May 8th, 2014


This week’s Nintendo eShop releases for both the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS mostly revolve around Mega Man and Wario Land, though there are a handful of other titles available. We’re moving into the territory where releases on the Wii U are pretty slim with the upcoming Mario Kart 8, but that hasn’t slowed down momentum for the Nintendo 3DS at all. Here’s a look at what’s available to you this week on both systems.

Nintendo Wii U eShop Virtual Console

Wario Land 4

Nintendo Wii U eShop Deals

Trine 2 is on sale for 50% off from now until May 26.

Nintendo 3DS eShop Virtual Console

Mega Man II
Mega Man III

Nintendo 3DS eShop Downloads

The Denpa Men 3: The Rise of Digitoll
Parking Star 3D
Gardening Mama 2: Forest Friends Demo
Jewel Match
Jewel Quest 4 Heritage
Sokomania 2: Cool Job

Nintendo 3DS eShop Deals

Joindots is having a sale on several of their games, including Jewel Match 3, Murder on the Titantic, and 3D Games Collection. This sale extends until May 22.
Aqua Moto Racing 3D is on sale for 25% off until May 29.
Atlus is kicking off a sale for Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl and Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan on May 12, lasting until May 19.

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  • Skelterz

    Megaman + Wario = Where the fuck is mario sunshine HD?

    • Geoffrey Tasker

      Even math finds your equation irrational

      • Skelterz


  • Nope.avi

    Aren’t those games ALWAYS on sale for the 3ds?

    • Victor Gonçalves

      I wish nintendo look more like the steam on digital games and sales :T

      • Dominicruz

        That’s not going to happen .At least for now.

    • candyisgood

      And Trine 2 & Splinter Cell are always on sale for the WiiU too. Although Trine has seen a lower price, I got it for 7.99 but it’s currently 9.99

  • iamserious

    So nothing for Wii U then?

    • Fred

      Wario Land 4 is on Wii U

      • iamserious

        I know but aside from 1 game is there anything else? 3DS seems to be getting a good amount of Eshop games while Wii U gets 1. That was my point.

        • Fred

          In that you’re correct

  • Fred

    Megaman II and III came out on 3DS like a year ago.

  • John Andalora

    This week is a great example of what Ashley was talking about earlier with her article about how indies are important for the Wii U.
    Really ask yourself if this is going to be enough to get people to go out and purchase this console.

    • Rinslowe

      No, but it’s not all that’s going for it either. Would you rather they didn’t develop VC or Indie relationships?
      I know, I know – you would rather they spent their resources on new IP’s and AAA thrid party exclusives etc.. etc..
      Well, we probably all do actually. But VC and Indies aren’t realistically in the way of that.
      They have the content. We know about the titles. We just don’t when they intend on releasing them…

      • John Andalora

        Yeah, the resources argument is kind of a bad one I brought up a while ago.
        But honestly my issue is I’ve played these games so many times before. I’ve played Super Mario Bros and Legend of Zelda and Wario Land and so on and so forth…
        I don’t think VC is as bad an idea now, as I do understand that there are a lot of people who haven’t played those and it gives them an opportunity to reach into the past, but I personally am ready to move on.

        • Rinslowe

          You and me both for 90% of titles that have released so far on VC.
          But my point was aimed more at your question/ statement of “is it enough to move systems”…
          No it isn’t, but it was never really designed that way either.
          You know for early adopters like us, I know you’ve moved on from Wii U already to PS4, but for us early adopters it has been too few and far between first party titles. Made worse by the near 8 month software drought last year of next to nothing, right?
          But now… now is a different story. For people yet to buy into Wii U they will find 2014 to be quite an attractive option. If Kart is enough to bring new gamer’s to the platform, those lucky people will also have SM3DW/ Pikmin 3/ W101/ Zombie U/ DKCTF, all great exclusives to get through before Smash arrives later in the year.
          Bayonetta 2 and likely X as well.

          So I think there is quite enough content today to validate a purchase, assuming “the consumer” in question was on the fence to begin with.

          Indies and VC titles are just another platform within the platform to further add value to the bread and butter model. Maybe one day they’ll be bonfide earners in their own right. But that’s likely way off…

          I for the love of white chocolate am baffled why we haven’t heard anything from Nintendo on N64 and Gamecube remakes though. Surely they must know how badly the fans are calling for it???

  • Mario’s Love Child

    Might pick up some of these games.

  • candyisgood

    Well that was terrible for the WiiU, but the ray of light is I personally loved WL4, and missed the 3DS ambassador club, so I downloaded it. Glad they chose to rerelease it anyway. Minish Cap must be on the horizon (even if its a distant one)


    I wished I could pick up Wario Land 4 and other eshop games but i saving my money on Mario Kart 8. I might just pick up a $10 eshop card and download it though…..

  • Donaald


  • nintendofan

    i think this should make a Nintendo wii u comeback. lets not forget how great wario is,

  • nintendofan

    and incase you didn’t get the picture ill post another one of the many great moments in this game.

  • KartSmash

    Unrelated to this article, but what happened to the Wii U portion of I haven’t seen a new post there since April 21st. Is there something I missed?

    • there’s new articles there all the time…

      • KartSmash

        that’s weird, the last article I see when I go there is the “Awesomenauts could come to Wii U if devs find a port partner” article. It’s been like that for a while now, what could be causing that?

        • Desend

          Have to clear your history and cache through the Internet options. It happens there sometimes. I assume you’re using Chrome? Had me stumped there for a bit as well.

          • KartSmash

            yea it’s on chrome thanks!

        • listen to the guy below you 😛 There’s new stuff all the time!

  • anthony optimo

    The Warioland 4 trailer sold me, I’m getting that game because of the song.

  • Guest

    wow all those game sucks

  • thedeciderU

    nintendo can’t afford to not release a more steady stream of vc titles on wiiu. i hope they will figure this out. why only one game on offer this week?

  • Iflywright

    I guess there’s always next week…

    • Denvy

      …to be disappointed again…*sigh*

  • Andrew W Garttmeyer

    …I don’t even know why I click on these articles anymore, there is never anything good.

  • I am Error.

    Trine 2 is always on sale.
    It’s the new ‘Code of Princess’. Always half off.