Jun 30th, 2012

EA Wii UEA thinks the Wii U will be successful, and plans on supporting it with all the EA games they deem “fit” for the console. So says EA’s Patrick Soderlund in an interview with USA Today, where he spoke about Nintendo’s new console and the publisher’s plans for it. He said that EA will be bringing their EA Sports titles to the console at launch, including Madden 13 and FIFA 13, among other games.

“We’re backing the Wii U with a couple of titles for launch”, said Soderlund, adding, “If [the Wii U] is successful, we’ll be on it, and we absolutely hope it will be, and think it will be”. So far there are 3 EA titles that are coming to the Wii U this year: Madden 13, FIFA 13, and Mass Effect 3. In addition, EA announced that next month it’ll be hosting an “open house” dedicated to its upcoming Wii U games. Some of the games expected to be showcased are the mentioned EA Sports titles, Mass Effect 3, and other possible EA Wii U games. Battlefield 3 has been rumored to be coming to the Wii U for over a year now, and it’s likely it could be one of the titles to be showcased.

A few weeks ago, EA said they have a few games in development for the Wii U, games that are yet to be unveiled. EA president Frank Gibeau pointed out that EA will support the Wii U at launch much more than last time with the Wii.

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  • Non-Specific Action Figure


  • The Skeptic

    Hopefully with such companies such as EA having faith in the new system, others will follow πŸ˜€

  • Adam Fox

    Do we really need EA telling us this??? They were voted worst company of the year! Of course the Wii U will be a succes! It’s got the full Wii compatibility plus new more powerful games!

    • dudes09880

      so at least we have their support

    • Marmor

      We don’t need this to be told. The consumers who would otherwise buy a PS3/Xbox360 (still millions each year) need to hear this.

      • thtdude

        I own a PS3 and didn’t need to hear this. No matter what I’ll buy it.

        • thtdude

          i mean i didnt need to be told it will be good…

          • Non-Specific Action Figure

            Even if it is actually a old NES with a screen?

  • icanseeu

    Do people on this site really want ports of year old games?

    • Marmor

      Mass Effect 3 release date was March 6, 2012.
      Madden 13 comes in August
      FIFA 13 comes in September

      not really ‘old’ …

    • Frankensavior

      Do people really have to keep complaining about this? More content on the system isn’t a bad thing, and its an even better thing for people who missed those games who plan on getting a Wii U. If you’ve already played the game, and the Wii U version doesn’t appeal to you. Simply don’t get it. Just because something doesn’t appeal to you personally. That doesn’t mean it shouldnt exist.

    • Madara

      What’s your point? How long a game has been out isn’t too important. What’s the difference between buying a year-old port and a used game? I don’t see one besides pricing. Whatever you were trying to start failed so please refrain from such instigating comments.

    • TheBoldman67

      I think he was talking about Battlefield, and yes. The people who owned Wii and Not Xbox and PS do want ports because
      1. better graphics than PS3/360.
      2. more innovation and better controls.
      3. not everyone played the games on 360/PS3.
      4. More content.

  • The Baconater

    If Wii u gets Medal of honor Warfighter I would say Wii u=Perfection to the max.

  • Madara

    “EA thinks the Wii U will be successful, and plans on supporting it with all the EA games they deem β€œfit” for the console.”

    Any game that would be considered “fit” for the XBOX 360 or PS3 could be “fit” for Wii U. The Wii U’s image this next generation will be the universal a.k.a. do it all GAMING system. The Wii U is a more powerful console that includes “hardcore” controls as well as the GamePad touchscreen. There were games that were bundled with the Wiimote, so this time there should be games bundled with the Pro Controller. One of the huge 3rd party “core” titles should be bundled with a Pro Controller like Call of Duty Black Ops 2. It ‘d be an excellent means of distributing a controller that will be recommended, if not needed in the future.

  • ck1x

    That’s what i’m thinking, even though it is good news of their support. There are other 3rd party developers that make better games than EA that I would like to see backing WiiU, like Bethesda for instance! They could do some amazing things with the next iteration of Skyrim on WiiU, with the gamepad and all.

  • Hi8us

    EA suffered a tremendous loss not backing the Wii at launch. They thought the Wii would fail and made no games for it. By the time they realized their mistake it was too late, they had not built a following on the console then decided to dumb their games down with that awful “all-play” series. They even went as far as to call wii a “legacy” console. EA has never had confidence in Nintendo’s system’s, they just don’t want to make the same mistake twice. I never liked EA but having their games on Wii U makes it that much more viable for the future.

  • Gew

    I’m interested in their definition of “success”.

    And “fit” games covers their backside nicely.

  • TheBoldman67

    As said before I will be going to the Battlefield on release date.

  • The Baconater

    [sigh] I’m going to need a bigger bedroom πŸ™‚


    battlefield might come out but i think EA ment madden 13 fifa ect

  • rafael

    So, out of man’s need to have fun bashing tons of stuff, Boom Blox 3 was made, and God saw that it was good…

  • 3ds guy

    They may be releasing older games but some people may of only owend a wii an never played them i will def want mass effect an battlefield more games the better older and new

    • icanseeu

      Buy a Ps3/Xbox 360 then it’ll be cheaper! Does no one want new and original games?

  • pach

    Never trust EA. They always hated nintendo since snes era.
    Nintendo do not need their fake support.

  • McDaniel-77

    It’s so damn easy to be successful on a Nintendo platform:

    1. Quality
    2. Smooth visuals. Better 60 fps and 720p than 30 fps and 1080p!
    3. Slick controls, let the player decide and calibrate.

  • Marmor

    Every single ported game for the Wii U makes it easier for developer to port “the next” game.
    I don’t want each and every game to make special use of the Gamepad. But once the tools are written it would be nice to see all major games ported to the Wii U – even with just the Pro Controller in mind.

    • Marmor

      No developer is going to delay a ps/xbox/pc release for months just for the Wii U team to finish their Gamepad features.

      Multiplatform titles nearly never make use of the blu-ray advantages or the six-axis controllers of the PS3.

  • PK Thunder

    Can someone tell me if Need for Speed:Most Wanted is in development for Wii U?

    • Icanseeu


    • Paul

      sorry but most game developers are on a 121 with nintendo…

      ea could say yeah theres going to be battlefield 3, medal of honor, fifa 13 etc but without a price or release date on the console its a hush hush

      for example

      nintendo could say that the wii u is going to cost Β£400 and games Β£65 which will be a failure straight away

      the wii u could be released a day before xmas 2012