Jul 1st, 2013


Electronic Arts has said a lot of things when it comes to the Wii U. From saying that there are no games in development to Frostbite 3 being incompatible, it seems like the company is doing an awful lot of backtracking these days. Now EA Games Label Executive Vice President Patrick Söderlund is at it again, saying that Frostbite 3 is compatible with the Wii U but getting it running is not high priority for the company.

However making Frostbite 3 work on the Wii U is not impossible. Where there are gamers, we’ll be there as well. This is the true meaning of “omnidirectional”.

At this point, it looks like Electronic Arts is covering its bases now that its chosen partner Microsoft has lifted all of their DRM restrictions so that gamers have more choice when it comes to used games. Electronic Arts is perhaps considering the fact that previous statements made about the Wii U were a terrible business decision.

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  • Sohiab Rehman

    I bought needs for speed on the wii U, but i’ll bypass all EA games in the future when i get my PS4…stupid press and stupid choices

    • nappyp

      Passing on their games because of the game or what EA has been saying? I personally won’t get one because Fifa was a terrible port and that Need For Speed game was one of the worst in the series.

  • Knew it had to work. The fact that it worked on ps3 and 360 but “not” Wii U didn’t make sense

  • Christopher Acuna

    No effin shizz it works on the WiiU. Only fools would believe it doesn’t.

    • Elem187

      Look at NeoGAF they went on for months claiming the Wii U cannot run frostbite 3, and they are looking like utter fools at this moment.

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        I think in their case, if they were going to lie about the Wii U not running well on Frostbite 3, then it probably would have been in their best interest to continue in that lie. Now that the truth is out, they look like complete idiots. Makes you wonder how people like that even get promoted.

  • babulibaba

    fu ea just fu

  • RockieOllie

    If the PS3 can run Frostbite 3, the WiiU should be able seeing how it is more powerful than the PS3

    • david jarman


    • Ben Vangenechten

      I always wonder, if developers don’t use the Gamepad in their games at all, would the console be able to handle allot more than it does with Gamepad? Because if that’s the case, why don’t they port games without Gamepad implementation (if it adds nothing) and work with Nintendo to sell some cool (limited edition) Pro Controller packs and include one in future console packs? Sure, one of the main selling points of the Wii U gets dropped but Nintendo games and allot of party games will still use it and the “hardcore” gamer’s can play with the classic controller they always wanted and everyone’s happy.

      • Kaihaku

        This. If a game wouldn’t benefit from a second screen, don’t use the second screen. One of my biggest issues with the Wii was waggle controls being introduced in games for no apparent reason other than to claim that the game had motion controls. I like motion controls when they make sense but don’t force them into a game when it doesn’t make sense.

        Developers, please, use the second screen when it makes sense, make it an options menu when it doesn’t.

  • AlThor

    Does EA even have a marketing department?? Because if they do, wow…

  • Selina Kyle

    Dear EA,
    We already knew.

    • Richard Yates


      • Tim van Broekhoven


        • Madmagican


          • AlexG


          • The Clockwork Being

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          • and pears?

          • Madmagican

            AND GRAPES!!

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          • Concise

            C-C-C-C-Combo Breaker!

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          • Tim van Broekhoven

            YENI DUNYA

    • Magnus Eriksson

      “Electronic Arts is perhaps considering the fact that previous statements made about the Wii U were a terrible business decision.”

      Its strong words. To be realistic there is NOTHING that implies it was a bad business decision so far. Articles with comments like this should only be written if Nintendo manage to turn the bad trend. So far they have been unable to do so. In the future maybe things will be different, but there is really no signs at this now.

      • Nintedward

        And this is a reply to Selina Kyle how ?

        • Magnus Eriksson


          • uPadWatcher

            Shut up, Mag.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            No, we have been through this already. I will continue to write here about whatever I like. I know you wish this site was a place only for worship and salutes. Buuuuuut, not gonna happen. 🙂

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Keeping it real. I know what you mean. There are at least some decent people around here who can not take their gaming so serious and stop going all awol cause someone criticizes their beloved company.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            The thing is I love Nintendo myself. Had every console until now except 3DS and VirtualBoy. I had 250 games+ to my NES but I became very disappointed over the turns it took in the Wii-era. I think Iwata does a really bad job, with the WiiU. The worst thing is that I think he could fix it, but he wont.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            He could yeah, but he’s too stubborn to do so. It’s a shame. We’ll see if he changes in the near future. Same here too, I love Nintendo as well, just not their figureheads much. Miyamoto is still awesome, even if he doesn’t make games that appeal to me as much when I was younger, but hard to hate the guy. Iwata, well….I’m sure he’s a nice guy, but business wise, I think he’s done horrible.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Yes, thats excactly how I see it. I also think Reggie is a strong guy and could do more if he had a bit more control.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            I think with him in charge, Nintendo would be better off in the long run. The fans love him and he seems that he wants to do more, but since Iwata took over as CEO of Nintendo of America, he’s not going to have more control on what goes on. The guy deserves more credit.That’s just how I see it.

          • Sidney Majurie

            And that is the point. Nintendo hasn’t really changed all that much, you have. Their games don’t appeal to you anymore. Is that their fault? Is it anyones fault. I don’t like Fruity Pebbles anymore, but I don’t expect Post Cereal to add a shot of whiskey to the ingredients for it to appeal to me today. Just saying.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            I get what you say, but you apparently miss the point also. I said, if Nintendo wants a piece of the 3rd party pie, then they’re gonna have to do what we do, grow up and move into a new direction. Sometimes, you have to leave your comfort zone if you want to win people back. That’s a fact of life, and doesn’t imply to just the gaming industry either.

            In any case, appreciate the constructive disagreement.


            3rd party pie?

            You mean share 99% of their library like Sony and MS does?

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Sony has a lot of 1st party games so your argument fails there big time. The likes of God of War, The Last of Us, Little Big Planet and company say otherwise.

            Only thing I agree with you on is Microsoft.


            Sure, Sony has alot of first party titles, but can you warrant the price tag for what is only a tiny amount of stellar IP’s?

            Because I can’t!

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            To try to say that their games aren’t quality is beyond the worst thing I’ve heard. Nintendo games are quality, but they are nowhere near as big or bring as much replay value than games that Sony brings out. That includes DLC, which Nintendo lacks.

            Nintendo’s games are short in comparison, while fun, are also old formula as well. Sure, that can be said for several games, only difference is that Sony brings out new IP’s more than Nintendo has.

            I’m all fine with Nintendo’s IP, as it still holds up enough, but it wouldn’t hurt for them to bring out a little more originality and branch out a little.

            What it comes down to right now, is that Nintendo is failing to make it’s console attractive to third parties, which is what Nintendo claims to want to fix. If they wanted that patched up, then they better start making some changes now, and not later. As it stands now, time isn’t on their side.


            The majority of Sony IP’s aren’t quality, and reviews and especially sales reflect that. That’s why PS fans have gone nuts for TLoU, it’s because PS has very few excellent IP’s that haven’t been done to death (and yes, Nintendo do familiar IP’s over and over but they feel fresh with each new generation).

            Again, if Wii U share 99% of it’s library with it’s competitors then it will just get swallowed up by PS4/XBO.

            Personally i’ve never understood why some people just want Nintendo to follow the cookie cutter polices of MS/Sony!

            It’s like some of you are scared of diversity and simply don’t want it!

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            You lost credibility when you said that Nintendo’s IPs fresh and new each generation. That shows to me, that you don’t play many Sony games or haven’t at all.

            Let’s be serious here, if Mario games are so fresh and new? Then why is Mario saving the Princess in every game? Why is Bowser always the same end boss in all Mario games? Why not a different villian for a change? Same goes for Mario’s sports titles such as golf, tennis, baseball and soccer, those aren’t that fresh and new now are they? Not really. Sounds to me you’re defending Nintendo a bit too much. Also, sales for majority of Sony games are quite well.

            Just because their games don’t always sell as high as Nintendo’s is because they target a different demographic, as there are more casual gamers than hardcore. Also, Mario is just as repetitive as CoD, and yeah I went there. As CoD is predictable with its same multiplayer and usual stale single player campaign, Mario has the same old plot as well for the last 25 plus years. Princess Peach gets caught by Bowser, he goes out of his way to rescue her and saves the Mushroom Kingdom. Pretty typical don’t you think? I’d say so.

            Again, higher sales of one game doesn’t make it better. If that were true, then CoD games would be more diverse rather than the same bland mulitplayer and lack of campaign. Mario lacks little to no story, that’s a fact.

            Mario games may be fun, but they’re pretty much the same thing each game with just some new gameplay mechanics here and there. Sony at the very least,takes chances and creates new IP’s for it’s fans, how often does NIntendo listen to theirs? Wonderful 101 doesn’t count that much either since it wasn’t made by Nintendo’s in house studios. It’s not guaranteed to stay exclusive forever.

            Again, this is a agree to disagree discussion, but let’s try to be realistic here at the very least. As much as I love Nintendo, I see their flaws and I won’t ignore them.

            Sony has them too with their poor latest installment of God of War Ascension which I disliked as it wasn’t anything that spectacular. Even I criticize them too. It’s fine to be a fan of Nintendo or Sony, but at the same time I’m a realist and give credit where it’s due and criticism as well.

            End of story. Continue to argue it if you wish. I rest my case.


            Lost my credibility huh?


            I’ll leave you and your ‘credibility’ to pick through this photo!

            And please continue to argue it if you wish. I rest MY case.

          • Guest

            I’ll leave you and your ‘credibility’ to pick through this pic!

            Continue to argue it if you wish. I rest my case.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Screenshots show little evidence. The fact that you went out and got one shows that it upset you otherwise you wouldn’t defend it up to this point, even a screenshot. Again, Nintendo is lost in time.

            While you feel Sony games are the same makes no difference. Fact is, they bring out new IPs every generation. How often does Nintendo do that? I thought so. It still doesn’t help your argument much. Thanks for trying.

            No reason to get upset over Nintendo being so out of touch with their former fans(and older) that they can’t evolve with them.Why so upset? Why so mad? Cause I see them for what they are? Seems so. Your case is dismissed. 🙂

            *expects the usual fanboy koopa troops*


            This screenshot trumps you hands down….. and you know it!

            I don’t think PS games are all the same, I just know their not all very good. You can make dozens of new average IP’s, but I’d take one established stellar IP anyday.

            Also, im not upset. It’s just gaming. Lossing my job or my wife and kids coming down with a serious illness is upsetting, not having a disagreement about a hobby!

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            No upset gamer here. You have your opinion, I have mine. That’s how it goes here.

          • Sidney Majurie

            It’s statement like this where you lose credibility. Iwata saw the launches of 3 of Nintendo’s highest and fastest selling consoles. Wii, DS, and 3DS. How is that a bad job. You may not get what you want when you want it, but that’s an amazing track record for a CEO. And yes, Wii U has had a slow start, but if you’re the Nintendo fan you claim to be, how can you not be excited for this year end line up? You don’t have a 3DS but you love Nintendo? Ninja please. 3DS is becoming the best gaming console around. Again, no credibility.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            I think he means that Nintendo failed to deliver with third party with the Wii, and the Wii U is suffering the same drought. Iwata as of late, isn’t doing that great of job. I don’t hate the guy, I just don’t see him as suitable. Ever since the former president Hiroshi Yamauchi, stepped down, things went south with third party support. That s a fact.

          • Sidney Majurie

            Hiroshi Yamauchi is the reason for much of problems Nintendo consoles have faced since N64. Iwata wasn’t president yet… so… yeah. High licensing fees, expensive cartridges(N64), proprietary mini DVD’s on Gamecube (soley designed to hamper piracy). Dude (HY) is notoriously stubborn and arrogant, especially because of the NES SNES success. He felt he could continue gouging third parties with N64 and Gamecube but when more console competition came in (mainly Xbox) third parties realized they didn’t have to put up with Nintendo’s crap anymore and fled. Reggie and Iwata had to come in and pick up the pieces after Yamauchi’s iron fist approach and have Nintendo’s best selling home console and handhelds under their belts. And they can also take credit for Nintendo’s best era of profitability. Just facts. It’s easy to look back on history with rose colored glasses. But… you’re wrong.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            He had balls to say the least, more than I can say about Iwata. This is a comment section that allows us to share opinions so “you’re wrong” comment has no weight to it. You can disagree with it all you like. Also I’m aware of his past, but I respect the guy more than I respect Iwata as a business man. Enough said.

            Like it or not, Iwata is no where near better than Yamauchi in terms of how to handle the company. He made mistakes, but at least he wasn’t afraid to take big risks. He has my respect.

            Problem with Nintendo now? Whenever I saw a Wii game, a PS2 and PSP port was along side it in commercials and even ads. Now with the Wii U, it’s the same deal pretty much with PS3 and 360 along side it. Maybe that will change, but right now it’s a reality.

          • Sidney Majurie

            So you’re not refuting anything I said…

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            There’s nothing to refute. It’s a difference in opinion. You made yours, and I made mine. Basically how it’s done.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Well, we will see how it will go. I think its amazing that some of you behave like an ostrich hiding your head in the sand (yeah, its only an expression). Its not about my personal preferences, I actually prefer Nintendo over other consoles, and thats why I have one. But this is very difficult for some of you to understand, because you too easy get angry and therefor stop thinking rational.

            Reasons why the Wii and 3DS sold good:
            1. both got pricepoints that was way below competitors.
            2. Its competitors where extremly expensive.
            3. Both brought an interesting feature each to the ballgame, the motion control and the 3D screen. Both felt new despite weak hardware
            4. Both got interesting titles fairly early in the first year.
            5. Retaliers believed in the product.

            Is this the case with the WiiU? Conclusevly -No!

            1. WiiU is interpreted as belonging to the PS3 and XBox era by basically everyone. Its on par or slightly stronger than its competitors, but way weaker to the coming generation. This is not me speaking but publishers and analysts. This is what most people in the business mean.

            2. The second screen seems not to attract peple at all. They dont care. Its not like motion control or 3ds gaming at all. To most people it seems like an extra device, a special controller and not a brand new console.
            3. Nintendo had two E3 without being able to communicate this, or draw the kind of attention that could generate customers.
            4. Nintendo have been unable to reach is own predictions twice with the WiiU, and we will probably see the same thing at the end of the year.
            5. The games that are coming this year will probably sell well to those who already has a Wii U, but probably not generating to much sales of consoles, with a possible exception of Zelda WW HD and SMW3D (Why this name?). DKCF looks great and fun, but it wont maybe generate new buyers as its not “new enough”.
            6. The first real interesting titles are released in 2014. But will those titles lift the sales drastically? Or will it raise the sales to the level we saw in GCN era?
            7. Will that justify costly titles in HD? No, and this is likely another reason you didnt see many titles from both Nintendo or 3rd parties. Its to costly, and both wanted to wait until sales picked up (which it didnt).
            8. Retailers want to get rid of the product. It takes to much space on the shelf. Imagine that they will build up huge stocks again IF the sales took up. Unlikely.

            The reason I didnt buy a 3DS yet is that I had to chose between that and the WiiU due to economical reasons. And another handheld device was simply not interesting enough. My mobile telephone fill up that eventual need.

            But I had: I started collect Game&Watch games as a kid. I had quite many at a point, but then I got the NES in 86-87. I started to collect games to that one, and at a point I had around 250 games. Someone got me the first GameBoy, but I only got a few games for it. Tetris and Mario. I bought the SNES some years later, but used it most to Street Fighter 2 and the like, because at the time I had saved money for a 40 MhZ Turbo harddrive 120mb for my Amiga500+. Most of my gaming interest was invested in that. So didnt play too much SNES at the time. Then I got N64 and a Playstation. I remember that I thought the CD function was so awesome at the beginning, but then it started to become crap as games stopped to run etc (you had to turn it around and the like just to get it to play games). My N64 never had that problem. I bought my own PC some time later (or at the same time), and played mostly on that for a while. Years later I bought a PS2 barely unboxing it, and a Gamecube later. But because I got children around that time I didnt got to much time to play it. Then I bought a DS for my daughter and a Wii to the family. We upgraded it to a WiiU last christmas.

            So, no, i didnt get the 3DS, but I have been around for a while. And Nintendo have always been my first choice, but that is maybe about to change. Talking to people in here actually gives me more reason to do so. Jesus! I love Nintendo as it defined my childhood, but it would never make me sink so low as someone here does when they hear something they dislike. I would never buy an XBox, but I would never call someone who did “asshole” or the like…

          • Linksawakeningisazeldagame

            “DKCF looks great and fun, but it wont maybe generate new buyers as its not “new enough”.”
            1. Mario Galaxy 2 sold over 7 million…

            2. Have you seen the sales of Call of Duty?

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Why do everyone bring up Call of Duty all the time? Im a fucking pacifist and I hate wargames.

            Yes Mario Galaxy sold 7M. So what? I loved that game, actually both of them. Whats your point? That I dont think DKC is a systemseller? I think it will sell games. Ill buy, and I think over 50% of the other WiiU owners will too. But I dont believe it will generate so much sales of the systems. For this you need different types of games, the big one.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Only real game that will sell consoles is Super Smash Bros. 4.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Well said. Can’t get much clearer than that.

          • Sidney Majurie

            I asked you about you’re excitement about the fall lineup and the 3DS and you respond with “why this won’t help it sell and why this would sell better …” and on and on??? What does this essay have to do with YOUR EXCITEMENT AS A FAN? Fact is no one can pretend to know what will make something sell. They can apply tested marketing tricks to help sales but sometimes great films bomb at the box office (Shawshank) and crap films find success (Blair Witch). It’s mostly a crap shoot.

            But again, I ask if you’re a Nintendo fan and you’re not excited for the forthcoming lineup and the awesome 3DS, why exactly are you a fan? Nostalgia? I can help put that history into perspective and show you how the NES was not an amazing console, as well as the SNES. Different time and market. Outside of Nintendo games on those systems, there was nothing completely mind blowing in the era of LJN and Street Fighter 2 iteration 30. But I don’t have time to write a blog, lol.

          • Linksawakeningisazeldagame

            “I think Iwata does a really bad job”
            4/6 systems (GCN, GBA, DS, Wii, 3DS, Wii U) Were successful/Is successful, but It’s too early to say if the Wii U will not sell, so it MIGHT turn into 5/6. I wouldn’t call 1 or 2 mistakes a really bad job. I would call that many mistakes in about a decade a pretty good job.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Its a mistake when it comes to consoles.

            -GCN was the least selling console of its time.
            -Wii failed to gather 3rd party around it. It sold alot of consoles, but in a way it was short lived.
            -WiiU is failing, and it will if there wont be drastic. Remember the short life of Wii, and the Wii U wont get games until 2014.

            The other ones is handhelds, a different business.

          • Linksawakeningisazeldagame

            “-GCN was the least selling console of its time.”
            Wasn’t it VERY close to Xbox?

            “-Wii failed to gather 3rd party around it. It sold alot of consoles, but in a way it was short lived.”
            2006-2011 = normal console life span.

            “Wii U wont get games until 2014.”
            Lego City Undercover, Game and Wario, Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, Wind Waker HD, Sonic Lost World, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Super Mario 3D World, Wii Party U, Wii Fit U, Rayman Legends, Call of Duty: Ghost (Yes, it was confirmed) Batman: Arkham Origins, Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut, Watch Dogs, and Disney Infinity came/are coming to Wii U this year. That’s 18 games, there are more, because Nintendo said their will be 18 EXCLUSIVES in It’s first year. I think I’m missing 9 exclusives.

          • Samuel Mungy

            I’m a huge Nintendo fan. I only play Nintendo consoles. I think Iwata isn’t the right person for Nintendo going forward. A gimmick by definition is: “a unique or quirky special feature that makes something stand out”. Nintendo under Iwata has been relying on gimmicks to sell their consoles. As they say themselves, content is going to drive a system. They need to meet with 3rd party developer’s needs in order to make sure that their content is on Nintendo home consoles. In a market whereby Nintendo has it’s huge IP’s on it’s back + all 3rd party offering, I doubt any other console can really survive. If it were competing graphically with the other 2 systems in order to get 3rd party content and had 1st party titles, everyone would flock to Nintendo since they have the greatest 1st party IP’s. That’s just my 2 cents on the topic. Iwata should leave and be replaced with someone who listens to developer’s and gamers.

        • Levi Johansen

          He just wants his comment as high as possible, since he knows he will get downvoted…

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Or maybe he doesn’t care about whether he gets up voted or downed? I sure don’t. I expect to get downvoted from time to time, it’s no skin off my back.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Did I say that to you, or is this just something you guessed?

          • Levi Johansen

            You did not say it to me. But since you bothered to reply, it must be true.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            It certainly must not mean that. Where did you take your logic class?

          • Levi Johansen

            You must have really felt exposed since you reply yet again.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Hmmm… no? I reply because you talk to me. Its an act of courtesy.

      • Christopher Acuna

        They are bad business decisions, they were lieing. And they could have avoided all of it by leaving it at, “we are watching and waiting.” Not, “the wiiu can’t do anything, because of (BS reason here).”

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          I still say it had something to do with the Origins being on the Wii U thing. We’ll never really know why they act like douches.

      • Kaihaku

        EA’s “terrible business decision” was how it handled the PR side of this issue, not the fact that it decided not to release more Wii U games until the console has proven itself. Ubisoft publicly announced that it wouldn’t develop more Wii U exclusives until the console had a larger install base – if EA had made a single clear statement along those lines things would have been fine. Instead EA released a string of vague contradicting statements, often with a dismissive tone, coupled with a unofficial statement thick with vitriol from a senior software engineer.

        Holding off on developing games for the Wii U, probably a smart move for a company that’s struggling financially. Failing to have a clear neutral PR policy on how to convey that decision to the public, a “terrible business decision” after promising an “unprecedented” partnership.


      I have been saying this for months that EA’s dealings about Nintendo and everything it said the U couldn’t do and all their negative comments was only due to them being Butt-Hurt over what happened after they couldn’t put Origin basically on/as the NN for the U. After that E3 before the WiiU came out where EA stated they were going to be partnering up with Nintendo for the on-line of the U, Nintendo realized that EA wanted Origin and all of it’s policies to be incorporated into the U’s on-line system. Nintendo didn’t want all the dollar here dollar there BS through their E-Shop from EA so they stopped that partnership right then.

      Now what was EA going to do, they already had games in development for the U, so they finished them out, put them out, and then decided that they were going to wash their hands with Nintendo and try to punish them by not making any other games for the U. Then they started all the negative comments, acting like a little B-atch instead of a multi-million dollar company. Meanwhile their other games over the last couple of years on other consoles have been having their own bad issues which has angered the gaming community leading EA to being voted the worst company in the world two years in a row and having their CEO to step down. BTW who ever bought that their engines just couldn’t work on the U while they could on everything else known out there you are all idiots, it was EA giving excuses of why while trying to act like they were not mad with Nintendo with what happened, freaking babies.

      This doesn’t really mean anything in the long run though because if the PS4 and Xbox1 sell like hot-cakes (which I don’t think they will sell that fast but will sell) EA doesn’t have to do or make anything for the U and can just smile and say to the public, “It’s just business people, we make games where we think our fans of them and gamer’s will want to buy them. Although we have always been a friend and fans of Nintendo we believe the lack of sales of the U has forced us not put our games on that console.” In essence still being able to PR while still being mad with Nintendo.

      Say what you want good or bad about EA, they do have some great games on the U, Mass Effect 3, Madden 13, FIFA 13, and NFSMWU are beautiful and great games. Yes us U gamer’s will still be negatively impacted this year (which sucks) because not one EA title will be coming to us so they did stick the knife in Nintendo (mostly to its gamer’s) but because of the potential of the U selling more, both of their partnership’s with Disney, and above all else trying to get a better overall PR they’re trying to play nice with Nintendo so they are not twisting that knife.

      • Majora’s Mask

        ea never liked the wii u they only want sales and wii u doesnt have any and they dont care for us its bad but i think its understandable considering the support of EA in previous years for nintendo i dont think EA is the problem NINTENDO IS THE PROBLEM WHICH IS BEING A DICK AND DOESNT WANT THIRD PARTY SUPPORT

        • kentray1985


          • Linksawakeningisazeldagame

            1. Don’t write in all caps. It’s annoying, and It’s harder to read.

            2. Nintendo Land was built around the idea of local multiplayer…

          • kentray1985

            1. Didn’t mean to have all caps my phone waa acting crazy!
            2. Who cares, nintendoland should’ve had online
            2. You didn’t mention 3d mario land so whats your excuse for that game not having online multiplayer
            4. The new super mario bros game had no online multiplayer

          • Linksawakeningisazeldagame

            1. I fully disagree about Nintendo Land having online. If it had online, then I think it would erase the purpose of it trying to appeal to casual players, which means less people would have bought the Wii U.

            2. I didn’t mention Mario 3D World because I agree with you.

            3. I don’t think a 2D platformer wouldn’t work well online, since there wouldn’t be as much space as a 3D platformer. That’s a reason why I didn’t like local multiplayer in NSMB. People always made you accidentally lose all your lives and it gets very annoying.

          • kentray1985

            I understand your point but I would have at least liked a option for it and I enjoyed playing with my nieces and nephews with the nsmb on the wii so with nintendo supposedly stepping up on the online for the wiiu I was hoping that the nsmbu game had it so I could play more with my friends and family instead of waiting for holidays!

          • Linksawakeningisazeldagame

            “nintendo supposedly stepping up on the online for the wiiu”
            Wii online vs Wii U online, exactly.

            Edit: I don’t know why it is skipping one line, but if you don’t see that (That it skipped one) then ignore this.

          • kentray1985

            You are blind my friend, iwata has made some terrible decisions on the online and hardware of the wiiu, sells speak for themselves and the sad part is alot of the nintendo fans that supported nintendo didn’t pick up wiiu because of these reasons so don’t act like nintendo has done something special for us with the online because if they did I would be able to use my bluetooth headset to chat on here or I would be able to play with my nieces and nephews online in a mario game but hey I can always play offscreen with that gamepad

          • Linksawakeningisazeldagame

            That’s like saying a company should stop making consoles because 4/6 of their systems were successful, and people are not sure if their 6th one will be successful.

            “You are blind my friend”
            No I am not.

            “and the sad part is alot of the nintendo fans that supported nintendo didn’t pick up wiiu because of these reasons”
            The REAL reason why is because Mario, Smash Bros, Metroid, Mario Kart, Kirby, F-Zero, Starfox didn’t come out at launch.

            “so don’t act like nintendo has done something special for us with the online”
            The only thing is I’m not. I’m just saying that it is obviously an upgrade from the Wii’s.

          • kentray1985

            True but for all honesty do you really believe you purchased a next gen wiiu console at launch and had all the capabilities and quality that you were looking for?

          • Linksawakeningisazeldagame

            “a next gen wiiu console at launch”
            I didn’t get it at launch.

            “and had all the capabilities and quality that you were looking for?”
            I only got it because I knew they are making a new Zelda for it.

          • kentray1985

            Yes I do believe that its a upgrade from the wii but not a big upgrade because they still don’t have online accounts where you can sign in from any wiiu and that sucks for anybody who gets there system stolen or badly damaged! you lose all of your purchases and data.

          • Linksawakeningisazeldagame

            1. “its a upgrade from the wii but not a big upgrade because they still don’t have online accounts where you can sign in from any wiiu”

            How is it a small updrade because of that? The Wii didn’t even have accounts.

            Wii: 480p
            Wii U: 1080p

            Wii ram: 512 MB
            Wii U ram: 2 GB

            Mario Kart Wii graphics
            Mario Kart 8 graphics

          • kentray1985

            Ok its a big upgrade from the wii obviously but they made a bad decision by not adding accounts to the wiiu, point blank period! I assume it is not a issue for you.

          • Linksawakeningisazeldagame

            They do have accounts. If you play one game on one account, it will only save it on the account you’re playing on. You can also get a Nintendo Network ID, so you can use apps that require the internet, or play online.

          • BLACKendTiamat

            my wife would always get on my ass whenever i accidently killed her in nsmbu lol. i would apologize of course, but secretly… it was fun and entertaining 😛

            shortly after she switched over to using the gamepad to assist me using the blocks lol. reminiscing about that now… i had a blast playing that game with her. we 5 starred it and moved on to zombiu and epic mickey 2.

          • Linksawakeningisazeldagame

            Whenever someone helped me with the gamepad, it always messed me up.

          • Guest

            i can see how that would happen. all about communication though. ill stop running around and let her pop my KS before i move again. so i dont get killed because i was unable to shoot.

          • Ben Vangenechten

            Online is so overrated, sure it can be fun in racing games but the real fun is with the people your playing with next to you.
            It suits some genres like fps, racing, and some others but online party games that are obviously meant to be played with people in the same house.

          • kentray1985

            And how is it fun when you can’t play with family members that may not stay in the same state as you or they are too far to drive out to their house just to play a mario game, what are you gone do, tell them to get on xbox 360!

          • kentray1985

            That’s my point, I believe that these games can be enjoyed offline and online but why opt out the online option when a majority of people that play the games are not even in the same house or even the same state?

          • THATSFEDUP

            You really should get your facts straight Kentray and learn how to type in a complete sentence. Nintendo announced the other week they are adding Online multiplayer to all those first party Wii U games your talking about with assymetrical multplayer including Nintendo Land, NSMBU, 3d Mario World and more. You should read up a little more on up to date news if your gonna join the trolls, so you don’t sound like such a dumbass. Oops, I’m attacking aren’t I. Well your attacking Nintendo fans by insulting Nintendo. You all make it sound like there is no online multiplayer on Wii U. I have nearly 200 hours in Black Ops online multiplayer and man they really don’t like us Wiimote players. But get used to it, cause I can never go back to dual analog. Friend codes are gone so you just make up other crap to complain about. Its getting ridiculous. Sniper Elite V2 for Wii U does have online multi, they just left out some of the online features. And what makes you think Injustice has no online multiplayer. Man your really dumb for saying these things. You have no clue what your talking about. Plz don’t comment anymore your making gamers even dumber.

          • kentray1985

            You sound like you don’t even have those games I mentioned because ppl who played them know that injustice on wiiu only had online rank and sniper elite v2 had no online at all unless they added it recently and I missed It lol! Sorry I didn’t mean to offend you, I wasn’t attacking Nintendo and I only stated facts and some of my opinions because I have the wiiu myself and had a wii as well. I just want ppl to speak up about things that can be approved with the system and not accept everything like the region locking for an example.

          • BLACKendTiamat


          • kentray1985

            Yes I agree black ops 2 for the wiiu was too much fun and its sad we couldn’t get any dlc but maybe call of duty ghost will be different, cant wait!

        • Audie in uk

          retard thinks industry anti nintendoism is reality


      • 1239474899

        Lmfaooooo conspiracy fanboy that never even happened and it was confirmed by Nintendo that it didnt

    • Lyle Edwards

      lol that says it all but you got to give them at least a sarcastic thank you

  • Nintedward

    What did we all say ? It’s simply a matter of EA being idiots not the power of Wiiu.

    They say it scales all the way down to Iphones , but they had problems with Frostbite 2 on Wiiu ? gtfo…. Wiiu requires a different engine layout than PS3 and 360 due to different architecture , that’s the only problem they had….. Once you do that expect considerably better results. You need to use everything it has not just simply dollop your xbox 360 code onto Wiiu. NFSMW was a good example of how a quick port should be done on Wiiu as was Trine 2…

    It’s a miracle that games like AC3 , Blops 2 , ME3 and much more run OK on the Wiiu when they are blatantly 100% EXACTLY the same code as 360 versions…
    I wish devs would just say in the first place: Of course it’s possible , it’s just a different architecture that is a problem and whether it’s financially viable with the installed base… But no they choose to lie to try and negatively impact Nintendo , sad pricks…

    • Yeah this doublespeak from EA is getting really old.

      • Nintedward

        Disney bitch slapped EA lol.

        • Pinwheel

          I bitch slapped yo momma

          • Nintedward

            Will you stop editing your comment please.
            First it was ”Shut up Nintendrone” then ”Why u mad Nintedward” and now ”I bitch slapped yo momma” .
            Go and rethink your life , quietly in the corner.

          • Pinwheel

            People don’t appreciate me 🙁 Please understand, Nintedward bullies me.

          • Pinwheel

            lol, you must be obsessed with me if you’re just sitting there waiting for me to comment. 🙂 Pathetic Sod.

          • Nintedward

            Yeah , when You edited your comment 3 times within 2 minutes…

            @Daniel yeah, I think they do something like that on IGN like a 1 edit only…. I hate IGN’s comment section lol , it’s just a giant shit storm haha! Tried it…. never again lol.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Maybe they should add spell check to this site, or an editing limit.

          • Arthur Jarret

            Ashley – get on it!

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Haha. I was never a fan of IGN, I still call them CoD fanboys. The way they review games can be argued often.

          • Shaise

            He might just change his name!

          • NkoSekirei

            dude really how about stfu and dont be a disrespectful little douche troll

        • Linksawakeningisazeldagame


      • The Clockwork Being

        Ashley once again you did a great job. Out of all the Nintendo sites seen today including yours this news was seen here first. Along with the Wii U website news and some others. Anyways I wonder why EA is suddendly changing their minds. Is it the XboxOne fail? Soon we will see them talking about how their ”unpreceted partnership” with Nintendo has never been strong and they will support the Wii U heavily like they always wanted

        • The True Gamer

          The Xbox One changed its DRM policy, so it didn’t “fail”. Also, EA changed their minds due to a change in management positions. Also, the success of the 3DS, Nintendo proved that their is a market for their game consoles.

        • Wayne Beck

          Oddly enough, it probably more about Nintendo releasing 10 Exclusive Titles for Wii U by the end of the Year, effectively setting themselves up to sell over 5 million Wii Us this Holiday Season. EA was probably expecting the software drought to last through the beginning of 2014. With a Strong Family Friendly line-up of Classic Nintendo Franchises a lot of kids are getting a Wii U this year, and Dad is going to want his Madden.

      • Levi Johansen

        Yeah, this is really stupid. All it shows is how much similar they are to Microsoft and that’s a bad thing.

        I don’t care what they say, or what they do. They can make one million games for the Wii U, I will still NEVER buy any games from EA again.

        You see; I don’t change my mind, I stand by my decisions!

    • Shaise

      Yeah, maybe they suffered depression from being voted worst company so they figured ”I know!, lets take it out on a company better than us!” If they bring this engine I will finallly respect them, for now I still hate them

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        It’s not really a bad company, just horrible figure heads that run it.

        • david jarman

          Those horrible figure heads represent the company so as long as they run the company it is a bad company. Until that changes it will stay that way or get worse. The games are good. Their developers who work for them are good. Even though there are rumors of some of them wanting to leave.

        • everyone

          Sucks that those same people have all the power in their decision making. 10 years ago no one would be screaming for changes in the company.

        • Shaise

          Actually your absolutely right, its the stupid idiots that run EA, once I had a thought, what if we could one day purchase EA, kick out bob summerwill & all those jerks, and turn it into a better company, its kinda like rare, once was good but after microsoft bought and started occupying, it isnt so good now, but at least we’re getting some exrare devs back

    • LonDonE247

      EXACTLY, just think how much better mass effect 3,assassins creed 3 etc would have ran on wii u if they were optimized for the wii u architecture! the problem is, this gone generation, the cpu was in heavy use, while the gpu were basic, and so most of the games and game engines were all built with cpu heavy designs and light on the gpu side, but in the next gen, the roles have reversed, with PS4,XBOX1, and Wii-U, the cpu are not as intensive, while the gpu’s are more powerful! this is why allot of PS3 and 360 games have problems running on wii u when ported by lazy devs, without optimizations!

      Even still, when you consider that a game like mass effect 3 ran like garbage on PS3, while on 360 and wii u it runs much better!

      think about it, the mass effect 3 code is basically the 360 code ported without any engine optimization, and still it runs allot better then the PS3 version!
      Imagine if the devs took advantage of the gpgpu, and offloaded allot of the cpu tasks to the gpgpu instead, and utilized all of that 1gb of ram, man that game would have most likely ran at 60fps if they really optimized the code for the engine for wii u, we would have at least gotten higher res textures, and less loading,and no pop in!

      Just look at bayonetta 2, it looks AWESOME,while still running at a silky smooth 60fps,as did all of Nintendo’s games at e3, so the power is there, its just that allot of these third parties have gotten so damn lazy this generation! i think people underestimate the wii u power allot, just think in year 1 of its life its already mashing out games to the level of quality of the PS3 and 360, it took 6to 7 years for 360 and ps3 to get to this level of fidelity! eg, mass effect 3 which runs allot better then the PS3 version,
      and assassins creed 3, and blops 2, all which run pretty much on par minus a few nit picking issues, but regardless these games without any optimizations, and any utilising of the wii u advantages, still run well, and in some cases are better then the PS3 versions of said game, so imagine in year 4or 5, the games the wii u churns out should be astonishing!

      Just think, the last of us, is not only a technical marvel, its also a game play,audio, sound design, art design, graphical beast of a game! and it was made on 7 year old hard ware, with half the amount of ram as the wii u!

      just imagine the possibilities of the games we could get on wii u with double the ram of the PS3, and with a much more powerful gpgpu!
      I just wish naughty dog also made games for the wii u, sigh, oh well never mind, since i already have my PS4 pre ordered, and i have my wii u,and gaming pc for everything else, i just wish Nintendo would stop wasting retro studios talent, on 2d game, and let them loose, with ex naughty dog,crytek, bioware,and vigil employees at retro, lord knows what the next metroid prime or metroid dredd on WII U would be like!!!

      • Nintedward

        Completely agree with all of this.

        Mass effect 3 looks great on Wiiu right ? I bet it wasn’t even using 50% of the consoles full potentiall. Was it using the 1MB of cache per core ? was it using the much more shaders of the GPU ? was it using the extra ram ? no , absolutely not…. Just lazily ported.

        I honestly think the Wiiu at full potential will look TWICE as good as the best 360 and PS3 games , whilst the One and the PS4 will look about 3-5 times as good.

        The Wiiu has more than twice the RAM of PS3 and 360. Remember some of their total 512MB is used up by OS. Wiiu has 1028MB for Graphics and 32MB of Super fast Edram to increase peformance… The edram is probably around 60-100GB/S …..

        • The Clockwork Being

          The only game I expect to see use the Wii U fully or close to it is Zelda and X. When I mean full I mean close to all the shaders of the GPU, using up all the RAM fully , running at 1080p at 60 fps with each M of cache B per core using… you get what I mean right?

          Edit: I forgot to add that Metroid and The Next 3D Mario game too.

          Double Edit: ok alot of games will look great but the ones I name will stand out the most.

          • Nintedward

            Yeah there will be a few in the end that use 95%+ of the Wiiu’s full potential and the next Zelda game for Wiiu will be one of those. It will look as good as the tech demo from 2011 which look way better than everything on last gen.

          • The Clockwork Being

            I found myself wishing that the Tech Demo was the Zelda game that would come out early in the Wii U’s lifetime. But after learning that the new Zelda would not look like the tech demo i was slightly disappointed. Anyways I am positive that the next Zelda will be one of those games. Plus the next will look way much better since it was runny on only a prototype of the Wii U back in 2011. It was without a doubt not using the Wii U’s capabilities fully. I’d say it was using somewhere around 45%-60% of the Wii U prototype’s full capabilities. What would you say?

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          I only go by what the Wii U has shown so far, and it hasn’t shown anything special as of yet. About the only game that at least looked impressive enough to me was NFS Most Wanted

          • Nintedward

            I can understand that. But you have to understand that these 3rd party , lazy ports are absolutely not a benchmark of Wiiu’s performance potential. That would be like looking back at Madden 06 and Tony hawks american wasteland and saying they are a benchmark of the 360’s full potential… not true.

            Look at X , it’s full on open world (like Xenoblade chronicles and pretty much destroys everything on PS3 360.

          • NkoSekirei

            i agree cause these devs arnt taking the risks like ubisoft,namco,monolith,and several others have by making games for the wii u

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Nintendo is guilty of that too. They have shown a few so far this generation. Now if they can keep that up, then people will be off their backs a bit more. Mario games aren’t the big deal, it’s how many they throw out there. If I see some good IP from Nintendo in the upcoming years, I’ll give them more credit.

            Also, a lot of these games aren’t cheap, so there’s that too. They go by what they feel will sell, and they don’t see the Wii U bringing them any profit. Some will support, but unfortunately, not all will. Just as you have your opinions, they have theirs.

          • NkoSekirei

            ok nintendo has made a few mistakes and they admitted to it but Ea takes the cake on this one after they couldnt get their stupid origin onto the wii u and they never listen to any feed back from gamers about how bad origin was cause it had so many flaws and serious issues too

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Fair enough.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            I know what you mean. However, it is underpowered compared to the ps4 and xbox one. That doesn’t mean being underpowreed means it can’t produce some nice visual quality. Even with underpowered consoles, developers find loopholes and shortcuts somewhere to push the hardware to it’s full limit.

            Resident Evil 4 is a good example on the Gameube. 3rd parties aren’t all lazy, sometimes it’s just that they don’t all know how to push the Wii U to it’s limits.

            First party is a problem with Nintendo in terms that they depend on Mario too much and even Pokemon. They really should take some risks with some newer IP. I’m aware of some new ones such as Wonderful 101 and Miyamoto’s unspecified game, but Nintendo really needs to do more.

            I’m sure you know what I mean. They’re already having a hard time selling the Wii U, they don’t have anything to lose at this point, especially with how much money they have in that company of theirs.

          • Please… you fall blindly to the 8core/8GB smoke… When MS and Sony made the move to PC architecture that came at a cost. Using more standardized components designed to do a variety of computing tasks means you need to add more CPU and Ram to do the work of a CPU/GPU designed around gaming. That is why both MS and Sony chose custom designed IBM processors the last round and they achieved the graphical standards they did on older generations of that custom IBM CPU and older generation GPUs and much much less ram than even what the Wii U has. So while the Wii U may have less power than the PS4 and XB One it is not as significant as you think it is and definitely not under-powered. I think the word you are looking for is more-optimized where the PS4 and XB One are more standardized. I understand why they went the standard route to some degree though and in the long run it may end up being the better route to have gone but please do not be a fool to think that just because it has all those cores and ram that it is automatically way more powerful when it comes to console gaming.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Save your time explaining to me the technicalities, I’m aware of all of them. Sorry for sounding harsh, but I’ve read a lot of your posts in previous months. I understand what you’re trying to say. Like I said, the Wii U isn’t as powerful as it’s competitors. I never said it was no where near it either. When you explain things like this, it just shows you’re defending a bit too much and you come off to me as someone who can’t take a little criticism, but I digress.

            There’s nothing wrong with being underpowered as I said, the problem is Nintendo’s attitude of late and they need to get 3rd party support soon and not later, same goes for 1st party.

          • Well forgive me as I see you repeatedly saying that the console is underpowered implying it is too weak and that is really not the case. There are a lot of factors here why 3rd parties are being apprehensive to developing for the Wii U. Much of it is the fault of Nintendo as they had a weak launch with their game and service delays but some of it falls on the developers too.

            I honestly believe Nintendo is working hard with 3rd party developers and doing what they can to fix the situation but I think many expect this to happen overnight or like a flip of a switch. I think we will all see this change more clear before Christmas and starting later this summer. Of course some 3rd party developers (Like EA) will take more convincing than others but all 3rd party developers need to realize that if they are going to release their games later on Nintendo than other platforms and release them with no hope of extras and DLC and features like their games on other consoles they are NOT going to sell as well. The remove these items with no justification in most cases and then cry about poor sales.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            If they’re working hard, not hard enough. Until Nintendo can show me it’s not underpowered, I stand by it. We’re not going to see eye to eye on this one.

          • That’s fine… I am comfortable with the fact I know more about how processors and GPUs work than you do and while you want to focus on power I will focus on playing the games.

          • Imagine if they were not lazy ports… Criterion did a decent job enhancing NFS: MW on the Wii U and just like any console the games designed exclusively for the console will look the best.

            One thing is that it seems some of these modern game engines are being designed better than they were in the past as now they have the tablet market to compete with so they now make the engines more scalable and hardware agnostic which is a good thing IMO. That being said it still will take some work to make the game look as good as it can when you cross platform. For this reason I understand the move to X86 by Sony and Microsoft but it is unfortunate that people do not realize that this move comes at a cost. That cost is they have to add more cores and ram to do the work of what a CPU/GPU combo designed solely for the game console could do. The sad part is there are uneducated people that see those cores and ram and jizz in their pants thinking that only the cores and ram matter in terms of performance.

  • Austin Burn

    EA’s Fucked, I’ll be damed if I ever buy another game from them, unless its The Sims4 or BF4 but other then that they can suck a dick

    • Elem187

      Why even buy those games from them?? The majority of the proceeds go to EA.

      • Christopher Acuna

        But…but…I love Battlefield 4. lol

        • Shaise

          Some things you gotta give up Lol

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Like Ecto Cooler.

          • Shaise

            I looked that up actually! Sounded kinda cool! Green colour with orange flavour

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Yeah, it came out around the time of Ghostbusters II, for years I thought they discontinued it then to find out they changed the name around 93 or 94. It’s gone now, but there’s recipes online that show you how to make your own. I’ve tried it once, and to my surprise, it tastes just like I remember it.

        • Andreas Sunde

          Pirate Bay.
          There is always a choice.

  • uPadWatcher

    This is just the reason why the Electronic Arts employees are now wearing flip flops. That’s because it’s what they do best. First they dissed the Wii U… and now they changed their minds.

  • The Clockwork Being


  • audi lover

    EA Eats Ass and speaks bull shit

  • The Clockwork Being

    Instead of saying this bring all the games that use Frostbite 3 to Wii U like Battlefield and the sports games and your important franchises. JUST THEN I WILL FORGIVE YOU IF THE GAMEPAD IS USED PERFECTLY

    • Mark Thom

      true lol

  • Mark Thom


  • greengecko007

    Because of Microsoft going back on its used game policy and DRM for the Xbox One, publishers like EA who were strong advocates against used games are going to be missing out on some extra money. Eventually EA is going to run out of companies to be butthurt over.

    • NkoSekirei

      who cares let EA cry over lost money they fking deserve it for treating gamers and nintendo really badly

  • gamesplayswill

    I want EA dead, who’s in!?

    • Giovanni Nijenhuis

      Who not?

      • gamesplayswill

        Good Giovanni!
        Anyone else? c’mon nintendward!
        c’mon Jay!

        • Nintedward

          I’m killing! , I’m killing already 😛

          • gamesplayswill

            Make sure to do it slowly then!

    • Tim van Broekhoven

      Mii lol

      • gamesplayswill

        Yes tim lad!

    • Shaise

      If they carry on skipping there titles & keep on trashing Nintendo, count me in!

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      How about just having the heads of the company resign and find someone who can run the company better? I think there’s been enough businesses within the gaming industry that went backrupt or shut down already.

  • Super Buu

    …. and the news is?

  • Elem187

    LOL, I was correct, the system would run it… I even stated if the Frostbite 3 doesn’t work on Wii U, while Crytek Engine 3 runs beautiful, and the cry engine is a far better looking engine, then that means frostbite is just so full of bloat that there is no reason to purchase this engine if you want to develop any game for any system when you can get a far better looking engine that runs far better from Crytek.

  • Adrian

    Where does EA say “but getting it (frostbite3) running on the WiiU is not a high priority for the company?” The quote doesn’t show that at all, so I hope you aren’t putting words in their mouths.

    • Adrian

      I see my comment gets ignored. And the majority of you are cheering and swearing at EA like it punched your mom in the face. I just don’t know where/why you guys get the energy to hate a company.

    • Baconfat23

      I just realized that. Good observation. I imagine it’s supposedly ‘not a high priority’ because EA are whining over Origin still or because of ‘bad’ sales of the Wii U.

  • Only a few are true gamers

    You’re Fired EA. I will not buy any games from you’re company

  • DennisJKA

    Wow, I’m sooooo surprised!

    Actually I’m NOT!
    Funny that the whole thing just happened exactly as I and many others predicted a few weeks ago.

    Please EA, just stay away from Wii U and find your luck with M$’s Xbone!
    A Nintendo platform neither has nor ever will need EA games.

  • Petri

    Well, EA games are not my high priority.

  • Møhåmmęd Jårmøn

    After all the back tracking and slander EA has give the WiiU ALL of there next games that use FB3 on Wiiu as a way of apologizing

  • Møhåmmęd Jårmøn

    They definitely earned their worst company title

  • Dj

    EA is showing us reasons why its the worst company, and it’ll ony get worse until they shut up and make better games for all Next gen systems.

  • Squirrel09

    Ok I understand the hate towards EA And the backtracking is annoying but coming from the business side of things making a port of day battlefield 4 to Wii u would be a poor investment. Simply there are not a visible mass market to hardcore gamers on Nintendo hardware. Now if they see that games like black ops, AC3, watch dogs, etc sell well they would be more inclined to make those games. (Still doesn’t make up for the lies but a little bit from the other side of the argument.

  • Brian Bridenbecker

    Everyone bashes Nintendo and Wii-U. Admittingly, the launch line-up wasnt the greatest and 2013 has been at best ‘stagnant’..However I believe Nintendo is playing it safe. The MS and Sony systems don’t launch until late this year, giving gamers three distinct and different choices in 2014. I believe Nintendo is saving its heavy hitters until 2014 and EA and other developers are probably just realizing it. 3rd Part Support will be here before you know it…..

  • wober2

    Nintendo is getting some good press since the xbox-one presentation debacle… I think EA thought it would help its street cred with complaining about Nintendo hardware.

  • DennisJKA

    Honestly, EA damaged Nintendos image in the industry with all the bad PR, it’s unforgivable.

    First they claimed that Wii U is not a nextgen, then an EA exec said Wii U is crap, then EA announced it had no games in development for Wii U as Frostbite and Ignite did not run on Wii U, and now this?

    Suddenly EA developes again for Wii U, suddenly Frostbite runs on Wii U.

    Funny that it all comes after OnlinePass via Orgin were cancelled.

    EA wanted to put Nintendo under pressure because Nintendo did not want any deeper involvement of Origin in NintendoNetwork.
    (If I recall correctly, EA wanted Nintendo to run its whole netcode through Origin)

    Ultimately, Nintendo remained steadfast – EA caved in.

    • NkoSekirei

      cause no one likes that piece of crap network called origin its so flawed and has many issues

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        Too bad Valve didn’t come knocking on their door with Steam.

  • YayGs

    This comment is a little outdated but I wanted to put it out there anyway.

    EA and other have said something along the lines of if Wii U sales increase so will their support, but where was all this sales figures talk last generation? At 5 months in isn’t Wii U sales similar to that of the 360 and PS3 at 5 months in? And for quite some time PS3 sales were lacking yet many third parties supported it and after time the sales rose. Even though Wii stayed on top, it’s support with quality games was lacking from third parties. Seems like devs will always find something to complain about a Nintendo system.

    • Christopher Acuna

      Yes it is doing better then the industry is making it out to be. But in the current climate of gaming it is expected to do better then that, and the PS4 is poised to do just that. It’s a close minded, graphics hungry, shoot em up, curse word infused gaming community that is keeping them from releasing (or half assing) the 3rd party games we love onto the WiiU.

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        If Nintendo can’t get it, then maybe they should have built a stronger system that compares to their rivals. As said before, if they really want third parties that bad, then they have to adapt. It’s up to Nintendo to do that, 3rd parties can’t hold their hand all the time.

        Nintendo has gone in a whole different direction with third party. Want it?, get with the program. That’s the norm with business and always has been. I’ve been a Nintendo gamer for years, and even I know they can’t just stick to the same strategy if they’re looking for games that PS4 and Xbox One will be getting.

        As much as Nintendo is comfortable on how they do business, it’s obviously not working for them third party wise. Whether they get it right soon or not, remains unclear.

  • Giovanni Nijenhuis

    Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. HOPEFULLY THEY COME WITH BATTLEFIELD 4 ON WIIU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Baum 「ツリー」

    Ya don’t say EA…
    Now please let Crytek finally release Crisis 3 as a little apology and MAYBE some people will forgive you. At least it would be a start in my eyes.

    • Minz


    • NkoSekirei

      or we will grab our pitchforks and torches and run u out of town EA

  • XroyD

    I can imagine when Wii U starts to sell good they’ll do ports of games that release this Christmas (BF4, NFS Rivals, etc) and release them in March of 2014.

    • Andreas Sunde

      And then conplain that they didn’t sell.

      • XroyD

        Yeah because that’s what EA does!!!

  • Aleks

    Your buisness savvy misdirection does NOT go unnoticed by ALL us gamers. EA has been offensive with its condescention and its super pro DRM stance (for years!). I dont care what games you put- i really dont. I will not buy them. FUEA.

  • ChiwawaBoi

    I know I hate EA are assholes and all, but I really want that new N4S to come to Wii U.

  • $25899892

    Hate this company, but ME3 was really good on WiiU. Hope to see more like it…

  • Rainbow Dashing

    Haha, knew it.
    I’m boycotting EA now. Who cares about crappy sports games anyways?

    • Andreas Sunde

      Those fuckers got Mirrors Edge and Star Wars. I need those games. It’s hard to boucott a company when they keep buying rights to games you’ve been waiting for for years.

      • Rainbow Dashing

        True say.

  • The True Gamer

    EA won’t want to support a game console that won’t reach the potential of the Xbox One and Ps4. Nintendo needs to distance itself from third parties, drop the price of the Wii U, and create more development teams, while caring about its fans.

  • Randall Hellmer

    “Frostbite 3 being incompatible”

    Unsupported. Not incompatible. It’s almost like the mainstream media twisted things to take words out of context and rewriting them to amplify animosity.

  • Ace J

    i knew EA was lying

  • tooby77

    Ea is just dogs. Where the winners are, ea might try to get a share. The only ea game i will buy in the future might be bf4. Bf4 can run perfect on wii u just look at bf3 on ps or ms. All got upset all needed new hardware on pc

  • gimpcell

    You wont see news like this on IGN.

  • Joey Perez

    EA only has mass effect thats wow… and me personally i dont really care for it… madden is a horrible game .. if NFL ever decides to let another co make a NFL game they will go under

  • Ducked

    EA, this isn’t new to us.

    We forgive you, but you lost money, not us 🙂

  • bizzy gie

    And these are the guys who expected us to believe FB2 ran poorly on Wii U.

    If these guys say unicorns aren’t real, grab a Nikon. We have a phenomenon on our hands.

  • LunarNinja

    So let me get this straight…
    EA has been cursing the Wii U out for 4months, went silent for one, then had a change of heart…
    THIS ALSO means that potentially, Wii U can have Mirrors Edge AND Battlefield…
    EA.. you suck.

    • NkoSekirei

      EA is still butthurt over origin not being on the wii u and now their realizing that origin is seriously flawed now

  • Nothing5555

    EA should have just came out in the beginning saying we do not have plans to release new content for the Wii U atm..

    What’s with all these gaming companies backtracking on everything they say..

  • Nathan Ostroski

    Of course it can! I suspect the same thing will happen with UR4 engine. After all, they are designed to be scale-able. It’s time for developers to stop being lazy and/or stupid. Now there is ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE to not have Star Wars Battlefront 3 on Wii U!!!

  • Yousif Alromaithi

    Why people listen to EA they are just trouble so is the rest of the analysis that hates Nintendo. These guys are big trouble just look what they done to Mr Iwata. They led his approval into 77.26% while last year was pretty high. The only reason is this year the sales went bad is because of this stupid analysis back on January said Nintendo will fail this generation. Mr Iwata can save Wii U just like he saved 3DS. Have trust in Nintendo and stop listening to those stupid dickheads. When did Nintendo ever let us down. Everybody wants Earthbound we will get Earthbound. Everybody wants Link to The Past Sequel we will get a sequel. Everybody wants Fire Emblem we got Fire Emblem. Everybody wants a remake of Majora Mask we will get a remake just like we got the Ocarina of Time. So have Faith in Nintendo just like I do.

  • Leo

    “Where there are gamers, we’ll be there as well” Lol

    Bye bye EA! It’s GAME OVER for you!

  • EA, by this point, nobody cares.

  • Logan Wayman

    Yay! PvZ Garden Warfare can come to the Wii U!

  • MetroidZero
  • Agent721

    This company needs a CEO and badly….Ea’s been without one for months as its viewed to being in big trouble financially. Due to limited funds brought on by years of mismanagement, it simply doesnt have the funds to sink into the wii u, as its games dont sell well on Nintendo’s consoles anyways. But this constant two face communication approach is a joke. This is a company with no clear focus, deminishing games & profits and its starting to really show. If BF4 under sells…they are in a world of hurt. As in watch out THQ….

  • Jon

    wasn’t this already confirmed a while ago?

  • The True Gamer

    Club Nintendo’s website just announced that the Elite gifts are coming! Horray for Zoidberg!

    • I achieved Platinum this last round… I actually saved some of my coin earning opportunities until the roll over which happens today I believe so I can use them for the next round.

      • The True Gamer

        I hope the platinum reward this year is the Luigi hat Iwata wore a few months ago.

  • Michael DeVore

    What exactly is EA and other devs seeing on the horizon that they didn’t see a year ago? Did some analyst tell some something about the future they didn’t think would be possible, or did Nintendo do something with something they care about. Maybe shorted them on new 3ds dev kits? For the life of me I can’t think of anything that’s really changed in the last 6 months that would have changed their minds. If it was just EA I’d say it was the CEO change. Maybe there is something about the PS4 and bone that they don’t like so much so that they’ll consider fixing bridges they tried to set on fire with napalm.

  • Maddoggwolfenden

    I think we are going to be recieving a Nintendo Direct between now and Sept and I suspect that there will be some surprises as all the backtracking is only met with the fact that sales companies like Amazon, Game, MCV and so on went from about to discount and get rid of Wii U’s to stocking them fully.

    Nintendo did a behind closed doors event for these companies back in march. Maybe EA and the others have now found out what Nintendo have planned and have seen that the console will sell when these secret games are shown. Earlier this week it was ‘leaked’ that Nintendo has more titles to be released before 2014 than that was shown at e3.

    Maybe we are getting are wishes for a Metroid, F-Zero or something completely new

    • NkoSekirei

      lets hope so but i still dont trust Ea period

  • Shaise

    If they put the engine on Wii U I will surprisingly regain respect for them, I’ll take back everything I’ve said about them

  • Extra Vinegary

    I said it once and I’ll say it again, Fuck you EA and stay off my Wii U, we don’t need you.

  • SethLaw

    Kinda tired of seeing EA said, this and that.

    • NkoSekirei

      their probably getting desperate cause they know theyll sweep the worst game company award for the third time if they dont get their acts together

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        I think if they cared about being named the worst company that they would have changed when they got voted that the first time. Don’tcha think? I would say it’s more about money in any case, but I digress. Their only worry is losing profit, nothing more.

        • NkoSekirei

          but they should wry about their image cause if they continue making bad choices its a matter of time before their stocks plumment

          • BLACKendTiamat

            very true. a bad reputation equals people boycotting a companies products. which in turn effects their bottom line.

        • Andreas Sunde

          Last time they got it, they told Stephen Fry they got it because they support gay rights, and made him publicly announce support for them…
          So yeah, they won’t change.

  • Shaise

    They still find a way to annoy us, not a high priority! If they skip more titles, say more stuff, and dont work the engine, then my hate will continue, however if they bring those titles like BF4 to Wii U & bring the engine, then whatever I’ll just have a neatural attitude to them, like I love ubisoft & activision for at least having faith in the console.However I’d never forget EA’s mistakes. They have the chance to atleast redeem themselves

  • JeanPaul Badjo

    Wait hasn’t an article like this already been written

    • Guest

      It’s like they are running out of Wii U news… They should be reporting on how that Dungeons and Dragons game on eshop didn’t make its June 2013 time frame because Nintendo dropped the ball. It was released June 18th for the other consoles.

  • DVE

    NOW IM REALLY MAD AT YA EA SHAME ON YOU SMH! Anyways Wiiu was already next gen lmaol.

  • Poseidon

    “oh no, no no. Frostbite 3 doesnt run on the wii u” – EA
    “But Need for Speed is on Wii U” – Irritated WiiU owners
    “It uses Frostbite 3…”
    “Frostbite 3 doesnt run on the Wii U”
    “god damn it ea. this is why no one likes you.”

    • John Raybell

      Need for speed DOES NOT use frostbite 3, what is it with everyone, cant they go look this up before posting as if its fact.

      Need for speed the run used it, most wanted DID NOT.

      Now the new need for speed games will use it, but they will be the first ones to use it since the run.
      Most wanted used a modified chameleon engine!

      There has been two games released other then battlefield that has ran the frostbite engine. need for speed the run and medal of honor, at least until more games are released.

      correct me if i’m wrong. But only with facts please, not shit spewed from ones mouth.

      Frost bite 3 is the newest engine, which BF4 will be the first game to use it.

  • Chris Heskin

    To me it’s pretty clear how well WiiU and Battlefield 4 would go together with the inclusion of Commander mode and its touch capability.

    • Andreas Sunde

      Isn’t commander mode done with an iPad?

      • Chris Heskin

        No lol, It’s just a mode where you can control things like surveillance drones, supply drops and off-shore missile strikes using your mouse or a Windows tablet.

        • Andreas Sunde

          Oh ok, thanks.

  • Everyone knew EA was full of it. Either way it doesn’t matter to me because I don’t think EA releases a single game worth owning. And they haven’t in well over a decade.

    • Andreas Sunde

      Those fuckers got Star Wars.

  • Neilandio

    Just shut up and make good games, EA.

  • Vextrum

    *sigh* EA, I used to like you. But WHAT happened? Now you’re all about the money instead of the quality or respect! I’m starting to question whether I should keep buying your only good franchises.

    • NkoSekirei

      wow EA u make me laugh seriously u lied the first time about frostbite 3 cant run on the wii u and now u back track(facepalm).Sry Ea u cant convince me of buying ur products unless u get rid of the garbage origin and stop throwing tantrums like a 2 year old that cant get his own way.

  • $41809923


  • Jack5221

    Well well well… LOOK who came crawling back!

  • What? EA lied to people… That never happens















    • RoyRelapse

      Whats up with the caps lock, lol..

      • DereX

        Massive Members use massive letters.

        • BLACKendTiamat

          who let you out of your cage?

    • david jarman

      OMG! AMEN!!!!

    • Gabriel Morales

      Ok, so you seem like you know what your talking about so I have this question. Would you say that the Wii U was built more for fluid game play then ultra realistic graphics? That’s the feel I’m getting with my Wii U which is exactly what I want. That was one of the major issues I had with the last gens consuls.

    • Finally… someone that does not see “8 core/8GB Ram” and automatically think it is better. Been trying to tell the same thing (essentially) to those self proclaimed “hardcore” gamers that care nothing about the core count and amount of ram and say that the specs are much higher. They do not realize that when Microsoft and Sony decided to go PC architecture they have to deal with the same limitations and drawbacks of a PC which is designed to do much more than just game. Now compare that to a system solely designed to be a game console and you can optimize it all to work better without throwing extra hardware at it. Unfortunately the uneducated look at the specs on paper and fall for the marketing gimmicks.

      Now the PS4 and XB One are pretty powerful for a console but the vast power increase over the Wii U is greatly exaggerated IMO.

      • oontz

        Who cares, play what you want, buy what you want. In the end for me it’s about the games. As it looks now there will be MORE games available on PS4. They’ll look better sure but regardless there will be games, the games I want to play. In the end that’s what counts.

    • oontz

      I’ve got a MASSIVE MEMBER for your mouth!


    wiiu has 70 x more fast ram embedded to gpu than ps4

    wiiu has a huge fast memory sub system

    wiiu is custom gamecentric mcm not a amd off the shelf APU

    wiiu uses gddr3 with optermized pre fetch not gddr5

    wiiu reads all gpu data thru high speed gpu embedded edram and renders repeat reads internally not out to main ram

    ps4s way is cumbersome long winded and slow in comparason

    x360 had 11mb of catch edram plus cpu catch

    wiiu has 38mb 35mb gpu 3mb cpu more than 3x x360….

    developers wouldnt exchange x360s 10mb edram for 256mb main ram

    wiiu has 35mb fast ram embedded to gpu


    • Jordan Jones

      How is the ram better when its 1gb shared vs 7 shared on the ps4, at that point it doesn’t matter to much about the speed to JUST the gpu, the wii u is gpu heavy, the ps4 is more balanced as well as easier to develop for. Sony ASKED developers what they wanted and they put that in a console. nintendidn’t. Stop being a blatant fanboy, you and most people on this website actually make me feel like crap for liking nintendo, be a realist not blind. Also hardware doesn’t mean shit without software any true gamer would know that. I also have a wii u just so you know.

      • You realize that all the consoles use an AMD Radeon GPU right… It is not the GPU that is the problem, it is the CPU… THe move to X86 makes it easier for the developers but they all use a Radeon GPU so that is pretty much the same.

        Also amount of Ram can play a role but the type of Ram and how it is optimized to work with the other components makes more of a role on performance. The PS4 and XB One need the more ram because they are mimicking a PC so they have to deal with the limitations of a PC which is designed to do more than gaming. Also the Operating Systems of the XB One and PS4 (especially the XB One) are way more bloated meaning they have a hell of a lot more going on than the lighter OS of the Wii U. The point is there are a lot of factors to consider and you should not be blinded by the core count and ram count.

        Oh and BTW I am a A+, N+, Cisco (CCNA) certified, and Microsoft (MCP) certified Network Systems Professional.

  • Cube

    Don’t support EA, don’t even by their games. Even back in the days, when N64 vs PS, EA always had weak support for Nintendo. Never made games like NFS for N64, all the PS fanboys would taunt me!

  • david jarman

    I can’t stand this shit anymore! You know who’s worst then EA?!
    Every asshole that’s has to bitch about another persons console about who’s consoles more powerful then who’s. SO WHAT!!! Why can’t people just enjoy gaming? Why must somebody pester another person about their favorite console? What if you’re like me and appreciate all consoles? No body forced anybody to buy anybody’s console.
    Do you guys go over to mobile-phones sites and tell them they suck cause your console has more games and more power then it? Do you go over to tablets and tell them that they’re last gen cause they have less ram and use technology that came out 2 years ago while yours came out 1 year ago but when your new console actually launches its almost 2 years old.(meanwhile PC laughs)
    Seriously if you’re 18 or older act mature.
    If your younger and your parent is reading over your shoulders! Parents beat their ass!
    The interenet has given too many people too much freedom to be direspectful arrogant pricks!
    If you have a serious complaint and issue, express your opinion is fine, but wouldn’t it be better to tell the people(nintendo) themselves instead of saying, “fuck everybody else” I can do and say what I want, where I want. Cause then maybe you actually might be heard.

    • Cube

      My Wii U will crush you and your PS4 and xBox1 like bugs!!!

      • david jarman

        LoL! Maybe your wii u needs to go on a diet! Mine is slim and sexy! Leaving enough room for another console to share and be friends with.

  • dinos24

    How bout we all calm down and listen to some music: it’ll make you feel better.


  • Dez

    Is anyone surprised?

    All they do is lie, mistreat employees, and deliver a heaping pile of crap for the consumer then expect them to pay more just to get a complete game. Though, of course, they’ll never fix the bugs in their crappy games. Bunch of arrogant smucks that need their asses deported to Siberia. Perhaps once you realize how cruel conditions are like, perhaps they’ll treat their employees and consumers better. The day EA collapses, I’ll rejoice.

  • $41809923


    • Jordan Jones

      the wii u is more like half a gen, and i actually own one. also theres only 3 million and that isn’t much considering more wii’s are selling in america then wii u’s and 1/3 of the total is from japan. EA wont make money off the wii u, need for speed only sold around half a million which is next to nothing for a game. I bought one, did you?

      • A generation is more than spec my friend… NFS would have sold more if it was not released so much later than the other consoles and was not gimped out of DLC and other extras….

        Don’t be fooled by the 8core/8GB ram smoke being blown in your face. There is a whole lot you can do with a closed system of a console compared to the more open architecture of a PC. I thought the XB360 would have shown you that with only having 512MB ram and running a very old GPU. Look what that can put out. PC will always win but now that MS and Sony decided to go the more PC route to try and make games easier to cross platform develop they have to up the specs to do make the console do what it would be able to do on specs with less cores/ram of a closed system.

      • $41809923

        yes and love my wii u it help me to see things
        web dictionary said that next gen is the past gen of one generation that means that the wii u is full gen not half gen it can keep up with the ps4 and xbone so their

      • NkoSekirei

        nope and its been proving thats more powerful then ps3 and 360 by many devs that support the wii u so ur statement is filled with flaws and the ps4 and xboxone is slighty stronger then wii u but we all know specs arnt everyone its about good quality games

  • Joey Perez

    lets imagine a metroid game with graphics like halo and mulitiplayer like it.. booom … amazing 🙂

    • RoyRelapse

      It could actually look better than Halo, and I dont even want it to look like that because I could just play Halo for that 😛

      • Joey Perez

        im not saying exactly like halo .. im saying graphic quality as good…. it will happen i hope !

  • TULFich

    If Wii U can run CryEngine 3 obviously can run Frosbite 3…u dumb EA assholes!

  • Krypton Keeper

    Fucking shameful EA, fucking shameful. I hope you guys become worst company in America for the third time in a row in 2014. Fucking assholes.

  • Krypton Keeper

    It’s like they want it to fucking die.

  • Jordan Jones

    This title is misleading, as well as late compared to my nintendo news, but EA never said that frostbite 3 straight up works on wii u, it would have to be optimised just because the wii u CPU is pathetic in comparison to the other consoles and i know EA puts a lot of the load on the CPU vs optimizing for the gpgpu of the wii u.

    • Cube

      PS4 and XboxCrap are using an AMD CPU, the best AMD cpu 8 core+ cost 2 bucks compare that to an intel CPU which will cost you over 1 thousand. Nintendo CPU was made by IBM not some cheap AMD crap.

      • First of All AMD is NOT Crap…. If you compare CPUs of similar cost between AMD and Intel you will find they are very similar in terms of performance.

        That being said the AMD CPU being used is fairly weak for CPU standards and can be compared to an Intel ATOM CPU. Jordon Jones has no idea of what he is talking but you are right that the Custom IBM CPU is designed and optimized for consoles so it is more efficient for the task it is designed for. That is why both Microsoft and Sony chose that route last time around. But due to pressure from developers (some of it justified) they went the X86 route so that it would take less effort to code a game for a PC and then put it on a console since it will be using the same core architecture. The problem is that the X86 CPU is designed to be more of a universal CPU to do a variety of tasks and not easily optimized for just gaming. So with that they had to increase the core count and ram count to compensate which seems to be working out for the trolls that only care about core count and ram count. These are the people that buy quad-core smartphones and then get a new one 6 months later just to brag to their friends.

        • Cube

          The key word is “very similar “, but this is from your perspective, in reality there difference is so big, you would never understand.

          AMD makes CPU for people who can’t afford the best, they make the cheapest 8 core CPU out there, they use the cheapest material out there, go check new egg dot com.

          Don’t waste my time with you know something, you know jack!

          Wii U is using the same CPU used for IBM Watson.

          • I know what AMD makes… been using them since they made 286 based processors… Run AMD in my primary system now and in my gaming/HTPC.. Offers a great performance to price value.. It has very little about affording the “best” as you call it and more with getting the best CPU for the money you have. I could have easily built a Intel i7 Extreme PC if I wanted but the value to performance is not there.

            As far as knowing “jack” I will let my 15+ years in IT Support and Network Management account for that thank you very much. I was repairing and building PCs before the pentium name existed.

          • Jordan Jones

            I’ll restate this, things on paper arn’t as great in real life. looking at how much the framrate drops, the blurring affect when people are in movement. Developers have been praising the ps4 and xbone and some have been praising the gpu on the wii u but you dont hear much about the CPU, the WII U is designed around the GPU not CPU im not saying the CPU is horrible by any means but it doesn’t handle things well and considering im only 18 id say i know more than you thing, i know that most of the ram, while shared, is dedicated to the GPU vs CPU causing it to lag. The CPU is alright, but the way EVERYTHING was executed and built doesn’t help it. Also the CPU is based more on the broadway fromt he wii and only has the architecture from the power series.

          • Only 18… That’s cute… The Wii U being based on (ie compatible with) the broadway chip from the Wii is really no different than the modern Core i-series Intel processors being based on the Pentium and Core2Duo lines that came before it.

            There are many things that can cause frame drops and even on the highest end PCs some games drop and others play great. Heck I experienced frame drops on ZenPinball which by no means taxes the Wii U but then they patched it and it plays much better. Most of what you see in bad frame drops is part of the porting process and bugs that can be worked out but has nothing really to do with the power of the console most of the time.

            Trust me at the age of 37 and working in IT management of enterprise networks and desktop systems management I tell you that any closed system (such as a console) that uses components designed for it can and will outperform something using slightly modified components from standard computers. The 8core and 8gb Ram is nothing more than to compensate for the change to using standardized components. I guarantee you will see games with frame drops and lag on the new consoles and then a magical patch to fix the badly optimized code will come out and all will be better.

          • Chris Heskin

            Again my friend Bob here is killin’ it on WiiUdaily. Way to go Bob.

          • oontz

            here is a shiny gold star just for you.

          • Jordan Jones

            Actually Wii U isn’t using the same CPU as the IBM Watson, its based on a powerPC chip that’s all. http://hothardware.com/News/IBM-Confirms-WII-U-Utilizes-PowerBased-CPU-Not-Power-7/

            There is a reason that the Wii U has difficulty processing multiple things motions at once, i have the Wii u and have played cod. the frame rate does drop when there’s a lot of people moving. The espresso chip has a horribly slow clock rate and doesn’t even draw enough power to be as great as you both clam it to be. You can’t just look at a CPU without looking at the real world results, NOTHING is as good as it looks on paper and the Wii U isn’t an exception. They’re are multiple games showing side by side on a ps360 and wii u and the 360 is the only thing that has a pretty steady frame rate. THE CPU ISNT THE GREATEST, im not saying its complete shit.

  • Ice Climbers

    I honestly couldn’t care about EA beyond Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare and Star Wars Battlefront.

  • LogicalDude

    This is happening because E.A. now has a new C.E.O that isn’t as much of a bag of dicks like the last one. The move that Sony and Microsoft made to go with 86x architecture was for developers that don’t want to optimize for specific hardware. Why is this an issue? Developers spend a lot of time and money creating a game for one console or for the PC. Then they have to turn around and spend more time and money to port it over to other systems. With standardized hardware, this because a lot easier and you end up with a better all around product (unlike GTA IV). If Nintendo REALLY wants to see multi-platform games come to the Wii-U, they should be offering some sort of incentives to get them to optimize it for their system or have their own division that does it themselves to ensure a proper port.

  • John Raybell

    All the hate, i dont get it, sure EA sucks, but this is a good thing, a great thing to say, for all devs to hear, this is good news, and the fact everyone is blind to this good news is fucking retarded, its a next gen engine that runs on wiiu, said by EA, who gives a shit if we dont see it, if devs know these things maybe they wont buy into the last gen wiiu crap!!!!!

    Same with people, if people knew these engines would run on this console they wouldnt be worried about power of console as much.

    So good job EA, you do suck, but news like this is great, people are just retarded is all, cry about everything.

    Microsoft tried to fuck us, people cried, when they changed it and made it how everyone wanted, people cried.

    EA says frostbite wont run on wiiu, people cried, EA says it really will, people cried.

    You know what, fuck you people, its your fault this shit doesn’t sell, when devs read all this negative shit even when its positive and people still act negatively towards it, fuck that I wouldn’t have to make games for a bunch of spoiled brats either!

    Bunch of fucking babies.

    • LogicalDude

      What’s wrong with calling a company on their past bullshit?

      BTW, it’s “cried”. Cryed is… not really a word.

      • John Raybell

        lol ooops, i will fix that. Sometimes spell check isn’t the greatest, and sometimes i goof up the words :p.

        Also people should live in the NOW, not the past, how will we ever move forward if we live in the past?????

        In any case, all i was saying is everyone sees negative, when there is something positive here!

        sure bitch and cry, but point out what is good here at least, its not like EA raped us with a baseball bat with nails in it.

        • LogicalDude

          We can certainly move forward but we shouldn’t forget what they’ve done. We were lied to and then all of a sudden told “Yeah, we lied. Good news, right?” and we won’t ignore the damage that has done to public opinion of the console. EA wanted Origin handling all of the Wii-U’s online components and were told it was unreasonable and this is how EA replied.

          So yes, I am willing to accept this good “news”, but I’ll be damned if I wont remember.

  • Your money

    EA so far, in my opinion, just lost me. First, they screwed up sim city. Second, they practically lied that the frosbite engine can’t work on the wii u. And Third, they totally dissed Nintendo and then went back. 3 F****** strikes EA, you are out.

  • ACE

    EA just give me Star Wars, FIFA, Mass Effect and shut up!

    • Bob Charlie

      Ha ha, yes!

  • iSLiMSHD

    so that means were getting battlefield4??

  • kentray1985

    I like nintendo but some of you other nintendo fans need to wake up, they are doing some of the things microsoft was doing with their terrible drm, they are just being sneaky and careful of what they say to the press but yall just accept it, smile and get happy over another mario game which happens to look like the one they released on 3ds. Please address things ppl because not only do we have nintendo power, we have consumer power as well!!!

  • Derek D’Arcy

    nintendo”thank you for developing for us ea”,
    ea:” sure no prob , so u sold a load of consoles?”.
    nintendo:”’just some as you know the consumers are waiting for e3,which is expected in recession,smart buying , but with your sport franchises and other games we will build a great backlog by then”.
    EA”well microsoft dumped aload of money at us, we’ll just bad mouth u till you make money then we’ll port some old games to you.”

  • Infamizmikep

    FU** YOU EA!!!!

  • InterTreble

    Can’t imagine anything worse than EA in the videogame industry… Perhaps they’ve noticed NFS Most Wanted U is based on Frostbite and eventually decided to play and enjoy it… Facepalm!! People who trust anyone saying “this engine will not run on Wii U” are the same who believe extraterrestrian exist since there are plenty of people saying so.

  • ExtremeAzure98

    Wow, really? But..but..I thought it was IMPOSSIBLE – especially considering the fact that the near decade-old PS360 could run it quite fine, and it’s even scalable enough to run on an iPhone….

    EA – Just go home, go in your room – and stay there. No sounds, just stay there.

  • Kmac

    EA you assholes!!!

  • rafamn

    They are already loved, they will now be worshiped!

  • Audie in uk

    Can someone please PLEASEexplain how a dualshock or xpad are NEXT GEN because im seriously getting tired of the BS

  • SuperAndroid66

    Omnidirectional. Omnibollocks more like.

  • Lyle Edwards

    NOW BRING IN STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT!!!!! IF that dont come i am probably give up and buy a ps4

  • yarinoma

    I wish EA and all others like them would make up their F*&KING minds about wether to support or not support the Wii U. It is a rather simple decision.
    I knew Frostbite could run on Wii U. Even if its power is half to whole more than the current systems you couldnt tell me it wasnt powerful enough to run it. Like I said before, politics and business as usual.

    We will see just how successful this next round of NEXT gen systems will be. Most not understanding that the more powerful the system the more it will cost to develop. How many flops will a studio be able to bare before they have that first successful game that recoups their dev costs?

    EA, get your act together and do what you claim your in business to do. develop games and at the very least branch out. Dont be another Activision clone.

  • Logan Waltz

    well, no shit. fucking cunts