Sep 25th, 2013


Electronic Art’s Richard Hilleman has some harsh words for the gaming industry as a whole when it comes to consoles versus mobile gaming. He believes players are turning to the mobile space for innovative games, rather than consoles. He says the generation of gamers that learned from video games designed by Shigeru Miyamoto has passed, and that players are now learning from their iOS devices. While Hilleman did thank Miyamoto for his contribution to the industry, he goes on to further state that Miyamoto has fallen down on the job.

“I thank Miyamoto for that. But he’s falling down on the job. And for the past five years that job has been taken over by a dead guy from Cupertino.”

The “dead guy” he’s referring to in that statement is of course Steve Jobs, who presided over Apple as the CEO when the company launched the iPhone in 2007. Speaking of the game industry as a whole, Hilleman acknowledges several problems with the way games are delivered, the price they cost, and sometimes the level of skill required to play certain games.

“We’ve asked for too much time, too much skill, and too much money, sometimes all at once. Customers today… are generally looking for a single fabric of play. They want their game where they want it, when they want it, and at a price they can defend to other people.”

Hilleman stated that the next generation of consoles will need to win back gamer favor by adopting new trends, where the focus is on software and the games provided rather than hardware specs. Hilleman also focused on the importance of user generated content and how important it will be for console games going into this new generation.

What do you think of Hilleman’s remarks? You can read the full presentation here. Do you agree that Miyamoto has fallen down on the job when it comes to innovative games on consoles? Has the torch passed from console gaming to mobile gaming? Let us know your thoughts below.

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  • TheColinies

    lol of course EA would say that LMAO

  • Laud

    So who exactly is this nobody?

    • Nintedward

      A butt hurt, half balled ex-hippy…

      Edit- I realised I spelt ‘bald’ wrong… but come to think of it ‘balled’ has much more comedic value than ‘bald’ lmao!

      • Marcus Navarro


        A butthurt, half-balled, HYPOCRITICAL ex-hippy.

        • SaulX05

          you might say his barber fell down on the job…

      • Shaise

        Oh yeah he looks like one, look at his hair!

      • Merrfn

        His hair looks like he slept in the ocean for the night and forgot to wash it the next day.

      • DVE


    • Shaise

      Never heard of him either, why is it whenever there are harsh words, its always from EA, please forgive me for saying this, but its like a terrorist attack, everytime, its always EA now. They’re always seem to be against creativity. Oh & what does guy call Pikmin 3?

      • Daniel Carvalho

        Exactly! EA representatives love to bash Nintendo, but they always use something everyone knows is not true! EA said the Wii U couldn’t run their Cryoengine 2 a while after launching a game for it that does indeed use that engine; they said Wii U doesn’t have enough power to run Fifa ’13 and release it for PS2 and DS; and now they want to say the only company that dares innovate instead of following the trend is not innovative!

        • Carlos

          frostbyte,..”cryoengine” is from crytek and it run very well on wiiu.

          • Daniel Carvalho

            Sorry, I don’t remember very well which patents of engines belong to. Either way, they claimed their engine doesn’t work on Wii U, but launch a game that uses that very same engine for a 10 + years old console. Sounds legit…

          • Wren Justin Umlauf

            I think your thinking if the Crysis 3 issue? Crytek is owned by EA so Im assuming they own the Cryengine. Primarily EA’s games are running on Frostbyte “that can’t run on Wii U” but many thought Crysis 3 didnt come out on Wii U because the Wii U coudnt play it because it used the Cryengine 3, but the truth was, was that Crytek had it running on the Wii U beautifully but EA and Nintendo “couldnt come to a business agreement” or something like that.

          • Andrew Chambers

            Actually, CryEngine 3 runs well on the Wii U.

        • Stoppablemurph

          fifa isn’t running on frostbite i don’t think.. and is on wii u..
          ea puts games where they think they can make the most money, and they’ve been doing a pretty good job of that so far as they’ve mad a Lot of money..
          i don’t agree with a lot of things ea does, and this guy is preaching things directly in contrast with ea’s next big game (bf4) and it’s pricing strategy. ($60 game, plus $50 premium, plus Very hard to play for beginners, plus not particularly innovative..)
          that having been said, i love battlefield 3 and have bf4 pre-ordered and am eagerly awaiting the beta here in the next few days. 🙂

      • Josiah Henry

        What Kind of ticks me off is that EA promised support for the Nintendo’s new console!

    • Michael DeVore

      He’s the nobody behind EA Sports. Need more be said?

      • Laud

        So… a nobody.

        Lol, I don’t mean to sound snobbish but what kind of innovation are they bringing along? New roster updates? Sounds like they’ve set the standard for gaming innovations, definitely.

        • ItzameyaToad

          Ummm hello it takes a truely innovative person to re-hash a sports franchise…..hahahaha its so easy to laugh at EA.

          • Andreas Sunde

            It takes a genius to sell it, though.

          • nf_zeta

            nah just sports fans, it was genius to monopolize it though

        • Michael DeVore

          Their innovation was paying a developer once. Then reuse that code with minor graphics, and roster updates. Then never give the original developer credit for the code reuse, or even a pay check for re-licencing the game. It’s an innovative cost cutting measure that western developers laud.

    • Derk

      It takes a real “somebody” to say that somebody else is a “nobody”… If you aren’t a “somebody”, you are being the definition of arrogant.

      You might want to eat those words too because this guy created the original Madden football game for consoles and he works for EA so he has extensive experience in “falling down on the job”.

      • Magnus Eriksson

        True, but he is still no Miyamoto 🙂

        • Andrew Chambers

          You have the right attitude. I’m not sure why people are getting so upset about this. It’s not like anyone expects EA to say anything positive about Nintendo. And no one expects it to be true either.

        • Mario

          No one is.

      • Laud

        Oh? I am a somebody.


        And then he has the spine to call Miyamoto out.. What a joker.

      • Zombie Boy

        You’re aware that he’s bashing ALL consoles, including the XBox and PS4, right? He’s just saying Miyamato is to blame.

    • IcyCatt

      Yeah… I’ve never heard of him either…

    • Majora’s Mask

      Not even his mum knows him

  • Jack5221

    Lol. I cant take anyone who works for EA seriously… Plus, its not like EA’s games are innovative…

    • Magnus Eriksson

      But still he is right.

      • Marcus Navarro

        About Miyamoto? Maybe about Nintendo(in your opinion), but Miyamoto’s word is not law.

        • Magnus Eriksson

          Of course he is not right about mr. Miyamoto! Mr. Miyamoto is a legend on pair with Elvis. Thats obvious and no need to comment. But the other part is sad but true.

          Edit: What he tries to do with Miyamoto is a classic exemple of patricide. He tries to elevate himself by murdering his “father”. This is a central motive known from ancient tragedies (Kronos killing Uranos. Zeus killing Kronos. Man killing God (Got ist tot). Britney Spears kissing Madonna etc).

      • Lil J Moore

        About what?

      • Shaise

        No he is not! Why is it every negative comment, its from Magnus Eriksson, you better be sarcastic again!

        • Magnus Eriksson

          Scheisse: It wasnt meant to be sarcastic, but Im sorry that it could be interpreted as an attack on Miyamoto. I agreed to the other parts.

      • ICHI

        Hes right about the casual peeps who want games on their mobile or tablet for a few pennys. Its something the super massive budget game companies didnt expect.

  • Marcus Navarro

    What the fuck? So this nobody comes out and claims that one of gaming’s pioneers, who doesn’t preside over his entire company with an iron fist(EA, take notes!), isn’t doing anything helpful?


    Edit: Ashley, you should’ve added who Hillard really is so that people can verify his credibility.

    Edit#2: Just so y’all know who he is, he’s one of the big heads in charge of EA Sports games, particularly the Madden and NHL games.

    • everyone

      Loooooooooooool. EA sports.

      • dubYA

        E. A. Sports. It’s in* the game.

        *Paid DLC/microtransactions

        • Marcus Navarro

          And the award for Greatest Footnote of the Year goes to dubYA!!!

          Take my upvote, you clever bastard!

  • Lil J Moore

    So he’s bashing somebody who brings something new to each of his consoles and games?

    Is he still bitter about that origins thing? Look why don’t you and EA try coming up with new things then we’ll talk. Ok

  • Cyberus

    Says the guy who’s games literally got suuuuued for reusing so much of the same code, that the guy who made the original could sue

  • darkcreap

    Oh, yes, he is the best one to talk about creativity…
    …instead of Miyamoto:

  • Nintedward

    EA are no better than thieves and scoundrels. Look at ”Fifa 14” on 3DS , PSvita and Wii. They have no shame and other than a few developers that they bought, they are nothing…. nobody’s. Don’t even think they made it on IGN’s top 100 developers list!
    Miyamoto however is THE most famous and influential person ever to grace the video game industry and he remains that way today being responsible for amazing games like Pikmin 3 and Luigi’s mansion 2 this year.

    Additionally, Iphone and android gaming is nothing but a fake distraction to the real Game industry. Therefore comparisons between the likes of Rovio and Nintendo are completely void.

    Comparing a Mobile game dev to Nintendo is like comparing an asteroid to the moon…

    • howling_wolf1334:[

      Forget the asteroid man, its like compare the sun with the moon!!!

      • Super Buu

        Comparing the moon to VY Canis Majoris

      • Nintedward

        Maybe my comparison was a little hard to put in perspective.
        It’s like comparing the planet V391 peg b to the planet WASP-15 b !!!!

        • Carlos

          lol that help alot.

    • Squid

      I don’t understand FIFA, are they not just updated versions of the same game?

      • Marcus Navarro

        With added mechanics…like curved passes…and collision physics…and updated ball physics…and rehashed goalkeepers…

        Fuck it.

      • Nintedward

        In a nutshell, yes….

        • Marcus Navarro

          EA In A Nutshell.

          Look it up on YouTube.

      • Shaise

        Every year, yeah, the same thing, nothing new

      • nf_zeta

        the whole game is based on that idea since u can’t change much and still respect the sport it is

        • Squid

          But still, they should add a “special” mode that makes interesting changes that make the game fun, until then, I’ll be enjoying Mario Strikers.

          • nf_zeta

            why, when they can just milk the game, they basically put up its image of being a real fan based game and therefore can get away with the excuse i put up before.

            Well just goes to show how innovative they are, always finding new ways to rip off customers!

    • ICHI

      Well said, I remember Rovio making a similar statement about nintendo a couple of years back. Saying they have every right to be worried trying to sell £30 bits of plastic vs mobile phone games, yet lo and behold they release angry birds on all consoles!? All these c*#ts are hypocrites

      • Marcus Navarro

        I love how Nintendo made Rovio’s yearly income off of Animal Crossing: New Leaf alone. XD

  • Keyser

    Miyamoto is irreplaceable. And I honestly feel bad for anyone who thinks iOS has done anything good for gaming

    • Shaise

      Yeah, smartphone is not true gaming, its meant to be for phoning people!

      • Marcus Navarro

        Smartphones have more utility than that.

      • Graeme Lynch

        Whatever ‘true’ gaming is…

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          Good question dude. Everyone has their idea on that one.

          • Graeme Lynch

            Indeed. I personally think there is a time and place for mobile gaming. I really enjoyed the infinity blade games and think they show how mobile games can be on par with handhelds.

          • Marcus Navarro

            I believe that mobile gaming is just for those that want something convenient and quick to play while they’re waiting for something. Like they’re only gonna be bored for a short amount of time and don’t wanna bring another device with them/feel discriminated against.

    • Billy Poore

      iOS has done good for gaming. It has shown how much mobile gaming sucks!

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        For now, it does suck. Perhaps in the future it’ll impress people.

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      I have nothing against anyone who games on mobiles, but I find them to be worthless. They’re only entertaining for maybe 15-20 minutes and then you barely play them again. Touch screen gaming will never be as good as holding a controller or let alone and mouse and keyboard.

  • Rugmouse

    Quite frankly, this is appalling. Not only does he attack someone that has kept countless franchises relevant for decades, but he also has the audacity to refer to Steve Jobs as a ‘dead guy.’ How insensitive can you possibly get?

    EA: you really need to address this…this behavior is unacceptable.

    • Marcus Navarro

      I will die laughing if they flip out over “freedom of expression” if EA tries to rectify the issue or tell them to keep it on Twitter.

    • Mario

      That guy makes me sick.

  • Jack5221

    EA… Voted worst company in America for a reason.

    • everyone

      Two time champs.

      • Wren Justin Umlauf

        I actually wrote a paper about how they F’ed up and recieved that award twice. Teacher loved it

        • Daniel Carvalho

          Really? I’d love to see that paper! Do you have it posted somewhere on net?

        • Erik

          Dude. Post it here. Now.

        • leo

          justin post it please !:)

          • Marcus Navarro

            A whole paper? Sweet Jeebus, do you know what you’re asking for?

            At least ask for a pastebin link or something!

        • SleepySkullhead

          I wanna see it. Sounds like it’ll be funny.

          • Wren Justin Umlauf

            You guys can read it here

            I know I’m not a perfect writer or anything. I wrote it for a freshman college English course. So dont be too harsh on critiquing. It’s also a tad older so between now and the paper EA has managed to say even more stupid things.

          • Marcus Navarro

            The paper’s alright. It gets the point across. Not a very hard read, but dem commas tho’…

            I can see why your prof. would find it amusing though. It’s like the further into your paper you go, the more shitty EA looks. Also, props on showcasing what gamers actually feel.

          • Wren Justin Umlauf

            Ha, yeah, commas are like my worst enemy in writing. But yeah, like I said, I’m not the best writer. Just something I did for a class.

          • david jarman

            I liked your paper, but ps1 came out in the mid/late 90’s. Dreamcast in ’98 japan and ’99 everywhere else. Did you mean ps2? Cause that released in 2000.

          • Jacob D. Taylor

            K, yeah I’m not going to hash about grammar, I could really give two shits less. All in all you are actually very good at explaining and getting a point through. I sincerely hope the gaming community can rally together and shove this down EA’s throat. I declare an EA ban. I’ve only purchased Mass Effect 3, got through about 3 hours, but it’s failed to hold my attention.

          • Ice Climbers

            Can it wait until after Star Wars Battlefront is out? I need to buy that game. Only game that EA is publishing that I will be buying anytime soon, and that doesn’t come out until 2015.

          • Jacob D. Taylor

            Haha, fair game then. All you Ice Climbers.

      • Number 3 incoming !!! ;D

    • Shaise

      They’re doing great, they’re going to get it in 2014 again! One thing after another

    • LopsidedPasta

      Let me play Devil’s advocate. If a mass murderer calls a one time murderer evil, is the first murderer wrong simply because he’s the greater offender? No. Is it horribly ironic? Yes.

      Edit: I disagree with the statement Hilleman made, but not because he was the one who said it.

      • Jack5221

        I get what you’re saying. I’ve never heard of Hilleman until today, and I could care less who he is. His comments are a bit offensive, specifically the one about Steve Jobs. Whoever this guy is, he’s some what of an idiot. Claiming that consumers prefer mobile games yet, 99% of EA games are on consoles / PC (Plants vs Zombies is the 1%)

        Also, people that claim mobile games are taking over consoles really don’t know what they’re talking about. Not a single human being on this planet buys an iPhone / iPod / iPad for gaming. On top of that, these gadgets are not even designed with gaming in mind.

        Now, I’ll admit I do play a few mobile games here and there. I like Angry Birds, Bad piggies, tiny wings, jet pack joyride, and Plants vs Zombies. However these games will NEVER give me my “fix” and are only fun for about 10 – 15min. Plus, consoles have HUGE markets / fan bases. Just like PC gaming, there will always be a fan base for consoles.

        • Marcus Navarro

          Actually, make that 99.5%. PvZ’s a port.

          Look, mobile gaming’s not “taking over” by any means. Just about every mobile game is either a one-off game or a wallet-mining tool/microtransaction-ridden mess. Fact.

          You know what? I’d go as far as saying that the mobile gaming market is a pseudo-market designed for first-time/indie developers to test the waters to see if their product will float. I’d say it’s designed to see how bad or good a game can be before no one buys it or turns a significant profit, respectively. It’s certainly plausible.

          • Ony

            As a dev, I see the mobile market as a way to makes easy money, and the PC/Console market as a “shit just got real”.

            Video games are for console and PC, there are just about “games” on mobile devices.

  • Jon

    LOL WHAT!? The people who give you roster updates and call them a new game says Nintendo has no innovation? Are these guys even more retarded than what they are already?

  • Joel

    And thus come the Nintendo fanboys to blindly attack any criticism dedicated to their second religion.

    • Nintedward

      Replace Nintendo fanboys with trolls.

    • Jon

      you know what EA does every year right? it is the fact that this is coming from EA, the people who re-skinned Fifa 12 and called it Fifa 13 and a new game. pretty much the same thing they do with every sports game year after year. and it is getting to the point where it is the same with newer games as well. EA and innovation…is just a statement that you should never see in the same sentence unless it is talking about them having 0.

    • Marcus Navarro

      He’s in charge of Madden, and he criticizes a pioneer.

      It’s oil and water, son.

      • Joel

        New Super Mario Bros, look it up stupid.

        • Marcus Navarro

          Madden, FIFA, NHL, NBA Live, NCAA Football.

          Your point is invalid, peanut brain.

          • Joel

            So is yours, Nintendrone.

          • Marcus Navarro

            Because you listed ONE game that has a mixed perception of whether or not it’s a rehash? Nope. I don’t even care for Mario.

            Also, if you’re gonna be facetious, at least explain yourself. My point still stands

        • Ooh name calling.. That for sure will make it so people take you seriously. I am sure you do not find it odd that he singles out Nintendo and does not include Sony, for their hand held gaming device or NVidia for their shield device. You are also ignoring the facts like the 3DS is selling like hot cakes still. So most people are attacking the stupidity of what was said because his only basis for making these comments are that people are playing mobile games but he has no proof they are replacing the games people play on consoles or handheld consoles.

        • Jon

          EA games in general, Look it up stupid

          • Joel

            Originality, please.

          • Marcus Navarro

            “Bold talk coming from a one-eyed fat man.”

            Plenty of symbolism behind that line, don’tcha think?

          • Jon

            but that’s just it. EA releases something new like……. what every… I don’t even know anymore. Their store is all EA sports, Sims that just keep having add-ons an, similar with Sim City as well as it is turning into that. BF4 which is pretty much a remake of BF3 with more/new maps, guns and vehicles

        • NkoSekirei

          u look stupid retarded troll

    • blindtiger

      blindly attack? attack? yes. blindly? no. the dude just had a press release to say the most innovative guy in modern gaming history is falling down on the job. everything about his statement is not only an absurd opinion but is just PR bullshit to deflect the unending hate from his consumers. you lost EA. get over it. dissolve the company and let your devs work for companies that actually want to innovate… like nintendo. release your stranglehold on the sports and franchise liscenses. people want to play an NFL game… not just EAs version. people want to play a star wars game… not just EAs version. just because you are a huge company does not mean you are doing a good job. money isnt everything. you and the other purely capitalist corporations are going to learn that… the hard way. and we are all going to suffer because of your blind ego. thanks for being an idiot…

  • everyone

    I can understand if this was coming from a person who was working at a company that leads in innovation, but seriously…EA? I sure hope no one took this guy seriously.

  • SonicLucario

    i dont know what to say

    • Lil J Moore

      I do

  • Baum 「ツリー」

    So he’s telling us, that we don’t want well-crafted, innovative games, that are developed over a longer time, but the shovelware EA throws at the market year for year.
    Did I get it right?

    • Marcus Navarro

      Nah. He does want innovative games(or he’s at least doing a damn fine job pretending he does). The problem you’re seeing is that this individual doesn’t practice what he preaches.

  • Slug_DC

    It’s Milo from UHF. o_0

  • FoxMulder900

    What a ridiculous comparison! I would never down-play Steve Jobs’ influence on the tech world, but his influence on the gaming industry just isn’t there. Last time I checked he never had any kind of creative control over any games that were ever put on an Apple device.

  • So says the guy that works for the company voted as the worst company
    in America 2 years running. While there are more tablets and phones
    out there the 3DS sales alone says this douchy comment is not true.
    Maybe he should worry about putting creativity back into EA instead of
    their minor upgrades to their shoddy sports games that they release
    every year with mostly minor updates that could be a patch for less
    money than a new game.

    His only basis for this is that most everybody has a smartphone and/or tablet of some kind these days but there is not a decline in handheld console sales enough to warrant a statement like this. People are playing phone/tablet games to supplement their gaming and in addition to gaming on consoles not necessarily replacing those experiences.

  • Gabe Hoffman

    While I do agree that this gen will be more focused on compelling software mainly exclusives than hardware specs. I heavily disagree with his statement about Miyamoto. When did Steve Jobs ever leave a lasting impact on the games industry?

    • jay

      Steve Jobs is the greatest pioneer of our time…..

      …Unfortunately not int the gaming industry. That crown belongs to Miyamoto-san.

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        I would agree with you on Miyamoto, but there are too many out there that are deserving too, so who is really the best is subjective and based on opinions. I will call him one of the greats for sure.

        As for Steve Jobs, eh…..he wasn’t that great. I heard stories that he stole a lot of ideas and used them as his own. He was just good at selling products, nothing more.

        • “He was just good at selling products”
          a genius doing that.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Of course he was a genius doing that. I just don’t like how people are glorifying that he’s some kind of huge pioneer. There just were more better pioneers out there than he was.

          • yes, i give you the credit.

  • Elderbuz

    hippy needs to repent and get a hair cut.

  • TULFich

    Like EA is innovative…..

    • Marcus Navarro

      Of course EA’s innovative, silly! Have you seen how they put a physics engine in Madden that doesn’t use actual physics?

      Outside of the box!

      • TULFich

        damn, u got me, tottally forgot about Ignite engine, such a masterpiece

    • Graeme Lynch

      Well you know I guess it really depends on what your definition of ‘innovative’ is and if you include EA published games from developers such as Maxi or Bioware then I personally think they are very innovative.

      • TULFich

        I ment it as developers not publishers which is the theme on the article, they bash Miyamoto for not developing innovating thing, wich should be trash talk to EA who doesn´t develop innovative things.

        I own Mass Effect games and Dead space games, but that is just publishing not developing.

        • Graeme Lynch

          Well lets face it. As the publisher EA have a say in how the game is made. But yes I understand your point. I just think people are very quick to make snap statements about companies because they give an opinion, albeit an unpopular one, at least they say whats on their mind. Unlike many companies, Nintendo including, that remain silent. Call it respect for other but I appreciate hearing what such figures in the industry think irrespective of agreement.

  • blindtiger

    stop your PR nonsense EA… youre the ones who arent innovating. you and microsoft will never “win.” mobile is not the future its just for a different kind of gamer. i wish you would either realize this or go bankrupt… im tired of you.

  • BIG Franky

    while I think that this ASS should be reminded that the two legends he degraded in his comments have forgotten more than he will ever learn, i think that there is a bit of truth to what he is saying (concerning the industry in a macro sense)… i dont agree with him AT ALL regarding Miyamoto…. but I do think that the gaming industry is changing, particularly console gaming…. its almost becoming somewhat of a niche industry. and the competition is fierce on other formats in the mobile space. i think that the Wii U has struggled for a myriad of reasons, including a bad game title line-up (which is now improving) and a horribly mismanaged launch….. but i think it is more than that….. i think that the industry is changing…. and i wont be surprised one bit if/when the PS4 and XB1 consoles have a difficult first year as well….. we may be witnessing the last console generation as we know it. just my prediction (full disclosure: i study/research industries and companies for a living…definitely not claiming to be an expert by any stretch, but lots of indicators point in this direction in my opinion)…

    • Rugmouse

      That may be, and I have no problems with the macro calls that he has made for the industry. He has his opinion and I respect that (whether or not I agree is a whole other story).

      What has me up in arms is the fact that a predominant figure of a major company is blatantly attacking two figures that have pioneered whole industries…EA needs to take action.

    • FoxMulder900

      I wouldn’t really say console gaming has become a niche, I don’t have any numbers to back it up but I am pretty sure there are more console gamers than there ever have been. The difference is that today almost everyone is a “gamer” and the majority of those recent converts are doing it on mobile devices.

      EDIT: Think of it as a pie chart, mobile gaming may have a bigger piece of the pie, but the whole pie is MUCH larger than it was 10-20 years ago.

    • Marcus Navarro

      …how many times do I have to keep saying this…
      The console gaming market IS a niche industry!!! Why the fuck would anyone buy a gaming console? To play games? Don’t be a Silly Billy! -_-

      There is no other reason to buy hardware dedicated to gaming besides playing games. That is the definition of niche right there- providing entertainment through video gaming. Microsoft’s trying to push an “all-around entertainment system” in a niche market- gaming, so people flip shit. Correlation? Yes, there is.

      • greengecko007

        “Microsoft’s trying to push an “all-around entertainment system” in a niche market- gaming, so people flip shit.”

        People flipped shit because of their old policies for the console, not because it had too many entertainment features. One can easily argue that much of the PS2’s success was because it also functioned as a DVD player. Pure gaming consoles may be niche (see Nintendo gamecube sales), but companies like Microsoft and Sony have been actively expanding that niche audience to encompass more audiences.

        • Marcus Navarro

          The DS was a niche product. It’s the 2nd bestselling console of all time. And that was at the beginning of the mobile device expansion.

  • Schultz38

    So, why did Nintendo allow EA to put FIFA 14 on the 3DS? Like seriously. With all the negative comments made in reference to the Wii U, and now to an individual that has helped build and sustain Nintendo? They aren’t even offering advice, or diplomatic opinions. It’s just, “Nintendo sucks!”

    If I were Nintendo, I wouldn’t allow EA to produce for my system.

  • Noah Hood

    The EA vs. Nintendo battle has been going on for a while. I am a huge Nintendo fanboy but that doesn’t mean that I don’t respect other companies. However, EA has crossed the line. Normally I don’t speak negatively about EA because I don’t think that it’s worth it. They continue to attack Nintendo for pointless and trivial reasons. A lot of their reasoning isn’t even accurate. But “Miyamoto loosing innovation?” Miyamoto is the epitome of innovation. I’ll admit that mobile games is “where it’s at” but I rarely see quality games on the app store or play store. By “quality” I mean games that I am willing to dedicate time to. Sure there are really fun games but most of them are quick fixes. Games to play when you’re really bored or just passing time. Nintendo has made quality games. Games that you can completely immerse yourself in. Games that you can’t wait to play when you get home from school/work. Something you really look forward to. Of course I am biased because I grew up with Nintendo. When I was five my grandma gave me a Super Nintendo Entertainment System. I was instantly hooked. Sure, Nintendo has their hang ups. Every company does. But to this day Miyamoto continues to make amazing games. Nintendo continues to make amazing games. And I hope that they never stop making their quality games.

    • NkoSekirei

      ea is abunch of pansies run by baboons

  • DingoWalley

    Expect him to be fired in the next few days/weeks, like that one guy from EA sports that publicly said Nintendo Sucked. But this is obviously what EA thinks: They just don’t want to admit it.

  • Squid

    C’mon, EA is one to talk.

  • JamesJose

    mmm… this guy makes sports games, I can’t take him seriously.

  • greengecko007

    The competition for who can be more “innovative” is ridiculous, especially when the term is more often than not confused with the term “improvement”. I’d rather play something fun and well made as opposed to something that is innovative and different just for the sake of being so.

  • Aleks

    Lol. Wow, bit pompous there, ey Riffraff? In ten lifetimes you could not achieve a dim shadow of his success. “Innovate” yourself a haircut douchey.

  • MysticDude97


  • Zuxs13

    Is this guy related to Patcher? They keep saying that “mobile” is taking over and this is where the world is going and that consoles and hand helds are dead, and yet they keep selling like crazy and Pre orders for next gen are doing great and the 3DS is flying off the shelfs.

    Their short sighted views are focused on the fact that millions of iPhones keep selling and assume that “everyone” who buys one is a gamer or a potential gamer, and they are not.
    Sure if you sell a game for $5 to even 1% of mobile device users its a huge number, and you will make a good profit, but if they play it for 5 days and then get sick of it and never play one a again, you didnt build a customer base. But if you sell 40 million Mario Kart games, and people play them over and over, when the next one comes out, you will have a much greater % of people willing to buy the next version. Hence why I don’t buy EA products!!

  • Noah

    He says the industry shouldn’t focus on hardware specs, yet he attacks the company that doesn’t worry about having the top hardware specs. Shouldn’t he be attacking MS and SONY for their specs wars? The Wii U’s tablet seems to be more innovative and more geared toward the iOS generation than a “same-but-better” Xbox or PS.

    • Petri

      I don’t know if I remember right, but was it someone at EA calling 8GB of RAM an innovation?
      Someone did, not sure who.

  • CCM

    NO EA employee has the right to say anyone else is lacking in innovation. This no-name is a joke and just trying to grab attention.

  • Merrfn

    So let me get this straight… this no-name hippy from EA comes out and says the gaming industry has no innovation…

    I agree- to a certain extent. There is a lack of innovation. However I must say that so far this generation, Nintendo are the only ones that have innovated. I mean seriously, all that Sony and Microsoft have done is upgraded there specs and controllers, to sell for a hefty fee.

    However EA hippy, you work at EA. Don’t bitch about a lack of innovation when your company lacks the most innovation. Is he not in a position where he can innovate, or put innovative input? Or is he the janitor.

    • Marcus Navarro

      He’s one of the big heads of EA Sports. His main contributions are Madden and the NHL games and he’s talking about a pioneer. You be the judge of that.

      • Merrfn

        I am in stiches.


        Oh my thats good.

        • Marcus Navarro

          Son…year’s worth of irony right there…

          • Merrfn

            I am now hoping that this whole presentation was just a stand up comedy.

          • Marcus Navarro

            Or a skit. That would be nice.

  • palomino blue

    We all want a quick game we can play on the potty. But some people still don’t feel the need to “defend” what they spent on real games they want to own and play for a long time.

  • Geoffrey Tasker

    I hope that guy came to the stage with his flame shield already equipped

  • jay

    So a nobody posts online how a great innovator is falling off.

    WOW EA, this is a youtube-level comment. I wouldn’t expect this from a “professional” company.

  • Myles Rodriguez

    This guy… is a fricking idiot. I would really like to see the butt hole die, like right now.

  • MujuraNoKamen

    So you think a lack of innovation is damaging the industry, so what has EA done to help that? Oh yeah! fuck all!!!
    This guy isn’t worthy to even say the name Miyamoto, what right does an EA hypocritical dick-wad have to criticise him!?
    And FFS more of this “mobile is taking over” bullshit? When iPhones were on the rise the DS did great, when 3DS was announced everyone said “it can’t compete with mobiles” then it goes on to outpace the DS in its first year and has outsold the Wii in japan in just 2.5 years. And just look at the hype the next gen consoles are getting – and the pre-order numbers too – mobile may be growing in popularity to but the facts & figures show that there’s room for both Consoles and mobiles in gaming. And look at the critical and commercial success of the recent big budget AAA titles (console only) such as GTA 5 and the Last of Us. Get bent Doom sayers!!!

    • Marcus Navarro

      “Get Bent…” I’ve never heard that one! What part of the world do you live in?
      Regardless, take my upvote!!!

      • MujuraNoKamen

        I live in the UK but I think it’s an American term – I’m sure I heard it on the Simpsons. Thanks for the up-vote, here have one for yourself 🙂

  • ICHI

    Er he wants to focus on games rather than console specs?!…..he should meet my friend! EA say hi to Nintendo, you crazy contradictory bastards.

  • Yen

    Anything he wants to say against Miyamoto, that’s his opinion. But when he starts talking about Steve Jobs being more innovative, especially for the game industry? That just killed all form of credibility in his words.

  • only god can judge me

    EA come out with the same games every year madden and battlefield which is why EA is voted the worst gaming company in back to back years.I can’t remember the last time I bought a game from EA because they never have nothing new to bring to the table which I why I think nintendo is fine without them and speaking of nintendo they are the symbol of what innovation stands for which is why I own a wii u.

  • aldo2410

    Go home Hilleman you’re Drunk

  • Yogurtu Mghe

    If “the focus is on software and the games provided, rather than hardware specs..” than why the fuck there is no new FIFA, NFL, NHL, NFS games on the Wii U? I know, I know!! It is because do as I say, not as I do.

  • CyanideInsanity

    “Focus on the software and games rather than hardware”. Nintendo is the only one doing that right now. M$ and sony are trying the ‘powerhouse’ approach again while nintendo is trying new control schemes, again, via the gamepad.

    • NkoSekirei

      ignore this EA douchebag their still bitching over origin not being on the wii u who the hell cares and grow up EA no one likes ur garbage origin service period

  • Deadpool U

    Yep he’s absolutely right.

    • Daniel Carvalho

      Gonna take that as sarcasm

      • Deadpool U

        Don’t you see the pie chart?

        • Daniel Carvalho

          The image didn’t load the first time. Couldn’t see it…

  • Petri

    EA likes to make friends.

    But I stopped caring about EA a long time ago.
    With their half assed unprecedented partnership, and ruining pretty much every franchise I used to like.

  • Carlos

    “Bravo” said no one…

  • ludist210

    Two things…

    1. Steve Jobs didn’t do anything for gaming, but he did a lot for the smartphone. Big difference.
    2. What exactly has EA done besides moneyhat their customers lately?

  • EA? Eh, I dont care what they said

  • discuss

    It’s like the dumbest person you know claimes someone else is dumb.

  • Erik

    Great… I guess he’s more stupid than our entire US Government combined… Look at it this way.. Nintendo made a whole brunch of strides to make things better for us gamers. First the Motion controls then as of now playing off TV is just pure genius to another level. What other company does that anyways? Sony?… Nah. M$? Hell to them anyways. EA is just making money off the same brand games and MADDEN and others is NOT innovation. The only game that was in its prime was the original Need for Speed Most Wanted.. After that.. it just tumbled there until the sequel just revived it.. only a little. Also hate the fact that he just ripped Steve Jobs… If it werent for him, M$ would have existed at all and even then computers wont exist either. So this guy (and the ENTIRE company) really need to think and act differently rather than just bashing other companies and only then.. they can get rid of that “worst company in America” off their heads… Other than that… They are still hated, right?

  • lol, EA.. How many times where they rated the worst company again? Oh yeah, 2 years in a row.

  • Damian Waga

    Because as we all know, EA has been the center of innovation. What other company can possibly create a yearly sports game with changes that could simply be included in patches. Or, better yet, what other company can charge its consumers to buy a decent ending to a game that has been mass criticized for it and get away with it?
    But perhaps the best part, is the way they can put DRM on games that don’t even need it! The future is now!
    Obviously this is innovation. I mean, it’s not like their business practices have won them negative rewards for a few times in a row. That would never happen to such a wonderful, open minded, consumer friendly company.

  • wober2

    Why does EA go out of its way to insult nintendo? I think it makes them look unprofessional and petty…

  • audi lover


  • David Horowitz

    It’s too bad that he feels this way.

  • tom


  • Smurfman256

    Says the man who’s company re-skins old games, sells them as new and charges micro-transactions for necessary story elements.

  • Landesca

    I find it odd that his complaint is specifically against Miyamoto but he cites the problem being too much of a focus on hardware specs. Last I checked, Nintendo was behind their competitors on hardware specs. Plus, let’s be honest. Are phone gamers really gamers? Hardly.

  • Daniel Gonzalez

    I think this guy fell asleep for 30 years and missed out on a lot.

  • that guy

    DEAR EA……..(t-_-t)

    • Marcus Navarro

      I will be using that emoticon from now on!!!! XD

  • leo

    Ladies and gentlemen EA does it again!

  • SleepySkullhead

    So I wonder how Miyamoto’s new IP is coming.

  • Yoshifan3

    i find it hilarious that nintendo is taking the high route for all these insults jabbed at them by ea. it only makes EA that much more of an ass. i hope this guy gets sued for slander by steve job’s family. that was like kicking a man in the nuts, a cheap shot only cowards do.

  • Smartass2

    OMG. This why they are voted worst place to work. Idiots like him in charge. Just for that stupid comment as well as the actions they’ve taken in the past. I call a boycott on EA. Who’s with me.

  • Grinchypoo

    LOL “Nintendo isn’t innovative,” And how exactly is microsoft or sony innovative??? please tell me you bald faggot.

  • CCM

    Here we are once again on the brink of yet another console generation. A lot has changed since 2005 / 2006 when the 360 / PS3 launched.

    So since this Jobronie hippy mentioned mobile games, here’s my take on that.

    The biggest changes are how mobile and Steam have affected the marketplace. With mobile, it’s 2 things. First and most obvious the price is very attractive. A lot of games are anywhere from FREE to $15 tops (for certain Square-Enix games). Compare that with $20 – $40 games on the Vita and 3DS and you see why the market for dedicated handhelds is in trouble.

    Secondly, you bring your phone with you EVERYWHERE you go. Do I bring my 3DS and Vita with me camping? Yes. Do I bring them on vacation? Yes. Do I bring them with me to work? No. Do I bring them with me when I drive to the big city to go shopping for the day? No. Or to a dentist or doctor’s appointment? No.

    Do I prefer gaming on my iPhone over my 3DS and Vita? Hell No! Buttons and analog sticks are far superior to crappy touchscreen controls. However I do see how a .99c game on your iPhone or android is more appealing to A LOT of people than $40.00 for a game on Vita or 3DS.

    Then there’s Steam. Valve revolutionized gaming as far as the idea of digital distribution. At first gamers gave it the cold shoulder. They liked physically owning the disc, the box and the instructions. But unlike most games on Live, PSN or the eShop, Steam games are heavily discounted from their retail counterparts. Sure you get “free” games on PS+ and some of the sales are very good, but in general the sales still don’t hold a candle to Steam. When you can snag a game for $6.00 on sale a few months after launching at $60.00, all of a sudden it doesn’t matter that you don’t physically own it or can’t trade it in later.

    What Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo HAVE TO recognize is there are now certain expectations due to this. Why are the “Day 1 Digital” versions of games on PSN the same price for the digital download as they are for the retail, boxed copy? The publishers didn’t spend any money to press the disc, package it and ship it to a store, and I as the end user can’t trade it in when I’m done with it, therefore making it less-valuable than the physical copy. So WHY aren’t all digital versions at least $10 less? They should be.

    Why are Microsoft’s proprietary hard drives for the 360 such a rip off compared to standard hard drives? Why are Vita memory cards (still even after the price drops) so ridiculously expensive compared to SD cards for your digital camera?

    Why are NES games $4.99 and SNES games $7.99 on the Virtual Console? They should be .99c and $1.99 respectively.

    The console industry has to stop nickel & dime-ing their userbase and start challenging mobile and Steam as far as prices go. New release console games should be $50 – not $60. Digital versions should be $40, not the same price as the physical copy. Digital arcade and classic titles should be priced closer to mobile games. Peripherals like memory cards and hard drives should be priced the same as they are for digital cameras and computers.

    Enough is enough already.

    • Marcus Navarro

      Erm…Nintendo’s digital downloaded games ARE $10 cheaper than the physical games…

      I agree with you on the overpriced VC titles though. That’s some BS. If I want retro games, then they’re already available. Thank you, based Internet!

      As the quality and value of mobile games rise, the bar for handheld retail games will as well. The quality of mobile games are rising, but not as fast as you think. Android gaming is, but iOS continues to be a wallet-mining, microtransaction-ridden mess. It won’t be long before Linux, which has various builds available for computers and mobile devices, blows up as a gaming haven though. SteamOS will ensure it does.

      Now what big gaming companies have that mobile indie devs don’t is beloved intellectual property and the resources to create it. You can’t just poop that out and throw it into the waters of the mobile market. It must be meticulously crafted through a long period of hard work and dedication, giving the gamer an experience, not just a one-off quick-fix. This is why mobile gaming won’t match handheld gaming for a LOOOONNG time

      Reiterating my previous paragraph. Where is the Pokemon of the mobile market? The Monster Hunter? The God Eater? The Persona? The Kirby? The MGS: Peace Walker? The Valkyria Chronicles? The Tactics Ogre? The Coded Arms? The Dragon Quest? The Animal Crossing? The Super Street Fighter? The Zelda? The Megaman: Battle Network? The Professor Layton? Lemme answer that question for you: they don’t exist yet, and with the constant changes in firmware and hardware for mobile devices, they might not ever exist.

      Plenty of people aren’t gamers, nor are they willing to spend the big bills on games. However, those same people get bored too, and don’t like to just sit there and be a person. Those people just want something to keep them busy until they move on with their lives. That’s what the mobile device market is for. It’s not for gamers seeking an experience on the go. The only thing mobile gaming has done for handheld gaming is force handheld developers into overdrive and potentially kill puzzle games for handheld devices.

      Mobile gaming killing handheld gaming? Puh-lease. As long as there are gamers that move a lot, developers willing to invest some serious money and resources into handhelds and Japan doesn’t die, handheld gaming will live on.

      • CCM

        I agree with most of what you said man. I didn’t say mobile gaming was “killing” handheld gaming, as is evidenced by 3DS sales. It’s more threatening handheld gaming in terms of convenience factor and battling for gamer’s spare time.

        And as far as AAA titles go, no doubt the handheld market obliterates the mobile market for quality gaming experiences on the go. It’s not even close.

        I agree Nintendo does seem to “get it” when it comes to digital vs. retail prices. New Super Luigi U DLC was $10 cheaper and released before the retail version. Wind Waker HD – same thing, $10 cheaper and out 2 weeks sooner. In both cases I chose the digital version. Nintendo gave me enough reason to grab the digital version. I got it sooner and cheaper. I hope Sony and Microsoft start embracing this concept as well.

        As far as the Virtual Console prices go, I was perhaps a bit harsh. We need to remember that some of those games are some of the greatest games ever made. And porting them to the Wii U Virtual Console complete with controller mapping UI for the GamePad and Pro Controllers costs something to implement. So I’d be happy if NES games were $1.99, SNES $3.99 and N64 $6.99.

        I think the Wii U’s true value will start to shine more once the dust settles and the hype of the launches of the PS4 and Xbox One cools down. Gamers will realize that they basically replaced their PS3’s and 360’s with much more expensive boxes with new controllers and games with graphical upgrades, but with relatively the same overall experience. If anything Nintendo are the ONLY ones out of the 3 console manufacturers who have really tried to innovate in the last 2 console generations.

        • Marcus Navarro

          Actually, you weren’t harsh enough on the VC pricing. $5 for Super Mario? That’s ’bout some bullshit. NES games should be under $1.50(with the exeption of rare games and hidden gems/underrated games), SNES games under $3.50(with the exception of rare games and games that are expensive as fuck IRL like Earthbound), N64 games under $4.50(no exeptions) and Gamecube games under $8. I have literally no incentive to buy any VC titles even though I love to play classics. Yeah, I use emulators. Sue me.

      • Rickard

        I do not agree that the downloadable games are cheapier. Especially not here in Sweden. The games are 10 euro higher in the eshop compared to same game in disc format.

        • Marcus Navarro

          It seems like there are quite a few countries that get screwed over. Of course, Sweden has it easy compared to Australia and New Zealand(to say the least). They seem to get shafted all the time.
          In US and UK, the digital downloads are $10 cheaper than physical retail.

          Maybe it’s the internet laws in Sweden. You guys seem to have the most liberal internet laws(which is commendable), and 9 times out of 10, companies hate that, so maybe it’s a bit of corporate backlash?

          • Ice Climbers

            Where in the US are you talking about? Here in California the Nintendo-published games are the same price digitally as they are physically, except for New Super Luigi U. However, some places don’t have to pay sales tax for the digital download on the eShop.

          • Rickard

            I do not really know why. But, the thing is that people today has more knowledge about prices. Because of internet of course. But I will never buy a game digital when it is more expensive than the physical game. There is no logic to put higher price on digital.

  • gmanextreme9

    Don’t agree about the thing with Miyamoto, but YES about console specs not mattering as much!

  • sdmac200600

    Wait…WAIT! A NOBODY of the most UN-INNOVATIVE company in the gaming industry says the gaming GOD has no innovation? FUCK OUTTA HERE…

  • discuss

    He looks like a tramp.

  • Nickdawg

    Are you FUCKING kidding me!? EA isn’t one to talk about “What’s wrong with gaming today”, or complain about “too much time, too much skill, and too much money”, Nintendo has always been on top of making games the right skill level, the right amount of time, and a very good price, while EA shovels out bullshit DLC for ridiculous prices, shovels unfinished, short games, and hammers the damn objective in peoples heads in case they forget they need to travel five fucking meters straight ahead. EA can suck a fat one.

  • Mizzah Tee

    Is that the hippy scientist guy from that movie Independence Day? No respect for living legends or deceased ones. I PITY DIS FOOS!

  • Shadao

    That quote just disrespected and insulted both Miyamoto and Steve Jobs.

  • X3Charlie

    First of all he’s from EA, on top of that he’s is celebrating Steve Jobs as an innovator for games.

  • Elitepwnsface

    If it wasn’t coming from someone from ea i might not be so critical. But i don’t think they have the right to bash on Miyamoto when they are number 1 hated corp in America.

    • Leo

      Exactly. I’m sorry for this guy but even though he has a point he is coming from a company that does nothing to help this industry. You know, don’t throw stones if your roof is made of glass.

  • TheGamenerd5

    while games on phones and tablets are ganing popularity they will not kill home consles,yes the games are expensive, but you pay for value ill take a $50 zelda game over a $1 angry birds annyday. as long as ps and nintendo dont put there games on tablets we have nouthing to worrie about,
    ( i didnt add ms to the list cause they already sold out and put halo on ipad).

  • AJ Ariyathas

    Come on people sign the petition for GTA V!!! We need your help!!

  • cs_shane

    Well, except for Pikmin 3, I agree. Wii U = Apple TV + iPad/iPhone with GameCase. Mario 3D World = Mario 3D Land 2.0. Mario Kart Wii + MK7 = Mario Kart 8. Nintendo Land = Wii Play and Wii Party combined. Mario Bros U = Mario Bros 2/Wii/DS minus the Mario World style map.

    Where’s the innovation? That’s why the original Wii sold like it did, it was brand new and had brand new experiences like Galaxy Games and Mario Kart Wii with online play.

    • Yen

      You realize… all those things come from Miyamoto’s right? Except the Apple TV and iPad/iPhone. That’s innovation. Not only new, but still relevant years later. Also, Wii U is nothing like Apple TV or the iPad/iPhone. Tablets and phone have been used way before Apple started making them.

  • kcduckling

    More wise words from EA, obviously the greatest game company in the world!

  • Hulkamania

    Who the hell is this guy? I bought a Wii U two days ago and its probably the most innovative console that I’ve ever played. This is not a “flavor of the week” console… this is a console that I’m sticking with.

  • Guest

    His a** must be jealous of all the s**t that comes out of his mouth…

  • Desh

    Inovation??? F2P,DLC day one and disk locked content.Primitive mobile games for casual .. thats the way of EA … sorry but i like oldschool style of Nintendo

  • Saul Strange

    He’s wrong.

    “the generation of gamers that learned from video games designed by Shigeru Miyamoto has passed”

    Gameplay elements from classic Miyamoto game design can be found everywhere. If anything, his knack for simple but extremely fun game design is more influential then ever, especially when it comes to mobile gaming. Plus, 3DS is selling like crazy, as are his Mario and Zelda games on said system.

    “he’s falling down on the job. And for the past five years that job has been taken over by a dead guy from Cupertino.”

    A grain of truth, but more about Nintendo than just Miyamoto. The 3DS and Wii U both tried to innovate. Some might say that they can take or leave the 3D feature on 3DS, and without it, it’s just a higher spec DS. But it was new and fresh, just maybe more of a novelty than a game-changer. Again, some may say that they can take or leave the Wii U tablet controller (the public don’t seem to care) and without it, it’s just a higher spec Wii. But unsuccessful (in sales) innovation doesn’t equate to NO innovation. Yeah, they rode the iPad fad, but no other console has a tablet controller as standard. It doesn’t rock my world, but at least it’s different.

    Anyway, main point: Innovative games for Wii U by Miyamoto? No, none yet. Just tweaks and refinements of older formulas. Good games? Yes, but no innovation as yet. Then again, that new Miyamoto IP could be announced next year… And after 30 years of endless innovation I think we can cut him some slack.

    A hack from EA calling Miyamoto out for lack of innovation is a joke! This guy has no credibility.

  • 1) Who the hell listens to EA for advice about innovation? Seriously, who?

    2) “Hilleman stated that the next generation of consoles will need to win back gamer favor by adopting new trends, where the focus is on software and the games provided rather than hardware specs.” – Yeah, hello… the Wii and the Wii U are both trying to innovate on this front so I thank this guy for pointing that out even though he was trying to do the opposite.

    3) Anybody who calls Steve Jobs “a dead guy from Cupertino” is a straight up dick. Not even sorry.

    There’s a reason names like Steve Jobs and Shigeru Miyamoto are known and highly regarded as greats in the industry where names like Richard Hilleman will be long and easily forgotten. Steve Jobs (re)claimed control of Apple and brought it back from nothing into one of the most recognizable and sought after companies in the world with innovations in both hardware and software. Shigeru Miyamoto took control of Nintendo and created the home gaming revolution creating a string of consoles and gaming IP that inspires many to this day. Hilleman took over the Madden franchise… thanks for updating it every year, Hilleman. Seriously, this guy shouldn’t even be compared to those two.

  • classicgamer20

    I am so sick of people saying that phones are ruling the game industry All of my friends and I are still hooked on consoles such as the Wii U and the PS 4. In fact almost none of us play games on our phones I think phone games are just cheap forms of distraction when you nothing better to do

  • CyDetrakD

    Mobile gaming on my Galaxy Nexus and Xoom were decent then the Vita/3ds came out and it lost its appeal to me.

  • Shigeru Miyamoto

    There’s a reason people like Shigeru Miyamoto, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, will be remembered and are/were respected during their career and after they pass on. It’s because they are innovators. They bring amazing and incredible experiences to life and share them with the world. -and for that I thank each one of the men I mentioned because i hold them all in the same rank of genius and artist!

  • Eduardo

    Very Unprofessional. and he forgot Steve Jobs name. I definitely think they’re just trying to get the worst company of the year for a third time.

  • mr.Goodbar

    FUCK YOU RICHARD HRr.. who are you again!?

  • Cristian1993

    “EA says” ah yes the company that won worst company in America twice for pushing DRM into their games, purposely cutting game content to be sold as DLC, rushing out uninspired sequels all for profit and turning great game ideas around to attract the call of duty audience.

    Anything EA says is a complete joke when they have no authority to say what is and isn’t right in the industry when their own fans won’t even support them.

  • Steve

    In other news, EA was still voted the worst company 2 years in a row! Myamoto may have lost his innovation… But when was the last time EA had any?

  • Bananapwnz

    says the guy who looks like a homeless Doc Brown..

  • David John Gifford

    he only says that cause shiggy doesnt design poor repeating fps games he designs games that create a challenge





    • Larry Howell

      Though you’re probably kidding, the scientist from ID4 was Brent Spiner, aka Lt. Commander Data from Star Trek: TNG.


    this guy takes credit for ps1 like fifa and calls others stumblers WHAT A WANKER


    im still waiting for sports games from ea were i control the whole team in real time with my wii remote and chuck and control my formation tactics and management role in real time via a game-pad

    ea clearly not making next gen games are U

  • Martijn Plasmans

    I don’t see how Apple did something innovative for the gaming industrie. All i know is that Nintendo introduced touchscreens to the scene in 2005 and that Apple took the torch for use on iPhones and iPads. Nothing Apple did has anything to do with gaming.

    It’s the developers that create innovative games. And EA is the last studio that can talk about being innovative.

  • Chris

    Hmmm .. So he agrees with the way Nintendo views the industry and what is real value to a gamer, yet critisizes Miyamoto. No Credibillity.

  • Who cares what this guy says anyway. MEH.

  • crocodileman94

    You’re saying that the console industry should focus on the software and not the hardware. And yet, you attack the company that does just that…

  • Rinslowe

    “I thank Miyamoto for that. But he’s falling down on the job. And for the past five years that job has been taken over by a dead guy from Cupertino.”

    Who the flippin heck is EA? The sheer arrogance of these people!
    Miyamoto has been behind nearly every great Nintendo title to be released in the last 5 years (either as a producer or director); Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword, Mario 3D Land, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Ocarina of Time 3D, Pikmin 3 and more. I mean what is in the pipe this chump from EA is smoking?
    And wtf to that comment about Jobs, I mean how freaking insensitive is that???

    Clap, clap to you EA, you have out done yourselves. And such quality insight…

  • Aaron Bryant

    In other news some random guy at the fiat factory says “enzo Ferrari is a hack”. Kick rocks barefoot EA!!!

  • Matski

    EA giving lectures on Innovation? please!!! lol

  • WhataShame

    What an ignorant, arrogant nothing ass-hat. And his answer to Miyamoto allegedly falling down on the job? Dumb down games, reduce the quality, skill and commitment involved, and churn out more Candy Crush. A single fabric of play? Fire this shit-bag. He knows nothing. And from EA no less. Regurgitates at best, never innovates. Worthless publisher of nothing sequels. And a company willing to bash and lie about Nintendo as well.

  • J Man

    I know I will probably get down voted for this, but there is a little bit of truth to what the guy is saying. Do I agree with his comments about Miyamoto? No I do not. Do I agree with his analysis of today”s market trends and average consumer profile? A little. What I find most interesting though is that he sees the customer desiring ease of access for minimal cost over having a machine that has ridiculous specs. The author of the article even said it. “Hilleman stated that the next generation of consoles will need to win back gamer favor by adopting new trends, where the focus is on software and the games provided rather than hardware specs.” So really it seems like Mr. Hilleman is saying, “It’s all about the games.” Sound familiar? Because I’m pretty sure that is Nintendo’s current philosophy.

  • Peter Lythaby

    What a thoroughly unpleasant individual. He actually described Steve Jobs that way??

  • gamesplayswill

    …. FUCK YOU EA.
    Just… just… FUCK YOU.

    (Had to be said guys)

  • Shagrath1983


  • Tanner Mickelson

    “We’ve asked for too much time, too much skill…”? Is he serious? The ting that pisses me off the most about games lately is that they’re short and require no skill to get good scores.

  • figs28

    I like how this comes from EA, a company which relies on licenses, lame simulation games and buying ideas from small studios to throw out 5 games in the next 3 years with that one idea.

  • YoG99

    This man is sick to talk about Miyamoto (God) that way. Who is he to critize the man who shaped the whole industry ? Oh, I forgot how innovative is the 20th iterations of the same NHL game. What is his problem ? Nintendo is the only innovative video game company in my mind. They are the only ones still trying new concepts. You don’t have to be a genius to throw birds on a pile of wood, you have to be one to create games like Pikmin.

  • Louie

    If you ask me the term “innovation” is thrown around too often, the last innovation in the gaming industry was probably with the N64 and PS1 era, when games were bought into 3 dimensions, not just moving from left to right to reach the goal, but when you were dropped into a huge new world to explore, games like ocarina of time, Mario 64 and even banjo Kazooie new that it was about exploring, it was about the adventure, even first person shooters got this right (Goldeneye & Perfect Dark), it wasn’t just walk in a straight line blasting away everyone in your path, you could explore the level and find hidden objectives, heck the sheer amount of times I got lost playing through perfect dark on N64 is surprising to me after playing trough most shooters these days which only seem to be set in a straight line with ample checkpoints to ensure an easy victory.

    I haven’t truly seen innovation in the gaming industry in a long time, not even from Nintendo, but what I have seen are some truly fantastic games from all the consoles.

    It seems whenever a sequel is announced people will say

    “Durr it looks just like the old one, make something new!”

    But any fan of the series will be able to tell you whats new and whats keeping this game fresh, a sequel shouldn’t differ too greatly from its predecessor (*cough* Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts *cough*) otherwise developers risk alienating their fan base.

    A good sequel should not be considered “repetitive” or a “cash cow” which is unfortunately what I see in most games from EA, these people are a disease on the gaming community, they throw out FIFA games once a year with no new ideas, effort or creativity thrown in, releasing FIFA every few years would be a better idea, the same way Nintendo only release their big names every few years like 3d Mario, Zelda, Metroid, DK etc

    This guy just insults Miyamoto, who is known for taking his time on games to ensure they are as good as they could be…
    “A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad”
    We waited years to get Pikmin 3, and about 10 years for Luigi’s mansion 2, Nintendo could easily milk the biggest franchises they have buy rushing development and cutting out lots of content to ensure a quick sale, but they have the decency to put time and effort into their releases, to make sure that the franchise stays fresh and more importantly, fun!

    AND THEN this guy says Apple ipad/iphone games are more innovative…

    IS HE JOKING!?!?!?!??!?
    Just look at Angry birds, that’s a popular game, but that has s*t out more sequels than i can shake a stick at, a few of those just movie tie ins as well (Angry Birds: Star Wars, Angry Birds: Star Wars II, angry birds: RIO) and they have upcoming kart racing game as well, everyone and their mother seems to have their own kart racer.

    Ipad games just cant compare to consoles, their just too simple, the only appeal they have is that they are cheap and can keep little kids quiet for five minutes, but other than that NO! they just cant compare to an epic adventure on a console!

    And no one does adventures better than Nintendo… No one

    (Rage over)

    • Leo

      I think all of this is really the reflexion of society in general. Games, movies, music, everything is being dumbed down to fit people current lack of skills, lack of inteligence, lack of education. I see this happening in the entertainment industry for at least the past 10 years and now this is becoming more and more evident. People are getting dumber, not smarter. Technology is double sided sword where you have all the benefits of easing your life but at the same time it doesn’t push people to use their brains. Now every single game you have a straight line path that will lead you to victory no matter what. It’s just sad that humans are going backwards and not forward. Even Nintendo games are not what they used to be in terms of pushing our skills and i fear that this general trend will eventually collapse in a broader and dangerous way to our society.

  • devmiles

    as far as nintendo, they have truely fallen behind in innovation. they keep coming up with the same sorta thing now for quite some time. in a certain target group this might work since nintendo owns a lot of market space with their DS and 3DS handhelds, but innovationwise we see wilder things on IOS and mobile platforms, more experimenting and diversity, it could be something simple like bejeweled, candy crush or angry birds. nintendo tries to keep their main franchises in the game but in my opinion with very little innovation and above all with very little speed, everything is moving very slow at this moment while everything around is moving super fast and we see the other cinematic blockbuster after another (the last of us, gta5 etc) also other developers lose interest in nintendo cause they think too much on their own. moneywise nintendo is supergood in any way but as a gamer the general feeling that i get is not that much of super satisfaction, nintendo is not my prime focus no more. this is due to themselves since they aim for young audience with their somewhat kiddy or household approach..i’m 32 and like to have some serious challenge and action which nintendo always had to offer in a magical way, but the magic seems kinda far away at this time. the NES, SNES, N64 era was certainly different

  • audi lover


  • Arthur Jarret

    EA: innovative gaming

    I’ll remember that when I play battlefield 5, Fifa 2014 and plants vs zombies 3’s 15th add-on pack…

  • discuss

    They are trying really hard to become the worst gaming company for a 3th time.

  • Aaron Barton

    I think you should all calm down. Just because the guy works at EA doesn’t mean that he is bad as an individual, or that his opinion is automatically biased or meant to inflict harm. People don’t work for large companies to collude with each other and be evil, they do so to have a job and get paid so they can live.

    Everybody calling him a “nobody” should look at themselves before throwing around that term. How many of you have ever actually had a position that pertained in the VG industry? I’m guessing few or none, yet, you people make it habit to criticize people who hold real jobs and have years of experience. Regardless of what company or person it’s directed at, it’s hypocritical to blast somebody for speaking out because they’re a “nobody” when you YOURSELF are even lower than him in terms of stature in that field.

    Instead of making a knee-jerk reaction about how stupid the guy is, maybe you should rub your eyes a little bit and see clearer that many of his arguments are valid. Miyamoto literally DID shape and school the entire industry in his prime. He did so by being fearlessly inventive and innovative. Hilleman pointed out this true fact, as he should have. The games coming out of Nintendo the past 5 (or even 10) years have been of mixed quality, some good and some bad, but the sad truth is that regardless of quality, they are mostly the same old all over again. Miyamoto is not as directly involved in developing the core franchises as he was back then, and he clearly is not providing teams with the creative “spark” necessary to be as distinct as they were in the NES/SNES days. Is he a great man who has accomplished more than we ever will? Yes. Does that mean he will work forever, is perfect, and tantamount to God? No it doesn’t, some of us are mature enough to realize that fact.

    Hilleman is smart to point out that the house Nintendo built is being toppled by outside forces because Nintendo has failed to compete effectively or understand its audience. I believe the U will do all right, but moving forward they need to change in order to stop losing so much ground.

    For the record, I’m a Nintendo/Sega purist who grew up in the 90’s. I have a WiiU, want them to succeed, and will not buy a PS4 for several years, if ever (and forget the XBOne). The fact that I am a lifelong fan and love Nintendo doesn’t blind me to their shortcomings, the reality of the marketplace, or worse, influence me to personally attack and belittle somebody based on how they look.

    Please all take a look at yourselves. You’re all better than this.

    • Wayne Beck

      I’m sorry man, but he is simply factually incorrect. Your pretty far off the money yourself. Miyamoto’s creativity is a strong as it ever was, that is why Nintendo crushed the last generation in both sales and profits. Steve Jobs didn’t do anything to help or improve the video game industry. Mobile hasn’t hurt the console industry at all. Nintendo is not toppling even a little. EA, Sony, Microsoft, these are Game companies that are falling apart. They don’t make any money, haven’t made money in a long time and they have all had to restructure in the past year. EA is the most devastating force in the Video Games industry and every single tactic they use in both business and game development has only hurt this industry.

      Most importantly Nintendo does understand it’s audience. That is why they were able to turn around the 3DS, that is why they are by leaps and bounds the most successful and profitable game company and that is why they will more than likely turn around the Wii U. Nintendo knows it’s real core audience cares more about gameplay than overpowered technology. They know their core audience cares more about fun games than the latest trends. They know that their system will sell when Nintendo, not anyone else, puts out it’s greatest and most beloved franchises.

      I have no Idea who Richard Hilleman is. I have never heard of him before and I doubt many other have either. I do know one thing about him though, he’s a Hack. If these are his views on the video game industry, he is so detached from reality that, if he is in any position of power, EA will never recover from it’s current down-spiral of floundering quality in games, complete lack of innovation, reprehensible business practices and blatant anti-consumerism.

      And for the record, more people work in the Video Game Industry than you think.

      • Aaron Barton

        The problem with Nintendo’s “core audience” is that it’s just that, a core audience. Nintendo did not reach #1 in console sales and maximize profits last generation by catering to their core audience; they did so by designing a unique product that would EXPAND their audience. Most of that expanded audience was only on board for the fad. The core Nintendo users will return for WiiU, and I’m one of them. But that’s not enough for Nintendo.

        And though Nintendo was brilliant in their presentation and marketing getting everyone to want a Wii, which they profited on with each sale, the mass numbers that were just there for the fad didn’t buy many games, and wont buy a WiiU. Nintendo does not profit on U hardware, and they need software sales to make that up. Simply, Nintendo’s core audience will not provide the numbers necessary to satisfy Nintendo, or their investors. And that expanded audience has moved on to cheaper and more convenient pastures, namely on their phones and tablets.

        Hilleman’s comments don’t apply to you or me, but the potential game-playing public outnumber us Nintendo die-hards by a gazillion to one. To the average consumer, he’s absolutely right.

        Think about the state of the console business if Sony and MSFT aren’t actually profiting, and Nintendo can’t win back the 80 million Wii buyers. If they make 30-40 million U sales I’d be impressed, but then, Nintendo stands to profit way less from those hardware sales than they did with Wii. I admit Nintendo would be very strong if the other consoles weren’t willing to shed money to take their market share, but as is, they’re doing it and the big N isn’t smart enough to take it back.

        All they have left is us core Nintendo faithful. Not enough.

        • Rinslowe

          “Core Audience” is the “bulk” of your revenue. In the case of Wii, that happened to be casuals…

          Of course I know what you are trying to say with that statement, but the understanding of “core audience” changed after Wii…

          It’s simply too early to write off the big N not even a full year into Wii U’s 6-7yr life span.

          Prescience is a gift, you should be saving the world, not here commenting on Wii U’s past, present, future…

          • Aaron Barton

            People speculate on the direction of companies all of the time. Hell, I even own Nintendo stock. Don’t tell me what to do.

            If anything, Nintendo is doing a better job catering to guys like me who grew up on the NES and SNES. This holiday I see a Mario, Sonic, and DK game that appear to be a return to form for all three series (in my view). If their core audience is defined by the zillions of people who bought a Wii for the bowling, bought one or two games and then let it collect dust, that’s exactly the market they’re failing to engage again. In other words, it makes “they don’t understand their core audience” a more true statement.

            I’m not calling the WiiU a failure, YOU are saying that I’m calling it that. It’s true that the U could have done much better up till now if not for Nintendo’s own stupidity, but I also believe they can pull a 3DS and fix it. This isn’t about whether the U will fail, it’s about overall market trends and where all the money is being channeled. Right now, phones and tablets are a VERY real threat and console makers should be thinking about what direction to take to minimize that threat. So far, Nintendo has fumbled when they should have been blazing a trail in how that’s done.

          • Rinslowe

            No-ones telling you what to do mate…
            It was a suggestion.

          • Aaron Barton

            “Prescience is a gift, you should be saving the world, not here commenting on Wii U’s past, present, future…”

            OK, whatever you want to call it- telling me what to do, suggesting, directing, sarcasticsally jabbing, whatever your term for it is–

            Don’t do that.

  • Gregg

    He lost me, at Miyamoto, and disgusted me at “dead guy from Cupertino”. Goodbye EA, no more EA games in my house.

  • Mark Nie

    Of course, EA definitely represents the epitome of innovation.

  • FlashFan207

    “Hilleman stated that the next generation of consoles will need to win back gamer favor by adopting new trends, where the focus is on software and the games provided rather than hardware specs.” So, you mean like what Nintendo does with all it’s consoles, but never get ANY 3RD PARTY SUPPORT?! Like EA, for example?????

  • Wayne Beck

    Is this guy smoking crack? Did he seriously say the problem with the current Generation of Video Games is that they are too Hard? Seriously, too hard? I have played maybe two games that could actually be called hard in the past ten years. What games is he playing and where can I find them? I would kill for something that I actually had to try at to win.

  • triforcehunter

    Get a haircut.

  • Dodge Pribyl

    Hint for future developers:

    If you want people to care about your stupid Keynote, talk crap about Nintendo. It’s been proven by this nobody that it works.

  • Akatosh

    There actually is some truth in this, though I’m not sure to what extent.

  • Jacob D. Taylor

    This is an example of MASSIVE inconsistencies with the game industry and its critics. Saying Nintendo isn’t innovative is like saying the sky isn’t airy. Everyone criticizes the HELL out of Nintendo for being so unique to their gameplay. Also to call mobile games innovative is to say the wheel and the computer are on equal playing field…. I personally hate mobile games and am yet to find anything worth my $0.00 that I have to pay for it! At the end of the day though this is EA we’re talking about… the most sleazy and un-reputable video game developer on the planet. The company that VOMITS rehashes of their games that their reviews even state ‘presents no significant update to gameplay’. Anyone who can say the same about ANY Nintendo franchise and claim that Sony or Microsoft lead the pack with innovation … I don’t know how to describe them… it’s just beyond stupid.

  • Jacob D. Taylor

    I feel the world is kind of ‘stuck’ in their position with EA. Imagine if Nintendo did what they do… first they’d get crapped on by the whole universe because of anti Nintendo Microsoft boner holders, but for us sensible and tasteful connoisseurs of video games we’d continue to purchase the games. We gripe about this, but the games are ‘good enough’ (at least to some people) to swallow the pride and buy anyway. I feel very capable of foregoing the next battlefield, mass effect or Need for Speed to show EA we don’t want to take there crap. I don’t need a Club Nintendo account and Internet access to play a single player campaign Zelda title.. and when my internets down I don’t much like not being able to play a game that REQUIRES NO INTERNET CONNECTION just so EA is aware of when I’m playing. I hate their business policies. The day EA invents something new is the day they slaughter our hopes and dreams by buying out another good franchise and bastardizing it like everything else. Command and Conquer/Red Alert anyone?

  • SomeFluffer64

    Yep. The DS wasn’t innovative. Oh no, the Wii didn’t inspire motion controls for PS3 and Xbox 360. Oh, the 3DS didn’t have impressive tech. Nope, Mario Galaxy wasn’t an original platformer. Nope, Skyward Sword didn’t have impressive motion controls.
    Everybody knows that EA is the most innovative company! Creating the same sports games every year… now THAT is innovation.

  • Sharingan

    This is why I only buy USED EA games.

  • DVE

    Dafudge? Miyamoto is the greatest game developer of all time he is Nintendo xD

  • Jonawu!

    Says the people who tried to use the wiiu for thier piece of shit origin server

    • Jonawu!

      And says the people who were rewarded the worst game company in America

      • Jonawu!

        Without miyamoto this asshole wouldn’t exist

  • Destructonator101

    This nobody is slightly hypocritical if he works for EA, and if he has that haircut. This guy works for the people who have made Fifa more than 20 times over! I think this guy might just be a racist little bitch and has got something against the awesome little asian that is smarter than him and has also got a better haircut than him. He is a jealous little bitch…

  • Destructonator101

    Looks like the scientist in the film Independence Day…


    Well unlike this jackass, Miyamoto is still making the best games around. No other company can live on 1st party games alone, Nintendo however, can! There is a reason why Nintendo has the most loyal fans, fans that may also get other consoles (like myself), but no matter what WILL purchase a Nintendo console. Nintendo might be lacking in 3rd party multi-plats, but if were talking about actual game quality and innovation, Nintendo are gods!

  • john

    EA, you’re no one to talk

  • Ivan

    Guys the wii u is full HD right with tendo games and the others alike. These guys that say next gem are just sales people trying to push as many ps4s and ones out like they did in the 90’s with games that needed newer hardware ie vid cards ram etc. I believe the wii u will be strong come Xmas and I’d say wait for it new games that will surprise us all. Nintendo keep things under raps come this month you will here a lot more from tendo. Think about it ps4 can’t play ps3 games only as downloads next year. Well what will happen is the ps3 and wii u family will stay for some time. As for say next gen wii u was the first console over 720p,
    It’s like blue ray and DVD to me DVD is still fine. Small files to copy and good quality. Surprise is what tendo has soon stay tuned, Crazyi…