Aug 17th, 2012

Eurogamer Wii U commentsYesterday we posted a news article claiming that developer Sumo Digital told Eurogamer that the Wii U’s graphics are on par with the PlayStation 3. It has now been revealed that Eurogamer deliberately crafted a misleading headline in order to capitalize on a hot topic these days: the Wii U specs. The headline read: “Sega: Wii U graphics on-par with PlayStation 3, maybe even better“. The problem is that the developer never said that. They said that the graphics in the Sonic Racing game are “on par” with the PS3. Which makes sense, since the game was ported to the Wii U from current generation hardware. Eurogamer spun the quote to make it sound like the developer was referring to the Wii U’s graphical capabilities, which are of course much more powerful than current generation systems.

Shame on Eurogamer and its writer Tom Philips for using tactics like these. Their “article” was widely reported and Eurogamer was cited all over the web, including us here at Wii U Daily. We’re sorry for the confusion this may have caused to our readers. From now on, we’ll take everything Eurogamer says with an extra grain of salt.

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  • Raul

    That’s pretty pathetic to stoop that low.

    People will do anything for a buck these days.

    • Ultimate Cheez

      Like your mom . . . Lol jk

    • Laura

      Well, some sites do stoop a bit low. I mean, some sites read the original headline of Eurogamer’s article (before they corrected it) and posted an article solely based on that misleading headline just to get some extra page hits. It dies happen. Like it happened over at NINTENDO LIFE.

      If those guys had read the article, they would’ve noticed that Eurogamer actually wrote: “British developer Sumo Digital’s new Sonic racer is graphically “on-par” with current generation consoles – “or maybe even better”, according to publisher Sega.”

      So it’s clear that SEGA was talking about the game, not the Wii U. And yet read NINTENDO LIFE’S current headline:

      “SEGA Declares Wii U Graphical Capabilities to be “On Par” or Better Than PS3″

      And the entire article at that site goes on and on to talk about the Wii U’s capabilities (“The capabilities of Wii U, from the perspective of graphical power, have led to some contradictory comments from the development community”). They only needed to READ pass Eurogamer’s headline to see that SEGA was NEVER even talking about the Wii U’s capabilities.

      NINTENDO LIFE has already recognized their error but the ‘bait-ish’ headline still remains for now. So much for good journalism.

      Wii U Daily was one of the first sites to notice how misleading that Eurogamer headline was. And that’s why I trust this site.

      • mo

        Wow u talk a lota shit

  • Nintendonoob

    EuroGamer just wants attention just like Patcher…. I hope the Wii U kills two patchers with one stone

    • Pachter Jr

      Pachter* I swear the majority of you NFBs are dyslexic.

      • Nintendo Fan 1980

        So why are you on a site for people who like and enjoy Nintendo’s franchises and consoles?

        Don’t you have Sony or Microsofts balls to suck or something?

        • 3rd.Disciple

          But of course, he only needed one free hand to post that trash. They seem so angry, (Pachter & Son) is it at all possible they are doing it wrong?
          Anyway, Blessings & Life Big N fam! Practice makes perfect…

      • Christopher

        That’s nice.

      • SanPharaoh

        We spell it wrong on purpose.

      • Someone

        Pachter Jr …..
        Pachter Jr ………..
        Are you F*cking kidding me??

      • Nintendude

        Trolls like Pachter Jr make me laugh at how pathetic they are.

      • mo

        Sexy name

  • Non-Specific ActionFigure

    The one thing Eurogamer shows is:

    • Tubba Blubba

      Ha ha, Non-specific action figure!

      • Doopliss

        Tubba Blubba! Cool!

        • u mad bro

          Doopliss ha ha!…yeah…

  • DR. spankalot

    reviewutechusa, ya know what i mean 😛

    • Nintendude

      Awww ya!

    • mr. noodle


  • ZMW

    Can’t seem to trust anyone theese days whitout a extra grain of salt.

  • roca

    Get eurogamer money from sony?? Julan must know this

  • fedster

    lol its news about other news

  • Mr. Will

    This is a perfect example of why I like this site. Quick with the news, and quick to correct any mistakes (Read:Bullshit) other sites may put out. Keep it up guys

  • markw1982

    i wonder how much people pay them to lie and make nintendo look bad

  • link5

    Dumb assessed >:(

  • face

    i posted that yesterday!

  • gPadWatcher

    What we need now is a TRUCKLOAD of salt. Eurogamer is the most unreliable source on the planet!

    • LyingTuna

      Yeah, specific websites like this are the most reliable sources. Don’t take that the wrong way, I mean it completely. It’s organized, accurate, and properly cited.

    • Nintendo Alligator

      Hell! lets give them the whole salt mine in Utah………..LMAO

      • Sethlaw225

        I see what u did there…. .lol

  • Josh

    I’m happy it was a lie.

  • AKA-Link77

    Wow this makes me wanna bash the Next-Box and PS4 cuz alot of ppl are hating on Wii U even tho the Nintendo community doesnt have giant-moron trolls like Patcher to make a headline…. -__-

  • Giggity Giggity Goo

    My NES can pump out better graphics then the PS3 and Xbox 360…….Iam just being random guys but yes Eurogamer are liers

    • LyingTuna

      I was gonna say, an NES? It would have to be at least a Super NES!

      • The other dude

        A NES is nore than enough, if you use the POWER OF IMAGINATION! :O

      • link5

        Thats what they should call the wii u instead of th retarted Ass name wii u

      • 88MilesPrower

        Nah man, to get HD graphics out of a 16-bit machine, you need a blast processor.

        • NoPUNintendo

          Blast processor. Holy crap I laughed so hard. I haven’t heard that “term” since Sega Genesis. Main those commericals. We do what Nintendon’t! I hope I’m not the only one that remembers that.

  • u mad bro

    wow eurogamer wow … just wow. -_-

  • LyingTuna

    At GameStop yesterday, I asked about Pre-orders, and the guy working there and I got into a brief conversaition, where I was told that Wii U would have PS3/360 graphics, which I said was wrong. I said it would be better. He said whatever, and that the console looks swell. I agree. I wanting this crap NOW!!!!!

    • link5

      People should really look at the specs before they argue

  • Braulio500

    I do believe you, just one question:
    How did you find out that it wasn’t true? =I
    Can you tell us? =3

  • John

    I’m startiong to dislike this site you don’t use comes logic before posting questionable articles on the wii u it has been said several times by different developrs like colonial marines that wii u is next gen however you continue to post up what trolls say including pachyderm.

  • Nintyfan

    LOL Way to go Eurogamer! XD There loss, us consumers win LOL. It’s hurting Eurogamer, but giving Wii U a lot of Pros for it’s power!

  • Captain Potato

    This just in…the wise and powerful Wii U will grant the XBOX 360 a heart, the PS3 a brain, Eurogamer will get some courage to right another article apologizing for their folly, and some ruby slippers for Patcher so that he can finally go home!

  • chito

    I would like to see a (MK) game come out for the wii u for those of you who don’t understand what (MK) is im talking about (mortal kombat) wow can a man have a dream

  • chito

    Oh and for an (rpg) game thay should do sky of arcadia part 2 that would be a nice one….. Just saying…..

    • Sethlaw225

      Wow …..I freaking loved that game on the dreamcast. One of the best RPG of it’s time.

  • NintendoGator

    I’m gonna mail Eurogamer one of my pet Alligators and see what happends?

  • nambit

    I’m a bit disappointed in the way folks are handling the Wii U. Seems folks **ARE** more interested in the graphical capabilities more than anything else. I admit I want better visuals too, but I’m really interested in what this thing can do. I already have a PS3 and 360 and hardly play games on them (most are from PSN and XBLA). I have a PC which has the best graphics of them all, but don’t really play games on it (last game was aquaria which is amazing, by the way).

    The point is, once we get our first set of Nintendo games in HD, it’ll all wear off and we’ll be dealing with the reality that the gaming experience is what matters. I enjoyed some games on the Wii (and really enjoyed the motion controls when they worked), but now I am very interested in what can be done with the Wii U. Right now, I am looking at the DSi and wondering how this thing is different (apart from the obvious) from the handheld. I must admit, I haven’t enjoyed the touch screen on the DS much which makes me wonder about what folks will do with the Wii U, but then again, handheld games are designed completely different from consoles (and have smaller budgets). But still, enough with the graphics talk. Nintendo really needs to show me why I should be excited for the Wii U. They’ve already scaled back their focus on the revolutionary part of the 3DS (the 3D) and now I wonder where they stand with the Wii U. Will the touch screen end up secondary in the long run as well? We have to consider their track record.

  • chito

    it is confirmed that wii u white and black edition are the same both colors will have the same sd card and all the above here in puerto rico I was talking to a friend of mine that works in gamestop and he told mi preorder of the wii u could be either this month or beginning of september……….

    • Nintendude

      Wrong article…

  • Epic 1

    WHY? Eurogamer WHY?

  • iHATEpachter

    +1000000000000000000000000 to WIIUDAILY for got the balls to post the truth!

  • Domo

    It wasn’t a lie, we all just misunderstood

  • D2K

    Wait. Someone ‘lied’ about the Wii U saying it lacks power? Get outta town!

  • Sammie

    Hey Wii U daily, I just wanted to tell you that the recent Rayman Legends screenshots are in 1920×1080. Confirming the game runs at 1080p on the Wii U. If you write an article about this could you please credit me. Thanks

    • mo

      STFU dumb ass!

      • Sammie

        Isn’t it funny how now there’s a article thanks to me? Why did you tell me to STFU? and why did you call me a dumbass?

        • mo

          STFU snorkle and close ur damn mouth

          • Sammie

            Lol, I’m not gonna bother with you. You’re obviously some bias fanboy, haha.

  • chito

    Is not all about the power is about how much fun you can have on the wii u

  • chito

    hey you can never judge a book by its cover until you start reading it than you can make that decision………. Just saying

  • Christopher

    So I see Eurogamer is trying to cash-in on people how want to hear a developer say that the Wii U is a powerful console.

    I don’t know much about Eurogamer but what I know for sure is that I’m not going to them for news anytime soon.

  • Melk

    Sonic: Oh my god! They lied about the Wii U!
    Mario: You BASTARDS!!

  • Levi Anthony

    What a douchebee. Shame on you magazine headline writer guy!

  • Captain Falcon is b0ss

    Lol what’s with trolls thumbing people down?

    • D2K

      I guess because they found out there was a place where truthful and intelligent conversation was going on about the Wii U they had to coem here and start ruining it for the rest of us.

  • xino

    lol…just a way for them to get hits



    when goldeneye hit wii eurogamer went thank god classic pad no more fps wioth a wii remote WHEN NUNCHUCK AND wii REMOTE BLOW AWAY TWIN STICKS it was all so head in hands watching them burn they do this constantly

    when talking about the wiiu cpu they said if based on a broadway cpu its going to be weak and way under powered then in the next breath called a dualcore 1.6ghz celeron sandybridge a great pc gaming cpu on a budget


    cvg and eurogamer are sister sites and ANTI NINTENDO

  • MujuraNoKamen

    Why would they do that? are they just Sony/MS fans who are just annoyed that Ninty will have a superior console? Man how I hate today’s gaming community, why can’t people stop devoting themselves to just 1 company and embrace Wii U for what it is. (a great console) personally I play Wii and 360 (I don’t own a ps3 there’s not much point since I have an xbox which shares most games with ps3, besides none of the Sony exclusives really appeal to me) as both offer great gaming experiences.

  • John

    That’s actually kind of a relief. I was kind of disappointed when I thought the Wii-U was just “On par” with the PS3 because I was worried that it wouldn’t be able to handle the games that would be released on the eventual “Xbox 720” or “PS4” and it would just be a generation behind again.

    It seems like these “hardcore gamers” love to wail on Nintendo unless they release a new Mario or Zelda game. But I’m guessing the Wii-U will be able to handle next generation games without having them toned down graphically.

    • wake up people

      were did you get that info FROM ANTI NINTENDO INDUSTRY SOURCE !!!!!! THATS WHAT THEY WANT U TO THINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • AcesHigh

    My lord… I’ve been siting headlines out of context for ages on pretty much ALL of our favorite gaming sites. Eurogamer are by FAR not the only ones who do this. And for this website to claim foul is absurd. I love you but you guys take content out of context for catchy headlines quite frequently. (…Will be cool to see if this makes it past the moderators!)

    All of our most favorite sites havedone and continue to do this. No surprise here. We all just need to make sure we read the contents of articles and carefully read quotes from developers in the articles and make our own decisions on what to take away from them. Too many people get worked up over the headlines when they are rarely accurate and are created to generate “clicks”.

  • AcesHigh

    BTW… when will the media finally put a nail in the coffin of this whole, “well this developer says it’s better… this developer says it’s weaker” headline? And we all eat it up and reply with our theories on how to define “better” or defend that we can’t tell till we see the specs… or we get all nerdy, whip out our slide rules and define and compare hypothetical specs and what they mean to hypothetical performance.

    Does it really matter? We’ve all seen the screens of ZombiiU, Rayman and Super Mario U in HD. We know Unreal 4 can run in Modified form on Wii U where it can’t run at all on current gen. We’ve seen what it’s capeable of already. So, all YOU have to do is ask yourself, “do I like what I see”? Yes? GOOD! You win!! No? Well, there’s PS4 in 2 years. For me, I like what I see and can’t wait to play it. I could care less if there are a pair of hamsters on steroids under the hood. I’m sold. Bring it on. In the mean time, hopefully editors of this fine site and others can spend more time looking for news on upcoming games of providing more video amd insight on what they’ve already played. More facts = more fun for me. Bring that on too!