Jul 11th, 2013

Capcom announced DuckTales remastered earlier this year at PAX East and since then, it has generated a lot of excitement for Wii U owners. We’ve seen plenty of preview footage and the game was playable on several different consoles at E3, but no release date had been given until now. Capcom finally announced today that the game will be coming to Wii U and PSN on August 13th in North America for $14.99.

For Europeans, you’ll have to wait until August 15th to get your hands on the Wii U version. The above video released by developer WayForward takes you behind the scenes of the remake and lets you see exactly what went into the process of re-mastering one of the most classic games of the NES era. This video is the first in a series that will be released every other week until the game is released in August.

Will you be picking up DuckTales Remastered? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • jrob23

    depending on price, yes, I will be purchasing

    • TCar


      • jrob23

        that’s too much for this I think. I would have considered $9.99 as that is around the Little Inferno price point where I feel it should be. Hopefully it gets lowered

        • Denvy

          Agreed. I already have the original game. Going back and playing the NES version will bring back more memories than this.

          • TCar

            I think $14.99 is perfect for this title. Considering the original game can’t be put on the VC because of ownership issues, original developer sold the licensing and then the buyer went out of business, picking up a remastered version of the game in HD is well worth the asking price. Buying the original NES cartridge will run you the same or more, but than you have to hope your NES works. Mine does but it doesn’t look good on my 55in TV. 🙁

          • Denvy

            My NES does work. I bought in ’88. Granted I changed the pins once or twice which not everyone has the know how to do. You’re right, looks crap on an HDTV, but that’s why I keep my CRT 😉 Perhaps it’s worth 15 for some, but not me. I’ll wait for a sale if one ever comes. Now what about Ducktales 2…

          • TCar

            I have Ducktales 2 but not the first, made the mistake of letting it go many years ago. There most probably will be a sale. Personally I hope that happens a bit down the road after loads of people support the game. If they get enough, maybe a remastered Ducktales 2 will make its way forward. I would like to see a new Aladdin game also. 🙂

          • Denvy

            Ducktales 2 is quite valuable. Don’t let that one go too! Alladin was awesome. Ah, such good memories.

          • TCar

            Very good memories!

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Cheap bastard lol. Just playing. I’d say go for it if you wanna wait for a sale. Can’t go wrong either way.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            It’s a much larger game than the original and it’s also remastered for a reason. The $14.99 price point is more than fair. I have a copy of it for the NES, but I’m getting this as well. It looks great and has some good voice acting as I can see from gameplay videos. I’m glad it’s coming to Steam as well since I don’t have a Wii U atm.

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          Too much? Have to disagree. It has much more to offer than the original. Remastered games like this are great for the nostalgia. While I enjoyed the original, this one will be even better I’m sure. $14.99 for a remastered game like this is a fair price.

  • kenny Johnson

    I was listening to a podcast where the guys got to play the demo of this… and they felt like this was going to be a 6 out of 10 game at best… which is bit disappointing. I hope they’re wrong.

    • Not gonna lie, I played it at E3, though I played it on the PlayStation.

      It’s very basic and retains all the same level design as the original, so if you’ve played and beaten it, this is just a feast for your eyes. It’s very, very easy.

      • I’ve never played it… Is there still something for a newcommer, or is its easy difficulty a bit offputting

        • I guess that depends on whether or not you like DuckTales. If you enjoyed the cartoon, it’s an interesting adventure. I wouldn’t buy it myself.

          • never saw/heard of the cartoon… I’ll pass

          • raiden777

            Its made by capcom , its old school side scroll, platforming adventure. Trust me, it ain’t easy, and you’ll love it. Its Disney characters, what the game is based on. A couple other great challenging capcom games like this are mega man and little nemo the dream master

      • Michael Jurado

        my original copy got lost in a flood (among other things) so too see a remastered version just makes me smile and it tickles a nostalgic bone a little 😉

      • raiden777

        Its not THAT easy. Its made by Cap com, its challenging. Maybe to YOU, its super easy, but for kids and average gamers, which are the majority, it will be a challenge.

  • TCar

    I will be getting it!

  • Zombie_Andrew

    There should be a code in the game whenever the DuckTales theme comes up you can input and the Nostalgia Critic shouts “It will never leave you!” Or something to those lines xD

  • Jon Turner

    I don’t care what anybody says. I’m getting this game! I LOVE DuckTales!

    • YogiGRB

      me to

  • John Andalora

    Uh….. No.
    I’ll just buy the original for cheaper if I really want to play, thanks.

    • Michael Jurado

      I better never see you bitch about graphics 😛

      • John Andalora

        Good news: I don’t.
        I complain about how unsatisfied I am with the games for the Wii U.

        • beerkin

          You complain about no games yet won’t buy games……?

          • John Andalora

            Question: When the best games coming for the console are either games I’ve already played months ago on other current gen consoles that are “Golden” or “Really Really great” editions, or are games from past Nintendo consoles, are they really worth buying again?

            I have bought multiple games on the Wii U. I didn’t find any of them to be extremely substantial, and I didn’t pick them up again after beating them. NSMBU and NintendoLand were not games that last, Zombi U was an adequate game that I could only play once, and Game & Wario is just boring. I honestly regret buying a Wii U at launch because of how little I play it.

          • beerkin

            You should get legocity. ninja gaiden was also very good. what about re revelations? little inferno is fantastic as is toki tori 2. megman x and super metroid are the only good vc games. the vc blows ill give you that.

          • John Andalora

            Don’t like the Lego style games, tried RE:R and after running past the horde on infernal decided it was too boring and simple, Don’t like the Hack and Slash style of Ninja Gaiden (and was released for other platforms before). I might have to try Toki Tori and Little Inferno, but from what I saw of inferno it just looked like you burned stuff (which, if I wanted to do, I’d probably just do that in real life). And you know my complaints on the other two.

  • zantis

    Loved the original and can’t wait to play this updated version. From the video, it sounds like WayForward tried to really do a good job with this game.

  • I do not remember playing the original but my brother does.. I may download it for him

  • Michael Jurado

    Duck Tales Woooo oooohhh, omg that takes me so back 😀 and as an artist I have great respect for this game they’ve done something truely amazing with this franchise. getting this game no doubt about it and besides it’s capcom why wouldn’t I get it >.>

  • Satoru Iwata

    Please buy on Wii U. If you want to play remastered classics such as DuckTales, then Nintendo is the way to go.

    • dewey

      Can you please release Ducktales Remastered as a physical copy disc on Wii-U?

  • Ducked

    For those who didn’t play the original, this is a massive improvement. This should be a top recommended title on the Nintendo Wii U eShop.

    Only downside for me is I wish they were releasing it in physical copy. I much prefer my games physical.

    • Clel

      You’re Donald Duck… Hmm… Bias much?

      What am I saying? OF COURSE NOT!

      • Ducked

        Biased? You kidding me?

        Everyone knows I hate my nephews.

  • HotInEER

    I can’t wait for this. I loved the original, and I love DuckTales.

  • knowledgeiswhatsup

    A child’s game on a child’s system. My opinion is law.

    • kevin nun—-

      PS3 and Xbox 360 are getting it. 😉

      • Shhh… Facts are no use to trolls… Only their one sided opinions.

    • Sonic
    • e_rocket

      I think thats exactly the idea of the game… so they nail it!!!!

    • raiden777

      Its not a child’s system. Last time I checked, a bunch of 10 year olds owned your ass on xbox live in call of duty. Ya, the people screaming into there mics playing fps games on Xbox are usually children. Xbox is a kids toy. Real gamers play nintendo

    • Mo Mo

      Then why are you even here looking at this? Your opinion is irrelevant.

  • Moreck

    I wonder if they used the WiiU’s extra texture memory to make that version better-looking than the other consoles.

  • discuss

    Fun for kids but probably way to simple voor the rest.

  • I don’t recall playing the original, but this should be nostalgic for a lot of people. I love remastered releases.

    • Rick van der Linde

      Unless it’s THPS.. *sigh*

  • $41809923


  • raiden777

    Duck tales was the first game that I beat on nes. I never knew so many people considered it a masterpiece basicly. It is so fitting as a Nintendo game , and its the perfect game for my future Wii U collection. The gameplay was so fun, the graphics were great and the music was memorable and amazing…now its getting a true remaster, and its going to be even greater than before!

  • Ryan House

    I wonder which system is giving them problems. Wii U has 1GB of RAM for games and 1GB for OS. PS3 has Video and System ram divided into 256Megabytes. xbox 360 has shared 512Megabytes of Ram. With the way the PS3 RAM is Divided I think PS3 maybe the issue console

  • Peter Lythaby

    Never played the original so got to get this!

  • I really want this game. But my question to Capcom is, where is Dungeons & Dragons for Wii U?

  • Ryan House

    I really wish the Physical version was released on Every Platform

  • Tim van Broekhoven

    I never played this game, but I heard from a friend of mine that it’s an amazing game so I’ll definately gonna download this 😀

    • Tim van Broekhoven

      I can’t wait!!!

  • 210stuna


  • Mo Mo

    Very excited for this one, the price is right and this was one of my favorite games that I forgot about from my childhood. I would also gladly buy Chip & Dale Rescue rangers.

  • Sohiab Rehman

    I’m buying this game, defo