Jan 30th, 2014

Did you guys know the Dreamcast is still around? Yup, it is. Even though Sega’s left it for dead, 16 years after it’s release developers still continue to make games for it. Just this year developers Hucast and KonTechs Ltd. released their Kickstarter funded bullet-hell space shooter Redux: Dark Matters onto the old system. Which itself was a remake of the 2009 Dreamcast title DUX.

What you might find more interesting though is that one of the developers, René Hellwig, was recently quoted as saying:

We have plans for Wii U and 3DS. We think Redux would look amazing with stereoscopic 3D graphics! Since we developed the game on PC with HD graphics it will be easy for us to port the game to Nintendo consoles. Nintendo is more straightforward with Indie devs, and we believe that in the coming years Nintendo consoles will be a great place to publish Indie games.

Which suggests that Dark Matters may make it’s way to a Nintendo console sometime soon. Of course, if you’re interested in the game but don’t want to wait for an eventual eShop release you can order it here from the developers. Of course you’ll need to have a Dreamcast to play it on. The game’s gotten rave reviews, so if you get the chance there’s no reason not to try it out!

So what do you all think of this? Would you be interested in playing a game like Redux: Dark Matters on the Wii U or 3DS? Let us know in the comments!

[Source: Nintendo Life]

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  • Jon

    reminds me of Gradius III ( I love that game :D)

    • nin-10-doughfan

      it does look like gradius and i also downloaded it on my 3DS!

      • Jon

        i got Gradius III on my Wii

  • Blue Hernandez

    Great game! I actually got it for my Dreamcast, which I love to still play. I really wish SEGA would make a new console but at least they still make software.

  • Lil J Moore

    Speaking of Dreamcast. I want a Power Stone game for WiiU now Online MP and all

    • thedeciderU


  • Heaven on Earth

    I love sega Nintendo and sega need to merge and make a future home console

    • ETMew2348


    • Simon Stevens

      Considering Atlus are also a part of Sega, that would be a mega merge, and other consoles would probably miss Sega games, but since Nintendo is rich, they should buy everybody bar EA, then everybody will HAVE to have a Nintendo console because there’ll be no such thing as third party.

      • Heaven on Earth

        Lol agreed!

      • Michael Ocampo

        That would be really bad if there was no competition though… It’s great to have competition because it pushes you a whole lot farther in my opinion

        • Simon Stevens

          If you miss the competition we could always ask for Daily Nintendo directs of Iwata and Miyamoto playing ping pong with paddles and balls made of gold, they could wear bicycle shorts 😛

          • Dallas Gooch

            I would pay $60 to watch that xD

    • crocodileman94

      We at least got Sonic.

      • Heaven on Earth

        Yea sonic is great I wish they would make sonic adventure 3 but sega had many other great franchises also such as knights, virtua cop and fighter just to name a few.

  • Black leg sanji

    Im still waiting for billy egg hatcher 2 Dammit

  • linkzero65

    it’s really great to see indie devs supporting the wii u. that could cover up the lack of third party games.

  • mojack411

    Selling my Dreamcast is one of the biggest regrets in my life. Now this just added to that regret. I really wish I could go slap my past self.

    • Mario

      Mario: Oh don’t ya worry! Professor E.Gadd made a time machine that you could use if you want.

    • Nope.avi

      Can;t you get a dreamcast for really cheap?

      • mojack411

        But it’s not MY Dreamcast. There’s something about having an old console around since the time of it’s launch that just hits you full of the nostalgia factor.

  • Ernie Sanguyo

    Shenmue series is my favorite on dreamcast console 🙂

    • Shota

      yakuza came close to shenmue. But shenmue 3 on wii u would be a dream come true

      • triplegamer3K .

        Yeah,but shenmue has been on xbox only since leaving the dreamcast.

        • Shota

          but sega made the game and has rights to the game. so it can happen

  • Yousif Alromaithi

    Oh the good old days of dreamcast man I miss Sonic Adventure listening to the music while playing the snowy mountain level on snowboard. Total epic.

  • Mario


  • Shota

    skies of arcadia on wiiu

    • Nothing5555

      This and a Skies of Arcadia part 2 please!

  • nin-10-doughfan

    well yhugh-yeah!

  • matthew garcia

    Good nintendo needs all the games they can get especially with the droughts inbetween games

  • I used to have a grudge towards Sega for far to long in the past, and all that changed when I first saw/played Sonic Adventure on Dreamcast, and sadly the platform itself had an untimely early dead, such a shame. Now at a gamestore I go often they also sell vintage and retro consoles, every now and then they still get Dreamcasts in, and they still sell for €200-300 these days.

    I would likely get the game for 3DS/WiiU if it became available, it has been to long I have played spaceshooters, much like Gradius and Life Force on the nes/snes/megadrive era (both Konami games I believe), so yeah get it done I would say 🙂

  • Tim van Broekhoven

    A Shenmue HD collection on Wii U would be amazing!

  • darkcreap

    I haven’t gone through the comments, but I imagine a lot of trolls laughing at WiiU receiving games from the Dreamcast. You know, those people who say that “WiiU is the next Dreamcast” all the time.

    • Nothing5555

      To me being call the next Dreamcast is not an insult but a complement. Those trolls were probably born when the Dreamcast was released and missed out on an awesome console.

      I actually liked the games they had on the dream cast vs the PS2.

      • Matt Elgie

        Not to mention you could hook up a mouse and keyboard and surf the web. I only had dial up at that time so wasn’t the greatest but it was there.

      • darkcreap

        I wouldn’t call the dreamcast a bad console, do not take me wrong. I was criticising the trolls, not the console.

        I have been having Nintendo consoles since the NES, because I liked them better than Sega’s consoles, but the Dreamcast was the first console from Sega I liked because it was radically different. It was really bad that they stopped supporting it. I personally see it as a mistake. The only reason they did it was because they couldn’t support it due to their financial status, but the console was great.

        It seemed much cooler than the Sega Saturn. Actually, it had some feeling that was kind of “Nintendo” to me in that console.

      • Rinslowe


  • Mj78

    great, games from a dead console for a dying console – now thats forward thinking

    • darkcreap

      I predicted a comment like yours just a while ago. So boring…

  • lonewolf

    Now neo.dev team needs to put there games on the wii u (they already signed a contract with nintendo) and one of their games was already announced for the wii u and that is gunnlord.

  • Matt Elgie

    This is total nostalgia. I remember how much I loved my dreamcast until one gaming session a buddy of mine pulled on his controller sending the dreamcast flying ultimately breaking it. T’was a sad day. You were ahead of your time sega.

  • SuperSonicBrawler

    I just want Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 on the Virtual Console.

  • Dark-Link73

    As somebody else mentioned, selling my Dreamcast is one of the gaming decitions I regret the most on my life. I had a Dreamcast with over 25 games and accessories for four players (VMUs, rumble packs, controllers, etc.) and I sold it for cheap to a family in need. A couple of months later somebody broke into their house and stole (among other things) the Dreamcast with all the games and accessories. If I had known that’d have happened I never would’ve sold it to them. 🙁

    • Nothing5555

      You have my condolences. As for me I learned to never sell or give away any console I had, after my NES and SNES were stolen many years back.

  • GregoryTheRainMaker

    Need Shenmue!


    Dreamcast developer has plans for Wii U and it’s Shenmue. That would’ve been cool.

  • brian murphy

    take bizerk Guts Rage remake it in hd and put it on Wii u then id be happy

  • brian murphy

    they should get sega to add dreamcast to the virtual console that would really be sweet

  • LJay

    I’ll never sell my Dreamcast,i was absolutely gutted when i heard the news it was discontinued,i dont know what it is but i love that thing,im a bit of a nintendo fanboy but as the N64 slowed up i moved onto the DC and considered that my main console up until getting a Wii,even after buying my GameCube!-a fair few games could be ported off the DC that would be great on the Wiiu

    Id wet myself if Sega ported over Chuchu rocket and Phantasy star online again with online capabilities…. ….oh and a twin anlogue Bangai-o mmmmmm 😉

    I see Pier Solar is coming to wiiu as an indie download too!-im still waiting for my copy from Watermelon for my Dreamcast 😉

    • Shy Guy

      The Sega Dreamcast had certain elements that were years ahead of it’s time, I don’t think another console even attempted a web browser until at least the following generation, and I still enjoy coming home after a hard day’s work and playing with my Seaman (trlol). I’m glad I held on to my Dreamcast too, it’s served me well for many years now (I did have to figure out how to replace the exhaust fan in 2008) and I don’t care what anyone else says the games they released on that console were better than even the PS2, and I’m glad it’s still getting the attention it deserves.

      • Dark-Link73

        The Dreamcast was part of the sixth-generation of consoles along with the XBOX, GCN, and PS2; so i don’t know if the PS2 and the xbox had browsers, but they had online gaming. Now, from a generational standpoint, the N64 (fifth gen) was the first console to have an online browser (N64DD randnet service). However, randnet came out almost a year after the Dreamcast.

        • Shy Guy

          I was going to argue that the 64DD wasn’t actually released so
          technically any browser it may have had didn’t count, but it looks like the 64DD actually did get released in Japan, sold about 15,000 units, and had a lifespan of eight months and twenty eight days, which means it lasted even longer than the migraine causing Virtual Boy, so well played to you good sir, I bow to your superior knowledge of obscure Nintendo history. 🙂

          • Dark-Link73

            That’s right! Bow to me my minion! BOW! MUAH HA HA HA!!! *ahem* *cough* *cough* er- sorry. I just started playing SCII: Heart of the Swarm so I got carried away with Kerrigan’s character, lol! But seriously though, I also forgot that (here in the USA) the N64 had an unofficial modem (based on the N64DD technology) that came with a keyboard as well which allowed the N64 to browse the internet. 🙂

        • Andrew Chambers

          Even the SNES had online capabilities. Technically it had a browser.

        • Gilbert Nicks

          Sega Saturn Network Edition

      • LJay

        True!i feel the same-it was all about sonys hype n dvd player capabilities,had it been about games the DC won hands down-oh how times change!!! :p the day DC died the gaming industry lost some of its soul-it was a real forward thinking random niche/arcade warrior

        Think i’ll prob pick up redux when it comes out

  • Shy Guy

    I see an exciting new trending forming, where indie developers are creating new and exciting games for classic consoles that were discontinued years ago, the Sega Dreamcast was discontinued in 2001 yet here it is still getting top rate indie titles. With indie titles being released on more and more classic consoles which ones will be next?

    As a classic console collector I for one welcome this move, this stroke of genius, by indie developers, and see it as a yet another source of income that big studios failed to realize in their tunnel-vision pursuit of “bigger is better”.

  • Eli Braden

    that actually looks kinda neat

  • LukeMM95

    Please bring Jet Set Radio HD to Wii U! That along with the two Sonic Adventure games, I would buy on release.

  • Dreamcast? Phantasy Star Online… So many hours… So many… Sega, will you bring Phantasy Star Online 2 to the Wii U? Thanks! ^^

  • Con

    Hmm I was hoping for maybe a streets of rage sequel. Lol oh well

  • Arthur Jarret

    I hope his stereoscopic plans will be implemented in the Wii U version! We need more 3D games (one isn’t enough!)

  • C.S. Bailey

    If Sega could find a way to cheaply port DC games to the Wii U (not asking for much here either, just enable off screen play and we’ll take it, a virtual VMU would be a plus…..), they could rake in some serious cash. 3rd party games would be a dream, but they have enough 1st party stuff to get the ball rolling. Many games would look ugly on a full HD screen, but the game pad would be perfect for most.
    While I’m asking for the moon here, can we get some Sega Saturn games as well? Fudge it, just make an emulator, charge me $5-10 for it, then send the games.


    thats good news!

  • majora :D

    A bullet hell game for Wii U? YES PWEASE!

  • jake

    Damnit……and i was hoping phantasy star online was comming…..*sigh*…..Oh the miverse fuction of rubbing in that rare drop you got in everybodys face…..Someday…..someday…

  • Wiiluigi

    Game looks great very interesting. Love shooters.

  • triplegamer3K .

    The dreamcast…the best way to play non-exclusive ps1 games. =)

  • Blugrave

    If your looking for a cool Kickstarter check out ReVeN!

    The Music is AWESOME!