Aug 4th, 2012

A rumor has been spreading on the web that suggests publisher EA and Nintendo tried to work out a deal for Wii U online component. Reportedly, Nintendo was in talks with several third parties to improve the Wii U’s online capabilities, and EA was one of them. However, the talks broke down when EA wanted all of Wii U’s online network — including the Nintendo Network — to be run through its Origin system. As expected, Nintendo walked out of the negotiations after such outrageous demands by EA.

EA Wii UThe deal EA wanted would see all of Nintendo’s online services and net code be run through Origin, which isn’t known for being the most stable online service out there. In case you aren’t familiar with Origin, the online service works like Steam, just not as good. Origin has been criticized left and right over the past year for all sorts of reasons, including invasion of user privacy, removing users’ legal rights, and false user bans.

Because of the deal falling through, EA’s support for the Wii U console dwindled, and instead of supporting the console with lots of titles, EA is so far bringing only three games to the Wii U: Madden NFL 13, Mass Effect 3, and FIFA 13. The rumor also mentions that EA has no intentions of really supporting the Wii U in the future, and will only release ports of other titles without any real budget. This appears to be the case with Madden NFL 13, which was recently revealed to be missing key features on the Wii U version.

Via Reddit

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  • theaquacharger

    Funny thing about the removing legal rights. Steam did the too. The latest EULA removed the exact legal rights Origin did.

    • Ultimate Cheez

      Your a n00b Sir -.-“

      • theaquacharger

        For saying the truth?

        • mordesausage

          This is incorrect, EA attempted to strip away the consumer’s right for legal counsel as much as possible in their “changes”..

          Valve *did* remove the ability to press class-action suits against them, but this is quite the norm in business, and the party that benefits most from these lawsuits are the lawyers, not consumers or business. It’s an easy decision.

          The *real* difference is that Valve, at the same time as doing this, also instated a policy that will reimburse their customers the cost of arbitration in small claims court, if they decide to seek legal counsel.

          You would never in a million years see EA proactively do something like that. Never.

  • Mooka

    Sore losers… smh…

    • Chupa Chup

      Butt hurt much EA?

  • Garzard

    Oh geez

  • Mooka

    This is probably the reason for no Crysis 3 I would guess… smh… sore losers times 3…

  • trainerblk

    (EA) You are so far less then what you were, you are more then half machine , you are like a painter gone blind, a composer gone deaf, you can remember. Where the power was, but the power you can touch iss only a memory. (Darth vader).

    • theaquacharger

      But Beethoven was a deaf composer.

      • SanPharaoh

        Touche…a deep passion for something will always give birth to seemingly supernatural abilities when faced with handicaps or immeasurable odds.

        Think: the blind painter who became the greatest sculptor…the loss of his sight gave birth to monuments that still leave us in awe almost 1000 years later.

        Problem is…few companies today in the gaming world genuinely make games for the sake of the players. Instead they make games for the sake of profits and thus…these companies (EA for example) are the lost who may never find their way. Their compass is nothing more than money and when that happens great things rarely transpire.

        As far as EA goes…I see sports games a way for Jocks or wannabe gangstas to be able to show their nerdy side without admitting to the world that they are nerds, or geeks, or gamers. I mean, what is a Madden, or a FIFA besides an RPG based on a particular sport?

        I hope these two companies can set aside their differences and work together for the sake the gamer. I can’t imagine that Sony would let all of the PSN be run exclusively through ORIGIN for it’s EA titles, and I can’t imagine MS allowing for something this outrageous to happen in their house either.

        The people at EA are going mad if they are willing to behave this way out of selfish spite. I hope it’s a rumor and nothing more because in the end it’s really us gamers who lose out. Though I’m not a fan of sports games I’m sure a lot of soon to be Wii U owners are, and I’m sure EA makes other great titles that I would like to play on the Wii U…besides ME3.

        In conclusion: Squash the beef.

      • Ravyu

        Deaf and BLIND! AHA!

        • SanPharaoh

          What do you mean exactly?

  • Frankensavior

    I’ve never been a fan of EA. Hell I don’t even have any games by them. If this is true. Which I wouldn’t doubt it knowing EA’s track record. I have no problem skipping all of their games. Considering im getting a Wii U, and hope to make it my main system. I won’t miss any of their games. Haven’t got a single EA game this generation. This isn’t good for the overall picture though. Less third party support no matter how shitty that third party is. Isn’t a good thing.

    • Ravyu

      Its best if EA stays away from console gaming and move on to just mobile games (though they suck too). EA has ruined great franchises down to me just spitting on them (like Battlefield). I don’t want them at all near Ninty.

  • Hi8us

    EA has such a ridiculous business model. It’s a joke and purely driven by profit. In the end they’re a giant in the industry but they also look like a shady company with questionable business practices.

  • AO1JMM

    Typical of EA

  • Master Daddy Sir

    Fu_k’em, Feed Em Beans and Fu_ck’em! I have played through the Mass Effect series and to tell the truth i loved 1 & 2 but three felt rushed and unfinished there could have been so much more to this series but as per the status quo these day’s MONEY takes lead over quality…And as far as any sports series, well here is a fine example as to how downloadable content should have worked from day 1. i.e. I buy Madden 2010 they release 2011 as an add-on improved graphics more up to date and so on NOT here buy this for 59.99 and put 25.00 down on the order of 2011…

    • ninjabake

      From a business perspective it doesn’t make sense to promote the system so far away from launch the normal time to promote the system is 2 months before launch which makes sense for Nintendo to start pushing the Wii U in September.

      Name one console that heavily promoted their new hardware and games 3+ months before launch….you can’t because its unethical you want to hype the consumers right before it comes out doing so several months before hand could lead to consumers losing interest come the time for it release.

      Expect a heavy dosage of Wii U ads and promotion come this fall right after Nintendo’s autumn conference in September. Don’t fret that your not seeing much hype now because it will come Nintendo is a professional company and they know what they’re doing. You have to look at it from a business perspective as well as a consumer perspective.

      • Novum Magus

        While I agree with you, there is not such thing as ethics when it comes to business sales, even though the term “business ethics” does exist. I have a friend that is now a manager for ADT, and he will do anything to make money, as will mostly every company involved in sales out there. It’s disgusting, and I really don’t like him for that but… I can’t change it haha. Having said that… EA is a horrible company, and I am glad Nintendo walked out on them. I would have said “See Ya!” as well

        • ninjabake

          I respect your opinion and honestly, I agree LOL a lot of businesses are only focused on that bottom line even if it means underhanded tactics are used. But I think you misinterpreted what I meant by “unethical” I meant that it simply doesn’t make sense to hype something up when its so far away I didn’t say that company’s use the correct business practice all the time cuz that would be foolish and naive.

          But what I’m saying is that even underhanded companies (looking @ u EA) use marketing strategies that will work best to get the most amount of people to buy it, promoting it heavily at the right time that’s just how it works. Now is it always successful? Well…..

          • Anonymous

            In English?

  • verymetal

    If the Wii U becomes hugely successful (I hope it does) then EA will be on board supporting them 100%. The problem is that it seems to me that Nintendo is doing everything wrong with promoting the Wii U. Don’t even get me started on E3. How sad is it that the best thing shown for the Wii U was at E3 2011 (zelda tech demo), fast forward to E3 2012 and well you know what was shown. Interest declined and they had a terrible showing. This is not how you go about generating interest. I just can’t comprehend how a true next gen console is already being made to be a joke. It’s not too late for Nintendo to gain interest, they just have to show off what the system is truly capable of…NOW! Not a year from now.

    • ninjabake

      From a business perspective it doesn’t make sense to promote the system so far away from launch the normal time to promote the system is 2 months before launch which makes sense for Nintendo to start pushing the Wii U in September.Name one console that heavily promoted their new hardware and games 3+ months before launch….you can’t because its unethical you want to hype the consumers right before it comes out doing so several months before hand could lead to consumers losing interest come the time for it release.Expect a heavy dosage of Wii U ads and promotion come this fall right after Nintendo’s autumn conference in September. Don’t fret that your not seeing much hype now because it will come Nintendo is a professional company and they know what they’re doing. You have to look at it from a business perspective as well as a consumer perspective.

      • verymetal

        I hope your right, but Nintendo seems to live in their own world. I haven’t read about a conference that is in September, so I hope that is true. If any new information from them is reported on Nintendo Direct only, then that will be a mistake. Gaming has gotten stale and hopefully Wii U will bring some new life to gaming. I’m just not overly excited so far; great games sell systems, without great games it will be a failure.

    • rafael

      There are many things to be considered about that.

      Does e3 really matter for the market that nintendo is interested in? if they show their cards now, what will they have to show next year to stand against the next ps and xbox?

      when gamers and media judge how sucssessful a presentation is, they judge it from a diferent perspective then the company that is actually dealing with the real necessities of the market…

      All the media wants is to have something to report and if they dont get it, they will complain about like if they really knew how it is to run a games company.

      • ninjabake

        First things first e3 isn’t necessarily for their market or consumers as much as you would think, its more for the media and more importantly, their investors. And investors couldn’t care less about what game is cool looking they care about what’s going to bring them in money.

        By Nintendo showing what they wanted to show (their e3 wasn’t great in my honest opinion) they proved to investors that these games will be marketed come autumn and people will buy this so this is a good reason to keep investing in our company. It is no different for Ms n Sony. E3 isn’t a gamer’s Christmas like the media leads you to believe, its about business.

        If Nintendo goes out there and puts on a show for the fans and doesn’t give investors enough reason to continue to invest in them, they’d be in trouble.

        They will heavily promote their new console this fall and whether or not it will fly off shelves depends on how good the marketing strategy is. But trust that Nintendo is doing exactly what they want to do and they’ll continue to appeal to a broad range of gamers they are a smart company they’ve been doing this for some time now. After people doubted the Wii and even NES back in the day its unwise to play your cards against Nintendo.

        • rafael

          I think they showed a reasonable amount of products with great potential, but kept some of the best things to next year, because as sony and ms will be showing next gen, i think nintendo needs the wii-u to not look like an outdated product and generate real interest in its future releases, with some great franchises like mario, metroid, zelda, smash, etc…i think 🙂

          • ninjabake

            No worries man just leave that to Nintendo jeez people get soooo concerned LOL our job is simple, enjoy their product. As far as keeping people’s interest that is a 2 way street consumers have to be open minded and accept change.

            Now I know we all want it to be a success but its not our job to convince non-believers if it was, we’d get paid to do so. Some gamers are simply too close-minded to want to give a Nintendo product a chance or some are flat out uninterested n no ad-campaign will change their minds but that’s their loss…

            The way Nintendo markets this system will definitely be interesting

  • Slacker

    Ea are retards whow cears

    • Radojko95

      Well some of us do care … I want Need For Speed, The Sims and SimCity … 🙂

  • nucima

    written by a steam-user, am I right?
    Not that I would appreciate such a network, but this is one-sided journalism.
    Don’t say such things like “…like Steam, just not as good…”.

    I hate both systems, but: I had much less problems with origin than with steam. I also don’t know anyone, having stability problems.

    To topic: Thanks Nintendo for refusing this SH**

    • Dat Guy

      I use both networks, and I think Steam is a little smoother and faster while Origin is ok, just a bit slower and less smooth.

    • gearchin

      origin is terrible, steam is and will always be 100% better. I have had better support from steam than i have on origin.

    • NotoriousD

      Origins was also said to put DRM on computers and in general screw with your rig. Also, people have been banned from it for modding single player games. Meanwhile I’m riding through mod filled Morrowind just fine, and Steam isn’t interfering with anything.

      I’ll keep my more stable and DRM free service, thank you.

      It’s basically become reality by now that journalism bashing EA isn’t one sided journalism, it’s honest journalism.

      • Draco Breach

        Yeah. I use Origin for Mass Effect and Dragon Age, and that’s really about it. Well, Amalur as well, but I have that on PS3.

        Anyway, I enjoy building and using mods. I’d love it if Nintendo allowed homebrew, but I’m not sure how feasible that is without knowing a bit more about the Wii U’s OS. As a note, it does not actually have to be open to allow mods. It just has to recognize a particular format – to be determined by Nintendo of course.

        Considering the Indie support, I can imagine mod possibilities. Nintendo’s also become friendlier to the modding community – even praising some of the Mario Hard mods out there. As long as people leave the multi player part of the game alone, I really don’t see the problem with modding.

        Which brings me to how stuck up EA is. I want to mod the Mass Effect trilogy. It’s silly that they lock out the modding community as much as they do. The reason Bethesda Softworks is as popular as it is is very simple. They acknowledge and welcome modding.

        FYI: Aesthetically speaking, I hate that “is is” is grammatically correct, and that my explanation is also grammatically correct.

        • NotoriousD

          This is true. Bethesda has embraced community modding for a while(been running Morrowind with mostly a few rather decent weapon mods)

          Also, that actually reminds me of one factor that I’m aware of in Origins. I’ve NEVER used it myself(and no, I don’t want to, to me that’s like installing a virus on this baby), but to my knowledge, it’s pretty much just for EA’s stuff.

          That’s one of the main reasons, rumors aside, I like Steam over it. With Steam it’s more open source. Yes, you have to look into what you plan on getting, but it’s STILL relatively wider ranged and, also to my knowledge, safer.

          I say safer because while I haven’t played it myself, I’ve seen threads, reports, screenshot compilations of said threads, of actual people who play things like TOR. BioWare in particular, their customer service is complete horse shit from what I’ve seen of them, and their forums are literally filled with people(and alt accounts of some who simply try to make the fanbase appear bigger than it is)who will call you the cancer for thinking TOR(which is riddled with so many bugs, if it was a person I’d put it out of its misery)is a bad game. One guy even listed literally a dozen problems in his own thread on the forum that plagued his TOR, and said it was terrible, only for someone to tell him he was terrible…

          I’ve come to accept that EA and their child company is nothing more than the asshole of the gaming industry, and to steer away from their stuff(I haven’t touched ME2 or 3, and after seeing various vids, screens, and texture/background comparisons, I don’t ever want to touch 3).

          As for DA, never really got into it,

          At best I’ll get Deadspace 1 and 2 on the Xbox 360 and keep it off the computer, but I read about all the BS changes they made to 3, so that one’s out.

    • BluChuChu

      I agree completely. This was, for the most part, a very well written article, covering important news. However, it was one-sided. I seem to remember a better time when this website was a little less biased and a more open place for Nintendo fans to read Wii U news.

    • Whoop

      I’ve had very VERY few issues with Steam in the six years I’ve used it. The only issues have arisen when there’s either a major stress on their servers because of the sales they have or they rolled out some new feature so a minor bug pops up.

      Day one with Origin, I was triple charged for my game and the support over at EA said that I had bought three copies when I had only bought one. Later, they refunded me only because apparently there was no possibly way I could buy three copies at the time. Sadly, that was the only reason they refunded me. I’d also rather not have a rather invasive DRM scan every file on my computer, including my tax returns, and send information back to EA. They don’t need to know any of that stuff.

  • afro ninja

    maybe thats why they didnt do the physics in madden

  • jcb411abuser

    awwww for “£$%$£”$%&*( SAKE!!!!

  • Enigmatic

    Hahaha. Oh EA. You make me laugh.

  • Elcaras1

    Dam ea But we the consumers have control of this. The guys who buy the wii you and support nintendo dont buy ea games is that simple we are many and they would feel it but mos guys would rather just buy the xbox or ps version not that im against this consoles but we need to teach greedy companys whos in control.

  • Quad

    Fuck Origin GO STEAM

    • nucima

      I stay at the retail market as long as possible (and prices are sustainable).
      Very sad, that the two systems destroy it with discount prices.

      Think nobody needs such useless additional programs. Why can’t they do this browser based….

      Sadly BF3 was the first game I had to have :/ and like I see market develops to, that almost every game just works with steam.
      Then there are Crytec, and I think also Ubisoft who also want to start similar services. Soon we need to have 4-5 Auto-start programs providing exactly the same service.

  • Wilson81

    This is nice and all, but Origin kinda sucks.. :/

  • PKUltima

    Thank you for refusing Nintendo, EA is known for having horrid business tactics but this is some of the worst I have heard. Bottom line IMO EA doesn’t care about consumers just how much cash is in there pockets.

  • Aenifer

    I think EA will support more the Wii U once he smells money coming from the success of the console.

  • FennexFox

    Let me guess, when the next gen consoles comes out for Sony and Microsoft, EA won’t try and ask them if they could do that so they will still develop video games for them. EA really is becoming one of those greedy companies in my eyes.

  • Dat Guy

    I get the feeling EA is a selfish company, getting mad because of what we just read and only releasing three games on the console.
    (Am I a slowpoke on this one?)

  • Roouth

    you can s*ck my dick -.-

    They just wanna make money and if nintendo refuses their pieces of shit they stop supporting the Wii U-.-

  • GamersGlobal

    I don t need any of this EA Games, 4 me they don t need 2 release any of their games. EA destroyed so many of my all time Favorite Brands like Commadn&Conquer. Origin is the worst thing i have ever seen in 20 years PC Gaming. WiiU with Origin ? Would caus me not to buy a new Nintendo Console and i had them all since NES.

    • nucima

      At the launch of steam, there were even worse meanings about it.
      Funny how time is changing and people using it anyway^^.

      • Myself

        Not me….I just use and because it is really DRM-Free.

  • AKA-Link77

    Dont worry they always come CRAWLING back! X}

  • Paul

    thankyou nintendo that this didnt happen, as ea would of charged for it at a high price. plus the origin on pc crap and unstable

  • Retro

    Considering I am not a big sports fan to begin with. I will not be missing any of EA games, (w/the exception of SimCity)…. With that said, no worries at all from a 3rd Party that is solely based on trying to monopolize the sports gaming aspect and making as much money as possible.

    Downfalls will always happen when the main concern is about making a profit without any consideration about making a worthwhile game.

  • alex

    This is not true ea say all ready that theu belive and like the wii u the reson they dont use the engine in maden 13 was because they was out of time check ign and you will see reamember maden is the same Game with few new improvment every year but ea do not have any engine for wii u cuse in wii maden was that cartoon style pice of crap plus this Game sale more in 360 than Wii so way do somthing or waste my time in a console that I will not sell so good my games but if the Wii u turn to be good next year will be different I want a Wii u but nintendo is doing a lot of thing wrong again any way the only games from ea I want is need for speed and battle field and mass efect dont care about spport games or army of two aaaaa it will be good to see medal of honors

    • Draco Breach

      Very hard to read, but excellent point.

      EA very likely hasn’t had time to fully test their new physics engine on the Wii U. It is far less expensive and time consuming to use the old engine, and a fully port might push the game outside of their preferred sports’ title launch window.

      I don’t really buy sports games.

      Honestly. I don’t even know what else you said. Just trying to reduce some vitriol here. I’ll conclude with some friendly advice, constructive criticism if you would.

      Please use punctuation, separate your positions, and, if possible, then defend them.

  • John

    John Rigatoni al Forno and his greedy empire

  • SuperShyGuy

    Whoa EA tried to strong arm Nintendo into giving all of the online rights to them. And when it didn’t happen they made a stripped down Madden.

    Well F%$# you EA!

  • Roy

    EA sux… Nuff said

  • Not Important

    So much hate on EA because of a rumor. While I, too, have had bad experiences with EA; they are not the worst company out there. Sure, they might want to make money, but who doesn’t? Sadly for them, the overblown hate on EA makes every bad rumor seem true, which causes more hate. Its a vicious cycle that I do not see them getting out of; but its okay because many of us still buy their games anyways. Overall, just remember this isn’t fact, even if it sounds like it may be true.

    • Draco Breach

      Some believe EA doesn’t just want to make money, but to purposely gouge their customers. For example, a large portion of the Mass Effect fanbase felt that ME3 was rushed and purposely delivered incomplete. Some wrongfully point to the Day 1 DLC – which is a business model to protect assets known as employees.

      However, some of their practices on Origin are incredibly stiffing. They do not allow any modifications to a single player campaign. A lot of players wanted to change texture packages, create missions, create weapons, create weapon mods, or even change their characters sex or potential partners.

      When I say change sex, I mean some characters created a female Shepard only to realize Tali was a romance option in the second/third installment for male Shepard, so they want to ‘redo’ without starting a whole new save file. When I say change potential partners, I think it’s obvious. FemShep/Tali is one popular example.

      It’s kind of ridiculous to force the mod community over to the hack and crack community just to do something many gamers – at least PC gamers – are used to. They really should copy Bethesda Softwork’s business model. I love GECK for Fallout.

    • SanPharaoh

      @Not Important…EA has been a crooked company for a while now. Most businesses are. It’s the way of capitalism. George Carlin had a great quote on this subject, but I will save that for a time when levity seems more appropriate.

      Basically, the main reason that “rumors” like these surface is because there is a good bit of truth in them. I’m sure Nintendo isn’t without their flaws and such regarding business strategies and so forth, but they seem to always put the gamer (and the games) first and yet somehow always manage to stay on top.

      I’d say EA could stand to learn a thing or two from Ninty. Though I stated this in a previous comment, I will say it again…I hope these rumors are not true. And I hope Nintendo and EA can work together in the future because in the end, it’s us gamers who lose out.

    • LordFenix

      EA shot themselves in the foot a long time ago when they attempted to buy out 1/3 of the competition… they were buying everyone out in the stock market without anyone knowing who was buying the stock till it was too late to do anything… the only company i think that dodged that bullet was Ubi-Soft and that was because the French government stepped in and a few french companies and bought up enough stock to stop EA. (been a long time so my info could be a lil off) but yea… EA hurt their rep when they started buying out publishers and developers, just to take control of their IPs and for the most part run them into the dirt…

  • 3dsguy

    nintendo please make ubisoft 2nd party wii will support them or some decent developers wii u needs a 2nd party

    • nucima

      despite EA owning a lot of share of Ubisoft? Thought about 10% or something.

  • 3dsguy

    ea if u want me to buy ur games put them on wii u i will not get a ps3 or xbox to play ur games

  • tekkentagU

    Who needs EA anyways? screw them

  • Maverick-Hunter

    EA your really childish just because you don’t get the rights to their online system you back out on nintendo. All I can say is good luck making games on that fail smart glass and crappy ass vita

  • D00d

    If they do the same to the FIFA games as they did to the Madden games, I will definitely be considering playing PES on the Wii U instead. Especially if Konami are able to make the best use out of the Wii U and the Gamepad.

  • Man

    SMFH till my neck breaks!

    EA is just disgusting there being dick heads. There like spoild children who dont get wat they want then start kickin an screamin making the parents life hell!

    Well they wont make nintys life hell just the oppsite in fact.

  • elbrody

    So then f*ck EA,do not support EA for being assholes

  • Gabe Hoffman

    Nintendo said they wanted to also allow developers to host their own networks as well if I remember correctly. I can see why they would turn down Origins since EA would essentially run everything and they probably know that a lot people consider Origins a piece of shit compared to Steam. I am happy Nintendo turned them down to be honest. I think a Steam client for Wii U would be better and I don’t really care if EA ends up ignoring Wii U entirely I can see a bunch of other games that are much better and worth my money like Scribblenauts Unlimited.

  • Lugo

    Did EA really think Nintendo would just let them waltz in and take over their Nintendo Network?

  • jcb411abuser

    does no one else realise that nintendo’s whole “thing” going into releasing this console was making devs happy, now thye have fallen out with one major dev and publisher, probably one of the biggest in the industry, this console is screwed before it’s even started. i’m going to buy it for nintendo games but the majority of consumers will not

    • Collected

      There’s making a console/ features for developers that is more useful to them (and making games) and then there’s letting one developer take over your online network and implement what they want without consideration.

      I feel its good Nintendo did this as it says to the other developers and even consumers that a) they are an independent company looking to keep a good relationship with fans and consumers and b) they allow most if not all developers to feel welcome to publish games on the Wii U.

      If they had gone with EA’s origin network then Nintendo would have shown not only favoritism but possibly affected how others developers would treat them. (Activision is the first that comes to mind). Handing over online to a third party wouldn’t of been good in the long run.

    • SanPharaoh

      I find your comment a little misplaced. Are you looking at the BIG picture? EA develops games for every console on the planet because they want to increase their bottom line. They don’t care that they are ripping people off year after year as long as people keep buying their games.

      Even if they have a little falling out today (which I doubt is the case), in a few weeks their PR people will patch things up and the machine will get back into motion as if it never stopped (*if it ever stops).

      Point is, EA wants to make money…in the world of entertainment nothing sells like controversy and differences of opinion (besides sex and violence). If you ask me, I might say all these poorly written articles and biased opinions toward Nintendo are just a way to keep the Wii U name hot while they work on deciding which colors to launch with. Expect to see major 3rd party support once the Wii U hits its mark of 10M+ consoles sold.

      But the heavy truth, that I just realized, is no one…and I mean no one buys a console for EA titles. They are buying the Wii U for its exclusive titles. and Nintendo has the largest 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party exclusive titles out of any console on the market today. If you buy a Wii U, I guarantee you’ll be so busy playing your Nintendo Only Exclusive Content that you won’t even think about EA and their games.

    • Paul

      not really buddy

      ea wanted to inplant there own online system and nintendo said no

      nintendo network will be better thasn the psn version

    • Gabe Hoffman

      Oh so you think gamers would want to buy a Wii U with a Nintendo Network that is run by a crappy online service that has terrible privacy and gets you banned for no reason at all. There are plenty of other devs that have praised the Wii U. Gearbox, 5th Cell, Ubisoft, Epic, and a lot of Indie developers. Heck even Gabe Newell from Valve likes it.

    • Galaxy

      Uh, no.
      Nintendo said they wanted developers to have the freedom to do whatever they want, when it came to making games for Wii U, not make everyone happy. Not sure where you got the whole “make everyone happy” statement. Again, did you read the article? EA wanted Nintendo to give up all their online networks and Nintendo Network so it could be run through Origin. Not one but EVERYTHING. If you’ve tried Origin then you would know it sucks and nobody likes it, and Nintendo knows that so they walked out.

      Sorry but this console isn’t screwed, YOU think it’s screwed but it’s not. If you ran a huge business then you would probably understand that it’s best to walk out on certain things.

  • Bravyoura

    Tut, same old Nintendo so old fashioned and set in their ways maybe back before Playstation made gaming mainstream all you needed was a good reputation to get the best titles but these days you have to pay for it (Microsoft) or theirs no incentive to developers to make any real effort investing time and money in a company who wants to make maximum profits from minimum investments.

    I don’t blame Nintendo it has alot of greedy investors with no intrest in gaming but annoying the largest developer and publisher will badly damage the consoles launch even if 6 months later they agree a compromise .

    • PS360Wii

      This whole bit was EA being greedy. troll somewhere els

  • Prefer Steam than Origin, i don’t see Origin in wii u in the future, really.

  • Grodus

    EA: “We want your good Wii U online network to run through our crappy network, Origin.

    Nintendo: “That too unreasonable. The deal is off.

    EA: *cries* “You suck! Why does everyone like you!? We’re not supporting *sniif* you!!!!”

    Makes some sense, if you look at it without your brain… :/

  • Mike

    This makes no sense, why would EA destroy almost all their possibilities with the Wii U. The console hasn’t even been released yet, no one knows if it’s going to be a success. But if it is, EA would have been stupid not to support it. Either EA are outrageous retards (Which they are anyway.), or the person spreading that rumor knows NOTHING about gaming.

    • PS360Wii

      I wouldn’t be surprise is this rumor was true.

  • SteampunkJedi

    The only EA game I have is Spore, and the online component of that doesn’t even work for me! (I’m not sure if Spore is connected to Origin, but still)

    I knew there had to be some reason for the missing Madden 13 features. Not that I was getting that game anyway, but it’s bad publicity to have a partially inferior game on a next-gen console compared to current consoles. Smart move, Nintendo, refusing to be controlled by this apparently greedy company. (If the rumors are true, of course. Too many rumors these days. But at least this rumor makes sense, unlike many others.)

  • pimpc

    f#¢|{ EA lol

  • Daemonrunner

    I am glad that Nintendo stuck to their guns.

    If they are really pulling support for the Wii U because an Origin invasion didn’t suit Nintendo’s business strategy, then EA needs to grow up. None of the consoles are going to have their online services completely reliant on a single service that isn’t their own – period.

  • loko34

    Wii-U is low..

  • esby

    It seems that EA was trying to pull some crap like they did with the Dreamcast, unfortunately for EA Nintendo is in a much better position than Sega to knock them back in place. I don’t expect all EA Wii U games to be gimped just the sports ones.

  • O.o

    wow i dont know if i want a wii u anymore ea is one of my favorite company and where only getting ports but not only ports lazy uncomplete ports from them and also i dont trust that the wii u’s Internet will be good

  • mikes1025

    None of this sounds like business. Leave this as a rumor and that alone.

  • Hugh Quinn

    Make that 4 EA games for Wii U (Battlefield 4)

  • Daryusp07

    EA will think twice about this when they see there sells go down even further…

  • SteveThompson1

    Outside bioware Rpgs. I couldn’t care less if E.A completely abandons the wiiu. Dead space isn’t scary and now that the indies are making amnesia:pigs and among sleep I couldn’t care less about it. I hate shooters and sports games so there goes the rest of E.A’s stuff. So a big MEH to E.A. The only bad thing would be less games overall.

  • DemonRoach

    Nintendo needs to get their head out of their ass.  What have they done lately?  Their mario games are boring as hell.  Their mario kart games are beginning to suck.  Their zelda games are now aimed at babies, and they can’t work with EA?  Laughable.