Apr 17th, 2013

earthboundThat’s right folks, the game you’ve asked for the most on Virtual Console is finally going to be available later this year. Japan received the title earlier and since then, many Nintendo fans have been loud and clear that they want the game in their region as well. Earthbound will be available in the North America and European Wii U eShop later this year.

It’s coming!

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  • eli


  • Why does everyone want this game so much? Someone fill me in…

    • Fred

      I also know nothing about this game please clue us in

      • It’s a fantastic game. If you decide to play a ROM and end up liking it support it by buying it on VC too.

        Ever played Super Smash Bros? Ness and Lucas are from the Mother series. (Mother 2 is Japan’s Earthbound)

        • Fred

          If the VC sells enough copies, will Nintendo decide to release more of these games in the US?

          • I would say ‘yes’ because that makes sense, but I don’t know for sure.

          • Travis Janot

            From the sounds of it, the team that did the fan translation for Mother 3 just submitted it to Nintendo; they gave it to Nintendo as a thanks for EarthBound’s upcoming VC release (meaning they don’t want any money in return – they just want to see Mother 3 come to VC as well) of course, there’s a few lines of dialogue Nintendo may change if it came to that, but the localization wouldn’t take long!


    • CharmanderRulz

      It’s a real world take on a fantasy style JRPG note that Japanese RPGs don’t mean it was made in japan (although this one was) It means it’s based on the story of the charters already made (you only choose their names) instead of say Skyrim where you are the hero (like how you make sims) and to what I know the story holds up today. PS I personally don’t care for EarthBound myself but Miiverse will go nuts over this!

    • Dominic Coradazzi

      Have you played it?

      It’s a modern-day RPG about a boy named Ness and his friends growing up. In the process you’ll run into all kinds of weird shit heavily influenced by the real world’s culture. It’s just so unique it’s difficult to explain
      here, this guy explains it well

    • jay

      I haven’t played it myself but many claim it’s the greatest RPG in history.

      2nd It’s supposed to be disturbing and almost adultish. It has cute cartoon characters with real-life themes.
      Basically if it came out today it would most likely be M-rated.

      • Lord Fuse

        Actually, it was already rated by the ESRB for a Virtual Console release on the original Wii, but it never came out. If I remember correctly, it was rated E10+.

        • jay

          I understand that. But what I meant is, If it were made TODAY it would have been M-Rated. Police Brutality, blood, zombies, gangsters and the rape inspired boss made this fantasy just too real.

          • Lord Fuse

            Ah, okay! Yeah, I understand what you mean now.

          • jay

            Yeah plus the ESRB didn’t exist back then and these guys rated SSB Brawl “T”. lol

          • Lord Fuse

            I still don’t understand how Brawl got T, while Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion XL (Holy cow that name) got an E10+, and it’s an exact clone of SSB.

      • mikel334u2

        it’s a great game, but IMO the greatest RPG, at least on the SNES, was Chrono Trigger

  • XelaFury

    Hallelujah!! Thank you Nintendo!! Thank you!! This, plus the various titles they announced (Zelda, Mario Party 3D & Yoshi’s Island) just made my day!

    • Richard Keller



      • XelaFury

        There. I edited it. Sorry for the typo haha.

  • Denvy

    Hoping their are significant enough changes to this that my cartridge still retains it’s value!

    • Travis Janot

      It’ll keep it’s value for sure. Look at Wild Guns – that game came out on Virtual Console and in the last year it had jumped from $100 to $200 now (the instruction manual for that game is worth $100, and the game alone with a torn label is $150)

      EarthBound is currently valued at $250ish, and if the game continues to grow in popularity, and more gamers want to try to buy it as a collector’s item, it’s value will continue going up even more.

  • Leorio

    Holy Crap can’t wait xD

  • ludist210

    As odd as this sounds, an $8 Virtual Console title will move systems. Not by the millions, but I bet this will be the most downloaded VC game the month (and a couple of months after) it is released.

    • Desend

      I am curious myself to see if the miiverse community for this game blows up or not. I am thinking it’ll be extremely high

    • Fred

      I hope it will help sell systems!

  • Nintendofreak

    i was like earthbound coming to wiiu…omg a remake of earthbound my life has a meaning now wait…coming to vc πŸ™ im still gonna buy it

  • Tim van Broekhoven

    I never played this game… Is is it really that good?

  • Ducked

    I have no idea what this is, but I’m guessing its good since everyone is excited.

    • RyuNoHadouken

      neither do the people commenting on it…it was released in 95(dang, I was a junior in high school) and its not that great of a game…its a JRPG set in a present day(at the time) world

      • Desend

        I don’t think that many people feel the same way. I mean sure some people don’t like it but I think the majority of people who were playing games in that era loved it. Well.. if you’re an RPG fan anyway

      • Ducked

        Some what nice to know…

  • Wayne Beck

    OMG, now that they Finally have the Publishing right to put it out in the west, Maybe we can get that new Earthbound game we’ve been waiting for two decades.. =/

  • Best. Direct. Ever.

  • Desend

    The game had some really cool unique ideas. For those of you who haven’t played it but do like RPG’s should give it a go. It is a turn based battle system but you can see all the monsters before you engage them and most of the time you can avoid them, higher the level you are most of them will avoid you.

    Instead of it being a medieval setting it’s kind of a modern day thing, so you’ll be running through cities and what not. You get the standard type of exp from monsters but everytime you gain xp your father will deposit money into your bank account where you can use an ATM do withdraw it. There are payphones to call home when you’re sick.

    The monsters are often humorous like a new age retro hippy. You can get bikes to ride around town when you’re running with just the main character until you get teleport skills.

    There was just a lot to love about this game. It had a really cool story and the characters are all memorable and lovable. I could go on for days but I really think you should give it a try if you never have.

  • Byaaah31

    PK Thunder!!!

  • That’s good news I never had the chance to play it on the snes in the 90’s as it was never released in Europe, and on import it was pretty much imopssibrruuu to get your hands on it, a friend of mine got the game and was very excited about it, until his younger brother litteraly destroyed the cartridge. I’m very VERY glad it’s coming to WiiU so finally I get my chance on it as well.

    • Arthur Jarret

      What’s an imopssibrruuu?

      I screamed ‘FINALLY!!!’ when I saw it yesterday, though… Europe missed so many games… now give us the earlier SMT games, Excitebots, Mario super sluggers, Baten Kaitos Origins!

      Who am I kidding? This was the only non EU game I really wanted to have… I just hope the sales will be big enough to indicate the need for a localized Mother 1 / 3 remake

      • It’s a stupid joke the impossibrrruuuu. I saw it a while back on this very same website someone replied to a troll adding a picture of Satoru Iwata (I believe) making a very strange face expression and saying imposssssibrrrrruuuuu.
        As a normal word I ment impossible, just wanted to add the impssibruuuu joke as it made me laugh when I saw it the first time.

        • Arthur Jarret

          I thought a new PokΓ©mon was announced.

          The evolution of imopssibrraaa

  • Squid

    yes! I don’t have to buy a nes!


      er….. snes.

  • Dominic Coradazzi

    FUCK YEAH!!! I’ve been waiting years for this

  • david jarman

    Thank you! :_)

  • Jeffery02

    YES!!! After playing this game 3 separate times, maybe I’ll ACTUALLY finish it. I’ve gotten pretty far, but then my emulator deleted my save… Definitely a must buy for me! πŸ˜€

  • pokemonmastershadow


  • Sidney Majurie

    I screamed like a little school girl when I saw the announcement πŸ˜€

  • Kyle Berger


  • bizzy gie

    What is EarthBound about?

    • Scotty Wells

      It’s a JRPG and you play as a boy with psychic powers who has to save the world.

      It’s even cooler than it sounds. It’s in my top 10.

  • MrBuney

    I just want to say, I’ve downloaded Earthbound AND Mother 3 VIA Emulator and have beaten them about 7 times each.
    8th times the charm πŸ™‚ I’m buyin


    Did Miiverse make this happen?

    • Travis Janot

      The Miiverse activity in the Mother 2 and Balloon Fight communities definitely pushed the years and years of petitioning past Nintendo’s threshold for sure lol!

  • Tecpedz94

    I never played this game but it looks really fun so i will def try it out. From he looks of it i kinda want them to make a new earthbound game for the WiiU or remake it…. Looks really fun.

  • Travis Janot

    *The Mad Duck made something spin around!

    *Jeff does not have any PP!