Jan 24th, 2014


It was posted recently that an anonymous EA source has claimed that Nintendo is “dead” to EA because of the Wii U’s low sales numbers and young install base. Needless to say, this article generated a great deal of controversy when it was posted — naturally attracting a lot of fury from Wii U and Nintendo fans.

At least one EA employee still seems to think Nintendo is a good partner, though. That employee is Electronic Arts COO Peter Moore, the second in command at the company. He made a tweet Thursday in which he called Nintendo a “great partner,” and claimed that they “never have been, and never will be, ‘dead’ to EA.” Moore also warned against trusting “anonymous sources.”

While EA might publicly say that “Nintendo is a great partner”, they’re certainly not showing it by releasing any meaningful Wii U games. So far EA has been one of the least supporting third party publishers on the Wii U.

Let us know your reactions to Moore’s tweet in the comments below!

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  • WarioForever

    I hate them. First they are for Nintendo, then they are not, and are calling them crap.

    • ETMew2348

      omg wtf with the dislikes.

  • Rukiafan Rukiachan

    Moore, talking is easy.

    Show. The. Damn. Games.

    • Dáibhí wotshissurname

      The Guest Dislike Trolls dislike again!

      • Magnus Eriksson

        How do they do that?

        • Dáibhí wotshissurname

          *3 hours later…*
          Now that I’ve disliked this guy on 300 different laptops I had to buy…

        • ETMew2348

          uh oh Nxtgen720 is here :/

  • Magnus Eriksson

    Thank you EA <3 Here take my money. No better – here take all Nintendo's IP's and do something responsible with them!

    That is what those leeches are thinking about. On one hand everyone tries to kill of Nintendo, and with the other greedy reach out for their treasure IP's. That why MS, Sony and EA repeatadly talks with two tounges. I hate what this industry have become. 🙁

    • Dáibhí wotshissurname

      Those weird automatic dislikers strike again!

      • Magnus Eriksson

        I want to know more about that hack. Where can I find info about that?

        • yes

          I would say that it’s most likely a macro being run using Google Chrome’s Cookie Editor extension. At least, that’s what I would use. But it would all depend on how the site’s Discus cookie is set up.

          Edit: The macro program isn’t the cookie editor itself. It would be a seperate program that you would instruct to use the cookie editor.

          • Petri

            But wouldn’t you need 200 accounts to use that?
            Since you can only down vote if logged on.

  • Robert Wagner

    EA, not only do you disappoint your fans, but the whole gaming industries with false claims and unlawful practices. How’s EA a “great partner” with Nintendo? They released old ports hoping it’d sell. That’s something I’d call “Bullshit”.

    • DragonSilths

      Because they went undercover for Nintendo, They “partnered up” with Microsoft so they can put all their shit games and practices on Xbox One so they can take Microsoft down and out of the gaming industry. That’s the great partnership with Nintendo. By NOT putting their crap games on Wii U they are actually supporting it. Or maybe Peter simply means Nintendo is a great partner in general…like for anyone to want to partner up with someone you should pick Nintendo. lol

      • Graeme Lynch

        Not all EA games are crap. There are many titles EA own which are amazing.

        • DragonSilths

          Mind telling me one?

          • Graeme Lynch

            Dragon Age series
            Mass Effect series
            Star Wars: KOR
            The Sims
            Command and Conquer
            Need for Speed
            Dead Space

          • Nintendo Dragon

            I just hope they don’t mess up Battlefront 3. I don’t agree with their way of money over everything.

          • Graeme Lynch

            Yeah I don’t agree with their morals in making money either but it is ultimately a business and really most businesses in the world are unethical to some degree.

          • readypembroke

            and MP part of Battlefield 4!

          • DragonSilths

            BF4 is a prettier version of BF3 and filled with bugs. BF4 on consoles is what BF3 was on PC.

          • DragonSilths

            Dragon Age: Never played it so I cant comment on it.
            Mass Effect: More generic space shooter.
            Star Wars: Was Lucas Arts that handled Starwars until recently. Last Starwars game I liked was the N64 one.
            The Sims: Your pulling my leg with that one…you have got to be kidding. After the shit with Sims 3 and personally I never understood the interest in The Sims…Rollercoster Tycoon is better then that.
            Command and Conquer: Again never played it…never even heard of it to be honest.
            Need For Speed: Criterion made that and that’s the only good one I’ll give you.
            Dead Space: Dead Space 3 killed it, nuff said.

          • Graeme Lynch

            Mass Effect is not a generic space shooter.
            Star Wars Old Knights of Old Republic is owned by EA but yes produced in conjunction with Lucasart.
            The Sims is the biggest selling PC game of all time and it pretty much redefined simulation games.
            To say that 1 game in the franchise ruined the last 2 is absurd.
            Regardless I proved my point that EA own awesome, million selling games, hence why they are one of the biggest gaming publishers.

          • DragonSilths

            ME is a generic space alien shooter. Yes the story was different, but it doesn’t bring anything new to the table gameplay wise.
            Sims, Simulation games I don’t see the point. Walk around, eat, sleep, go to the bathroom, cook, whats the point? You do that in real life. Sounds like those people want a game called Bob Goes To The Office: Overtime Edition
            And just cause a game sells A SHIT TON DOES NOT MAKE IT A GOOD GAME. Look at COD.

          • Graeme Lynch

            Mass Effect was more than a space shooter. It has RPG elements and mixed fantasy elements with scifi. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean you should sell it sort.
            As for the Sims I understand that it isn’t a game for everyone but it was a critically acclaimed game so it obviously did something right. I don’t understand why you are so butt hurt over the fact that I referred to EA games that are successful worldwide.

          • Rinslowe

            “Mass Effect: More generic space shooter”

            Say what?

          • Andrew St. Clair

            So, none.

  • Sydney Ultrasyd

    LOL. Great partner XD Just like North Korea is to USA or Iran to Israël.

    • DK_Hadouken


      • Magnus Eriksson

        That picture sums it up. US World police.

  • HydePark1980

    EA needs to keep a tighter leash on their people and stop operating their company like an out of control frat house. The level of embarrassment and immaturity that continues to come from this company is staggering, How many times will Peter Moore or some other higher-up have to do damage control because some asshole that doesn’t like Nintendo flies of the handle?

  • RedRocBoy

    Would be nice if they made up to us with a Cryssis or Dead Space triology. Would be cool.

    • Rinslowe

      Yeah, either or both of those series would be a nice addition to the Wii U library. Dead Space would be a much better experience with everything mapped to the gamepad for eg… IMO.

      • RedRocBoy

        Exactly. It shouldn’t cost them anything to port those games. Definitely if their trying to improve their image with gamers especially Nintendo gamers.

        • ICHI

          Well Crytec already had Crysis 3 up and running on the machine, so some of the work is done but it wont happen unless the install base gets big. I think that EA suck nuts, but they do have a problem on their hands as I’m sure games for PS4 and XBone cost a crap ton to make, EA have never been gracious at not making money and the last few years have shown anyone can go down the pan with a couple of badly received games under their belt. They’re just being a business and hedging their bets, while some knobs who work and play in the game industry like to spend their time trying to dish dirt on Nintendo because they need a reason to have their allegiance bought, other than money.

          • Graeme Lynch

            EA are not down the pan. They continue to make nearly 1 billion net gain each year. True that their ethical practice in the gaming industry is questionable but like any other business their primary goal is to make as much money as they can.

        • Graeme Lynch

          Why should EA make games for the WiiU since the ones they released were not profitable?
          It would be stupid of a company to waste money on games for the WiiU when they know the probability of it making a profit is low.

          • Ashman997

            It’d be stupid to release a game that’d been out for months on other consoles with a three in one bundle on said consoles being released at the same time then expect the port to make a profit so they won’t do that… oh wait.

          • Graeme Lynch

            Well if you actually stop and think for a moment you would realise that the cost of releasing the trilogy on the WiiU would have been great. That is 3 games to recode, redesign, add the gamepad use. There just wasn’t the resources or time and really it comes back to the main point that the profitability of the ME trilogy on the WiiU would be low.
            I’m not saying that EA are wonderful and shouldn’t be criticised but there are legitimate reasons for things.

          • Ashman997

            I wasn’t arguing that I was just saying you can’t say a company will not something because it’d be stupid when that company has made stupid decisions fairly recently in the world of video games.

          • don’t be ignorant

          • Graeme Lynch

            Can you explain your perception of my ignorance please?

          • you’re ignoring that EA make incomplete games that few gamers will want to buy for wii U, how the hll do they wait to sell well in a new console with old games, and bad ports? tell me @graemelynch:disqus?

          • DragonSilths

            You gotta spend money to make money. Also no risk no rewards.

          • Graeme Lynch

            This is true but I think EA believe that it is too big a risk to take. I would be inclined to agree considering EA published games on the WiiU only made up like 1.4% of their revenue. So why bother making games for a console that doesn’t sell their games?

          • DragonSilths

            Cause it doesn’t really matter. EA has a ton of money they can afford to toss away money if it doesn’t work out for them. But If they want to stay on their current course to worst company in north America for a 3rd year and continue to nose dive then that’s fine.

          • Graeme Lynch

            You can’t say EA are nose diving because of the opinion polls that say they are the worst company. On the flip side they were named as one of the best places to work by Humans Rights Corp.
            Why would any business want to just throw away money especially when the probability of making a return on a product is so low? It just doesn’t make sense and you know that.

          • DragonSilths

            So what? They hire lesbians…what does that have to do with nothing. They keep a good “professional” image but are shit to their consumers.

          • Graeme Lynch

            It is more than just hiring lesbians. They understand and cater to more types of gamers than more or all gaming developers and publishers. That is a huge thing.
            For every negative there is a positive and of course you can say that EA are shit to their consumers based on their microtransaction and DLC policies etc but you cannot then discredit them for the positive that being the above. They publish games that most wouldn’t and I genuinely feel that although EA can be said to be moral corrupt etc etc they are also pioneers in the gaming industry.

          • DragonSilths

            No, just no. I flat out reject that. I could agree with you but then we would both be wrong. You say the cater to more types of gamers? THEN WHY THEY IGNORING NINTENDO? Exposed.

          • Graeme Lynch

            Exposed? Hardly. I think you need to take several seats and end this debate. You know very well what I was alluding to in saying they cater to more types of gamers. They aren’t the only company ‘ignoring’ Nintendo. Half the time it seems like Nintendo ‘ignores’ Nintendo.

          • Nintendo Dragon

            Why don’t they just release a new IP exclusive to Wii U to see how it would sell? They wouldn’t. Want to know why? EA doesn’t take big risk.

          • Graeme Lynch

            Well I would agree that EA wouldn’t take the risk with Nintendo. Especially considering the negative perception they’ve created for themselves with Nintendo fans. I do believe that they take risks though. Just look at the Sim City fiasco. They knew that consumers were not happy it would be online play only but did it any. Another risk would be the fact that they published Dragon Age. The reason that was a risk was due to the hugely negative media attention it got and frankly how it introduced same sex romances in games. That is certainly a risk to take especially in the often narrow minded gaming community.

          • Nintendo Dragon

            I guess you’re right. I just don’t like how they are in it for just money. I know it’s business, but they come out with the same games sports games every single year. Something Nintendo is often critisized about,but I have been waiting on a new f zero for ever and a new smash bros since 2008 it’s just not right.

    • val berger

      wouldn’t sell though.

      • Graeme Lynch

        This is very true but notice how no one comments on this fact. Rather how awful EA are for not making WiiU games. Sure employees from EA should quit making public remarks about Nintendo but no publicity is bad publicity.

      • Nintendo Dragon

        Idk if they put all 3 games into a bundle on Wii U for like 25 or 30 bucks I’d probably buy it.

        • Graeme Lynch

          Well of course I’m sure it would sell but not to the extent that EA would want I imagine. The problem remains with the WiiU that those types of games don’t have a broad market and realistically most people buying Nintendo consoles are doing so to buy Nintendo games.

    • ScrewAttack

      Never was much of a Crysis guy (though I’d get number 3 if it came to Wii U), but a Dead Space trilogy- especially if they did up the graphics a little- would have my purchase.

    • Saul Rivera

      At least digital versions to download

    • Rich Cole

      You’d think porting costs for, Dead Space, Mass Effect, Crysis, and maybe even Dragon Age Trilogies, would be recoverable on the Wii U. Even if not profitable.

      Beyond that it would give EA devs time with both the consoles’ abilities, and support the consoles’ library, and install base growth.

      Alas, we know, EA does not want to invest in the industry. Only be content clawing as much as it can off the success of the console creators, 1st and 3rd party devs, as well as the customer.

      • Nintendo Dragon

        I’m playing BF4 right now on the Xbox One this game is still glitchy as hell sometimes. I can’t find servers sometimes either I still love the game I know the devs worked hard on it but I also know EA rushed them because of all the problems they have had in the first couple of months.

  • Rinslowe

    Although I think Moore is totally full of it, with that comment (obviously Nintendo is practically dead to EA – where are the games?). I still have to give it to him for showing some god damn professionalism. Which is “moore” than what we can say about those other so called reputable EA execs, bitching about Nintendo – aka anonymous sources…

    • ETeach

      Agreed. Actions speak louder than words, but words still have their place.

  • Ronny Candelaria

    This shit is just getting fucked up. If this goes on I will stop buying consoles and start hacking my games like I did before I got a job.

  • companyoflosers

    see i find a low ranking member of EA’s account of the company’s dealing more trustworthy than a higher up. people who are lower dont have much to lose by telling the truth. higher ups lie and say nice things in the name of keeping appearances. if your going to dispute the fact that your company lied about supporting nintendo and jumped ship at the first sign of trouble, at least make it convincing by bribing lower employees to say good things. nobody trusts a corporate boss and nobody trusts your company in general anymore. when you back out on your word you lose all integrity you had, assuming you ever had any to begin with.

  • Josie the Sketcher

    After that really harsh article from EA saying “Wii U was dead to us very quickly” and giving poor ports, don’t trust them at all. Release a Wii U exclusive game with great gameplay then maybe they are telling the truth.

    • greengecko007

      It wasn’t from EA, it was from an anonymous source claiming to be someone affiliated with EA. What’s funny is that so many people took what that article said without question, even though it’s quite likely that the anonymous source had nothing to do with EA, and blew it out of proportion (something you’d think Nintendo fans would know about). But when an actual statement from the COO of EA is released people take it with a grain of salt?

      I hold no love for EA or their practices, but that’s such backwards logic.

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        Anything that’s negative towards Nintendo whether it’s an actual statement from EA or just some anonymous person over the internet, people react rashly.

      • Andrew St. Clair

        “But when an actual statement from the COO of EA is released people take it with a grain of salt?”

        He’s the COO of the company. If there’s anybody that’s full of it, it’s him.

  • alex toschi

    I smell damage control.

    • Matthew Stapleton


      • Gameonfool

        Yep cus when the wii u starts sellin more they will suddenly want to support them. If you can call it support that is.

  • DK_Hadouken

    What we all think about EA:

  • DK_Hadouken

    Peter Moore…

  • Aleks

    Hmhmm, rrriiight. With friends like you, who needs enemies?

  • Shy Guy

    It’s ok Mr. Moore, tell ya what, you make sure we get Dead Space 3 and Crysis 3, not Dead Space 2 nor Crysis 2, on the Wii U, and we’ll forget all of this ever happened…

    No? Oh well…

    • lonewolf

      Its pointless they are already available for quite some time so 90% of the gamers already played them on another systems they should release new multiplatform games for the wiiu.

    • Petri

      I think I’d rather take Dead Space 2 than 3, and first one rather than second.
      Pretty much the same for Crysis, though switch title with just about any other game.

      But for me, Mirror’s Edge 2 is the last change of redemption for EA, screw that up, and no more EA for me.

  • WellWisher

    Wonder how that Halo 2 tattoo is holding up….

  • Rodger Jamjet

    Well, Crysis was up and running on WiiU and was all good to go for the launch window period, but EA pulled the plug. EA is dead to me. They’re total @ssholes!

  • FutureFox

    My reaction? He’s a dick. Plain and simple. At least with Iwata you’ll hear some semblance of the truth.

  • wiimenonowiiu

    For me its simple they do not support wii u so it shows what kind of partner they are there for i do not support EA on any platform there are much better companies to buy games from

  • ETMew2348

    Great partner, okay make games for nintendo

  • Logan Wayman

    Good for you, EA!

  • Leo
  • Simon Stevens

    That’s like saying Spurs are great partners with Arsenal, do one EA

  • Stephen Davis

    Thats like Batman saying the joker is a great partner. Get real EA

    • Alienfish

      No, it’s the other way around, and the Joker would actually say something like that. It would be completely sarcastic and followed up by a sinister plot to destroy Batman, but he would say it. EA wants Nintendo to die, I’m sure of it now.

  • JB

    “Nintendo’s a great partner. They never have been, and never will be, ‘dead’ to EA” read: Nintendo is a great partner, we’re the scumbags. Unfortunately a company can’t be dead if they are still in business…

  • WolfgangAmadeusMozart
  • nin-10-doughfan

    Peter, really?

  • linxz

    damage control…but we pretty much all know what’s going on behind the scenes. screw EA and the rest of them. NINTENDO rulez em all as the only company with games that can be played even decades after their release. talk about longevity. suck on that

  • Nintenjoe82

    I think people have gone full retard when it comes to why they hate EA. EA aren’t supporting Nintendo because it will save them money. They will support Nintendo with half ass efforts once there is an install base and if it sells well they might even make a few decent games. Peter Moore knows this and was trying to damage control the anti-Nintendo troll who tells CVG a bunch of crap that has nothing to do with why EA would or wouldn’t support Nintendo. EA would be doing the exact same thing to MS or Sony if they weren’t paying them.

    • JB

      “EA aren’t supporting Nintendo because it will save them money”

      Ummm.. they should probably lead with that ya know and stay consistent with their message. Instead we get a whole lot of flip-flopping from what it seems like everyone in EA. Also, it doesn’t help their case when they release shoddy ports of older games at launch (with the exception of the excellent Need for Speed) and then use that as a case of why they aren’t supporting Nintendo (one of their other many excuses), but I’m with some of the others on here. You need to prove the relationship is great by showing some parity.


      • Nintenjoe82

        They are supporting other consoles with equally poor versions of games, the only difference is that they sell well and reviewers lie about the quality(BF4) or the hardware manufacturer pays for everyone to have a copy (FIFA/Madden). Peter Moore had no choice but to say this because he knows they will make Wii U games when they know they can profit from PS360 FIFA ports.

        If Wii U had a broken game like some of EA’s recent efforts, IGN and co would have slaughtered it but for some reason when it’s on PS4 it is fine.

    • Petri

      So Wii U gamers should buy late and gimped ports, just that they might get better ports in the future?
      That just would send a message that they can get away with “legacy editions” and crap like that.
      Nintendo and Nintendo gamers cant really win either way.

  • Beau H

    ….”for us to poop on!” Moore continued, channeling his inner Triumph the Insult Comic Dog

  • BarbieOnWeed

    My reaction=HAHAHAHAHAHA Yeah, sure you do, dumb ass!

  • tom

    A great partner? How so EA?

  • Mario

    Great partner!? Then why aren’t you helping them to begin with!?

  • Michael Rowlands

    nintendo needs ea if nintendo could get ea support then they would sell more wii u and get more 3rd party support ….i no some of you will say f..k ea put i dont care what anyone says on this site nintendo needs ea…

    • Deadpool U
    • Kevin James McAllister

      You got down voted because people on this site are emotional reactionaries. The truth is that if EA fully supported the Wii U to the same degree as the other consoles, it’d be nothing but good news for Nintendo.

      • Michael Rowlands

        this is what I am saying if you read it right….

        • Kevin James McAllister

          I know. I agree with you. I’m just explaining why the people are down voting you.

          • Michael Rowlands

            sorry about that….. I just think Nintendo needs more 3rd party support if they are going to start selling more wii u…….I just think Mario will not save the wii u and they need to start making new IP and at the can of the day fps sell consoles look how will the xbox one and ps4 are sell

          • Kevin James McAllister

            I agree. But third party support won’t be here until Nintendo actually starts paying attention to what non-Nintendo gamers want, and that means paying attention to what makes people buy the PS4 and XB1, and then incorporating some of that into the Wii U’s firmware.

    • NkoSekirei

      Nintendo does not need Ea period not after wat ea was proposing to do with origin by merging with miiverse and have complete control over the wii u online service which nintendo said no and Ea decided to throw a royal tantrum and still they have not got over it.

      • Michael Rowlands

        yes they do…. they need all the 3rd party support they can get if they are going to sell more wii u…………look im sorry to say this but Mario is not going to save the wii u more fps and more 3rd party games will look at how will the ps4 and xbox one is selling ..if Nintendo can get it right and with all the 1rd party and 3rd party then the wii u will sell

  • Gabrielsen

    If they really are partners, why are there no games in development?

  • Deadpool U

    Oh yeah EA really showed that by having a bunch of employees bash Wii U and not giving us the ME trilogy.


    • The Clockwork Being

      Ah come on man. Mass Effect 3 was a SOLID EFFORT! -EA

      That why we slapped a full price tag on that game for Wii U and released the trilogy on the other consoles at the same time.

      • T-X

        Those A-holes knew exactly what they’d get with a gimped version of ME3. Not even the later free updates were translated to the Wii U.

        • Graeme Lynch

          The WiiU version of ME3 was not gimped.

          • Blazenwing

            It was gimped in that it didn’t have access to the Omega or Citadel DLC, nor did it have access to the free multiplayer DLC, which I’m assuming is what T-X was referring to.

          • Graeme Lynch

            Fair point but in my opinion the actual core game was better than both Xbox and PS3.
            Perhaps if their was more of an audience for it the DLC would have been released.

          • YogiGRB

            actually the multiplayer is very fun on the Ultra, specially with the build in mic and speakers on the gamepad. no need for extra expanse on a headset/mic set and more fun people online who don’t use faul language 😀

            edit: to bad about the DLC though

          • BIGRED

            It was gimped, like mega fckn gimped. A-holes.

          • BIGRED

            Bro, you gotta be confusing pimped with gimped…

          • Graeme Lynch

            No I am not. Maybe you’re just confused that someone can have a different opinion from you.

        • BIGRED


      • Shy Guy

        Mass Effect 3 for the Wii U…

      • Graeme Lynch

        God why don’t people reason on here that it isn’t just a simple thing to release 3 games on a console. It just wouldn’t have been possible in the time or the amount of resources allocated to WiiU game production in EA.
        But of course people just want to become defensive and think EA are the devil.

        • Deadpool U

          Maybe if they gave us the ME3 DLC, didn’t have the game at full price and be the only company with numerous reports of bashing and Nintendo we’d probably be easier on them.

          • Graeme Lynch

            That is fair enough but lets be honest. Hardly any 3rd party developers are giving the Wii U DLC or even the ‘full’ version with multiplayer. I think we all know the reason why but it is just easier to blame the developers and not that fact that AT THE MOMENT the Wii U does not have the market for a lot of 3rd party games therefore it is just not profitable.

          • Deadpool U

            Difference being those companies don’t flip-flop on whether they have Wii U games or not or claim game engines don’t work on Wii U but actually do and if I’m not mistaken there’s a certain game with multiplayer for every version except the Wii U version that isn’t exactly liked.


          • Graeme Lynch


        • Eric

          From what I understand, and this might not be accurate, so forgive me if I’m wrong, but Mass Effect Trilogy was supposed to be a Wii U exclusive, provided Nintendo use Origin as a base for their then in-development online service. Of course, Nintendo didn’t groove to that jam, and thus began the animosity between EA and Nintendo. Sort of like how Square jumped ship when they learned development on the Playstation would be cheaper and allow for space for their obsession with pre-rendered cutscenes.

          • Graeme Lynch

            That is pure speculation. There is certainly no confirmed information that is what happened. I highly doubt that the trilogy would have been Wii U exclusive considering ME2 was out on PS3 a long time before the Wii U arrived and people were crying out for the 1st one to be released as well.

          • Eric

            Okay, that’s what I figured, but I wasn’t sure.

          • Graeme Lynch

            How polite 🙂

      • BIGRED

        I totally got ME3 for Wii U. IT was all about interactive comics for 1 & 2. Fck that was my favorite part. Awescum.

  • Nintendoro

    “Nintendo is a great partner” so we stopped supporting them. LOL

    • Dáibhí wotshissurname

      Makes sense when you think about it.

      • Nothing5555

        It really does as they usually make big budget games, if they don’t produces any return on investment then it is just bad business. This still does not mean they don’t have to stop producing games for the systems. Maybe they can produce “smaller” more indie like games where the initial investment is small. This way they can at least make some profits (or take a small loss) while building a core competence in another area.

        Now that I think about it even more it they could uses the Wii U as a system to try out new ideas using a smaller budget.

  • Enumerating Wishes

    That’s the opinion of one person who isn’t at top (close though.) Whether he thinks (truth or not) Nintendo is a great partner is irrelevant if the mass of the company disagrees.

    To say the least it’s much easier to get a game up and running on the other two consoles (because they share PC hardware) than it is for the Wii U. Their lazy ports represents how the company itself feels about Nintendo.

  • Daniel Gonzalez

    EA is a bi-polar company.

  • mojack411

    LOL. And that’s all I have to say about that.

  • Joey

    I do not know who he is anymore…

  • Mithiragi

    Anybody know if there is a Direct this month?

  • The Clockwork Being

    I think guy was talking about Microsoft. He probably got confused and said Nintendo.

  • The Clockwork Being

    maybe Peter Moore is right! Look all the great things that came out of this Unprecedented Partnership!

    • BIGRED

      Male pattern baldness?

  • leo

    you know why well idk…..Release some games? Let’s start with crysis 3 huh? It was basicly ready anyways

  • wow he’s the master of lies. I say damage control, not to long ago in a year called 2013 Mr. P. Moore had a lot of negative comments about Nintendo and the WiiU. Only to use a similair way of damage control a few days later, he’s even worse then a certain person whoms name I won’t say because it can have a negative flaming effect with certain readers…

  • Skelterz
  • Skelterz
  • darkcreap

    Yeah, EA did a lot of effort. By giving us some sport titles, half assed ports (ME3), not bringing Crysis 3 and a decent Need For Speed. Of all the previous things, only Criterion delivered. Ubisoft, although they did their wrong things have:

    -Brought a third party launch exclusive: ZombiU. It used very well the gamepad, although it did not deliver a lot of things promised on the trailer.

    -An excellent Rayman game that uses the gamepad really well.

    -Two Assassin’s Creed games. AC3 had the Tyranny of King Washington DLC. AC4 has no DLC, but I cannot blame them since it seems it is not selling well enough due to the WiiU situation.

    -Splinter Cell: Blacklist.


    I have all of those games but Splinter Cell. I got a downloadable version after buying a new GPU for my PC, tried the game and saw quickly it was not my cup of tea. I don’t have Watchdogs because it has not been released, but I am gonna have it for the U, as it is my reference console.

    They also brought some other party games, but those I am not interested.

    Activision has (mainly) brought:

    -Two Call of Duty games.

    Warner Bros has brought, (among others):

    -Two Batman games

    Sorry, but no, EA, you did not deliver. Damn you all for your stupidity towards the WiiU. I can understand they will bring only selected titles, but nothing? Damn you good. At least the companies above tried better. They might stop supporting the WiiU, but they (especially Ubisoft) really tried.

    • GmailIsDown

      they were testing waters. and apparently the result was less than satisfactory. companies need to maximize their profits and need to report to their boards. it is not like they can do whatever they want.

      ubisoft has been playing the good guy here and is perhaps the biggest supporter of Wii U right now, among big 3rd party publishers. i know their decision of artificially delaying the Wii U launch date of Rayman Legends have pissed out a lot of Wii U gamers but that was probably a compromise between playing the good guy and making the decision that makes most economic sense.

      • Petri

        Sadly, EA’s “testing waters” was a loss for Wii U gamers (those that actually like any of the franchises they have).
        I wonder how things would be, if they would had:
        Launched ME trilogy instead of 3.
        Released Fifa 13 instead of 12.5.
        Not announced cease of support just little before NFS:MW came out.
        Release a new game that wouldn’t have been a late or gimped port (ie. Battlefield 4).

  • Then support them.

  • Cahone

    Nintendo is just in zombie status i guess.


    Peter Moore, what about Dead Space Trilogy for wii u?with improved graphics like Need For Speed Most Wanted U.

    • Rinslowe

      Don’t forget the more important factor – Gamepad support, like Deus Ex DC. Map all that good stuff to the gamepad…

  • Jeovany

    The damage control is strong with this one

  • Sam

    Aaand he won’t be second in command for much longer now…

  • NkoSekirei

    wat a load of $hit first off they said nintendo is dead to them and now they say they make a great partner sry Ea were not gonna fall for this one u greedy bastards your dead to us.

  • Captinn2

    Then make fucking games for Wii U already. >:C 1# Worst Company.

  • GregoryTheRainMaker

    T.T EA you are the devil.

  • Ian Settlemyer

    I now have a feeling that there won’t be a Nintendo Direct this month.

    • TheMoeses

      nooo.. each 2 months.. there will be one in feb.

  • Adecentboy777

    EA, you’re so cruel and a big lier in one ! 🙂

  • Shota
    • Rinslowe

      “But perhaps – to think the unthinkable – there is another famous figurehead at Nintendo who is holding the company back; a man regarded for decades as its most valuable asset. I’m talking about the legendary game designer, the creator of Mario, and general manager of the famed EAD development teams: Shigeru Miyamoto. Lately, he hasn’t been doing his job so well.”

      I stopped going to Eurogamer some time ago. That is yet another reason why I believe that decision to be a smart one, lol.

      Those Eurogamer assclowns need their heads read if they think any sane individual’s gonna swallow that load of utter crap. No matter how cleverly written it is. it’s still just a witch hunt plain and simple. Insulting a man who deserves better, regardless of whether they’re right or not…

      Utter shyte.

    • DrNope

      Once upon a time Apple fired Steve Jobs. This asshole sounds just like those assholes.

  • Flintinator

    Then how does he explain the lack of EA games on the Wii U and 3DS?

  • starwars360

    E sausages with mash potatoes and gravy A. 🙂

  • Justin Gray

    Why not prove this and make u a great golf game that uses the Wiimote and looks great? They should go look at how Tiger Woods games hold value on Wii versions but they are giving away 360/PS3 versions of the series.

  • jlahoud

    Well EA prouve it! Bring some new games on Wii U and then we will talk….

  • jlahoud

    We need an improuved version of Simcity on Wii U and 3ds

  • Guest

    Direction of the wind in EA has changed again.

  • Direction of the wind in EA has changed again…

    It’s EA’s sad effort to try say “sorry” – and they’re still hoping they could make games for 3DS after speaking shit about Wii U. Just might be they won’t make any games soon to any system, when the scene finally gets fed up with their ignorant elitist crap style.

  • Wagner Pinto Macedo

    I think it’s great that someone at least gave us the light of day to come out and kind of “apologize” or make up for the other jerk’s lack of control when tweeting, most likely when disgruntled with life after being dumped by his ugly chick. Having said that:
    WHERE’S OUR NHL 2K14 or FIFA 14?!?!?!?
    That would be a pretty damn solid proof of friendship or “partnerhood”.
    Aaaaah, just to think of having the gamepad work as an extra map of the field or the rink, then being able to use the touch screen to pause and pre-input plays or something in that line….. How amazing would that be, partner?

  • Des

    At this point Peter Moore is only paying lip service to the Wii U. He’s not dumb enough to burn any bridges with Nintendo or to alienate it’s core fans. If the console ever takes off, he can be the first to say that he never stopped believing in it, as his company sends a few more titles our way. But until the Wii U’s numbers improve, I don’t think we’ll see much support in the console. I can’t say I totally blame them. They’re gonna go where the money is. It’s business folks, nothing personal. Unfortunately, 3rd party support helps sell consoles. If they’re not backing Nintendo as vigorously as they are Sony and Microsoft, then they’re also playing a part in it’s poor sales. No amount of praise will change that.