Mar 8th, 2013

Dragon Quest X is being released on March 30th, 2013 in Japan and Square Enix have released a new trailer for the game. It’s interesting to see the MMO mechanic in full swing on the Wii U system and the trailer does a better job of showing off the graphics of the game than most recent screenshots.

The game is currently not slated to be released in Western markets, but is this something you would play if it were? Previous Dragon Quest games have been very popular in the West, especially when the series made the transition from console release to handheld. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Jake

    This game would never sell in the US. It looks similar to Fire Emblem: Awakening.

    • Nintedward

      How an earth does it look similar to Fire emblem awakening? an Anime art style maybe ? other than that , one is a tactical strategy RPG and the other a MMO RPG

      Game looks awesome and I don’t see why it wouldn’t sell a few copies in EU and US.

      • Guest

        Well Fire Emblem: Awakening is selling well and has received high praise so it does it justice to make it look like Fire Emblem, even though it doesn’t.

      • Jake

        I meant the graphics. yes, the anime art style looks similar but this is more colorful.

        • Jake

          Oh yeah and more powerful. It would sell a few, but not a lot. If this will come out by the holidays, what will dominate the market and make headlines. This or 3D Mario or Mario Kart or Smash or Watch Dogs or Assassin’s creed or LoZWWHD ect. This game will be nothing.

          • Gregory Edcius

            you should see this game as w.o.w. more people will buy and it will go on for years it’s not dependent of a holiday season and they pay a monthly fee to play
            to say it’s nothing makes me wonder if you know DQ cause it’s the same as saying monster hunter is nothing you may not know it but it has a huge fanbase

    • Please elaborate on this comparison. I’m interested.

    • Nathaniel Lopez

      Well Fire Emblem: Awakening is selling well and has received high praise
      so it does it justice to make it look like Fire Emblem, even though it

  • I’m completely on the fence about if this would sell in the West or not. I think it would require a strong beta testing and it would really come down to the payment plan for it. Regardless, I think it looks like a great game and would love the chance to play it.

  • Donaalld

    The world looks huge and full of imagination. I remember fighting my first slime… Would play if came to West.

    ***Edit*** Apologies bizzy gie, didn’t realize the my edit would have that effect. Thanks for the information.

    • bizzy gie

      Squishy bits.

      • Nintendofreak

        its not their fault game like this are really hard to come for in the west specially since everyone is just cod

        • Everyone is just CoD on Nintendo consoles? This is the type of game that I could see that appeals to Nintendo gamers. Hell, Nintendo even localized previous games in the series.

        • Jake

          Lot’s of people hate CoD. AC3 and FIFA is what people play. People play mario but everyone is just for the real graphics.

          • Tecpedz94

            I dont even know why CoD is still selling and making money…..

        • bizzy gie

          Woa. I don’t know why my comment got so many dislikes. I live in America and was just restating what the article claimed. I want it to come to the west, but I just clearly read it wasn’t and was just informing the fellow. That’s it.

          • Tecpedz94

            K who cares its not as if your getting elected for something there just up and downvotes not a big deal take it easy.

          • bizzy gie

            It’s important because I don’t want to appear as a troll whether I was actually trolling or not. It appears most people could not handle me retyping what they JUST read in the article and felt that I was bashing or negatively speaking.

            Even my comment explaining I was just reiterating a FACT was down-voted. It makes me wonder what and what not I’m allowed to post, as a Wii U owner, on this site.

        • val berger

          How comes everybody is always bringing up CoD? No one of my friends, not a single one, is into CoD. PS3, XBox, PC you name it, they play it. From Crysis over Dead Space, Skyrim, Gran Turismo aaand so on. But I don’t know anyone playing CoD. Maybe because it’s something far bigger in the states, but in general, CoD isn’t the reason why games like that aren’t coming to the west. The western audience is. I personally aren’t really interested in Dragon Quest either although I’m generally very open for japanese stuff, but still it’s just not my game. Why can’t there just be some games, that aren’t everyone’s type? Why has there always someone else to blame? JRPGs often aren’t that popular in the west, as they just aren’t that accessible for an audience that didn’t grew up in the east or at least with eastern media. There are a few JRPGs that are working here, because they are targeted to work. Like Final Fantasy, totally tailored to work for western audience. Dragon Quest is targeted at the eastern market and that’s where it’s gonna work. It’s just that simple and doesn’t have anything to do with any specific western franchise. First Person Shooters aren’t very popular in Japan and here you can’t blame Dragon Quest either 😉

      • Nathaniel Lopez

        I don’t see why this post should be downvoted, since he’s technically not lying; There are no plans for a release outside of Japan, at least not any that’s been announced,

        • KingLorik

          “…at least not any that’s been announced.” Here is hoping for an announcement!

          • Nathaniel Lopez

            I hear you on that one!

      • NkoSekirei

        we really dont know about that dude so dont be a troll and maybe we might get it by next year

        • WiiUltra

          He is not being a troll. It is not coming to the west as far as we know. He even said sorry, implying he would like to see it come here as well. Don’t be so sensitive. But if you want to keep hoping that it will come (you might be hoping for years) thats on you. I am the type of person that deals with the facts and would rather be suprised if it ever comes over.

      • EmilyAhn Wu

        You dick, you could’ve just replyed

        • bizzy gie


  • Wayne Beck

    Not a big fan of the Art myself, which is weird because I love anime. I’d be willing to bet this would do just fine in the US though. Being the only MMO on a platform gives them an exclusive market share. Their biggest hurdle would be that Western Gamers don’t particularly like to Join MMOs in progress and this game has been running for a while now. I’d certainly give it a shot, but I’d much rather see FFXIV: ARR come to Wii U.

    • Nathaniel Lopez

      To be fair it has been running but on the Wii, this is the Wii U version of the game and I’m pretty sure that if it does end up getting released here there will most likely be a region lock, so Western gamers might not end up playing with Japanese players, but that’s just my speculation. Also I’m pretty sure even the Japanese players are going to have to start from scratch. Unless they implement a transfer save data system, but somehow that seems unlikely.

  • Aaron McBroom

    From :45-:55 – Now THAT looks “next-gen”…This is what the graphics should look like! But, near the end we see some of the actually gameplay, which is some subpar crap. I have a Wii U and I really want the system to start using the power that we all know is in there… E3, please, come faster.

    • Nathaniel Lopez

      Well, the game has yet to be released officially, save for the beta version on the Japan E-Shop, so the game could end up looking a lot better but, in the end, if the game does end up getting released here in the States and if the visuals are unchanged. I will take the “subpar” graphics if the game offers a great online multiplayer service and if the game-play is fun and game mechanics are well built.

      • Aaron McBroom

        Out of the two styles of art shown, one being CG, and the other gameplay, it makes it hard not to compare them and want the look of the CG for the gameplay. This is why I said “subpar”… it’s only natural for one to compare the two and want the better looking one, and one clearly looks better than the other. That said, I am the furthest from being a Nintendo or Wii U hater. I sold my PS3 to get my Wii U, and my kids are in the other room playing it as I type this…and I am a little jealous I can’t join them at the moment!

        • Nathaniel Lopez

          Sorry, I wasn’t implying that you were a Nintendo/Wii U Hater; I was merely saying that I would be okay with the graphics. I agree with you I would rather have better visuals and of course it’s natural to feel that way, I do as well. I wasn’t trying to come as rude, arrogant, or any other negative behavior.

          • Aaron McBroom

            No worries! I was just clarifying for those who thought I was a hater. 🙂

    • Nintedward

      mmmmm , dude. this is a Wii port just Like monster Hunter.

      Monster Hunter Ultimate and DQ10 were both originally wii games that have been made 1080p with some off screen play…

      Both awesome games that people will play for the GAMEPLAY. the Crisp HD wii graphics will suffice to those who just want to play the game….

      • Aaron McBroom

        I know. I love great gameplay as well, but I can’t lie and say graphics do not matter. They will always matter no matter how much some of us try to play that reality down. As long as we have eyes, things that look good will make us want it. I just got excited when I saw the potential in the CG footage, thats all. I clarified my post below.

    • Jay

      Don’t forget this game is also on Wii, which may be why it looks the way it does. The Wii U would easily be capable of a game that looks like that CG clip that you mentioned (the pre alpha, or alpha footage of X, which ever it is, looks better than that CG footage) and if this game wasn’t an online MMO, it probably would look that good. I don’t think there really are any online MMOs with that much graphical detail, not even on PC. I agree though, that I want to see some beautiful Wii U graphical footage. It will come. X already looks great, and has amazing draw distances, and it just got started. Watch Dogs is running on Wii U, and they haven’t even started the PS3/360 versions, so we can conclude that at the very least, it will be much closer to the PS4/PC versions, otherwise, they would just be making the PS3/360 version and port it to Wii U.

      • Aaron McBroom

        Great point about Watch Dogs! I agree.

  • I did a little bit of research and found out that DQ 8 and 9 only sold just over half a million units in America. That’s kind of worrying to me though, because those games were on the PS2 and DS which are the two highest selling consoles of all time. I don’t think DQX will sell too well on the Wii U unless they do some intense marketing. Even though DQIX still didn’t do the best with their American marketing plan…

    I’m sad now. I really, really want this game, but I think it’s going to be an incredibly niche market of an already incredibly small userbase.

    • Jon Turner

      In the U.S., maybe. But in Japan it’ll be a smash.

      • That’s what I meant to imply. It’s going to kick some major ass in Japan (as long as enough people waited out for the Wii U version instead of getting the Wii version) I’m just worried that it won’t reach our shores.

        • Jon Turner

          Apparently a lot of people did, according to DracoBreach.

    • SoulSilverZero

      I bought DQIX for the DS. I thought it was amazing, I also cleared the game and I stiol hope that this one comes overseas too.

  • Zorlac79

    Man, I miss Dragon Warrior! I preferred it’s style much more than dragon quest’s style, but I am not much of a fan of japanime. I had a hard time (and haven’t been able to) getting into ni no kuni for that reason. It is a small user base in the U.S. and might not do so well for EU or US. But for those that want it, I hope they get it and love it!

    • Nathaniel Lopez

      I thought Dragon Warrior and Dragon Quest was the same game but given the US treatment.

      • Zorlac79

        Pretty much, but as the series went on, it switched to just being Dragon Quest, even in the U.S. It seemed that it lost it’s feel, play, and story from it’s roots, pretty much just like Final Fantasy. I miss the old style FF as well….

  • Nintendofreak

    muwahaha u cant donload it because of the error that doest let u get into the shop muwahaha

  • bizzy gie

    00:56 The only Japanese I could understand.

  • dylanbob121

    meh,i’m not impressed.

  • What the fuck was that AND WHERE DO I SEND MY CREDITCARDS???!!!

    • Nintedward

      The combination of your avatar and comment made me laugh XD

      • Nathaniel Lopez

        Same here

  • $41809923


  • Antonio Jose de Sousa

    The graphics look pretty much the same as the Wii version (aside of being in High Definition). It’s a waste of the Wii U power in my opinion. It’s a shame the game never gonna have a western release though.

    • Not every game has to look like real life. This game has an art style and it stuck to that art style. Watching the video in 720p it is very clear and hi-res but it stayed with the art style that the game developers wanted.

  • Nintendofreak

    stupid japan u get the best thing, jrpg, japanese girls, anime, zeta gundam or however you spell it

  • Graham Gillman

    Mother of God.

  • Madmagican

    Ah, I love gameplay trailers and Dragon Quest
    …I really wish DQ10 was coming to release outside of Japan

  • Srpg2ishere

    Is it weird that the art style kinda reminds me of dragon ball z? I guess it’s just me. Hmm.. So anyways.. Does this game come to NA too? If so when? This game looks really nice and I’d definitely buy it.

    • Genesect4ssb4

      Mentions Dragon Ball Z


    • Gregory Edcius

      no your not the only one i have that with everything from dragon quest even the monsters look like the bad guys in dbz the way they draw the eyes has a lot to do with it

    • Purple3DSXL

      Akira Toriyama does the art style for the Dragon Quest games, too. I think that was one reason (not the main reason) why I got into Dragon Quest. It made it look more interesting since it reminded me of DBZ, too. 🙂

  • Αίας Ταρνάρης

    Wow, I am amazed. If Nintendo has any brains they would localise it…

  • Weraru

    This really looks like dragon ball z. I’ve never played or looked at dragon quest before so don’t plow into me please.

  • NintendoNoob

    Wow, I’m so happy more and more titles are being released for the Wii U! I don’t know which ones to pick!!! *grabs all and cries*

  • Charlyzard

    DUUDE! This is the same art style as Dragon Ball Z!!! That alone is enough of a reason to sell it in the US.

  • Chris Hamilton

    I would love to see this game in the west, I wish I did more research before I bought my wii u as this game and ghost recon online were the main reason I bought it, turns out this game is japan only and GRO is on hold (possibly canceled) :'(

  • dgallo911

    Ive never played a dragon quest but at the end of the day id be willing to give it a shot because i really dont have much else to play on my Wii U at the moment.

    All this “chat” about games not being released to the Western (or Eastern) markets is bullshit in this day and age because all they have to do is add subtitles (if needed) and sell them as digital copies only. Im sick to death of hearing about games i will never be able to play simply due to Nintendo (Sony is also in the same boat) being to lazy to bloody upload a game onto their servers.

    I understand this is a MMO but it wouldnt cost much for a small region locked server to be running in USA (or Australia where i am) for 6 months to see if there is a market there….

  • Chiwawa

    it looks so cool!

  • Western release please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Link Slayer

    YES YES YES I WOULD PLAY THIS!!! I love DQ! Please give us this in the US Square and Nintendo!

  • Fernando

    I remember when I play that game on my gameboy.. just amazin.. the creatures eggs and all that stuff.. I don’t mind how is the game nowadays..

  • Holyfire

    This is 2013. Not 1990. What’s with all these jap titles so afraid to deliver here? Pokemon was nearly scrapped for the western market those decades ago. Imagine the loss if that never came about. Surely in this day and age, it would be a simple and low cost process to do a large scale survey, acknowledge the demand and go for it.
    Especially for a system that is currently in a game drought. Easy sell…

  • MasterPpv

    OK, around 0:58 in that video some of the characters look REALLY similar to some Dragon Ball Z characters… Not a bad thing / complaint, I’m just Saiyan’ 😉