Mar 9th, 2013

Nintendo has revealed the box art / box design for the upcoming Dragon Quest X Wii U bundle. Dragon Quest X will be released on the Wii U on March 30 in Japan. The original Wii version of the game was released in Japan last year, and has sold almost 1 million copies in the country. The Wii U remake is so far confirmed only for Japan.

Dragon Quest X will support cross platform play between the Wii and the Wii U. Additionally, Square Enix has confirmed that some 3DS connectivity will be available as well for the Wii U version. There have been plenty of rumors about the game coming to the US and EU, but so far nothing has been confirmed. Hopefully Square Enix and Nintendo will release the game in other territories at some point.

Dragon Quest Wii U

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  • NkoSekirei

    wow thats looks nice im hoping the game comes out soon and i still cant wait to get my hands on monoliths new game could be xenoblade 2 that game is gonna be epic just like xenoblade was

    • jcnba28

      I’m thinking of picking up xenoblade on ebay, thing is I was never drawn to rpg’s. The only rpg I played was mario thousand year door on gamecube. Is xenoblade for the hardcore rpg fan or can someone like me get into it easily?

      • Haize

        It’s one of those amazing games that’s easy to play, but takes time to master. The developers embrace this concept and provide very detailed tutorials throughout the game. The game world is incredibly large, which will often make you stop and look around, marveling at a freaking Wii game for its graphics.

        In short, play this game. It’s amazing!

      • Elem187

        You should do what I’m doing… I’m renting it from gamefly and currently playing it… I’m only a few hours in so its hard for me to judge the game yet.

        • Nathaniel Lopez

          Xenoblade all time favorite RPG, for those who consider Chrono Trigger to be the best RPG…I think they will have to reconsider giving that position to Xenoblades. I’ll admit the beginning is a bit awkward, but once you get used to the combat system, which is one of the most creative and best systems I’ve ever seen in an rpg game, you’ll the the hang of it.

          There’s also a ton of stuff to do…I don’t like talking about side quest because all side quest in every game are either, kills monsters or a fetch quests, but there’s a ton of that if your into that.

          There’s a good amount of places to discover as well and they are amazing, every locale is just amazing, detailed, and unique. There also expansive; the Eryth sea is annoying to traverse but damn is it beautiful.

          The soundtrack is just phenomenal, one of the best I’ve heard…hear this track ( and all the characters have their own attack style and advantages and they’re all likeable and the story is so great. I could go on for a bit just talking about how great this game is, but one really needs to play this game to experience the Masterpiece that is Xenoblades.

          I always do this, I meant to reply to jcnba28 lol. well it’s too late now I guess.

          • jcnba28

            It’s alright I still read it 🙂

      • SH*TBLOCK

        Xenoblade Chronicles for the Wii is a great game and great RPG. I was so happy that both this and The Last Story came out to the US even if it was at the end of the Wii’s life cycle. Like what was said before, it is easy to learn to play but to get the game you will have to learn. I due feel that the overall story of Xenoblade can be a bit all over the place compared to western RPG’s and actually The Last Story is and has a more stream-lined story and play-style But don’t let that distract you both of these games are just fantastic and any gamer will be become a fan of JRPG’s from these two games if you haven’t before.

        For a further look please feel free to check out my game-reviews of both of these games on my channel at youtube and see if you can get into them or not.

        Xenoblade Chronicles;

        The Last Story;

        My channel;

        • NkoSekirei

          over 100+hours of gameplay and extra stuff wen u replay it again after u beat it

      • thanos1984

        You will not get into it easily but it worths every minute of your time until you do.I own all 3 last gen consoles and Xenoblade is simply the best game of its generation imo.

        • jcnba28

          What do you mean get into it? Is it boring at the beginning or something?

          • thanos1984

            No,not at all.I was refering to the game mechanisms since you stated that you are not very experienced with rpgs.


      Yeah I can’t wait for that game either, it looks amazing and the first game was great. As for this game, the graphics aren’t top notch also a little childish on the theme over all. But I don’t think every game needs to be on the same the in art style to be good nor does every game need to be adultish. I would like to see this MMO finally move out from Japan and at least let the gamer’s that like these games and/or gamer’s in general play them. By just thinking the west doesn’t buy these games like Japan doesn’t cut it. Just translate/port games like Xenoblade and The Last Story, and the rest over and they will sell more than the cost to port it over to the west, plus more and more will get into these games. Just imagine if they put a little effort in promoting Xenoblade and The Last Story instead of the limited time offer/only true gamer’s would knew they were coming to the Wii so many more would have sold. Announce that one of the creator’s of Final Fantasy and also it’s musical director created The Last Story to the west in the promotion and it would have brought much more interest to the game.

      The games have sold just as well or better here in less than a year than they sold in Japan for over two to three years. Hell more if you combine US and Europe together in most cases. As of March 2013 the numbers are as follows.

      Xenoblade;Total Units
      North America:0.39m 46.9%
      Europe:0.21m 25.9%
      Japan:0.16m 19.2%
      Rest of the World:0.07m 8.1%
      = Global 0.83m

      The Last Story;Total Units
      North America:0.18m 36.0%
      Europe:0.10m 20.6%
      Japan:0.18m 37.0%
      Rest of the World:0.03m 6.3%
      = Global 0.49m

      That is really with no promotion even. I think it truly proves there is and always has been a market for these games around the world not just in Japan. So to Nintendo and any/all the developers keep or start bringing these great games over, real gamer’s love them.

      • Kirzan

        I know right?! It’s insane that they deliberately put sticks in people’s wheels when it comes to Xenoblade. Low print count AND gamestop exclusive… Why?! I would buy it in a heartbeat if it was still accessible and not a 150$ “rare second hand game”.

        It’s considered the best Wii game and one of the best RPGs for the generation. Surely they see that people ADORE it!

        That being said… Virtual Console U?! Let’s cross fingers.

        • DemonRoach

          The entire xenoblade situation is a joke.

          • uPadWatcher

            Your entire comment is a f*cking joke.

          • NkoSekirei

            ur a joke how about we bring the bug spray and a fly swatter to exterminate u pest

  • Joseph Parsons

    i hope Dragon Quest X hit na and eu

    • Gamefreak361

      Most likely it will.

  • Hunthe Universe

    Talk about a title.

  • [000]

    So I guess there’s no important news today. That’s too bad. I wish something really interesting would happen.

    • Nathaniel Lopez

      …world blows up!

      • Gamefreak361

        There wouldn’t be anyone around to call it news.

        • Nathaniel Lopez

          Yeah, but it’ll be interesting nonetheless haha

          • [000]

            And now there was no news at all for a day. I don’t think that’s ever happened before.

          • Nathaniel Lopez

            You might also want to check out

  • Gabe Hoffman

    This should easily help move systems in Japan. Given how Dragon Quest is so huge there. There is no way it can’t end up boosting sales greatly

    • Jon Turner

      That’s exactly what will happen. The Japanese will go for anything Dragon Quest, and this has been anticipated for WiiU. You can count on it to boost sales up.

      • Gamefreak361

        True Story. They’re big rpg gamers over there. Westerners like myself, aren’t all that into rpg. I do like some RTS games though.

        • Kirzan

          We’re big on RPGs too, just not JRPGs. Anything too grindy doesn’t appeal to us very much. We care a little more about story and great gameplay rather than put our minds to repeating the same actions over and over in order to maximize our game.

          Most JRPGs or Korean MMOs don’t work here. But other, more general RPGs like Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Elder Scrolls, work best in NA.

          • Sneferie

            Fallout and Elder Scrolls and any wRPG with a ‘generic,’ customizable, mute plater character are far less narrative-driven than JRPGs, really. WRPGs are not inherently more story focused (imo the opposite is true). They just skew ‘super open world’ and encourage exploration.

  • Are we gonna see it in australia?

    • dgallo911

      As a fellow aussie, we both know the answer….lol

      • Gamefreak361

        No? I’d have to guess that. Only cause Aus hasn’t had much luck of late.

  • Tobias Naustdal

    i have to give props to nintendo for the nice artwork on the side of the box. not many companies make those details anymore.

    • Nathaniel Lopez

      I think the credit goes to Akira Toriyama, that looks like his artwork.

  • dylanbob121

    meh,im not impressed

  • NintendoNoob

    Please don’t come out with a limited edition looking Wii U version, I don’t want it to be like microsoft with 1,000’s of models of the same console

    • dgallo911

      to late for that, the system is barely 3 months old and theres already 5 different bundles/editions that i know of anywaz – basic, deluxe, zombiu, monster hunter and dragon quest lol

      • He’s talking about the way the console looks, not just what it’s packaged with. Like if they made it blue and it had a slime decal.

        • dgallo911

          Gotcha, my bad lol

    • Nathaniel Lopez

      Well to be fair, Nintendo started the whole “colored” systems and controllers first…I’m sure we’ll be getting red, blue, and maybe pink in the months to follow then a year from now a slimmer, sleeker, model.

      • Gamefreak361

        Making a slimmer model is just another way of making more money, otherwise they would’ve just made it slim from the start. Though the Wii U seems small enough already to me.

        • Nathaniel Lopez

          Yeah I know, I’m happy with the size of the Wii U, it’s neither too big nor too small and the fact that it came with stand to be put sideways is genius.

  • dgallo911

    Just wondering, is Dragon Quest or Monster Hunter bigger in Japan??

    • Dragon Quest by miles.
      They established a law that made it illegal for games in the series to be released on weekdays because thousands of people would skip class or work.

      • Nathaniel Lopez

        That’s an urban myth, no such law exists. Roo from Clan of the Grey Wolf talked about this very exact myth saying that no such law was ever passed, you can also check it out on the Wikipedia page ( Regardless, They are both bigger in Japan with Dragon Quest being the bigger title.

      • dgallo911

        thats so funny, its fucking awesome lol

  • Nathaniel Lopez

    I know this may seem a little negative, but does anyone else think that there are too many bundles coming out. It’s like almost every game is going to have a bundle…

    You get a bundle, you get a bundle, you get a bundle, every game gets a bundle!

    • Ibi Salmon

      I think you’re exaggerating things a bit. As of now, there are only three bundles for the Wii U: The ZombiU bundle(released in Europe and North America), Monster Hunter 3 ultimate bundle(announced for Europe), and this japan-exclusive(as of now) bundle.

      Besides, why is bundles a bad thing for consumers? They give them more value for their money. In the case of the Wii U bundles, they come in the superior deluxe set along with a pro controller and a free game for less then the items by themselves. Could this be an act of desperation to sell more Wii U units? Maybe. But the result is an option that actually saves money than if you bought the bundled items separately. For someone who doesn’t have a Wii U and is currently considering a purchase, a bundle like this could be a great investment.

      • Nathaniel Lopez

        Yeah, I know I was exaggerating and I never said it was a bad thing. The reason why I said in my original post that “…it might seem a little bit negative.” is because I knew people were going to think I was talking ill about bundles. I was just merely pointing out that there is quite a few bundles being released and I’m sure more will keep coming, not that it’s a bad thing; I just find it funny and surprising as I grew up seeing bundles mostly appearing during the Holiday season. I understand the concept of bundles and support it.

        • Ibi Salmon

          You do have a point. I do think these bundles are coming a bit too quickly.

          I’m still waiting out to buy the Wii U in case the Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate bundle gets announced for North America.

          • Gamefreak361

            I don’t think they’ll do it with every game,but a few bundles here and there helps boost Wii U sales.

          • Nathaniel Lopez

            Yeah, I know they won’t do it with every game and it will boost sales.

          • Ibi Salmon

            I agree. I’m currently interested in a Wii U, but can’t buy it right now due to being on a budget. Bundles like these really help considering the value of their contents.

          • Gamefreak361

            Same here. Saving about 70 bucks sure helps ease things, though.

          • Ibi Salmon


    • Kirzan

      No. People keep asking for price cuts. That’s Nintendo’s way of offering a deal without necessarily price cutting.

      Deluxe – 349.99
      Game – 59.99
      Pro Controller – 49.99

      Bundle – 389.99

      You save roughly ~70$ by getting a bundle. More bundles means more “game choices” at a reduced price. Hell I bought my Wii U with ZombiU before the bundle and I wish I had waited a few more weeks cause I would have paid less and would have a pro controller instead of Nintendoland (a game I don’t care about).

      • Nathaniel Lopez

        I’m not saying bundles are bad, I understand the concept and I support it, I’m just saying that there are a lot of bundles and more being announced. Deluxe, ZombiU, MH3U, and now DQX. I don’t mean it in a negative way, even though that’s what it may seem like; I just find it sort of funny, but, that’s just me.

        I grew up seeing bundles appearing mostly during the Holiday seasons so it’s just a little bit surprising to me.

        • wiiu4life

          Well look at the ps3 and Xbox there are all kinds of bundles. I work at target saw the sales ad last night and guess what there’s 5 bundles if you don’t believe me go to target’s website. There are also Xbox bundles.

          Lets be honest Nintendo sold a lot of game systems with two controllers and a game. So this is awesome there returning to there roots.

          • Nathaniel Lopez

            Yeah, but those systems have been out for years now so it’s not as surprising to me. I do agree though, I do like the that they’re returning to their roots.

        • Kirzan

          All I meant was: Choice is good. No matter what we’re talking about. I understand that retailers might look dumb when they have multiple on-going bundles at once, but think about the consumer. Specially one who isn’t into zombie games or MMOs. What choice does he have? He has to get the one of them and trade-in the game.

          They won’t last forever too, you know. Right now it seems like there are a lot of bundles simply because they aren’t selling. Nintendo’s kinda derpy to release them randomly throughout the year. Once “THE” game comes out, its bundles will go just as fast. They’re just not bundling the right games lol. Zombies are over-used and not everyone wants an MMO experience. I know people who will buy a Wii U just for MHU.

        • Gamefreak361

          What’s wrong with bundles? There’s plenty of Ps3 bundles out there and even now. I don’t see the problem here.

      • dgallo911

        u actually still get nintendo land as a download…..nintendo really pissed me off when i heard about that bundle

        • Ibi Salmon


          • dgallo911

            because i paid $428 in mid jan for just the system and nintendoland and approx 6 weeks later they really a bundle with a extra game and a pro controller and its $50 cheaper. i could understand if the system had been out for 6months plus but releasing a bundle with so much extra value less than 3 months after the system launched is equivalent to a kick in the nutz from Nintendo. The only thing i can relate this to is when the original xbox was released and a couple of months later got a decent discount. The difference is, MS actually sent out 4 games + controller to all the early adopters. Im not saying they should hand out a game +controller to early adopters but they should do something (even some credit online would suffice) as the sales figures (so far) are only respectable because of their fans and they should really show their appreciation of us wii u owners for “buying in” so early instead of “screwing us over” by releasing vastly superior bundles so soon

          • Ibi Salmon

            All right then.

    • Gamefreak361

      I don’t see it as bad. If anything, it helps boost sales for the Wii U. Besides, you’re getting a good deal anyways. Why complain?

  • Jocko May

    if the game comes to the u.s. i might get the game.

  • Sidney Majurie

    I just want that box!

  • Elmelwin59

    Japan is so Lucky

    • Gamefreak361

      Not always.

  • Chris Wortman

    looks like instead of a ps4 I may be betting on Nintendo again this gen

  • grandlx2

    Hope you guys enjoy that monthly fee that comes with this game.. lol. It’s a kiddy looking game, that looks the same as all the other kiddy looking mmorpg games that have been on the pc since 2002. Except those were Free to play, with an eshop option. This one you spend $70, and then pay for a monthly fee to play it. There are many other BETTER options if you own a computer. Such as Guild Wars 2! $50 and no monthly fees. Why do you guys hype up such shitty games like this DQXU? Ya’ll hyped up Lego City too.. a freaking lego game thats flopped! Nintendo fans have lowered their expectations too much.

    • NkoSekirei

      why dont u stfu troll go back to barbie land u douche

    • Gamefreak361

      Move along away from the Nintenbridge, troll.

  • Madmagican

    So uh…. why can’t this come outside of Japan?

    • Ibi Salmon

      Because anyone outside Japan isn’t important. At least not yet.

      • Gamefreak361

        Cause most DQ fans are in Japan so why ask such a question? It will eventually release in NA and EU at a later time. Besides, localization takes time with games that have Japanese translations.

        • Ibi Salmon

          I was joking with my comment…

          • Gamefreak361

            That was actually directed at Madmagican. Replied to the wrong post. My bad on the mixup.

          • Ibi Salmon

            Oh. It’s all right.

  • Suraj Alexander

    this website is sell wii u premium and shows an image of ps3 bundled with little big planet

  • Robert Lott

    Why must you torture us with things we cannot have, WiiUDaily?!

  • Kirzan

    Big MMO gamer here. Even though the game looks somewhat simplistic, I’d give it a shot. I’d love to say it’ll never happen and move on, but Square Enix has an MMO presence in NA. It’s not a “random company needs to establish itself and its infrastructure for the game” kinda thing.

    I’m probably just too hopeful, though. It’d be nice. Specially considering no console MMO has ever made it big here.

  • it be nice if comes to west, we dont have much to play right now. DragonQuest looks like disney land of japanese rpg

  • andrewjcole

    No news yesterday.

  • Fred

    I’ve heard so many awesome things about xenoblade, but I can’t find it anywhere. Did all you guys buy it when it was first released? I wish Nintendo would put full game up for download on the Wii channel. I have a 2TB hard drive so storage wouldn’t be an issue.

  • wober2

    Nintendo if you need help hosting multiplayer to bring them state-side I well make a server out of my old tower for you to use in my garage 🙂

    I will also write subtitles if you want… I just don’t know japanese. So all problems solved we should be good. Oh, let me know if you need me to burn the discs for you too…

  • DemonRoach

    The sole game that led me to purchasing my Wii U.