Sep 16th, 2012

We’ve seen a lot of Nintendo and Wii U haters over the past year, some aren’t sold yet on the Wii U, some are cautions, and others are just plain trolling. But Slash Gear writer Don Reisinger takes it to a new level. Back in June, Reisinger claimed the Wii U was “in deep trouble”. That was just trolling. Now Reisinger elevates his status from troll to professional shit slinger.

In his article, titled “Why you shouldn’t pre-order a Wii U yet”, he claims you shouldn’t pre-order the console because the games cost $60.

“Nintendo customers have been conditioned to pay less for games for the last two generations. Now they’re paying the same as Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 customers for graphics that really don’t seem all that much better than what we’ve seen to this point? That’s a problem if I’ve ever seen one.”

Reisinger Wii UHe goes on, complaining how the new Super Mario game will cost $60, despite not featuring state of the art graphics. Since when did we start paying for graphics and not gameplay? In Resinger’s world, apparently, only games with great graphics, and nothing else, deserve to be priced at $60. He’s effectively judging the graphics on a console that isn’t even out yet — we don’t even know the full specs yet.

The stupidity keeps on going: Reisinger says that charging gamers $300 for a new system without offering better visuals isn’t “reassuring to gamers”, when most of the games are ports from Xbox 360 and PS3 versions. He never touches up on the fact that Wii U isn’t meant to compete on graphics — every fool knows that by now — but on gameplay and innovation.

Wii U is a more powerful system than the current gen consoles and will offer better visuals on several third party titles (like Batman Arkham City and Assassin’s Creed 3). And yet, charging the same price for the Wii U games while offering better visuals apparently isn’t good enough for Reisinger.

Reisinger’s own theory doesn’t make sense. And yet, this writer troll writes for Slash Gear, CNET, LA Times (so he claims). He’s known for writing articles and headlines to get hits and traffic. Here are some of his latest headlines:

Does Anyone Really Care About A Bigger 3DS?
The Wii U Is In Deep, Deep Trouble
Why Nintendo Should Sell (And Why Sony Should Buy It)
Why Nintendo Won’t Determine Gaming’s Future

This guy isn’t a writer, he hurls shit at the wall and sees what sticks. And it looks like it’s working — his current “article” is spreading around the web like a wild fire.

In an effort to curb this wildfire, we won’t link to the source on purpose.

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  • Albinopig

    Wow…..He’s an idiot.

    • jat

      Congratulations Micael Pachter, you are now the second biggest troll in the world. This guy just stole your 1st place

      • Grodus

        I was going to comment on the article, but I went to read the comments, saw this,and realized we didn’t need two of the same comment.

        • AKA-Link77

          Wow! this guy’s an idiot!
          60 is rather low for 8th gen games! The others might charge 70 or 80! And like they said above, graphics arent the soul of games! so the price isnt determined by them! I honestly dont blame the artical for speaking that way cuz this guy needs a REALITY-SLAP!!

      • Nko Sekirei

        yea and lets dont forget that theres some trolls in ps3 and microsoft fanbase that makes other ps3 and microsoft gamers look bad by buying as many delxue edition wii u s and sell them for a quick buck just to rub in many peoples faces who are trying to find one to preorder such greedy bastards and the only place for greedy bastards well end up is in hell

      • Thepokemonmaster

        Haha, I didn’t know patcher had a son! 😛

    • Lugo

      And an enormous one at that. I’m at a loss for words, so I’ll just say this:

    • Watch_Dog

      The way the Author of THIS particular article ,writes is just terrible. The language, use of the word ‘troll’ and ‘shit slinger’ and even the title of The Article. Very unprofessional. A new low for Wii U Daily.

      For the rest of the gaming world, the Wii U will be judged on graphics too. It’s a package deal. What makes a game great is Story, but Gameplay, and Graphics are part of the deal. Wii U will be judged on all aspects. Every console is.

      • Lord Carlisle

        I prefer Kyo Sasaki-written articles. At least I think that’s how you spell his name.

      • j star

        little punk

        • Watch_Dog

          I realize many of the comments are just insulting the writer of negative Wii U article. Only few are backing up the Wii U. Don’t insult, prove him wrong, use evidence back up your opinion of Wii U. Don’t insult a negative outlook of Wii U. The negative outlook can be true. If you don’t think so, then prove him wrong. Don’t INSULT.

      • Nintedward

        you ass hole !!!! this was the most outlandish and Entertaining and ultimately true Article i have ever read!!! . They are aloud to express their feeling towars utter bullshiter’s like this guy if they wish . It’s not your website .

        • BluChuChu

          Yes, they can write whatever they want, but I agree, it is very unprofessional to write such an emotionally heated article. It is much better to disprove the person with credible sources and information.

          How can we as Nintendo fans (the true gamers) call out sony and microsoft fanboys for being rude, insulting, and immature, when we do stuff like this. We should be the example for what gamers should be.

      • Nintedward

        but theres one they fear…

        in thier tongue…is Dovahkiin…

        DRAGON BORN!

        FUS RO DAH!

      • rafael

        If story is what makes a game great, then everything that art critics say about games is true.

      • TheMan

        Story isn´t the most important part. Don´t get me wrong, I love a great story in a game, but for example Super Mario could feed you the same story for over twenty years but still manages to give you new and fun gaming experiences over all these decades.
        Gameplay is probably the much more important point, because eventhough some games lack pretty much any story (for instance stupid arcade fighting games) it can still offer a very rich and entertaining playing.
        As for the graphics part, that´s not the most important part but also a part of the big package. Customers get used to a certain standard and we can´t allow them horrible graphics anymore with a nice story, or despicable gameplay but nice visuals. But so far Nintendo has great visuals and not even the latest graphic innovations are that far ahead from what we´ve seen from the Wii U yet, so I don´t see any reason to hate Nintendo for their visuals so far.

      • Marq

        Completely agree with you. This article and writer isn’t much more professional than the one he’s criticizing.

        “In an effort to curb this wildfire, we won’t link to the source on purpose.”

        Or even better, how about you not fan the flames of fanboy war by not giving him any publicity in the first place? Because it’s clearly an attempt to garner hits for this site by rallying us Nintendo white knights against a professional troll, and for that, you are no better than him, Miss Wallace.

        • Marq


      • Marq

        I notice that EVERY TIME I write something critical about this site, the comment gets deleted.

        I said earlier that I completely agree with Watch_Dog in that the article of THIS article is just as unprofessional and written as terribly as the article she criticizes, and that she is no better than the other guy.

        “In an effort to curb this wildfire, we won’t link to the source on purpose.”

        If you really want to “curb this wildfire,” you wouldn’t give it any publicity at all. No, your intent from the get-go was to stroke the flames of fanboy war for more page hits. The number of comments on this page compared to others speaks for that.

        I started coming to Wii U Daily earlier this year because it seemed to be a good, reliable source for Wii U news with competent writers more interested in reporting facts and writing editorials with ethics rather than the dark side of fanboyism and page views. I even disabled Adblock Plus and my other apps that block sites from getting ad revenue and registering page hits, something I only do for sites that earn my trust and respect. I can put up with sensationalist, low-brow articles, but if you continue to delete my comments when I call you out, then I will take my browsing habits elsewhere.

        • Lord Carlisle

          And actually, I’ve noticed other unprofessional articles written by this person. Kyo Sasaki is by far the most professional and Marcus Baker isn’t too far behind, but this writer, I hate to say… is just… lowly.

      • Lord Carlisle

        I don’t understand all the dislikes. Like it or not, his comment has nothing but truth.

    • The incredible sandwich

      wow you just read my mind

    • 007 1/2

      he is the new pachter

    • some gUy

      It’s almost hard to judge his stupidity when there’s a HUGE typo in the description of this article.

      • some gUy

        but yes, he is fairly stupid.

      • Albinopig

        I don’t see it…

    • Goobypls

      I can already see him making an article praising the Wii U just like Patcher

  • Mr.Chimera573

    Someone should slap this guy. Really hard.

    • td,y,i,.

      Slapping someone is a waste of time. Someone should freeze him in nitrogen.

      • Pure Water


        • 007 1/2

          liquid nitrogen is colder than liquid oxygen. helium is colder than nitrogen. i am a chemist and so r my parents. trust me i know.

          • new-world-water

            No, we need to freeze him in something worse. How bout solid H2O?

      • Pure Water

        oh, man
        if people like this are around, it shall help sony and microsoft fans

      • Nintedward

        How about a firecracker up the ass ??? just sayin…

      • brickster

        ^Then shatter him into pieces.

        • Nintendonoob

          congratulations sir… for now on if I see you I will greet you with a kick in the balls… GOOD JOB!!!

          • Nintendonoob

            hmm I wonder… I think reisinger is here because alot of good comments got insults… just sayin.

      • revolution5268

        no what we need to do is kill him.

  • liberalagenda

    Lol! This guy is ridiculous!

    This is like someone telling me a 911 porsche is an awful overpriced vw bug when they haven’t even driven one. I swear, people these days….

    • brownfinger

      not 2 b annoying but we have all been saying the wii u is great but most of us never played one. just saying.

  • Skozo

    . . . This is ignorance at it’s best.

    • JumpMan

      holy crap! my friend says that about stuff all the time! sorry, i just didn’t know other people said that XD

    • DragonChi

      Best…or worst?

  • somebody


    • Grodus

      He got PWNED!

  • JumpMan

    Dear Allison Wallace,
    you are my favorite person. that is all.

    • Nintedward

      SECOND THIS!!! Dear Allison , this is now the greatest Article that has ever been put onto the internet . Seriously , This guy is the biggest idiot of 2012 ! .

      So COD on wiiu can run 1080p 60fps on 2 screens at once , and by this guys logic an inferior version on the 360 and ps3 should cost more . I laughed hard when I read this Guy’s Assmouth .

      Seriously , didn’t expect such an awesomely delivered article , thank you xxxx.

      This Article >>>>> zelda wiiu article

      • Nintedward

        Don’t know why I put those xxxx’s there :S . Speaking to girls on facebook makes you write xxxx’s everywhere , Excuse my stupidy miss Allison!!
        Make me look like a sony fanboy or something .

      • Death

        Zelda article>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>All articles>>>This article

    • Bill Cosby

      You have earned my Seal of Approval, Allison!!
      I dislike the trollish articles that are written about Nintendo.
      It’s just because they’re the best (and only) gaming company in the industry.

      Jell-O pudding! Jell-O pudding for everyone!

  • Big N

    No one cares about him. He is just a patcher-a-like to get attention and to be famous on bashing Nintendo. I had enough of trolling on the comments section already and not to intend to read their article from the sites.

    • Macarony64

      True he just a person who wants the drones money pay him no mind even pachter is quiet like mute

    • revolution5268

      and guess who support him, that’s right Nintendo hates.

  • Draco Breach

    That peel of laughter you just heard? Yeah. That was me.

    Pardon me while I play the one of the two best games of this generation. I think I’ll let a coin flip determine which one I play. Xenoblade Chronicles or The Last Story.

    What’s that anti-Nintendo trolls? Those aren’t on 360 or PS3, so they can’t be good? Well, I’ll continue to have fun, and you can sulk in… Is that your own waste?


    • Kyron

      Awesome man. I just got through putting in 2-3 hours in Xenoblade Chronicles. (226 hours play time so far) I’m in the Bionis’ Interior (the part that was closed off at first). I just got The Last Story like last Monday and can’t wait to open it. Gotta finish Xenoblade 100% completely first!

      • Nintendonoob

        damn your funny!!!! X3 XD LOL

    • Death

      I would try to persuade you to buy Tri, but the servers are being shut down in a few months so… really not much point.

      I put 500 f**king hours into that game.

  • Mid-core Gamer

    Wii U Daily Staff, you certainly picked the right person for the award.

    • Zeldazero

      I will say that Adam Sessler’s comment was pretty close. He “garaunteed” that the Wii U wouldn’t even release this year. He must be feeling pretty stupid right now…

      • Macarony64

        Maybe thats why he got kick of xplay there is no room for bias on national tv

  • RSBzero

    That’s ok, the more S&#% he talks, the more of an idiot he’ll feel ones he realizes how wrong he was

  • NintendGo

    games arent going to preorder the wii u its impossible they arent alive i think you made an error see “Idiot “columnist” says games shouldn’t pre-order the Wii U because the games cost $60.” just saying

  • somebody

    worst than pachter

    • DragonChi

      definitely NOT something to brag about. He should be ashamed. I would recommend to him to go hide in a dark corner, but even that dark corner would tell him to fuck off….lol.

      • Nko Sekirei

        or his shadow

    • revolution5268

      be ya he follow patcher on twitter.

  • LilLizard

    I have seen people who are autistic say more “Appropriately smarter” words than this guy! (No offense to the autistic people at all)

  • smallNdeadly

    I’m off subject cuz the article says it all about this guy. I’ve got a ?. How does the coin system work for the console? I’m new to nintendo (kind of a graphics junkie but I’m tired of the same thing over and over so I’m converting to nintendo cuz they r different. Thanks to who ever answere the ?

    • Draco Breach

      Hasn’t been 100% revealed at the moment. However, I’ll try to analyze what we know so far.

      You earn coins whenever you buy a game – more coins if its physical I think. The coins work in exactly the same way as points from a retail purchase of a Wii or 3DS card. Once you’ve earned enough coins, you can use them to purchase downloadable content – like game, DLC, et cetera.

      It sounds like you can earn enough coins to use to purchase an entire game. It also sounds like you can simply use coins to discount merchandise for purchase with points.

      We’ll know full details in the coming months, no worries there. We’ll know everything we need to by November 18, my good sir 😉

    • NavyBlueYoshi

      Welcome to the epic side. But in all seriousness, welcome to Nintendo.

    • Grodus

      Welcome to, *pulls out list* let’s see… um… here we go: innovation, awesomeness, fun, sequels that arent the same game with more guns and better grapics, the side that isn’t afraid to walk off the beaten path, *3 HOURS LATER* and, the best exclusives in existence. I tried to put the coolest first and last.

  • Wii Uoops!

    My, your language caught me at the end. Tsk, tsk!
    Heh. Anyways, you guys are great. You just made my day with this article! Was there any doubt in the Wii? Yes. Was there any doubt in the Xbox 360, no. Was there any doubt in the Playstation 3? No. Gasp! Nintendo haters are evil!

    For they are not enlightened and may never be, for we, the supporters, shall stand our ground, firm in strong, in light of the terror and doubt enthrusted upon us by the haters of our favorite company, and they shall SEE! They shall see what true enlightenment in our joy can bring upon them! For they shall be LIFTED from their dark, lowly positions, and raised to the heavens… of Nintendo fans everywhere! Rock on!

    I am quite finished now.

    • Nintendude

      Miyamoto shall come to reap the sinners.

    • Grodus

      And there shalt be peace, in all of Nintendo Land.

    • Opheodrys

      This made me want to wave some kind of flag. I wish I had one.

      • Nintendonoob

        The flag of Reggie, Myamoto, and Iwata?

        • Onceonly

          Their little Mii faces in a Triforce.

  • NintendGo

    also if you go to the best buy store you can still preorder (well atleast i did that just a few hours ago) i got the deluxe yeah!! (i know its of topic)

  • Nintendude

    *epic facepalm*

  • FlameKiller

    Liked this article Wii U daily but yeah.
    this Reisinger guy is a total retarded douche bag.

  • NoPUNintendo

    This, ladies and gentlemen, is what happens when pathetic fanboys have run out of ideas to troll Nintendo, and when they discover they were wrong to doubt Nintendo.

  • SteampunkJedi

    What a preposterous comment. The graphics (all he cares about) are better than PS360, and he still says the games shouldn’t cost as much. Apparently he’s never seen a problem before. 😉

  • jman4102

    even his picture makes him look dumb!!!

  • logan7699

    He is the same one that praises angry birds and says it is the future of gaming…

    • Nintedward

      Don’t worry , I am going to find this mother fu&ker now ………
      I am going to go zombiu cricket bat style on this SOB .

  • Walt

    If you base a game off of graphics, then the history of gaming is at a stand still. Graphics didn’t matter until maybe 2006. It the late 1980s those were the best games ever and the graphics were no were near the graphics today, but still they are better than some games we have today with top notch graphics.

  • 3dsguy

    Dont care what anybody says i have it preorded, buying it no matter what happy days of being a nintendo fan and shops selling out after days theres facts for you not predictions.Wii rule

  • NintendGo

    why do people listen to this guy this guy is a bigger idiot than patcher

  • alex

    What an idiot so that means I cant buy a mustang 2013 cuse have just 50 ho more than 2010 and look almost the same but coast more than the old one? Go to h311

    • Grodus

      Puncuation where is yor puncuation and yor speeling iz teerible. (this is the 3rd time ive used that joke, end I iz not goonaa stoop)

  • creepingdeth21

    Yeah I read that waste of time and attention this morning and just when I had thought of all perfect words to say to the fool, I found everyone else did first.

  • DarkPhazon_Qc

    Geez graphics whore fanboy..

  • Patcher Has a Son?

    It’s a shame. So many gamers to this day have been Sony/Microsoft brainwashed. Nintendo has always been trolling Sony and Microsoft (In the good way) by being so unique and different from all of the graphics and hardcore games only gimmick that the 360 and PS3 have been playing off. Nintendo is the only company that, to this day, still reminds me of the good old’ days of gaming, when pixelly graphics were acceptable. Wii U will sell lots.

  • Aj-Twist

    This idiot & Patcher reminds me of (Dinner for Schmucks) movie i should invite them in a party.

  • Fuzunga

    We shouldn’t be angry at this guy. He’s providing endless hours of entrainment.

  • Yamiryuu Zero

    Pachter has still much to learn!

    I loved the title! I’ve seen the news on My Nintendo News before, but you guys made it so impartial that I loved every word. XD

  • TheBoldman67

    Meh, just another gay graphics whore (considering we have better graphics anyway).

  • Jg

    Agreed. Some of the best games are about story and gameplay. Some games are hardly remembered because of graphics. Also the WiiU is new it may be on par or less then current gen(which I doubt) but its not even fully tapped yet it’s still slightly new to some developers look at xbox360 launch games compared to Xbox games now. I even saw a post where someone said they might even be able to take the game pad completely out of a WiiU game and use the extra resources towards graphics yes it may kill the use of the gamepad but I feel the WiiU could be on par with next gen. If not right on definitely not far behind.

  • Schizza

    If you’re a respectable, unbiased web site… then you should ALWAYS link to the original source of your articles. If you don’t want to link to the original then don’t bother writing a piece about it.

    Just saying.

    • AO1JMM

      He mentioned “Slash Gear” in the article.

      Google is your friend.

      • Schizza

        I shouldn’t have to google anything. This is a news site and any reputable site (when quoting an article) should provide a link to read the original source article myself and form my own opinions.

        I think this site is a great resource for Wii U news but be fair and allow your readers the chance to read the original article (that you are ripping to shreds) and form their own opinions.

        If WiiUDaily wants to curb the wildfire, so they say. Then why even write this piece. Your trolling your own site now by doing that!


  • Ledreppe

    He’s just another Nintendo hater, Sony/Microsoft fanboy. I don’t care for people like this, and the articles they write. The things they say are proven wrong when Ninty’s consoles sell well and games sell millions anyway.

  • AO1JMM

    Where is the link to his so called article?

    • Dawnofmorning

      Type in his name on Google and you’ll find it. I did a bit of trolling on him =]

  • AO1JMM

    Post as many negative votes as possible on his article. LOL

    • Dawnofmorning

      I left him a quite lengthy insult from Billy Madison. Saw the YouTube link on the top and had to say it to him lol.

  • Ninty1


    Xbox/PS3 games are mostly $60 too
    and besides, this guy should shut up and we give Nintendo our money.

    The ports from the Xbox/PS3 games, developers are working for better game play by using the Gamepad.

    the Wii U DOES have slightly better graphics than the PS3,it’s just some developers are just using the Wii U’s better hardware for better frames per seconds

    So using 300-350 dollars on a system with a tablet controller and better graphics IS a better deal than the Xbox/PS3

    • revolution5268

      plus it will last you 5-6 years in the future.

  • Ninty1

    From the looks of the article, i think this guy is some loser PS3 fanboy who still lives in his mom’s basement.

  • m3nk3y

    This is hilarious. Pachter has been dethroned!

    If someone wants to read his article. Well I dont know you could google the title of his article. Since its in this article. Just saying…..

  • Ninty1


    If i ever see this guy in real life, here’s what i’ll say:

  • pj_cub

    Try living in Australia, WiiU games confirmed at AU $109 (US $115)

  • ceramicsaturn

    Well, there’s one publication I’ll be sure to avoid. Sad he gets paid to be a close minded idiot.

  • darkfox

    I paid $70 for Chrono trigger and FF III on the SNES New from a retail store (on release day) and about $60 for EVERY N64 game so what is he talking about

  • lick1nob

    And I thought Micheal Pachter was bad. :/

  • darkfox

    BTW there are SEVERAL other articles in agreement with this guy talking about the next ps and xbox and how $60 will be two expensive for U games, but I ask when in two years when the other two decide to release. Lets think NO PS4 or 720 announced = will show at E3 2013 = will come out in 2014 or a 10 yr life cycle would = 2016 and if you think thate these two companies will not charge more than $60 your CRAZY (of course the next ps and x box will be more powerful they come out years later. But by how much I bet not by much and developers are LAZY all the games will be portet from the wii u just look at 360 vs ps3. ps3 should be dominating in terms of grafics but it is not the case because NO builds from ground up for the same game on a diff system. Bet Ill be right PS4 and 720 will be ports of wii u games with the second screen applications being in a start menu.

  • TheBaconator

    Hopefully his idea works. I mean that by I want to ensure my preorder by the others believing him. Well… looks like they’re still going to be sold out lol, damn 🙂

  • link 5

    Can I fling shit at his face

    • Macarony64

      Yes but dont miss

      • link 5

        K I will try my best

  • NoPUNintendo

    Also I like the heading of the article. “Games shouldn’t pre order the Wii U”. Should be gamers, not games lol. But I agree, if games started to pre order the Wii U. There wouldn’t be enough left for us gamers.

    • 0soul

      why o.O

  • metroidfusion2

    Nintendo will continue to get hate forever bit ninntendo will welcome the hate and let how many systems were sold and how many games were sold and how many good games were sold on their console and now with the wii u how many m rated games on their console

  • darkfox

    Man I cant wait for the WU to hit its stride and developers stop making games for seven year old consoles that have reached their limits and start migrating over to the WU and everyone stops the mud slinging. Dont get me wrong I have a PS3 and competition is always good but lets give the big N some credit for once in 25 years. I remember when it was the NES and the 2600 and atari talked trash, then sega and look where they are making games for the company the paid people to talk trash about. What Nintendont my A##

  • Neo

    He’s probably whining cause he wasn’t able to pre order.

    • revolution5268

      hell no then explain why is he bashing the 3ds for?

  • Rob

    The online Wii U pre-orders on walmart, best buy, and target beg to differ.

  • Don’tbeLame

    Sure WiiU is not considered to be a hardcore gaming device like the ps3/360, then Nintendo can stop being such posers showing PS3/360 ports of hardcore titles. Wii was a tremendous success thanks to the price and Nintendo was able to penetrate the back then niche casual gaming audience. WiiU at 299$ is definitely priced well over other hardcore games devices, and it doesn’t make sense honestly. Let alone the price of games for the WiiU, but the machine itself is priced beyond the current gen system’s prices. And please don’t you dare call it a true next gen system, albeit it belongs to the 8th gen, but boy it sure doesn’t give the right to call it a true next gen console when it comes to immersion and innovation!

    • darkfox

      Ummm what???!!! immersion and innovation are what the U is all about unlike ps and box who copy the majority of what Nintendo does/

      N= we have a six button control Sega= Now we do too!
      N=we have anolog control sony= now we do too!
      N we rumble sony= Now we do too
      N we have motion control X-box= we have motion control with our hands! ____Sony=we have umm we have umm a nunchuck and remote with this cool crystal ball on top!
      N=we have a second display! x-box we have smart glass! Sony= please buy our second screen I mean umm VITA! so you can use our second screen ( no for real PLEASE SOMEONE ANYONE buy the vita!!!

      (feel free to add the tech I forgot)
      *and yes Sony had Eye toy but WHO used that?

      • revolution5268

        lol best comment so far.

      • Death

        I think Sega was first with the 6 button system though :/

    • sknoff95


    • DontBeFail

      So this is what they are talking about! When they said the US education system has failed!

    • Ninty1


      yea like i’m the one’s who lame

      the Wii U is a Hardcore console

    • Grodus

      Judging by the last sentence, I think this was sarcasm. If so, to see how sarcasm is done, check some of my sarcastic comments. There should be one just below this comment. It’s an easy way to make sure people know what you’re talking about, and everything you say is an outright lie! No innovation and $299 being way over “hardore” systems? Gotta be sarcasm.

  • Mida

    Since when did ANYBODY buy a nintendo console for graphics?… What was he thinking!?

  • Firebro

    The way you cross out writer and put troll instead purposley made me cry laughing! XD

  • KhaanWarrior

    Have you noticed Nintendo’s damned if they do, damned if they dont?

    Pachter says Wii U games shouldnt cost 50$ because it might indicate lower quality. This guy says 60$ is too much.

    Some people complain about internal memory, and the cost. Nintendo gave a solution. Yet people complain they would rather pay an extra 100$ for an internal hdd of only 250gb. When you can buy a TB worth of external storage for like 60$. Giving you the option to buy whatever amount of storage you want for how much you want.

    They also say the hardcore doesnt want “gimmicky” hur hur controllers. So they gave them the Pro controller. Still not enough.

    Nintendo’s been getting “They need to appeal to the hardcore”. They get Assassins Creed 3, Black Ops 2, Batman Arkham City, Darksiders 2, Trine 2, and now Bayonetta 2 as an exclusive. Still not enough.

    They got crap for online services. Now they’re bringing the Nintendo Network, Virtual Console, Miiverse, Tvii, and Eshop. Still not enough.

    Like I said damned if they do, damned if they dont. In the end ignore these clowns. The sales figures will speak the truth.

    • darkfox

      its always been this way and it will always be this way. Everyone hates the best.

    • Grodus

      In the end, Nintnedo fans just dont hate, and everything is magically OK. Proof: Sales.

  • Dan7el(WiiU day one purchase)

    I prefer no language in the articles. But he is a troll. That is all.

    • Dan7el(WiiU day one purchase)

      (I mean cursing)

  • Grodus

    “The sarcasm coming! The sarcasm is coming!” Two words: valid. point. If a game has better graphics, but not a billion times better, gotta be lower priced. Gameplay doesn’t matter. Innovation? Importance? Those 2 things need not be in the same sentence. Better looking and playing games, well, I cannot stress it enough , shall and MUST be cheaper. “Thanks for fighting off all the sarcasm. You saved my life!”

  • Nintendo Power of Canada/USA

    Can I punch his face, with awesome Super Mario moves? like, I don’t know maybe throwing FIRE balls at him

  • Nintendo Power of Canada/USA

    So many hate against Nintendo, ever since they reveal that Bayonetta 2 is exclusive for Wii U console.Check out Go Nintendo and read the pathetic message from Sony and Microsoft fanboys. This wants me to punch them all

  • Enigmatic

    This guy is an idiot. You know how many people didn’t touch Dragon’s Dogma because of it’s “PS2” level graphics? Way too many, and they are missing the chance to play a great game.

    “He never touches up on the fact that Wii U isn’t meant to compete on graphics — every fool knows that by now — but on gameplay and innovation.”
    Again, a tablet controller that barely any games will effectively utilize it not an innovation.

    • TheHydra707

      I know your a known nonsensical troll on this site, but ill humor you.

      Wouldnt the effective utilization be on the developers behalf, and not the actual device itself? Your statement implies that innovation is possible, but you assert with no evidence that the device will not be effectively utilized.

      First making the statement that barely any games will “effectively” utilize it. Shows doubt that you imply that effective use of it is possible. Which would lead to your definition of innovation. Contradiction?

      Secondly someone who makes a positive claim bares the burden of proof. Which in all of your posts through this site have yet to utilize. Do you have some insight into the future that somehow provides proof that your statement is true?

      • Enigmatic

        I’m not even going to waste my time by reading the rest of your comment. I stopped at the word troll.

        Ignore my fakes, I am not a troll. Quite obviously. I intelligently give my unbiased opinion on this here website, and it makes you all mad.

        • Collected

          and your quite humble too

          • Collected

            Damn where did my sarcasm quotes go, anyway that was sarcastic

  • Khaan Warrior

    Am I the only one who still enjoys video “GAMES”. Im sorry, but I have NO interest in playing an interactive movie. Hell Id be happy if we went back to pixel art graphics. At least then people have to have imagination while playing GAMES for ENTERTAINMENT.

    • Schizza

      Maybe we should also go back to silent movies in black and white and just imagine what the actors are saying?

  • Don’tbeLame

    I don’t hate any system, i just gave my opinion, what innovation are we talking about in the WiiU again? the so called controller with the screen in it for interesting types of gameplay scenarios sounds sure as hell as innovation, but that’s an already existing piece of technology, PS Vita with remote play does it already, though its done from a different piece of hardware. You guys are contradicting yourselves, you call the WiiU as a hardcore device and end up saying its never been about the graphics, i was born when the NES came out people, i was born and brought up by a Nintendo system, don’t bring in your arrogance to me!! I love Nintendo, all i am saying is their price point ain’t justifiable!

    • TheHydra707

      Contradiction? A 250$ device. Coupled with a 300$ device to extend its life span, and try to emulate the Wii U?

      When developers wont be utilizing it anywhere near as much for two simple reasons. 1.Its not selling, and 2.Its not integrated.

      Its really that simple. Come on man? Dont be lame.

  • TheHydra707

    Ive been wondering if any of these people have any insight into business?

    Ive been working on my degree in business/marketing, and some of these statements boggle my mind. Especially ones that concern graphical capabilities.

    I dont know if any of you have seen the article claiming the 720/PS4 will be producing Avatar like graphics. I had to stop, and think……WHAT?

    In this economy, in this market! Do you have any idea how unviable that is? Literally 1% of developers would be able to utilize this, and in the end it would be a flop. To turn a profit on a game of that caliber. Do you have any idea how expensive these games would be to us the consumer? Or how many units would have to be sold to make that money back?

    When you hear graphics have reached a plateau. This is true, and false. Speaking of the false graphics could be pushed to Avatar standards, and that would be a insane leap. The truth is the expense. Developers simply cannot afford to handle this kind of leap. Hence the term plateau. We’ve reached a point in gaming where graphics cant get much better, because its NOT FINANCIALLY VIABLE!

    There wont be a huge leap between the Wii U, PS4, and 720, because there simply CAN’T be. It wouldnt be financially viable, and like someone said before me. Who the hell wants to play an interactive movie?

    • Schizza

      So when people compare supposed WiiU specs to that of a cpu/gpu combo right now there is no leap in quality and graphics.

      Are you insane?

      A PC built right now wipes the floor with a WiiU. Granted it’ll cost you much more to build but there isn’t even a comparison.

  • nintendo gamer 38

    i wonder if patcher is going to have compettion with the new troller cause this new troller is beating patcher ass to 2nd place

  • Kahhhhyle

    Well… To be fair I think they should be 50$ too but that’s just cause I’m a cheap mofo the primary reason they cost more cause the blu ray discs they come on cost more

  • Your Mom

    It’s patcher 2!!!!!

  • Mylochek

    Avatar like graphics would be a huge stretch not only in reality but in budgets. The Hydra707 don’t ya love it when you read articles like that. Always gives me a chuckle. This new guy is just mad because he pre-ordered Assassins Creed 3 for the system he has only to find out the WiiU version is more innovative and better quality version of the game.

  • LP

    What an idiot!!!… He’s got a chance in comedy, this idiot is a clown! Idiot, super idiot, idiot times 100,000,000…

  • johnny

    this dued is stupid, he dossent realize that the xbox360 has bin out for a long time same with ps3 the grafics havent gotten better but they still charge 60 for there games, the wiiu will have just as good if not better grafics and its changes the way you play, its a ps3c and xbox360 but with a lot better stuff, also if for some reason nintendo did sell sony dosent have the money to buy it

  • Can’tThinkOfAName=(

    OK, To begin with, the Wii U is like an Xbox/PS3 BUT with better graphics and a Awesome Gamepad Controller, And this writer thinks the Price of the Wii U and the Game prices should be lower….Get What I’m saying? Ya it makes no sense. Also in a bunch of his articles, he compares 3DS and the Wii U to Android/Iphone Phones. That makes sense cause we all want to use our gaming handhelds like 3DS, DS, and the PS Vita as our personal Phones Right?(sarcasm) To end my comment, I pretty sure slashgear knows people just Disagree with his opinions cause at the end of all of Don’s articles it says “The opinions expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of SlashGear.” K im done!

  • 2pac

    dafuq this guy is retarded


    Idiot with a capital I

  • Sethlaw225

    As I stated articles ago they get stupid-er as we get closer to the U release

  • SethJaw228

    While I totally get that he is silly for thinking games will be overpriced I think it’s a comparable amount of silliness to say just the gameplay matters. Graphics matter a little bit..I mean I wouldnt buy a new game, even if it had superb gameplay if it ends up looking like a PS2 game. And that’s not even the case with Wii U because their graphics are comparable. He has a point in saying that as a next gen console it should have better graphics in future games that aren’t just ports. 720/PS4 will have the bleeding edge so while Wii U might satisfy a few gamers til those come out and we have games looking like the Unreal 4 tech demoes and real pixar movies Wii U games are just gonna look as dated as Wii games look in comparison to 360/PS3. Wii had some good games but was a waste for the majority of the time it’s been on my shelf. Nintendo better be bringing back some games that make me cry out of nerdstalgia and show em off in full HD. I mean if graphics didn’t matter they should have Star Fox U in the same graphical styling as SF 64.

    ALSO you said there’s no way of knowing what this new consoles capabilities will be yet 2 paragraphs later you say it WILL DEFINITELY offer the best graphics in Batman and Assassin’s Creed 3. Errr… Add in the fact they’ve compared Arkham City on the Wii U compared to ps3 and least from this build it doesn’t look any can’t just be writing articles pointing how how stupid someone else is when you are making these accusations and claims makes you seem overly biased.

    I hope Wii U has a bushel of steady core games for us to enjoy and let’s us play in graphical detail and with crazy awesome gameplay with that new gamepad. I truly do. I will still primarily be a PS gamer because they make my favorite franchises and I love the FREE quality online services. Right now Im only really digging Pikmin 3 as Nintendoland seems more like a tech demo and SUper Mario Wii U has literally been done 3 times before.

  • sony fan columist must die

    the daY I TAKE ADVICE FROM A COD player that uses a dualshock is the day i push away Gorden ramsys 3 course meal and eat a plate of dog poo instead

    its a saddened sony fan fighting for breath as we nintendo nazis hold his fanboy head under water DOUCHE BAG send his parents to the work camps for buying sony consoles then gas them WE MUST PURIFY THE WORLD

    • MujuraNoKamen

      *O* /

      (Supposed to be “LOL face” meme)

  • Nintendofanboy

    Who is this sony fan we are talking about?

  • Michael Pachter

    Looks like someone’s stealing my job.

    • Gary Moscheles


    • Bill Cosby

      You weren’t as bad as Don Reisinger.

      No pudding pops for him after supper!

      • WII U 4 LIFE

        I hate pachter…he blows monkey balls

    • WII U 4 LIFE

      Pachter just you commenting make me want a barf bag…………

  • Kirby

    Did they really need to swear in the article? Kids go on this site.

    • Wildman

      Have you seen the comments? Way more language here than in the article.
      Your argument is null.

  • Zhenya

    so people are saying the Wii U is compatible as 360 and ps3? did people forget that Reggie or Iwata it’s 50% more powerful than the current hen systems??

    • Wildman

      2GB of RAM
      Modern HD-capable GPU. (AMD E6760?)
      Power-based IBM CPU

      The v1 and v2 development kits were the ones that were 50% more powerful than the 360 and PS3…. and they were underclocked.

      COD Black Ops II runs in 1080p at 60fps (confirmed by Activision) without upscaling.

  • MartinB105

    The guy has a point.

    Yes, game prices shouldn’t be based on graphics. They should be based on production values. Do you really think a game like NSMBU costs the same to make as a game like AC3 or GTAV?

    So if Rockstar spend $100 million developing GTAV and charge $60 for it, then Nintendo spend $10 million developing NSMBU and still charge $60 for it, you don’t see that as a problem? Nintendo can’t justify $60 for a game like that; they just exploit the popularity of the Mario franchise.

    Remember the 25th Anniversary Mario All Stars disc? $30 for a SNES ROM on a disc. Nintendo consistently and brutally overprice their games.

    Smart people rarely pay $60 for a game anyway. I just wait six months and get my games for $20 or so. It’s not like I don’t have a massive backlog to keep me occupied in the meantime anyway.

    • Collected

      We cannot have a perfect system in place that judges a video game release price based on the amount used in development. If this occurred then GTA V would be priced higher than NSMBU; but this would cause backlash among consumers as they would invariably goes for the product with the most brand recognition and the cheapest price. As both NSMBU and GTA V have both good brand recognition NSMBU would win out and GTA V would not achieve as much in terms of sales and profit.

      Another point is that price can only be at one setting for new releases or else people could mistake cost for a measure of enjoyment and fun which is not true. If you were to purchase a crappy game for a ridiculous price due to the amount of money put into development then backlash would be immense. You would feel you wasted your money. SO the argument here is that development costs =/= enjoyment or gameplay value.

      Finally if we set all new releases at one price (the highest now) then when certain games fall in price and others don’t we have a simpler measure of the enjoyment/gameplay value factor of particular games (excluding game reviews). The sales system we have now works fine because all games are set on an equal level to begin with; then the better made games (more enjoyable) endure longer in the market and are sold for a longer period than the ones that were not equal in enjoyment/gameplay value.

    • Gary Moscheles

      “they just exploit the popularity of the Mario franchise.”

      i hate it when people imply that this is all Nintendo does

    • WII U 4 LIFE

      Facepalm!!!!!!!!!!!! Twice!

  • Johny

    lol… retard ^^

  • CoreGamer

    It’s funny.

    After Nintendos great press conference last week with tons of surprises and showing up the really great Wii U game line-up, the atmosphere in the gamer forums changed. Before many gamers was unsure about Wii U but now nearly everyone sees it as a possibility to buy a Wii U now.

    But now there are suddenly people all over the internet with hilarious anti Nintendo comments, I wonder where they came from. All angry MS and Sony employees?

  • Aaron Barton

    Wow. This site had been my go-to source for Wii U information, but I may need a new one. The level of journalistic integrity exemplified in this “article” is far more embarrassing than anything that the analyst said. “Hurls shit at the wall and sees what sticks” is not reporting the news, it’s looking like a biased crybaby.

    I tend to disagree with Don Reisinger’s comments. But he expressed his opinions in a professional and respectful manner; Wii U Daily staff did not and resorted to petty name-calling. Don’t report your own personal opinions as fact. What an epic fail.

  • NintendoGamer

    Guess what! Now that Patcher wants a Wii U, he also wants one! This guy it’s Patcher’s b*tch! Literally!

  • Roger

    Sony should buy it??? HAHAHAHA. $ony is a financial cesspool and can’t buy shit, plus their brand is an epic failure with last place on all counts. Fuck this PoS fanboy, he’s just another tard to add to the list. What a cunt, so typical of the Sony following.

    • Ninty1

      Lots of Sony fanboys coming up bitching and moaning and trolling recently,eh

      I think it that past article he wrote should be the other way around.

    • darkfox

      Sony will be lucky if they dont go broke developing the PS4 did you see their New better than 1080 TV’s cost $30.000. PS3 =sales fail selling at loss Vita=sales fail selling at loss $30.000 TV ummm yeah selling at loss ps4 gonna cost more than my pc is it is everything the RUMORS say it is=selling at loss its ok Kratos on Nintendo would be cool (Xbox does not sell enough around the world to be popular and allow sony to make up lost profit)

  • Dan

    And yet we fall on microtransactions for new levels or new car packs,,,, sniff sniff,,, boo hoo,, since when videogames become cheap???

  • Dan

    Last day 2morow on my wii u pre-order,,, Pre-orders are selling out,,,

  • nintendo gamer 38

    that guy in the picture even resembles the stupidness on his face and words

  • The_Lump

    Forgive me, I dont quite understand; we shouldnt buy them beacuse they are the same as current gen games? But its ok to pay that price for……current gen games? What is this guy even trying to say??

    We shouldn’t laugh. He may be a bit slow or somthing.

  • MujuraNoKamen

    So hang on a sec, he’s supposed to be a columnist? he looks like some idiot 15 year old with a single-digit IQ who plays nothing but CoD! If anyone takes this guy’s hate campaign, sorry, “articles” seriously they need mental help. I really don’t know where to begin in picking apart his [false] argument, but I’ll say if the next XBox/PS3 graphics were a giant leap forward, is he saying it would be OK for them to charge a s**t-load more money for them???
    I kinda want to see his articles/youtube vids, or whatever it is he does, and shoot down his pathetic little fanboy rage using fair-minded, factual points (not to troll him, I never troll anyone, in fact the best way to deal with trolls/idiots is to use facts, remain calm and never use insults (Unless provoked, and I mean REALLY provoked) This way trolls can’t get you mad as they can see themselves that they’ve failed miserably. This way you can silence in 1 comment) – just a little hint if you encounter A-Holes out there.

  • lolosha

    He is right. If you buy trash U, you approve that increaseing price for games and all other start to increase prices.

  • Nintengoth

    Hey guys! :)… well this is just, well i dont know what it is. Pachter first now this fuck? hmmm i really dont get ppl.

  • D2K

    I’m gonna walk right into a store on launch day and pick one up. I’ve never had to reserve a system before, not gonna start now.

  • Timmy

    60 USD is a good price for Wii U games.
    Here in Belgium, ZombiU will be 60 EUR. Wich is 78.52 USD
    And the premium pack WiiU will cost 350 EUR, wich is 458 USD!
    But that’s still better than PS3 when it launched here… it was 499 EUR 😮

  • nucima

    Talking about the great “innovations” the Wii U offers isn’t much better, before anyone played it.
    This first needs to be proven. Thats Why I also don’t understand, why so much people preorder it. Standard consoles like the last generations weren’T much risk, but innovations can totally fail (e.g. virtual boy).


  • Novum Magus

    Pro Tip – Wearing a collared shirt does not make you a professional columnist. You are still a nobody “wash bag”

  • RonTendo

    Fuck this Shit thrower. Hey Reisigner I will Wii on U and all your crap.

  • pimpc

    That dude iz smoking dope

  • mngoldy

    You kind of make a good argument but can you actually justify paying $60 bucks for batman arkham city when you can buy a new game on ps3/xbox 360 for under $40 right now

  • wampdog29

    Awesome post Allison! I wanted to write something on this guy SOOO bad. You beat me to it!

  • nintendofreak

    lol shit slinger…just imagine it a shit slinger… anyway poor patcher somebody allready kicked u out of ur throne

  • gSinghGill

    Funny how the PS3 and 360 can only output 720p visuals, while the Wii U will be able to easily do 1080p. I remember the first PS3 and 360 games – they looked like shit. Just up-res’ed xbox games for the most part. Takes a very long time to figure out the ins and outs of new hardware.

  • Ninty1

    “Lots Of People Care About A Bigger 3DS!”
    “The PS Vita Is In Deep, Deep Trouble”
    “Why Sony Should Sell (And Why Nintendo Should Buy It)”
    “Why Nintendo Will Determine Gaming’s Future”

    There, I fixed it for him

  • Wildman

    “Why Nintendo Will Determine Gaming’s Future”

    They already have back in 1985. It was called the NES.

    • Wildman

      ^^ That was a reply to Ninty1 ^^

  • Scootex1912

    Guys a totty:)!

  • wii u fan forever


  • KKiONI

    Well, that is how journalism works for some. It doesn’t matter how absurd it is, it’s what gets attention. To some degree, that statement is correct. You need to phrase your work in a way that grabs people’s attention. Though it feels like this writer is trying too hard on that part.

  • Bacon

    The stupidity is too stong within this one…

  • Thepokemonmaster

    Patcher! You have a son!? I didn’t know!!! :O 😛 XD

  • WoodenSaucer

    So he thinks Nintendo sucks, yet he thinks Sony should buy Nintendo? I thought you are only supposed to buy good things that would be profitable.

  • GoodNintentions

    I would challenge this guy to come up with relevant examples of these innovations being used in the home before nintendo and becoming an imitated success. Every single input method in use today (except for Kinect which is a glorified eyetoy rip off) was popularized by nintendo.

    Zapper – NES
    D-Pad – NES
    Shoulder buttons – SNES
    Analogue stick – N64
    Tilt control – GBA
    Analogue buttons – GC
    Motion control – wii

  • Spike

    I just have to say I don’t approve of the word trolling and the assumption that the wii U is a more powerful system. Those are my only problems.

    Reisinger is used to believing that a new console means it will offer something new and more powerful. A console doesn’t need to be more powerful.. if you believe that, then you obviously wasn’t paying attention to how the wii done. It used a smaller, more cost effective system to shoot out decent games. Very rarely ground breaking, but cheap and entertaining.

    I do agree this person shouldn’t be taken seriously. He’s more reactionary than critical.

  • The-fuzz-buzz

    All I’m sayin’ is that the article writer doesn’t have to use the language…….

  • DerikGotro64

    That dude looks like he couldn’t get laid in a whorehouse with a handfull of $50s.

  • Happy Mask Man

    There’s a saying where I come from that seems particularly fitting at this point. “The squeaky wheel gets the grease” Lets not give this rusty wheel anymore…



  • Jetty

    “Idiot” is a bit too harsh. “Hater” is a more accurate term. Play a lot of Halo in LA?

  • Norm

    Hey… I know that kid! DIE, WII U HAT3R!!!!!!

  • WII U 4 LIFE

    Don Reisinger A big Facepalm!!!!!!!!!! Many times!!!!!!!!!!!