Nov 21st, 2015


Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash launched yesterday in North America and Europe, but Nintendo decided to give European Wii U owners an extra incentive to download the game.

If you’re in Europe and you download Mario Tennis Ultra Smash on the eShop before December 17th, you’ll get Mario Tennis 64 for free. Nintendo UK made the announcement via Twitter, and hopefully Nintendo of America will offer the same deal to gamers here.

Mario Tennis Ultra Smash launched on November 20th and it has been trashed by reviewers, with an average MetaCritic score of just 60.

We didn’t really expect much from this game in terms of gameplay and content, as we learned that the whole game takes up less than 900 MB. Most current-gen games get patches that are bigger than that.

Interestingly, Nintendo is giving away Mario Tennis 64, which was released 15 years ago and still has more content than Mario Tennis Ultra Smash.

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