May 24th, 2013


Yesterday Warner Bros. Interactive confirmed it would be publishing a new game from developer Techland called Dying Light. The game focuses on yet another zombie apocalypse, but has a bit of a different twist. During the day, you can set about the open world and gather supplies while the zombies are lethargic and barely able to move, but as night sets, the zombies become more active and animalistic in nature. The entire concept seems interesting, but it looks like Wii U owners won’t get to experience it.

The game was announced for current and next-gen consoles yesterday, with no mention of the Wii U. Today, Warner has confirmed that the game will not be available on the platform. That’s unfortunate, since Warner Bros. has typically been a great supporter of the platform with Scribblenauts and their various super hero properties. The game seems like a natural evolution of something like ZombiU, so there really is no precedent for the game not being available. Oh well.

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  • ICHI

    Nooooo this kind of game is right up my alley.

  • uPadWatcher

    Techland = Deep Silver’s beeyatch

  • D2ThaLo305

    wonder what is behind the reasoning?

    • Jason Wilkins

      It’s expensive to port games to consoles with radically different control schemes. Furthermore, there is a small install base (3.45 million Wii U’s) meaning that is the cap on the amount of games that can be sold. Not to mention that the publisher has to pay the Nintendo’s licensing fees to release the game on Wii U which raises their overhead.

      In the end, the publisher has to pay money to not only create a Wii U version (which must be custom made to incorporate the gamepad), but they also have to cover the cost of licensing. Given the small install base, they can only sell a small number of games thus leading to a high risk there won’t be a return on investment

      • boynhisblobs

        Or could be that Techland has never developed anything for Nintendo and figured this is not the game to start with. Because really, 3.45 million is as good as you’ll get 6 months after a console launch. Its laps around what 360 and PS3 had sold 6 months in, so its not a lack of install base, which is currently growing at 875% (see last article).

        Honestly tho, do we need more “last generation” games on next generations? I don’t remember gran turismo 3 being announced for both ps2 and ps3. If the industry really wants to embrace the next generation, they need to stop with these multi-generation releases like this. Just make it for x1 and ps4, which would leave more development costs for wii u. Instead they’ll pump money into last generation versions that will sell but won’t push any new hardware.

        • Jason Wilkins

          First, Techland is not a first or second party developer so them not releasing on Nintendo has nothing to do with allegiances. They chose not to release it because they don’t see the chances of a profit. As a third party dev., the best bang for their buck is selling AS MANY GAMES AS POSSIBLE, regardless of the console.

          The experts there predicted they won’t sell very well.

          As to your comment about the install base, yes, it isn’t HORRIBLE but it isn’t good. Selling under 60k units for several months is really bad in this day and age. To give perpective, the dreamcast in 3 years sold 10.6 million and this was before gaming went mainstream with the Grand theft auto games attracting many new players.

          Secondly, the issue isn’t so much that there aren’t enough consoles but that there isn’t enough developer support. The developer support is a symptom of the lack of console sales but it is the bigger problem. There are MANY MANY multiplatform games that aren’t seeing a Wii U release. What this means is that buying a Wii U not only cuts you out of PS4/Xbox ONE exclusives, but also games that aren’t even exclusive. After a while, you have to ask yourself; why pay $200+ dollars for a console that can play only a handful of exclusive titles? Zelda is good. Mario kart is good. But are they Pay $200+ good?

          • CapnCrumbles436

            This is a lot of jabber. Console sales are low because, software support is low, software support is low because console sales are low. The only thing that can pull them out of the slump is stellar 1st party releases.

            Historically though 3rd parties have put out software for budding new consoles and bit the bullet temporarily concerning low sales seeing it as an investment in the future. Why there not doing it here, is because there is a pervasive mindset in the gaming community that “Nintendo is for babies”. It’s just as simple as that.

        • Kool C

          @boynhisblobs..Excellent point! I’ve been saying that all along. Stop developing for last gen consoles (Xbox/PS3), then there will be more money for Wii U development. Plus, I’m tired of people saying that development is poor for he Wii U due to it’s small user base. NOT TRUE! These companies are developing for two consoles with no base, the PS4 and the Xbox one. Now, I know some of you will say these games will sell better on those consoles. NOT TRUE! If every third party gave the Wii U equal support, it would out sell the other two.

          • Jason Wilkins

            The publishers won’t touch the Wii U because there is a set of factors that go into what makes a failed console. The Wii U has many of those factors. They are:
            -Bad/defective hardware

            -Zero thrid party support

            -lack of exclusive killer app

            The second two are definitely present with the Wii U. What’s worse is there is no indication on the part of Nintendo that a killer app is coming soon. There has been no concrete data on Nintendo’s big franchises so at this point, yes…the Wii U is acting like a failed console. Doens’t mean it will but its behavior is similar to that of previous failed consoles.

            Devs support the older tech because they are interested in selling games. Nintendo typically only works with second party devs. (companies they own majority share of). Third party devs. don’t have allegiances to manufactures of consoles. Instead, they seek only to turn a profit on games sold. From a publisher standpoint, developing for old tech is smarter now since the licensing fees are likely cheaper for older consoles, the customer pool is literally dozens of times larger than that of the Wii U, and it is very clear that those consoles aren’t dying anytime soon.

            As for the PS4 and Xbox ONE, they develop for them because they are certain to be hits. GTA5, Call of Duty, Battlefied, etc. are KNOWN KILLER APPS. Therefore, the bean counters in the publishing biz KNOW that these games will translate to many many console sales. In contrast, they don’t know a damn thing about Nintendo. Nintendo won’t tell anyone about their Killer apps. Consequently, it leaves an investor with an easy choice. Do the publish games for a console that has occasional news articles written saying it is failing and whose principal game developer won’t release details about the only games that are likely to change this trend. Or do they publish for consoles where titles that have already proven themselves have declared support and sequels will be available at or shortly after launch?

            Remember, these investors at the publishers don’t give a shit about how much people love nintendo. At the end of the day, they need to turn a profit and Nintendo is a very uncertain investment. After all, Nintendo themselves won’t even tell the publishers about the franchises that will make people give a shit about a console that retailers are selling at a loss to get rid of stock.

          • Kool C

            Jason, I’m well aware about the business aspect. However, the killer apps that you mentioned are all third party games. Therefore, like I said before, if 3rd party developers gave the Wii U equal support, then gamers would purchase a Wii U without any thought.

          • Jason Wilkins

            I agree that people would buy the Wii U in some respectable numbers if they had comparable support. Problem is Nintendo’s policies have burned third party developers for some time.
            NES = they monopolized third party devs. pissing them off
            SNES = censored content leading to drops in sales (Mortal Kombat – removing blood; 1/4 the sales of genesis version)
            N64 = decision to stay with cartridges upset 3rd party devs.
            GC = weaker power/lower disc space upset 3rd party devs.
            Wii = control scheme/processing power upset 3rd party devs.

            Some devs were loyal to Nintendo years ago such as Square. But Nintendo for example choosing to use cartridges led to FF VII being released on Sony consoles (which used CD’s) after Square learned that Nintendo wasn’t using CD’s in contrast with previous suggestions about N64.

            It is unlikely that these devs. hold a grudge against Nintendo but this does give you an idea of how nintendo has had poor relations with them in the past. This has made developers wary of Nintendo based out of a belief that Nintendo does not have their best interests at heart.

          • CapnCrumbles436

            ‘NES= They monopolized third party developers, pissing them off.’ Care to explain this ridiculous comment in detail?

            You twist everything around to justify hate for Nintendo, it so absurd you can’t even see what your doing. WiiU has endured weak/mediocre sales, therefore it has upset 3rd parties. NES actually performed too well, therefore it upset third parties. Nintendo sells too few consoles, they suck. Nintendo sells too many consoles, they suck….really?! Capcom sold 1.7m copies of RE4, 1.5 copies of RE, and 1.3 copies of RE0 on GC. Namco sold 1.5m copies of SC2 on GC. but apparently, they were very upset at the lack of power and the tiny disc space. You cite one example of one game on the SNES to push the narrative that 3rd party developers were not attracted to the SNES. Bogus!….Nintendo reversed the decision for all MKs there after. MKII and III sold ver very well much better than their Genesis counter parts.

            Your argument is something like this: 3rd parties are repulsed by Nintendo and its justified. Whenever they have supported Nintendo historically, they have done so begrudgingly.

            They are all lame excuses as far as I’m concerned. It all stems from Nintendo’s consistent refusal to peddle inappropriate content in its FIRST PARTY titles. They have insisted on remaining a family friendly brand which apparently ticks a lot of people off, but I say good on ya Nintendo for having standards, values and refusing to bow to the almighty dollar, while continuing to be successful. The part that most people don’t understand is that this doesn’t mean that more intense content cannot be developed for the platform by outside parties.

          • Jason Wilkins

            CapnCrumbles436, when the NES came out, they released the NA release of it with a lockout chip called the 10NES chip (see Nintendo chip). It prevented counterfeit cartridges and in truth, was a major reason why gaming revived after the 1983 crash as it allowed console makers to monetize only recently legalized third party development.

            A brief history: pre 1983, all games were in business models planned to be first party and the console makers made money off them to offset the high cost of consoles. When Activision formed in the early 80’s (the first third party publisher AND developer), they broke the business model. This meant that if a consumer bought a NEW activision game, Atari, owners of Atari 2600, never saw a cent of it (something of a mirroring of the problem of used games today). With the 10NES code, a third party would have to pay a license fee to receive the chip so they could actually sell the game. Games not authorized by Nintendo (meaning they didn’t get their cut), didn’t have the chip and thus wouldn’t play. This is where the Nintendo Seal of Quality came from since Nintendo held the keys to third party development, they could quality test all games being made and thus stamped it with their iconic logo. Now back to the story…

            At the time, Nintendo only allowed third party devs. to release 5 games per year on their console (which was the only one thriving). The situation was so bitter that Atari, then operating as a third party publisher for Tengen, their development studio, engaged in patent infringement when they fraudulently acquired the patent for the 10NES code to produce what we would today call “counterfeit games” (remember that at this point in videogame history, third party games manufactured WITHOUT the console maker’s permission were legal and commonplace). They used the patent information to create counterfeit 10NES chips (see Tengen Chip) for their counterfeit games (see picture of counterfeit RBI Baseball which does NOT contain the iconic NIntendo Seal of Quality).

            Atari, having just stolen the patent (early game company practices were REALLY slimy), then sued Nintendo for Antitrust violations (running an illegal monopoly). In response, Nintendo, in a (sarcasm) NOT monopolistic practice went to toy stores and threatened not to sell them NES’s if they stocked Atari games. Keep in mind around the late 80’s, Nintendo probably made up the lionshare of their sales. Stunts like this did kind of look bad for a third party publisher, regardless of how necessary they may or may not have been.

            Well, that’s enough for now.

          • BuckStud

            Really?!?…bad/defective hardware….your reasoning is bad/defective.

          • Jason Wilkins

            If you read my post, I commented that defective hardware was a common reason for console failure. Such an example is the Coleco Adam which shipped 50% defective units.

            That said, I NEVER SAID WII U HAD DEFECTIVE HARDWARE…I merely said it is one of many factors that can cause console failure. I said only two of those factors, zero third party support and lack of exclusive killer app, were present

          • oontz

            Learn to read idiot!

          • CapnCrumbles436

            I’m going to call a big BS on your claim. I’m amazed that on a WiiU site you get 9 thumbs up. Then again I’m not because Sony and Microsoft fans frequent this site to trash Nintendo, which is beyond pathetic. Get a life!

            #1) The WiiU is a defective peice of hardware….Rly?! I’m not even going there. It’s not even worth the time and effort.

            This has nothing to do with numbers, it has nothing to do with being business savvy. If that were true, big publishers like Ubisoft would not be cashing in big time on WiiU. This happened with Wii as well. Was it lacking 1st party support? Was it ‘defective’? Did it have a small user base? It outsold the competition handily!

            It boils down to this: After the days of SNES the gaming community wanted to see Nintendo grow up with them. They wanted to see Nintendos franchises mature as they did. Their idea of maturity includes, overt sexuality, increased violence, drug references etc. Nintendo refused to compromise the integrity of their brand and alter the identity of their franchises. Currently, you have a situation where these now 20-30 something’s are grown and they still hold a grudge against Nintendo. They hold on to the perception that ‘Nintendo is for babies’ and that ‘Real (or hardcore) gamers only bother with Sony and Microsoft’. The people who share this mentality are here in the blogs, they are on IGN, they are in these development companies, and publishers. They perpetuate this idea, and unfortunately the perception has stuck. Its damaged the brand and it is nothing more than ill informed mob mentality. At one point the Wii had sold 100m units and the others had only sold around 60m a piece. Even then 3rd parties refused to accept the Wii as a serious option for development. That’s how bad this is. THAT is what this is about and it’s why you have seen it happening ever since the N64. Nintendo betrayed them, as they see it, and they know how to hold a grudge.

          • Jason Wilkins

            If you read my post, I commented that defective hardware was a common reason for console failure. Such an example is the Coleco Adam which shipped 50% defective units.

            That said, I NEVER SAID WII U HAD DEFECTIVE HARDWARE…I merely said it is one of many factors that can cause console failure. I said only two of those factors, zero third party support and lack of exclusive killer app, were present

          • Jason Wilkins

            On your note about a grudge being held against them for being “for babies”, this is something Nintendo caused for themselves. In the late 80’s, Nintendo made an active decision to rebrand videogames as a children’s toy and continued to do so. If you are looking for more, see Chapter 5 of

            Digital Play: The Interaction of Technology, Culture, and Marketing By Stephen Kline

        • CapnCrumbles436

          The leap from last gen to this gen is smaller, and there are around 150m existing PS3 and 360 users world wide. That’s why they are spread across 2 generations of platforms, but the choice to exclude the WiiU is just rediculous. The mob mentality of hate toward Nintendo continues…

      • AAAkabob

        Now whenever anyone brings up the small install base excuse I feel obligated to link this This shows that now is the prime time to add Wii U to your support list with so many limited games and the fact that all the early adopters are gamer it’s a no brainer.

        • Jason Wilkins

          Very true. One problem though…that wasn’t an exclusive title. Exclusivity, not multiplatform support, drives console sales.

          Unfortunately for Nintendo this time around, they can’t even attract third party publishers to publish exclusively. As of April 11, 2013 (its hard to find good lists of full release schedules), Only 7 of their games currently out or known to be in development are published by third party publishers; half of those are shovel ware like Tank! Tank! Tank!; Of these 7, only 2 were original games (not ports with updated content) that received scores above 5.0 out of 10. this means that NO DEVELOPER will touch them unless Nintendo is paying the bills and mitigating their losses.

          That is a really dangerous place for publishers from third party sources. All this sonic game did is show that a third party publisher is willing to do is port a copy of a game that Nintendo’s competitors not only received but in some cases, got earlier (European launch for competing consoles was 2 weeks earlier). Also remember that this game was released in November of last year. This was back before publishers started losing heart.

          This is not good news…remember, Nintendo is floundering not because people don’t like the system but because third party publishers in third party studios are yanking the leash on Wii U ports. The only “publisher” that is willing to risk a big budget Wii U exclusive title sufficient to be a killer app is Nintendo. That means if Nintendo can’t come up with something to compete with the might of ALL the best publishers and their allied development houses combined, they will never reach critical mass on their console to keep it from failing.

      • Link Slayer

        There is 0 install bass for ps4 and xbox bone

        • Jason Wilkins

          Yes, there is zero install base right now because it isn’t out. However, those consoles were so successful that they made the seventh generation of gaming the longest continually successful one ever. It is still going on and new games are releasing in Q4 2013. Publishers can rest assured that the sequel consoles will carry their good will into the future with comparably large install bases

        • oontz

          There is a huge install base waiting with cash in hand. I am one of them, ready to buy a ps4 on release day. It will have all the Sony exclusives I love to play and all the best 3rd party games of next gen!! It’s a win, win.

          • Link Slayer

            yeah Im going to get a ps4 for sure it looks freaking awesome

      • Orange Lada

        I take your points, however small install base applies to PS4 and Xbox ONE even moreso. So … why are they developing for those platforms?

        • Jason Wilkins

          They develop for those platforms because publishers know that many consumers will buy them. Call of Duty and Battlefied are the best selling console games ever. There isn’t a doubt in the world that they won’t release on PS4/Xbox ONE. Therefore, publishers can rest assured that MANY MANY people will buy those consoles and thus there will be a massive install base. They know this because those franchises are KNOWN KILLER APPS.

          On the other hand, Nintendo has a history of extremely weak third party support that is at this point nearly 20 years old. The N64, Gamecube, and Wii had weak third party support. So it is unclear if there will be a killer app. Nintendo makes the killer apps for nintendo and Nintendo is very closed lips about these things. I mean people are talking about the Wii U as a failed console and we still haven’t received any details about the big Nintendo franchises except that they are coming. Investors hate that kind of uncertainty. After all, they haven’t so much as released a screenshot of the new Zelda, Smash, Mario Kart, Mario 3D title; if Nintendo won’t reveal them, why the hell would an investor (who has no interest in gaming itself, only the bottom line) care about publishing for this console that has no Killer App?

          • Elem187

            You have no idea what you are talking about. Just sit down.
            its not coming because WB doesn’t think there is a big enough audience for it. Injustice bombed so hard, they are gun shy about putting anything on the system….. If Wii U owners want third party games, they need to buy third party games.

          • Jason Wilkins

            Nintendo has been burning bridges with third party publishers and developers for years. Now its coming back to bite them. WB is not putting it on the Wii U in part because other games have failed such as Injustice burning them. The low install base and the continued absence of killer apps doesn’t help. Not to mention retailer fears that it is bombing (they are cutting prices and selling consoles at a loss to clear back stock). Plus the lack of word from Nintendo about the Killer apps that will help save the console. Not to mention the fact that many titles that are known killer apps continue to announce no Wii U version will be released. Plus the fact that many hardcore gamers are not well versed in its features, let alone the ill-informed casual that saved the Wii.

            At some point, it becomes too much to bear. I will not buy a Wii U until it is 9th gen (if there is one). Why? Because all it will let me do is play whatever games Nintendo publishes. Of ALL announced exclusive games both past, present and future, the Wii U only has 2 non-nintendo published, original games (not just an updated port) that have a score above 5.0/10 I’m not in the business of buying a console to play one publisher’s games. Sadly for the Wii U, many people feel the same way and third party publishers are realizing gamers feel this way.

            Ergo, they are dropping support for Wii U versions which will cost development dollars and yield little profit. Disagree, go look up why Crysis 3 got cancelled for Wii U. That was the stated reason.

          • CapnCrumbles436

            More thumbs up please for Jason Wilkins! The genius who spends all of his time on a Nintendo fan site criticizing the companies tactics and it’s loyal fans.

            Some aspire to be great mothers, great fathers, teachers, officers of the law, some farmers, some shop owners. Some even dedicate their life to serving God and serving others, but Jason is on a mission! winning converts for XBOX and PS, furiously typing away. Devoting all his time to posting carefully crafted persuasive pieces designed to rescue the poor lost souls from the horror that is…Nintendo.

            Check yourself man.

          • Jason Wilkins

            I literally 2 days ago just got my law degree. I only wanted to kick back and enjoy some internet dialog following finals before I start Bar Exam prep =D

            In case you missed my previous comments, I like to study Games and their history =)

          • CapnCrumbles436

            Man, you are over analyzing every little thing, and some of your statements are bogus. No one knows how the PS4 or XBOne will do. WB is just gun shy and that’s it. They are gun shy because their last game performed badly.

          • Jason Wilkins

            IKR =D

            No one knows how it will do but the titles announced and known to be in development for them come from series and studios that have been known to drive console sales. GTA series MADE the PS2. Call of Duty and Battlefield DROVE console sales (not to mention setting still standing records for game sales). All of these have been announced for these two consoles. So…if you were a bettin’ man, would you bet that the console which is suffering weak sales AND won’t have these titles is going to sell well, or that the consoles WITH these titles will sell well?

            Maybe WB is gun shy…Maybe they don’t like the fact that even an established Nintendo Brand could only sell 770,000 units (New Super Mario Bros. U). Maybe the fact that this fact scares them and makes them wonder…Hmmm…If Nintendo can’t break a million units on a console of their own with their golden IP, what chance do I have?

      • Fred

        PS4 and Xbox One install bases are much smaller than Wii U install base

        • Jason Wilkins

          They do have smaller install bases yes but there is more certainty. Killer apps drive console sales. Battlefield, Call of Duty, and GTA5 are all MAJOR drivers of consoles. The GTA series MADE the PS2. The Battlefield and Call of Duty games broke records that still stand for sales of media.

          When the dust clears, publishers can rest assured that gamers WILL buy PS4/XBOX ONE for those titles if not others. As for Nintendo, their franchises have yet to be even announced. So at current time, there is no killer app for the Wii U. Publishers are investors and investors hate uncertainty. Consequently, it leaves an investor with an easy choice. Do they publish games for a console that has occasional news articles written saying it is failing and whose principal game developer won’t release details about the only games that are likely to change this trend. Or do they publish for consoles where titles that have already proven themselves have declared support and sequels will be available at or shortly after launch?

          Lets not kid ourselves, the Wii U is having issues. When retailers are selling the console WAY below MSRP and at a loss, that is a problem. That is a loss of confidence and a desire to get rid of those poisonous stock while they can. Publishers see this and realize that they may not get a return on investment for a Wii U because it could fail. But PS4/Xbox ONE, there is no way either will fail given that the games that broke records will see releases on their boxes.

      • Elem187

        The gamepad has standard buttons, so no its not difficult to develop for at all..
        WB doesn’t see any sales potential there.. Injustice bombed hard on the Wii U, its the reason why they were so hestitant to release DLC…. The only reason why this zombie game isn’t coming is because WB other game bombed hard.

        • Jason Wilkins

          First, I do agree that the gamepad has the same buttons and could be mapped but this defeats the purpose of the controller. One thing the Xbox original taught us was that even though you can have the same button layout, controller size/comfort will affect sales. The Original xbox was criticized heavily for its controller so much so that they localized the japanese model to help its image. When given the choice to play Call of Duty on Wii U vs. PS4/Xbox One (controllers these new gamers will be used to), they will be unlikely to switch.

          The advantage of the new controller is to use it in new ways and this necessitates more development time. It can however lead to greater sales if it translates into better gameplay.

          On the note about DLC, they may have been hesitant to release it because of the storage capacity. Remember that much of the late era mass effect DLC was fairly large (several gigabytes) and the Wii U basic has only 3 GB of memory (when you account for OS and system updates). This short coming may have discouraged introduction of DLC since it may have led to consumer backlash if they couldn’t use it after purchasing it.

      • BuckStud

        There are some holes in your response. The cost to do the Wii U control scheme isn’t that big of a change unless they want to utilize the Gamepad in some cool way. They are talking about releasing the game on next gen which at this point have 0 installed base. Lastly, MS & Son also have licensing fees.

        They have their reasons…that’s all that be said.

        • oontz

          they still need to make a custom version that works with the game pad. It’s never a straight port to wii u. Unless the game only supported the pro controller.

      • Magiphart

        I guarantee you more people own Wii U’s that PS4’s and XBox ones.

      • CapnCrumbles436

        Your logic is sound from a business perspective, but do you know that this IS in fact the situation? Are you an employee of WBI? I just find it funny that you go to such great lengths to defend the move on their part. If it were in fact true that the install base is so small that when coupled with liscencing fees it is impossible for the game to be profitable, than WiiU would never recieve any 3rd party titles right? Because every third party title would result in a net loss. They are not FORCED to develop a custom version that incorporates the game pad, they could easily throw some gimmick on there or choose not to use it at all. Although it might limit the market they could opt to utilize the Wiimote or pro controller.

        Also, another thing that really irks me is that these 3rd party publishers expect the system to sell itself. The software sells the system so it’s only logical to conclude that if they withhold software, the systems install base will remain comparatively small! Its a self fulfilling prophesy. They are actually causing it to happen while complaining about the situation! They should look at their current support as an investment, even if they do suffer a marginal temporary loss. Look at Ubisoft they’re cashing in on the WiiU. These developers and publishers are just skittish they are afraid to get they’re feet wet, but once they get in they will realize the water is FINE.

        • Jason Wilkins

          You speak as though third party publishers should give a crap…They aren’t second party publishing or development houses. They aren’t owned by the manufacturers of consoles so they don’t care if one fails so long as they can release on another platform. In fact, its actually in their interests to let the Wii U die. If it does, it means the available pool of customers will be much larger since there will be fewer consoles to divide them.

          Like I said, only two exclusive games which are fully new games in their own right (not ports with added content) announced or released have been made that have a score above 5.0/10 (meaning they actually cared enough to try). I never said it was impossible to make a profit, just that they clearly see very small margins. Remember, all but 7 exclusive titles are published BY NINTENDO meaning they don’t pay licensing fees (it’s their console), they don’t have to break even (since encouraging console sales can be gain enough and Nintendo Literally has BILLIONS in available cash), they merely have to be made.

          Nintendo is the only publisher touching that console exclusively because Nintendo is the only publisher that has an interest in it not dying. Even Ubisoft yanked the chain on Rayman Legends so they could release the once exclusive title as multiplatform over a year after its original Wii U launch date. And this was DESPITE their own development house’s objections (as the game had been FINISHED) as well as fan outcry. And Ubisoft has been one of Nintendo’s closest allies producing countless DS games targeted towards young girls and developing Wii U launch titles. So, if a major partner feels unsure about that console, what does that say about companies that aren’t as cozy. This isn’t a matter of publishers having animus for Nintendo. This is about getting away from the drowning man…

          I don’t hate Nintendo or its fans but I do know a dead console when I see it coming. I loved my dreamcast, but at some point, you have to see the writing on the wall.

    • DeedsGaming .

      They can’t be bothered… oh and corporate companies only care about $’s, not consumer support.

    • Wayne Beck

      You all are reading in to this too much.. They probably just don’t want to compete with Zombie U or Zombie U 2.

      • val berger

        lol sure ;D

    • Shaise Mughal

      There definitely is something going on, I emailed EA complaining to them and they sent a computer response, until a reply finally came, but what was it? They nervously said, please go to out knowledge base for frequently asked questions on our website! They’re just idiots, know that’s 3 reasons about EA

    • Elem187

      The reasoning: Injustice sold 20k copies on Wii U.
      see, all Wii U owners needed to do was buy their other games…. I’m partly at fault but I didn’t buy Injustice because I’m not a fan of fighting games…. But this zombie game I would buy day-1.

  • Nintedward

    Don’t Care šŸ™‚ . Will have too many important games to focus by the time this is released.

    • D2ThaLo305

      I care

    • Jason Wilkins

      You may not but this is for gamers like me more reason to be fearful to drop money on a Wii U and that fear incidentally is what is causing the Wii U’s current problems.

      I don’t care about that game but I do care that it wasn’t released. That is just another sign that publishers won’t touch it. And if trained and skilled investors won’t invest in making games, why should I, a gamer, invest my money in a console they have no confidence in (particulalrly when their lack of confidence can kill the console in time)

      So yes, you may not care…but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter.

      • Nintedward

        I only said I don’t care. Some of you may do… I don’t. If it ends up a must buy (unlikely) I’ll get it on the PS3 or PS4.

        • Jason Wilkins

          I was just clarifying that whether or not you liked the game doesn’t matter. The fact that it won’t come out for the Wii U is just another exacerbation of the problem it can’t get over.

          Why buy a Wii U? I can buy practically every game it gets plus many games it won’t that aren’t exclusives, plus games that are exclusive.

          • Nintedward

            No , You can’t get proper Wiiu exclusives on any other platform. Good luck with that bud.

          • Jason Wilkins

            The problem is that constitutes…about maybe 15 games on your average successful nintendo console. Nintendo puts out very little content that is exclusive. Yes it is good. I don’t doubt that.

            Though I do enjoy having a PS3/Xbox 360 and playing the dozens upon dozens of games that never see the light of a Nintendo Console.

            It’s all about self interest. Why pay for a Nintendo console so I can buy the small number of exclusive titles when I can pick up a competitor console and play far more. Then when Nintendo stops supporting the console 4 years after launch (see gamecube, N64, Wii), I can pick it up dirt cheap and play those games for far cheaper.

          • Nintedward

            ”Nintendo puts out very little content that is exclusive”

            lol , are you serious ?

          • Jason Wilkins

            Yes…Nintendo consoles typically have very weak third party support. It usually draws upon second party developers and nintendo themselves. Additionally, Nintendo puts out very little actual NEW content. They rarely create new IP’s and in comparison with other consoles, the lack of third party support results in very few exclusive third party titles. The last time Nintendo had a third party title that was a big deal was with Resident Evil 4. That was over a decade ago.

          • oontz

            Look at it this way… Sony has 13 first party studios that work only on Sony exclusives. This means that ps3 not only gets all the great 3rd party software (like tomb raider and the upcoming gta v) but also gets amazing exclusives (like the last of us and beyond two souls). It’s a win, win situation. Some people cannot afford two consoles so if you have to decide on just one it’s a difficult decision.

      • Kool C

        @Jason Wilkins.. You make a good point. Some gamers, not me, are fearful of purchasing the Wii U as now due to the lack of 3rd party support. Again, if the Wii U got equal 3rd party support, its sells would be going through the roof! Unfortunately, some developers are fanboys, while others are leery of making a profit. This is why when Nintendo launches with their next console and handheld they need to lead with their software. Their software normally sells thir product the best which will encourage a lot of 3rd party support!

        • Jason Wilkins

          Very true. Unfortunately for Nintendo this time around, they can’t even attract third party publishers. Only 7 of their games currently out or known to be in development are published by third party publishers; half of those are shovel ware like Tank! Tank! Tank!; Of these 7, only 2 were original games (not ports with updated content) that received scores above 5.0 out of 10. this means that NO DEVELOPER will touch them unless Nintendo is paying the bills and mitigating their losses.

          That is a really dangerous place for publishers from third party sources.

        • zhenyaivan

          wait… what? lack of 3rd party support, we got nothing but third party games!

      • GreenMarine

        Are you trying to put together a small book?

        • Jason Wilkins

          I know right =)

          I started working on this stuff when I decided to write about the history of intellectual property law and videogames for my seminar paper. I guess I just dove headfirst in it and never looked back. I think I will end up writing a few articles about it in the future but for now, I’m just enjoying the conversation. My goal is to eventaully compile that work on videogame intellectual property law and submit it to bar association journals. If you ever decide to look into it, its crazy how the law has been applied and developed.

          • GreenMarine

            Sounds interesting, indeed! I’ll stick with my anthropological work on structural violence in SE Asia thank you very much as I have absolutely no knowledge on videogame intellectual property law. Ha!
            As I review my previous comment, it may have come off as rude but was indeed meant as a compliment of sorts; now knowing that you actually are doing something useful with all that text you wrote that is! Very good to know that videogame knowledge can be used outside of internet forums.
            Good luck to you on your work, sir.

          • Jason Wilkins

            Thanks =D Best of luck to you as well and no hard feelings.

            I have been finding its becoming more of an area of study. My GF was using Xbox messenger to discuss prevalence of rape culture in video game communities for her master’s thesis and my friend used characters such as Red XIII to discuss how western Narratives about cowboys and indians have been adapted to Videogames.

            Though if you are interested, I would recommend this documentary ( I wanted to write about it initially but the primary sources don’t exist. The companies were as defunct as the Old Soviet Union. =(

            This documentary will give you a perspective of how weird videogames have been to legislate. Though if you want a shortened version, I would look up the youtube series “Play Value” and their episodes on Tetris and copyrights.

          • GreenMarine

            Hmm… You got me thinking quite a bit here about this topic. We know that violence is looked at and studied in videogames regularly, but there are cultural and social issues that are prevalent in videogames that affect people as well, even if people don’t realize it. (Rape, poverty, morality type issues, etc.)
            How does constant interaction with these issues affect people in their normal day lives? I’m going to look into this more now, and maybe I’ll be able to throw it into my teaching and ask students what they think. Thanks again!!!

          • Jason Wilkins

            As a fellow teacher, I couldn’t agree more with that idea =)

            By the way, I think my link got cut off. The link was to a documentary called “Tetris: From Russia with Love”

          • GreenMarine

            Watched it šŸ™‚

          • Jason Wilkins

            If you are looking for more about how it talks about rape for example, my girlfriend finished her master’s thesis on rape culture in Xbox Live Messenger chat

          • Jason Wilkins

            Thanks and no hard feelings. Good luck on your own research.

            I have slowly been finding it’s become a legitimate area for study (videogames and their history). If you are interested in the topic of intellectual property law and games, there is a documentary that is friendly to newcomers called “Tetris: From Russia with Love” that is free online. If you would like a short version of it, the youtube series play value has a great video on Tetris and its history and copyrights as well.

            Best of luck and good talking =)

          • GreenMarine

            Awesome. I’ll check it out, thanks! Always good to learn something new.

  • pfff

    It seems to be from the developers of Dead Island, soo…
    I guess we skip another bad game šŸ˜€

    *(Dead Island’s idea was GREAT. Both games sucked though)

    • boynhisblobs

      I agree, just because they announced a cool sounding game, doesn’t mean it’s gonna be.

      If they even fix some of the issues with dead island, it’d still have major issues with it.

    • Dead Island really did drop the ball and the sequel, Riptide, was just a cash in on people who like to smash zombies. Their trailer made it seem like the game was going to have a deep story, instead, it’s smashing zombies with a boat oar.

      I’d rather play Left 4 Dead for my mindless zombie killing. But Techland is known for their great ideas and poor execution.

      • RyuNoHadouken

        Riptide is a good game…there were tons of side quests and weapon options….i never used a boat oar once i feel like people were expecting too much…it was a continuation of the first game…picked up as soon as the first one ended…i liked it…

  • haha and in a few days they say * well we will make it for wii u after all šŸ™‚

  • Graeme Lynch

    I too care. This type of attitude, that too many Nintendo fans on here, damages the ability for WiiU to compete in the conventional sense with Sony. The niavity of Nintendo IPs being enough for WiiU owners simply allows Nintendo coast by on this. Come on people if you want the best out of something you need to push it!

    • Clel

      Oh, you again. Hi! I agree with you here, by the way.

      People of the Nintendo, unite!

      • Graeme Lynch

        Haha yey! Something we agree on :p
        I think I’m becoming too frequent a poster on here…

  • Super Buu

    Well, at least we can count on E3 to deliver us the bombs.

    • Coval83

      The bombs will come… They know what they doing… Don’t worry…

  • incoherent1

    Maybe they’ll change their minds when they see Wii U sales go through the roof after XBOne flop & upcoming major Nintendo announcementsā€¦

    You’d be welcomed back into the fold, Warner Bros.

    Oh, hey EA — I see you standing over there too — yeah, not so much for you. šŸ™‚

    • boynhisblobs

      Honestly, can’t think of one EA game i’ve wanted to buy in years now. The latest need for speed looks good, but never been a huge fan of the series.

      WB on the other, love their games. At least batman is still coming, the last one was great!

  • Soon as they see that Nintendo is selling bucket loads of consoles , I expect Warner Bro to do a U turn just as EA have done , Nintendo is about Gaming first and foremost , It’s not rocket science

    • gimpcell

      But the xbox one is about rocket science stuff, man.

  • Guest

    Resident Evil Revelations and hopefully a Zombie U sequel should fill our brain-eating cravings. Also TellTale’s Walking Dead Season 2 would be awesome on the Wii U and would work 10 times better with the GamePad.

    • boynhisblobs

      Really hoping for those walking dead games by telltale, they did a lot work on the Wii so its definitely possible.

  • D.M.T

    Ok Warner Bros. keep your zombie game. I’m planning to buy ZombiU today for just 25 euros. That’s cheap and it’s a cool zombie game in my opinion

    • boynhisblobs

      Its way better than Dead Island 1 and 2 combined. I feel like its one of the best zombie games to date.

  • Nintendofreak

    guess that means zombiu2

  • Revisawesome

    Sort of bad news :/ I hope ZombiU2 will be superb

    • 7Down

      I hope that ZombiU2 will allow us to use variety of melee weapons, also, it would be cool if the survivor would become less clumsy with the melee weapons, like they did with fire-arms.

      I kinda disliked the fact that the pistol for example wasn’t one shot kill for the head, it wasn’t that easy to get headshot when they just kept coming

    • boynhisblobs

      Maybe ZombiU 2 will implement some type of running mode similar to this game. Would be neat to see more than one type of way to play these games. Its super fun, but more options is always a better thing.

  • 7Down

    The idea of Zombies becoming more active in the nights does indeed sound interesting, then again I freaking hate dark places on games where some monster can attack me, the noise they make, always manages to creep me out, I scare easily, yet I enjoy the adrenalin rush it causes.

    Well, it is a shame not to even get a chance to play it, this kind of game is actually something I’d like to play instead of super heroes and villain’s beating each others.

  • RoyCar69

    Well if it’s any good hopefully they’ll EA on us..

    • gimpcell

      Is that what we are calling it these days now?

  • Sam Muir

    I really don’t care as I’m totally burnt-out on Zombie games anyway.

  • With all the negative press about the XBOX One I wonder if developers will rethink their decisions if the XBOX One actually does not do so well and Nintendo and Sony end up being the big players in the market this round.

  • QuizmasterBos

    During the day you gather supplies and during the night enemies come.
    Doesn’t that sound a bit like Minecraft and Terraria? They use that same idea. Not that I’m blaming Warner Bros. for being unintuitive, but that’s the first thing that came to my mind.

    I wonder what platfomr the game WILL come on? I hope for WB it’s not on the Xbone.
    Maybe we’ll see them get back on their statements eventually.

    • Petri

      First game I remember using day and night, was Castlevania 2: Simon’s Quest.
      Though there wasnt any gathering while it was a day, and night more monsters appeared, and made existing monsters harder.

      • QuizmasterBos

        Forgot about that.

        But yes, the gathering supplies thing is the difference. I don’t intend to buy Dying Light even if it comes out on Wii U, but it is a sad thing to see it not appear (for now, at least).

  • Petri

    Meh, this will be -50% on Steam in 3 to 6 months tops after release.

  • wober2

    i am so used to this news and kind of do not care anymore. The game would have to be amazing for me to get it for xbox360 and I am no fan of dead island.

  • Yoshiwhirlwind

    When Wii U sales blow up after E3 they’ll be back.

    • DemonRoach

      Wont happen. No games will be released during E3, so get over it.

  • Ramm

    All i want is Gta V for wii u >.< so i can cancel my 360 preorder!

  • Ulikecookies

    They are making it with dead island devs, the dead island people said they want nothing to do with the wii u, so they probably had a hand in it.

  • Michael Jurado

    i’m cool with missing out on this game besides by the time it’s out so will be the new season for the walking dead which i’ll be able to watch on my wii u tvii šŸ˜€

  • MasterPpv

    People… This is probably a good thing anyway. Techland are the people behind Call of Juarez: The Cartel.

    This should explain the rest:

    • david daniel wharton camacho

      well the good thing is they said= Current gen
      and didnt include wii u ” this can be interpretated as wii u is next gen

      • david daniel wharton camacho

        forget it… i just read it again

  • Kyle

    Another zombie-themed survival game?

    I think I’ll pass.

  • Logan Waltz

    almost 4 million units sold and virtually no games. if there was a time to port really cool games to wii u, now is the time to do it. while we have nothing else to choose from.

    the whole “it’s such a different control scheme! hard to port!” is bs. it’s not a different control scheme at all. two toggles, 4 shoulder buttons, 1 dpad, start/sel, 1 4-button alpha pad. same fucking thing… only thing difference is wii u’s ability to play standard 1 screen games without a tv.

    Nintendo really needs to help retarded ass companies learn to develop on their system. it can’t be any harder than porting ps4-360 or XB1-ps3. lack of third party support is either lazy or stupid developers. make us some fucking games and we’ll buy them.

    If Nintendo had done proper advertising and shoved the system design down the throats of 3rd party designers, there would not be any issue at all. they could have done either of these things and there wouldn’t be an issue.

    i’m getting sick of chicken shit companies. invest in the system and the system will invest in you. i.e., make games for the system and we will buy the games and the system. then you can make more games for more systems and we will buy those. i highly doubt porting ps4/XB1 to wii u isn’t worth it. Nintendo needs to call some of these studios up and guarantee sales.

    looking at the american/japanese/world economy right now, as well as support, functionality, and social regard for 360 and ps3, i honestly believe that neither of the two new systems will sell as well as projected. also, with the coming high-profile wii u games out this holiday season, as well as Nintendo’s next advert strategy, i don’t see the state of the Wii U going anywhere but up.

  • Linskarmo

    I don’t like zombies, so I won’t mind much about this. Looks interesting, though.

  • PatcherStation

    Seems like a lot of games are not coming to the Wii U. It was the case with the Wii, so this is nothing new. Things need to change with Nintendo’s next console. If there is one.

  • HypocritesRROD

    Who needs this “Dying Light” game. Guess what, the Xbox Done and PS4 will never have Mario, Zelda and Metroid. Or any of the great nintendo franchises. Great 3rd party games announced. And more will come to WiiU. The Xbox: Not backwards compatible, Used games fees, Always online. Xbots will be on damage control. RROD… PS: Windows 8. Failure. Lol.

  • Petri

    Only Zombie game I could care anymore, is Telltales The Walking Dead Season 2.

  • Bomberman

    Well this is great news. At this rate, Nintendo will have no 3rd party developers.