Jul 31st, 2013

A new trailer for DuckTales: Remastered has been released, this time showing off the African Mines levels of the game. Of course what trip to a mine would be complete without riding in mine carts and a big boulder chasing you a la Indiana Jones? So far the game seems to be recreated rather faithfully to the original, so long time fans of DuckTales will likely have a blast with this one.

DuckTales Remastered will be available on Wii U on August 13th.

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  • CMB

    can not wait

    • Mr. J

      Woah dude you stole my look!

      • CMB

        the image was supposed to captain falcon but it did not show up. I am to lazy to change it.

        • Mr. J

          Mine was supposed to be the hype train picture with Reggie, Myamoto, and Iwata

          • CMB

            looks like our pics were to epic for the site to handle.

  • Deadpool U

    Finally some news on this site that doesn’t piss me off.

    • Zombie Boy

      The Wii U version will feature both Huey and Dewey, but not the Louie dlc character… Just kidding 😉

      • Ducked

        Scrooges hat will have to be a DLC for Wii U version XD

    • Orto

      Played this game earlier this year. Thought it was a disgrace to the gaming industry. The industry needs to move forward and constantly innovate and create the most realistic visuals and experience as possible. This game does the complete opposite, i mean wtf! I wont be buying this on my wii u, thats for sure.

      • Zombie Boy

        Not a big fan of retro remakes then?

        • Orto

          Nope im only looking for future games. Old games suck

          • Zombie Boy

            Everybody is entitled to their own opinion. I know that I and many others love old games, which is why the virtual console is so popular.

          • Orto

            I know that but as soon as i played on cod black ops 2 i was enlightened by how realistic and rich the game was. No other game provides the player with such an immerse campaign full of amazing moments. Since i played on call of duty i have not touched another game since on my wii u. Maybe one day i will try and play the new super mario bros wii u or the wind waker as i heard that they are good. But they just dont seem to offer the same mature realism of call of duty :$

          • Zombie Boy

            Uh… I’m speechless…

            Seriously though, everyone has their own taste in games and Nintendo caters for all. Like you say, we have the Call Of Duty games. We also have the Assassin’s Creed games, the Batman series and we have the retro titles and Nintendo’s first party games too (as well as many others).

            So at least you will have some games to enjoy 🙂

          • audi lover

            Enlightened by running around blowing people head off, well thats a first, Mature realism? I doubt it, far fetched bull shit for a stunted generation

          • Mario

            I’ve seen games more realistic than Call of duty BO2! Games like AC3, Batman Arkham city, Metroid prime. I even count the soon to be released Mario kart 8. I mean, HAVE YOU SEEN THE TRAILER, never have I seen Mario and company look like that on an HD game before. THEY LOOKED LIKE ACTUAL HUMAN BEINGS!!! It was unbelievable. Note: Okay, maybe not completely like human beings. But you get the idea once you see the trailer.

          • Bill Wildaman

            You must be 12. I can tell by your asinine view of video games and your misuse of the word “immerse.”

          • david jarman


          • ItzameyaToad

            I have played Call of Duty since Call of Duty 4(one of the last great Call of Duty’s) and take my word that little if anything has changed. I also must say that you should not soley focus on games like Call of Duty as you will miss out on alot of great games. I love older games because they are games I grew up with, but I can understand people not liking to play them.

          • Mario

            Take Super smash bros brawl and The legend of Zelda Skyward sword for example. They’re old. But man were they awesome!

          • Zombie Boy

            Bubble Bobble, Sonic The Hedgehog (Genesis version), Street Fighter II, Resident Evil 2, Final Fantasy VII and Ocarina Of Time are all in my top 10 favourite games list – and they’re all over 15 years old!

          • Go play Super Metroid and say that to my face

          • fireheartis1

            Sorry bro but many of us do like Old games. Heck I’m in the process of making my Wii titles as large as I can. There are over 100 great Wii titles and I’m looking forward to getting everyone of them since they are really cheap now. Plus I have man VC games that I play, and the oldest is Galaga which is the game I play the most on my Wii side of the VC, so yah not everyone just plays new games bro.

      • Mark

        Realistic visuals are really pointless for the simple fact that they will get bland; once games reach graphics capable of being so photo-realistic that it’s pretty much real, there’s will be no room for improvement; there’s nothing more realistic than realism itself.

      • Ford Crews

        Not that it’s relative to this game, but lots of us would rather have better story lines, and much improved AI, than photo-realistic graphics. That’s the number one thing about mulitplayer online games is those you play against actually play like people, not computers designed to miss 63.4943% of the time. Computer opponents that actually acted like real people would truly take games to the next level.

      • Stephen Macneil

        What a completely ignorant comment. Realistic visuals do not suit the tone and direction of every game. Video games are just like any other medium, whether it’s books, film, TV, etc. realism is merely a style choice when deciding on the narrative. For you to suggest all games need to be realistic shows either extreme bias toward your own tastes, or a completely limited scope of imagination.

  • Yousif Alromaithi

    I am picking this up. I can’t imagine playing on it my PS3 and Xbox 360. Because this game started on Nintendo.

  • JBeauregard

    I’ll take it! Anyone know expected price?

    • Clel

      The price is already public and official ($14.99)

      • JBeauregard

        Thanks, Clel!

  • Mariokartfann

    Good news! Looking forward to the game
    Before any trolls post, please flag and move on. DON’T REPLY!

  • Mr. J

    Has anyone noticed that the 3ds section is like dead

  • Guest

    This comment is just a test, so ignore it.

  • Mochlum

    I’m more excited for the Mickey Mouse game remake, but this looks decent. I may get it eventually.

  • FungalSpawn

    Nothing like a little blood diamond controversy.

  • Ducked

    Its a shame were not getting Mickey Castle of Illusion remake as well…

    • Zombie Boy

      One of my favourite games ever! Loved that on the Genesis.

      • Ducked

        Yeah, I’m crossing my fingers and hoping there bring it to the next gen consoles sometime in the near future.

        • Zombie Boy

          I’m sure they will. The reason a lot of these games aren’t coming out is simply because of the sales figures. But when the sales rise, which they have already started to do thanks to Pikmin 3, the games will come 🙂

          • Ducked

            Yeah, I’m hoping were see a lot of heads turn this fall

          • Mario

            Fingers crossed!

  • Yugi

    Im getting it on steam since it will be cheaper.

  • Kholby

    This is one of my top 10 favourite games of all time. I can’t wait. Maybe one day we’ll get an HD remake of Adventure Island from Hudson. Aww, man! I loved playing that game again on my Wii, but I want to see Master Higgins running on the spot in HD.

  • strumstrum

    I would personally prefer The Lucky Dime Caper, loved that game

  • Genesect4ssb4