Jun 17th, 2013

One of the year’s biggest exclusives is going to be Bayonetta 2 and we had a chance to check it out at E3 this year. This is the first playable demo of the game made available since it was announced and the game really stays true to the series, even though Bayonetta has lost her hair. The action is fast-paced and over the top similar to the first game, so fans of the series should have no problem diving right in.

During the demo your progress was ranked according to how well you did, including not being hit, dodging, taking out enemies, and progressing through the level at a decent pace. You can see some of the hardcore action in the middle part of the video. Controls are very fluid and responsive, which is probably the biggest concern in a button-masher style game like Bayonetta 2. It handles incredibly well, so be excited when it’s finally available.

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  • guest

    really looking forward to owning this game.

  • Ryushi

    Damn, now I can’t wait to play this game even more

  • DeedsGaming .

    someone explain, is this all button bashing or is there a story?

    • angel

      u should check out game play footage in utube

      • DeedsGaming .

        I did and all I see is button bashing action filled blurring colour

        • Jonn MGO

          Didn’t you watch the Nintendo Direct@E3 2013? There are sexy cutscenes.

          • DeedsGaming .

            yeaah bro, I saw the cutscenes were nice:) I’m guessing the whole game consists of that though?

          • angel

            it has a story just like DMC

    • everyone

      Theres a story. If i were to compare the playstyle of this game I would compare the Devil May Cry games mixed a bit with the combat style of Arkham City but faster.

  • Jon

    not sure if I will get getting this but it does look pretty good, just not really my type of game. Plus I need to save for DK, Mario, Zelda Pikmin, and Mario kart 😀


    Looks great 🙂

  • uPadWatcher

    This sequel looked both promising and simply breathtaking. Full HD (1080p), 60 frames per second with no screen tearing, and the play control is top notch and easy to pick up… especially using two different control methods. There’s no denying that Nintendo’s Bayonetta 2 is gonna be one of most wanted Wii U games in 2014. Two thumbs up to developer PlatinumGames.

  • iLoveMe

    No one said you can touch.

  • Sora Morp

    BAYONETTA’S VAGI……………….. never mind

    • Morits Lian

      Don’t go there.

      • Sora Morp


    • howling_wolf1334:[

      Wowowow!! Man! Make up your mind!!!

  • tomtank91

    It’ll probably end up being a timed exclusive, because Nintendo only published the Bayonetta 2, so if platinum decided to do a Bayonetta 2 directors cut and port the game they could and they haven’t done that much with the gamepad so it wouldn’t be hard to port over.

    • D.M.T

      Dude…Nintendo is FUNDING this game. Do you know what funding means? They paid Platinum Games to make this game, Nintendo owns Bayonetta 2. This game and Wonderful 101 will never come to other consoles. Why can’t gamers understand this? Get over it and buy a Wii U or dont play this game at all

      • tomtank91

        Yeah but that’s bayonetta 2, like I said if platinum decided to release a directors cut they might be able to port it over to other consoles. It’s happened b4

        • Zombie_Andrew

          The only way Bayo is coming back multi-plat is if it sells well on the Wii U. As Sega didn’t bring it back because it didn’t sell well on 360 and PS3

        • mojack411

          That’s if Sony and/or Microsoft or any other publishing company changes their minds from their original opinion. The reason Nintendo picked up Bayonetta 2 was because no one else was willing to publish it. To pull a 360 and change their opinion like that and Platinum to be willing to after being shunned like that is unlikely.

          • tomtank91

            I don’t know why I’m getting negative votes I’m just saying what might happen. Personally I don’t want it happen because Nintendo have saved the game so it deserves being exclusive all forever. Also most of you on here have never played the original I bet.

          • uPadWatcher

            As a matter of fact, Tommy, I did play the original (digital download on PS3). Despite the screen tearing PS3’s port of the original Bayonetta (from Sega) for Xbox 360, the controls were good and easy to pick up.

            When Nintendo launches the funded sequel only for Wii U, it’s gonna be megatons better than the original (graphic wise and play control wise).

          • tomtank91

            Most definitely, well you can tell from the demo it is and it’s not even a finished product, but controller wise the only good thing is off tv play unless using the stylus is good but I would have expected a little more from platinum for the gamepad

          • everyone

            I think success for this game would mean that platinum gets to make more games foe nintendo. I doubt they would let it to multiplatform after being rejected by xbox and sony. Something everyone on this forum including yourself would like judging by what you said

          • tomtank91

            I hope your right I would like to have more games from platinum.

          • everyone

            I think Platinum is the perfect developer for Nintendo. Their creativity and innovative out of the box programming. Kind of the same as how Retro fits in.

        • D.M.T

          So…you want Platinum Games to spit in Nintendo’s face? Because a Director’s Cut is an enhanced version of the original game. You need to understand that this game wouldn’t exist without Nintendo so it NEEDS to stay exclusive forever. I don’t care if it happened b4, putting a Director’s Cut on other platforms is spit in the face.

          • tomtank91

            Firstly calm down and secondly no I never said I wanted it to go multiplatform, I know Nintendo saved the game but it doesn’t mean they won’t make it multiplatform it’s not impossible for it to happen.

          • D.M.T

            Actually it IS impossible for them to make it multiplatform. Here’s what Bayonetta 2 designer said on Twitter http://mynintendonews.com/2013/06/17/kamiya-jokes-that-fans-asking-for-bayonetta-2-on-ps3-should-also-ask-for-zelda/

          • tomtank91

            I know what they said but that doesn’t rule out in a couple of years that they have directors cut, it’s a very small possibility especially if Nintendo publish the add ons if there’s any at all.

        • uPadWatcher

          Wii U Baynetta… Tommy?

        • NkoSekirei

          not gonna happen dude sony and microsoft screwed their chances by ignoring it and now their fans are paying for it not in a bad way just unfair for them

          • tomtank91

            I hope your right

  • Assassinated23

    This is by far the best looking (graphically) game coming to WiiU. It’s on par with most games coming to Xbone and PS4. It’s the first title I’ve seen to push the Wiiu’s limitations graphically.

    • Dylan Groot

      Oh please, it looks beautifull but it’s noting like metal gear 5 or final fantasy 15, to name just two.

      • uPadWatcher

        X just graphically eats up Final Fantasy XV like a freakin’ beast.

        • Gene

          Haha. Ooookay.

          • ConCity Soldier

            I’m not interested in the new Final Fantasy. The only FF game I ever enjoyed was Final Fantasy 7 on PS1. X all day, f graphics lol. I rather have a better game, and the new FF didn’t impress me at all.

        • NkoSekirei


        • Dylan Groot

          Ok whatever man.

      • Luca Invernizzi

        I agree with you.

        I don’t really kno wwhy everyone here has decided to downvote everyone that said a PS4 can have better graphic.

        We are Nintendo fan, we are suppose to be the ones that care about the games, not the graphic. The wiiU can give us incredible sweet looking games, but that is just a plus.

      • D’Angelo Joyce

        I have to agree. I love Nintendo and I have owned every systel except advance and sp. But you cannot seriously say that this game is even close to something like MGS5, the division, the dark sorcerer, infamous second son, it is comparable to God of War 3, maybe. And X does not look as good as the new FF, that is a simple fact. Will it be better? Probably. Does it look good, yes. Give props where it is due. There will never be a game that looks as good or is as large as Witcher 3 on the Wiiu; it just aint capable. PS4 is going to be a fantastic system and I’m sure they will take this generation. I enjoy my wiiu and im gonna enjoy ps4. Out.

  • I never played the first one but this game looks interesting. I may have to add this and the game “X” to my list of games in my wish list

    • D.M.T

      You may? Just go ahead and add Bayonetta 2, this game is a must buy

      • It sure looks that way.. So many games and so little budget is the problem.

        • gimpcell

          Why you gotta be tellin everyone my problems? sheesh

          • I just knew I wasn’t alone in this predicament

            Well here are the games I have pre-ordered already or plan to pre-order (just Nintendo alone)

            Summer/Fall 2013
            Pikmin 3 – Wii U
            Watchdogs – Wii U
            The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker – Wii U
            Batman Arkham Origins – Wii U
            The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds – 3DS
            Super Mario 3D World – Wii U

            Mario Kart 8 – Wii U
            Super Smash Brothers – Wii U

            Games on the wish list:
            Bayonetta 2
            Sonic Lost Worlds

            There are probably a few that I am missing but these are off the top of my head.

  • Zombie_Andrew
  • uPadWatcher

    Check out this fan-made commercial for Bayonetta 2!


  • Metroid33slayer

    The backdrops in this game are stunning and huge, look at all those massive skyscrapers beautifully rendered. Bayonetta 2 , mario kart 8 and monolith’s x look like they are running on far superior hardware to those wii u launch games we played a few months ago. Could it be true that the last wii u update tripled the cpu’s clock speed? Anyone now saying wii u isn’t a noticeable upgrade from xb360/ps3 is either a warrior troll or mentally deficient.


      no its not true nether is the 1080p stop making nintendo fans look derp

  • Petri

    I hope they release a demo for it this year.
    Without usage restrictions, because I would burn those daily.

  • WASD

    nice 😛

  • Superstick98


  • david jarman


  • Looks incredible, really would like to see it real time. Watching a recorded version from a tv to watch it on youtube and from there watch it here on my pc it looks incredible, now I wonder how it’ll look when I’m the Lucky basterd playing the demo in this video in person 😛

    btw, Must buy 🙂

    • NkoSekirei

      cant wait to play the hot sexy witch with those nice guns she has

  • everyone

    Sees rule34 in link. Immediately flags. Try not to inhale a tube of Vagisil before you want to post on this forum next time. Seems to be clouding your judgment on whats appropriate for it.

  • Dez

    2014 is going to be a good year to be a Wii U owner. Smash, Bayonetta 2, X, and Mario Kart 8. That is probably just the first half of the year, too…at least so I hope. A new Starfox or Metroid game would really be great for the Wii U as well. Pretty good line-up for this year for that matter. Nintendo’s games are looking promising and Platinum Games has a history of releasing great titles.

  • Arthur Jarret

    Currently re-playing Madworld, Anarchy Reigns and Vanquish to get my body more hyped. Will re-beat bayonetta a week before release

  • Your money

    i never played bayonetta before. So i guess this is a chance for me to try this out.

  • KosmoCrisis

    I got to play this after Chris recorded this here video. I scored a Platinum, Platinum, Gold. Would have been a triple plat if the Nintendo booth girl wasn’t talking my ear off!

    The demo was really easy. All I had to do was dodge and mash the attack buttons, switching frequently between Bayonetta’s two different attack styles. She has a sort of close ranged hand-to-hand mode and an over-the-top weapon-wielding mode. There there is the overdrive or whatever it’s officially called. All attacks did greater damage, enemies would go into slow-mo, and her attacks looked a bit more over-the-top.

    It ran super smooth on both the nice TVs they were using and on the Gamepad. Nice to see more games utilizing the second screen option. I did not try the “easier” Gamepad touch controls, instead opted for the tried and true physical controls. Not quite a system seller game, that is saved for the dozen or so 1st party Mario and friends games like Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros whatever. Maybe Pikmin 3 and DK if you’re into those sorts of games.