Jun 12th, 2012

Mass Effect 3 Wii U
Last week at E3, EA didn’t show a lot of support for the Wii U – in fact, they only had one major Wii U title to showcase: Mass Effect 3. despite this, EA CEO John Riccitiello was on stage at the Nintendo E3 press conference to announce a strong partnership between the two companies. Later in the week, both Madden 13 and FIFA 13 were revealed to be coming to the Wii U.

But that’s not all the company has for the Wii U. According to EA president Frank Gibeau, EA has WIi U games in the pipeline that weren’t revealed at E3. He said in an interview with CVG:

“We’ve got a couple of more games in development for Wii U and we’ll have a bigger lineup for Wii U than we did for the Wii”

Gibeau continued, saying that the Wii U is a next generation platform and they’re “fully supporting it”. He said that due to the hectic nature of E3, they held back on some of the announcements regarding future Wii U games. Those games will be announced this Summer, he assured.

A few days ago, EA revealed that the Mass Effect 3 Wii U version will have an “enhanced storyline”, which will include a reworked ending and other DLC that has been released on other platforms. Of course, the game, officially titled “Mass Effect 3: Take Earth Back”, will feature Wii U GamePad specific controls. EA has been rumored to bring many of their franchises to the Wii U, including Battlefield 3, which was showcased at E3 last year in a trailer for the Wii U.

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  • JC

    Wii u IS a next gen console with or without u4

    • AwayToHit

      Unreal Engine 4 will run on Wii U 🙂 /confirmed

      • Tilito

        Who confirmed it?

      • Hafid

        yes who confirmed it ????????
        A So good news !!!!

        • Hafid

          Not confirmed !
          But perhaps we’ll see That in 2013 …
          They say ( epic games ) That the next gen are not able to work with it !
          But he said for the moment … Not clear …

          • AwayToHit

            they said it will run on everything.

  • Hafid

    Great !!! Keep going !!!
    Nintendo will arise from the past …

  • markw1982

    wooo hoooo looks like nintendo are going from strength to strength i would love to see a road rash game i can imagine knocking someone off their bike and using panoramic feature to look back on them as they roll into a ditch but wether my dream comes true remains to be seem

  • Fuzunga

    I knew it! You have to buy a whole new console and a whole new version of ME3 to get the REAL ending!

    Anyway, I never liked Mass Effect much and I sure did hate all the complaining about it. I hope this doesn’t cause a relapse of complaints.

  • CedrictheDragon

    I keep moving from one wanting one to not, but I think graphics are almost at the pinacle of what they can do, once photo realism is achieved, what then? Nintendo at least are trying to do something new.

  • 3ds guy

    This is wot we want to hear now i can have zelda,mario,pikmin,metriod,zombi u black ops 2,battlefield 3 mass effect 3,project cars,rayman legends and more on one console now thats my line up.Thats core gaming spread the word wii u

  • dimsdale

    im hopeing its dead space 3 & need for speed most wanted 2 if so i will be a very happy panda

    • iprino

      I hope it is dead space. Hopefully one and two with the u pad integrated then the thirdgame to top it off. Bf3 would b good too

      • dimsdale

        or all three remember they said couple it can mean more then two more then three if so nintendo should have the hardcore crowd back with intrest

        • dimsdale

          ignore that i was triping lol

    • Wildman

      Yeah! NFS Most Wanted would make me happy. The first most wanted was my favorite need for speed game. I haven’t played Dead Space yet, but if it came on Wii U, I would get it!

  • Zhaf

    if they can make wii u run bf3, with 64 players multiplayer.. that could shut many ppl up..

    • dimsdale

      hopefully but i dont think it will people got find something to complain about when it comes to nintendo like well its not hd well its not a good remote well that remote look like the xbox remote well the not a new gen console ps3 better well its a new gen system wait till 720 & ps4 :l

  • PK Thunder

    Need for speed: Most Wanted hopefully is in development for Wii U. If it is I will buy it at launch

  • Commander Sheppard

    I’m Commander Sheppard and this my favorite port of the game.

  • Skozo

    Let’s hope we get good games.

  • Ravyu

    Dead Space 3 Wii U…. Wait for it… WITH NO STUPID CO-OP PLAY THAT RUINS YOUR HORROR! (Fans applaud loudly)

  • jandkas

    Oh yeah better ME3 ending!!

  • Neonridr

    I too am hoping for some big announcements. While I am happy to see that FIFA and Madden are coming to the Wii U, I seriously hope the extra games that they are working on aren’t NHL and Tiger Woods or something. Even though I love the Tiger Woods golf games, I really think Nintendo needs to lure the hardcore franchises like Battlefield, or Dead Space onto the system. Need for Speed will come, as EA has made Need for Speed games for the Cube and the Wii, so those won’t come as any surprises.

    I guess we will have to wait and see, but the lineup is getting stronger and stronger..

  • IrinaShepard

    I’m Commander Shepard. The EC is the same game with an “explanation” and “clarification” of the original ending. It original ending sucked. Your choices don’t make any difference. I destroyed the galaxy at 3:00 am on March 22.

  • TheBoldman67

    I will be going to the Battlefield on it’s release date.