Jun 23rd, 2012

Madden Wii U
Madden 13 Wii U is in development, EA has confirmed, and it’s set to be the “real deal, HD simulation football”. That’s according to one of the producers of the game, Cam Weber, who has assured Nintendo fans that Madden 13 on the Wii U will be the “real deal”. He was referring to the fact that EA games on the original Wii were “cartoony” and dumbed down, while this time, it’s quite different. Speaking to Kotaku, Weber said,

“Whatever we release on the Wii U will not be a cartoony, dumbed-down, arcade football experience. It will be the real deal, HD simulation football.”

He added that whatever the company learns from developing on the Wii U and its second controller, it’ll apply in the future to the Xbox 360 SmartGlass. SmartGlass offers a similar but very limited functionality to the Wii U GamePad, adding an extra screen from a tablet or smartphone device. We’re still waiting to see what EA comes up with for the Madden 13 Wii U edition, and how the controller will be utilized.

Madden 13 will likely be a Wii U launch title, as will EA’s Mass Effect 3. The company is expected to announce two “secret” Wii U games later this Summer. It’s unknown whether those are new IPs or ports of existing EA franchises. With Madden 13 Wii U, that makes it a total of four EA Wii U games that are slated for release on the console in the near future. The company is also rumored to be working on Battlefield 3 for the Wii U as well, but we haven’t heard much about that project since E3 2011.

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  • Icanseeu

    I’ll stick to my PS3, can count the original games from 3rd parties on one hand!

    • Neonridr

      yeah but the Wii U version will be better.. so your loss..

  • Parker

    Im really eager to know which are those 2 secret Wii U games from EA.

  • Mooka

    I’ll stick to my Wii U when I receive it. The third party titles on it will fix me up and I will sell all the ones that I own on ps3… especially the maddens…

  • T13char

    If you know you don’t want the wii u then why would you be going around wii u websites. No meanness intended I try to be as un-biased as possible.

    • icanseeu

      Because I’m interested in Nintendo’s games but can’t justify buying one if all the 3rd parties games are just ports from consoles that I already own

      • T13char

        Ah that makes sense.

  • WiiUPlayWithMe:P

    Didn’t they also announce FIFA for Wii u. Wouldn’t that make 5 games, with the 2 secret surprises? I’m liking the numbers from third parties. A good amount if support heading Wii u’s way right away.

  • Cyan Ram

    The gamepad screen will hopefully be used to select plays and draw up hot routes. This will definitely allow for a more immersive real-game experience, as if you were watching a game on TV. Can’t wait.

  • uPadWatcher

    If it’s Battlefield 3 for the Wii U, it’s a DEFINITE win for both EA and Nintendo. Let’s hope that the Frostbite 2.0 engine can handle the Wii U’s power… especially games powered by Unreal 3.9 .

  • Michel

    Madden is not FootBall? It is Soccer!
    Fifa Is Football!

    • T13char

      FIFA is football of the world.
      Madden is football of America.
      Simple way to put it I guess.

    • Eddy120876


      Football in England original name was Soccer. So blame it on the Brits changing the name from Soccer to Football not us Americans :D.

  • The Kid

    Thank You EA!! I should be buying this on Wii U. But to be honest I haven’t liked any version of Madden this gen & I had it on 360 :(. It sucked on 360,PS3, & a huge joke on Wii. But Madden 13 looks okay from what seen at E3. The Infinity engine is looking like it will lead Madden to a better future. Ya’ll still need to add footplanting & better run animations though. Wii U version should be nice with the plays on the screen. Don’t disappoint me with another piss poor Madden, EA.

    • Robert

      You should really look up the “infinity engine” for Madden 13…it looks really good.

  • PK Thunder

    Hopefully need for speed most wanted is in development for WII U.

  • Gamecube forever

    Finally a awesome madden game for the wii u! this is gonna be great wii madden was awful but this is the real deal! This will be a huge leap for madden and wii u.

  • Zhaf

    fifa on the wii u can be very interesting i guess… imagine changing players and tactics on the fly without going to the pause screen… it’ll be a huge plus to 2 players game on the fifa.. not to mention surprise factor..

  • Desi

    Please I want a decent FIFA on WiiU!!

  • AwayToHit

    lol who cares about Madden really?

  • how to train EA

    so EA finally admit there dumbed down silly versions were a act of sabotage against the wii and there weird idea of casual just came acros as CHEAP ZHIT…..

    The lol about it all was there last gen fifas always ran best and looked best on cube and EA would brag about it oh gc can do this and that over ps2 the engine blar blar

    then they did fifa GBA on the wii and didnt even support next gen gameplay like pes did

  • WFG

    does that mean they will actually get the uniforms right this year. 12 sucked.