Jul 23rd, 2012

EA Sports will bring the top selling FIFA football (or soccer, for those of you in the US) franchise to the Wii U. David Rutter, executive producer for the upcoming FIFA 13, said that the Wii U was “pretty exciting” for him as a developer and the possibilities it brings to games. Speaking to CG, he said:

“It’s pretty exciting actually. I’ve been talking to a bunch of the guys about the games that they’re working on here, and about what they want to do with Wii U or with SmartGlass and stuff like that”

FIFA 13 Wii UHe added that developers have already figured out cool ways of integrating the Wii U GamePad tablet controller into their games. He didn’t give any specifics about how FIFA 13 will use the tablet and secondary screen, but we can imagine a few scenarios. For example, subbing players, checking match statistics, calling out plays and tactics — the possibilities with the Wii U and sports games are endless. In addition to FIFA, EA Sports will be bringing Madden 13 to the console, and its rumored that NBA Live 13 will finds its way to the Wii U as well. For more, check out a full list of EA Wii U games.

Via CVG.

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  • TheBoldman67

    Umm, did you guys mean sports instead of spots?

    • BlazeKiing

      typos are common mistakes i don’t remember seeing that but it doesn’t matter you will still get the same info even if theres a few typos

  • Jonas

    well, in europe its acutally named football. american name is soccer

    • Wii Uoops!

      They said that at the beginning of the post.

      • Mid-core Gamer

        Wii Uoops, they at first said “EA Sports will bring the top selling FIFA football (or soccer, for those of you in the EU) franchise to the Wii U”.

        • Wii Uoops!

          Got it.

        • Wii Uoops sucks


          • SortableShelf19

            Change your username.

      • Jonas

        yea but in the beginning there was standing for those of you in europe 😉
        they changed it as i can see

    • SkateRyan

      There are actually more countries that call it soccer than football. However, it honestly doesn’t matter, because everyone knows what each one is…unless they’re overly sheltered. You’re obviously not talking about football (soccer), if you’re talking about the NFL. You’re not talking about gridiron football when you’re talking about FIFA. I’ve always hated the argument about which one is better deserving of the name, and the whole “handegg” thing never seemed too funny to begin with. Both gridiron and traditional football are both great sports in their own right.

      • Frankensavior

        “Their are actually more countries that call it soccer than football”

        I’m assuming that you’ve been either sadly misinformed, or have been educated in America. Wherever your getting your facts from.”Probably make believe land”. They’re wrong.

        • Frankensavior

          There not Their. Phones auto is fail.

    • Eddy120876

      Well the creators of the sport . The English called it Soccer first and then changed it to Football. We just stick to Soccer so theres no confusion 😀

  • Midna

    Well, it’s good news to those who like sports games.

    • Ledreppe


  • Maverick-Hunter

    Not a big sports fan I’m actually crossing my fingers to hear something about megaman that isn’t freaking battle network I’ve played all the battle network games and that megaman simply sucks oh wait started to rant, Woo sports games 🙂

  • gPadWatcher

    By the time Madden NFL 13 is released for the Wii U, I’m gonna get myself a second Wii U Game Pad. They’ll never know what play call is coming up on downs.

    • Eddy120876

      Thats the beauty of the WiiU controller. Nobody can see what play you are going to pick and if Madden allows for in the fly pattern that would really revolutionize Madden games to a whole new level.

  • EvanescentHero

    I don’t really play realistic sports games, but hopefully they make good use of the GamePad if they make another Strikers or Mario Tennis for the Wii U. (Personally, I liked the original Super Mario Strikers better than Mario Strikers Charged.)

  • Supersonic 128

    I love the Strikers games also, & would love to see a third for Wii U, Mario Strikers U lol.

  • rafael

    When it comes to sports games, i wanted to know if Codemasters is bringing F1 2012 to the Wii-u. If the staff of this site could discover this information, it could be a small scoop. Im dying to see how that controler could be used to simulate an f1 wheel.

  • Paul

    nba and madden on the wii u tablet would be excellent but fifa i dont know

    • gNat

      well you could flick your finger across the touch screen to kick the ball.

  • yk_nintendo

    Good work EA sports!

  • ConCity Soldier

    Show Madden already!! Madden 13 looks like it’ll be the first decent Madden this gen & Wii U’s next gen. But then again I haven’t even seen what Wii U’s Madden will look like to even say that. 🙁

  • DA BOSS!