May 16th, 2013


Over the past few weeks, we’ve told you about EA dropping support for various titles for Wii U, including Madden and other games such as Crysis 3, Fuse, and Battlefield 4. EA initially stated that this was due to all games using the Frostbite 3 engine, and that EA would continue to have an “unprecedented partnership” with Nintendo. Today, the company confirms that is has no Wii U games in active development. EA’s Jeff Brown is quoted as saying:

“We have no games in development for the Wii U currently.”

Brown did not further elaborate on whether or not EA would resume development of Wii U games at a later time. Only four EA games have been released for the Wii U to date, with three of them being launch titles. Those titles included Mass Effect 3, Madden NFL 13, and FIFA Soccer 13. Need for Speed Most Wanted is the fourth title, which hit shelves in March.

Nintendo fans should remember Nintendo’s 2011 E3 media conference, when John Riccitiello promised that EA would support Nintendo’s new system.

[via GamesIndustry]

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  • LopsidedPasta

    Why is this even news? Whenever Madden 14 and Battlefield 4 aren’t coming to the Wii U, well, I thought that was a pretty obvious sign…

    • Zombie Boy

      Yeah, when EA started spouting bs about a certain game engine not running on the Wii U, we knew they weren’t going to forgive Nintendo so easily over the whole Origin thing. Never mind, I wouldn’t have bought many of their games anyway. Worst – and most vindictive – games company of 2013.

      • LopsidedPasta

        Even better, the Frostbite 3 engine that “Can’t run well on the Wii U” is coming to the goddamn IPHONE5. I’m not kidding. EA was trying to be politicly correct, but at the end of the day, they just don’t think the Wii U will make them enough money.

        • Zombie Boy

          Well maybe they’ll be changing their minds after the big games start coming and we see the Wii U sales rise…

          • NkoSekirei

            lets hope so but if not they will win the worse video gaming company award 3 years in a row pretty much tills u EA is starting to decline over bad decisions like not supporting the wii u and continue to use a bad network called(cough)origin(cough)

          • Wayne Beck

            Don’t care if they do. After the childish way they have acted, Nintendo should never let them publish on Nintendo again. The only thing that could change that in my mind is the sheer embaressment of a public apology.

          • Zombie Boy

            I didn’t actually mean they’d start publishing for Nintendo again. I just meant I hope they realise their mistake and just how big an opportunity they’ve let go through their stubborn childishness and come to regret it.

    • Ace J

      Madden 13 is on the Wii u

      • LopsidedPasta


    • Ace J

      there is no such thing as madden 14. its called Madden 25

    • Ace J

      iam just messin with ya lol. but it is madden 25 though XD

  • greengecko007

    “Nintendo fans should remember Nintendo’s 2011 E3 media conference, when John Riccitiello promised that EA would support Nintendo’s new system.”

    A lot can, and has, happened in the past 2 years. Promises are nothing but words. There was obviously no contracted agreement between Nintendo and EA to get them to develop for the Wii U. Now EA is butthurt, and without a contract agreement making them develop for Nintendo, they will continue to be butthurt.

    • The Clockwork Being

      EA are idiots they were in Nintendo’s Elite team as soon as they got to know a little inside about the Wii U since 2011. But what did they do? Sob and coward await just because Nintendo didnt accept Origin as their online system. I mean Ubisoft didnt even announce any unpreceted partnership with Nintendo and they know how to use the gamepad and are supporting the Wii U. You had one job EA one job

    • Metal_Man_v2

      I could understand working out contracts to get developers to develop exclusive games for you, like Sony did with That Game Company to make Flower, flOw, and Journey. But should Nintendo really have to do that with major 3rd party companies that aren’t even developing them exclusive games? It seems unfair to me, but so is life.

  • Federico Madden

    If EA goes bankrupt and it’s 2nd party developers are sold, preferably to Ubisoft, I will throw a huge party.

    • You won’t be the only one.

    • Well at this point there is only one way to start their downfall… boycott all of their games no matter how big a fan you are. NFS: Most Wanted is the last game associated with EA I will buy until they change for the better.

      • Metal_Man_v2

        Boycotting the games they publish will more than likely just result in EA pulling the plug on the developers, in which case, I don’t think you can count on other companies like Nintendo or Ubisoft to save every developing team that falls through because you boycott EA. One of my all time favorite games, Kingdoms of Amalur : Reckoning, was published by EA, did not make enough money, and was dropped, with the entire developing team laid off.

        • That is a possibility but some of the developers are just as guilty as EA and if this is done across all of EA and not just one or two franchises then they would have to realize that they fucked up…. But they are thick headed numskulls so maybe they wouldn’t get it.

          • Metal_Man_v2

            I’m sure it’s mostly if not all EA. I can’t imagine why a 3rd party developer wouldn’t develop for all consoles if they were given the resources, as that would widen their audience and increase sales. On the other hand, EA can afford to boycott Nintendo for not handing over the Wii U’s online integration. What a mess, huh?

          • Yeah…

          • It has a lot to do with EA’s strongarm hold on the industry.. Just ask the developers of Crytek. Pretty sure Criterion would do more for Wii U too if they were not held back by EA.

        • Richard Yates

          Kickstarters are a good thing.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            True. It’s good that it exsist. Too bad it wasn’t around way back.

        • CapnCrumbles436

          Then you know what we SHOULD do, continue buying crap from EA. They will get bigger and bigger. Soon they will publish half the relevant games on the market and their support or lack thereof will make or break hardware. This will all become reality if people can’t practice some discipline and restraint. IF YOU DON’T LIKE THE PUBLISHER, IF YOU DETEST THEIR BUSINESS PRACTICES, DO NOT BUY THEIR GAMES. SIMPLE. Forget about the development studios, those things will work themselves out in the end. Personnel will be relocated or studios will be snatched up by other publishers. STOP SUPPORTING EA.

    • Nintedward

      lol! So true xD

      It’s just so stupid. They blatently lie and contradict themselves , disrespecting Nintendo like this. They’re acting no better than Nazi’s.

      • No one is worst than the Nazis! You should all know that!

        • Guest

          That is arguable. There are individuals in this world who are just as bad or worse than a Nazi.

          • Squid

            Osama Bin Laden is an Example.

          • Joel Dixon

            Was an example.

          • Richard Yates

            So you saw his body? or was he refolded back into the cia what gave birth to him???? Or maybe he is in George bush jr’s barn?

          • usama notkani

            well Usama bin ladin fought with america in the afganistan and russia war. …….. SO another example would be the American army and government. they do all sorts of crap to us asians like wars in afganistan and itaq and drone attacks in Pakistan

          • usama notkani

            NO offense to any American.

          • Richard Yates

            Hmmmm im still angry about the persian empire trying to invade europe thousands of years ago!!!! Damn them i tell thee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Muhammad Haris

            the same goes to crushader who invades jerussalem back then.
            they’re just human, and human back then prone to war and destruction.

          • david jarman

            Hmmm, I don’t know? You guys came over and killed over 2000 in one day and injured more then 6000. You guys are rediculous. You fight each other and riot over everything and nothing. Tribes try to wipe out tribes. Your neck of the words harbor, train and produce more then half the terrorists in this world. Now, I agree our army shouldn’t be there anymore and our government may suck but are angels compared to some of the tyrants that run part of that world. Ya love us when you want us to blow somebody up and then you hate us when we do.
            So, no offense here. So please stop comparing us to nazi(who we help beat the shit out of) and EA who is shit that needs a beating.
            But in all honesty though. I do love you guys despite your views on us or christianity. Some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met was from Pakistan and Iran.

          • usama notkani

            Actually we want peace and we did not produce hitler moselenie or even Usama-bin Ladin. The west did and I do respect Christianity in its purest form.(no trinaty) and the west has been terrorizing the east for what like 5 centuries so sry. The east love peace and brotherhood and hospitality and friendship and morals and most importantly families. The west developed because of us.We started every major discovery in science, math and anything else. we are culturally more rich than you, sry to say and our ethics are way beyond yours, no disrespect

          • usama notkani

            we dont fight each other we fight your stupid wars(america) because you create situations in which we have to fight

        • Richard Yates

          Learn your history mate there was plenty of people just as bad if not worse than nazi’s in our history books!

      • Jake

        Minus the fact that they have not tried to kill an multiple races and take over the world

        • Nintedward

          But still. EA are about as annoying as the Nazi’s were.

          Nintendo fans are litteraly going to go to war with EA lol , like the opening scence from Saving private Ryan lol XD

          • Veries Seals

            I love that movie! Yes exactly!

      • Guest

        the difference Nazi not blatently lie and not contradict themselves when they hate you xD

        true story

        • usama notkani

          So EA is like the American Government and Army(in Asia). “War against terror” my butt. No offense to any Americans out there

          • Revolution5268


          • david jarman

            “No offense to Americans”- then why say it?

          • usama notkani

            because you said it first

      • prettypinkpanacea

        Oh great…politicize the nintendo scene. As if the technology industry isn’t over-politcized enough as it is.

        • Nintedward

          I’m just kidding lol.

          • No offense people, but we’re all responsable for the chaos that’s been happening in this world. Why? 1-We’re unable to accept others because of their religion, skin color and views. 2-We were unable to see the consequences of our actions since the beginning of time. 3-We only think about each of our countries, Not the entire world.

            My words may not change anything, but at least you’ll all understand that none our countries are of bad. And that if we don’t stop fighting each other, we’ll end up destroying the world.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            While that’s true, this is not a polictical forum. It’s a Wii U website. This is about video games. Stick to the topic.

          • True. I’m sorry. I just needed to let that go for a while. Sorry if I got out of topic.

    • DragonSilths

      I hate having to post all this negativity these days but alot of you are blinded by Ubisoft. They are smiling and supporting Wii U to the gullable. But if you dig abit you will find the Ubifail as I call them are a pretty shit company. Not anywhere near as bad as EA, but people still supporting Ubisoft after the Rayman thing? Fine, Supporting AC4 after the creator of AC4 got fired and kicked out of the building and couldnt say good bye to his team/friends, or get his personal stuff? He is taking legal action against Ubifail for his rights, team and game, I hope he wins cause if he does he gets AC back from Ubifail and he is taking it with him. Ubifail will never touch AC again. You can still support them when they treat people like this? They also suspended his new game that his team was working on and fired another EX AC developer. Then ZombiU was mediocre all the game breaking glitches fucked me over. So they maybe smiling at Wii U owners like myself and you but its a false smile. They are a shit company and besides Watch Dogs I aint supporting their ass anymore.
      Only 3rd parties I give a shit for are Capcom (Crazy I know, they fuck up sure freaking MEGAMAN LEGENDS 3!!! But Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is awesome and MH being a Nintendo exclusive till 2015 for now is great.) And Namco Bandai gets my support for Smash Bros and their fabulous Tales Of games. And lastly Bungie with Destiny gets my support. Other then those 3 I dont much care for any 3rd party right now.

      • Metal_Man_v2

        A heated comment, but I definitely agree with you here. It’s nice to have Ubisoft bringing their games over to the Wii U, but it’s not like they have been actively promoting the Wii U. Don’t forget, they gave free AC3 DLC to PS3 owners, instead of promoting Nintendo’s next gen console by giving it to Wii U owners.

      • D.M.T

        I understand what you’re saying but we support Ubisoft because they are the 3rd party Publishers that support Nintendo the most. They support Nintendo more than Capcom, more than Namco etc.

        Ubisoft is not the best company but they support Nintendo’s innovations and great ideas and that’s why we Nintendo fans appreciate them.

      • Wayne Beck

        With all due respect. The developer in question created AC not AC4, and then he quit. More than likely, he was a real dick about it too. Just because you create a game concept, doesn’t mean it is yours. Hundreds of other people worked on AC and he abandoned them. Coming back through an acquisition and trying to play alpha dog does not fly in this industry. I don’t care who you are or what you made, if you work for a Studio, of any size, it is theirs, not yours.

      • Joey Perez

        Ubisoft makes great fLea …. regRdless of inner battles … they make good fLea .. n support Nintendo they are ok by me … every company has dirt if u dig .

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        Chill out Mr. Psychic. I predict you will come back to buying Ubisoft games in no time. A lot of gamers say that same thing and the same ones end up buying their games anyway. The irony, huh?

    • Magnus Eriksson

      Why? Nintendo is the only one to blame here. They have acted out of ignorance so long and never understood that in the end there is support of developers that justifies a consoles right to live. Nintendo failed to get themselves out from the last gen with a mediocre machine (powerwise), and wasnt ready to meet reasonable with 3rd partys. Nintendo were way to greedy, as you can see on this Youtube-story, stealing candy from children. No, they have failed this time and they have failed big time. And all you people do is attacking the game developers. Shame on you! Its Nintendo that should feel the anger. Tomorrow I will get myself a PS3 and some good EA.

      • Pink Floyd

        yeah fuck nintendo! they should integrate origin and online pass and 1 day dlc to wii u!, fuck you nintendo!

      • The Clockwork Being


      • ronin4life

        They have great relations with nearly all the major pubs… but EA.They aid devs in localizations, have greatly increased indy support… the only “horrible” thing they have done in the last few years is the youtube incident. And who’s to say they won’t back peddle on that in some fasion?

        EA isn’t a constant here. They are an exception in Nintendos list of dev contacts, and so are understandably subject to scrutiny(not to mention all the other greivences against them…)

        • Gary

          Don’t bother with Magnus he’s a bit of a conceited fellow who doesn’t realize that he’s an idiot for labelling something as a “failure” 6 month’s into it’s release all he does is repeat the same thing’s over and over I personally think he’s just a troll with nothing better to do.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            And if I am right, that makes you an …?

          • Gary

            I never stated that I was, all I said is that it’s too early to judge and there’s no refuting that.
            Once the infinity and the ps4 are out and if they don’t go through a rough patch but instead have consoles flying off shelves then would be a good time to get worried.

            But all you do is say “NO IT’S A FAILURE” when there’s no comparison of current gen consoles to see if it’s just console gaming starting to die or rather Nintendo home consoles and if you actually made intelligent comments with info to back up your claims (At times you do from the few posts I’ve seen) and not be a sarcastic smart ass about it I may have a shred of respect left for you but what does a random stranger’s opinion of you matter right? 🙂

      • Richard Yates

        Good ea? just get a good pc and utorrent! rofl magnus you put the autobots to shame!

      • david jarman

        Why is it that companies like criterion, crytek, shin’en, frozenbyte, slightly mad studios, activision and ubisoft state that it is powerful and can hold its own this new generation? These companies actually, produced games for the system. Crytek game was scrubbed but it was finish and they stated that the cryengine 3 ran beautifully on the wii u.
        The only companies that say its mediocre are companies that are bias to Nintendo and are Sony/Microsoft fans from the beginning and work for ea. None who have developed or touched the console. Criterion called out some of those developers. You say nintendo’s greedy yet ea wants royalty for every download even if its not their game? Why didn’t they force the other two companies with such a bullshit demands. Ea could have easily made a new ip that kicked ass for the wii u if they wanted to make a fan base and make money instead of trying to bully a company. Ubisoft did with zombiu despite the raymen incident. We are still getting awesome games from ubisoft and other companies.

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        That made no sense whatsoever. You lost the game. Thanks for playing.

    • Archiq09

      it’s better to EA

      • Adecentboy777

        I agree, Umbrella is way better than EA 🙂

    • Garrett M. Cowan

      For sure lol

  • jcs

    No surprise. With WiiU sales not going anywhere EA is not going to put the time and money to develope for a system that at the moment isn’t selling. For those that are saying who needs them, Nintendo does cause every game that EA doesn’t produce for WiiU is a reason for buyers to so no to WiiU.

    • Sales are probably a small part of the issue here. EA is butthurt over Nintendo not using Origin and based on their past and present lies and how they treat their customers I think the whole gaming world would be better off without EA in it’s current form.

    • Richard Yates

      Shows Ea has confidence in there titles to sell systems! dont ya think?

  • A SNES Day Off

    Let me tell you one game that was destined for the Wii U… SimCity!

    Remove the always ‘online feature’ and use the GamePad to access all the menus, leaving the TV for an un-cluttered view of your city. Please do this EA. Please.

    • NkoSekirei

      u know wat EA are being diks due to they couldnt get their own way by not having origin on the wii u and still having finish throwing their tantrum over that seriously EA if u continue on this trend ur gonna sweep the worst gaming company award 3 years in a row and u still havent learn ur lessons.

      • B. Adriano

        And according to a lot of gamer blogs out there…Origin is possibly on e of the worse online service out there. If Origin was running as the backbone for Nintendo’s online presence, I would be hard pressed to get a system from them as well. It’s hard enough to know that EA forcefeeds players to have an Origin account to play their games (Battlefield for example). EA games can be great, Origin…not so much.

        • NkoSekirei

          EA would of had complete control over nintendo network which would suck but thankfully nintendo said no and Ea started throwing a tirade over that cause they didnt get their way

  • Nintendofreak

    they released madden n nfl i didnt notice…..wait a minute hey ASHLEY why all articles have your name are you the only reporter?

    • No, I’m not the only reporter, though I am the only regular during the week, which is why you see so much from me.

      • Nintendofreak


  • Archiq09

    Not surprise… we know from crisis 3 -_-

  • NintendoNoob

    EA has no games in development for Wii U, Cause: They are acting like little babies because their poor internet called Origin will not be put on the Wii U so they make excuses for not making game on it. The Developers are also too lazy to port engines to the Wii U

  • The Clockwork Being


  • B. Adriano

    As much as I don’t want to admit that the Wii U needs all the third party publishers it can get. I do hope that the other publishers sees this as an opportunity to shine on a market that EA does not have. Activision, UbiSoft, SEGA, Warner Bros., etc. all compete with each other and with EA. Having one drop off the list could be a good news to them. Now that they know that there isn’t a Battlefield game coming for the system, what do you suppose people will buy as alternative to that? COD. If publishers gets its game right, they could capitalize on genre that the other publishers have left.

    And as far as us users go, we really need to support them and buy their games. Users can’t just make noise and have no action.

  • The Clockwork Being

    Wait lets not panic now tbh EA is telling the truth. This partnership is pretty unprecedented as any other Nintendo system had better EA support…

  • Nintendofreak

    feel the awesome wrath of my new disqus pic..

  • Jon

    Don’t care, EA Ruined the games that I used to love, games such as command and Conquer (and Red Alert), Sim City and now they are probably going to ruin star wars.

    • kaygivs

      and mass effect

      • Jon

        only played the first one so i cannot really say too much about the rest or what EA did to it 😛

      • Richard Yates

        Mass effect 1 was my fave! jus had a feel all of its own an then they went an dumbed it down typical ea fashion!

    • Richard Yates

      Oh god they destroyed my beloved c&c, try starcraft 2 mate they know how its done!

      • Jon

        already done 😛

  • So if Disney steps in and says we want our Star Wars games on the Wii U what is EA going to say to that. Not sure if they want to say no to Disney and lie to them how their new FrostBite 3 engine will not work on the Wii U despite them never trying or testing.

    I wish we could get more gamers to just put a boycott on EA for a year or two to show them the gamers are the ones that have the power. Their poor business practices and deception to their customers has to stop.

    • Nintedward

      They act like Frostbite is some special engine and then they announce they’re bringing it to Mobile platforms.

      They are fucking scumbags and I can’t express my hatred for them enough at this moment in time. What a bunch of idiots , Watch them try to come crawling back in the future when things change and Nintendo is still chugging along , doing fine.

      • It is their attempt to try and say that the Wii U is weak and so far it has worked with the trolls but they ignore the fact that other engines just as powerful and hardware intensive have already shown to be working on the Wii U. To me all it shows is that EA did not even try to make it work,

        • Nintedward

          They didn’t. We did some tests and the results were unfavorable they said.

          To me that says the Wiiu choked on the 360 code a little bit and we could of easily optimized to make it run better than the 360 , but we’re not cus we’re cunts.

          They never said it can’t run on Wiiu. They said ”unfavorable” which means they are too fucking lazy. Fact.

          • They said that with FrostBite 2… They never tested Frostbite 3

            But the first part is probably right… The funny part is the 360 uses a PowerPC based Processor and an AMD GPU and so does the Wii U with the differences being the Wii U versions are newer and it has a different operating system… So they were just lazy with Frostbite 2 IMO

          • Nintedward


            Criterion said it was a struggle to get NFSMW Running at an acceptable level on Wiiu. Once they got past that hurdle they could then make it look better.

            Well dice and Frostbite got to the first hurdle and didn’t even attempt to jump it. There is no reason why you can’t build a game with UE4 or any other engine for the Wiiu just because it might not look quite as good as the competitions next consoles.

          • Do you have any links to that Criterion Article where they spoke about struggling?? I would like to read that.

          • Nintedward

            I honestly can’t remember where I read it. They mentioned it in a dev commentary with Alex ward of Criterion aswell.

            They said is was hard to get the game up and running on Wiiu at an acceptable level. But once they did they could then make it look better using High end PC assets etc etc.

          • Sounds pretty standard to me then… New console with new operating system some challenges are to be expected. Good Programmers and Developers take pride in being able to overcome those challenges.

      • Richard Yates

        Frostbite is overrated, they locked off mod support for bf3 because they knew the modding community would probably fix it before they do! tards ea are!

  • Jack5221

    Who cares, after the whole Sim City fiasco Im done with EA… Plus, I buy Nintendo Consoles for their 1st and 2nd party games. Not crappy EA games that are ALWAYS incomplete and force you to buy DLCs just to fully enjoy them. 1st they fuck up Sim City, and now they break their promise? Lol, EA is labeled the worst company in America for a reason ya know?

  • John Andalora


  • Adam Fox

    I so can’t wait for EA to just go away…and all their games are sold off to other companies and the other companies release the games on the Wii U with “F EA” on the bottom of it in all the copyright info LOL

  • di g

    well with that said lets stop talking about EA ever

  • BGhp

    That’s some strong relationships with Nintendo EA.

  • Josiah Parsons

    Time to show them that they’re wrong…

  • Tom Greene

    Gamers need to stop supporting these greedy companies I.e EAssholes..Rotten Apple and Microcrap

    • Revolution5268

      and don’t forget dumbass drony….i hate the idea of no ps3 support of ps4.

  • Rob Lucci

    People need to understand that EA is in bad shape now. EA needs to make money so they are going to make games for the other consoles until they can get back to normal. I guarantee that if the WiiU has sold more or if EA was in better shape financially they would of made games for Nintendo.

    • Arthur Jarret

      Untrue. EA is still the world’s third largest gaming company by revenue, after Nintendo and Activision Blizzard.

      They have also posted their fourth quarter & full year earnings, fourth quarter net income grew from $151 million to $400 million while
      revenues grew from $1.09 billion to $1.368 billion. EA ended the quarter
      with $1.3 billion in cash, which is down from $1.6 billion a year ago.
      On a trailing twelve month basis, revenues grew from $3.589 billion to
      $4.143 billon and net income climbed from a loss of $276 million to a
      profit of $76 million.


      They have plenty of money to take risks, support a platform and gain a strong early presence to profit from it later.

  • ZeldaFan83

    Is the Wii U really not capable of supporting the Frostbite 3 engine? If the Wii U can support the UE4 engine then I’m sure it should be able to be fully capable of being able to run EA’s engine. I think this is just an excuse on EA’s end to not support the Wii U for the time being. EA stop being so stubborn with Nintendo and release some freakin’ games for the console already!!

  • Super Buu

    And I admit I have no support in development for EA.

  • Møhåmmęd Jårmøn

    I’m gonna laugh when the other two next gens launch and struggle like the Wiiu then Nintendo releases all the 1st party heavy hitters like Mario Kart Zelda and SSB and the WiiU sales skyrocket during the holidays then EA will come crawling back

    • Arthur Jarret

      And nintendo would let them, because it would make them money.

      EA would not have lost any resources developing early titles for a small install base, and will profit from the large install base the wii U will have later.
      So actually, not developing any titles in this early stage is a good business strategy.


      Well, I don’t think so – this will hurt them in the long run and here is why: They did many games last year using their EA partnership program: publishing games developed by another company.

      If EA refuses to put games on 1/3rd of the available platforms, would you consider such a partnership?

      EA is also known for buying smaller studios for their IP’s – these smaller studios are usually owned by the game creators themselves. Would they consider selling it if they know the franchise they have worked for all their life will not be enjoyed by everyone?

      I’m sure EA will backpedal when the Wii U takes off. I’m sure they would do well and I’m sure their board of directors do not care about this flip-flopping as long as there is a green bottom line.

  • Justis Bistawros

    I saw that at e3 2011 john riccitiello did promise that they would support wii u and his own face expression seemed interested. This just pisses me off i not just mad that EA not supporting wii u im tired of all the other third part companys that arnt supporting the wii u with good games the wii u should be getting battlefield 4 the wii u should be getting every cool/fun game that the other consoles are getting. I dont see the problem i have a friend that likes the Xbox 360 we all asked him which controller looked the best the ps3 controller the xbox 360 controller or the wii u gamepad and he said that the wii u gamepad looked the best its all about honesty.

  • MetroidZero

    I think, eventually, EA will develop games for the Wii U. They can’t stay butthurt forever.

    • Johny

      or will be like with Valve and the Ps3 … remmember how gabe nowells BASHED the HECK out of ps3 (which didnt have a large install base), how its a nightmare to develop for it, how it sucks etc… and specifically said that valve WONT develop for ps3
      but when ps3 sold more units, and grew its install base, they magically said how they’re sorry, and that ps3 is actually pretty good, etc…
      its all about the money guys

  • John Raybell

    As much as I dislike EA as a “company” and as much as people dont want to admit it EA not making games for wii u does mean we miss out on a bunch of pretty good games. its funny everyone says they can live with it,but those same people buy or will buy EA titles on a different console or PC. You know why Because we are freaking gamers, we play GAMES, we don’t play company’s. I wont even make a list because real gamers know them already, they know that there are a bunch of games we would love to see on the wii u.

    Fact is many publishers are dealing with the same issues, and in the end DLC included I dont see people spending anymore on EA titles then they would any other title.

    I would love to see HATE for Activision like i see hate for EA. But at the same time I would rather see gamers stop crying and just support the company’s that make the games they want to play. If we stop support for every publisher that makes bad business moves we wouldn’t have may games to play at all.

    What I would like to see is instead of people freaking out pissed off is people begging EA and these other publishers for games and DLC, hell maybe IF those publishers could see people wanting third party software and not proving to them that Nintendo fans dont want third party software maybe we would get more support for this console.

    Maybe the reason we dont get support for the wii u is because all these gamers being ok with no games from them or not giving a damn about not having these titles.

    So its either we have a console that doesn’t have much to play other then first party and that list wont be huge and we own another console for third party.

    Or we could own just the Wii U with all the titles we need first and third party titles and no need for a 2nd or 3rd console.

    Its really up to the gamer here, We can all bitch and cry but hell at least make good use of it and put it towards getting these publishers to support our new Nintendo console.

  • Ray01x

    No Shit.

  • david jarman

    Crisis 3 doesn’t use the frostbite engine. So that’s no excuse for them and cryengine 3 is awesome on the wii u. I hate ea.

    • Petri

      Crytek is fortunately only EA publishing partner, I think EA does not own anything Crytek’s.

      • david jarman

        They pulled the plug on crisis 3.

  • nin-10-doughfan

    promises are made to be broken! 4 EA that is!

  • José Abraham Cervantes Posadas

    I’m not fan of EA, but ironically, 2 of my Wii U games are from EA (Mass Effect 3 and NFS), and I really like those games; for me is sad he position of EA about the Wii U, I think that there must be sometime hidden that we dont know between EA and Nintendo, because, for example EA continue developing games for Vita, and is a handheld with very poor success, like the Wii U.

  • Pedro Natera

    asshurt electronics we don’t need ya

  • Petri

    I’m already in peace with this, I could not care less.
    I’m done with EA, this and recent degeneration of their franchises, makes this easy.

  • Johny

    lol didn’t they already say that already?…. well it doesnt matter.. this was clear to us a long ago…. and we stopped giving a shit for EA even further back.

  • Adecentboy777

    Unfortunately EA will not go bankrupt but I didn’t expect them to develop for Wii U. I understand their point I would do the same.They have some good games though like Dead Space and so on. That’s why I have another console and will have 🙂

    • Silent

      And thats your opinion. Also, good luck on convincing yourself that you are not missing anything in Nintendo consoles.

      • Adecentboy777

        Silent, I love the first party Nintendo games, BUT I whish for them to be more, but that’s not the case yet. I will buy of course la creme de la creme Wii U games, it means Mario, Zelda and co, but not more.

        • Silent

          That not the case…after 6 months from the console’s release month. You expect the AAA games to be ready by the console’s launch?

          • Adecentboy777

            From the first party site? YES, definately! Just like SONY does it! 🙂 Launch the console with the best games you can have for the launch and not just some SUPER MARIO BROTHERS Shit and that’s all 🙂 Ridiculous!

          • Silent

            Where have you been in the last console launch periods? I mean, Smash Bros didnt come out until TWO YEARS after the wii’s Launch. You cant expect the best when the Wii U hasnt been used in its greatest potential

          • Adecentboy777

            Sorry, I meant Mario Bros U. You are right you can’t start with the best of the best games at launch, but at least something would have been awesome. For example a new Zelda or Mario with the unique gamepad features but instead I got Mario Bros U, which wasn’t a system seller.

  • companyoflosers

    there’s a reason EA has been voted worst company in america 2 years running. they buy up developers, force them to rush games that need more time than they are given and as a result don’t live up to expectations. Mass effect 3 is a huge example. EA rushed bioware and man gamers are aware what a mess that turned into with the ending. Now after having voiced their intentions to support nintendo, they are pulling out with a lame excuse saying that frostbite 3 doesn’t work well with the console. I want to know exactly how much effort went into trying to make the engine compatible because i bet you anything that the effort given was minimal. EA needs to just go away. i don’t care if they release a decent sports game once in a while. gamer will get by just fine and the developers they own will do better without EA breathing down their necks.

  • beerkin

    Who cares?!?

  • ILikePikachu

    EA aren’t doing any for Wii U cos they know Nintendo’s will be 30x better


    Today is my only day off and Nintendo Direct is on…… RESULT!!!


    EA: Will it make a lot of money?

    DEVELOPER: Well there’s a lot of new things we can do with the control scheme of the console and-


    DEVELOPER: Um… there’s no real guarantee of that with such a young-

    EA: No guarantee of money? You’re fired!

  • springer85

    LMAO!!Poor nintendo and its slurpers!!!EA making no games and are focusing on the next gen even tho they have not even been shown yet!!!HA
    Is it any wonder what EA and Ubisoft have done?they have zero faith in the wii u and it is hillarious!!!
    3rd party destroyed the 3ds launch…nintendo said they had learned their lesson with the 3ds launch…only to go worse and give launch rights to 3rd party for the wii u!!!
    The reason they gave 3rd party is that they thought if they got enough 3rd party games that they would last till the first party games came!!!
    What a joke Ubisoft did a u turn after 3 months!!!LOL
    Nintendo in over 25 years you have still not figured out that no one buys a nintendo console for 3rd party games?
    The top 20 selling wii games….17 were from NINTENDO!!!!
    Nintendo should stick with Capcom and get rid of all other 3rd party!!

  • springer85

    Nintendo has the best first party games of any console ever…………so they decide as the big first party title for the wii u would be a lame rehash of mario bros wii but just with HD?LOL
    Moral of the story the wii u was rushed to try and get ahead start on the next gen which has failed!!!
    Patcher was right the wii stopped selling well 3 years ago so why did they not start focusing on the wii u instead of wasting time with another zelda?
    The wii launch was perfect…a free copy of wii sports and a zelda game to keep people happy!!!
    The wii u launch…..cack nintendo land and mario bros rehash in HD!!!

  • J Dick Jones

    It must be the “Share” button.

  • Veries Seals

    I thought we already knew that. Why do we keep even conversing about EA. They dropped support for us. So we should drop support for them. I myself if a gamer and love all of the consoles, Wii U my console of choice. So when I buy my PS4 and or Xbox 720, infinity or what ere it turns out to be, I will just skip out on the EA games.

  • Potemkin

    I think we all knew that lol

    Let’s hope this trend does not spread with other 3rd parties developers.

  • JVAN63

    EA wouldn’t lose money making games for the Wii U, they just don’t think they’ll rake in enough cash. They’ll put their energy elsewhere, where they get maximum return on their development efforts. As usual, EA has shown itself to be the leader in caring the most about cash. They only reason they even like gamers is because they make them money. EA = 100% financial performance, 0% gaming passion.

  • Linskarmo

    This just makes me hope Star Wars development is handed over to a businesslike publisher (if a good game from it is actually made.) Either that or I hope Disney forces good Star Wars games to be developed on Wii U.

  • Inzanoflex


  • Chiwawaboy

    news about EA? does it look like I give a shit?

  • Donnie

    Sucks for them. Wii U is the only console platform I would actually buy EA games for, now I will just pirate those games on my PC instead. Or if I really want to support something (like Mass Effect) ill wait until the PC version goes on sale for super cheap. Its a shame too, seems like games such as Madden would be best suited for the Wii U controller (not like I would pay for that that yearly money grab anyways).

  • $39063977

    who does

  • Thomas Fitzgibbon

    EA, you are the weakest link…goodbye!

  • Guest

    This is what you did with NFS: MW on my Xbox, every time i put the disk in it crashes.

  • Drweirdo

    I bet that cook made NFS:MW, So many fps and crash issues on Xbox 360.