May 8th, 2013


EA recently wrapped up an investor call, which sheds some light on how the company plans to operate in the future. During the call EA told investors its planning a “full reveal” for next generation titles, including its biggest franchises such as Battlefield, FIFA, Madden, NBA LIVE, and Need for Speed. It also mentions in-house developers Bioware and DICE and the brand new games they’ll be working on. The investor talk also dealt with the Frostbite 3 engine and the next-gen sports games that will utilize it.

According to PS LifeStyle, EA also stated that they’ve managed to eliminate expenses in next-gen research & development by ignoring platforms they believe have no long-term potential. This news comes after the tweets yesterday from an EA employee who said Frostbite 2 ran poorly on the Wii U and Frostbite 3 has never been tested. With nearly all of EA’s next-gen games supporting the Frostbite 3 engine, including its sports titles, this means that we’re likely to see the end of EA games on Nintendo hardware all together.

It’s interesting that this is the “strong partnership” that EA alluded to with Nintendo.

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  • I dont want EA titles trashing my system anyways. The world doesnt need more FIFAs

    • Fred

      No, but I want Madden and NBA Live

      • Mookymuke

        Who needs NBA live 2k sports much better

        • Fred

          I will admit, I own and LOVE BOTH NBA 2k11 on PS3 and NBA 2K13 on Wii U, however, it’s always possible that EA used the several years off NBA Live to make it incredible and if that’s the case then I’ll want it.

          • Elem187

            For basketball, 2k blows NBA live out of the water.

      • ludist210

        You know, if EA could actually get an NBA game out (since they haven’t for the last two years), that would be swell…

    • Fred

      The only reason i didn’t buy Madden for my Wii U is that I was hoping next year’s Wii U version would be more fine tuned. I guess I’ll have to go back and buy the only one that exists.

  • Fred

    “EA also stated that they’ve managed to eliminate expenses in next-gen research & development by ignoring platforms they believe have no long-term potential.”
    So does that mean they are going to put games on the 3DS instead of the Vita?

    • Fred

      Spot on bro!

    • ludist210

      You’d think that, but they probably won’t.

    • D.M.T

      Seems like EA will ignore both handheld systems.

    • NkoSekirei

      ignore EA their still butthurt over origin and no one likes them that much on how their handling their bussiness and having so many layoffs on their employees

  • rulqua

    Fuck EA

    • Yup, they’re the ones at fault here. Nintendo is doing such a good job.

      • Super Buu

        Yeah, screw Nintendo for having the right to say ”no” to Nintendo Network being absorbed into Origin, EA is definitely the victim. They’re definitely not the butthurt ones who cancel games for a system just because of a mere answer.

        • They have envoked their right to say no, They said no to making a competetive system, they said no to Advertising the system…..

          • Why is it that XBOX and PS4 dont utilize Origin yet still have the companies full support? You think that if Sony and Microsoft both said no to Origin, EA would just quit making/publishing games altogether? Nintendo has 0 install base and it’s not worth it to produce games for a shitty underpowered system at the dawn of the next generation.

          • Super Buu

            I don’t remember once in my life when a 4 million equals a 0. Tell me, if that is the problem, how come they’ve supported the GameCube which did just as bad if not worse? Tell me, how could they develop for the Wii, a significantly less powerful system than its competitor’s consoles? Your reasons don’t make sense for these questions I’m asking you right now. EA are a bunch of contradictory bastards who lie to their fans and customers and they certainly don’t keep track of what they say.

          • WideAwake

            Would just like to point out that both XBL and PSN were out years ago, where Nintendo was late to the online game with their Nintendo Network. Origin has only been around for a couple of years, and did not have the opportunity to design an online format for the other companies like they did with Nintendo.

          • Rafael Lozano

            Also I’d like to point out that EA probably knew that since Nintendo was late to the online party they could take advantage of that and cease the Wii U’s and Nintendo’s online as theirs so if this was the case then …YEAH EA ARE SOME GREEDY MOTHER******

          • Ok troll head here’s my low down on Next Gen… The Wii U is the best system ever HANDS DOWN! PS4 is gunna suck for the fact it dnt have a start and select which is their trademark and dnt have backward compatibility as does the new Xbox (but the U does). Wait til Mario Kart U and Smash Bros come out!

          • Super Buu

            I fail to see how this has anything to do with EA. Unless you don’t stay in touch with news, Nintendo does plans making some more advertisement for the Wii U, which completely decimates what you’ve just said about Nintendo saying ”no” to advertisement. With that out of the way, Nintendo is not to blame for EA’s butthurt nature and crybaby attitude.

  • 7Down

    Why does this article make me think that EA is just being a dick?

  • Mookymuke

    Well they save money not researching but lose money from the sales that they would have made, worst company in America making more bad decisions. Doesn’t matter wii u has all these indie developers with fresh never before seen ideas who will make games that are better and make some franchises we never would have seen otherwise if we let companies like ea take control of the industry.
    EA is like McDonald’s they make crap but people still buy it cause its just popular and there easy to grab n they know what there buying. Gamers need to come out there shell and try out new things because gaming will be ever so more exciting!

  • Magnus Eriksson

    Even more bad news for Nintendo. But they have themselves to blame.

    • DK_Hadouken

      Nintendo is to blame for not letting EA run Origin on the Wii U and getting a cut on every game sold via the eShop?

      Magnus, your illogical thinking makes my head Thor.

  • Zizo47

    People, please stop buying this sh*tty company’s products!

    • Elem187

      I’m primarily a PC gamer, but their attitude is going to be the reason I wont buy any of their products for my PC either.

    • wiiucompl

      It would be better: Just spend our money for Ubisoft, and others who are able to create games for the Wii U! Every game on the console must be stripped or adapted from the master-ideal version. EA did not know how to do or do not want to learn. They made Frostbite2 / 3, which requires 8 cores? I do not believe.

    • Or we could get access to all their pretty good products and just stop buying from Shitty Nintendo.

      • NkoSekirei

        how about stop being a shitty @$$ troll hows that sound u douche

    • crocodileman94

      I was never a fan of their franchises to begin with, so it’s going to be easy.

    • Unit_DTH

      The problem with not buying the products they publish on the Wii U is this,
      even if the company, EA, is the spawn of the devil( and they are), the developers are the ones that put the time and effort into the game. By not buying the games that are labeled product of EA publishing you are sentencing the Wii U yourself to not having any further 3rd party support. I’m not saying be happy about supporting EA, but for 3rd parties to be drawn to a console the consumers that own the console have to prove willing to purchase the items that are released on the console, in high volume! I have bought ME3 and NFS:MWU on the Wii U only and not on any other of my consoles, because I (only being one of many) want to prove with my money that their games can succeed on the platform and this bitter hatred they have toward nintendo and their fans should be halted, so that progress can be made for the gaming community/industry as a whole. Drop this silly and childish, “we aren’t going to support your console because you didn’t let us forcefully overtake your online system” garbage and let the devs make games that excite us and that we will want to buy, even if they say “EA” on them! We only hurt ourselves by not supporting these games! Don’t buy them on other consoles and that will show them where they need to reevaluate their strategies!

      • Zizo47

        What I meant is, all of their products in general. I want to see EA crash and burn, then it’ll leave a little breathing room for other developers. Plus, I think the self funded project route is the way to go, none of these snobby publishers ruining everything >.<

        • Unit_DTH

          I would love nothing more than to see EA listed as nothing more than a tombstone registering it’s death after the 360 and PS3 era, giving way to self publishing bliss for the smaller developer, but I don’t see that happening for at least 2 years.
          Until then I will just have to buy what I want for the console I want to succeed. Another thing is that all the other devs watch closely how their items are received and what type of return they get on specific platforms, so again still doing the Wii U a disservice, but it’s a free country so do what you think will help you in the long run. 😉

  • Tecpedz94

    Couldn’t give one fuck about EA….

  • From that PS LifeStyle article:

    “Frank Gibeau said that they expect to make more next gen titles than they did current gen”

    If what Capcom and other companies have said about development costs rising is true, then I can see EA running into issues. The latest Dead Space and Crysis games failed to meet expectations (moreso with direction than the next wave of next-gen consoles IMO), and they have had other fiascoes this generation. How can they make more games next gen if they can’t fix the issues they experienced this gen?

    • They’ll continue to recycle content. Despite Dead Space 3 pretty much being a flop, EA will probably shelf the IP for a year or two and them “reboot” it. They did the same with Medal of Honor to try and compete with Call of Duty, even though the original Medal of Honor games were first.

      • The early MOH games were decent as they were, and I honestly prefer them to the reboot. Good luck with them rebooting Dead Space with the slew of ambitious and new survival horror titles coming out.

  • Again… the Wii U can run FB3 because they did state quite a while ago that Battlefield 3 was working perfectly on the Wii U but much like Crysis 3, it was pulled at the last moment.

    EA needs to wise up and get with the times.

    • Magnus Eriksson

      They said today that WiiU was unable to run FB2 properly.

      • Yeah, and they also said EA had a “Good Partnership” with Nintendo..

        • DK_Hadouken

          A BURN! -insert Kelso laugh here-

        • Magnus Eriksson


      • Elem187

        Then how did weaker hardware like the PS360 run it?

      • Nintedward

        No they didn’t. It’s called deliberately misleading PR lies.

        They said ”we did some tests with unfavorable results”

        What does that mean Magnus ?. Cmon , use your head or are you too stupid and susceptible to Bullcrap ?

        It can mean anything. My interpretation of it is. They did a horrible test on an early Wiiu dev kit and didn’t try to properly optimize the engine for the Wiiu. If they did , then like Need for speed , it would look and peform better than Current gen platforms.

        Criterion said they struggled to get Need for speed running on the Wiiu. Once they got past the new architecture of the Wiiu , they were able to make it look considerably better. End of.

      • audi lover

        You must be pretty gullible to belive anything that comes from EA press release there liers and full of shit

      • FB2 was unable to run properly on the Wii U most likely due to their inability to even try.

        There I fixed it for you

  • Sulama Traoré

    Saying the Wii U cannot run Frostbyte 2 or 3 is ridiculous. The Wii U is more powerful than the 360 and PS3, so the engine is either unstable or EA is lying out the ass big time. EA is still butthurt about Nintendo rejecting their Origin platform. EA’s greediness and rejection of the Wii U will bite them back painfully in the long run.

    • Nintedward

      EA thinks they’re big but they’re nothing compared to Nintendo.

      Maggots. 3DS has already generated more money than they probably ever will.

    • *this*

    • Seeing as the Wii U uses a PowerPC processor just like the 360 just newer generation and also an AMD based graphics solution also just a newer generation I have to call BS that they can get it to work on the 360 and not the Wii U.

      If they think that Nintendo has no long term potential than they are in complete denial and need to recheck their history. Nintendo has been in the video game business a lot longer than Microsoft and Sony combined so they are not going anywhere any time soon.

      • It’s still a new system so I guess they can’t be bothered to learn to utilize it properly.

        • It just seems their development and business practices are fueled by BIAS and thinking that if they withhold development and lie about not being able to make things work that Nintendo will bow to their demands.

      • atl hawks

        And don’t Nintendo got like billions in revenue from the Wii and DS? I’m pretty sure they can survive one console flop and come out with a new console the next year

        • Too early to call this console a flop…. Sometimes a console takes off strong but most times it takes at least a year or two to establish it in the market…. History shows this as the PS2 outsold the PS3 for a couple years before it became established.

          Right now the only assessment that can be made is that sales are slow due to lack of Nintendo Games… People buy a Nintendo Console for Nintendo Games and they should of had a top title at launch. When the Wii launched with Twilight Princess that kickstarted sales and kept it going initially at least. Nintendoland and SMB U are fun and all but they needed something stronger from Nintendo themselves.

          If those titles start coming later this summer/fall it will be a good buying incentive for customers. If they miss that goal then NIntendo will suffer more.

          All that being said I think this console is great as it offers just about everything a console should have. It is reasonably priced, offers good and fun features to make it an entertainment system, it is user friendly, and is designed with the gamer in mind.

    • Julio


    • NkoSekirei

      try explaining that to trolls who cant get it in their thick skulls

  • Scott Duperree

    Me – “I’ve been playing EA games on nintendo systems since ’95” EA – “Forget You”

    • Scott Duperree

      Me – “Just got 2K13”

      • Fred

        Awesome game! I got it for Christmas and my wife and I have played it a ton!!!

      • Fred

        Very Fun game!!!

  • Potemkin

    Hmmm…so the Frostbite 3 engine does not run well on WiiU. To be totally honest I would be surprised if it did.

    I wonder how the WiiU will handle the UE4 and the FoxEngine. It will be an interesting thing to see :3

    • Shadow of the Eternals is using CryEngine 3, so I guess we will see how capable the Wii U is once that game gets underway.

      • Elem187

        Cryengine 3 produces far better visuals then what we saw at the BF4 reveal… so if a better engine runs better (Cryeng3) on Wii U than FB3, that tells me either the devs at DICE don’t know what they are doing, or their engine is just so full of bloat that its too inefficient to be taken seriously.

      • Potemkin

        Yeah…but I wouldn’t take only SotE as the sample to base the “behavior” of the CE3 as it seems that it isn’t focused on graphics but rather story and character development (same thing that happened with Eternal Darkness, which was a great game but left much to be desired in the graphics department). I could be wrong through, and it can turn out to be one of the best looking games out there. All in all, I would like to see more games using that engine on WiiU, so I can see how much the WiiU can stretch it out.

    • Magnus Eriksson

      They never tried FB3. But FB2 didnt run very well.

      • Morits Lian
        • DK_Hadouken

          Hey, what’s this guy channel, because he makes a good freakin’ agruement!

          • Morits Lian


      • Potemkin

        My mistake. But I guess that if the FB2 engine has problems running on it, then it is harder for FB3 to do it.

    • TrueWiiMaster

      They tried Frostbite 2, not Frostbite 3, and they failed to mention how much they tried. No engine would just instantly work perfectly on a new system. Besides that, Battlefield 4 will use the FB3 engine, and it will be on the 360 and PS3, both of which are weaker than the Wii U.

  • Do I care about EA ? NO I DON’T
    I buy Nintendo for Nintendo games
    and any decent game on the Nintendo system

    • Well I hope for your sake that they come out with new first party titles for the next couple of years, because judging by the amount of Game companies that think the Wii U is a joke, that’s all you’ll be seeing. Say ‘fuck EA’ all you want but nintendo is the one one who sold this game with no plans and no 3rd party support, they knew this system had no games in the pipeline and had only hoped for 3rd party support, they knew it was not very powerful and wouldnt compete with next gen. So is it really a terrible choice by EA to not bother with this system? anyways, so I just hope that Nintendo is able to pump out a steady stream of 1st oparty games for the next couple of years so there is actually something to play.

      • Nikko Ybanez


  • Jimmy D. Fugate

    They’re doing a great job keeping up with that “worst company in America” standard… I don’t want their shovelware anyway, let’s keep the Ubisoft-Warner Bros. train rolling!

    • Battlefield 4 is surely to be shovelware, Mass effect is surely to be shovelware, ALL EA GAMES ARE SHOVELWARE, because clearly nintendo is the best! I’m CRAZY!

      • ReckoningReckoner

        Those games were made by DICE and Bioware. EA published them. It’s like saying Starcraft is made by Activision game or Halo 3 is made by Microsoft Game Studios.

      • Guest

        Are you ok? Because you don’t sound ok.

        • I think the same thing about all these people who are apeshit over Nintendo, and fail to see just how terrible of a job they are doing.

          • NkoSekirei

            no one cares about or opinion troll and u dont see us bash other systems do u no so stfu

      • Super Buu

        BattleField 4 is nothing different from its previous entries, just another game from a genre that is dying in terms of innovation.

  • Cerus98

    Fine by me. We won’t have to deal with all the Star Wars shovelware that EA is sure to bring now that they have exclusive rights to be franchise. Whoever didn’t think the sale to Disney was a terrible idea is either blind or a complete idiot.

    Good riddens EA, you can go be butt hurt somewhere else.

    • Guest

      I doubt there will be many Star Wars games since Disney shut down LucasArts….

      • Cerus98

        They shut it down in order to switch to a licensing model and have subsequently licensed it to EA exclusively. The announcement of the shutdown explained the license model switch very clearly. I don’t know how you missed that or can even think they wouldn’t want to cash in on more Star Wars games. Did the “EA obtains exclusive rights to Star Wars” announcement not tip you off? Their movie plans are going to saturate the market every year with some new POS movie so of course they’d want to do the same with games. They just wanted to offload the development cost onto someone else. Please try to read articles a little better. It will avoid embarrassing statements in the future.

  • JuleyJules

    So tired of hearing about EA. I did like some of their games like Tiger Woods but this is stupid! The Wii U is 6 months old or so. You cannot predict the future of it without the big games like Mario Kart, Mario 3D and Zelda being released. Also, everyone thinks that the expensive PS4 and 720 are going to come out and sell millions upon millions of units. That might be but nobody will know until next year. If development costs are too high it could also delay game development. Then what’s going to happen? The Wii U will be selling, the new systems won’t (possibly) and then we’ll hear bitching that Sony/MS suck for making expensive systems, no games etc. EA is missing sales targets already and could have added to those totals by releasing on Wii U but they choose not to do so. The next year is going to be very interesting. I could be way off base with how the other next-gen systems launches will be but I don’t think so. The market is very different from 6-7 years ago.

  • Nintendofan

    My mamma says EA stands for Erratic Assholes, and then we laughed and danced till bedtime. That was a funny evening, cuz my pappa spew milk out his nostrils when momma said that funny thing, and then my mamma slipped in the milk and hit her tailbone, aka. the bone of mystery according to the holy book.

    • DK_Hadouken

      M-m-mama said that EA Foosball is the DEVIL.

    • Nathan DeFalco

      Moonshine is a powerful drink.

  • Thank you lord jesus !!! The best thing that could happen to the WiiU is that it hasn´t EA support. 😀

    • Elem187

      Ubisoft actually experiments with new IP’s…. EA just keeps trying to rehash their IP’s.

  • DK_Hadouken

    EA is the bitter old bat of the industry. This good and bad.

    The Good:
    We won’t have to deal with half-assed game releases that would require an immediate patch because they decided to wait until the release to address some of the issue they found during Beta testing.

    The Bad:
    There are some that are fans of the games that are published by EA and even more love Star Wars and now they’ll feel FORCED to purchase a console that they did not intend to buy until way later or not-at-all.

    Regarding Frostbite 3:
    I call BS. The tweet read extremely douchey to me. History has shown us that when EA is bitter, it will make it known. Another note, they were supposedly happy at one point with their partnership with Nintendo. Of all third-party companies, EA would have tested the Developer Kit with the equivalency of an alien probing. Furthermore, CryEngine3 runs on full sail without a hiccup. Crytek has been the kid with the huge lolly up around the curb with Next-Gen now current Gen visuals with Crysis 3. Which , by-the-way, they got running pretty fast without a problem. We’ve all seen that tessellated frog or toad. There is currently that Shadows spiritual successor that is running Cryengine 3. The way I see it. Frostbite 3 is cheaper, hence CryEngine 3 is Crytek’s proprietary and expensive engine.

    I’m hoping for EA fans that when E3 rolls out, it’ll make EA rethink their standing towards Nintendo.

    It’s funny, Nintendo has lost EA, but is now attracting those indie developers that will make fireworks with the Wii U. While EA can no longer attract anyone via their now defunct EA Partners program. Ironic, is it not?

    This is now clearly not a console war.

    It’s a bait and reel battle between console manufacturers.

    • wiiucompl

      For EA fans the best option is Wii U console + good PC (for StarWars etc.). No need Sony/Microsoft next-gens…

      • pfff

        I’ll go with WiiU and PS4 I think…Never liked XBox and I really like most of Sonys exclusives, too (LBP, Killzone, God of War etc)

        • wiiucompl

          Sure, if someone has to play on other platforms … I thought about people who anyway have a PC

          Although since I bought the Wii U I do not like to play on the PC. Mouse? Keyboard? Only WiiU GamePad!

      • Looks like that is the route I am going and not because of EA… I just think $500 is too much for a console and especially one that will not work with previous generation games natively on the console. If I am going to switch platforms I will go to one that will work with games past, present, and future.

        Now that most TVs in the Home have HDMI and just about every computer/video card has HDMI it is easier than ever to connect a reasonable gaming computer to a TV. When the 360 and PS3 were first released this was not always the case.

        Besides PC games are often cheaper faster than console games and go on sale often. Basically I will just build my own steambox using my existing quadcore HTPC by adding a reasonable gaming video card for about $300. That will make the the whole HTPC cost $650 but still a better investment than the PS4 or NextBox IMO.

  • Super Buu

    3 Golden Poop Awards in a row, I see.

  • Just as a heads up, I’d like to remind everyone here what liars EA are when it comes to them saying things about games. They originally stated that SimCity couldn’t be an offline game because “complex computations” were sent back to their servers. A hacker cracked the game two days later to show that everything is happening on the player’s PC and the “online only” component is strictly a form of DRM:

    EA may not be the worst company in America, but it is definitely the worst company in gaming.

    • DK_Hadouken

      Thank You Miss Ashley for pointing out their hot BS.

      Side Note: I think your articles are the better unbiased ones from this site, in my opinion.

      • Thanks, I do my best.

        • wiiucompl

          Can you do – WiiUDaily – article about how to become a developer for the Wii U? I suspect that there is a lot of paperwork, insurance, certificates to finally release something on the eShop. But you should create “a tutorial” – how to become a Wii U developer with the steps and stages. How to get dev kit, how much is it …I know it’s not for everyone, and the topic is wide, but it’s worth it to ask someone at Nintendo?

          • I’m not sure it’s as straightforward as you would think. Certainly you need to have a working concept, but there’s a bit more that comes in to play with everything than just signing paperwork and getting a dev kit.

          • wiiucompl

            Of course, I am aware of that. The idea, concept, programming, testing, graphics, testing, audio, testing … But I mean a formal way. What Nintendo needs to become a developer for their platform?

            You describe here a lot of games from the player’s perspective. Maybe it’s good idea to show the other side of this process, but a little deeper?

          • Cerus98

            You do realize that a huge portion of game development is pretty boring right? It’s not really like the bonus features show on DVDs of an animated movie or something. It would be a pretty long and boring read for most.

          • wiiucompl

            I do not care article “How to make a game”. But I would like to know how to make games FOR Nintendo. I found it myself already. Never mind.

      • Bob Brochee

        Her articles are COMPLETELY biased, LOLOLOLOL. Lay the meth pipe down, guy…

        • DK_Hadouken

          1. The name is not Guy. Stop confusing me with your love affair towards the film “Never Been Kissed.”
          2. I made it clear that it is my opinion. Not fact.
          3. Your constant and incorrect use of the acronym L.O.L. shows you are the Methamphetamine user and or addict. If you care or can read your post it clearly shows you are off by three letters. The letter “L” to be exact. It makes you look like you ARE a twitchy addict, observer your blunder :”LAUGH-OUT-LOUD-OUT-LOUD-OUT-LOUD-OUT-LOUD.”

          In the words of the “Fresh Prince”:
          “BACK OFF! BACK OFF! Just mind yo’ business that’s all… mind yo’ BEH-NESS.”

    • Nintedward

      + 1 trillion.

      How dare they lie about Frost shite engine. This is a blatent fact. FAIR ENOUGH if you wack some xbox 360 code on to the Wiiu it may struggle considering the architecture is totaly different.

      If you build a frostbite engine 3 game for the Wiiu from the ground up or at least put some effort into your conversion , it will look 2-3 times as good as 7th gen versions. End of discussion.

      Instead of stating that obvious fact. They say some MISLEADING BULL CRAP ”We did some tests with FB2 which were unfavourable”. What exactly does that mean ?
      I’ll translate it for you ”We fucking slapped Battlefield 3’s xbox 360 code onto Wiiu with no optimization what so ever. It ranat 24 FPS instead of 30 like the 360. We could of course , actually tried to optimize the engine for the wiiu , in which case it would look better than current gen versions for example what Criterion did with NFS in a matter of months”

      • You should write them a letter! They might have been under the impression that it would cost alot of money to ” build a frostbite engine 3 game for the Wiiu from the ground up ” Clearly, you know different and it’s just as easy as converting it to Wii U format. This would be a great option for them even if it did cost money because the install base of the Wii U is so huge they’d be sure to make a profit !

        • Nintedward

          They’re not worth my pen and paper. I might send them a piece of dog shit via parcel however.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            So much hate…

          • Bob Brochee

            No, man, not ENOUGH hate…

          • Super Buu

            There isn’t enough hate for EA. I FIRMLY believe that is what you meant.

          • I was actually being sarcastic because of how flawed your logic is.

          • NkoSekirei

            or worth a toilet paper roll if they run out in the restrooms screw u EA

          • Shit on a SimCity disc and mail it to them

        • RicardJulianti

          Capcom profited off of 330k sales of MH3U….which was a simple port. Even called it a “smash hit”. It’s entirely possible to spend a little cash, and not cannibalize sales, then turn a profit while building a userbase on the system.

    • Need for speed most wanted on wiiu runs on frostbite 2 engine just fine don’t forget that

      • Are you sure about that?? NFS Most wanted was developed by Criterion and I didn’t think they used that engine for that version of NFS. It was used for NFS: The Run because that was developed by Black Box.

        I think NFS: Most wanted used the Chameleon engine

        • You know you are right. My mistake, still doesn’t take away from the fact e.a is full of it. I’m glad they are ending all of their second party partnerships with those they don’t own. Insomniac needs to stay with sony, crytek can finally publish their own games criterion can get free will now and go back to the burnout series

          • EA has been lying to their customers for many years now. SimCity was a classic example of this. I hope when the Wii U gains popularity primarily due to Nintendo’s first party titles that they will know they were wrong. The Wii U system may not have the RAW power of the upcoming NextBox and PS4 but it has plenty of power and saying they cannot get their engine to work just shows they are lazy and unwilling to try or are just flat out lying.

            Maybe when they take the crown as the worst company in America again next year they will finally wake up and do something to better the company but I am not hopeful. I hope Disney knows what they have signed themselves into. Prepare to be bullied.

          • Bob I’m giving you slow hand claps right now. Disney won’t let them gain full 100% control its more of we want you to develop our games. If I remember disney wanted the orginal kingdom hearts on gamecube but sony signed the deal to make it exclusive to PlayStation. But now that’s why so many spin offs appear on Nintendo platforms because of the partnership between the two. Hopefully disney steps in and defend s Nintendo its just getting so hard to afford 3 consoles I missed out on a lot of good ds games because of it.

          • I hope so too but I still do not know why they shut down LucasArts in the first place

    • Leorio

      You are so incredibly right about that! lol I used to think Activision was the worst in gaming but they’re only second to EA..

    • I love how Cryengine 3 works great on the Wii U while frostbyte apparently sucks. That either means that Cryengine is way more efficient or they only spent a hour porting frostbyte.

    • NkoSekirei

      thats why i dont believe wat they says even if its on this site just saying EA needs to refresh themselves and stop being greedy and also get rid of origin or they continue to get hit on their stocks of all this mess their in

    • RicardJulianti

      I just wrote an article myself detailing the hypocrisy shown by EA regarding all of this Nintendo stuff. It’s time EA faces the music…because it is seriously mind-boggling. How do you go from “unprecedented partnership” and saying you are supporting the system, to cannibalizing sales etc

      It’s definitely worth a read, and a pass along if you’ve got the time. It’s a bit of a doozy.

    • mikel334u2

      Well, at least they have some decent games…

  • Ducked

    EA Translation: Screw console owners who don’t give us all there money.

  • José Abraham Cervantes Posadas

    I am angry with EA… And Nintendo, Nintendo made the Wii U without considering the developers :/

    • Elem187

      Nonsense. Nintendo made the Wii U and refused to go broke mimicking and mirroring their competiton.
      Nintendo would be INSANE to take a massive loss per console just to be competitive power wise….. There is a reason why NIntendo has ZERO debt and a huge pile of money in the bank and Sony is in debt up to their eyeballs, having to sell real estate all over the world to stay affloat.

      • José Abraham Cervantes Posadas

        We will have to wait to know if Nintendo has take the right choice… bye!

        • Revolution5268

          they know what they are doing, if nintendo was stupid enough to do that then there online servers would be like xbox live but worst.

  • ludist210

    Meh. I haven’t bought an EA title since Rock Band 3 (plus I can buy their games on PS3 if I really want them) so this news doesn’t affect me one way or another.

    Like I said in another thread: if CryEngine 3 can run on the Wii U, I don’t see why Frostbyte 3 can’t (let alone Frostbyte 2). It’s obvious that EA never took the Wii U seriously, so eh…let ’em go. They’re in enough financial trouble already, and if they think bigger budget games (PS4/NextBox) alone are going to save them, they’re in for a rude awakening.

    If EA cuts Nintendo out of their business it will hurt their bottom line. They’ll be back, just like they did with the Wii. Remember, they had tepid support for Nintendo systems before the Wii started selling gangbusters.

  • Oh no, where will I get my micro transactions and poor customer support from now?

    • thisguyjustdidthat

      I’m just going to quit gaming. I want to be bent over by game companies and do microtransactions and be forced to always be online to play my rehased games . Who needs innovatavte companies like nintendo who always makes amazing game ?

  • Adam Fox

    EA sucks dong anyway……like folks want the market saturated with their YEARLY releases of older games….NFS has gone to crap, the sports games are 99 cents a year later with very little change between titles….EA deserves the “Golden Poo” award they so well earned!

    • Someone was just arguing with me the other day saying that NFS looked better on Wii U than other systems – the were bragging about it.

  • Noel Canales

    Oh NO!!! What does this mean for STAR WARS games……….????

  • audi lover

    Haha EA suck giant cock, thats what the headline should say, I dont know who buys there shockingly shit games, the only developer under there banner I will miss on nintendo is bioware, but hay 1-2 games a year from these guys means your not missing much

  • Alexander Kleinwechter

    If EA games publish a new star wars battlefront game i hope its also going to be on the wii u.

  • Marius Valasinas

    EA suck for sure! Though it’s also Nintendo’s fault since Wii U is underpowered to run next gen engines. More developers will follow that link when Wii U will no longer be able to run later games with powerful engines of such.. All we’ll have on it will be the first party titles I gues

    • Zuxs13

      nothing will come out in the next 5 years that wont be able to run on the Wii U if the developer choose to run it on the Wii U. Besides Id much rather play a 500k game with innovative and unique game play then a 100mil$ EA LackLuster, i mean blockbuster, game.

  • Jon

    I am pretty sure Nintendo has more Long term Potential than EA does… quite a bit

  • TrueWiiMaster

    Thankfully, I don’t care. I don’t like sports games, and I have very little interest in Battlefield. If I wanted a war fps, I would get CoD over Battlefield anyway. It would have been nice to get the Mass Effect Trilogy at some point, but that’s pretty much the only thing I would have wanted from EA… Well, maybe a Star Wars game in the future. Maybe.

    That said, losing EA isn’t good for Nintendo. Being able to play Madden or Battlefield on the Gamepad while one’s wife/girlfriend/kid watches TV could have been a major selling point for the Wii U. Even so, Nintendo’s support is far more important, and it’s on the way.

    • Nintendo’s support should have been here from the start. The fact that is was not and is still not here, they helped to hurt themselves.

  • pfff

    “Frostbite 2 ran poorly on the Wii U”…
    DARN! I fear Devs have to use that shitty, unassuming CryEngine3 then :/

  • Møhåmmęd Jårmøn

    The only reason this bothers me is because of FIFA and EAs recent acquisition of the Star Wars franchise games.

  • Møhåmmęd Jårmøn

    Looks like ill be playing FIFA 13 for the rest or my life lol

    • Zuxs13

      besides the roster changes nothing will change so you wont be missing out. lol

      • Møhåmmęd Jårmøn

        I will miss some of the new game mechanics that actual football players will notice and enjoy

        • Zuxs13

          well there’s always PES. they still seem to like Nintendo.

          • Møhåmmęd Jårmøn

            That’s the thing tho PES isn’t nearly as good as FIFA and its not as authentic

        • Christopher Bass

          The madden series has gotten worse imo. Don’t know about FIFA.

  • Only a few are true gamers

    Im done with ea alltogether

  • BuckStud

    EA has a monopoly on the NFL franchise…there will be a class action suite against them if they don’t bring them out on Nintendo platforms. As for me, I stop buying EA game several years ago for the most part. I think that in the last five years I’ve purchased 3 EA games new….and I own all the systems.

    • You cannot force someone to make a game for a system. They own the NFL license but not a FOOTBALL license. Maybe this can make Nintendo come back out with a “Pro Action Football” again.

      • Guest

        I’m not forcing.
        Like I cant be forced to buy EA games.
        Don’t really care about EA sports games.
        Only game I might miss, would be Mirror’s Edge 2.
        But EA might just end up ducking it up for me, like every other of their franchises.

      • Christopher Bass

        With them having the monopoly to be the only company putting out football games, if they don’t release on every console, they lose those rights and 2K can come back and make those NFL games I always loved. EA is so butthurt about origins its laughable.

      • True you can’t force them but they can be investigated if they are lying about their game engines not being compatible or if it can be proved they are acting out of malice and trying to hurt Nintendo or any other company.

  • Nintendofreak

    ea reminds me of this chik called laura….except that ea is better

    • Petri

      Better at what?
      Screwing you?

      • Nintendofreak

        exactly better at screwing me

  • Petri

    Ok, that’s it, no more EA games for me.
    Would close my Origins account, but since there’s non EA games in the list, cant.

    Might sell my NFS: Most Wanted U.
    If they someday decide to crawl back, it will be too late.
    No more EA for me on PC, Wii U or PS4 that I may, or may not get.

  • TheGamenerd5

    I couldent care less about this the only games that ea made that I really liked were agent under fire and night fire, I dont care for madden or fifa so they can do what they want

  • david jarman

    And yet according to Cevat Yerli, cryengine 3 runs beautifully on it! Blessed are the souls that try.

  • ArsonistMonkey

    EA Games – “Challenged Mentally”

  • Scott Loucks

    Wouldn’t it be awesome if by the end of the year Wii U sales skyrocketed and became a cash cow for Nintendo from major 1st party titles and other improvements and EA regrets all the non-support and looks like an even bigger idiot…

  • David Tims

    What bugs me is people, that for whatever reason, feel the need to hate Nintendo consoles will think this is funny. If Ubisoft (arbitrary example) turned around and screwed xbox or sony over acting like an ass, then I would not buy games from Ubisoft for my wii U. Think of it this way. If you were a German safe in your house protected by nazi soldiers, how would that make you feel? This benefits you but others suffer, do you agree or disagree? All gamers from all consoles need to say no to how EA acts.

    • David Tims

      I won’t be buying any more EA games. They purposefully slander the wii U by lying about its capabilities to make it seem bad and fuel this whole fragmented console community.

  • Dennis Fisher Jr

    really tho.. fukk EA.
    they need to get out of thier feelings and make this money

  • wober2


  • thanos1984

    I wouldn’t care at all if they were not Bioware’s publishers.Dragon Age Origins was one of my favourite games last gen and I think Dragon Age 3 would help Wii U a lot, especially in Europe and USA

  • Bob Brochee

    Good. About time. No one who owns a Wii U wants EA games anyway so it looks like it is win-win situation for all parties involved!

  • Michael Jurado

    oh what we get to miss out on the crap EA brings to the table well damn that’s like saying we are not going to bring shit too the wii u because we aren’t awesome enough so thanks for that favor EA

  • Shreckle

    Frankly of all the game developers, EA is probably the one that Nintendo can do without. With the exception of battlefield, they haven’t brought out a decent game since NBA jam on the snes. Good riddance!

  • nin-10-doughfan

    we have ZELDA, MARIO, METROID, WARIO, STAR FOX, PIKMIN and other in house titles so let’s ‘a’ go! hoo-hoo!

  • Johny

    Except for decent Battlefield and Undying franchise….what exactly did EA bring to gaming world other than yearly sport game of any sport imaginatable ?… exactly… nobody likes EA…..
    Undying came out YEARS ago, and there probably wont be a sequel… The only worth mentioning game for wii u from EA would be Battlefield. but hey.. whatever…
    EA really IS the one company nintendo can do easily without

  • Destructonator101

    That is what I say to Electronic Arseholes.

  • LopsidedPasta

    This video is a guy saying why EA is full of crap when they say that the Wii U “Can’t handle FrostBite 3”. It is an unbiased youtuber and I HIGHLY recommend you check him out.

  • Stupid EA! This will be their downfall. No wonder they were given the “Worst video game company award”! Well, I don’t like so many of their games anyway! Sega and Ubisoft are better supporters for the WiiU than them! (My opinion. Don’t take it personal.)

  • Christopher Bass

    they say if you have nothing nice to say don’t say it at all, and that’s why I haven’t talked about EA in years.

  • Christopher Bass

    The fact is they should be sued for slandering the wiiu. I understand the WiiU sales are slow and if that was the case so be it, but for them to say the Frostbiteme 3 engine doesn’t run on the wii u lying about its capabilities……grrrrrrr

  • Aiddon

    If this is true then it kinda cements EA as a bunch of spoiled brats. I don’t get angry with them as long as they keep it professional, but we’re getting vindictive then they stop being pros and starts being insufferable. Say what you will about Nintendo, but they don’t hold grudges.

  • Kerbizzle

    I find it extremely hard to believe that the Wii U can’t run Frostbite 2 or 3. It can run CryEngine 3, Unreal 3, Unreal 4… yet not Frostbite 2? This means one of two things. A: EA didn’t spend enough time testing it.
    Or B: EA is outright lying.

  • F**K EA


    Does this mean I can get a refund from any game that I bought from EA?

  • Newness

    EA seems to be losing touch more and more with their fan bases anyhow. They certainly won’t do a 180 now. They’ve gotten so big they don’t appreciate us anymore. That’s why they half @ss some franchises nowadays as well.. I’m going to sit out on Madden for a few years now since its probably going to be the same game with roster updates for a while now as usual and you know NBA live isn’t coming back. Maybe something will come along to make me change my mind but those odds are pretty slim.

  • EA is a good company but now, it looks like its on drugs

  • that guy

    well, they might just be chickening out after seeing the stiff competition that ubisoft has created by basically making the wii u an ubi-box as they have had unconditional support of the platform from its launch and now has the largest share of the systems game library out of any company. so in essence you could say EA might have given up while it was behind.

    • I think you hit the nail on the head. I feel that EA also see’s the Nintendo fanbase as something it has pushed away so they have decided not to support Nintendo. It really shows that EA is going to get outpaced by many other companies(Ubisoft has far surpassed EA in my book by realeasing quality titles and fully supporting Nintendo on the 3DS and Wii U) as far as being a top tier game publisher. While I normally don’t say this about people/businesses, I hope EA does bad and drops to a much weaker Publisher status(already on there way) so that they will maybe see that everyone can fall from grace even a greedy game publisher.

  • david jarman

    Doesn’t nfs most wanted use frostbite 2? Not to mention cryengine 3 runs beautifully on wii u and so can unreal 3.

  • Linskarmo

    I’m not surprised. If EA wants to shoot themselves in the foot, they can go ahead and do that.

  • Of course what a coincidence that they didn’t test Frostbite 3 on the Wii U, now EA can cover there ass when they don’t bring new games to Wii U because “we didn’t test Frostbite 3 on Wii U because the previous version ran poorly on the Wii U”! Such BS, anyone should see through EA’s BS! Them getting mad cause Nintendo basically told them to shove that piece of shit Origin service up where the good Lord split em!!

  • Quicksilver88

    What frostbyte 2 runs on 7 year old hardware with no problems. Wii-U is using a DX11 comaparable GPU and a 3 core, 6 thread cpu and 2GB of ram but cant handle it? I would say they didn’t try hard to optimize it or are lying. I mean cry engine 3 was up and running quickly and well….look at the Shadow of Eternals demo which is supposedly running on CE3 on Wii-U looks great. NFS MW was ported in months and looks better than the other consoles. GTA 5 has been up and running on dev kits. EA is so full of it……rather than lying why don’t they just fess up that they are pissed at Nintendo and punishing their customers as a result….I own all systems and find this behavior unproffesional and insulting. I really don’t care much other then Dragon Age series. If Wii-U turns it around and sells well this holiday season I wonde if they will change their tune in 2014?

    • oontz

      Can you please provide a link that shows rockstar is testing GTA5 on a wii u dev kit.

      • Quicksilver88

        Now releaize this is a rumor last reported at this link:
        But this rumor has ciruclated more than once and the source that gave this rumor has been a reliable source on other rumors that came to be true. Look we know Crysis 3 was up and running on Wii-U and have heard of others as well. Ultimately I don’t think performance or even the difficulty/ease of porting to Wii-U is the issue with publishers, I think it is economics. If Nintendo turns sales around, has strong IPs this Xmas and advertises, maybe even cuts price then I think we will see Wii-U get to 10mil units by 1st QTR next year and then the risk/reward for publishers will change. Especially when you consider that nextbox/ps4 are essentially going to be similiarly spec watered down PCs competing against each other in the same launch window, my point being they will struggle to get to 10mil each within one year (especially with estimated price points) and have their own year one struggles. This next gen is going to be funky because devs are spolied with 70mil+ ps3/x360 installed bases. So now if a company puts out a game like Tomb Raider it has a potential audience of 150mil consoles and then still complains when the game only sells 3-4mil copies. I expect we are going to see current/next gen releases of many 3rd party games next year as devs just can’t afford to put 10s of millions of $$$ into a title and then sell 1mil units. The problem with that is it won’t give the shooter bro crowd much reason to update. I think in this tricky envrinonment a tweener console with unique features and IPs and a much lower price point like Wii-U could excel and may then get better 3rd party support….I hope but honestly I don’t care as I know Nintendo is going to make great titles, their Jap dev buddies like Namco, Sega, Altus, Square will have some good stuff and the Indy scene is really warming to Wii-U….so within a year we will have plenty of good stuff to play!

  • Jizz Beard thePirate

    Not sure if EA is nearing bankruptcy or just hates Nintendo

    • Petri

      They jus laid off 900 people, and that had nothing to do with Nintendo or Wii U.
      And theyre going to push their luck by not paying for gun licenses.

  • david daniel wharton camacho

    i know, i as many others, wont buy another console to play your games, in fact even though i can play them on pc, you can go fuck yourself and slowly become the worst company of america… oh wait…. You already are! and not because of your support to LTGB nor the homophobic gamers, but for you being such a dumb company making or even thinking you are better than others, seiously… go
    fuck ur self

  • Adecentboy777

    Well, that doesn’t surprise me! To be honest, Nintendo disappointed me big time. Even if I own the Wii U and the console has some potential plus I started with SNES and loved it, I think that a console is pretty worthless if you have no good games on it. Wii U came out in November, about 6 months ago and there is almoust no good games on it. Ridicilous what Nintendo did, they fooled all the buyers into buying a machine with no games. They needed money, that’s why they did it. Playstation 4 is not even out and they already have more gemes to offer, then Nintendo ever will. I am pretty disappointed about Nintendo’s strategy and marketing attitude. They have done so many mistakes and they keep doing so in the future. I am glad I have my PS3 and look forward to PS4. Wii U sucks but not because the console itself but because of Nintendo’ attitude and bad marketing.

    • Revolution5268

      you think ps3 didn’t have that same situation like the wii u and xbox 360 gtfo man. PS4 WILL have the same situation like what happen to ps3 wii u and 360.

      • Adecentboy777

        I was there from the start. SONY struggled because of the price, not because of games. It took some months, like 2-3 till you had some games but not a year! Nintendo will have some games in October or November of 2013 BUT they launched their console in November of 2012 and that’s a huge difference. Not speking of Nintendo’s promise about addressing the hardcore gamers. Addressing with what? Whit a console that is barely better than PS3 or ShitBOX, consoles that are 7 years old? 🙂 PS4 will own the market, their learned from their mistakes. Microshit could only succeed because of failures made by SONY. This time around this will not happen. All the big companies are developing for PS4 and Next Box, Nintendo will stay behind and can onyl keep with their actual strategy the Nintendo fans who love Nintendo specific games, like MARIO 3D, Zelda, Donkey Kong etc. I love them too, that’s why I keep Wii U, but you can’t grow and get some slice of the market pie with only these games. It’s simply not enough. Wii U will have the same fate as Game Cube and stupid me I believed them. That wonn’t happen again 🙂

      • Adecentboy777

        SONY made a mistake with the price in case of PS3 and there were games on it after 2-3 months. In case of NINTENDO there are almoust none, just crap and only 2-3 good gemes. 2-3 Games for the last 6 months – really great. They are trying to sell an old overpriced system with no games on it, ridiculous. PS4 has already more god games then Wii U and the console is not even out yet. Shitbox derived benefit from the failure made by SONY, but in this time around this wonn’t happen, since SONY learned from the past and the new strategy is the right one. The hardware is great, the game line up is awesome, 3rd party support is huge, the developers are thankfull, there are enough bombastic first party games. Nintendo’s developer’s kit was not even touched by many developers and there was no support for the 3rd parties – that’s the Nintendo’s attitude. All in all Nintendo is a big disappointment for me and I hope they do the right thing and change their attitude, cause if they wonn’t, than they will never get a good slice of the market and will go down one day, just like SEGA did. I own a Wii and Wii U and PS3 and I was a fan of Nintendo since SNES, but now I am angry and feel fooled by false promises made by Nintendo.

  • $39063977

    Nintendo needs to start building a few bridges with 3rd party developers. Dragon Age would do the company a lot of good and if Iwata and the rest can’t see that then they are becoming a real danger to the company. I hope the owners/shareholders will start to open their eyes and see the dead end ahead!

  • YiyeUniverseMB

    Next year: “Electronic Arts voted ‘Worst Company in America’ third time in a row”

  • DVE

    This angers me to a point that they can run frostbite 2 and 3 on 360 and PS3, but it runs poorly on Wiiu! I smell BS! I bet if they used the Wiiu’s gpgpu properly they could get at least 720p 60 fps 1080p 30 fps with Frostbite similar to what it’s gonna be on Ps4 and Xbox 720.

  • Leo

    The gaming industry is simply collapsing. Thankfully Nintendo has its own niche market to keep their heads afloat while the the entire industry is sinking like a hard rock.

  • JVAN63

    EA’s always cared more about squeezing every penny they can rather than becoming more of the leader in the industry they could (and used to) be (ie. Valve).

  • No loss for Nintendo. EA has nothing worth playing anyway. Most of their content is just a bunch of sports remakes. Each year the same crap.

  • John Raybell

    Yeah only ones losing here is EA, I thought things would be different after them hiring a new CEO, guess not, Good job EA hope you guys wither away 🙂 and soon, your games have always been B games, only a few AAA tiles, dice can move on along with any other worth a $%^#$%^ devs. EA SUCKS!!!!!!! but like other have said we really arent loseing anything 🙂 because they suck, always have since the n64 days and beyond, EA CHALLENGE NOTHING more like it 🙂

  • Oni

    meh I don’t play anything from EA anyway, no effect on me

  • ACE

    i dont care fifa 14 i have PESS 14

  • Darren Stocking

    Gosh all this EA hate, I’ve never really understood what good software they’ve actually added to the gaming world.

    The truth is EA does not want to commit further costs to Frostbite in order to get it optimized for the Wii U, however I am grateful of this. Gone are the days of seeing another edition of Fifa being thrown on the shelves, or the praise of another war game (joy). Nintendo has been blessed not to have to a software house release bloat ware for the sake of bloat ware.

    If we look at what Ubisoft are bringing to the console, you get that these guys have embraced it, know what the console is capable of doing, but admit that it takes time and EA seem to think that you just dump the code and you get an instant result.

    Let’s just like EA fade away, we stop all these various posts and let them be a name we once associated with gaming and now just manage to release random crap mobile efforts.

  • Zelda fan#1

    Wow…EA is literally acting like a child…I can’t believe there being so stupid just because Nintendo said “no” to use Origin (which was a VERY smart choice…looks like EA get’s all butthurt when someone outsmarts them.)

    And just to rub it in EA’s face, I can literally play their games as much as I want and they wont get a single cent, how is this possible you ask? Gamefly my dear children.

  • derpyderper

    EA Is Really Only Bad For Screwing Over Wii U Owners They have great games don’t sit hear and say Battlefield isn’t good or Crysis or Madden or Deadspace. Common Now The Whole Sim City Thing Is Understandable but, I think EA The Worst Company is a bit much.

  • fuckkkkk you EAAAAAAAAAa