Dec 11th, 2013




[Author’s Note: Before I start, let me just say one thing. I am probably going to say things about Nintendo you disagree with, and you’re probably going to have a different opinion than I will. That’s okay!  I’d also like to point out that I really do love Nintendo as a company, and I’m still going to be a hardcore Nintendo fan. That being said, it’s important to not become so biased that you can’t recognize when the company makes a mistake, and I think they’ve made a huge mistake.]

The gist of it

Nintendo’s VGX announcement has made me pretty cranky. If you haven’t heard, Cranky Kong was speculated as a playable character for Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze a few weeks before the show, but last Saturday it was officially confirmed by Nintendo to an audience of thousands. I have to admit, I agree with Francis in the article I posted yesterday. This was not a good thing to announce at VGX.

Let me start by addressing the main argument I hear against my viewpoint. “The show sucked anyway!” or “Nintendo didn’t want to announce Zelda because it’s too good for VGX!”. I will wholeheartedly agree–the show was awful–and I was barely able to watch the entire bit with Nintendo. The hosts were boring and uninteresting and the whole thing was unprofessional. But I’m not here to criticize VGX. I’m here to criticize Nintendo.

Even though the show may have been awful, that is no excuse to pass up on the opportunity to reach such a huge audience. Especially one mostly made up of the kind of gamer you are sorely disappointing: the “hardcore” crowd. The ones who think that in order to be considered good, a game must be photo-realistic and have as much gore as possible. The ones who drool over scantily clad idols and are all too ready to shriek obscenities over a microphone. These people think Nintendo is a “kiddy” company, with silly games that are just remade every year. This was Nintendo’s big chance to show them that “Hey, we have a family friendly image, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some mature gaming on our console”.


They could have shown Bayonetta 2 which is exclusive to the Wii U and filled with seductive references, demon slaying, and amazing graphics. The reaction would’ve gone from “VGX sucked!” to “VGX was awful, but did you see that awesome Bayonetta trailer?!” Spike is a huge TV channel–but for some idiotic reason–they didn’t air this event on that channel. If they advertised it, they would probably be looking at an audience of about a hundred thousand and because of the publicity of such a huge event on a major network, that audience would probably grow even more. Nintendo will probably never garner that big an audience with a Nintendo Direct, which is why they should have used this opportunity with Spike to show the world something that needs to be known about Nintendo: they are for everyone. But the image that they showed at the VGX is one that simply reinstates the views of the Spike demographic: Nintendo makes cartoony, rehashed games. You and I probably know that’s false, but Nintendo needs to show the rest of the world that it’s false as well.

Nintendo… Listen

We know Nintendo loves their franchises–and they should–because they all contain terrific games. Their problem comes from them not properly understanding the Western market. People online have been screaming for a Metroid and Zelda ever since the Wii U was announced. We know there’s a Zelda in progress, but we have no word on Metroid. That’s it. Remember everybody’s reaction to finding out Retro Studios wasn’t working on Metroid? Nintendo is a smart company and they’ve been doing gaming longer than any other company. Why can’t they understand that people are looking for something to play along with Mario and Donkey Kong?



Almost everyone will agree that Mario and Donkey Kong are fun games, but not everyone will buy a console just for Nintendo platformers. I know what you’re probably going to say: “Well what about Pikmin?” “What about Nintendo Land?”. Yes, those games are terrific–and I love them–but hear me out. Nintendo needs to recreate its image. Their console is coming off as the underpowered choice that always plays it safe and relies on gimmicks. Anyone who is a Nintendo  fan knows there is more to the Wii U than just a gimmick, but to anyone who hasn’t owned a Nintendo console since the Nintendo 64, Nintendo probably looks pretty silly.

So what’s my point? What am I trying to get at? I want Nintendomination again. I want the Wii U’s sales to soar. I want to see people trading secrets about the newest Zelda, or blasting each other online in Metroid. I want Miiverse to replace Facebook! (Well, you get my point…) I want third parties to start developing for Nintendo more than the others, and I want people to finally see Wii U and its successors as the gamer’s consoles, as opposed to the kiddy consoles.

How can all this happen? Only if Nintendo lets it. They need to start taking advantage of the opportunities they are given. They have access to Spike’s audience, they need to show something big and flashy. They have a Nintendo Direct, they can announce a new character. They have access to advertising on Nickelodeon, they can promote family features. Nintendo needs to start doing the right advertising in the right places, and I think once that’s done, they’ll finally start to see the return of their glory days.

  • RyuNoHadouken

    right on

  • alex toschi

    The so called huge audience all in all wasn’t that large. There isn’t many people on set, it wasn’t even broadcasted on television on Spike across the country. It probably had the same amount of traffic as a Nintendo direct. Hardly the most appropriate place to reveal a AAA mature title. I do agree with some points you made though.

    • Magnus Eriksson

      What Nintendo really needs is another New Super Mario Bros game for Wii U. They could turn the levels backwards to create the feeling of a new game. Also they must flood the console with special editions like New Super Toad U (red, blue and yellow versions) or New Super Peach U. There can never be enough of this game, so my advice is that Nintendo use much of their resources o bringing a New Super Mario game every sixth month. Also Nintendo should bring more attention to their Party Franchises, maybe mix them with their popular mascots? Mario Party is given. But what with a Peach Party? Luigi Party? Toad Party or even better Metroid Party and Zelda Party. Also Samus Aran, Link and Zelda should become playable characters in the different entries in New Super Mario Series, or maybe get Samus from Metroid as a playable in DonkeyKong Series. Make the Wii U into a Mario console.

      But Nintendo needs to get some steam into their commercials, things are happening but not quick enough. Mario, Luigi, Toad, Peach and Yoshi are already to find as teddybears, so is Zelda, Link and Tingle. But Nintendo needs to do more. Make cartoons in the hundreds like SEGA did with Sonic. Preferable in educational style. Mario Math series and Link says no to drugs. Learn to read with Koopa Troopa etc. Toys, Lego, clothing, food boxes, CD’s with sing-a-long-with-Samus etc.

      • I’m ready to learn with Koopa Troopa

        • Magnus Eriksson

          Lol, This is actually my worst nightmare πŸ˜€

          • It’s my dream… IM READY TO LEARN KOUNTING WITH KOOPA!!! XD

          • Cdwoods

            Screw that, link says no to drugs is better.

          • I prefer Mario teaches Manners

          • Cdwoods

            Ehh, sing along samus is my cup of tea really.

          • Fox’s fractions is pretty useful

          • Cdwoods

            Zebras with zelda is a fun biology study.

          • Tingle’s Teaching Time taught me nothing…

          • Cdwoods

            Oh, you should try innuendos with impa. Kinda gross, but interesting.

          • Gannon’s Gourmet Cooking gave me some handy tips

          • Cdwoods

            Eh, potty training with peach helps me a lot.

          • Pikmin go patrolling helped me learn how to look out for strangers

          • Cdwoods

            Running with Rosalinda taught me how to walk.

        • steve

          i was actually thinking you wrote this article lol

        • Nintedward

          Just noticed that you wrote this article bro! Enjoyed reading it.

          Are you like a voluntary writer for this site now or something? If so, how did you become one?

          I would love to write like one article a month or something for this site voluntarily, how would I go about doing so? I understand that the site may already have a lot of paid writers and voluntary already, but I think I could contribute an interesting and humorous article to this site once in a while πŸ™‚

          And again, great job on this article bro.

          • Thank you very much :3

            Sadly, the call for contributors is just about over, I think… There was an article about it a few weeks back, and now we’re all staffed up. You can try emailing the site, but like I said, I think we’re about full :/

          • Nintedward

            No probz, I think I make my fair share of points in this sites awesome comment sections anyways πŸ˜›
            I noticed that there is lots of different names who post the articles, that’s why I was a little coy when asking!

            But if in the future any opportunity for the odd voluntary article arises, I’ll be interested! For now, my article like comments will do the trick lol!

          • just write your own articles in the comments πŸ˜€ you will be the best comment writer ever ;D

        • lonewolf88

          congrats zorpix on your first article πŸ˜€

          • thanks! But this is my third article or so πŸ˜›

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Appreciate your contributions. Keep up the good work. You only need to write another 1500 articles to equal with Ash πŸ˜‰

            Also good that you are active in the comment section for your articles. Thats good for debating.

          • ASHLEY I’M COMIN FOR YA!!! >:D

            Thank you :3 I try to stay as active as possible so people feel like they’re being engaged by the author. I hate it on websites where the author just writes and kisses the page goodbye. I love this community, and I wanna help give back to it :3

          • lonewolf88

            really wow i need to start looking at authors name more often πŸ˜›

          • XD hopefully I’ll have a little blurb at the bottom soon!

      • Con

        Nintendo could also maybe stop relaying on kiddy games center around 6-12yr and come up with a new Ip and stop reusing the same plumbing mascot over & over again

        • Magnus Eriksson

          No, they should target all their resources on 6-12 yar olds. Why couldnt Mario do the things Dora the explorer do? Think about the Toads doing the same job as Teletubbies? With some fantasy Nintendo could fill the childrens channels with their franchises.

          • Con

            God I hope your being sarcastic lol

      • Shota

        sing-a-long-with-Samus! Hahahahaha that made my day!!!!!! XD

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        4 people didn’t appreciate sarcasm.

        • Magnus Eriksson

          Probably very young children. They havent developed the sense for sarcasm yet.

      • Gabe Hoffman

        you mean this Geez even Luigi and Peach are terrified of this abomination

        • Magnus Eriksson

          This is excactly what Nintendo needs.

          • This should’ve been on the Wii U Day 1

        • Zach Cruz

          I remember having this when I was little. I thought it was really fun at the time.

      • Sydney Ultrasyd

        Magnus, you are awesome πŸ˜€

    • yeah, it wasn’t as big as I thought it was initially, however they are going to be airing it later this week on the channel too.

      I was really surprised when I learned they weren’t going to be using their channel for it.

      “SPIKE TV PRESENTS THE VGX!!!! …Not airing on Spike TV. Go online to watch it. We don’t really care about it.”

      Kinda a dick move on their part

  • Jack5221

    Agreed. Sorry Reggie, my body was not ready for disappointment.

    • mine was, I just wish it didn’t have to be πŸ˜›

  • david jarman

    Naw, I’m glad nintendo stuck to their guns. Nintendo is about making fun and unique experiences. I’m glad they didn’t sell out to the new narrow minded “hardcore” audience that limit themselves to only certain types of games. As for Francis, he should be spending more time on a diet and treadmill then making these videos. He’s more at risk of dying then the wiiu.

  • Laud

    Are we still going on about this?

    Come on Zorpix, we all know how it is. There are like 50,000 articles about the same thing mentioning Francis and all sorts of other youtubers.

    Give me some deals, I wanna buy stuff. I’m in a buy stuff mood.

    • Sorry XD Just had to throw my two cents out there.

      Hrm… deals, you say? Well Nintendo is having that special “character of the week” sale on the eshop πŸ™‚ What kind of deals were you looking for?

      • Laud

        Well, you could try to find a cheap copy of smash bros and do an article on project M and how wii u people can play the mod too.

        • I’ll suggest that to our senior editors!

  • Alexander Kleinwechter

    I think VGX was a wake-up call for nintendo. I hope nintendo now realise they have to start marketing more, and you know they sad they would improve their sales and ads next year, i think that will happen. Also they will release more about the new zelda in the near future. They wanted to show it at E3 already, then on a another occasion. So maybe just before christmas or after the holidays, i dont think that nintendo has forgotten about these things and i am actually not worried at all about the wii u. Im 100% sure it will succeed very good this gen!

    • Theiz Zzee

      I have seen more marketing the last few months. I do agree with this article. They need more of a balanced attack.

    • I agree. They’ve already started improving advertising. A lot. Zelda and Smash and the like will only garner more attention. I’m sure the Wii U will be fine, but I’m not sure how fine yet…

  • Saul Rivera

    As many have mentioned before…VGX is not the place to make a big announcement…but I would have loved if they showed something like X though…instead of DK

    • my exact sentiment πŸ™‚

  • Gabe Hoffman

    Look Zorpix I understand why your upset but I think you should just let it go and move on. You say that Bayonetta or X would have been a better choice. While it may look like that, unfortunetley the people who watch spike are likely more into the FPS genre of games than RPGs. Problem is X and Bayonetta are too niche. Bottom line, No matter what they showed it wouldn’t have made much of a difference. From what I hear the viewership was quite low anyway. Smash, Mario Kart, Bayonetta, and X are still a relatively long ways off. Donkey Kong sort of made sense because it comes out in like two months so naturally Nintendo would want to give the game publicity

    • You’re right! It isn’t an RPG audience, and they gameplay might not really appeal to them. The reason I pointed out Bayonetta was because 1. the first game was on both Xbox 360 and PS3, so it had an audience with people who maybe never owned a Nintendo console before, and 2. I think people seeing a trailer that graphic with a Nintendo logo after it would’ve turned some heads.

      But, you’re right. It could’ve easily gone the other way πŸ™‚

      • Gabe Hoffman

        Remember that Bayonetta 1 sold terribly on 360 and PS3. Don’t forget the mini meltdown the internet had when it was announced that Bayonetta 2 would be Nintendo exclusive. The announcement alone probably gave Wii U more publicity then would have been possible at VGX. My point is anyone going into a show like VGX expecting nuclear grade E3 bombshells is just setting themselves up for disappointment. Was it underwhelming? yes it was. But does it doom Nintendo? no

        • I dont think it dooms Nintendo either. I’m just saying they need to get their marketing together

    • MujuraNoKamen

      But at least X or Bayonetta are more Mature than DK. I’ve got to ask why Nintendo went to an FPS fans’ event without anything that would appeal to them? Giving DK publicity is fine but trying to persuade haters of such games that they need it because of a new character was never going to work. Get them on board with a Nintendo exclusive title that interests them then they might be more open to DK and Mario.

  • Rugmouse

    I actually have quite a few reactions/counter arguments to what you have written here, but I’ll save most of it for the forums (I’m thinking I’ll draft up a reaction thread…get some good old discussion going there).

    You and I had a brief discussion via private chat about one of my points for defending a Donkey Kong announcement. Donkey Kong is their next big franchise title that will be hitting store shelves. Looking at the announcement from a release schedule standpoint, it makes perfect sense to show off their closest-to-release AAA title.

    That being said, I found the Cranky Kong gameplay very derivative. The whole time I was simply superimposing Scrooge McDuck over cranky and thinking, ‘oh…so that is how Scrooge would look on DK island.’ Heck – it even reminded me of Shovel Knight.

    I was disappointed in the show, no question about it. But NOT about them showing Donkey Kong…it was the footage revealed that was disappointing.

    • That’s a really good point. It could’ve been an amazing announcement if the footage they showed was better. Maybe revealed some new level mechanics at the same time, or had a DK sizzle reel trailer at the end.

      In the end, I suppose the reveal didn’t work out too badly for them, but it wasn’t as great as it could’ve been.

    • Kenshin0011

      What about the fact that cranky Kong was already rumored, making it unworthy of an official reveal via a show that Nintendo is making a grand entrance too?

      What about the fact that the wii u already has a 2D platformer, nsmbu, making it redundant to keep featuring 2D platformers for your starving next gen console?

      3D world is great and so will Mario kart 8 and smash bros, but where’s a genuinely fresh game? Bayonetta 2 and/or Monoliths X would have been a much smarter choice to shoe off

      • Kenshin0011

        And reggie’s said we’d see a “new look” at an upcoming wii u game and the vgx site said reggie’s would bring a “world premiere” announcement….how is that not hyping fans for something truly special?

        • NintenScience

          Hyping often requires exaggeration of the importance or benefits of a product.

          • Kenshin0011

            Yep, and that’s what they did. The host of the show tweeted pics of the master sword. Nintendo has never been to the vgx but decided to this year. The site saying “world premiere” incites hype. Not saying it should be zelda, but cranky Kong is very lackluster

  • 7Down

    Well to be honest, in a point of view, it was a clever thing to do, now everyone talks about DKC TF…

    • That’s the thing. I mean, it was bad because it wasn’t groundbreaking, but it was kinda good, because they have press now. any press is good press I suppose :3

  • jjbredesen

    Great article Zorpix keep it up, i agree with you on just about everything.

    • Thank you very much πŸ™‚

  • NintenScience


    • yeah?

      • NintenScience

        Did you publish this article?

        • I wrote it, yes πŸ˜›

      • Guest

        Who down-voted your comment? O_o

        • I dunno and I dont care πŸ˜›

  • Jon

    Honestly, DK was a better title, The only one that could have possibly topped it would be Smash or maybe even Mario Kart. Yes they could have talked about Bayonetta but that game does not even have a release date yet nor does it even have an official box art cover. My best guess for Bayonetta would be Fall to Holiday next year or if not by then, Q1 of 2015. DK is Nintendo next big game to come out. The point of the announcement was to confirm Cranky Kong AND give us the new release date for the game which we never had until now (well, the VGX announcement). The Problem is with Bayonetta, is it is more of those niche games and isn’t as popular as the DK series is.

    • Did we not have a release date? I could’ve sworn we had something… or was it just “February”?

      As for DK being a better title, I see your point entirely. They want to promote their next game that’s coming out, and it’s a good idea. The problem in my opinion, is the audience. Even though bayo doesnt have a release date or box art, this would’ve been a good time to show that if it was ready. We’ve already seen gameplay once if not twice, and I think a gameplay video would’ve done quite a bit. However, it also could’ve flopped. That’s just my two cents though ^w^

      • Jon

        not sure where you heard February as places have just said 2014. All sources I see say TBA or 2014 and DK is in February so I doubt bayonetta is as well.

        • no no, the DK release date, not bayonetta. Sorry! ^^

  • verymetal

    I agree with this article wholeheartedly. I noticed on Spike TV that they had a show on last night called “The best of VGX.” I recorded it and just got through watching it and every demo was shown on that show all except for Donkey Kong. As a matter of fact Nintendo wasn’t even mentioned at all. I think they would’ve been mentioned alongside games like Titanfall, Witcher, or Destiny if the had showed something besides Donkey Kong. Also, before the Wii U was even released Iwata said in many interviews that they are going to cater to the core gamer. People that are going to argue about what a core gamer is, then ask yourself why this article was even written and why “The best of VGX” didn’t even mention Nintendo. Look…growing up stinks, but we all have to do it sometime.

    • It’s just so frustrating to see them in this position. They DONT understand the western audience. I remember them saying the “core gamer”, but I have yet to see them deliver on this promise. Unless they mean core Nintendo gamer, in which case they’ve been doing well.

      That’s really shitty of VGX to do something like that though, not mention Nintendo. The president of the company himself came down, and you dont even grace his appearance? This whole ordeal is kinda messed up XD

      Thank you for reading πŸ™‚

  • Johny

    Keep up the good work Zorpix πŸ˜€ glad to see you’re writing articles now

    • Thank you! So am I πŸ™‚

  • Great article and I agree. Nintendo makes great products and great games but they need to rethink their approach to marketing and showcasing their products.

    • exactly. They have really great games and consoles. They just have the hardest time telling people :/

      • Sometimes I think they feel if they showcase off a game like Bayonetta or “X” or even something that is in the Teen Ratings scale they feel like they will taint their family image. I think they need to show they are both family friendly and gamer friendly. Show off that you can play Mario and Zelda and Donkey Kong and also Play games like CoD, Assassins Creed, and other games that may be for a different audience.

        • exactly! they need to show that they are for EVERYONE.

          • Gabe Hoffman

            Wii U does have games like Assassins Creed, Batman, and COD, the problem is, how do they convince people to buy the Wii U version

          • exactly. They have great 3RD party games on there, just no one is buying them because they dont market themselves as something that can have a lot of different games

          • I know the gamepad or a second screen/touchscreen controller is not for everyone but if some would look past their bias they would see how it can truly enhance the playing of the game. Heck I actually purchased Batman Arkham Origins again for the Wii U and gave my XBOX360 copy to a friend since I haven’t completed it again. Well worth the purchase IMO as the gamepad makes the game better for me.

      • Majora’s Mask

        no the mistake is they hint everything but nobody understands their hints and by then everyone has bought the ps4 and is jealous and to revenge nintendo he calls it kiddy

    • Magnus Eriksson

      I agree, but downvote you anyways. πŸ™‚

      • Rinslowe

        I’ll upvote you for what could be the strangest post today, lol

        Is that Magnus code for agree to disagree?

  • sharlo galmo

    Hahahahahaha just stop please, just stop dude…The VGX is the worst game show i’ve ever seen, Nintendo showing Donkey kong is not good, but VGX sooooo bad that i don’t care!!!

    • XD I dont argue that it is that bad

      • sharlo galmo

        I watch everything from the show, and this was the baddest show i’ve ever seen. For me it was the baddes show, the way the show goed was bad, and all the games they show, we have seen everything a couple months ago. Nothing was realy world priemere..

  • Rinslowe

    Great write up Zorpix!

    About the pertinent topic, I think we’ve all bashed this out pretty extensively over the last few days on two or three articles so far. And I believe that almost unanimously most would agree DK was not the right choice for this particular show. Anyone still clinging to the hardcore stance in conflict with that realisation is possibly in denial. A lot.
    But realistically, who’s going to remember VGX this time next week? Or two weeks from now? And all the while those great titles like the one mentioned – Bayonetta 2 – is still coming. It’s still getting released in 2014 and it’s still every bit as impressive as it was the last time. Sure, a few new tidbits at VGX would have done Wii U and Bayo 2 a ton of favours. But again, what was really lost that can be quantified by this recent act of stupidity? I think, not a lot in the big scheme of things.
    About relying on only Mario and DK to drive sales, absolutely that would be severely lacking in foresight on Nintendo’s behalf and just as well they have two proven sellers confirmed for release next year also. One of which seems highly likely to make a spring release – sooner than expected. My money is on Kart. On that topic of Kart and Smash, I recently took part in a small survey/ questionnaire on IGN about which games people were most interested in playing/ owning in 2014. Multiple choice separated by genre. Both Kart and Smash were ahead by a fair margin when I checked it last. Sure this was a far cry from being reliable as people can probably take multiple run through’s, but it’s still likely representative of the majorities interest in both titles. And I can’t help but feel as though despite Nintendo’s foolhardy attempt at humouring the masses of dude bro’s during VGX, that they still have a promising year ahead.

    Metroid, Starfox etc.. have not been ruled out. And Nintendo being Nintendo likely know that 2014 doesn’t get to repeat itself so 2015 – 2016 – 2017 needs just as much oomph as ever…

    • NintenScience


    • Thank you πŸ™‚
      quite a post! πŸ˜›

      I agree with your agreeing with me πŸ˜›

      Also, something on IGN mentioned that Smash is revealed to be a spring release as well πŸ˜› but yeah, those games have people excited πŸ™‚

      Metroid was almost confirmed at VGX. Reggie’s pin, the fact that he said they haven’t abandoned it… Its out there πŸ˜›

      • Rinslowe

        I totally agree with what this guy just said about it; and the more I think about it myself, the more I believe Nintendo should have just run another N direct parallel to this show – and it would have been exempt from the stupidity that plagued it instead of contributing “to it” …
        “I don’t recall any videogame-related show or media event that has created such mixed reactions. The majority of people that enjoyed the show seemed to be young males who have only been interested in videogames for the last generation or so, or at least that’s how it appeared from my perspective. Those annoyed with the show appear to carry much more in-depth passion for the industry and its fruits.”

        • Wow… great quote. No wonder I”ve never seen anyone liking it, I dont talk to people like that πŸ˜€

    • Magnus Eriksson

      Yeah, time to let that one die now. It was a fuck up, and many of us sees it as “yet another nail in the coffin” for Wii U (dont mistake this for trolling, its not for fun – its a tragic feeling), but its better to look forward towards… fuck… Zelda U that they was going to show at VGX. Now Im mad again.

      The thing is that many of us hardcore Nintendo fans are emotionally attached to Nintendo in a very special way. Nintendo was a very awesome thing all kids had. After school we went to each other playing Duck Hunt, Super Mario Bros while our friends mothers made us sandwiches and hot chocolate. I remember a friend of mine who told he had beaten Mike Tyson in Punch-Out the same morning. All the guys in our class went home to him after school, sitting there until he finally was able to beat Tyson the second time that day. I was the first kid to beat Metroid, giving spoilers to the rest of the kids that the robot wasnt a robot but a girl. No one believed me at first, but in the weeks to come more and more kids could sign the revelation that the coolest action hero in the gaming world was a chick who got undressed after the game. And not to mention the Zelda games, or Kid Icarus or Faxanadu, one of the earliest rpg’s. The first kid who got a Super Nintendo lived just beside the school, in the free minutes between classes we ran to him to play Street Fighter II.

      Yeah, it got history to it. I was 17 or around that when I got the N64. Again all friends gathered in my place to collect all 120 stars. We played day and night. And Wave Racer, Mario Kart not to speak of 007 Golden Eye. And then the Gamecube came with Melee, even better than Smash on N64. Sadly the GCN never took off like Playstation, but it still had many great games. Some years later I bought a DS to my daughter, and for christmas the same year she got a Wii. Motion gaming was… yeah, all of you know how much fun Wii Sports was. And it got Mario Kart, Twilight Princess, a pretty good Smash (but no Melee), Galaxy 1&2, some very cool arcade classic shooters in the Resident Evil franchise… it brought back the light gun from NES era. We where suddenly playing Duck Hunt with Zombies.

      Then came Wii U, and a lot of promises. Sadly most of those promises were broken. It didnt get any third party support. It didnt get much 1st party or second party either. Well, even the old classic childhood games on Virtual Console was released late, and with a tragically slow speed. Many of the best titles was already bought on Wii, so it offered little new but to buy one or twos single low quality games per month (those one didnt have). Kind of disappointing to see how ones childhood favourite company gives me the option to chose between Golf, Tennis and Urban Champion. One year of waiting, with a lot of promises but with little to back them up other than “please understand” and apologizes. In my world its horrible that Nintendo should apologize for anything. N64 didnt have to many games compared to Playstation. When confronted with this Shigeru Miyamoto simply said “-Nintendo makes games, not movies.”. That console got Mario64, Zelda, Golden Eye, Star Wars, and much more.

      Wii U makes platforming games that dont benefit from the pad. When I play a Wii U game and looks at the pad it always reminds me that it doesnt need the screen.

      And to the point. A part of me hoped that Nintendo attained this event to show me and other fans that you should never count them out. I wanted them to prove me wrong. And they didnt – they proved me right. And thats so disappointing. I wanted them to show something they had kept hidden the last year. Things that the Wii U pad could offer, and made Wii U the top notch gaming experience against its competitors that still plays movies, and doesnt “-make games” as Miyamoto put it in the 90’s. Instead they showed Cranky Kong, modelled on Uncle Scrooge. I know Nintendo, and if Iwata interprets the last words of its former leader Yamauchi that this is what Nintendo should be – then he have to go. My daughter wont bring all her friends home to show Cranky Kong. She will play it, think its fun and enjoyable, but nothing more. I know that Yamauchi meant that my daughter should take part in the same magic as I took part in as a kid. Today this is not happening.

      • Rinslowe

        It’s obvious that you care a lot about it. And thanks for sharing your history with gaming. Funnily enough we were quite similar in that respect.

        But this show is not representative of Nintendo’s successes or failures. What it is, is a tragic lapse in better judgement and one that should not be repeated. Hopefully for a long long time…
        But again, no-ones going to remember this in a few short weeks, thankfully because the show itself did a great job of polarising the masses already. And people have more important things to worry about from that show than poor old Nintendo ballsing it up again.
        I just posted to Zorpix that Nintendo should have run a Direct instead of participating and I think that would have been problem solved.
        At the end of the day, we are still getting a full roster of potentially fantastic titles in 2014 starting with DK. So it’s not like that is the only thing going for them over the next 12 months. Hardly. I can see where all the disappointment is coming from, I too am disappointed that they played it up to be something it clearly wasn’t. But seriously Magnus, people need to just get over it now. I’m literally hanging on the edge of my gaming couch waiting in anticipation for Kart, for Smash, Bayonetta 2, X and I’ll be pleasantly biding my time playing what should be an excellent platforming hybrid – DK TF…

        I consider myself a Nintendo fan, stoic to a point. But not blind. I see exactly where your frustrations lie with Nintendo today as in this very moment. But they have outlined a very impressive 2014 lineup. That is worth hanging in there for, IMO. Lets just see how it goes, you know?

        • Magnus Eriksson

          Guess you are right. πŸ™‚

  • Ducked

    Very well written article, Zorpix. I realized how big of a mistake it was for Nintendo to reveal Cranky Kong, but now I see it was a even WORSE than I thought. I’m hoping Nintendo reveals some footage of Zelda Wii U at E3 2014, and an announcement on Metroid as well. A new Metroid with very good online Multiplayer would be a huge for western gamers.

    Nintendo needs to have either the new Zelda, or new Metroid join Mario Kart 8, and Super Smash Bros in 2014. Bayonetta 2, Tropical Freeze, and Yarn Yoshi will be big games, but the big guns for Nintendo will be the four I mentioned before.

    If Nintendo has Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros 4, and the next Legend of Zelda or Metroid game. Then those “hardcore” gamers will be drooling over the Wii U. Well, at least some of them will be…oh, and that Monolith X, yeah, that’ll probably be perfection.

    • Thank you πŸ™‚

      I think it was a mistake, but the damage from this blunder is done. The only thing they can do now is stop themselves from making another mistake. Hopefully they dont blow the Zelda reveal, because THAT could be something that sticks

      • Ducked

        It would be a huge blow if they didn’t reveal any footage on Zelda at E3. But I’m confident they will.

  • Ducked

    Another thing I don’t understand is Cranky Kong’s gameplay. It’s a ripoff of my uncle Scrooge McDuck in DuckTales!

    • Magnus Eriksson

      Thought the same thing. It was actually a bit embarresing.

      • Ducked

        It is* a bit embarrassing, Nintendo usually makes more unique gameplay….

        • Magnus Eriksson

          They had copied some minor stuff from Rayman into Super Mario 3D World too, But it wasnt that obvious.

          • Ducked

            Yeah, noticed that too

    • Poor uncle πŸ™

  • Thomas Vienna

    I understand your point Zorpix, and I agree with you, but unfortunately, you persuaded your argument poorly. For example, yes, Nintendo should be trying to advertise the games that the audience is most looking forward too, but by continuously insulting that audience, you remind us that that crowd of “hardcore gamers,” is one we don’t really want to be associated with. Now, after reading your article, I’m wondering why I even want Nintendo to expand its audience.

    • Thanks for the tip!

      You’re right, I did portray them in a negative light, and that thought did cross my mind as I was writing. “If these people and their negative attitudes on their consoles come to Wii U, won’t that make the Wii U community worse?”

      I’m gonna say no, at least not detrimentally worse, mainly because of the community already in place. They will be the minority, rather than the majority.

      But yeah, that did cross my mind. Thanks for calling me out on it. I need it sometimes πŸ˜‰

      • Thomas Vienna

        Cool! Sorry for being rather harsh with my word choice. I feel like I was kind of mean in hindsight.

        • Hey, not a problem! We all get carried away when writing, I mean, look at the article XD

          Also, as a contributor on this site, I’ve seen worse… Trust me.. XD

  • Sheiky Baby

    Great article!

    As annoyed as I was at Nintendo for this… It made me realize that this has been happening for years. Nintendo has always done things the way they wanted, and aren’t very western and aggressive about their practices. I could just see Reggie telling Iwata that it might be a better idea to show Bayonetta or X because that audience doesn’t appreciate DK, followed by Iwata responding with a…”Then we should make them care about DK, specially since he’s our next release”.

    I don’t think they’re in panic mode yet. If they were, they would have shown something else, but as most have already expressed on here… We set our expectations too high out of impatience and desperation. That Geoff or whatever his name is guy didn’t help either. He was posting Zelda stuff on twitter all day, tagging him with VGX, making the dude bros believe they’d be seeing that. To top it off, he asked Reggie to reveal more after their audience realized it wasn’t Zelda. This sort make DK look unimportant when Geoff, instead should have asked more about the game he was being presented.

    If Nintendo’s upcoming line doesn’t provide the sales they’re expecting, I could see them pulling some major moves like they did with Capcom during the GameCube. In fact, I wouldn’t even doubt it at all if they were discussing with Capcom, who needs some financial help, on providing them some exclusives. Talks about Resident Evil returning to its roots are being talked about, and Nintendo should pull out the $$$$ to make that experience on the Wii U. It worked for Zombi U, and it could work even better for RE. That would get everyone talking; both positive and negative, but it could set the Wii U and higher standards, while letting those who don’t believe this is a next gen console that the Wii U is in fact a threat and a big player for this generation.

    • Magnus Eriksson

      Always someone elses fault than Nintendo… Nintendo fucked up as usual. Case closed.

      • Sheiky Baby

        Who else was I blaming? Of course it’s Nintendo’s fault.. But that’s only from our perspective. They obviously don’t see this as a mistake. Whether it had to do with them thinking the VGX isn’t worthy of something new, or if it was just fans setting or expectations too high. Did I wanna see Bayonetta or X? Hell yea! Did I know it was gonna be Donkey Kong from being used to Nintendo’s practices? Absolutely. From their perspective, why wouldn’t they show DK? From their perspective, It’s their upcoming title and they need to promote it.

        Nintendo could have stole the show by showing something else, and it would have been easy as hell to do considering how awful the show was, but they didn’t, and that’s where our disappointment comes from, but what I don’t understand is why people are surprised by this to the point of wishing they had seen Zelda. This is how they are, and they’ve been for years. They have their reasons for doing things, whether they’re mistakes or not, and eventually deliver all their surprises when you least expect them too.

    • Good reply. I agree with you, that they probably dont see it as a mistake. Especially the Iwata quote. I could see him saying exactly that. They have always marched to their own tune πŸ™‚

      • Sheiky Baby

        That’s what I love about them lol

        • It’s a blessing and a curse πŸ˜›

  • Schultz38

    I too keep hearing people say the audience was too small to matter. Even if the audience was small, Nintendo had Sony and Microsoft fans attention. It’s not often that the competitors fans are watching you give an announcement.

    VGX = Lost opportunity.

    • This. This. This. This was basically the reason I wanted to write this piece XD

      • Schultz38

        And that was the message I got from your article. I just wanted to reinforce how much I agree with you. xD

        • Ladies and gentlemen of the internet. We two agree on this!

  • nexxus6

    Zorpix, how can you blast Nintendo and act all surprised when the other day this is what you said in response to Aaron’s post. Seems like the other day you faulted people for getting expectations high, but now when you are on stage you act as if everyone should feel let down. Here is the conversation below:

    Aaron: It’s everybody’s fault for assuming something big when Reggie himself never said that it was “big news” he just hinted an appearance so it’s y’all’s fault for assuming. Y’all shouldn’t read too much into what people say.

    ZORPIX:yeah, people really shouldn’t have. I was claiming it would be underwhelming from the beginning XD I dont know why people were expecting a new game

    • NintenScience


      • Guest

        Why the down-vote?

    • Kenshin0011

      The vgx website literally said that Reggie from Nintendo would be there to present a “World Premiere”. How is that not hyping it up?

      • nexxus6

        Sounds like that is the website’s screw up. I am calling out Zorpix on his lack of consistency.

      • Gabe Hoffman

        That wasn’t Reggie though that was Geoff Kingly probably in a desparate attempt to attract views

  • Rafael Bernal Cantaluppi

    I understand why they chose to show Donkey kong… They want to advertise their close-to launch game… But they don’t understand something: The core audience in the VGX didn’t even have a Wii U! They should focus on advertise their freaking console first! Because if someone buys a Wii U, it’ll be to play NINTENDO GAMES duh…

    I swear.. sometimes i think iwata wants to destroy nintendo with his bare hands

    • It’s just such a baffling choice… I’d love to hear the reason why they showed it.

  • Carl Fin


  • Lord Carlisle

    I want to know who it is making these decisions. I want to doubt that it’s NoA, you’d think they’d understand the general western audience more than that.

    • You would think…

      • Guest

        It’s doubtful NoA has much control over any of this.

        I like to think Reggie’s calling up Iwata every day and saying “they asked me about Metroid again, how’s it coming along?”

        Iwata responds: “Reggie… we must meet at a secure location…”

        The CEOs meet in train yard and are ambushed by ninjas. At that point the scene becomes a 90s buddy flick where Reggie is a cyborg from the future and Iwata is a ninja with powers.

        • Miyamoto oversees from a supercomputer center filled with papers, consoles, and non-specific action figure

    • Xavier Lopez Chabelo

      Its Iwata man, he is a good manager, but he clearly has no understanding for the western gaming media

    • Con


  • Javier Smith

    Totally agree. Nintendo would be doing much better if they had a few more mature/age-neutral titles (Metroid, Star Fox, Zelda, F-Zero) to complement their family-oriented games.

    Great article, Zorpix!

    • Thank you! But I’m a combination of a zorua/vulpix, not just vulpix πŸ˜‰ Buuuut I’ll let it slide XD

      • Javier Smith

        Oh, my bad! Don’t know why I wrote that, must have been a subconscious thing as I only played Red/Blue.


        • aww thanks, you didn’t have to do that ^w^ Common mistake, actually

  • Gabe Hoffman

    Look Zorpix I would say just let it go and move on. Retro stated they had unfinished business with Donkey Kong and Metroid is probably on hiatus after the fan backlash with Other M. An interesting thing to note is that Retro has two development teams now. Say I can’t find my previous comment for some reason

    • MujuraNoKamen

      I’d say retro had unfinished business with Metroid too. Maybe a project is under way but Retro has been so busy on DK we might not see it for a while. After the unfair backlash Other M got, I’d say Retro should have snapped up the opportunity do another Metroid and show the Other M team how to do it properly.

      • Daniel Carvalho

        Exactly! And hopefully, remove Other M from the time line, just like Other M had to remove the Prime series to fit in the chronology (and even so couldn’t).

        • MujuraNoKamen

          I like other M and don’t think half the hate it gets is justified but I’ll gladly admit the writing was off – OK virtually everything had some sort of drawback but it was still enjoyable – I don’t get why Sakamoto was so devoted to making Other M Samus’s “first mission as a lone hunter” (that line is what kicked the franchises greatest achievements (Prime) off the timeline) or maybe it was just sloppy writing (there was a lot of it) & Prime still fits in somewhere… Maybe…
          Never mind, the point is Metroid needs to come back in full force. I want to see another Prime style game but starting off a new story. I hope the Other M backlash hasn’t put them off doing another cinematic Metroid game, it could work as long as the writing is better. Good storytelling teamed with the exploration and art direction of Prime would be amazing to see and would be able to be what Other M was intended to be.

    • I’m gonna move on, but it’s going to be fresh in my mind next time they have a big “announcement”

  • Daniel Carvalho

    I couldn’t agree more with your text! When you discuss Nintendo with who have never owned a Nintendo console after the 64, it’s hard to get people to understand what’s so good about it. They are doing it right with the Wii U now, a powerful machine, family-friendly games, “mature”, lots of first party, trying to get more and more third party support… the only problem lies with their marketing strategy.

    The problem is, Nintendo’s marketing team seems to be pretty limited. I’ve done Publicity in College, and tried to get in contact with them to sell some of my ideas (which, I believe, are way better than everything I’ve seen from Nintendo so far after the the Best Buy demos); but the answer that came to me was:

    “Thanks for writing. We sincerely appreciate how enthusiastic our fans are, and welcome your comments regarding our products and services. However, for a variety of reasons we do not accept or consider unsolicited ideas–no exceptions. Thank you for understanding.”

    As a martial artist, and someone who committed lots of mistakes on my own area of expertise, I know one thing: you NEVER neglect another point of view. No matter how good you are, how long you’ve been doing it, just by looking at the problem with another perspective might solve all the problems you couldn’t even get to know. When I was a child, I solved a lot of problems on PCs, clock alarms, VHS settings, and so on, that adults couldn’t even understand what the problem was, simply because I looked from a different perspective from theirs. Nintendo is having the same problem as the adults around me: they keep doing it wrong and don’t understand why they don’t get the wanted results.

    It seems their marketing team is set to work only amongst themselves, without interference from the outside. We’re talking about people that keep making the same mistakes over and over again: they believe consumers already know what the Wii U is, and that they understand it’s proposal. Heck, gamers still don’t get the thing with “Wii” and “We”, you think they can just understand what the “Wii U” is supposed to be after all that negative marketing?!

    It’s a shame they decide to work like this. Maybe another marketing team could lead the Wii U to the same success the Wii had, or even more. I believe my catch phrase (Wii made it for U) is way more appealing than theirs (How U will play next). Perhaps another marketing team could come up with something even better, something that would make the general media understand what the Wii U is simply by the sound of it! But they decide to keep it on their own ways, and we know what the result it… shameful…

    • You make a lot of good points! Thanks for writing.

      I personally like “How U will play next”, but they need to get it OUT there. I mean, honestly, “Wii would like to play” was EVERYWHERE when wii was coming out. We need that marketing again!

      • Daniel Carvalho

        It’s a shame they don’t accept ideas for marketing from third parties. I once shared my idea of a commercial for the Pikmin 3 on My Nintendo News, and got lots of approvals. I could use the money received from the campaign to buy a Wii U, 3DS, and games.

        I just hope they will change their marketing strategy and start making a real effort to advertise the console,because right now, it seems they’re just going with the flow.

        • nah, they’ve had a pretty big advertising push recently. I’m seeing Wii U ads more and more πŸ™‚

  • MujuraNoKamen

    “I am probably going to say things about Nintendo you disagree with and you’re probably going to have a different opinion than I will.”
    Nope, you’re totally right, first off a fan has to recognise the flaws with whoever it is they follow, if not that’s where you become a fanboy not a gamer. And as Zorpix said, some would say VGX wasn’t worthy of a Zelda or Metroid announcement and I agree, the show was awful! But I say if it is so bad then why should Nintendo go in the first place? The only reason imaginable is to reach out to a new audience who Nintendo needs right now before they flock to Sony and Microsoft. Either don’t go to such a crap show or go there and make it look like the pile of dog shit it is! Just don’t embarrass yourselves Nintendo, you told a bunch of haters who for a moment believed you were going to drop something big, that the best you have to offer was an Ape with a pogo stick! Imagine if Reggie announced something big and shut those orangutans up for a while. It would E3 2004 all over again… well hopefully.
    “The reaction would’ve gone from β€œVGX sucked!” to β€œVGX was awful, but did you see that awesome Bayonetta trailer?!” 100%, this is what it should have been – X, Zelda or Metroid would have worked nicely too.
    It doesn’t matter how small the VGX audience was and there’s nothing wrong with such announcements in Directs or at E3 but, the point was new people – potential customers – were listening and Nintendo told them they have nothing new to offer aside from the E-rated games that they didn’t care about in the first place. With Nintendo Directs, the only people watching are Nintendo enthusiasts who are already up to date, Nintendo has to persuade other people to try Wii U.
    I could go on all day talking about how right everything here is but I won’t. I don’t mean to get at people for liking the Cranky announcement so hey, good for you, but it’s foolish to see this is anything but a wasted opportunity to wow existing fans and get some new ones too.

    • Daniel Carvalho

      I agree completely with you. If they don’t have something big to announce, then don’t even bother showing up at VGX, you’re only making fools of yourselves! I love Nintendo, but their marketing decisions seems rather stupid.

      I saw some comments saying it was probably Iwata’s decision, and Reggie couldn’t do anything about that. I highly doubt that. Even if it really was Iwata who gave that idea, Reggie could’ve stopped him; Iwata may be his boss, but Reggie also has his voice inside Nintendo. I believe it was a mistake done by all the higher-ups involved!

      • MujuraNoKamen

        Everyone seems to think everything is Iwata’s fault. I don’t think he’s
        blameless in this situation (he should really be standing over the
        marketing team with a whip right now, and the dev teams for that matter thanks to the numerous delays and uncertain release dates)
        He’s a great leader for Nintendo but they need to focus on gamers as much as families rather than sidelining us for the sake of their image. They need someone who understands marketing and delivers what we expect of Nintendo. I don’t want anyone necessarily to replace Iwata – in fact I’d rather he learned from the mistakes that have been plaguing Nintendo and fix them – I just want someone to step in and say to everyone at Nintendo’s HQ “NO! JUST NO! This wait and see approach isn’t working, let’s drop some fucking bombs on PS4 and give the people what they want!”
        Personally I think virtually everyone at Nintendo is being stubborn and causing these cock-ups. But I don’t really care who’s at fault whether its Reggie, Iwata or Ganondorf FFS!!! As long as whoever it is doesn’t do it again and turns it around NOW before Wii U misses its last chance then I’ll be happy.

    • You… I like you πŸ™‚

      Thanks for reading the article πŸ™‚

  • Emerald Knight

    VGX was terrible, but I know Nintendo tried it’s best with a show that was clearly attacking Nintendo’s image. I honestly believe that it is not Nintendo’s fault that the games and console is not doing so well here in the states. I believe it is the people that play games at the US no longer have a brain and clearly are to brainwashed by all the ads and marketing on TV to really acknowledge the great games that Nintendo is offering. Just watching the VGX show just proved to us that a lot of gamer’s have turned into nothing but meatheads who look for the most violent and gory games to play. Gamer here in the US don’t care for storyline anymore, they care for graphics. If the sales for Nintendo in japan are booming, that just goes to show that we lost a lot of insight on what true gaming is really about.

  • Evan Laundrie

    I think people are expecting too much from something that is an obvious cash-in/advertising gimmick; this awards show was never designed to respect the industry as a whole but instead to cater to the lowest common denominator of viewers and players. Why should Nintendo lower themselves to that level? They don’t need acceptance from VGX viewers; if anything they should distance themselves from that crowd.

    • Elem187

      Agreed. I watched clips, I can’t see why anyone who thinks above the third grade reading level would enjoy that show.

      Did you see how few times RPG’s were mentioned? One category. And I bet 90% of the audience yawned at it.

      • Evan Laundrie

        I didn’t even watch it; normally I subscribe to the ‘Don’t knock it ’til you tried it’ philosophy, but I’m pretty clear on Spike’s ‘attitude’ and chief demographic so I’m confident in my assessment.

    • You’re right, it is a cheap cash grab… But I think Nintendo could help change that image by making it a huge show by having a huge announcement. They dont need that acceptance, but a better social interpretation can’t hurt πŸ™‚

  • Cena’s Smirk

    they showed off Cranky Kong as a playable character for Donkey Kong: Tropical freeze because it’s the next game to be released on the Wii U. That’s the reason and it makes perfect sense. get over it!
    Zorpix, I think you are too caught up in what the dudebro’s think of our beloved Nintendo. Nintendo is doing fine and is not going anywhere. I don’t own stock in Nintendo, I am simply a customer that loves their product. Sony and Microsoft fans can think what the want about Nintendo, it’s not going to change my enjoyment from it.
    this whole article is about how to attract the dudebros. I’m happy not to have them on Miiverse. I don’t own a fps but I have been thinking about giving COD Ghost a try. I would hate to play a game online and have to listen to dudebros ruin the environment.
    My words of wisdom are to just enjoy your Wii U and don’t get caught up in the fanboy “console wars”.

    • Elem187

      Agreed. The dudebro gamers are not coming over to Nintendo’s side no matter how much Nintendo offers an olive branch or strokes their egos.

      Would I like Nintendo to sell more? Sure, but you won’t get that from the shooter crowd. Wii U has the under powered stigma, that’s not going to change. This crowd that Zorpix want to wow and get to purchase a Wii U thinks its kiddy or their friends will laugh at them, that’s how pathetically hopeless that market is for Nintendo.

    • I might be caught up a little, but I just want everyone to like Wii U (As Nintendo does, being a business), and I just think they need to stop making fools of themselves. As for the dudebros, they can stay on their consoles of choice. I agree with you. Monster Hunter has a great community. I don’t want that ruined.

  • Nicolas Dorion

    “”the β€œhardcore” crowd. The ones who think that in order to be considered good, a game must be photo-realistic and have as much gore as possible. The ones who drool over scantily clad idols and are all too ready to shriek obscenities over a microphone.”” Whoa, calm down, first off that’s not true, and are you here to say that the public was stupid not to be interested about Cranky Kong, or are you here to say it was a bad decision to talk about that in a conference?

    • I’m saying it was a bad choice to talk about that at the conference

      And yeah, I did stereotype a bit. That is not true of every CoD player/”hardcore” player

  • Elem187

    This “hardcore” crowd you speak of will never buy a Wii. U. No matter how much ego stroking Nintendo does to this crowd,they will never, ever buy a Nintendo system. It’s time you just accept that.

    Nintendo systems are for gamers who don’t like the boring fifty millionth shooter. If you want that stale experience, Sony and Microsoft is there to cater to those needs. Alternative genres and genres that have fallen out of favor can be found on Nintendo and Steam.

    • oontz

      Hmmm strange since I love Nintendo and my ps4, and all genres of games. Are you saying I shouldn’t enjoy my wiiu if I play shooters also?

    • Sure they will. I can think of 3 of my friends like that who bought a Wii U

  • oontz

    “”the β€œhardcore” crowd. The ones who think that in order to be considered good, a game must be photo-realistic and have as much gore as possible. The ones who drool over scantily clad idols and are all too ready to shriek obscenities over a microphone.”

    Wow, way to pigeon hole a massive demographic of gamers with one comment. I think you just failed miserably in describing hardcore gamers. Sad really. You’ve done nothing more than perpetuate how other gamers perceive Nintendo fans to be, with your singled minded, biased opinion.

    I agree with many of the very valid points you make, but that description is so misplaced it undermines your entire piece.

    • You’re right. I did stereotype a lot. But I wasn’t saying all gamers were like that. I was talking about only the gamers who are like that, meaning I was addressing the ones who have those tendencies, instead of saying that everyone who likes FPSs is like that. I know LOTS of great FPS players who are really good people.

      Sorry if I offended :/

      • oontz

        Didn’t offend me, it just undermined the valid points you were actually making.

  • CivilRobo

    Can’t we let this topic die already?

    Anyways, I completely disagree with almost all of your points:

    -First off:The show didn’t even reach that big of an audience. Because it was internet only, the majority of watchers were gaming enthusiasts. Not only that, but a lot of people on threads about this topic said they couldn’t even finish the stupid show. It is true that Sony and Microsoft fans were there and could have been Wii U converts, but because they are the ones following gaming news, they will be more informed about the Wii U than the average consumer. Don’t forget that these were the same people who bitched and moaned about the Bayo 2 exclusivity. Besides, I’m sure plenty of people here at “WII U” daily know all bout the Ps4 and Xbox One.

    -Speaking of Bayonetta, I don’t think that is the type of game the the “dudebro” gamers want. Not only did it sell miserably on their platforms of choice (Xbox 360/Ps3) it is far to “Japanese” to ever reach a mianstream audience here. I love the hell out of the game personally, and when I let some Family and friends play it they were turned off and thought the game was stupid, then they proceeded to play Fifa 1,574.

    The myth that a Nintendo direct can never garner a large “non Nintendo” audience is false. Remember the Nintendo direct at e3? How hype it was? It currently has 1,637,094 views on youtube, while the typical monthly directs gets around a hundred thousand. I Wonder where the extra viewership came from?

    -What Exactly is the “Western Market?” There are millions of us here in the west so we will obviously have different tastes. Yes Generic first-person shooters sell like hotcakes over here but didn’t the Metroid prime Trilogy sell poorly and DKCR outsell it? So wouldn’t that mean Nintendo is catering to the Western Demographic by showing DK? And what about me? I’m all for JRPGs and anime games. Am I not a part of the Western market? You have to remember that the gamers screaming online are just a minority, a very, very vocal minority.

    “Not everyone will buy a console just for Nintendo platforms”. Not everyone would buy a console just for Zelda or Metroid. Just like how some people jizz over Metroid, some people Jizz over Dk.

    Why again does Nintendo need to recreate it’s image? To attract “Hardcore” gamers? Let’s get this straight you want the Wii U to sell as much as possible. Now, Nintendo is currently going for a Casual, family friendly image. Who do you think there is more of in the world? Families or basement dwelling gamers (Stereotyping here I know)

    Finally, I think you need to be realistic here and face facts. Nintendo is just not a dude bro company, therefore they will never appeal to that demographic, also they have not dominated since the SNES. The era of “Nintendomination” is over. But don’t lose heart because of that! There will be leaks about Zelda U and people will be trading all sorts of secrets, Metroid Prime 4 will still have a fantastic multiplayer where we can blast away with all of our friends, and the fact that you and basically the entire internet just wrote your hearts out just because of an announcement that Nintendo made at a silly awards show proves that they are still relevant today.

  • Shagrath1983

    COLD HARD FACTS! Nintendo will never and I mean NEVER! be a hardcore, dudebros first choice in console. We just have to admit that Nintendos image will always be for the kids and kids at heart. And to me why is that so bad? The bayonetta idea is also the wrong approach, most xbots and sony fonies play madden, COD, battlefield, GTA, Forza, and NBA 2k, when you say bayonetta, or final fantasy these guys will just laugh at you, japanese games arnt for them. Fact of the matter is I will go with the X1 and Wii U combo, then I can have my mario and Dark souls 2, everyone needs a friend right?

  • Shagrath1983

    Just to add one last thing, after playing Wii U with, Wii party U, Nintendoland, game and wario, Pikmin3, Rayman Kung foot multi, and 3d world I have sold 4 Wii U’s just by playing with friends and family. The fact of the matter is people dont know how fun it is until you actual play it at your house with friends and thats where the problem lies. To fellow nintendo members get out there and let your friends and family try it out and word of mouth will spread. Its worked for me.

    • I’ve sold so many with Nintendo Land it’s not even funny! πŸ˜›

  • Marcos Parreira

    I like to think Nintendo has something hidden, maybe Miyamoto is developing a new Hardcore gamer character. The problem is that they will probably announce it with a Nintendo Direct. That is shit. I love to watch it, but only because I have a 3DS and a Wii U, what about the other people? (except the fanboys, they will go into the video, only to comment about how low are the views of Nintendo).

    Nintendo, you had the gaming world in your hands. Your console can compete graphically with the Ps4 and XBone, and you are not a part of this “new generation”, you are the new generation. So why? Why would you give reason to the fanboys? Now when someone says you only do remakes, there is absolutely nothing I can say, they know about VGX.
    Zelda, Metroid, and Star Fox would be the best first party games to announce. If you don’t have enough to show yet, so give them Bayonetta 2, Watch Dogs, and of course Super Smash Bros. This last one will always be a system seller. Everyone, even the most annoying fanboys love this game.

    • That’s what I’m saying, why hide it all in a direct? Shout it to the world!

  • Psytrix

    The games will come out and we’ll see what happens.. A lot can happen in the next couple of years. They were spelling out doomsday for the PS3 when it was first released as well.

    • Oh I’m sure Nintendo isn’t down for the count. And I love my Wii u

      I’m just saying the marketing has a little left to be desired…

  • HypocritesRROD

    I agree when it comes to metroid. Nintendo should make that game, NOW!

    What Nintendo doesn’t need is all this propaganda campaigns against them by every website in the internet. And microsoft sabotaging third party games from releasing on the Wii U i.e. Aliens Colonial Marines.

    • What did they do with Aliens?

  • YogiGRB

    nice article, i agree with you

  • Will.F. Martinez

    he kept it 100 all the way


    I totally agree. Before getting my wii u at the biginning I didn’t know that nintendo had black ops and FIFA games, the ones I played in my ps3, but one day I was at Walmart and I saw black ops ll and FIFA 13 there and I got surprised!! I also didn’t know nintendo was able to play online wich I like it a lot and then that’s why I sold my ps3 and bought the wii U. Now I discovered how amazing the wii u is and I become a heavy supporter of Nintendo that I have two nintendo 3 DS two super nintendos one nes and like 14 snes games etc i just got in love with Nintendo becouse I grew up with it and the new consoles are awesome both the wii U and the 3DS. Personally I would love to see what you said in this article. Thank you for posting it.

    • Thank you for replying πŸ™‚

      I like that story! Welcome to the wonderful world of Nintendo!