sale now too as a sign that every single good in America is going under? Ugh.

  • Ymirism


    Explanation of what’s going on, translation of related article and all that jazz. Basically it’s all BS, a one day sale. Picture is from a newspaper listing the sale, as the regular weekly flyer doesn’t list the special daily sale.
    Slightly bigger picture: http://sickr.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/wii_u_media_markt.jpg?w=474&h=790

    • Syaka

      Ding ding ding. Good job John Kinsley on writing an article about something that was NOT RESEARCHED into. I bet all he did was take that picture and sh!t another article out.

      Lmao, very professional.

  • SkullScience

    So, it turns out it was an extremely limited opening offer for a new store. Not ‘dumping inventory’ at all. And the headline “$99 Euro’s”. This John Kinsley really needs to go back to college and re-take whatever basic journalistic qualifications he has managed to muster because this is fucking piss poor!! Wii U daily need to dump him for the sake of their reputation. First rule of journalism, get your facts correct. The pricing mistake just makes him look like an insular ignorant fool.

  • HEYitsnotbraindead

    it literally tells you in the advertisement!

    ”enkel geldig op Zondag 05-01”

    even when you can’t speak Dutch, you know what ’05-01′ might mean right?

    its European, so turn it around. ’01-05′ does ‘Zondag’ not sound like ‘Sunday’?

    if you still don’t get it, it means ”only on Sunday the fifth” its a special discount and not a permanent price cut. its after the holidays and then shops like this like to do stunt prices like this.

    ‘Media Markt’ also does these one day stunts with TVs and fridges and the like.

    look i get that talking down to the WiiU and Nintendo (no matter what they did) was the online sport of 2013. but its getting old.

    but hey its cooler to yell ”Media Markt apparently doesn’t believe in the Wii U”

    then to actually read what the advertisement says. even when its so straight forward!

    ”UPDATE: We’re receiving conflicting reports on this — it might have been a quick sale of the Wii U instead of a regular clearance sale. We’ll update this article as more information becomes available”

    yeah, stay on that…geez.

  • wiimenonowiiu

    Sounds like some1 did not do there homework again this is not even news just a mess up by john again

  • The last Chozo

    In thier defence news on the Wii U ia very slow right now an to put out something everyday means they have to dig very deep to find anything to report on thwy probably knew this wasn’t very big but thwy had to put out something.

    • Leo

      They better put something relevant or not put anything at all. The biggest problem of WiiU Daily is the poor journalism skills of some, especially John Kinsley, is simply abismal. The only thing that actually saves this site is the comment section.

  • Petri

    This “news” was probably sent purposely to every site with not so “high standards”,
    only purpose being trolling and igniting flame wars.
    Would have been super for them to use some kind of source critique.

  • BIG Franky

    one of the (many) examples of why this site is very difficult to take seriously…. a “story” copied directly from another blog, then when it has been proven incorrect by multiple sources on multiple site, it stays up….. sure there was an “update” disclosure included, but it has since been proven that this is merely a sale associated with a specific event, rather than an inventory liquidation….. yet this “article” remains? hmmmm…. sloppiness/laziness at best, disingenuous at worst. I hope none of these people honestly believe they’re journalists….

  • mikeybruises

    Wow another negative article about the Wii U. Recent news of the Wii U sales improving is the story. It’s as though this site wants to harp on something that is no longer true. I think the problem here is that the people running this site are too lazy to go out and right their own stories so the continue source stories about the Wii U that come up in their news feeds. Newsflash, a little hard work never killed anyone WiiUdaily guys. I am glad that people are starting to complain, perhaps we might see some changes around here.

  • Michał Pasternak

    There were some cases, when this particular retailer printed an advertisement with ridiculous low price on, say, a TV… and they had 2 or 3 those TVs for that price – of course you could buy more for a regular price. This may be something like this, as 99 EUR is ridiculous.

  • TheMoeses

    c’mon guys.. this story is very old.. apart erroneously.. :/

  • Chong

    Garbage site,wii u is a great system and is selling well its not anyone’s problem the EU is broke….Xbox is in last place and ps4 is not selling now……

    • Petri

      Xbox not available on some part of the Europe, though wouldn’t be selling much better if it was.
      And PS4 is widely sold out.

      • Chong

        Wii u is the best system….ps4 and box is not that great ….

        • Petri

          That is just an opinion, though currently, PS4 nor xbone have no games worth buying the system currently, and I don’t see any for foreseeable future.
          And until programmers learn to make games that really uses the 8 core processors, only real advantage those 2 consoles has, is graphical.

          Wii U is best for me for various reasons, and might be the only console I might have for this generation.

          • Chong


  • Joe Jack

    It’s not German… -_-

  • Joe Jack

    It’s Dutch… Not German… Trust Me, I’m from Belgium

    • Joe Jack

      BTW, Its 1 Day Only, Sunday 05/31 or 08/31 I cant see it really clearly.

  • Guest

    That deal only ran one day as stated on the poster

  • gameconomist

    This is my first comment. I am following the discussion of wii u daily, ign and vgchartz and I am intrigued now to share some thoughts on this special topic, since it refers to my region and preferred reseller. I personally think that Europe and particularly the major central European countries including Germany have still not jumped on the wii u train while north american and japanese might have during christmas. I don’t understand at all the marketing efforts of Nintendo at our region. They have not at all promoted the recent good games (SM3DW, Rayman Legend, Pikmin 3 and Zelda WW HD), but have rather focused on the weaker ones (Sports Club or Wii Fit U) with tv ads in order to get the casual gamers. Many people don’t even know the Wii U and there is little momentum going in Central Europe. I hope that this will change with games such as MK8, since this is one game that everybody loves to play in our region. Marketing means to spend money. Nintendo wrongly thought because of the enormously high install base of the Wii, the Wii U might be easy to sell without investing too much in marketing. It is a typical mistake of company that are trying to maximize profits. And don’t get me wrong I am a huge nintendo fan, but as a company they should understand that marketing pays off long-term. Major decisions in the past such as continuing the Wii product life cycle rather demonstrate a short-term profit thinking than a sustainable long-term plan. Nintendo should focus on promoting their strong games heavily the way that people understand how awesome the functionalities of the system are… My background is the one as an economist and I often found interesting thought of people at this page. I am looking forward to share my simple thoughts with you…

  • themooncatuk


  • Arthur Jarret

    Only valid on sunday 05-01.
    That’s what the banner below means. I’m Dutch so I know… but google translate is accurate enough – so it shouldn’t have been news in the first place. Great, crazy price tho’ – mediamarkt has some awesome actions here… like selling GTA V for 42 euros the first week of launch – having pokemon x/y cheaper on launch day etc.

  • Gregory Edcius

    it’s written in the yellow bar beneath only sunday 05/01

  • Agent721

    If this is a one day sale, this is truly a failure of an article. Does anyone ever vouch anything anymore before posting??! This is no different than forwarding a BS email without fact checking the content. It’s it too hard to call the store for yourselves to verify the accuracy of your article??!!!

  • Wighead

    This sale would have been great in Québec, Canada since, according to the law, if no number of console on sale is specified on the ad, the shop would have to offer the console at that price to every customer that is told that the inventory has been cleared. This is to avoid shops to use false sales or to understock the item in sale just to get people in the store.

  • Guest

    $99 Euros? You mean 99 €?

  • Wesley Teck

    I speak dutch and the offer is only valid on the 5th of januari 2014. And only in the Media Markt Hasselt (city in Limburg). This does not include every Media Markt in Belgium!

  • ICHI

    What on Earth is a dollareuro? This offends me on many levels.

  • Guest

    Stupidity at it’s finest.

  • wiimenonowiiu

    So were is the update that it was only a one day sale or the story with an apology

  • Media Market in the Netherlands sells Wii U for €249,- so probably some stunt sale Media market is well known in Europe for these crazy cheap prices every now and then, during a sale like that I bought my 64″ Led full HD television last summer, newest model sold for only 249,- last year august, same tv now again is 499,- it’s a temporarily sale.

    Media market has a slogan cheaper then cheap: “Am I crazy or what?” so don’t take it as a sell out thing it’s just a temp sale, next month or so they do the same with PS4 and sell it for 299,- for a few weeks. Perhaps I should drive to Antwerp Belgium this weekend though and snag me some Wii U’s for 99,99 (just a 40 minute drive for me hehe)

  • Blue Hernandez

    Who knew there were so many Dutch people on this site? It’s pretty amazing.

  • Dutch Retro Society

    It’s not a german retailer, it’s Dutch.. so am i