Aug 1st, 2012

EA has been saying good things about the Wii U here and there, and they got some games in development for the system as well. But unlike its competitor Ubisoft, EA isn’t full on board the Wii U train yet. Speaking to IGN, EA’s Cheif Financial Officer Peter Moore acknowledged the “lackluster response” Nintendo got at E3 2012, and said that the company is keeping a “very close eye on the platform”. However, Moore did confirm that EA will be bringing some of their franchises to the Wii U. So far EA has announced Mass Effect 3 and a couple of EA Sports titles for Nintendo’s new console. Moore wrapped up by saying EA learned an important lesson with last generation consoles, which was to “never underestimate Nintendo”.

EA Wii UIn a press release today, EA confirmed that it’s upcoming “Summer Showcase” will include some Wii U titles. It’s unknown if those titles are games that have already been announced, or whether it’s something new. It’s been rumored that Battlefield 3 would be coming to the Wii U ever since we saw the game in a Wii U trailer at E3 2011. For more, check out the full list of EA Wii U games.


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  • Wii Uoops!

    Doubters will be doubters, huh? Not that there doubting.

  • AKA-Link77

    It wud be cool to have their support [to wii U] but all that crap and bashing ppl do companies may hav been brainwashed… ;(

    • Mr. Will

      FALSE. Companies like that make a point not to be swayed by fanboys

      • AKA-Link77

        And u just woke up. X }

  • Ledreppe

    I’ve never bought an EA game, as they’re usually sports games which I don’t like, and I don’t intend on starting so I don’t care for them. Even so, It’s important that EA does commit to Wii U as it will help the system.

  • Madara

    EA Who? Is the Battlefield series not that well-known/relevant or is it just me? Let them be skeptics like Rockstar and come out on the losing side. Who’s problem is that? Not Nintendo’s. Not the Nintendo faithfuls’. 🙂

    • jat

      EA…remember…that’s that little company that made 211 million profit in june 2011 quarter. they only sold 999 million in that quarter. not a big company at all…

  • Gamer

    As consumers we shall also keep a close eye in EA. We shall purchase Ubisoft games on release but except FIFA I shall purchase other EA games 8 months after their release date. Better still rent them, if the are playing coy then coy shall our wallets be as well.

    • Josh

      Are you being stupid on purpose? If you don’t buy their games, how do you expect them to commit to the console? And if EA doesn’t, how many other companies will be influenced not to?

      • Gamer

        Bro money does not grow on trees. EA and Ubisoft will bring their games to the Wii U we all know that.

  • Pokemon Master#1

    The only games i buy from EA are Need for Speed and Fifa.Fifa is already comfirmed so they better bring Need for speed Most wanted to the Wii U.

  • SuperShyGuy

    So EA will release Mass Effect an old title so when it doesn’t do all that well they will go “see the Wii U users won’t buy our games”

  • nambit

    One thing I gotta say is that E3 was BS. I mean, it represents the contempt the industry has towards the Wii U and it still persists. Yes, some developers are on board, but reality is, Nintendo still can do no right. The Wii U really has some serious potential (as the Wii before it did), but folks are so stuck in the past when it comes to gaming and won’t think beyond the traditional. How long can this crap continue is anyone’s guess but to think I hardly play games anymore when I used to think and breathe games is sad.

    Here’s a hint EA (and other developers): If you’d been on board from the get go and had something ready to show by E3, there would be far more excitement than there was. Looking at the Wii, it’s amazing how folks bash it yet Metroid Prime with motion controls rocked! Sigh, it still gets me mad to see this contempt.

  • wellsberg

    lackluster reaction to Wii U because we want more games! duh

  • The White Falcon

    Well, some support is better than none. EA flat out ignored the Dreamcast…and pretty much ignored the Saturn. But the Dreamcast was a lot more successful.

    Ubisoft’s going to see some nice returns off of their Wii U investments. I’m thinking Zombie U will probably be an early million-seller (unless it’s just flat horrible). If EA wants to simply port their sports titles and release the third game in a franchise, so be it, but don’t expect ME3 to sell by the truckload.

  • leo

    EA is turning into Act……

  • rafael

    Boom Blox 3 would be nice.

  • eugoreez

    not that they have good IP that I really want to see on Wii U though except for Fifa, so I could careless. They killed off many of my favourite IP. Mercenaries for example. They even changed the command & conquer so much that I didn’t even know if I was playing a C&C game.

    though any support from any publisher/developer is more than welcome.

    • UGotWongGuy

      I agree, I really loved Mercenaries, but I refused to buy C&C 4, so EA pretty much killed the series for me.

      There is nothing off the top of my head that I would miss on the Wii U from EA. There might be one or two things I would “like” to see, but nothing immediately comes to mind.

    • Kyle

      “Couldn’t careless” you mean. So annoying to see this mistake all the time.

  • Oii

    Lol wait, so theyre saying nobody should underestimate Nintendo, yet theyre underestimating nintendo…

  • LazerK

    Speaking of EA,whatever did happen to the Steam vs Origin hosting Wii U’s online?Was it dropped completely?

    • Oii

      it was just a rumor, nintendo was doing their own online from the start, they just were taking advice from the other two companies

      • LazerK

        Yea I thought it was just a rumor.Had my hopes up too :/…but one can dream can’t he?

    • EvanescentHero

      It hasn’t been mentioned basically since the Wii U was announced. I want Steam over Origin, because Steam has…well, good games. And also they’re not assholes like EA.

  • Mafz

    I don’t really care for EA games much apart from Dead Space.

  • gtmacc

    Yes please don’t fully commit had enough of all their shovel-ware on the wii. just bring out your AAA games and i will be happy.