Oct 15th, 2013

Ubisoft released a new trailer today that shows the origins of Edward Kenway as a privateer gone wrong before turning full-fledged pirate. Edward narrates the trailer and describes his descent into piracy in the hunt for treasure and revenge against those who he feels has wronged him.

It’s a good look at the protagonist we’ll all be playing in just a few short weeks. What do you think of this newest trailer? Does it change your opinion about the Assassin’s Creed series at all? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Eduardo

    Looks good.

  • bizzy gie

    It doesn’t matter if Edward could fly and and destroy enemies with a mere look.

    He could be stronger than the Hulk and faster than Sonic. He could be invincible. He could be a power brain much smarter than Einstein or Hawking.

    People will ALWAYS think Ezio is the best.

    • YogiGRB

      Personally i like Altaïr the best

    • I don’t think that’s the case. Altair and Ezio were both strong characters. Connor himself wasn’t, while Haytham was. AC3 was such a poor game in many people’s eyes that it won’t take much for AC4 to succeed if Edward is a strong character, which he appears to be.

      • Pebbicle

        Oh please, you’re contradicting yourself. First you disagree with bizzy saying that “>Peoplepeople’s< eyes"… it's called personal opinions, and as a diehard AC-fan I can clearly say that Connor has his reasons for being "dull". Try to be happy after everything he has gone through and you will see what I'm talking about.
        However this isn't about that, and as a sidenote the main character is not what makes the game, take every silent protagonist out there such as Link and Gordon Freeman for example.
        I do not wish to start a discussion about this, I merely want to get my point across that personal opinions do exist and that characters in a game is not what decides if it's successful or not in most cases.
        Have a continued nice evening!

        • Well, she did say, “I don’t think that’s the case”, implying further opinion. So… your whole “oh please” shtick is kind of unnecessary.

        • Except Assassins’ Creed is a character driven game. In each game you’re put into a character’s shoes and you follow along with the story through their eyes. Most people who play those games do so for the character steeped in a historical setting. Connor was a big reason why AC3 wasn’t as successful as the previous games because he was not as fleshed out as Altair or Ezio.

          His motivations were strong and his relationship with Haytham was an interesting one, but toward the end of that game you spent most of your time playing errand boy between Washington and Haytham. It was boring. There was no character development.

          • Pebbicle

            People who play AC doesn’t like Connor because he is a realistically recreated character, Ezio on the other hand is someone people like because he is extremely self confident and can back his words up with his skills. He is someone every guy would like to be, and that’s exactly why that generic archetype often shows up in fiction.
            And when you compare a believable character to an idealistic fantasy man, naturally he’s going to come off as lacking for most hollow people don’t you think?
            Not fleshed out? Well, you mentioned him yourself, you play as Haytham as well, playing as two characters in a (relatively) linear game does mean that you won’t have that much time to get to know both of them very well. Ezio on the other hand, had THREE games dedicated to him (whether R is to be considered to be split between Ezio and Altair can be discussed), so it’s pretty natural that he would come out as the “more interesting character”. They are two different persons in two different time settings with two different backgrounds, comparing them would be absurd.

      • dasapolis

        Connor was a strong character, but not in the traditional video game style. He had ideals that he would pursue until the end of time. He came from a different background and didn’t know much about society when he left his village, he only knew that he would try to rid the world of evil. His mother was killed by lawful people when he was a kid. He doesn’t know anything about what’s modern, or funny, or any of that. He sure is a different, grounded character, but that does not mean he is weak.

    • Mario

      Um… Are you crazy?

  • YogiGRB

    love the AC series, but part 1 with Altaïr the most

    Edit: what i like most is that at the end of the clip you see play3 and 360 together and after that the WiiU, PC, play4 and XB-one as next-gen displayed 😀

  • alex toschi

    Is anyone else kind of tired at how fast these games come out? I’m just not a huge fan of the story in these games I think it’s kind of lazy the way they attach all the descendants of Desmond from different times and completely different races of people on different continents. I also am not a huge fan of the whole aliens thing.

    • The aliens thing was weak as hell, IMO. I don’t think Desmond is particularly interesting, and I feel like most people probably play this series for the actual featured assassin and the gameplay, not Desmond’s part in the story. Every time it cuts to a Desmond scene, I wonder how many people go, “Oh not this again.”

      • alex toschi

        When they jumped on the “the world is ending in 2012” bandwagon, I just shook my head. Are you telling me that Desmond, a clearly middle eastern looking person, has the lineage of a italian, middle eastern, and half native american english assassin? Not to mention none of the characters ever seem to try to trace their lineage back to these previous assassins. I can’t believe they were awarded for storytelling. Don’t get me wrong, the gameplay is great( although a bit repetitive at times), but I just can’t stand the ridiculous story behind the characters I am playing.

  • 7Down

    I found AC3 a bit confusing, but I did like it. It was my first AC game, so I assume I’m quite clueless about the story behind Desmond and the other assassins