Apr 27th, 2013

Wii UNintendo is facing tough and changing market conditions, and stiff competition from both Sony and Microsoft, and even stiffer competition from mobile devices such as tablets.

Nintendo has confirmed that they’ll be showcasing a bunch of Wii U games at E3, which is a good starting point. But the Wii U needs more than games to turn things around.

In fact, many have called the Wii U “Nintendo’s last home console”, because it’s doing so poorly, sales wise. We think that’s a bit of a stretch, but there’s no doubt that the Wii U is in trouble.

Luckily, Nintendo is gearing up for E3 2013 to be one of the biggest the company has ever had. If not the biggest. Here are a few key reasons E3 2013 is the most important for Nintendo (and the Wii U) ever.

Nintendo needs something to ignite Wii U sales

The Wii U isn’t selling well, everyone knows this. There are three key reasons: 1) some find the price too high, 2) there aren’t enough quality games, and 3) Nintendo simply isn’t promoting the console. Nintendo needs to address all three issues at E3.

Iwata Wii UThey will certainly address the games issue: there will be at least 10 first party Wii U games showcased at E3, including a new Zelda. The two other reasons are a bit uncertain. Nintendo might start advertising the Wii U more during and after E3. Might. But one thing they need to do is to lower the price and/or offer new bundles.

Once the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 launch, the PS3 and 360 will drop in price, and this will be really tough on the Wii U. The Wii U won’t be able to compete with a $99 Xbox 360, which is what analysts are expecting Microsoft to do. There’s no way around it: Nintendo needs to lower the Wii U price. And the sooner the better.

We wouldn’t be surprised if the Wii U takes a price cut of $50, bringing it down to $249 and $299 for the Basic and Deluxe sets, respectively. We wouldn’t be surprised because retailers have already been selling Wii U consoles at these prices both in North America and Europe, in order to jump start sales.

Wii U games. And more games

While Nintendo will show off plenty of first party titles, on the third party front, things are look bleak. The Wii U literally has no key third party games coming out this year. The best we can look forward to is some EA Sports games this Fall. All of the major franchises are skipping the Wii U. Nintendo needs to do whatever it can to get third party publishers on board.

Wii U GamePadBut so far it seems like Nintendo has taken a different approach. Over the past few months, the company has been reaching out to indie game developers, going as far as offering free Wii U dev kits, which are usually worth thousands of dollars.

To make things even tougher for Nintendo, this year’s E3 will be dominated by Sony and Microsoft, both showing off their upcoming next-gen consoles. Nintendo risks getting lost in all the hype if they don’t have any big news themselves. Last year’s E3 presentation was one of the worst, with no real surprises at all. This year, we won’t have a Nintendo E3 press conference at all, we’ll have a bunch of smaller events and Nintendo Direct announcements.

No matter how you cut it, things are tough for the Wii U. Luckily, E3 2013 is Nintendo’s big shot at showing the world what they have in store for current and future Wii U owners. E3 2013 might very well be the event where we’ll know if the Wii U will be Nintendo’s last home console or not.

Be sure to also check out Top 10 Wii U games we’re looking forward to at E3 2013.

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  • Laud

    Lol every Nintendo console after the SNES was “Nintendo’s last home console.”

    They’re all idiots.

    The people who get a Wii U love their Wii U and once the games come out people will buy the console and realize how much value they’re getting.

    • Laud

      ” E3 2013 might very well be the event where weโ€™ll know if the Wii U will be Nintendoโ€™s last home console or not.”

      Uh, no it won’t be.

      Even if Nintendo failed 4 more times, they’ll try again.

      People call the Gamecube a failure but they made money so Nintendo disagrees. If Nintendo makes profit with the Wii U (which they are) they’ll consider it a success also.

      • The Clockwork Being

        Its like I said on a previous post on this site:

        “Keep in mind that during E3 of this year, PS and Xbox are going to steal the show even if you like it or not, its the truth. So the best thing to do is announce so pretty good titles and a few screenshots then with some playable demos during the E3 conference. Then make a Nintendo Direct a week after E3 that will be announcing multiple titles and things that will make the gamers and fans jump in their sets.

        It was shown that many people pay attention to the Nintendo Directs(many sites already having wrote full article 5 minutes in the Nintendo Direct) so its logical. I mean what would you choose. To advertise a software and its games at a show that wont be yours or make your own show, with your screen time and you being the star of it. So for me, Nintendo did the right thing. I’m sure if the Wii U was going to be presented at this year’s E3 they wouldn’t have made this decision.” – me

        • TashMasta

          so true

        • Ibi Salmon

          “It was shown that many people pay attention to the Nintendo Directs(many sites already having wrote full article 5 minutes in the Nintendo Direct) so its logical.”


          So how many of those sites are not sites strictly related to gaming?

          • 23

          • Ibi Salmon

            Care to list them all?

          • Nein, I relentlessly decline.

          • Ibi Salmon

            All right then.

          • How many people that actually care about what’s announced at E3 actually go to other sites for E3 news. If Nintendo decided to announce a new handheld through a direct you don’t think the non-gaming sites would write about it? I mean how on earth are new computers and phones announced without E3? There have never been new games and systems announced outside of E3! There’s no PAX and Sony did not hold a separate event for the PS4 last month!

          • Ibi Salmon

            I don’t think you get it. Screw it. I’m just going to post a link to this video. He’ll explain it better than I ever could:


          • Ok, how about you go ask some random people what E3 is. Unless you’re a gamer, you don’t know or care about E3 and what’s announced. I don’t remember Yahoo or CNN talking about the PS4.

            By the time standard news outlets talk about anything game related is when they’re blaming it for acts of violence or have nothing else to write about in the ‘tech’ section. How many of those reporters were at E3 press conference?

            And it’s not like Nintendo won’t be there. There will still be a showroom showing off new games and content. Do you think IGN or Gamespot will ignore all Nintendo E3 news just because there isn’t a boring press conference with 15 minutes of a little girl playing Kinectamles?

          • Ibi Salmon

            You’re not looking at the big picture. Yes, they may not actually go to E3 but they do watch the conferences(at least some of them).

            Nintendo is skipping a huge opportunity by not doing a press conference. They should be taking every chance they get to build hype for their struggling console, especially when their main console needs hype. If you can’t see that, then there’s no point in continuing this conversation.

          • What were the main reasons people wanted to see the conference? They wanted to see how the hardware would be used, what new games are coming, and how they looked with actually gameplay. Bethesda never has any issues at E3 and they don’t have a press conference. And note they said no big press conference. Remember the 3DS conference last year? I’m thinking we’ll see at least one like that.

          • Ibi Salmon

            *sigh* Sure. Fine. Whatever you say.

        • The Libyan

          I have this nagging feeling that after E3, we’re going to start seeing Playstation Direct and Xbox Direct…..

          • Tell that to the Sony drones.

          • The Clockwork Being

            The fans of those two franchise were saying the Nintendo Directs are stupid and that no one pays attention to them. but when we see a Playstation Direct and Xbox Direct, they will be screaming innovation and awesomeness. But I have respect for PS and if they do that then id lose a little respect.

      • david jarman

        Not that it matters at all but I still play my gamecube. It’s been come quite a collectible. I can’t get enough of mario sunshine and luigi’s mansion. I still rock to f-zero and Viewtiful joe! ๐Ÿ™‚

        • F-Zero and Viewtiful Joe being precisely two games I’m wondering why are not announced for the Wii U. :/

          • david jarman

            Well, I believe the guy who created Viewtiful Joe is working on the wonderful 101 and its been tweeted from the developers that f-zero is in the works.

          • Cubester_64

            I once heard a rumor that F-Zero was cancelled because Nintendo couldn’t go any further with the series, just like Starfox. Also like Starfox, F- zero was just made to show off the SNES’s capabilities. Please don’t h8.

          • Too late.

        • Evang3los

          Gamecube is my favorite nintendo system. They may have had fewer games, but so many of them were highly rated its incredible that it didn’t do better. Going back to look at game informer, there are a ton of 9 rated and above games. As long as wii u makes Nintendo’s wallet grow, and they bring me great games, I don’t care what analyst calls it a success. Besides, when the new ps and xbox come out people will see that their imaginations grossly hyped and exaggerated those consoles. Not that the Xbox will be bad, but the new PlayStation won’t be great. If it’s anyone’s last console, it will probably be Sony’s. They are the company with $300 million in debt. Nintendo has 8 billion dollars liquid.enough said

    • thedeciderU

      i love the closing of this article. it reads:
      “fd bdifu icns kjwn dfueh iudbc sjb dijn fiusb dkjsb dkvjb,” which roughly translates to “we want more page views, so come back and see if the wii u fails and is discontinued next week. we have nothing new to say right now, and since there is no bitchy pachter news, we will resort to this.”

      the points are valid, but the author pushes the overdramatic “this console will be nintendo’s last home console” angle a bit too hard. reporting news is okay, and believe me, i appreciate wiiudaily.com’s updates, but this kind of writing is amateur. and let’s see how the competition does this fall (which i am excited about and fully support).

      the author also completely forgot to mention awesome games like watch dogs and other ubisoft and indie releases (i’m sure i’ve left off a number of others as well). it will get better. the system update is a great improvement. vc, once better populated, will help some. most people that dismiss the wii u have not even tried it – it is tons of fun, and i myself was really weary when i first heard about the gamepad.

      does anyone proof their articles? i noticed at least two mistakes.

      • incoherent1

        I was just about to mention Watch Dogs and others. You beat me to it ๐Ÿ™‚

    • John Andalora

      I like the Wii U, but love is a strong word.
      Nintendo can’t rely on small adverts to sell the Wii U when they’ve been trying it with no success. And its lack of games is really starting to take its toll. I use my Wii U more now because my computer died on me, but if I had my computer it’d probably still be off.

      As for the GameCube argument, comparing systems doesn’t satisfy the problem right now. There are too many third variables in out current economic state to make such comparisons.
      And, if I remember correctly, the GameCube at least had games.

      • Laud

        The gamecube did not have as many Launch titles as the Wii U.

        All consoles have a drought at launch take a look at the PS3 launch window and look at it now, it’s caught up to the Xbox and beat it.

        I’ve already talked about how Nintendo will begin the marketing train in June.

        Right now they have no competition. What good would it do if they had a huge amount of consoles sold but not enough games to satisfy people? That’s why they’re waiting.

        It’s far too early to judge whether or not the system has succeeded or failed.

        • Siyam Mahamud

          How do they have no competition it’s competing with PS3 and Xbox360 right now and losing I might add. When you see titles like Tomb Raider, God of War, Gears of War, Bioshock: Infinite, Last of Us, Fuse, Beyond: Two Souls hitting PS3 and Xbox and skipping Wii U. Wii U is losing against current gen consoles how do you think it’ll fare against next gen consoles?

          • jay

            I disagree. But I don’t have time to explain why.

            Anyone can figure this out.

          • No. It IS a current gen system. PS3 and Xbox306 are last gens systems. People need to deal with the reality.

          • jay

            WHERE oh show me WHERE did I say Wii U was last gen?

          • BL4CKSH33P

            half of those are exclusives and will never be on a nintendo console, (thank god gears of war and god of war are terrible games with shallow stories and gameplay). Plus every new console loses to the last generation at launch you idiot They are more popular, cheaper, and developers now all the secrets to making the old consoles shine. Ps2 was destroying Ps3 and xbox360. Now developers have moved on and Ps2 is old news. If you think the ps4 is gonna come out with its ass full of titles then you are stupid. If anything My beloved Sony is in trouble because the exclusive titles they announced so far look terrible so it will be up to third party multiplat titles which they share with other consoles. Smack a 600+ dollar price tag on it and you have worse sales than the wii u at launch.

            I don’t know how you people do this all the time you see Nintendo walking on its magnificent tight rope claiming its going to fall after nearly 30 years of NEVER falling. Pathetic.

          • John Andalora

            Fail or not, they’re still competing with them. Why buy a $350 console with few games when you could buy a bunch of other games instead?
            Also, brand recognition now is vital to the rest of the console war. If the Wii U doesn’t start grabbing people’s attention now, they’ll probably just save up for the PS4 or new Xbox. They’ll think of the Wii u as “that one console I didn’t really want” and glaze over it.
            Nintendo is competing for more than just the past. They gotta give people a reason why to choose them in the new console war. They gotta fight the past to gain a future.

          • BL4CKSH33P

            Most gamers have these consoles already so the discounted price is mostly for casual gamers, if you are just now buying a console you are not an avid gamer. Brand recognition is there avid gamers know(for the most part) what wii u is. The people that have one already recognize nintendo for making the best video games. When marketing starts probably sometime this summer or fall, the rest (casual gamers) will find out about the wiiu. They will remember their wii say “this is gonna be a blast” and purchase a wiiu and play nintendo land for 6 months. IT IS ALL ABOUT THE PAST. Nintendo doesnt have to gain the future , they have the attention of the gamers, all they need is the attention of the developers which they r are doing.. If you think this old ass company doesn’t know what they are doing but some kid, or game analyst does than you are a fool. Money is bound to fall in their lap even if the wiiu sucked.

          • John Andalora

            Only gamers are considering the Wii U as a console because most Casual gamers think the Wii U is an add-on they put on their Wii. More often than not, they got a console, and they won’t put money on the Wii U till it has a better library of games.

            Avid gamers now think of the Wii U as that console they might get if something good comes out for it. Right now, the games are mostly ports or multi platform, with very few exclusives really standing out. Nintendo doesn’t need to add an HD Wind Waker to their game list, they need something that people didn’t already play years ago. If Nintendo doesn’t change peoples minds by the time that the other consoles are released, they probably aren’t going to be able to convince them at all.

            Again, people haven’t been paying attention to the Wii U’s marketing now. What makes you think they’ll listen in the Summer or fall? They need something like E3 that gets everyones attention instead of the 2 commercials no one outside of the Nintendo fandom is going to acknowledge.

            Clearly they don’t have the attention of gamers, as only 3% of the 100 million people who bought the Wii bought the Wii U right now. People aren’t going to move over to the Wii U just because the Wii was fun for some. You need to think of each console for what it is: Its own console. They need to show off the Wii U with games, not rely on who bought the Wii in the past and expect them to just go along for the ride.

            I think this company is making massive errors that I wouldn’t have expected them to make. I’d think Nintendo would’ve learned from all the other errors that everyone else has made. And right now, I’m concerned for Nintendo.

            They need to do a lot more than they are right now if they want to have any kind of success for the Wii U.

          • BL4CKSH33P

            I didn’t say casual gamers knew of wii u yet. I said once they do they will want one guaranteed. and caual gamers buy a bunch of games (not as much as avid gamers with money) they are just games no avid gamer would look at… I had a wii you should have seen the crazy shit in my library, but nintendo land is all they need.

            That’s how avid gamers think of all consoles, if you think otherwise you just contradicted yourself, and you are implying nintendo cannot win without change, but sony and microsoft can sell consoles just because people liked their last console.Plus whats wrong with releasing a game that FANS want to play get off their marketing plan and play their fucking games. Battlefield (my favoritelast gen shooter) announces battlefield 4 aka typical shooter game 2013 gets praised nintendo says had remake of zelda gets shit? exactly.

            I already said I agree that an e3 conference would be great, but I am a a gamer of 13 years they have been a successful game company for 30, i have common sense so I am assuming they have a plan, and i realize that i am in no place to critique them.

            That’s because casual gamers are ignorant about its existence … once they are enlightened… they will buy. What do people not get about that? what else would they buy? look at the ps3 conference one game would have caught a casual gamers attention… nintendos only casual competition is mobile games, and their own 3ds.

            Right… because they totally need your concern because you are knowledgeable of the gaming industry??? lol. dude i can understand being worried but being worried and then criticizing and offering ignorant insight makes you look like a douche especially when you are not qualified. Thats very different from opinion …

            And i bet you can’t name a single error that has not been acknowledged by nintendo.

          • John Andalora

            I doubt that. Casual gamers tend not to buy a new console until they get completely bored of the old one. Casual gamers tend to simply keep playing the same games they’ve had before because that’s what keeps them entertained.

            But, in order to get people aware of the casual market, Nintendo needs to… Advertise for it!

            As for Nintendo Land, it’s fun, but not “all they need” fun. It was fun at first, but now playing it is just kind of dull.

            Think of it from what the typical Avid gamer looks at:

            If the newest Next Generation console barely competes against the current generation console I have, then why should I buy it down the line when it’s competing against the other next generation consoles?

            For avid gamers, companies need to convince people that their console is worth buying. They need to fight the current gen and the next gen to get peoples attention. If they don’t succeed out the starting gate, people aren’t going to root for them in the rest of the race.

            Also, Battlefield and Link to the Past are terrible comparisons. Making a game for the fans is not the same as making an HD release of a game. People didn’t play Battlefield 4 10 years ago and then have it be one of 10 games that people announce in an HD remake of it. Battlefield 4 requires at least some effort in making.

            Just because something’s older than me doesn’t mean everything’s going to be perfect about it. No company is without error. Or must we discuss matters like Virtual Boy?

            So, your argument is they’ll buy it because there’s nothing else for it?
            You fail to see the possibility that they just won’t buy it because they don’t think it looks good, or don’t know what’s different about it, or don’t have some needy little kid wanting it anymore. Also, every little thing counts. Nintendo needs to try and get everyones respect so it can at least get more people telling other people to get it. I’ve seen store owners tell people not to buy the Wii U because they don’t think they’ll have fun. Nintendo needs to convince everyone that its good, or people just won’t care to buy it.

            Oh yeah, because you’re really the all knowing guru of gaming? Mr. “13 years of gaming” has it all figured out, huh?
            We’re all just gamers discussing the subject with other gamers. None of us have any freaking experience. And hell, I could be wrong. The Wii U could be a smashing success and I just don’t see it. But, all I can do is wait to be proven wrong, now can’t I?

            You want an error: here’s one for you.
            The new update on the Wii U didn’t make loading times quicker: It just spaced them out so people who are too slow to the draw won’t realize they have to wait the same time for crap. The difference is they made the loading screen time shorter, but the time it takes for everything to load up takes longer.
            Note first off that the Wii U home menu loads one screen at a time. Then, try clicking on one of those screens the second the icon appears for it. The Wii U has to think and calculate, and then, it still takes just as much time to load up the freaking game or app than it did before the update. I’ve clocked 20 seconds on loading Netflix like this.
            It also looks very glitchy. It has the icon saved for the last thing you loaded on it, and everything else is just appearing around it. Loading everything one little spot at a time just looks unattractive. Imagine how it would look if your computer or smartphone loaded everything up one little stop at a time like that when you switched between apps. It’d just be annoying, wouldn’t it? At least the old software update was presentable. The second the screen loaded up, you could pick what you wanted and it would load it up instead of just sitting there frozen for the same time.

            You can call this nitpicking if you want, but I think it freaking matters.

          • BL4CKSH33P

            “But, all I can do is wait to be proven wrong, now can’t I?” I have proven you wrong countless times. Your speculation is weak i wasn’t saying that they know more because they are older, they have experience and know what they are doing you had to test out the adjustments to the UI with a stop watch while they know exactly what is going on lol. I have only been gaming for 13 years because I grew up poor so Shut the fuck up. I don’t pretend to have it all figured out that is you and the people who think that your insight has any value at all. You know nothing ok. WE are gamers discussing games, your type thinks they know everything so they can critique and offer their idiotic opinions.

            I have gotten countless people hooked on Nintendo land, they come over and we all take turns on mario chase and the animal crossing attraction they love it. Face it you are not nearly as smart as you think you are, you have no common sense, no factual knowledge, and no experience, and you don’t even realize it. Your argument is weak and I’m annoyed, so I give up trying to explain to you that you will never know more than Nintendo when it comes to their own fucking company, and industry. They have been doing this before you were accidentally conceived.

          • BL4CKSH33P

            Sorta unfair for me to quit with out refuting your points and just getting aggravated but I wasn’t having fun and that argument was going nowhere so… yeah

          • John Andalora

            You typed so much, but all I saw was “Waa! Waa!”

          • Laud

            By comparing the Wii U to previous consoles you’ll see that the Wii U has had the best launch in the history of the industry. (Aside from the Wii)

            Those consoles have been around for over 6 years there’s no way to compare them and still be fair.

            Also, it’s no longer “current gen consoles”

            The Wii U is a current gen console and the Xbox 360 and PS3 are last gen consoles. The Wii U was the first to step into the 8th generation of consoles.

            Bioshock Infinite and Tomb raider have been in the works since before the Wii U was announced so how the hell do you expect them to be on the console? It isn’t easy to port games you know.

          • The Clockwork Being

            Your comments has flaws. First look at this:

            PS exclusives:God of War, Last of Us, Beyond: 2 souls

            Xbox exclusives:Gears of War

            EA wont release a good game except for sports on the Wii U. Fuse will come on the PS3 and Xbox 360 but lets take a look at it. You dont want to favorise Nintendo(your worst enemy now) by making a game that will obviously look better on their console the the rest.

            But for tomb raider and Bioshock Infinite its just the problem was that the game was already in production before the Wii U even came out if im not mistaking.

        • John Andalora

          How many games did it get in the first 6 months? Did Nintendo try to plug retro games and advertise them as if they were special? Did Nintendo give a cheap update to the GameCube in its first six months?

          Have game developers seriously not learned from past mistakes? PS3 should’ve been an eye opener to Nintendo to make some more games at their launch. What’s more, if they’re going to add hardware, they shouldn’t have expected third party developers to just jump on it without at least showing people how to do it. They need to be the leader of their console by showing others how it’s done with some interesting IP. I currently use my Wii U for Netflix. That’s it.
          And, to my memory, the Wii’s release had a good deal of games that were fun, unique, showed off the controls, and kept flowing after release. I thought that release was very good, and had a very small slump at best. What happened?

          People haven’t been paying attention to Nintendo’s advertising so far. What makes you think that they’ll listen to then in June?

          Yes, it still has competition; Xbox 360 and PS3 are still selling games. And frankly, the question in everyone’s head right now is “why spend $350 for one or two games when I could spend that for 6 games?”

          The reason why they aren’t selling enough consoles is because of a lack of good games for it. Waiting to release more games until more consoles are sold is like opening a milk ranch with one cow, but waiting to sell the milk until you collect 1000 gallons. The cow gets old, the milk spoils, and then no one will drink it.
          If Nintendo doesn’t make games, people won’t be interested. If they aren’t interested, then people won’t buy it. If they don’t buy it, Nintendo won’t make games for it.
          It’s a paradox. And a bad one.

          Nintendo needs to get the ball rolling, or the Wii U won’t sell.

    • Adrian Brown

      I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been hearing the โ€œNintendoโ€™s last home consoleโ€ stuff since the N64, and they will call the succesor to the Wii U the same way, and its succesor… well you got the idea.

      As you said I love my Wii U, it’s great to see how it is evolving, slowly, but at least it’s doing it. And the best is yet to come!

      • Adrian

        It’s really confusing seeing your name on here. Haha. (I was like “Wait, did I reply to this thread already?”) Haha.

        • Adrian Brown


    • jay

      Smash Bros Brawl sold 10M.

      If it’s true that they will show Smash Bros HD this e3.

      Then at least 10M people should be excited.

      • Maybe so, but not necessarily.

        • Hopefully so,he’s talking about Melee though right?

          • jay

            No Brawl.

          • Ah well its up in the air then, even though brawl was bloody awesome fun

          • jay

            Melee sold about half of what Brawl did just FYI.

          • Because brawl was so damn good, but I dont think everyone will hop on the new one just as fast.

    • wiiucompl

      Statistically, the Wii U is perhaps better or similar than the Wii as regards the number of games.

      Look at the chart:

      • Laud

        Interesting article.

        Udaily should report on it.

      • The Wii U is also seeing the same kind of games that generally plagued the Wii–games that no one really cares about. If Wii U meets the game sales of Wii, given that most of those Wii games were casual games, shovelware and lame third-party knock-offs, and given that such doesn’t appear to be changing much with Wii U at the moment, that’s not stating much to be positive about. If Wii U awesome even just 5 solid major games a month, that’d be awesome.

        • david jarman

          What games are those? I have plenty of games on my U right now. I have two decent ports blops 2 and Mass effect. I have spider man which had issues on all consoles. I have an awesome port NFS. Nintendoland is awesome for my whole family. As of the indie down loads, nano assault neo is mind blowing and so is trine 2: director’s cut. Not too mention the wife and I get down Super Mario bros. wii u.
          I want toki tori cause from what adults say on miiverse it is quite the fun puzzler and rewarding.

          To be honest nintendo games are usually well polished and highly anticipated. If nintendo’s new games stay highly polished and third party developers keep taking their time to understanding wii u’s architecture and make a polished game and not a rush port then the system will start selling more. From that statement you made about it makes want to believe you don’t own one.

        • wiiucompl

          So far most of the games released for the Wii U is just good or very good. How many games on this list is really bad?

          My point is that the number of games for the Wii U is statistically good. There must only be published regularly. And given a choice between genres.

          If I’m not mistaken the number of games on the Wii was greater than the Xbox 360 and Ps3?

          Casual games, shovelware?
          Some players need one good title for half a year and is happy. Not all gamers are collectors. For the Wii I had about 30 titles and it was great. For Wii U I have 20 games for me and my family and is even better.

    • Destructonator101

      When I saw the mentioned wii u zelda, I just went back to the old article from ages ago saying that the next zelda coming in 2014, blah blah blah. It just made me feel more confident. because when u apply that info to this years E3, its just like, no matter if there is a big conference or not, nintendo will kick ass.

    • atl hawks

      I fail to see why everybody is shocked at this. I hate to say this, but recently E3 had been nothing extraordinary,heck even adequate at best. Seeing Microsoft’s past 3 conferences and Sony’s on and off lineup it’s clear to see the event is a waste of time. Even Nintendo couldn’t top 2010 with therm looking lost in what they want to show. It’s just for the investors and casuals to buy more of their products with very little for the core gamers to be excited about. Nintendo is smart for making this move ,not only does it allows for more games being announce for the older crowd, Nintendo don’t have to worry about investors since they will cater to them in a small conference, so we win either way.

    • Umm I been trying to sell my Wii u actually and no one wants it with 6 games 2 Wii u remotes, 1 nunchuck, microphone and its the delux version and I put in mariokart Wii and the steering whell and no nibbles just 1 wanted to trade their 3ds with no games.

      • How about a 3DS, and an XBOX 360 with 10+ AAA titles?

      • Nintendofreak

        or you can go n traded in at gamestop n get 55 bucks

      • Fred

        How much were you asking for it?

      • jay


        How much you want for it?

    • TheLast

      You want to know some ironic news?

      “Though hard to believe, the SNES was originally looked at negatively when it was announced. When the system first launched, it received a rather lukewarm reception from critics and gamers alike, who felt its initial lineup offered little beyond what was already available on the original NES. For example, Super Mario World (which is itself an example of this trope) was initially perceived as a stale rehash of Super Mario Bros. 3. And, over the next three years (give or take), the system played second fiddle to the Sega Genesis in terms of popularity and media coverage in the US. Over time, however, it gradually gained mainstream recognition and popularity, thanks in no small part to such revolutionary games as Super Metroid and Star Fox. It is now considered to be one of the greatest gaming systems ever made.”

    • Emanuel Vargas

      Nintendo is still looking very good in comparison to Sony. Sony is a smaller company than Nintendo with a fairly large pile of debt, while Nintendo, the bigger company, is debt free and sitting there with a gigantic pile of cash. They are not going anywhere anytime soon, and they can take a very large number of hits before they resort to going only handheld, which they are still dominating.

      • jay

        its a trip isnt it? I remember when Sony was a giant compared to Nintendo.

  • Gabe Hoffman

    Well Wii U is getting Rayman Legends, Watch Dogs, Splinter Cell Black List AC3 Black Flag, and Batman Arkham Origins all those I would consider key third party titles.

    • Nintedward

      Disney Infinity , Skylanders Swap force (yeah , kiddy games but key none the less) , A plethora of Indie games , It just got Lego City , Injustice , Monster Hunter three key third party games. Lego Marvel Super heroes , Lego Chima , Resident evil revelations HD , etc etc

    • JuleyJules

      Love how the writer makes mistakes and says no big games are coming. You mention a few as does Nintendward. The EA sports games the writer says are coming aren’t. Why on wiiu daily do they just provide more fodder for the trolls? Is this wiiubashingdaily.com?

    • Siyam Mahamud

      And games like Battlefield 4, Metro: Last Light, Destiny, Bioshock:Infinite, Fuse, Grand Theft Auto V, Tomb Raider didnt and won’t be on Wii U

      • jay

        No one knows this yet.

        Quit stating shit like it’s fact. Makes you seem immature.

        • You know, you look incredibly stupid when you go about correcting people and you’re dead wrong. As a matter of fact, we DO know this already, if you’d just do a little research.

          MOST of those games he mention HAVE been either cancelled or skipped with the Wii U from official announcements, and the few last remaining are games where no mention was made of a Wii U version.

          EA straight-out said that Battlefield 4 isn’t coming to Wii U. Metro: Last Light got cancelled from coming to Wii U, saying it’s no longer in development for Wii U. Bungie has made absolutely no mention of a Wii U version of Destiny, though even many analysts think it’s not likely they will.

          Bioshock: Infinite isn’t coming to Wii U and Ken Levine said they have no plans to bring it to Wii U. Grand Theft Auto V has made no promotions of a Wii U version, and given the nature of this statement:

          “The main thing is we are not… we are a third-party publisher. We’re
          not Nintendo, we’re not Sony, we’re not Microsoft. We love all of them
          in different ways. But we can do what we want wherever there’s the
          appropriate business opportunity and chance to find a market.”

          …and given the Wii U’s relatively poor sales, I sincerely doubt it’ll come to the Wii U. And Crystal Dynamics have already said that Tomb Raider is not coming to the Wii U because they would want to tailor the experience to the Wii U ‘s unique interface, but have already made it a goal to deliver
          the same gaming experience across PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

          So you owe this dude an apology. Otherwise, it will be YOU who would seem immature.

      • darkstar18

        LoL if anything it looks like Destiny will come 2 the WII U oh and plz show me were it was confirmed that GTA5 wont come to wii u? XD

      • they are all bland generic shooters wii u owners or true gamers could care less about we have innovative titles that are fun to play to worry about honestly are you not shootered out I bought tomb raider for ps3 and I was so pissed I took my ps3 in with all my games and traded it for monster hunter and nfs most wanted and I never looked back

        • Could y’all sto with this kinda gamer or that kinda gamer talk? By the way the proper terminology is “dedicated gamer” And truth is those arent the people buying into the marketing bullcrap. I

  • theBALLANCEDopinion

    People are all discussing how difficult the situation is for nintendo
    and im just siting here worrying that i wond be able to afford Pikmin 3, Win Waker HD, Mario Kart U, Super Smash Bros U, and the butload of other games coming out.

    • andrewjcole

      Think of the amount of times we’ve heard that games are coming out “in the summer” or “fall”. Patience and games will come.

    • Siyam Mahamud

      More Mario and Zelda and then Some more Mario. You’ve already played Mario Kart, and Zelda: Wind Waker. Anticipating rehashes of games you’ve already played shameless. I’ll give you Pikmin and Super Smash Bros. U.

      • jay

        ummm you just contradicted yourself.

        By your logic Pikmin and Smash Bros are also “rehashes”.

        By your logic Bioshock, gears of war and tomb raider are also “rehashes”.
        Yet you praised them being on xbox/ps3.

      • BL4CKSH33P

        If you are not Excited for Wind Waker in HD on the WII fucking U LEAVE!! Now! Go die somewhere and then respawn in one of your “hardcore” games, fake ass gamers. Mario kart isn’t a remake so he hasn’t played it. Sorry for feeding the trolls guys but I wish I Could punch them in their stupid troll faces.

        • You should really learn the difference between someone trolling and someone just offering a differing opinion–even if poorly-informed. You don’t have to be a troll to not be excited about Wind Waker HD. I LOVE Wind Waker, but from the looks of it, it seems all they’re doing to it is adding bloom effect to the original game and upscaling it to HD.

          I would hope they’d totally remodel the game instead of putting a new coat of paint on an old game. Again, I LOVE Wind Waker, but just slapping an “HD” on it doesn’t mean it’s something worth blind excitement over.

          Of course, I’m talking with fanboys here, and not so much well-tempered fans who can respect a differing opinion without assuming people are attacking Nintendo, so I anticipate that I’ll likewise see most of you here Dislike my comment on that basis–never mind if some people here are making something of a valid point.

          Be a rational fan, not a rabid fanboy.

          • fireheartis1

            You do have a valid point on they shouldn’t just ad a new paint job, how ever, Mr. Iwata has already said that they are adding new gameplay elements, and fixing what didn’t work in the first Wind Waker. To me that’s reason enough to be excited. Wind Waker is my favorite Zelda game and if they can fix the long travels by ocean I’m down for that. Plus imagine what you can do with GamePad and the Wind Waker itself. Those right there are reason enough to be excited.

          • Until I have details as to exactly what that is, I still have little reason to get excited over the announcement. As far as I know, those “new gameplay elements” could be as little as adding an interactive map on the GamePad or some novelty that doesn’t drastically improve the game.

            There’s not much they can do with Wind Waker on Wii U that I couldn’t already do with the GCN/GBA connection for the original Wind Waker, except perhaps some motion-control gimmick or map-drawing feature that wasn’t really necessary for the game itself.

            Of course, I know that we all have our preferences, and that’s cool. Though, if you ask me, if they did make the travels across the ocean shorter (which, actually, was one of the things I personally enjoyed most in the game), is that really great and different enough of a reason to play the same game all over again? For me, not so much.

            Of course, I’m not saying that Nintendo will disappoint–they might just do a good job with the remake. But even with a good remake, that is simply not enough for most people to go out buying a Wii U.

            I don’t buy a game system to play a game I played on two systems ago. I like classic games, but not as the main course. They OWE the long-time Nintendo gamers–people who supported them through thick and thin–a menu of a lot more brand-new games. Heck, we’re waaaay past due for an exciting brand-new Nintendo IP.

            A Wind Waker remake targets those who probably already owned a Wii U and who enjoyed playing the original Wind Waker on GameCube, more than it appeals to potential new customers. I don’t want a mere Wind Waker remake. Neither do people looking at the Wii U for reasons to buy one.

            I and other people want Nintendo to develop and encourage more games on their systems like F-Zero, Fire Emblem, Golden Sun, Metroid, an online 3D Pokemon game, an online multiplayer Custom Robo, and other games that could find a great home on the Wii U.

            Bust out brand-new IPs left and right–it’s been years since we’ve seen a major new IP from Nintendo. They’re running themselves dry constantly relying on their long-time IPs, and then remaking the classic games I’ve already long played, beaten, and enjoyed.

            Heck, I’d rather play a Golden Sun remake on Wii U than a Wind Waker remake–Wind Waker on GameCube was already rather perfect to me. I’d rather see Wind Waker as a mere e-Shop remake than a major-announcement title.

          • I dont know all this co-op in zelda talk is making people quake in their boots

          • edwincarp

            Seeing high value in certain kinds of entertainment can be considered irrational, but it’s all subjective. Maybe you’ve become too used to the idea spinning around in your head that ‘Nintendo isn’t doing anything new.’ Actually, I think the Wii U looks like it has the potential to do all kinds of wacky things. The concern you have is that you don’t want to see it happen with Nintendo’s existing franchises (apart from a few), you want to see it happen with new IP’s. I actually sympathize with you greatly there, but I have to say that it’s just people’s perceptions that have changed. If Nintendo replaced Mario with a different character and gave him different moves, that would count as a new ip. So, I think your perceptions have changed. I don’t think you’re interested in what Mario, Zelda etc games are all about, because you’d rather see whole new things. You would, in the least, like to see characters replaced but in similar kinds of experiences. I’m sure of it. I’m certain that’s what is going through your mind, because all in all, Nintendo’s games are among the best, and are of the highest quality many times. Besides, all games have to be restricted to genres, and Nintendo has one for each genre. They keep the same characters, add new elements, take elements away, add a few side-characters, etc, all so they can flex the genre. games on other systems are the same – they are all based on similar genres and conventions.

            I think Miyamoto said he’d be working on a new ip, and Pikmin as a series will only have its third game. Nintendo is also rethinking Zelda. Bayonetta 2, lego City, project X, each of them are new ips.
            So, maybe it will work out for you. We shall have to see. Obviously I can’t force my opinion on you though.

          • BL4CKSH33P

            Wow what a terrible conclusion you jumped to. First off look at his other posts fool he is a troll, or an idiot. The game is not just gonna have lazy up scaled graphics. If i were a fanboy why would i bother with multiplats? One of my favorite genres is jrpg which is most popular on sony consoles. I don’t know how well you think you can analyze a stranger but you are not good at all. I love opinions because I like to crush them controversy is fun. AND wind waker is the best hd remakes have ever gotten from what I have seen. look at all these other hd re-releases laziness at its finest, just like the “fanboy” card you people play when you can’t think of an actual argument against a superior mind, dick face.

          • BL4CKSH33P

            DOWNVOTED BITCH!!! boom shakalaka! comeback when you are born before 1995. lol
            Immaturity and aggravation at its worst.

      • They’re not the same game, smart guy. Every Mario Kart has a different feel and plays different. What kind of argument is that? Even the WW HD will be different in gameplay.

        • Different? How so? Revamped yes. Fitted for the gamepad yes, but its still exploration

    • you too?

    • I know a most of you won’t agree, but to be honest, a remake of Wind Waker–as great as the original game was–is not strong enough reason to shell out $300 on a new console. It’s not even that great a remake, by the look of those screenshots–it seems they just merely took the GameCube version and added bloom effect everywhere. From the little shown, it seems they’re doing little to make more than adding a few filter effects and upscaling the game to HD.

      Mario Kart is on every platform, and rarely differs much from the last title, so you’re not missing a whole lot in not owning a Wii U for Mario Kart. As much as I like the series, if you’ve played one, you’ve played them all.

      Heck, not even Pikmin 3, Super Smash Bros. U and a new Zelda game alone are enough in themselves–not when there’s not enough third-party titles to help fill the void of games while other first-party games are undergoing development. I don’t think it’s necessarily pessimistic to look at negative issues realistically.

      I don’t think it’s unrealistic to perceive just how much Nintendo’s hurting from the lack of third-party games right now. And frankly, with Nintendo asking questions like, “Why make a new F-Zero? What left can we do new with it?” and showing no real indication for a new Metroid game, I’m not particularly the most confident with Nintendo’s stance in first-party titles at the moment.

      I mean, Nintendo thought for some reason that Nintendo Land was worthy enough to headline their E3 presentation last year–I haven’t felt that sad then as a Nintendo fan in years. And to NOT have a press conference this year at E3 will only hurt Nintendo more, because PlayStation 4 is doing a good job hogging the gaming industry’s interest, and prospects of a next Xbox is all the talk and it hasn’t even been officially confirmed yet. Nintendo NEEDS to present a press conference at E3 2013, esp. since they’ve done very little promoting of the Wii U on their own. They NEED to show why Zelda and Smash Bros. will be sufficient reasons to buy a Wii U, when there are new consoles on the horizon and people will buy only one this holiday season.

      And as much as I LOVE Zelda and Super Smash Bros., I’m wondering if that’s all I’ll have great to play on Wii U. What made GameCube awesome was that it had first-party titles SUPPORTED by great exclusive third-party titles, like Rogue Squadron: Rogue Leader and Viewtiful Joe. You can’t expect a handful of first-party titles to carry a console’s life cycle.

      And even as much as I like indie games (which they’re targeting more), I don’t think most of them are strong enough or big enough games to carrying the Wii U. By their very nature, indie games are notoriously short experiences. Indie games also tend to under-deliver in their promise more times than not. Many look good in the trailers but rather suck after a while when you play them. Certainly, not all, but certainly, the good indie games are not the majority. If gems are rare with the major-developed games, they’re even rarer with indie games.

      I haven’t given up hope on Wii U. But at the same time, I’m not going to be so optimistic that I blind myself from seeing Nintendo’s facing a very tough situation right now. There’s no reason to give up hope yet, but there’s also nothing wrong at looking at the reality of the situation, either.

      • Kitsune Hazard

        True that those games won’t be enough to sell the system but how about when you look at the full catalog? You’ll have, come fall:

        Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
        Wonderful 101
        Scribblenauts Unlimited
        New Super Mario Bros U
        Lego City: Undercover
        Rayman: Legends
        ZombiU (Will be older but decent value title)
        NFS:MW (probably the best version outside of the PC)
        Deus Ex: HR (with fixed boss battles…finally)
        Batman: Arkham Origins
        Splinter Cell
        Mario Kart
        Super Smash Brothers U
        Wind Waker HD
        Watch Dogs
        Assassin’s Creed IV
        Monolith’s “X” game
        Disney Infinity
        Project CARS
        Resident Evil: Revelations
        Game and Wario
        Pokemon Rumble U

        That doesn’t even start on the VC games (Earthbound anyone?), unannounced games (Dragons Quest X maybe?) or indie downloads on the eShop which will be available. It may not be one game…but what if there’s 4 or more that you want? Changes things drastically…

        Especially when you consider that the NextBox and PS4 will not be under $400 most likely. (Unless MS goes crazy with their $99+monthly fee thing)

      • Nintendofreak

        its more a nostalgia thing than a system seller i loved the ww it was my first loz game n since then i have played to completion every game except the first two , four swords, the other four swords, phantom , and spirit tracks n still going to buy ww

      • BL4CKSH33P

        You are just as shallow of a gamer as I thought you were. They announced new features for the wind waker remake, and second if it looks like this is just another typical hd remake you are an idiot plus like nintendofreak said its nostalgia too. Won’t sell consoles? Monster hunter did and its a wii remake. btw its the oldest trick in the book to say you love something and then bash it k you aren’t fooling anyone. I’m not saying you wouldn’t bash it if you did love it but that’s not what u r doing because i’d be willing to bet that you don’t “LOVE” it. More proof that you have no idea what the fuck you are talking about! you are mixing your own opinion with the opinion of the entire industry… you are saying wii u is not doing great due to what? low sales and few games? wait the gamecube was great? but it had these problems… contradiction sir. Real Nintendo fans dont have blind faith in Nintendo, we just know how they work and this is how they work every fucking time and dumbass people who think they know shit because they played all the call of duty games can analyze them and criticize them for performing the same way thay always do!! Wii u launched stronger than 360 and ps3 SO… SHUT THE FUCK UP… kid!

        sorry i have to be so rude to this kid guys I know it looks immature but I’m sick of this shit hes just the last straw

    • My main problem is I’ll be able to afford them, but how am i going to clear the time to play them all lol

      • Fred

        You’re not going to have time to play them all. Nor will I, but what a great problem to have. Anytime you want to play, there’s something fun to play.

  • Jimmy D. Fugate

    “The Wii U literally has no key third party games coming out this year.”

    RE Revelations, Splinter Cell Blacklist, Rayman Legends, AC IV, Batman: Arkham Origins, Watch Dogs, Ubisoft’s “full physics related project”…

    • Ravyu

      The Writers are likely to be 10 year olds that don’t even have a Wii U I swear

  • discuss

    Nintendo is giving Xbox and Playstation a really good position to steal their customers. Also didn’t Nintendo state that they aren’t going to do a lot at the E3?
    I am wondering if Nintendo has any strategy at all or if the company has become a mess.

    • david jarman

      I don’t think a company that re-organizes itself isn’t planning anything. Most nintendo fans are Xbox and ps3 fans who just purchase the system to do one thing! Play nintendo games!

      • discuss

        If a company was doing good they wouldn’t need to re-organize. That second comment made no sense.

        • david jarman

          It makes perfect sense. You stated that Xbox and Sony are going to steal nintendo customers. A lot (if not mos)t nintendo customers own a ps3 or Xbox and are their customers already. The reason why us Xbox/ps3 fans buy nintendo systems is not to play third party, but to play nintendo games.

          • discuss

            Where did you get this data?

          • david jarman

            I’m 36. I’ve been gaming for ages and every forum I’ve been in most of the adult age gamers own multi consoles. Go to ps4daily you’ll find more then half to people here are on that site as well. Why do think people really want exclusives? Plus, I did a poll at GameStop.

          • discuss

            So the only “data” you have is from forum browsing? Seeing people on ps4daily can mean a lot of things.

            In the end it’s based on nothing reliable.

          • david jarman

            My point is people want to play nintendo games. Lots of people. Even the ps3 and Xbox fans. The numbers of the sales speak for the games. A lot of those purchases were from homes that had multi systems.

          • discuss

            But the Wii U sales are bad …

          • david jarman

            They’ve sold more then Xbox and ps3 did during their lunch period. Besides, people are waiting to see how the heavy hitters from nintendo will be before they commit.

          • discuss

            Comparissons to numbers so long in the past make no sense because the market changes. There is a lot of news about the Wii U selling bad for example: http://www.mcvuk.com/news/read/wii-u-suffers-historically-bad-us-sales-performance/0112520

          • david jarman

            No cause that’s exactly what you compare to, each others launch.

          • discuss

            You compare it to the current situation, not one 6 years ago.

          • BL4CKSH33P

            well where’s your “data” asshole?

          • D.M.T

            It’s common sense. A lot if not most Nintendo fans are not loyal to the Nintendo brand like Sony fans are. We appreciate all types of games which is why we buy consoles from different companies. We refuse to be loyal to Nintendo unless Nintendo has excellent 3rd party support but we all know it doesn’t.

          • david jarman

            I up voted you cause that was a very reasonable question.

          • D.M.T

            And you are the reason for Nintendo’s lack of 3rd party support because you only play Nintendo games. If you actually bought 3rd party games than 3rd parties would bring their games to Nintendo consoles. You have no one but yourself to blame.

          • david jarman

            No. First of all I’m not blaming anybody so I don’t know where that came from. This conversation had nothing to do with third party developers. I do purchase third party games when they are polished and not rushed. However, if I were to point a finger to blame I would point it at them. Third party companies are to blame themselves by not making a port polished for a system. We always point the fingers every which way but the people making the games. Would it be fair if I said you were the reason why third parties don’t try harder?

          • D.M.T

            It won’t be fair because most of my games are 3rd party, I don’t just buy Nintendo consoles for Nintendo games. I buy Nintendo consoles for all types of games. Maybe if Nintendo fans bought 3rd party games more often then 3rd party devs wouldnt release games that are not polished. But I’m not just blaming Nintendo fans, i’m also blaming 3rd party devs themselves for the lack of support. All they care about is graphics

          • david jarman

            I don’t always buy third party unless they polish it and not just rush the port. For example I bought nfs. I also bought a few unpolish third parties like Mass effect, blops 2 and Spiderman. I will be buying splinter cell and deus ex cause they are actually putting in effort. The game I really want right now is the wonderful 101. So I do support them. I even support polished indie games such as Trine 2 and nano assault neo. I feel like it should be the other way around with third party developers trying to win back hardcore nintendo fans by making games on our system better if not just as good as nintendo first party titles.

          • Quicksilver88

            I have to agree that what Nintendo needs is more creativity and unique titles from 3rd parties. I mean Nintendo innovates cool features like motion controls, dual screen, even handheld to console connectivity. Mostly only Nintendo makes games that properly utilize their innovations. Wii did have a few good unique 3rd party titles like Mad World 1/2 and Red Steele 2 was good but it was disturbing that it had a 100mil installed base and so few publishers would take risks with unique projects. The problem that has been persisted since N64 is when you go to the store to spend money on games and you are going to choose a Nintendo title or a 3rd party for Nintendo where do your dollars usually go? Nintendo rarely makes a game that scores less than an 85 and most third party never score above an 85 so what you have is squeamish 3rd party publishers that don’t want to compete against Nintendo on their systems. Meanwhile Sony does publish some good content on their system and Microsoft has almost no good first party outside Halo (which I could care less about) so the 3rd parties have a clearer path to success. All the shitty 3rd party on wii also makes us consumers distrustful so I am not sure how it will ever change unless Nintendo stops making awesome games or 3rd parties get more creative and take more risks…..neither of which I see happening.

          • david jarman

            I very much feel the same way, but there is still faith. I appreciate 3rd parties like platinum, ubi soft, criterion and hopefully Squarenix who put time into the games. I can’t wait to see what project cars developers do. I hope that these companies push and taunt the other companies by saying look what we can do on this system, stop bitching and step it up.!(Sigh)

        • YoG99

          Good things come from limits and restrictions. If Nintendo isn’t able to compete with next xbox, ps4, tablets, etc … they will find a new niche to fill (look at what they did after Gamecube: motion). For years, I strongly believe Nintendo will be the company who will sucessfully bring the virtual reality to gamers (on console) and/or brainwaves reading. Gamers will always buy Big N’ consoles because of their unique games: Mario and Zelda have been copied, their games are better, period. There is no better Mario Kart game than Mario Kart itself.

          Nintendo is not a normal company. They jumped in the video games after being a card games company while the industry was on its knees and they develop Mario and Donkey Kong because of an arcade failure (learn history kids). This company has more than a century and always innovations somewhere to surprise anyone.

          • discuss

            Companies change, it’s not 1982 anymore.

          • david jarman

            We still have apple.

          • YoG99

            That’s the whole point. They will adapt to a new situation. Actually, in my humble opinion, Wii lacks a bit of quality in games because it was selling like crazy. No need to reinvent the wheel when your business runs so well. No need for an HD Wii when the SD one prints money. That’s why I think it’s a “good” thing they were facing a bit of troubles right now, just wait and check what will emerge from that. I really think that we’ll all be blown away before the end of the year with the quality of their first party games.

        • BL4CKSH33P

          That’s not true, and you are stupid if you think it is.

  • Starfoxguy

    You guys do know that Nintendo will not have a presentation this year, right?

    • Captain Falcon

      Nintendo will definitely not be having a presentation this year, but they will be showcasing games.

    • Zuxs13

      You are correct, they are not having “a” press event. They are having multiple events. Just not a large international one.

  • Dylan Tosti

    No key 3rd-Party titles? Bayonetta 2, anyone? And why does Wii U Daily insist that Nintendo is revealing a new Zelda at E3?! You reference this ‘”confirmed” for E3 Zelda game’ in many articles, even though it doesn’t exist.

    • ‘They’ do exist, moron. They are called Wind Waker HD and the new 3DS Zelda game.

      How stupid are you?

      • Dylan Tosti

        Stfu you idiot. “They will certainly address the games issue: there will be at least 10 first party Wii U games showcased at E3, including a new Zelda.” He’s talking about Wii U games here, not 3DS. He said “new,” not remake. And if you go look at this article http://wiiudaily.com/2013/04/top-10-wii-u-games-were-looking-forward-to-at-e3-2013/ he cites a brand new Zelda as his most anticipated reveal of E3, even though it was NEVER EVER confirmed.

        I know what I’m talking about. How stupid are you?

        • The Wind Waker HD game is still a ‘new’ game.

          So ya, you are still an idiot.

          • Dylan Tosti

            I’m not going to argue with you, because I’m not a tool, but from that other article it’s clear that the author is under the impression that a new Zelda game is being revealed at E3, and I just want to know why he thinks that. Sorry I told you to stfu and called you an idiot.

          • YoG99

            A new Zelda is in dev for Wii U (I’m not talking about Wind Waker HD). It’s not confirmed but there are good chances they will show something, at least a teaser at E3. Remember the hype created by Twilight Princess in 2004 ? Got goosebumps each time I watch it on youtube ๐Ÿ™‚

        • But they did confirm the new zelda to be shown at this years e3 along with the wind waker remake.

        • I agree that it has not been confirmed officialy, but still chances are big that they will reveal a “new” zelda (not talking about windwaker HD) In fact even today I heard from a reliable source who’s a MASSIVE Zelda fan (even more then me 0_o) that this e3 Nintendo will show their new zelda title due to be released late 2014.

          It’s said the new title will be a sequal to Twillight Princess. but we’ll see for sure in a few months I guess.

          • Holy mother of god my two favorite Zelda games both getting sequels? I could hardly contain myself if that was so.

      • jay

        a NEW Zelda is in development. It’s been for over a year now. They confirmed this during the Wind Waker HD Nintendo Direct.

        BUT it’s NOT confirmed for E3. And I doubt we’ll see it since it’s too early in development.

        Not arguing just sharing the info ๐Ÿ™‚

  • david jarman

    People fail to realize that nintendo actually makes money.

    • Chiwawaboi

      exactly. hasnt anyone heard of a 3ds? anyone?

      • 3DS isn’t that that super cool new handheld well not new anymore but still super cool (Sarcastically spoken as I know far to well what 3DS is :P) got 2 new games for that fun thingy today ๐Ÿ™‚ A total of 7 games now and I have the system for 5 months ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Only 7? For shame should be 16 at this point

          • I disagree on that not gonna bother to much on details but for me I only buy games I like and that are only seven, cba on luigi’s mansion for example, I buy only games I’m interested in, nit gonna buy every game because everyone says it’s great, I know my taste better then anyone so sorry to disagree with you.

          • >Doesnt own a single Mario game<

    • In business, there’s a difference between making money and making profits. The 3DS is making profits. The Wii U, on the other hand, is probably just merely making some money, probably not really touching the zone of profit yet.

      • david jarman

        Actually, according to the their report that I believe that came out in march they made a small profit of the wii u. At least that’s what heard.
        In business, there’s also a big difference in making money and losing money.

  • Considering the supposedly outed information about the NextBox on IGN, I’m pretty sure Nintendo’s only real competitor will be Sony.

  • Veries Seals

    Who ever Kingsley is, he seems to like writing Wii U doom and gloom articles. From what I see the Wii U is constantly improving. Great updates, great games released and more coming and gaining more support. Yes some of the support are from Newer independent developers but that is a great thing. I am sure we will see more traditional support once they see that you will have a lot of people that does not have $500 to chunk out on a PS4 or Next box. Thats more than likely with no game or extra controller folks so your looking at probably for the base $500 sku. It will really cost you around $700 initial investment realistically.

    • Quicksilver88

      I agree as people almost always want at least one game and an extra controller. Nintendo supporting the wiimotes and classic pro controllers was a good move. Also sony and Microsoft have never done launch bundles that I am aware of so it is going to be closer to $600 to take one home. I think if Nintendo does a new pro bundle with a desirable game like Monster hunter or Lego or SMBU and a pro controller for $300 it will kick ass this xmas. SMBU pre loaded would be a great idea as it wouldn’t cost them publishing costs and would encourage new buyers to pay for the Luigi DLC!

  • Andy Samson

    This article is so full of LOLs. If Microsoft sells a $99 XBOX360, it will just cannibalize the sales of the NEXTBOX. Why would people buy a next gen console that has no backwards compatibility if the last gen will also have the same upcoming multiplatform games on it

  • WoodenSaucer

    Who wrote this trash? “The Wii U literally has no key third party games coming out this year.” If you’re that ignorant about the video game industry, then why are you even writing an article about it? There have already been tons of key 3rd party games listed in the comments that are coming out this year, so I don’t need to repeat it again. Unbelievable.

  • jcnba28

    Anyone who thinks the Wii U will fail just take a look at this list and slap yourself silly:

    – Mario Kart

    – Wind Waker Remake

    – Bayonetta 2

    – Batman Arkham Origins

    – Super Mario Galaxy 3 (or whatever it’s going to be called)

    – Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem

    – Pikmin 3

    – Wonderful 101

    – Xenoblade 2

    – Yarn Yoshi

    – Watch_Dogs

    – Retro Studio’s unannounced game (Starfox/Metroid/new IP)

    – Zelda Wii U (trailer/screenshots)

    – Super Smash Bros 4

    • Jake

      Dont 4get:

      -Game and Wario

      -Wii Party U


      -Resident Evil

      -Tom Clancy


      -2 lego game

      -Wii Fit U

      -Project Cars


      -Dues Ex

      -Sniper Elite

      -New Super Luigi

      A total of 28 Great games coming and more to come. I think 21 games will be coming out by the end of the year. Fire Emblem/Yoshi/Smash might come out but maybe Q1 2014. and Zelda and Retro game will probably come out Q4 2014. But, more than 20 AAA games, more than half exclusive, are coming this year. And the 3DS is better, just saying

      • BL4CKSH33P

        Best game line up I have seen since ps2. It brings tears to my eyes. both tears of joy and sorrow. How on earth will I pay for all those fucking games?

      • Quicksilver88

        And that is just what we know for this year and next. You know U will have at least a 5 year life and Nintendo will keep cranking out their IPs on it and will keep working with mostly japanese devs on collaboration projects like they are now doing with bandai and altus. I expect we will are going to see some collaboration with sega like a new fzero and maybe something with namco as well. By this time in 2014 we will be playing lots of great games and laughing at all these doom and gloom scenarios.

      • That’s being way too optimistic when you consider that half of those games will be available on other platforms, and most people buying them will buy those games for those other platforms.

        And we can at any time see (yet another) cancellation of any one of those third-party titles coming to Wii U. We honestly will have to wait and see if the games will even truly stay being developed for Wii U before claiming it as a game coming for Wii U.

        The other half of the games are coming at a time where they sorely needed to be around during Wii U’s launch window. It does no console any good to start showing games around the same time two new long-awaited consoles are hitting the scenes.

        Not to mention that we haven’t even seen as much as a single screen shot yet for some of these games listed–that stands as little reason to go celebrating too early. I don’t say that we should worry, necessarily, but I don’t say that we should go cheering too soon, either. A blind hope will only make us bitter if it doesn’t happen as we had hoped, so we’re best to be careful about it.

        • Kitsune Hazard

          Yes, but the games coming out can justify the purchase of a Wii U. Say you really want Super Smash Brothers, Wonderful 101 and Fire Emblem but you also want some of the other games…well, they’re now also on the Wii U. You can rationalize purchasing the Wii U because other games you wanted are also available for it along with the exclusives that aren’t on the 360/PS3.

          Sure the PS4/NextBox will be coming out but do you really think they’ll have 20-30 games out and a well fleshed out online offering right off the bat? Something tells me they won’t. Not to mention to get in on a Wii U by then could be $100-$200 cheaper in the hardware arena.

        • Jake

          True but hell they are hopefully gonna be good games. Thank god all the games will be at a cheap price of $1,650…

    • Your list is not a logical refutation of the notion that Wii U is failing at the moment and might continue to do so. But here, I’ll just address them each anyways.

      Mario Kart. Fun series. But if you’ve played one, you’ve played them all.

      Wind Waker Remake. Remake. Not enough reason to buy a $300 system. Most people who will buy this will be people who’ve already played the original release on GameCube, now have bought the Wii U, and are willing to buy and relive it again in HD. This simply will not be most other consumers out there.

      Bayonetta 2. I’m wondering if many Nintendo fans will truly appreciate this series much, given how most Bayonetta fans are PS3/Xbox 360 fans. Sure, I see people getting excited about it in comment sections on every Nintendo news site, but how will that translate in sales? Only time will tell.

      Batman Arkham Origins. It’s coming to other consoles. And if recent ports to Wii U are any indication, the Wii U version might come last.

      A new Super Mario game for Wii U. Let’s just see the game first before already counting it as a reason to buy a Wii U.

      Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem. The Fire Emblem purist in me hates this idea, personally. But in any case, again, we’ll just have to actually see the game first before celebrating. Though, historically, Fire Emblem games have never really been console sellers–they’ve instead enjoyed a rather strong niche following.

      Pikmin 3. A solid first-party title. A solid first-party title. I’d even go as far as to call it a console-seller. We need more. Though, sadly, not many people outside Nintendo fans generally know how fun the Pikmin series is. Most people besides Nintendo fans who’ve played it don’t even really know what kind of game it is. Not to say there’s anything stopping people from picking up a controller and trying, but generally-speaking, people tend to stay with what they’re most familiar with.

      Playing a third entry of a series they’ve never played before might not attract the most people to the Wii U. Here’s where releasing Pikmin and Pikmin 2 as a e-Shop game comes in handy, to introduce people to the whole series….but Nintendo will probably hesitate to do it, sadly.

      The Wonderful 101. Looks like a nice third-party title, but alas, many people were expecting to play this game closer to launch window. Interest since might have waned significantly for this game, since now the Wii U doesn’t look like the most well-supported console to buy at the moment. The Wii U seriously needed this game during its launch window–might’ve helped made a big difference today.

      Xenoblade 2. JRPGs haven’t sold well in recent years. Typically, it’s been due to unoriginality in terms of story and gameplay. They’re often pretty enough, but just lack in terms of originality elsewhere that they’ve began to feel like the same game over and over again with many people–even many long-time fans of the genre. Hell, JRPGs sales are suffering even in Japan these days. It’ll be tricky to see how well Xenoblade 2 fares today–that is, beyond the animรฉ fans and Xeno series fans who are going to buy it regardless.

      Yarn Yoshi. Even if it’s good, it feels like an e-Shop game at best. Not a console seller. Will probably be overlooked anyways, despite however good it might turn out to be. I just get the strong feeling that if it’s any good, it’ll be one of those forgotten lost underrated gems.

      Watch_Dogs. This game is coming to PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, PC, and the likely upcoming new Xbox console. Do you REALLY think anyone’s going to buy a Wii U to play a game that’s so widely available elsewhere? You can buy it for the soon-to-be-cheaper PS3 or Xbox 360, or buy the best-looking versions of the game on the upcoming next-gen consoles or PC.

      Even the touchscreen aspect of the Wii U’s GamePad isn’t really the Wii U’s bragging right much anymore, since Sony’s promoting the PS Vita to play that role similarly with both PS3 and PS4, and Microsoft is integrating tablet interactivity with their products these days–consoles included. Really, there’s little reason most gamers of this targeted demographic have towards buying a Wii U for the Wii U version.

      Retro Studio’s unannounced game. We can hope and pray and sacrifice lambs on an alter for a new Metroid/Star Fox/new IP game, but until we see something first, it’s not yet a credible reason to list it as a strong reason that will help the Wii U. Not yet, anyways. Heck, we’ll be lucky if they don’t cancel the project they’re working on–that seems to be the trend with unannounced developed games in development these days. Right, Capcom?

      Zelda Wii U. Nintendo would have to be uncharacteristic stupid to mess huge console-selling franchise up, and typically, they don’t miss. But still, until even see something about it first–even so much as a logo–we can’t count this unhatched egg as a chicken just yet.

      Super Smash Bros Wii U. Same reason as with Zelda Wii U. Though, I would say that Super Smash Bros. Wii U might even have more console-selling potential than even Zelda Wii U. Consider how Super Smash Bros. Brawl motivated more sales of the original Wii than perhaps any “core” title. I had friends who bought a Wii just for that one game alone. But to pull off the same or better success, Nintendo can’t be reserved with the online features and with broadening the horizon of the game with online tournaments. It seems like obvious things to address, but we’ve see hesitancy from Nintendo before, so only time will tell.

      • edwincarp

        I think this is a case where you can either give something a categorical Yes or No. The logic is that either the games will work, or they won’t. For example, the evidence doesn’t point at Mario Kart not doing well just because it’s well established. That’s not self evident.

        So, the list maker could have argued the case for each of those games, excluding judgements such as: “it’s only for Xbox fans” or “it’s an eshop game at best.”

        You were logical in saying that some games might not sell well, when you looked at less popular, more Japanese influenced games, but other than that your logic is speculative and opinionated.
        Which is why I say it’s a categorical Yes or No.

  • Only a few are true gamers

    I love how the haters try to make claims that nintendo is dead ..Ha if so why did beat sony time and time again Vita beaten by 3ds and ps3 beaten by wii by 100 million units..Yeah like it’s really going anywhere

  • Sol

    I have my fingers crossed that microsoft will practically kill them self by making the new Xbox awful in that you can’t have preowend games and it always has to be online COME ON NINTENDO YOU CAN DO IT

    • thedeciderU

      yes, microsoft may hurt themselves, but is that really a great thing? if one company falls we all suffer.

      and, if all competition is eliminated by one company, we’d have a gaming monopoly? fuck that. continue to offer me different experiences and IPs.

      your post is why people troll this site. also, i just realized that i hate my sn. it makes me look way too fanboyish.

      • david jarman

        Nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong with loving the company of your choice. What ever happen to just being called a die hard fan?

      • D.M.T

        Not everyone will suffer if one company falls. If Microsoft dies than people can still choose between Nintendo and Sony. A monopoly is a bad thing I agree but it won’t happen unless Sony and Microsoft continue to do what they’re doing, which is focusing too much on graphics and not on new game experiences like Nintendo.

        • david jarman

          I concur!

    • BL4CKSH33P

      Microsoft sucks ass at everything but why wish for their failure? I hope the new xbox will make me consider choosing it over ps4.

    • We shouldn’t have to hope the other guys do bad just so Nintendo can do better.

  • Magnus Eriksson

    A very good and sober article adressing Nintendos immediate and future problems. I agree 100% to everything written here, altough I might be a little more pessimistic about what N actually can do this late…

    • Zuxs13

      Its not “late” the system isn’t even 6 months old yet. Its already sold better than the ps3 and Xbox did in the first 6 months. Give it time. Their games will come and it will sell consoles. Will it resonate with the general consumer? Maybe if they can sell TVii. And come up with the next, wii sports, brain age, wii fit mass hit game. If they don’t then the system will only sell 40-50 million.

      • Magnus Eriksson

        Its not a next gen, sorry.

        • Zuxs13

          What the hell has that got to do with the price of beans? I never once said anything about next Gen in my reply.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            You said it was not late. But It is late. Nintendo’s last console arrived way to late in irs generation.

          • Zuxs13

            Oh I see you are one of “those” people. OK I won’t stoop to your level.

  • Nintedward

    E3 2013 is not NIntendo’s last shot at anythin LMAO. WTF man ? The DS and Wii were HYPER SUCCESSFULL. But now , 1 year after selling a quater of a billion Hardware units last generation Nintendo is on the brink of doom with it all depending on this years E3 ?

    That makes very little sense to me. Nintendo is NOT doomed , not even close at all. Wiiu can sell 20 Million for all i care , just provide me with Great games that I want , and make a successor. That said I will bet you my house Wiiu sells above 40 Million – which ”No matter how you cut it” is 40,000,000 consoles.

    This is not the biggest E3 ever for Nintendo , they’re not even doing a big conference , they’re doing directs simultaneously .

    Edit – I don’t have a house.

    • Everyone should read this comment

    • Quicksilver88

      I was amazed when I heard cube only sold 23mil units. Looking back it had so many great games and a good launch lineup with waverace and rogue squadron on day one. Starfox adventures, Eternal darkness, fzero, 2 great zelda games plus the N64 zeldas, RE exclusive for years, the best version of RE4, Baten Katos games, Skies of Arcadia, Tales, Time splitters, pikman, lots of ea sports and racing games..It had better grafx than ps2 and xbox1 and faster load times and still did so poorly. Amazing. That was Nintendos biggest market failure yet still had so many great games so if wii-u only sells 40-50mil units and has as many good games then I can live with it.

      • edwincarp

        Ah, give and take, yes, the Gamecube had great graphics. Largely better than PS2 graphics, although the PS2 had some strengths. As for Xbox. Well, it was a beast, but the Gamecube was much more economical and it could do a lot straight out the box. The gamecube was a sad case, developers didn’t give it much support when they should have done.

        • Nintedward

          Xbox was a beast and more powerfull than Wiiu. Gamecubes GPU was better in some ways…

          Although Xbox was indeed more powerfull devs rarely put their foot down on all the power whereas Nintendo’s hyper talented first party studios were. This is Why Metroid Prime Looks phenomenal and Runs at 60FPS whereas Halo only runs at 30FPS.

          • Kitsune Hazard

            How is the Xbox more powerful than the Wii U? Even the 360 has 1/4 the amount of ram and a 7 year old gfx card…that logic is screwy there.

      • Guest

        why you didn0t mention

      • Byllant

        And Super Mario Sunshine, don’t forget this underrated awesome game!

  • Liam Dowen-Gould

    No Third-Party titles? So AC4, Watch Dogs, CoD, Batman Arkham Origins aren’t on the Wii U? Author needs to check their facts.

    • incoherent1

      Agreed — another commentor below mentions Bayonetta 2 tooโ€ฆ

    • Xavier Lopez Chabelo


    • And most people buying those games buy them for PS3 and Xbox 360. And sadly, they’ve tended to get those games before Wii U owners do, for some odd reason. Just from the perspective of a customer here, I wouldn’t buy a Wii U for games I can play elsewhere, esp. if the Wii U is exhibiting little else than those few games. Esp. if the PS3 and Xbox 360 DO get those anticipated price cuts and suddenly make the Wii U look irrelevant as a holiday gift.

  • Paul Wright

    I love nintendo and my wii u

    but all I want is a new HD smash bros, I can then die happy.

  • Archiq09

    If peoples stopped to make idiot, they will see the WiiU has more potencial for games to PS4 and 720.

  • bizzy gie

    Well I agreed with everything up until pricing. The Wii U does not “need” a price cut. The Wii U can compete against a $99 360 because after three years, the Xbox won’t be seeing any new games. Do you feel the same way about PS4 and the next Xbox?

    Those consoles will cost WAY more than the Wii U. Will they be able to compete against a $99 Xbox? I bet they’ll just receive praise for being so cheap. I understand that what’s in the box matters, but you still have to find it off-putting that people find $300 expensive and $100+ more than that cheap.

    The Wii U cannot receive a price cut due financial reasons everybody is already aware of. The Wii U is priced exactly as it should be right now. Period.

    • Xavier Lopez Chabelo

      It seems that the new XBOX is going to be presented in 2 models. $299 and $499 now the PS4…. is going to be expensive

      • Gabe Hoffman

        Yes and I heard the low end 299 one does not do games

        • Quicksilver88

          No the $299 is same but will require a 2 year live gold subscription at an inflated price so its sort of like what the cell companies do. Not a horrible idea for Microsoft if you think its ok to pay for online service but as Nintendo and Sony services are comparable now and free i think this will be a harder sell for Microsoft than it has been in the last 2 generations.

  • Jake

    isnt nintendo not doing E3

    • Captain~Raid

      they are, not presenting a conference, but presenting a showcase of new games on the show floor behind closed doors. I for one believes that this is a good move for Nintendo since they will turn things around for months to come.

      • Jake

        If that means no tv, I will miss the big stuff. Miyamoto could of came out with a sword and a shield if Zelda Wii U came out or some cool things with mario and the rest of the new stuff.

        • Doesnt matter G4 is dead cant watch it on the telly, they do that kinda funny stuff in the Directs anyway.

    • Quicksilver88

      They are doing a private showing for the media which will all get leaked out to us and then they are doing a business partner meeting which I think is really smart as they can reassure retailers and discuss marketing and display strategies. Also they said they will do some e3 nintendo directs so we will get to see all the game demos and details directly thru our devices or the web. I was a little let down at first but when thinking about it I think what they are trying to do is go with a more personal approach and not compete on the hype events the other manufactures are doing

  • RonnieMexico

    withz dez wall st. reportz how bad tha wii u has sold I chucked mi wii u off my 3rd story balcony

    • Only a few are true gamers

      Good for you..One less loon on the nintendo network

    • BL4CKSH33P

      clap clap, guys look at this troll here. Trolling at its finest right here. He is so convincing right. Go away!

      • RonnieMexico

        nigga I aintz a troll. nigga datz da truth

    • Ibi Salmon

      3rd story balcony? Dude, how big is your house?

      • RonnieMexico

        mi casa iz huge puto.

        • Ibi Salmon

          I think you said, “I live in a huge house.” right?

  • Captain~Raid

    Anyone remember the last Microsoft Conference back in 2012 guys? They showed Halo 4, then It died after went downhill from there, but rumors show they might screw up again this year.

  • Captain~Raid

    A quote “Should I get a Wii U (Still have my black Wii) or a PS4 (not a Sony fan, just asking.) or both” I not a top-notch or hardcore or even all-out gamer, I just play games for the sport of it with others worldwide to reach new platos in my gaming experience.

    • andrewjcole

      The PS4 sound interesting although it seems to not be too unique and there aren’t too many more features from the last Play Station. I would get a Wii U now and later, try out the PS4 at a booth when it gets closer to release.

      • Quicksilver88

        I am more exited for Ps4 than nextbox and may skip Xbox all together…even with that said ps4 is really looking like a mid spec Pc going with x86 and AMD grafx. Its really all about the games and Nintendo as Sony both have so many good IPs and dev teams you know they will deliver. I think Microsoft is really the one to worry about in the next gen as they lack meaninful franchised and the always online if true is a deal breaker for many gamers

        • andrewjcole

          Agreed. I would never be caught with a nextbox or xbox at all.

  • Aiddon

    “The Wii U literally has no key third party games coming out this year”…What?????? They have ACIV, Arkham Origins, Watch_Dogs, and Resident Evil: Revelations all coming out his year. Do those somehow not count?

    And who the HELL is giving this the moniker of “Nintendo’s last home consoles” besides trolls who are refuted with simple data such as Nintendo’s enormous war chest and the history of how ALL console launches of the past 10-15 years have been mediocre and sluggish? In all honesty, I don’t really think E3 is at make-or-break as people seem to think. Nintendo is always covered whenever they make an announcement and with their Directs being successful I can’t see them relying on E3 for much longer

  • andrewjcole

    Think about it… how many games has it been so far that we have heard are come “this summer” or “this fall”. I’ve lost count. I, anyway have heard a lot. and another thing, why would it matter if the big franchises skipped. It’s not like if they end up on the Wii U, Xbox owners are gonna buy one suddenly.

  • Michael Jurado

    man a console struggles a tiny bit and all of a sudden it’s doomed ^.^” so what if the 720 and ps4 dont sell 1 billion in the first month is it doomed too? i just think its dumb sales are low yes but, to have sales on a product you are not advertising nor have huge titles for it’s pretty impressive to me. How about you write an article from a different approach like how impressive it is too make profit off a product that basically customers are confused about ect ect personally i’m sick of hearing about wii u is doomed by what means?? honestly i think the ps4 is pretty impressive its almost up there with my pc but i bet once they reveal how much it cost they’ll say F that i’ll buy a gaming pc.

    • BL4CKSH33P

      probably not though. Gaming pcs are expensive too, and they have few good exclusives.
      But yeah I agree with you I hate toxic people who are pessimistic about others success. Write an article about how well the wii u is doing.

      • Michael Jurado

        you can make a gaming pc for about 700$ less if you know people :3

        • BL4CKSH33P

          I don’t know people lol

  • TashMasta

    I am a long time Nintendo fan but I’m genuinely worried about future home consoles … and any Nintendo fan who convinces themselves otherwise is horribly blinded by there inner fan boy. The thing is , it’s Nintendo’s own fault though , minimal advertising , a terrible name and lack of release games all couple to a failure , need proof , name one person who is not a long time Nintendo fan who own’s a wii u , besides a few children there are none … It’s Nintendo’s own fault this time , they really need a new marketing team in order to overcome this problem in the future , they need knew marketing strategies before it all goes tits up

  • Graham Gillman

    Dude. E3 2013 was confirmed to be a small event… READ!

  • Tom Hoskins

    What do they mean by a lack of third party games coming out? What games are most gamers really excited about GTA V and Watchdogs (coming to wii u). GTA V may still come to WiiU but prob at a similar time to a PC release (traditionally 6 month-ish later). It may even be released on PS4 and 720.

    Monolith are third party as well. I know this isn’t a lot, but it is a few must have games coming to the console with unique gameplay. There will be many others just not this year…

    Who cares about a lack of EA sports games on WiiU? Just get them on the soon to be really cheap 360 or ps3!

    • Haize

      Actually Monolith Soft is owned by Nintendo, making it a 1st party developer.

  • edwincarp

    First point. Nintendo’s E3 last year wasn’t a failure, people just didn’t take to it for some reason. I personally thought it was a very good show, and that Microsoft and Sony’s shows weren’t any better.
    Second point. Once the PS4 and Xbox 720 are in full swing, the Wii U will not be competing with the Xbox 360 and PS3, because the number of releases for those systems will start to drop – unless it is Microsoft and Sony’s strategy to keep on releasing games for the systems. Still, that centers around people still being interested in buying old hardware, and it actually means – given the price and the number of games for the Wii U – that the Wii U would take 20% of the sales, leaving 80% for 360 and PS3. That is at an absolute worst, because obviously Nintendo’s games will justify a higher price to pay for purchase. 20% is extremely unlikely.

    However, I expect the interest to drop off as new consoles come out – therefore less games will come out for 360 and PS3, and that automatically shifts Wii U into the same competition as PS4 and 720.

    The Wii U doesn’t fall into the same territory as PS3 and 360 once people realize that the Wii U has a life ahead of itself that is completely separate from those consoles. Eventually, people will see the advantages the Wii U has to offer, and they will see that the PS4 and 720 are both less or more advanced in some areas. Bear in mind that the PS4 copies off a lot of the features of the Wii U but with reduced scope and most probably a higher price. Once people see that this is the case, then that will offer a direct comparison between PS4 and Wii U.

    So you see, it’s all about changing people’s perceptions and introducing people to new ideas – then they will start to shift their expectations from one thing to another. Maybe there are people who simply compare Wii U to PS3 and 360, but as of yet there isn’t much else to compare it to, and obviously the third party games that do come to the Wii U, are still of this generation. What this means is that the Wii U is designed to account for the end of this generation and the whole of next generation. When the time comes, the focus changes.

    Finally, my last point: Nintendo can do badly this generation and well the next generation, and then bad again, then poorly again.

    It’s only when Nintendo starts to go through terrible shake ups, that it is in trouble.

    That trend has only begun, or has only been hinted at, as Nintendo have been shown to still be able to make a net profit, so last years losses hopefully will be looking like a thing of the past. Yet, truthfully, losses could well re-occur. Still, it takes a long string of repetitively poor circumstances for Nintendo to fail, looking at its current position, unless of course the talk about money in the bank is only used to calm people and not let them suspect that actually Nintendo will go bust or will cease certain operations shortly.

    Normal people don’t actually know everything that is really going on. At the time of SEGA’s collapse, a lot of people didn’t see it coming. People knew Sega were in trouble, but they didn’t know all the details. Such as, before the Dreamcast was released, there were reviewers and fans stating that Sega still had a long time left. Maybe it isn’t true; maybe Nintendo’s money in the bank isn’t what it seems, or maybe the figures have been exaggerated. Personally, I think Nintendo will be around for a while, but I might be wrong; there might be other factors involved.

    • david jarman

      What we have here is a smart man! Yes, indeed!

      • edwincarp

        Did you down vote my post? if so, certain comments of mine are better than others, so it doesn’t matter if you think one is bad. That is if you did down vote my post, otherwise, thanks for the compliment.

        • david jarman

          I did not down vote you. I was the first to up vote you. You have a great perspective on the views of gaming and well thought explanation of your views.

          • edwincarp

            Thanks for the praise. Much appreciated. Sometimes I’ve been criticized, like anyone has, but I sometimes attract trolls. When I looked at my comment, I saw 0 up votes and 1 down vote, so I thought maybe it was you and that you might have been writing sarcastically. Anyway, thanks. Sometimes on the internet it’s easy to be vague, and I try not to be where it counts. Well, anyway. Cool!

  • darkstar18

    “The Wii U literally has no key third party games coming out this year.”

    Wtf are you talking about…do you not know what UBISOFT IS?

  • FlyingBoat

    in the matter of price, wont the ps4 and 720 be a couple hundred dollars at least? i wouldnt be surprised if they were more expensive than the black wii u. then once the games stop being made for last gen consoles (and keeping in mind, microsoft tends to drop old consoles instantly) people will look for a new console. theyll be stuck with either a minutely better xbox, a minutely better ps4 with some wii u rip off features, or a nintendo console, along with a load of great games, and the graphics to allow games to be published across all consoles. plus the white wii u is cheaper for the casual crowd.once again nintendo will be the cheapest option, i reckon, regardless of whether they reduce price or not. just now its being compared to seven year old technology. surprise surprise its more expensive

  • Am I the only one in the world whos not impressed with what the PS4 is? If I did not watch the press conference and someone told me that the killzone they showed was for ps3 I would have believed them. I’m not saying the graphics are bad but they dont look any better then current gen. Microsoft is making more less the same box with a bunch of shooters comming out and to be honest I could care less I’m so shootered out its not even funny. I think when the new consoles come out is when the wii u will really shine. The wii u will be cheaper then mic. or sony, it does things that the other 2 cant do and when you compare the graphics side by side with say watch dogs I dont think too many people will really be able to tell them apart.

  • audi lover

    New xbox has to be online to use, I deff wont be buying, playstaion I might buy, but no third party support? what about watchdogs, but again I buy nintendo to play nintendo

    • Quicksilver88

      Also rumors about nextbox launch lineup are weak but ps4 seems better. Many of the multi platform games this xmas are coming to lots of systems and have been developed on current engines so they are not going to be looking much better on the new gen than they do the last gen. This writer is an ass! There are a lot of things announced beyond just the UBI titles…..mostly EA are the SOBs

  • BL4CKSH33P

    john kinsley, Shut the fuck up you blurry gray faced little prick!

  • Rob Lucci

    Relax everything will be alright.

    • tronic307

      Makes me want Sunshine for the Wii U!

      • Pikachief

        Makes me want Gamecube Virtual Console games! ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Steven McCall

    Emm Watch Dogs, Splinter Cell, Rayman Legends, Resident Evil Revelations, New Assassins Creed, Disney Infinity… I wouldn’t really call that a lack of 3rd party support

  • Haize

    So Watch Dogs, Batman and Assassins Creed 4 don’t count or did you just forget? Those are some of the biggest titles from third parties this year, all of which are coming out this fall to the Wii U.

    Also, no one cares about EA. They’re a terrible company with mostly terrible games. Case closed.

  • Linskarmo

    I’m not sure whether Ninty putting less emphasis on E3 will be good or bad for them. Either way, I agree that they need more things to push Wii U sales.

  • TheImaj

    Let’s not forget that somehow those geniuses at Nintendo seem to always figure it out. Speculate all you want. But they run a pretty clever business. And have been for quite some time. More games? Yes please. More marketing? Yes please. Price drop? Eh.. Be careful. But in the end. Nintendo will succeed. If you’re a doubter, just sit back and enjoy the show.

  • This guy really should stop writing these “doom articles”. 80% here DISAGREES with him, (because, of course, NINTENDO IS NOT DOOMED and WII U WILL NOT BE THEIR LAST CONSOLE) and the he writes in a way that is really tiring to read, with “Nintendo is doomed” between the lines in every paragraph. It’s a deeply unpleasing reading when all he tries to put his doubts in everything he writes. Thank God there is people like Laud who have time to debunk the author’s “doom prophecies about Nintendo”

    • Quicksilver88

      You should visit nintendolife or nintendoenthuist sites sites as they offer a lot more positive info and ideas and not just hit pieces like this site seems to like so much.

  • Now I don’t know what has gotten into John Kinsley, as he seem to hardly write any articles lately and when he does he sounds very negative, I suppose he’s very very dissapointed in WiiU. I for one am glad I didn’t buy it just yet, but it’ll get there rather soon.

    Honestly I too am very dissapointed so far in WiiU but that gives me no reason to be so negative all of a sudden like John here is, if and I like to push on the word IF, Nintendo is to fail with the WiiU it’ll be a shame, I don’t think it will happen but they are not making the smartest choices with the system so far.

  • c-s-a78

    they need to bring back the “everybody votes” channel & the “weather channel”.i miss them from my old wii!!!

  • Alienfish

    I think I can take one more article in completely bad taste from wiiudaily.com. I checked out NintendoEnthusiast.com and they have just as many typos, but their articles are way more meaningful.

    • Silent

      I prefer Rob to deliver the bad news.

  • Quicksilver88

    I know U is struggling with 3rd party but this guy is so full of crap. All of UBis big titles are coming this year including AC4, Rayman, Splinter Cell and Watch Dogs, the new Batman game is also announced. Activision has not said much either way so who knows it we will see the next COD game. Blizzard has indicated they might like to bring WoW or Starcraft to Wii-u. Capcom has already shown support by bringing monster hunter and RE revelations is coming. More Lego games are announced. Square/Enix is porting Dues EX and Sega has said they have projects underway. Really EA is who continues to be a pain in the arse but I suspect after sony and microsoft struggle out of the gate and Wii-U is hitting its 10 mil installed base after this xmas they will act like the whores they are and bring Madden and some other easy ports. Lastly his ptice argument is bogus. Would a price cut help sure but when you consider the new consoles will cost $500+ and Wii-U will be less than $300 I think it will have an edge. He talks about a $99 xbox but so what when no new content will be coming out for it in 2014. I bought two used phats off people in the last year one for $80 and one for $50 so here in the usa people are shedding their xboxes like cheap shoes. Sony does still have some quality content coming for ps3 and given their ps2 longevity they will likely keep ps3 around a few more years likely for $199ish but again these will be more like little brother systems than any true comepition for new consoles with new content. I own and play all systems so I am no nintendo apologist. This guy is so negative why does he even write here? His only point I do agree with is they have done a zero job advertisingU but I suspect when their AAA titles start to hit that will change!

  • Ibi Salmon

    This further solidifies that not doing a big press conference at E3 was not a good idea for Nintendo.

  • Johny

    OK i know wii u doesnt have alot of 3rd party support… but saying that the only anticipated 3rd party title coming for wii u is EA sports in Fall, is a retarded statement in so many ways…
    1st of all… we all know how relationship of nintendo with EA is. i wouldn’t be surprised if we’re not getting EA games.. which is fine. EA company are douchebags, and nobody likes them at this point. Moving on.
    2nd… seriously ? Ubisoft shows GREAT support for the system. They already released multiple AMAZING titles, and recently gave us an exclusive Rayman Origins Challanges app (i know.. its given to compensate for the exclusivity loss and great delay.. but still its REALLY WELL done. i love it. and its free). They they already announced Assassins Creed IV for wii u, which is a highly anticipated title. NOT TO MENTION Watch_Dogs. one of highest anticipated games this year! and its coming to wii u.
    seriously why wasn’t ubisoft mentioned as an awesome wii u supporter? the support they’re showing is amazing and they said thay have multiple wii u games projects in the process. they simply like the wii u, and support it, also bringing most bigger titles on it too.

    • Quicksilver88

      Funny EA was voted worst company in America second year in a row and then their CEO releases a statement telling us it is all our faults that we we suck as consumers and they aren’t that bad. How bad are you when you beat out Bank of America who has foreclosed on millions of peoples home since 07 and tried to implement new debit card charges that pissed off all their customers…..EA really sucks ass…..I wish they didn’t own so many studios I like but that has been their strategy for more than a decade which is to eliminate all publishing competition and then force shit like DRM, Origin service, and micro transactions on us. Look at how Madden has gone stagnant since they bought exclusive NFL license and forced 2K games out of football.

  • Silent

    Not ever, rather the most important in years.

  • No key 3rd party titles? Huh what? Its got a slew of multiplatforms coming. And 3rd party exclusives ._.

  • Silent

    Wasnt the 3ds Nintendo’s last handheld?

  • Ducked

    *8 months later* Wii U outsells PS4 and Xbox 720! No duh.

    • Don’t be so sure. Right now, ALL THREE major companies are digging themselves in some trouble.

      Nintendo with their slow development of solid first-party titles and lack of drawing third-party attention as a result, as well as the Wii U finding itself left behind with third-party developer’s main interest.

      Sony with the anticipated price of $500 for PS4, their avoidance on the issue of whether PS4 will play used games (and not just merely “can play used games”), and the fact that most PS4’s announced games will be available on PS3.

      And Microsoft with this heavily-hinted rumor of always-online gaming, heavily-hinted rumor of the next Xbox not supporting used games, and integrated with the much-loathed Windows 8.

      • Pikachief

        They just said its up to the individual game companies if they want to block used games or not, and hasn’t it always been that way? Some companies have already taken measures against used games with codes to unlock key features in the game that can only be used once.

      • Ducked

        You have some truth there, but Nintendo isn’t really struggling with its first party. Look back at the Wii in 2007. Wii U will have Mario Kart, LoZ The Wind Waker HD, Wii Party U, Wii Fit U, Yarn Yoshi, and a new 3D Mario game.

        Xbox confirmed that it will always have to be online yesterday, so yeah that will strike them real hard.

        PlayStation has avoided those rumors, but until there revealed, we can’t jump on them.

        Wii U won’t have lack of 3rd party support long, if the Xbox goes downhill, (which it probably will) then that just leaves developers with Sony and PC. Surely the 3rd party developers would consider the Wii U once there sales boost later in the year.

        So I wouldn’t call it trouble.

  • Sad to see that this is what has become of “journalism”

    There are so many of these so called journalist in the industry that they’ll say whatever they can to interest people into coming back.

    How bout you be a little more creative, do some actual research on the topic you cover and tell us your personal honest opinions while also going in depth?

    People seeing that you do something different from everyone else could bring you more views you know; instead of taking the easy way out and saying some interesting bullshit.

  • Nookling

    I to olove my Wii U and I am a die hard Nintendo fan. That is not to say that Nintendo hasn’t dissapointed me with their strategy on seeling the system. I only have 4 games for my Wii U. One is Nintendo Land which came with the console. I bought the other 3 in December so that is a solid 4 months without me getting a new game (besides the 30-30-30) And while I like Miiverse and all that stuff is it really worth a console? Nintendo needs to get the games rolling soon. When popular games are released it will be easier to advertise for the system.

  • Please, folks commenting below, please don’t confuse your optimism as certainty. There’s no reason to lose all hope for Wii U yet, but there’s also no reason to just go about saying, “Nintendo’s been here before and they’ve come out on top every time.” That’s not only logically fallacious, but it’s so blind that it prevent you from seeing even positive reality correctly.

    • Guest

      I wouldn’t call it “so blind.” Nintendo has had a history of ups and downs, with the most remarkable ups. The optimism only reflects how Nintendo can pull some interesting surprises.. Logic can only go so far though: either it’s going to do better than expected, or worse than expected. It’s more speculation than logic at work here no matter how much logic you use.

      Nintendo has its fans, as a function of Nintendo, if you know what I mean.

      Cause and effect goes beyond good or bad, and positive feelings towards Nintendo are just another momentum.

  • Nookling

    I am still hoping that Nintendo released the Wii U a year earlier than PS4 and Xbox720 on purpose knowing it would have few games. That way they could get the system out there and fix the bugs and such then really start marketing once the others come out that way they can compete or something? I hope so much it is getting sad.

  • “there will be at least 10 first party Wii U games showcased at E3”
    –how do you know that?

    “The Wii U literally has no key third party games coming out this year.”
    –literally? what does that make: Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Watchdogs, Rayman: Legends, Batman: Arkham Origins, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and other games coming to the Wii U this year that aren’t being published by Nintendo?

    • Pikachief

      New Mario Platformer
      Zelda Wind Waker HD
      Mario Kart U
      Zelda U
      Smash Bros. U
      Pikmin 3
      Wii Fit U
      Yarn Yoshi

      Possibly: Pokemon Rumble U
      New game by Retro (They were supposedly supposed to show a game last year but dropped out at the last minute and gave us an extra long Nintendo Land demo)
      Possibly new F-Zero?
      And I think there’s a new IP they’re working on?

      Most likely at least 10 of those games listed are going to be shown at E3. Possibly more if they are going to show anything unannounced.

      • I don’t see how we can be shown Zelda U this year when Windwaker HD needs to be shown. Also not sure that they will show Retro’s project or a new IP but all that can be argued.

        Nintendo may very well show off 10 or more new games at E3. I just don’t see how the article could declare that as a known fact.

    • Pikachief

      But yea Those games you just listed are totally key 3rd party games coming out. idk what they’re talking about. I’m specifically excited for Rayman Legends!

      • I had cooled off to that game when it was delayed, but the recently released challenge mode app has me getting really excited again, so yeah, I agree. I think it will be exceptional. Really, no one can deny Ubisoft’s support for the Wii U. Almost all the games I listed are coming from them.

      • Also excited for Arkham: Origins. I hope that the Montreal studio manages the franchise as well as Rocksteady has.

  • Please, folks commenting, before you do, please don’t confuse optimism with certainty. There’s no reason to lose all hope for Wii U yet, but there’s also no reason to just go about saying, “Nintendo’s been here before and they’ve come out on top every time.” That’s not only logically fallacious, but it’s so blind that it prevent you from seeing even any positive reality correctly, let alone any negative truths to face.

    Let’s be fans willing to look at problems if Nintendo truly has some, not fanboys/fangirls looking to attack anything that seems to be “bashing” Nintendo. We shouldn’t let hope cloud judgment–no more than we should take doomsayers at their judgment. If someone gives a good reason why they think Nintendo’s facing some trouble here. nobody’s bashing Nintendo (except the trolls who have no lives, being stupid intentionally). It’s just that the best way to look at things is honestly–even if it may honestly hurt to do so.

    • edwincarp

      This is a very interesting discussion. Thanks for introducing it. I will try and challenge you philosophically.

      I think What you’re saying is, don’t let optimism come first.
      What if I change your original statement of: “Don’t confuse your optimism with certainty” to: “Don’t confuse your optimism with realism?”

      What if optimism comes first then? (now I’ve changed the word around) Does it matter if it comes first? Is reality somehow being held back due to other mental processes, such as happiness, coming first?

      No. Because reality is Nintendo. Or Sony, or Microsoft. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      People will be optimistic on a level with either of those companies, and it’s perfectly natural to support one over the other, with happiness, joy, respect, etc.

      CONFUSE: “Make (something) more complex or less easy to understand.”

      So you’re saying that true optimism is not channelling your feelings into a certain prospect, and that being optimistic about unrealistic prospects is impure optimism? But surely purity is for us to decide ourselves, such as what is a pure argument or a pure decision?

      I believe that you can turn optimism into more than optimism – the product of optimism; that we were optimistic for a reason: to give our support. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Reality isn’t just a matter of purity.

      • Adam Porter

        hmmmmm………………….never mind confusing optimism with certainty, i’m just confused lol

  • edwincarp

    I wouldn’t call it “so blind.” Nintendo has had a history of ups and downs, with the most remarkable ups. The optimism only reflects how Nintendo can pull some interesting surprises.. Logic can only go so far though: either it’s going to do better than expected, or worse than expected. It’s more speculation than logic at work here no matter how much logic you use.

    Nintendo has its fans, as a function of Nintendo, if you know what I mean.

    Cause and effect goes beyond good or bad, and positive feelings towards Nintendo are just another momentum.

  • panic atyourmoms

    I feel like nintendo has or has had a plan. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the wii u’s beta stage, because think about it…every system has a horrible startup, regardless of price or hardware. there’s always some sort of bug that pisses everyone off. what I suspect happened is nintendo gave us a clean wii u release with limited bugs and then sold us these systems to we could report on them, and think about it, it’s working. by the time the new sony and microsoft systems are out…scratch that…by the time e3 rolls around, most of the bugs are going to be gone, we will have a huge speed up, and new games will be launching and being announced for the next 6-12 months. this would all also explain the lack in advertising, once this system cleans up and shaves its legs, we should be seeing a ride around town sported up ready to go. nintendo gave the 3ds a limited program releasing games where some still aren’t released, i wont be surprised if this happens with wii u owners, or at least the deluxe buyers. people complained about the 3ds, it got fixed, dropped the price, sales shot up. i think they saw this and are learning from it.

  • routerbad

    I take issue with the statement “The Wii U has no key third party releases this year”. This is obviously not true to anyone paying attention to third party announcements from publishers (Like Activision, Ubisoft, Square Enix, WB Interactive, etc) and kickstarter campaigns that go up every day with Wii U as a primary platform. The Wii U is getting several key third party releases this year, including Watch_Dogs, Spliter Cell, Rainbow 6, Deus Ex Directors Cut, Assassins Creed IV, Batman Arkham Origins, Rayman Legends, etc and several key indie developer releases including Road Redemption, Forgotten Memories, possibly Guns of Icarus (next year), cloudberry kingdom, two brothers, and many more than I could possibly list here.

    Wii U is actually doing much better on the third party front than any other Nintendo home console since the SNES. Nintendo did not need to advertise for early adopters, but I don’t think they could have foreseen how many Nintendo fans in particular would hold off on buying until key first party titles were released. Now that early adopters are about out of the way, the time is coming to do more advertising to people who need to upgrade from Wii, and outreach to garner support from Sony and Microsoft fanbases if possible. I think during and after e3 would be a perfect time to start an ad blitz centered on the “core” demographic.

    This e3 is extremely important for Nintendo, but I think every e3 is Nintendo’s most important e3, which is why I think that switching strategy to try and nab headlines on big gaming websites is absolutely key. Whether they have a televised keynote to a few people with G4tv is not as important as how many top headlines they can get on n4g, ign, gamespot, etc. If they can steal some of that space with key announcements, even through Nintendo Direct, away from the console reveals and updates, its a win for them.

    As far as what Nintendo is doing to fix their third party support, every move they have made has been smart, necessary, and unprecedented for Nintendo.

    Removing concept approval was absolutely necessary and its about time that the stalwart NES regulation had to go.
    Lowering licensing fees and royalties for digitally and physically published games was a smart move to make the platform more attractive from a return on investment perspective, knowing that a publisher or indie can actually make some money on the games they produce and publish on the platform is key.
    giving away free devkits, on good faith that a game is going to be published on the eShop is outstanding, and shows that Nintendo is committed to garnering more support from up and coming developers and want a more varied set of experiences available on their platform.

    This year is key for Nintendo and WiiU, but from where I’m sitting (and I’m only an armchair analyst) they look to be making all of the right moves and toning their message properly. Only time will tell if any of this works, and we don’t have very long to wait before we have our answer, at least for this e3.

  • Adam Porter

    ok, now don’t get me wrong, i’m not a graphics whore by any means, but how much easier would it have been for nintendo if they just made a beast of a console. they could include their gamepad, miiverse all that stuff, but just made it REALLY powerful. it would start selling at 600, but by now they would be a year ahead of the competition. ps4/nextbox release, boom, 50 quid price drop, with all console near equal in power, the nintendo having more exclusives and more interesting ways to play the games i think it would have been an easy choice for everyone

    • Silent

      It would have been an easy choice for sure. Hello Apple.

      • Adam Porter

        i really don’t get why people think smart phones are commonly used as gaming systems, if you want to call playing games like snake gaming then fine but for anything else phones are just useless for games, especially touchscreen phones trying to replicate analog sticks

  • Adam Porter

    something else i’d like to address, these guys constantly talk as if it’s a sure thing that we will see footage of zelda wiiU this e3, this is not very likely, i don’t know why they constantly do it. if you are expecting anything on zeldaU then you are most likely in for disappointment.

  • I have been an AVID Nintendo fan since 85. With the unveiling of the WiiU, with just the name alone, I was concerned from the get go. Iwata says “some” consumers are confused about the WiiU? The fact is, MOST of the consumers are confused, not “some”. I’ve owned just about every Nintendo system including the WiiU “and want so much to go out and purchase games for it, which to this date I have 10 discs and multiple eshop games, but still, no connect. As much as I enjoy the Nintendo directs, I truly believe that Iwata, is completely out of sync with those who are viewing the videos. Eternal Darkness, anyone remember that one for GameCube? Ground breaking. They (Nintendo) possess it, but has become addicted to the profit of nostalgia. I know there is a deep resentment from game makers and I’m guessing the other console makers have spent fortunes not to have games released on Nintendo products which doesn’t help the situation. With the announcement that Nintendo is now not having a public presentation at E3, this is what has finally tipped my hat. I watched the last 2 E3’s with the hope that Nintendo would hit it out of the part, and both times, struck out. Why? Because they became to reliant on nostalgia. I believe Nintendo can improve, but looking into the mirror for those that call the shots, it’s required.

    • Adam Porter

      there is nothing wrong with a bit of nostalgia, yea sure you should keep things fresh by throwing in a new concept every now and again, but at the end of the day these nostalgia titles sell well. if you think nintendo is running out of original ideas then i think you should take a look at yourself, because your whole point is copy and pasted from the internet, you’re like a sheep getting confused with the rest of the flock, if it wasn’t for the internet and you were just playing games on your wiiU you’d probably just enjoy it.

  • Glen Bradford

    The problem with Nintendo the last 2 systems have had last gen graphics and the people who play Nintendo are looking for fun games when real gaming is not about fun but hard challenging games play

    • Adam Porter

      oh god you fail so hard, of course gaming is for fun, nobody said anything about nintendo games being easy. because they aren’t, if anything most other games like halo, cod and GTA are far less of a challenge.

      • ”real gaming is not about fun”. Ok, we know who just started gaming this generation lol

    • Laud

      You are dumb.

  • I thought I was reading an IGN article till I looked at the URL xD

  • blaster man

    Sorry guys, with MS’s rumored subsidized model with an Xbox 720 at $300, Nintendo is going to have to lower the price either 100 or 150 in order to compete.

    • the $300 model will be subscription based. You have to pay monthly to pay the system off

      • blaster man

        Yes, but the rumored subscription price (at 10 a month) barely makes it more expensive than buying it outright. Calculations with tax at 6%.

        530 buying it outright and not paying gold.

        558 buying it with a 2 year gold contract.

        590 buying it outright and buying 2 one year gold subs at 30 each.

        610 buying it outright and buying 2 one year gold subs at 40 each. (more likely).

        650 buying it outright and buying 2 one year gold subs at full price ($60).

        • Still paying monthly for a subscription then if the always online rumors are true then it would be mandatory to pay for XBL on top of that, so not only would you be paying monthly for a subscription but paying monthly for live too

          • blaster man

            I’m not sure how the “always online” rumors will play out. It seems there’s some truth in it. That said, my point is that with this pricing strategy, a $300/$350 Wii U is going to be undesirable. They’re either going to have to charge $200/$250 or $150/$200. IMO $199.99 for the deluxe is going to be the most likely scenario for them to compete. 249.99 vs 299.99 isn’t going to do well – at least not in the US.

          • You’re in a delusional world if you think a price drop of that nature will happen. Also you’re missing the point still, you keep saying ”a $300 system” when it wont be a $300 system for subscription + mandatory(if true) XBL lol

            Like you said, the ”always online” strategy hasnt played out yet, but if all the rumors is true, Microsoft is dead in the water before they even get started,even with their ”$300” price point lol

          • blaster man

            I understand that a subscription model is more than 300, that’s why I have the pricing structure listed above. I included the full price of everything in it. It won’t matter to most consumers if there’s a subscription. I’m not at all delusional, I’m well aware that the general public absolutely loves paying in installments rather than a lump sum up front.

            The Wii U has had terrible sales and a $299.99 Xbox 720 and probably a PS4 since they’ll copy it in order to compete is not going to be at all helpful in jump starting Wii U sales.

          • You’re putting far too much faith in Microsoft and the subscription model. As far as PS4, they will not pull a $300 system. I see them going with two models just like Microsoft,however lower tier model will be $399 and main model will be $499

          • blaster man

            What do you mean by “too much faith”? You think I’m wrong in my assumption that a ton of people will buy it that way?

            And you don’t think that Sony will try to compete by having a $300 PS4 with a PS+ subscription?

          • I do think you’re wrong and I know its vice versa that you think I’m wrong and no I don’t think Sony will try to compete with having a $300 based model. You clearly haven’t been around Sony very long to come up with something like that lol

          • blaster man

            So what do you think will happen? Most people will buy it outright for 499.99 or just decide that it’s too much and go buy a Wii U for 349.99? It just seems to me that if people want a Wii U for that price, they could have one now.

            It’s really not a surprise that sales were so bad last quarter, the Wii U wasn’t sold out the entire holiday season and anyone that wanted it could have found it and bought it. The Basic was everywhere I went shopping at. I saw deluxe’s but they were a little rarer but still available if you looked around. Point being, everyone that wanted one (at the current price point and with the current games lineup) got one during the holidays. If they could have bought it at Christmas time and chose not to, why would they go buy it for the same price with almost the same games lineup now? I think it’s pretty clear that they’re going to lower the price. I think it’s got to be at least $100 which is actually in line with price drops of all their previous consoles.

          • Keep dreaming Blaster Man. People aren’t buying the system because of all the delays Nintendo has had with their games. Price point isnt an issue, if your system has games, your system will sell, plain and simple.

            Wii U has went through a big drought in games and its caused the systems sales to fall flat on its face and no one is to blame but Nintendo themselves for that(and their marketing).

            I know you are anti-Nintendo(Ive read your other comments and they’re all anti wii u and nintendo lol), but games sell consoles, regardless of price.

            If Nintendo actually brings out quality games, the system will sell,period. That’s a no brainer, it goes for any system, past,present and future(microsoft,sony and nintendo)

          • blaster man

            I’m not anti-Nintendo. I’ve owned plenty of Nintendo consoles in my life starting with the NES. You think I’m going to “spam” you and you go and read all my comments? The truth is, I don’t think anyone knows what the Wii U is and I think it’s too expensive. Plus it’s very problematic with children and I can see that controller being fought over and broken.

          • You’re anti Nintendo Blaster Man. I’ve all ready read your comments so I can get a grasp of the type of person I’m talking to lol

            You think $350 is too expensive? are you one of those hypocrites that are going to say $400-$500 is ”perfectly” priced for PS4/720 like I’ve seen most people do lol

            ”plus its very problematic with children”

            Same can be said about any other system and their controller, you do realize parents own systems like 360 and ps3 and have children that play those systems as well?

            Your’e going to have to come up with a more compelling argument than ”omg too expensive and children might break the controller” lol

          • blaster man

            I own a Wii, a PS3, and an Xbox 360. I have kids. My wife said that she doesn’t want a Wii U because the “tablet” will get broken. I’m not coming up with this on my own. I’ve also seen other people’s kids fight over the thing at their house. Regular controllers don’t cost $160-$170 to replace and don’t break as easily as a screen.

            No I don’t think 400-500 is a good price. I won’t buy them at that
            price but if I can get it subsidized at 300 then I’ll do that. I’ll
            probably even buy a wii U despite my wife’s concerns once it lowers at least $100 and comes with a nice bundle. That’s probably going to happen this Christmas coming up. That will be nice since I’ll be able to transfer my 15 virtual console games to it.

          • You totally dodged what I said. Fact remains, your ”kids will break it” argument is flawed. Kids will break any controller,regardless of cost, fact.

            Also ”Ive seen others” is not a very valid excuse as well, do you realize how many people have pulled that routine to try to back up their own argument? lol. ”my wife said she doesnt want a wii u cause she said the tablet will get broken”, well shes not the center of the universe and doesnt equal the masses,because she THINKS something doesn’t make it fact, so im still waiting for a compelling argument to your

            ”omg too expensive and children might break the controller” remark ๐Ÿ˜›

            It looks like your wife is influencing your decisions by the way you’re talking. Think for yourself, dont let her think for you lol

          • blaster man

            The point about the controller price was actually in reply to your comment about other controllers breaking. My point is that the gamepad costs 3 times the cost of a normal controller to replace.

          • Yes but your initial comment was trying to use the argument ”oh kids will break that controller” as if kids dont break nor play with other consoles controllers. I seem that as a failed argument and price point still makes no difference as well. Point and fact still remains, regardless of what system it is, kids are going to break controllers, whether its a $10 controller or a $100 controller. It’s still not a valid argument using a ”oh kids will break it” as a con lol

          • blaster man

            You don’t think it’s valid to rather have your kid break a 40 or 50 dollar controller instead of one that costs 3x that?

            Oh and btw, that wasn’t nice saying I don’t think for myself. I’m sure if you were married your husband wouldn’t be allowed to “think for himself”. You’d probably wear the proverbial pants in the family given your aggressive nature.

          • You’re quoting what your wife TOLD you. Meaning you’re not thinking for yourself and that shes doing the thinking for you lol

            No I do not see your point as valid because its completely going over your head. Your initial argument you were trying to make was in regards to the game pad being broken by children, making it a con against the system because ”omg it can be broken by children” like trying to say other systems controllers wouldnt be broken by children, thats my point.

            Also yes I would let him ”think for himself”, I’d want him to not be a slave and be able to form his own opinions rather than just go by what I say, I feel that’s only logical lol

          • blaster man

            I guess I’ll have to give up. I’ll have to try to remember to find
            you here and tell you “I told you so” at the end of the year. It’s
            pretty unlikely that I’ll remember though and even if I do remember you
            probably wouldn’t acknowledge that I was right all along.

            BTW, you’re kind of mean. You must have had a bad weekend. I’m sorry you’ve had a bad weekend.

          • I doubt you’ll be right but we’ll see and hey whatever helps you sleep at night. If you think the way we are talking to each other is mean then you’ve been very sheltered your whole life and your conception on the word ”mean” is very off lol

            So I’ll see you ”then” when you’re wrong in the future, until then, try not to keep being slave your wifes whim lol

          • blaster man

            See! See! You did it again! Mean spirited comments! Why do people go online and type things to people that they would never say IRL? You’re not the only one having a bad weekend so give me a break.

          • Aww poor baby. I know you’re uptight right now because you just realized the truth about what I said about you and your wife, but dont worry, now that you know the problem, you’ll start feeling better real soon, I promise ๐Ÿ˜€

          • blaster man

            No empathy for people you haven’t actually met I see. Don’t reply to this.

          • ๐Ÿ˜›

          • discuss

            1) Of course the cost of the controller matters because if they break it you have to buy a new one. โ‚ฌ150,- Isn’t cheap for the average family. It’s something they will take into consideration when buying a new console.
            2) Games sell systems. There is no denying that however so far we aren’t seeing a lot from Nintendo and they recently announced nothing big will happen at the E3.
            3) GameNChick are you trying to win an argument by insulting a guy? I think the word he should have used would be “immature”.

          • Are you his wife? o.O

          • discuss

            I see I won the discussion.

          • I wasn’t aware this was a discussion to be won? But I guess if it makes you feel better than sure, you can win! xD

          • Silent

            I like this friendly discussion you guys are having.

          • discuss

            Subscriptions models are the best for earning money. Ever heard of World of Warcraft?
            And Blaster Man is correct, people don’t care about subscription money as long as the initial costs are low. Advertisers have been using this trick for ages.

          • Blaster Man is not correct btw, hes giving his opinion on what he thinks is best. I say hes dead wrong and again he’ll say I’m dead wrong, just the way it is lol

            I’m well aware of WoW and it has no relevance to this subject at all cause if were going to start talking about pay to play MMO’s, then were going to have to bring up a huge variety of MMO’s that are pay to play and that have failed and in the end it would be a pointless argument lol

          • blaster man

            Exactly, we’re giving our opinions here which are polar opposites. I just don’t think the general population could give two craps about paying $10 a month if it means they can pay $300 up front instead of $500. A lot of people buy Washer/Dryer/TV/furniture under agreements that they’ll pay monthly on it and pay no interest if paid off by the end of the offer period.

          • blaster man

            Added you to my twitter so I can argue with you in the future. Also so I can be really annoying and say “told you so” later this year. =)

            Just don’t do it to me if I’m wrong!

          • blocked you on twitter so I can avoid you being annoying. You can tell me you ”told me so” on here if it happens lol. Don’t need my twitter spammed with nonsense ๐Ÿ˜›

          • blaster man

            Well that’s not nice. I wasn’t going to spam you…

          • I bet lol

          • blaster man

            Okay then…

        • discuss

          So almost everyone will get the console with a gold contract. After 2 years you’ve made online friends you still want to play with so you buy another subsciption. So Xbox continuous to earn money. Look Nintendo, this is a proper strategy.
          And GameNChick: without a subscibtion you can go online but you probably won’t be able to do much online (just like it is now).

          • sugar coat it the way you want. It still doesnt change the fact that you’d be playing monthly to pay off the system,plus paying for live lol

          • blaster man

            That’s still TBD. I think there’s a good possibility that you have to be connected to the Internet to use it (though this is still not certain) but I don’t think you’re going to have to be a gold member to use it. In other words, you can probably play single player games without paying monthly.

          • blaster man

            MS makes a lot on those gold memberships. They make a WHOLE LOT. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this is a Trojan Horse into their ecosystem.

  • wimpykid456

    I believe Smash Bros. 4 will ignite sales.

    • blaster man

      I don’t understand why this game is popular.

      • Silent

        O_O……. Maybe I need glasses.

    • Hopefully it turns out good,looking forward to seeing a trailer of it during one of the directs nintendo is giving during E3

  • disqus_ZWtRc3QBfG

    Yeah, we have big third party games coming. This article says some slightly clever things, but then completely messes it up by just being wrong. Assassin’s Creed 4, Batman Arkham Origins, Watch Dogs, Splinter Cell, Rayman to name some. I’m sure there will be even more to be announced. Just wait and see.

    • heck if we just want to name off some random 3rd party, there’s still DeadPool and Disney Infinity lol

  • Ethan Lennaman

    Besides EA skipping Wii U becuase they’re butt hurt Nintendo didn’t want to use their crappy Origin service, what’s your definition of “literally has no key third party games coming out this year?” Literally, every Ubisoft game is coming to the Wii U, there’s a strong chance Call of Duty (honestly, who cares anyway).. The only key third party game Wii U’s missing this holiday is GTA V.. Which is a bummer. But we’re getting AC IV, Watch Dogs, Splinter Cell..

    • Who’s to say it wont come to Wii U just yet? I say chances are 50/50 at this point, it could and could not, if its not announced around E3 time as coming to Wii U then I doubt it will be

  • Kitsune Hazard

    Kinsley, you’re an idiot and apparently don’t follow any of the gaming news.

    It’s been mentioned before, but apparently you need to be reminded as often as possible since you live under a rock set adrift in your own universe. You want Third Party games? Here’s a list:

    AC IV: Blag Flag, Resident Evil: Revelations, Watch Dogs, Splinter Cell, Deus Ex: HR Director’s Cut, Bayonetta 2, Rayman, Batman: Arkham Origins, Project CARS, Disney Infinity

    There’s 10 big ones that aren’t skipping the Wii U right there (or is that not enough for you?)…doesn’t count exclusives like Wonderful 101, etc either. So…next time, go do some checking. I hear Google works wonders…should try it some time.

    • N1nj4L1nk

      Is Bayonetta 2 not a Wii U exclusive anymore?

  • The Wii U won’t be Nintendo’s last console. Considering how long Nintendo has been around, they’re gonna do just fine.

  • I have always respected nintendo because they have always been the standard setters. They have never been known as a cookie-cutter type corporation. If it wasn’t for nintentdo there wouldn’t be an xbox or a playstation.I’m glad nintendo isn’t afraid to venture out and do things that other companys arefraid to do. So hate on haters. One way or thethe nintendo will set the standard again and again. and continue to revolutionize the gaming world.

  • Javier Smith

    Good article, but don’t know why you say there are literally no key third party games coming out this year. They may be coming out later in the year, but Wonderful 101, Rayman Legends, Splinter Cell and (possibly) Watch Dogs all come out this year on Wii U.

    But it’s true there is still a long way to go with third-parties, three of those four are all the same company, Nintendo-friendly Ubisoft.

    • Doesn’t matter if they’re from the same company, they’re still big games and from third party. Isn’t that the argument here? ”Nintendo not getting any key third party games this year”, when theres a slew of them as people all ready mentioned lol

  • Twilord

    “But the Wii U needs more than games to turn things around.”

    No… no it really doesnt’.

    • Silent

      True. Games speak louder than specs.

  • Steven Penberthy

    I’m done with any Xbox or playstation, most of their games you can get on pc which will always be more powerful than any next gen system and I don’t want or need another media center (pc once again) Nintendo is the last true gaming console manufacturer.
    It’s been a slow start but it will pick up, it always does. Nintendo have been in the game a long time and have many tricks up its sleave.

  • Is this a wii u FAN site or a WIi u HATE site? Cause I’m seeing a lot of HATE Related articles on this website instead of FAN related articles…

    • It’s to get hits on their website. Negative news attracts more attention than positive. They know if they post negative news and slam the Wii U(in a clearly poor written article) that not only Nintendo fans will post but 720/ps4 fans will come to troll as well. It’s been a common practice lately,even on Nintendo themed sites. MyNintendoNews does the same thing

    • discuss

      Is it a fansite? I thought it was a Wii U information site. That information can be positive or negative. In both cases, I want to know.

    • Silent

      the only reason im still on this site is: great flow of news and ashley king’s great and well written articles.

  • LopsidedPasta

    The Wi U does need better games, and clearer advertising, but will everyone stop complaining about the price? The Wii U is already sold at a loss, and Nintendo has made it clear that a price cut is not in the foreseeable future. 300 dollars is CHEAP for a brand new console, especially when compared to whatever the price of the PS4 will be. Come on. If all the games suck, and no one has any idea what the thing is, then i don’t care if the Wii U is 150$, there will still only be a slight boost in sales. So quit whining!

    • No they won’t sotp complaining, most people complaining about the price are complete hypocrites in the first place. They say Wii U is too over priced, but at the same time cant wait for XBOX 720 or PS4,which both at minimum will have a $500 price tag lol

    • Silent

      They will always complain because even if you serve the wii U with roman cheese and crackers on a golden plate, it will never be enough for people.

  • X3Charlie

    I would rather them just sell the deluxe set in both colors at $299.99. The 3 is a turn off at first sight. Other than that, all Nintendo can do is wait for games and to advertise by example.

    • X3Charlie

      And it appears that people are easy to forget the lesson they are constantly reminded of, “Don’t Underestimate Nintendo.”

    • X3Charlie

      OH! 2 more ideas.
      – In the Nintendo eShop the TV screen is redundant since you can see everything on the Gamepad, use the TV screen when not in use to advertise more games! Highlight 3rd Party and indie games, (1st Party Nintendo Games don’t really need much advertising on a Nintendo system).
      – Maybe layaway/ subscription service would be good they can advertise the console at a much cheaper price even though you end up paying it back over time. People are less willing to pay upfront.
      – ON another note, Miiverse was a good step toward adding a party and community feeling to your everyday Nintendo experience, lets keep working that way.

  • BL4CKSH33P

    I agree that not having a conference is a bad decision but it is by no means gonna break Nintendo. that’s nonsense and if that is what you think you are naive. I would prefer a large conference though, and it would benefit them to do one.

  • Quicksilver88

    One more bullet hole is this writers BS…..COD Ghosts is showing retail SKUs for Wii-U. So what big games is U missing out on? Watchdogs, COD, Batman, AC4 all coming to the U…….Destiny I guess but early feedback on PC version is not good.

  • tonybalogna

    soon nintendo’s website will be as washed up as this:


  • Sam

    Where did you get that Nintendo will show off a new Zelda from? The way that phrase reads..it sounds like you mean a new Zelda for Wii U…I’m not aware of any announcement that they plan to show off a new Wii U Zelda (Wind Waker HD not withstanding). Do you have a link to a source? The link you’ve put up just links to a page about a fan-made concept box art

  • none of the big 3rd party games are coming to Wii u…I assume the author meant BESIDES Watch Dogs. Oh and Assassin’s Creed. Oh and The New Splinter Cell. Also Call of Duty (Is that considered a big franchise?)….

  • Why E3 2013 is the most important for Nintendo ever? Because of me WALUIGI!!!!