Jul 27th, 2015


From July 9 to July 23, the Nintendo eShop had an Epic Indie Sale featuring several high profile and lesser known indie games at a great discount. The big draw of the sale was that if you already owned or purchased one of the indie titles on the list, you could get up to 60% off the other games. That led to higher adoption rates for several lesser known games in the list.

KnapNok Games PR manager Anchel Labena says that the success of the sale made it possible for lesser known developers like KnapNok to enjoy the same success that larger indie developers see.

Players might know some of these developers but not the others, but thanks to this type of marketing strategy, you spread awareness about the other studios and at the same time you generate a positive view of your own. It’s all about goodwill. We’ve received messages from fans who are very grateful of this approach too and would love to see more love from one developer to another.

Of course, it helps that the various developers taking part in the sale cross-promoted themselves on various days through social media, giving better exposure to some of the lesser known developers included in the sale. No exact sales data was given for any region, but given the developer response it’s possible we’ll see more sales like this in the future on the Wii U.

Did you pick up any of these 14 games while they were on sale?

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