EA Wii U gamesEA Wii U games include major franchises from the publisher such as Mass Effect 3 and their EA Sports franchises. The company is also expected to unveil more titles in the future. For now, here is the full list of currently confirmed EA Wii U games:

List of EA Wii U games

Rumored EA Wii U games to be announced

  • Medal of Honor Warfighter
  • SimCity (2013)
  • NCAA Football 13
  • NBA Live 13

EA is expected to unveil lots of Wii U titles in the future, and as we get closer to launch. EA is one of the biggest publishers in the world, with tons of franchises that would be well suited for the Wii U. Over the past few months, EA has expressed a lot of interest in the Wii U.

  • PK Thunder

    need for speed most wanted?

    • Pokemon Master#1

      Need for speed most wanted would be awesome!

      • chrisprime

        when are we getting those games??? and when is the NHL game coming out on the WII U????

  • TheBoldman67

    You guys forgot Battlefield 3 as a rumoured game.

    • BlazeKiing

      where most likely bot getting that game and most likely going to get battlefield 4 because remember when battlefield was rumored it was never listed which one we where getting a lot of ppl thought bf3 but now thanks to medal of honor we know that bf4 is coming out and most likely next year in october after the beta just like bf3

  • Mickey

    Bring SSX

  • ConCity Soldier

    NCAA Football 13 won’t be on the Wii U. NCAA Football games never come out on the same year a console launches. I think it’s because consoles launch well after the NCAA games last gen games come out. PS2- Madden 2001, no NCAA 2001!?, Gamecube- Madden 2002, no NCAA Football 2002!?. XBOX Madden NFL 2002, no NCAA Football 2002!?. It also happened this gen. XBOX 360- Madden 2006, no NCAA Footbal 2006 & so on with the other consoles. NCAA Football games all came out on the following years of each consoles launch. So, that rumor is definitely false.

  • multimidgetkingjacob90

    I say please and yes to a Wii U version of medal of honor warfighter

  • chris

    will nhl 13 be comming to wii u

    • Nintendo Gamer

      Sadly, no it will not. We will have to wait till 14, which sucks cause i need some NHL in 12-13 with the stupid lockout

  • Morris


  • TheBoldman67

    It’s November 10th, might be a good idea to put Most Wanted down since it’s confirmed now.

  • Byte Man

    Baseball or GTFO.

  • Citysiege

    you guys should add need for speed games and Battlefield 3