Jun 24th, 2013


So far, Electronic Arts has a rich history of flip-flopping when it comes to whether or not they’re going to develop games for the Wii U. During their annual investor call in May, EA admitted that it had saved on research and development costs by flatlining development on the Wii U, instead choosing to focus on the Frostbite 3 engine for all future games, which developers from EA claim runs poorly on the Wii U.

Now EA Labels president Frank Gibeau says the company hasn’t abandoned the Wii U as a platform, but that the company is closely monitoring its performance. He says its been 60 days since the company launched their last Wii U game, Need for Speed: Most Wanted and that they’re not writing off development, but that they’re testing the waters with their four titles available on the platform.

“We’ve launched four games. We’re proud of them. They’re in the marketplace and they’re selling. The guys inside the studio are looking at the Wii U tech and they’re looking at the platform. They understand it. As it develops, if there’s an opportunity to publish more games on the Wii U, we’ll do that. We’re not writing it off.”

This seems like an awful lot of backtracking, given high up executive statements made earlier in the year, from the likes of Peter Moore. What do you think? Have you already written off EA or are you “closely monitoring” their performance? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • djvalbnc

    I’ve written off EA anyway! First Party games is what I am waiting for 🙂

    • Levi Johansen

      I’m not buying EA games on any platforms for the rest of always, nomatter how much they’ll apologize and try to make it up (and they will).

      • Kaihaku

        I’ve tried to take this approach for almost a decade now but I haven’t been able to go cold turkey. Why? Because EA keeps on buying small studios that I loved! Granted, they eventually destroy the studios that they buy but there’s usually a brief overlap when the studio is still managing to release quality products despite being owned by EA.

        First EA bought Origin and destroyed the Ultima series. Then there was Maxis and SimCity. Now BioWare… Ugh. You get the point.

        I’m going to try to go cold turkey again and hopefully Dragon Age III won’t tempt me into relapsing.

        • Arthur Jarret

          You’re forgetting Westwood and Bullfrog… those were sad losses.

          Little big adventure, Magic carpet, Theme park, Command and Conquer, Legend of Kyrandia, Lands of Lore (yes – there was a game that abbreviated as ‘LOL’ before that became a thing on the interwebs)

          I miss them badly…
          Well, I actually don’t – as I still own them… but I would have liked sequels.

    • Elem187

      Ubisoft deserves your money though, don’t write off all third parties.
      Watch Dogs, Rayman Legends look worth the asking price… i’m not too sure about the Splinter Cell coming… I’ll hold off for reviews.
      The new Batman will be good, or at least the last two were great games.

      • Bob Charlie

        Ubisoft is great for the U, but Legends was a game we all wanted months ago. I can’t justify buying Legends anymore because of the great first party games being released around the time of Rayman’s release.
        Pikmin 3 a month before Rayman.
        Wonderful 101 two weeks after Rayman.
        Sorry Ray!

        • Nintedward

          I concur with this Bob. The Lums are going to have to wait with all the awesomeness coming for Wiiu.

          By giving us the challenge app they’re basically forcing us to not buy it xD

          • david jarman

            I’m pinching pennies to buy them all. Things are gonna be tight, but awesome!

        • thedeciderU

          legends would have sold a lot more in feb, and it would have given the wii u a boost it really needed. never mind that it pissed off 3-4 million wii u owners. i know it’ll be out, but with all the recent game announcements, it’s barely on my radar anymore, and i love origins on the wii.

        • Arthur Jarret

          I will still buy rayman together with those games – and GTA V & more…

          First of all, thank god (Miyamoto) for tax returns (I did my taxes late… probably have to pay a fine but will still get a bigger return…).

          Second, thank god (Sakurai) for being able to choose malnutrition.

          Thirdly, thank god (Aonuma) that I have no friends to go out with or spend money on.

          • Bob Charlie

            Ha! I just spent $40 on Wario, and pre ordered Luigi at $30.
            $60 for Pikmin 3
            $60 for W101
            $60 for Mario 3D
            $60 for M&S Olympics
            $60 for Zelda WW
            $60 for Sonic Lost World
            $XX on VC games.
            No way I can justify purchasing Rayman or Watch Dogs with that lineup of games I want!

          • Arthur Jarret

            This list + what’s coming for ps3 (like the puppeteer, looking forward to that one), the wii-to-vc upgrade (~75 bucks… still pissed about the fee, but I do want em on the main menu), 3DS games like SMT4, pokemon X, Zelda… my back catalogue wishlist (5 gb games, 4 gbc games, 21 gba games, 36 ds games, 5 amigacd games, 4 n64 games, 32 ps1 games, 8 ps2 games, 13 wii games and 36 ps3 games left to go until I consider my last gen collections complete)

            So much to buy, so little money…

            Still getting rayman, tho’ – seeing how much fun I had with origins on PS3.

      • Veries Seals

        If you are confused about splinter cell look here:


        • Elem187

          Not confused, it just doesn’t look all that great compared to past Splinter Cell’s.

          From what I read from Ubisoft, its less stealth and more shoot ’em up…And they were actually enthusiastic about this change for the series.. makes me shake my head.

          • Veries Seals

            I have played a few splinter cells in the past. It really looks good. nothing wrong with a little change to make things fresh. I do plan to get it. I hope you join me. I am sure it will be great. Ubi Soft has done a great job on the U so far. I am sure we have nothing to worry about. If you also notice they are even promoting it more for the Wii U than any other console. I love those guys.

  • Aleksandar Antonijevic

    Ok great for them, when it sells good EA is back creating games for Nintendo.

  • LunarNinja

    What would really give respect from me to EA would be is if they put Mirrors Edge on Wii U using UE3 instead of the new unknown engine.

    • Andrew Chambers

      Yeah, I would really love to play that. I’m a fan of the first one. The problem I have is that I won’t be buying a PS4 or X1 and ME2 will probably only be available on Origin…

      I’m just hoping that since the first one is on Steam the second one will be too.

      • LunarNinja

        It is, it’s announced for XBONE, PS4, and PC

        • giggi

          PC release =/= Steam release

          • LunarNinja

            Steam Release almost always equeals a PC release.

          • Andreas Sunde

            In general, yes, but most companies don’t have a rivaling service, EA does.

        • Andrew Chambers

          I know, I just hope the PC version doesn’t require Origin.

      • Andreas Sunde

        PS4, Xbone, Origin, and Pirate Bay.

        There is always a choice.

  • Martijn Plasmans

    Don’t give a turd what EA execs say, just give us good games and i’ll buy them.

    For a consumer it’s as simple as that.

    • wiiudaily

      What they’re really saying: “we’re waiting until Nintendo and others make cool games that sell enough systems. Then we’ll jump on the wagon”

      • Martijn Plasmans

        Yeah, and they are right by saying that.
        They bring games to the platform. Nintendo didnt have any must haves, but also refuse to market the system, nmake ads for it. And now with almost no advertising Nintendo complains that people dont understand Wii U and that’s why it’s failing.

        So with the weak sales bringing games to Wii U costs more than they can earn so the publisher decides to not bring the games to Wii U. That’s not a very strange decision.

        The reason Ubisoft brings the games to Wii U is because they don’t care the ports will make less money than the other platforms because they invest and will make money eventually over all 5/6 platforms the games are releasing on. They invest by bringing new and old Ip’s and show them to the Nintendo gamer.

        If the Nintendo gamers like the game, maybe they will buy a ps4 or xbox one next year to buy the sequel. If the sequel comes to the Wii U? Depends on the sales of Wii U, so it’s totally up to Nintendo to advertise, create great games and sell consoles.

  • Inviable Gaming

    Where those title that you released are terrible mabey you should test it with battle field 4

  • William Cole

    What Wii U owner actually cares about EA? What EA games have bought Nintendo success!? TELL ME! Besides the olden days, TELL ME!

    • Levi Johansen

      Need for Speed Most Wanted U was a success

      I don’t care about them though, I’ll never buy anything from EA again because of their statements about Nintendo.

    • Elem187

      Need For Speed Most Wanted was terrific… I’m kinda embarrased Wii U owners didn’t pick it up considering how much effort Criterion put into it… I mean its THE game that shows how much more powerful the Wii U is over the ps360… If the Wii U was just on par with the ps360, the game wouldn’t be bolstering high res textures, further draw distances and solid 30fps locked frame rate (While the ps360 versions was short draw distance, low res textures, and average frame rate in the low 20’s)

      • kenny Johnson

        I suck at realistic driving games… If EA put out a Cart racer, I’d check it out. 🙂

        • Veries Seals

          Most defiantly buy that game. EA or not! It is fantastic and it will also dismiss anything that can be done on the Wii U.

      • Ivan Hernandez

        I sold my PS3 copy and got the WiiU 😀

        • Elem187

          Yeah sadly we are 2 of the 20,000 people who supported Criterion.

          I think some Wii U owners just looked at the title and saw EA and said “pass”… Sucks for Criterion for doing such a phenomenal job on it :-/

          • thedeciderU

            i’d bite if the price came down.

      • jay

        If I tried to sell you nice furniture,

        And my company said the furniture would look good in your shitty house,

        Would you still pay me?

        (This is on topic. Think about it)

      • William Cole

        Well, what Nintendo fan does? For Wii U the must have games are the ones Nintendo makes. I never really cared for NFS. It might just be me or whatever but it won’t be the success that will be Smash Bros or Mario Kart 8. Haven’t played a game that said EA on it since Grandia.

  • derty


  • Petri

    Well, last games that I really enjoyed from EA, were Mirror’s Edge, and BF: Bad Company.
    Couldn’t care less about the other franchises they’ve ruined.

  • BGhp

    Am glad they didn’t abandon it.

  • Mark Nie
    • Kamon

      lol pretty much.

    • bizzy gie

      I watched this a while ago.

    • Elem187

      This isn’t EA.. this is 505 games, right?

      • Andreas Sunde

        Watchthe vid. It’s an example of what’s going on.

    • thedeciderU

      rich rocks.

  • Ony

    Make Spore 2 like the original was supposed to be (very scientifics and stuff), and you would get my attention, EA.

  • Andreas Sunde

    “We’ve launched four games. We’re proud of them.”

    You really shouldn’t be, EA, you really shouldn’t be.

    • Kaihaku

      I loved when EA defensively protested that one of the four wasn’t a “shlocky” port.

      • Michael Legault

        they actively sabotaged the sales of mass effect on wii u.. by releasing bundles of all 3 games for ps3 and 360, not for wii u… also i saw the trilogy sets for cheaper than the wii u version… not to mention most people interested in mass effect had already played it at that point… I was really hoping for a battlefield game on wii u… *grumble grumble*

        • Kaihaku

          Absolutely, if EA had released Mass Effect Trilogy on the Wii U instead of Mass Effect 3 it would be sitting on my shelf right now. I seriously considered purchasing it anyway but finally decided against it. Also, don’t forget that they also excluded the Wii U version from new DLC.

    • Arthur Jarret


      The only port they should be proud of is NFS:Most wanted – which is the only one that had any effort spent on it.

      ME3 is allright, too – I guess… but it’s completely undermined by not releasing the full trilogy that appeared a month later on last gen platforms.

      • TAKANYAN

        Agree 100%


        They don’t even deserve credit for the Need for Speed game anyway. Criterion deserves all of the credit.

        • Arthur Jarret

          That’s like saying Nintendo doesn’t deserve any credit for something HAL makes.

          Criterion has been owned by EA for a while now –
          In August 2004, EA acquired Criterion Games for a rumored GB£40 million

          Similar to the HAL / Nintendo situation – Integration of the teams did not occur.

          Criterion Games still acts entirely independently from the rest of the Electronic Arts workforce (even though both are in the same building – located at Guildford.)

          To simplify the example:
          I own a waffle iron
          I make waffles in my waffle iron
          You say I don’t deserve credit for making the waffles, because the waffle iron made the waffles.

  • Elem187

    Dear EA,

    Don’t bother, we won’t buy your games when you decide the install base is big enough to release a port anyways. You see your competitor Ubisoft? They get it. You have to foster an audience to build an audience on a platform. You build an audience by releasing games so consumers get used to seeing your product. By pulling your product from a group of gamers, they won’t see your product, so when you do start selling a product to this group of gamers again, it will be overlooked for your competitors product who has been consistently putting titles on the platform. Two different approaches from two different publishers, and I guarantee that Ubisofts tactics will result in more sales across multiple franchises.


    Wii U Owners who are watching your childish temper tantrum play out

  • kevin

    people dont’ get it not EA, its the WIIU. Each month the sales drop more and more. Stores in Europe have WIIU on half off. They are not carrying it anymore.

    I cant’ blame any company not making games for WIIU, a business is in business to make money. So why make a game for a console that is guaranteed to lose money. Sorry, thats how you end up closing your doors because of profit loss. Big companies like EA, could handle the loss, but smaller companies can’t.

    Just have to wait for 1st party games at this point, more 3rd party companies will drop WIIU over the last several months.

    Nintendo lost a lot not releasing new games until fall, great chance to gain speed before the consoles come out, and now they are waiting to basically the new consoles are out.

    WIIU should have waited for a year before its release. it was really bad marketing and business management on nintendo’s part.

    • kenny Johnson

      People keep saying this… and it’s true that the sales are lower than projected and nowhere near the sales of the Wii, but are they numbers REALLY that bad? The X-box 360 did 3.2 million in its first 6 months, the PS3 did 3.6m in its first 6 months. The Wii U is now about 7 months old and has sold 3.2 million units.

      So the sales don’t see too bad if you look at last generation’s console launches.

      The only thing I can think of is that 3rd party titles probably sell a certain percentage less on Nintendo systems… so the publishers need Nintendo consoles to have HIGHER than “average” sales.

    • Veries Seals

      If we go with that mode of thinking, then why should EA put more effort into 2 consoles that are not even released on the market yet? How much have they made on the PS4 or XB1? The answer is not a red cent yet. So why throw all of your resources in to a bet. You have gamers buying Wii U’s right now and have over 3 million units in homes. That is money now. Show full support now! This way you create a loyal customer base. Once you create that foundation buy creating the games fully, not half assed and gimped versions. The customers will invest and buy your games. You cant wait until something is successful before you invest. You don’t maximize your money that way. I think 3rd parties should be glad that Nintendo has let them lead the way on the console and have not released its heavy hitters. It gives their software a chance to sell without the 800 lb. gorilla, Nintendo not soaking up all the sales. This has also helped independent developers get a good start on the system and sale some software. I love independent developers. Guys and Gals our core games are coming, lets support the 3rd parties as well. Now look what we have coming. Will We have enough money to buy them all.


      I can show people this all day! EA could have been in this mix, but pulled out on us. They could have sold tons of software.

  • Michael Jurado

    Ea doesn’t even meet the high standard quality from Nintendo so I honestly could care less about half ass games

  • Austin Buffin

    these niggs better not ruinstar wars battlefront

    • kenny Johnson

      unless you’re a black rapper, let’s lay off that word.

      • Ducked

        How’s it any different from him saying it, then a black rapper saying it?

    • Veries Seals

      yeah i think you better choose better words to express yourself my friend

  • koire

    ya Nintendo fans can keep saying ” we do not want your games” but unfortunately some of us do. I want NHL 14(yes repetitive sport game but still) I love Hockey games and with Nintendo not creating their own sports franchise besides Mario
    sport titles(LOVED STRIKERS). We need some realistic sport titles to hit the wii u. I do not plan to buy another system so i really hope some of these sports titles hit the wii u

    • Veries Seals

      Agreed. EA just need to get their act right. I have all of the EA titles in my Wii U library and feel insulted that they don’t think we are important enough to need their games.

    • If EA would get their act together I would continue my purchases of the Need For Speed series. It is a shame that they will blindly focus on consoles not released yet that may or may not do well. Who knows after the initial rush and pre-orders both the PS4 and XB One could fall into a sales slump. What then EA?? Will you make up new excuses? What if the Wii U picks up sales and starts selling steadily again? Then will you put your lazy programmers on making the Frostbite engines and your other game engines work on the Wii U. We know the Wii U has enough power to do it so quit bullshitting the gamers and get your act together.

      • oontz

        Judging by pre-orders alone, the new MS and SONY consoles are going to do very well!

        • You cannot always judge a console by pre-orders. They are often strong for the fans that want it right away and for the people that like to buy and resell things on eBay. The Wii U had strong Pre-Orders too.


      The best sport titles are the Mario sport titles. “Realistic” sport titles are fucking boring. I’ll either go watch the sport or actually play it.

  • Steve

    I don’t even care about EA’s games. They can focusing XBOX and PS. I’m not buying their games even if tey come to Wii u anyways.

  • Anthony Stewart

    Lol they say they released a couple titles half baked titles. With missing elements.

  • Mr. J

    pshhh yah who cares about ea…………. (but i do want star wars battlefront)

  • Spencer

    The only reason they say it doesn’t run well is because it hasn’t sold a lot. Remember gabe newwel at valve saying the ps3 was a pos not worth developing for

  • Michael DeVore

    EA’s flip flopping isn’t actual flip flopping. Their Prior CEO clearly was in “Abandon” mode. The New CEO isn’t as willing to cut off potential revenue streams since he’s trying to right the companies ship. Since they already did a lot of the ground work dropping development to “save money” they can’t just jump back into the Wii U unless they can justify the cost again. If they start Wii U development again it’s going to be more costly then it would have been if they hadn’t started the abandonment process, but if it makes them more money they’ll do it.

  • CaesarGood

    Madden SUCKs, Fuck EA

    • majora :D

      don’t forget fifa, need for speed, rock band and battlefield. they suck too

  • iceazeama

    ea- extremely arrogant.

  • I couldn’t careless about what EA is doing. They haven’t released a single game worth playing in well over a decade. All they have to offer are lame sports games. And in my honest opinion, Sega Sports games were always the better of the two.

  • everyone

    I don’t think too many people are going to be heartbroken not having extra sports games on the Wii U. I’d rather support Ubisoft who is willing to work with the company and develop new games for consoles.

  • Wanderlei

    EA are cancer in gaming.

  • Ducked

    EA should be watching the Wii U. It’s the only next gen console to have free internet. Battlefield, and sports games are great when you don’t have to pay for online. EA, watch closely.

    • oontz

      wiiu includes free internet?

      • Christopher Acuna

        What the hell! My WiiU has it’s own internet servers!? And here I have been all week without internet because I am upgrading my services. lol.

      • Ducked

        Wow amazing joke…

  • We are watching you EA!!!


  • MetroidZero

    Less watching more working.

  • Christopher Acuna

    Whatever EA. Go back to sucking Microsofts teet.

  • andrewjcole

    I’d bet the new engine would work on Wii U, they just are too lazy to try harder.

    • everyone

      They already have stated that it does work with it They are just lazy like you said.

      • andrewjcole

        Now that you mention it, I do remember that article.

    • Andreas Sunde

      They’re porting it to mobile, of course Frostbite 3 can work on Wii U. They just need to put some effort into it.

  • Antar Rodríguez

    in other words they´ll wait till the wii u starts launching heavy games and see how the console sells to start developing

  • Nintendo4life

    Goodbye EA..Your games were crap anyways

    • NkoSekirei

      i agree EA can go suck it cause after the origin fiasco theres no way im gonna support those greedy/crybaby douches

    • Christopher Acuna

      EA doesn’t make games they publish them. I would rather EA’s devs stop letting EA road block the WiiU and let them make something amazing for it.

  • Madmagican

    Well, it makes sense from a business pov but that doesn’t mean I’ll buy the games

  • Caleb Dudley

    All I care about is that they make a good, solid game of Star Wars Battlefront and release it on the Wii U. If they skimp out on it, I’m going to have to kill someone. Add dlc, I don’t care. Just give me star wars fps goodness.

    • Christopher Acuna

      i don’t think they will give WiiU Battlefront. Maybe we will see a return of the Rogue Squadron series, or something a long those lines.

  • thedeciderU

    don’t test the waters EA, release a mind-blowing game that will sell hardware and you’ll get your returns instead of wasting your own money on yesterday’s-news year-old ports. i refuse to buy a wii u game i can get on xbox 360 or ps3 for $15. will i pay $50-$60? fuck no. wake up publishers.

  • Dez

    Seriously, who cares!?

    This is EA, the worst company in the gaming industry. If anyone is stupid enough to continue buying their crap despite their shitty business model, service, products, and their abysmal treatment of development studios/employees; you deserve to be screwed over. How the hell EA still exists with this business model is beyond me. There are a lot of stupid people in the world, quit buying their crap and teach them a lesson much like how Micro$oft backed down due to the backlash towards their anti-consumer Tivo which costs $500 and spies on you. EA is never going to stop being douches unless you hit them where it hurts, their wallet, the company already is losing money, make them lose more and drive their greedy asses out of business!

    • Krypton Keeper

      Because EA games make big money.

  • Lusunup

    I am also monitoring them as well!
    Another outburst from them and they’ll lose one more buyer. I watching you! EA

  • Lev M

    who gives a damn about EA, it’s been rated the worst company 2yrs straight

  • GamerNate78

    you know what pisses me off about all these third party companys they all act like the ps4 and the xbone have sold over 4million units already well here is a wake up call ea sony and xbone have not sold a single unit were as wii u has crossed 4million sold secondly ea and all the rest of you third partys if you would put your damn games on the wii u and actually give us the same options as you do other consoles ( cough ) injustice gods among us ( bullshit online ) cough , meaning dont fuck us just cause were nintendo fans treat us with the same respect and you will see your games sell and the system sell all these popycock excuses you fucking developers are giving are sad and transparent when niether sony or microtrash have sold a single system it boils down to pure sabatage by the gaming industry to nintendo for being so good at first party titles fuck you ea and all the rest of you fucking tards nintendo for life pc master race for life ps and xbone rot in hell

  • Logan Waltz

    fuck ea. just give us good games popular in japan like they’ve never done in the history of gaming and we’ll be good. ubisoft will probably get a nice profit if they are able to sell wii consoles. nobody else develops for it.

  • AlCaPwn

    All the games EA has released on the WiiU are old games that dont have everything the other consoles had, so EA is pretty darn stupid to “test the waters” with those games…

  • Wiiluigi

    EA = DEAD!

  • HypocritesRROD

    “EA is Crap”.

  • Will.F. Martinez

    interesting choice of words. lets see what happens.

  • david daniel wharton camacho

    well obviously we got a liar in lincon park…. look this where nice words and even if its a lie this won you my “no vote for you as worst company” so thanks for being nice and all.. now please give us games? :B


    Frostbite 3 runs poorly on the Wii U, but totally fine on the PS3 and 360? EA just spewing out more shit it seems.

  • John Raybell

    Its not just EA at this point, Its so so so so many other companys as well.

    Look at the launch line up again, tons of ports of old old old games.

    Company’s EA ETC-oh look a brand new nintendo console, lets see if people want this console, lets port a bunch of games everyone has already played on there ps3,xbox360,pcs.

    Consumer-What the fuck, We dont want that shit because its fucking old and shitty ports.

    Company’s EA ETC-Shit look likes nobody wants a wiiu-walks away.

    Fact is NOT A SINGLE COMPANY is listening to the consumers, including fucking NINTENDO, this is the major issue here, NO FUCKING CONTACT and the lack of GIVING A SHIT.

    So while everyone points the finger at EA I point the finger at ALL who deserve the finger! FUCK YOU EVERYBODY!

    ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
    ……….”…………. _.·´

  • Krypton Keeper

    “Wii U is not next gen!” *releasing Battlefield 4 (a “next gen” game) on PS3 and 360, 2 consoles with similar specs to the Wii U.

  • Dan

    From a business perspective, I understand this stance for next gen exclusive titles. However, you know dam well that they’re going to be releasing their annual sports titles on the Xbox 360 and PS3 so the “it’s not powerful enough” excuse doesn’t explain why no EA Sports titles are heading to the system.

  • Krypton Keeper

    I can’t wait until Xbone crashes and EA starts kissing Nintendo’s floor.